Mia Mottley’s Government and Corruption Déjà Vu


I must ask, what has stopped the formation of a “Corruption Unit” within the relevant investigative body?

I note the appointment of several other gurus in the area of communication, finance etc etc, yet Corruption is being ducked, such that persons as yourself can offer up ‘takes time’ (delay).

And whenever the time comes, with no person or unit “in charge”, there will be no person to answer directly for the progress made/not made.

With tag lines like “The mission is too great. It is about the future of Barbadian generations not about you…..or any of us.”, the most overused line, particularly concluding line. by speech writers.

This isn’t solely about a few elected persons, the rot has spread far and wide. So let’s wait for a thorough review of Integrity Legislation (another delay), and hope full engagement takes it through to a few weeks prior to the next election?


The comment above by BU commenter NorthernObserver collides with a loud thought that has been tumbling in the mind of the blogmaster in recent weeks. Real haste characterizes- compared to the former government for sure- how the Mia Mottley government has effected some decisions since winning the government in May 2018. Why have we not seen the same haste to pursue alleged wrongdoing read corruption?

The blogmaster listened intently to Prime Minister Mia Mottley delivering at a mass political meeting during the recent political campaign to launch party manifesto – BLP Manifesto Launch and IMF Buzz – when she  hinted that wrongdoing behind the CLICO fiasco will be vigorously pursued. As each day passes the idea that this government will honour its campaign promise fades to compare with similar promises made by former governments.

There are about four or five ministers in here [Parliament] who really have to ask themselves some questions. When people ask, ‘how can you drive a jeep belonging to a company that provides services to your ministry and gets work from your ministry and believe that is okay?’”

Mottley assured the House, a BLP government under her stewardship would adopt a no-nonsense approach to corruption, which would involve the passage of anti-corruption legislation

– Caribbean360

There are many other examples of Mia Mottley hinting at corrupt behaviour by members of the former government if you allow Google to be your friend!

We are waiting Prime Minister.

We watching yuh!

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  1. See Lawson…now I gotta take care of my brand new white boyfriend …Forty-Five…that is how I share the love..now if ya want some of my love…ya better change that attitude…

  2. What were the criteria used to select children for the first and second grade schools in Barbados between the two world wars?

  3. Lawson…won’t ya be shocked out of ya mind if he is reelected…I have not seen what else they gotta offer in his place……give us a preview..

  4. Transparency Watch

    Still awaiting the outcome or if any new agreements were made between govt and Innotech
    Govt water tanks exploding and not a word from social media about this concerning turn of events as the people in drought stricken areas are fearful if not receiving water from there taps

  5. @David

    I saw this statement from BWA on Barbados Today

    +++“A full assessment of the damage is being carried out as there is evidence of vandalism to both tanks. In the process, there was also approximately nine hundred and fifty gallons of water lost per tank. The Authority notes that both of these tanks were next to two Innotech tanks which were not damaged. The Authority will be engaging the services of the Royal Barbados Police Force to investigate the matter. The BWA is determined to have these tanks replaced by close of business tomorrow Wednesday, so that our valued customers who rely on them will not be without access to the water for a prolonged period,” the statement said.+++

    The DLP claimed that was responsible for part of the sewage woes, now this Administration is using the same excuse; these “vandals” must be “free lancing” and aren’t about to cease their anti-social behavior.

    I hope that the message from the Authority has been received loud and clear as the local Inspector Clouseau is on the case.

    BTW what “explosion”?

  6. David,

    I will respect your wishes but when you are not here to pull them up I will deal with them myself. The posts are there to show who throws the first stone and what kind of stones are thrown. Even after you spoke there is Lawson in essence calling me a whore. This is not the first time they have done so. They are as crude and as disrespectful as they can be and claim some privilege that comes from somewhere deep within them. They accuse WARU and me of teaming up yet I can bet my last dollar that if I address one of them the other will appear with such terms as “BLACK ASS” and “wutless.”

    Who the hell do those two think they are???

    This is a typical of a certain group in society. They do not judge themselves by the same measure by which they judge others. They think they are somehow special and exempt from accountability. That, as we know, is a symptom of what ails Barbados and the world.

