Mia the DESPOT…Cometh the hour, cometh the Woman

Submitted by SSS

Mia AMOR Mottley. There is nothing more that can be said about Mia Mottley that has not been already told except for secrets not yet spoken about. She has been the subject of the good, the bad, the ugly, the downright wutless, and plenty of praise and hyped up talk from political loyals and would be lackies.

There are those who will defend her and the work of the BLP with venomous spit fire, and any criticism laid at the feet of this now looked upon prodigal saviour, results in a relentless attack of justifications, and the presentation of BLP achievements, all intended to persuade and convince.

In other words, we are not to speak about the axe the electorate put deep into the BLP tree stump on two consecutive elections due to the propensity of this party to behave like renegade monks a few years into their elected term. According to BLP supporters, what the people must do is believe in the BLP, even if it means showing them (by the way of a vote) how fed up you become of their boastings, arrogance, giddy head displays, lack of transparency and accountability, and personal prosperities.

What matters now is far more important than what the BLP did back then. So, vote BLP, because you are better off with them even though you are aware of their many shortcomings and personal self-serving interests. It makes no sense dwelling on or highlighting any past controversial issues or allege corruptions because they are irrelevant.

On the real issues, this despot who has begged Barbadians to make her Prime Minister, has given mere plastered promises of what she will do to tackle corruption. Her’s is carefully made utterance on the matter of corruption. It is just like the pinch of salt given to address the issues that the Auditor General has highlighted under the governance of both the DLP and BLP. And, it is just like the PAC report she produced just before the elections, which, more than likely, was intended to only highlight but not investigate.

So far, Mottley has dished out the accustom promised soup mixed with all the enticing ingredients to fatten the kiddy in order to bite he in the bam bam, later. One would think that Mottley would have learned a valuable lesson in not making erroneous and unrealistic promises that might not be possible to fulfill. I mean, why go down a similar road as the imbeciles on the DLP side when there is enough fodder to feed into the truth ‘grill’ that alone can augur your party’s chances to be the next elected government. But, no. The script remains the same like all other past elections campaigning: Promises made to win; win and articulate after why you cannot.

Will we finally see the reality of laws supporting anticorruption, accountability, whistleblower legislation, freedom of information and so on under a Mia Mottley formed government?

The SSS has made it clear that she sees Mia Mottley as a rogue. And, until a different side of her is presented than the one that says: she-MUST BE IN CONTROL OF ALL THAT SHE SURVEYS, Mia Mottley will remain in my eyes as a self-serving, power hungry despot, who might have Barbados interest at heart, but her personal desires are greater.


  • Yuh rass got it wrong! The despots are the Deplorable Lying Party. Mia will be the next PM of Barbados! Put that in yuh pooch and smoke it! If you say she begging Bajans to elect her as the next PM what did the dead King David do? What is the present pm doing? He begging baddd so badd he mouth so lying he now got to pay for it! They say talk cheap but his talk gine cost him some warm dollars. The Deplorable Lying Party of dishonorable members are fighting a losing battle. They may as well give up now and as the GG to ask Mia and BLP to form the new government. Barbados is disgusted with the performance of the Deplorable Lying Party. Look what they have accomplished in the 10 years in office.

    The increase in VAT was supposed to be 18 months.

    Barbados received 23 downgrades under your leadership
    EVERY economic plan FAILED
    Lied to the people when you said you wouldn’t send home public servants nor touch tertiary education. Oh and that you would follow the Last In First Out process for retrenchment.
    You said the NSRL revenue would address the problems at the Sanitation Dep’t., the QEH and give to public servants a coping fund – none of this was done
    The PM disrespected the people by refusing to speak to them directly but rather send messages via the media while he addressed his party faithfuls.
    This DLP administration asked the people to share the burden, yet took back their 10% while many can’t even get their tax returns.
    Citizens pay their road tax yet the money isn’t used to fix the roads.
    Over 3000 dropped out of UWI because they couldn’t afford it and the MOE said they could apply for grants to help – most applied and didn’t get them
    Not one single transport board bus or garbage truck has been bought
    There were approx. 260 buses in 2008, now in 2018 there are about 50
    The Minister of Drainage said a garbage truck costs around $200,000 and the MOF said it costs $700,000. Someone is lying.
    You purposely refuse to address or investigate the Auditor General’s reports or the Public Accountants Committee report
    The Foreign reserves are at the worse it has been since 1991 under a DLP government.
    Investor confidence is either extremely low or non-existent
    Public servants have not received a pay increase
    Cost-of-living is through the roof
    The south-coast sewage issue is still not fixed.
    This is the worse government in the history of Barbados.
    The lowest sugar production in the history of Barbados.
    Now the underhand sale of the Hilton rushing to get it sold before Dem leave office. Why the rush???
    Bajan’s ready to VOTE.

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  • Why does it have to be one or the other?

    Could it not be that they are all despotic?

    That is system breeds dictators?

    And if that is a collective determination, we submit a certain antiquarian device as corrective.


  • She will tackle corruption she has no choice and when she does nuff heads will roll. Bajans have seen how the other side treats people. Mia knows her legacy will depend on how she governs Barbados. She is no fool! All I ask her to do is put Barbados first and do not falter!


  • What, the DLP-ite who writes is calling MIA leper? I thought that there were no lepers, not even….


    Anyone here owns a Toronto Waterfront condo?


  • Georgie Porgie

    Question : Now the underhand sale of the Hilton rushing to get it sold before Dem leave office. Why the rush???


    but duh get stumped!


  • Georgie, dem went to bowl a bouncer and ended up bowling a long hop.