    It is quite possible that they are so steeped in their ways that they do not even recognise it themselves. That is quite common among persons of their kind.

    The world will never be a better place until this is addressed.

    P.S. I am never happier than when I am fighting for a just cause. Even psychologists recommend it as a happiness inducer. Look it up!

    That is when I am MOST HAPPY and I often wonder what I’m going to do in heaven.

  7. We are here to teach them, point out certain areas that need remedial work..

    They may not know this but some of us actually know what theri problems are, where it originated from and know what can be done to relieve them of that mental misery….cause at the end of the day, it is a mental misery that they need to free themselves from…

    all in good time…

    am sure they can tell us how much they learned just by being on the blog…although Lawson might BAULK…at having to CONFESS.. ..lol

  8. My Dear PM:

    Has it yet occurred to you that if the government CORRUPTION IS CLEANED UP…instead of COVERED UP…

    If the supreme court is FIXED…instead of waiting for everyone to FORGET so that the same old, despicable, decrepit lawyers, judges and government ministers…can continue their bribery corruption…..

    If JUSTICE IS SERVED …for pensioners and taxpayers…instead of the AG and YOU LYING AND PRETENDING YALL CANNOT. do anything about it…now that you have been elected…trying to BAMBOOZLE the electorate..


    BTW…what do YOU plan to do about Leslie Haynes in his nest at the NIS Pension and Peter Harris/CGI Insurance and all the personal injury cases they both got chock a bloc and backlogged…..IN THE SUPREME COURT that has RENDERED THE TRANSPORT BOARD WITH NO EQUITY….because they are both waiting for ALL the personal injury claimants to DIE OUT…so compensation will NOT be paid…

    ….yall keep GIVING ME ALL TYPES OF AMMUNITION..to blog with..then ya got the goddamn NERVE TO COMPLAIN..

    I keep sending messages…maybe it is time someone actually LISTENS..

  9. WARU,

    Quite true! It is a burden they carry and if it is lifted they would be amazed at how sweet it is and freeing. i was raised from the age of six weeks to six years by a white English woman and her family who treated me better than my own mother did. I was a princess for six years. I was totally comfortable in the all white neighbourhood and school. I have no bad memories. Not one moment of unpleasantness. My nickname was Blackie but in effect I was Princess Blackie and so I embraced it. Without those six years of love and stability as a foundation I might not have made it through with my sanity. If I hated all white people I would dishonour her memory.

    What I cannot stand is racists. It is not racist to call out racism. That is a trick of the white man. They want to deny us our experience and convince us that the fault lies with us. “Reverse racism!” they cry. History and everyday experience tells us otherwise. But yet they cling to their delusion that as in courts of old their words still carry more weight than a black man. And a few enslaved black minds still allow them to get away with it.


  10. “Reverse racism!”

    no such thing and they know it, but they also know that the weak, enslaved mind of both groups…would buy that dumb shit…eat it up and kill each other with it.

  11. WAIT…..white people took you and kept you for six years and called you Blackie….and nobody else sees this as kinda odd.

  12. My mother was in nursing school. in England. She was living in. My fatjher was at school in Barbados. . A doctor named Wilson found her a lady to take care of me. She ended up fighting my mother for custody when she wanted to move to another part of England for better pay.. My address was 35 Laburnum Grove, Colchester, Essex.

    My mother then decided to return to Barbados.

    What is so strange about that story???????

  13. David BU

    In one tyrannical move , today , the Mia Mottley administration ABOLISHED the post of Chief Personnel Officer .

    Have a read of Memorandum from the Head of the Civil Service ( Dr. Louis Woodroffe) dated January 9th , 2019

    REF . NO . HCS 0002/2 Vol. IV

    Thereby , creating the path for the retrenchment of THOUSANDS of APPOINTED public officers.

    Barbadians were WARNED !

    I guess – most – wanted to see how a DESPOT……..governs !

    Barbados deserves better !

  14. @ Fractured BLP

    Do you think that the average uninformed disinterested Bajan either knows or cares about this situation about the Abolition of the post of Chief Personnel Officer?

    Do you think that it will dawn on them that the Mugabe Regime is tightening the screws?

    Consolidating power??

    Putting its SS stormtroopers into key positions WHILE THE SHEEPLE SLEEP


  15. David

    Is there any further light you can shed on this matter of the post of Chief Personnel Officer.

    Why does the BLP always like to tinker with the Civil Service and its regulations ?

    Caswell this is right up your street – can you tell us if true – what is behind this move and what are the implications.

    The danger of this 30 – 0 is showing up everyday.

    Meanwhile 2 ministers in a ministry historically run by one minister and yet we can’t hear a peep out of Hinkson or Marshall on this spiraling crime problem in Barbados.

  16. Let me say again: The DLP was incompetent, but the BLP has an agenda. It will end in tears.
    Barbados is a failed state.

    • @enuff

      The issue for many it seems is why freeze the post, has a public statement been issued to explain the rationale. It appears the post has been largely ineffective if one consider the several issues over the years. Why not make it redundant. There is a fog and this will fuel wild speculation.

  17. Gail Atkins was the last CPO and she’s listed as a PS. Wait and see what is the plan before jumping to conclusions. I await the raison d’etre.🤔

  18. “What is the role of CPO?”


    Am I correct in assuming you’re asking the above question to suggest the post of CPO is insignificant?

    If I’m correct, then, could you “shed some light” on the reasons why the post has suddenly become insignificant?

    As it relates to: “The post of Chief Personnel Officer will be frozen in due course,” as indicated in the correspondence, has this arrogant BLP administration issued any statement to explain the rationale behind their intension to freeze the post “in due course?”

    However, I prefer to have an explanation of the term “FROZEN,” used in this particular context, before forming any premature, unsubstantiated conclusions.

  19. David
    Fog only because that fits a narrative..”Mugabe”, “end in tears” etc, etc. Ask them what is the alternative plan, impact etc that supports their position? #butiamayardfowl

    • @enuff

      The inquiry about the rationale for freezing the CPO’s position is a justified and sincere one. Misinterpreted the CPO as Chief parliamentary office. Apologies!

  20. David

    This matter needs to be fully ventilated by this govt as to why this position is being frozen.

    Every thing seems to be doing in a dead of night type of way.

    Selma Husbands was just snuck into the Civil Service through the back door it seems.

    I wonder if the CPO objected for any reason to Selma’s appointment and now this is the end result. Pure speculation on my part but the whole thing just seems strange to me.

    The last Chief Personnel Officer – Gail Atkins last public issue was I think,the matter of Akanni Mcdowell and him being reverted – kicking and screaming – back to his substantive position.

    In a time where there is no official Opposition party and a sizeable number of elected Opposition MPs – this GOVT MUST BE MORE TRANSPARENT IN ITS ACTION.


    But this is the government who has been given top marks for Communicating with the Public. ha ha


  21. “Tanks” for nothing, donated tanks a bust. The “vandalism” echoed by the BWA is just another excuse (lie) foisted on a gullible public eager to believe that someone is trying to make the Gov’t look bad. Well the BWA is doing the job all by its lonesome, instead of investigating why the tanks became so many water balloons they fall back on the old standby “vandalism”.

    Meet the new BWA executive same as the old


  22. @sarge
    I haven’t personally seen any, but if you look at the second photo [Pot House…great name for Hants Cannabis operation] in a prior BT article…https://barbadostoday.bb/2019/01/08/busted-tanks/
    It would certainly appear the busted tank has been been busted by external forces vs a collapse of the tank materials. And neither of these tanks is anywhere near 1000 gallons in size. I would be careful dismissing any type of human induced failure just yet.

  23. @9of9
    “Can a Bank sell its mortgages to a third party”
    yes. It is done all the time.
    Credit Card companies also sell their A/R, as do telecommunication firms etc etc.

  24. Pretty soon the entire country would impolde in similar manner as the useless water tanks donated by corporate Barbados
    Just a reminder that this govt gave corporate barbados a huge tax cut as a method of helping resturcture barbados economy
    The action of donating to help in time of crisis speaks volume and a flawed sign of their real character towards goodwill to barbados and barbadians in the coming years

  25. “Just a reminder that this govt gave corporate barbados a huge tax cut”
    why you like to spread LIES?
    They have NOT given one shit yet, just talk, brought on by pressure from an external body, the OECD. And the deal with the OECD, was apparently negotiated under the last administration. (your boys and girls), to get the OECD grey-listing off our a**.
    Based on filings from public firms, the tax rate paid in Barbados in 2018 was just a shade under 30%, up from 25%.
    Or do you consider abolishing the NSRL a ‘huge tax cut’?

  26. This govt needs to admit that using past govt as a whipping poster child not to.pay Innotech has blew up in their face
    Now with the failure of the water ballons which were donated by corporate barbados as a gift to the water stricken areas
    This failure shows a govt that does not have a prepared and sustainable plan at hand to help barbadians in time of crisis
    Needless to say that Innotech was the only choice best and reliable to service the water stricken areas reason why past govt used them
    It would be interesting to know if this govt was able to renegotiate the agreement between past govt and Innotech which they said was unfair to the people of barbados
    However given the turn of events in the past days with the explosion of the water balloons Innotech can sit calmly and see what options govt have on hand to quickly replaced the expolded water tanks
    Needless to say Nothing
    This govt dependence on smoke and mirror policies is slowly blowing up in their faces

  27. NO
    Are you saying that Mia loud promise to corporate barbados would be one as many given resulting in Nothing
    Well again it will show a govt not true to any thing principle ..ethical or moral
    But a govt whose failure would be remebered as those built on a system of immoral bankruptcy

  28. All I told you is that YOU LIED.
    “this govt gave corporate barbados a huge tax cut”
    GAVE is past tense, you didn’t say “promised to give” or “has said they will give”, you wrote GAVE. The truth is, they haven’t given anything yet.
    This is what one corporate annual report noted…”Subsequent to the year end (2018), the Government of Barbados announced a change in the tax rates from 30% to a sliding scale of 5.5% to 1% effective from fiscal year commencing 1 January 2019.”

  29. @Northern Observer,

    Is this what passes for debate? The government has announced the policy. Nonsense about past tense and so on are irrelevant. It is now policy.

  30. @HA
    why don’t you enlighten us
    1. Has the International Business Companies Act been repealed and replaced?
    2. Ditto for the Societies with Restricted Liability and the Exempt Insurance Act?

    Dear ac was suggesting that corporate Barbados was only stepping forward to donate water tanks because the GoB has given them a massive tax break.

    Are you aware that businesses have been forewarned they will be changes to the tax structure governing dividends, and potentially other areas, as the GoB seeks to recoup tax revenue lost. NONE of that has been announced as yet. So all we have is one part of a proposed tax policy (I beg you to find the new tax structures at the BRA), the other parts are still TBA.

    Kindly provide your expectations, when prior Int’l Business entities, who have never been allowed to provide their goods and services locally, are now registered as local business corporations.

  31. @Northern Observer,

    In social policy, once the government of the day announces a policy, it is accepted as policy. It is similar to a Budget speech; we do not have to wait for the Finance Act to describe it as policy, the Speech in parliament is accepted as policy.
    You do not have to wait for the draft legislation to go through parliament to describe it as policy. That is considered a formality, although lawyers may beg to differ.

  32. We all understand policy.
    And that additional changes in policy, are likely to have a countervailing effect on net, after tax earnings.

  33. @Northern Observer,

    We do not all understand policy. You are getting two things mixed up. Policy is not tax revenue, although good policymakers calculate the cost/benefit of any policy initiatives..
    The important thing is not to call someone a liar if they disagree with you.

  34. @ Sargeant
    “Tanks” for nothing, donated tanks a bust. The “vandalism” echoed by the BWA is just another excuse (lie) foisted on a gullible public eager to believe that someone is trying to make the Gov’t look bad.
    Boss, you are due for a major change in rank.
    You are seeing the ball like a breadfruit … even in the dark.

    Bushie is just waiting to see how long it takes before it dawns on Bajan Brass Bowls (BBB) that the BWA is cursed with INCOMPETENCE.
    – First there was no problem -and two ministers bathed in the sewerage to prove it..
    – then they blamed the south coast mess on ‘people tampering with manholes’
    – then it was ‘people putting blankets and towels into the lines’
    – then it was people disposing of waste water into the system
    – then the pumps were faulty
    FINALLY …it turns out that the pipes are broken.

    We need not even look at the many FAILED attempts, so far, to deal with this (THE ACTUAL PROBLEM) to date…
    …so ANYONE who is surprised at the stupidity of this whole ‘community tank’ situation HAS to be a dedicated BBB…

    Rest assured, however, that the whole thing will come to a head …but only AFTER the current set of incompetents have inflicted REAL damage on Barbados in the upcoming drought period that has been predicted….

    The ONLY REAL problem in Barbados is our fetish with keeping incompetent, dishonest, selfish people in charge of our national affairs. Everything else can be EASILY addressed with competent common sense.

  35. @ Northern O
    Bushie has to side with Hal Austin here…
    Maripoka lied…
    …but Hal is not really a case of a ‘liar’….but an idiot….
    No malice intended – it is just the unfortunate truth.
    …and in case anyone thinks that Bushie is being harsh, Hal keeps on making the point in post after post….

    The BLP terminated NRSL as promised.
    They simultaneously imposed new AND HIGHER taxes ..

    Only an idiot would run around claiming that we have had tax benefits from the removal of the NSRL….
    Trust Hal to do so….

  36. NO….Not wanting to say that Mia promises are worthless and worthy of ignoring
    He builds an excuse based on what suggestions OEC told govt
    What then is the purpose of Mia laying out a policy that sets the motion in wheels for Corporate barbados to benefit if Govt is not going to adhere
    One would think that with all the political favour and high fiving done by govt to sweeten more political benefits towards them from corporate barbados
    Govt would hold fast and true to its words

  37. @BT
    The BLP GoB actually INCREASED corporate tax rates from 25% to 30%. It was only when they discovered certain prior discussions had taken place, where the GoB had committed to the OECD they would harmonize local and IBC tax rates, that they announced in late Nov 2018, that new lower ‘sliding scale’ rates would be in effect from Jan 1 2019.

  38. Steupsss
    Forgot that you are an idiot too…

    In order to keep on getting foreign corporations to hide their assets here (to avoid taxes at home),
    we had to SHOW that the scam tax rates that we offer to them are actually the same as we have for locals.
    …by Dec 31 2018.

    So Government made all LOCAL corporation taxes the same LOW rate as the scam rates used to lure the corporations….by Dec 31.

    HOWEVER, nothing stops government from now instituting OTHER means of recouping the difference (and even MORE taxes) from local entities – EXCEPT THEY CANNOT BE CALLED CORPORATION taxes….

    It is NRSL all over again…. Simply a game of semantics with the OECD.
    This is all Northern O was trying to explain.

  39. ac
    If the GoB lowers my corporate tax rate from 30% to say 2.5%, but then places a 40% withholding tax on dividends paid at source, and alters the allowable corporate deductions, the amount of money falling out at the bottom maybe unchanged. There are several ways to skin a cat.
    I know of nobody in corporate Barbados, who is expecting a windfall from the already announced tax rate changes. We know the GoB has to get revenue from somewhere.

    From the early days when I came to this blog, I kept saying [not quite as often as HA says Barbados is a failed state] that levying and collecting taxes/revenue would be governments greatest challenge in the years ahead. And not just in Barbados.

  40. Best to just repost….

    “They have NOT given one shit yet, just talk, brought on by pressure from an external body, the OECD. And the deal with the OECD, was apparently negotiated under the last administration. (your boys and girls), to get the OECD grey-listing off our a**.

    Based on filings from public firms, the tax rate paid in Barbados in 2018 was just a shade under 30%, up from 25%.”and add..since ya have to continually remind those with 15 second attention spans ..

    and add THAT…..

    .ah hope the lot in parliament realize that they are NOT…supposed to give any CURRENT businesses or NEW businesses..neither local NOR foreign……any TAXPAYER FUNDED CONCESSIONS….not with a current and very recent corporate tax rate of 1-5%.

    ….those businesses should be CREATING JOBS….and not RIPPING OFF TAXPAYERS AND PENSIONERS.

  41. The problem with smoke and mirrors is that when the smoke clears everything is exposed.

    Providing water balloons to people in water scarce areas was a masterstroke.

    The selfish and unpatriotic actions of Innotech in removing water tanks put the government in a bad light. Someone, according to Mariposa, came up with the great idea of ‘distributing water balloons” which was
    (1) a good publicity stunt,
    (2) negated the actions of Innotech,
    (3) made it appear as if (or demonstrated that) the government cared for LL water scarce areas, and
    (4 )demonstrated the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to new problems….

    But then the smoke cleared and the balloons burst

  42. On a more serious note. Hopefully the local manufacturer do calculations that involves volume, pressure and other factors. The government need to set standards and to request the specifications for the local tanks (see how I throw a common sense bone at Mia?).

    Some seem to think that the local product is inferior to that produced in Trinidad.

  43. TheOGerts

    A few days ago someone asked what Bajan product is worth buying, and I am here to tell you that Shirley biscuit is doing quite well in the Caribbean and in North America … and would you believe that all of the Jamaicans that I’ve met here have erroneously thought Shirley biscuit was originally from Jamaica until I show them Barbados printed in bold letters on the package…

  44. While Coverley developer Mark Maloney is set to earn millions from the relocation of Ross University School of Medicine students, Government was also a big winner.
    Prime Minister Mia Mottley yesterday revealed that government has sold its lands at Coverley to Maloney for $13.5 million, three times the worth.(Quote)

    Was this land publicly auctioned? Was it a private deal?

  45. 🙂
    Man I am now on the MM train.
    No matter who is in power, this gut making money. Once upon a time, a new set of businessmen would come into favor when the government changed. But this guy is just rolling no matter which side of the BDLP is in power. No east or famine just feasting.
    MM, show them how busisness done MM.
    I am looking to join your train … 🙂

  46. What became of those who wrote volumes, treatisesand epistles against MM when he was on the DLP gravy train?
    Keyboard not working?
    Electricity off?
    Probably discovered they are part of the farm animals on animal farm…

    “The creatures outside looked from MM to Mia, and from Mia to MM, and from MM to Mia again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

  47. @ TheOGazerts,

    1000 students x $ 2000 per month x 12 = $ 24 million Barbados dollars.per year.

    “Some 400 houses in the sprawling Coverley development, built by the Preconco group, are to be completed by January to accommodate about 1,500 students, 100 faculty and another 200 administrative support staff.”

  48. It’s simple…..the people who were “against MM when he was on the DLP gravy train,” had a lapse in memory and are now supporting him now he is on the “BLP gravy train”……

    ………and, as is the norm in these situations……..the people who were defending “MM when he was on the DLP gravy train,”…….including your “star girl,”…….will now be writing “volumes, treatises and epistles against” him for similarly conducting business under this arrogant BLP administration.

    The amazing this about it is, while we enter the halls of BU to call each other “yard-fowls” or “limited rage chickens”…..and defend the BLP or DLP……FREE OF COST…….

    ……….Maloney, Bizzy, COW, de boys and dem….….gine be laughing duh way to the bank, when the million$ begin to roll in.

  49. @ TheOGazerts January 17, 2019 8:02 AM

    Nice analogy there, The O gazer of high intellectual might!

    Should the pawns (sheeple on the farm) in the double-dealing duopoly BDLP political war games fought between the symbiotic twins called Tweedle-Dem and Twaddle-Bee look forward to another entente cordiale arising from an official pact of financial cooperation on the Hyatt hotel erection similar to the just concluded Cover(t)ly ‘let-sleeping-dog called Abijah Holder remain-dead deal’?

    When is the public going to be ‘fully informed’ on the long-pending erection of the Bay Street behemoth called Hyatt Inchoate?

    Who are the beneficial owners of the land(s) on which that ‘long-in-coming’ hotel erection is expected to tumesce? Maybe Plantation Deeds aka Bajan Free Party can shed some light.

    Who are the money people behind the scenes backing the ‘hard-rock’ erection in that red light district?

  50. Is the junior finance minister, with responsibility for investments, now the government’s spokesperson on town and country planning? When are we going to have a public discussion about town planning, and not just shouting on BU?

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