    Mia sent it over mid wicket for a six and them hollering fuh de licks.

    Whuh bowler coming on nex?

    That idiot from up Sin Lucy?


  • The sale still going through tomorrow, they cancel the meeting on Monday and have a cabinet meeting tomorrow. There is little the opposition and share holders can do at this late stage unless the courts issue an injunction. https://www.facebook.com/BarbadosLabourParty/videos/1280343805442332/?t=1


  • How can the sale go through without a board resolution?


  • David, ‘How can the sale go through without a board resolution?”

    Don’t you get it yet??????


  • Dear SSS: We are not expecting a “prodigal saviour.” We are willing to pay for and expect good governance.

    That’s all.


  • In defense of Mia Amor Mottley the Leader of the Barbados Labour Party, being a first for her going before an electorate, to win the majority vote and hopefully be the leader of the next administration to govern Barbados.

    Let it be known that the “failure” of former BLP administrations in falling short of delivering must be placed on the former leaderships of BLP administrations and NOT MIA AMOR MOTTLEY.

    When investigations reveal the gravity of loss of the Barbados economy, the cost of implementing “promises” will appear miniscule. To warrant confidence in any party engaging the electorate must lay policies, solutions and remedies.. all are promises until acted upon, given the opportunity to do so.


    Mia Amor Mottley is roots oriented, communicates, delivers, a no nonsense person not a rouge, despot or controller, one that seeks dialog, INVESTIGATIVE, protecting. As a lawyer is articulate, knowledgeable, sharp with foresight, a workaholic, loves her communities and her country passionately… this much I personally know throughout her lifetime. Like all persons, negative influences has their roll to play until they are dropped from ones environment, their reality and actuality. We all are challenged in this existence.

    Good is a terror to those who do evil, Real Despots fear challenges. fear being unearthed, being disclosed, held accountable They are on roster and ousted.


  • Every canon they fire at MAM back firing on them. Let them continue.

    On May 24, the people will speak.


  • This story was put up bySSS notsurprised these Dems desperate and would try anything including this so called bombshell that based onMr motley,s facts presented today seems to have blown up in their faces.SSS I called you out as a disgruntled Dem and nothing you have said or written can convince me otherwise.Imagine you calling for integrity legislation from Ms motley but giving the government a free pass?Does this make sense,maybe to you?The Elections soon here to hopefully take you out of your misery,because any party is better than what we have in my view so you could talk Despot or you could talk chalk it will change nothing so give it a rest .J/A.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ SSS

    I, being chief among the persecutors, will try to speak to this issue a little bit.

    I will try not do any of the expected prevarication which will assuredly follow this sensitive submission of yours (BARRING THE CONTRIBUTIONS FROM THE MARIPOSA CREW which will come.)

    “…corruption can flourish and exacerbate the conditions of people around the world who already have little say about their own destiny…” (a quote teifed from the internet)

    Corruption, though inanimate, DOES NOT EXIST IN A VACUUM, it is resident in people and thrives when good men and women say and do nothing.

    It has, and continues to thrive across the length and breadth of Barbados because people permit it to do so, if only SELECTIVELY. If it is my “fahr or muddah”, or some relative of mine, or brotherhood of the rose, we tend to selectively close our eyes to their malfeasance.

    Let me cite this example that shows how corruption is alive and well in our dear Barbados.

    Recently a policemen came here on BU and alluded to the names of a few of the drug cartel that exists here in Barbados

    He went through a list of aka’s and THEN FEARFULLY provided innocuous directions like “de drug dealer man who lives next to the house where them does tie out the black cow on the pasture…” and things like that BECAUSE HE, LIKE YOU AND ME?, fear “deading” at the hands of these drug dealers.

    Here we have a policeman, a lawman who we would figure would be protected by the Long Arm of the Law, who is baulking when exposing the names of these criminals, BECAUSE HE FEARS THE REPERCUSSIONS.

    His action, or is that “his inaction”, is even more frightening when we realize that even though he was an anonymous poster, HE WAS SCARED.

    That simple example of our fear to speak up is just a small representation of the wider disease that permeates our society.

    Such is the state of Corruption island-wide. We jes frighten to say anything cause we frighten to dead.

    The issue IS NOT Prime Minister Mia Mottley or Freundal Stuart or Chris Decimal Bonds Stinkliar it is US, because, WE THE PEOPLE abdicate our responsibilities and fear to speak out about what is right and what is wrong.

    Like IslandGirl, mine is the belief that “the incoming Prime Minister will tackle corruption because she has no choice …and because she KNOWS (definitively) that her legacy depends on how she governs Barbados…”

    Barbados is at the absolute bottom of the barrel and …AND… THE ONLY WAY OUT OF THE BADWORD THAT WE ARE IN, is through a re-calibration of this country anticipated under a new administration, one that will be led by someone who has the intestinal fortitude to make the change.

    Neither you or I, notwithstanding our written passion for and commitment to a vibrant, reformed Barbados, neither of us has proffered our-self for national duty, as has Prime Minister Mottley..

    It is also a fact that neither you, NOR your humble servant, is there AMONG THE 29 OTHER POTENTIAL REPRESENTATIVES, advancing a national anti corruption agenda.

    You do know that people on the outside looking in might be inclined to say that this our “cyberspace commentary”, this “collective BU internet warfare”, is just verbal flax.

    In fact, my fellow internet blogger, Dr GP, often has reason to speak of our Rum Shop gatherings in precisely this context.

    We can only pray that the outcome and Prime Ministership of Mia Mottley will be one with a much improved Barbados.

    The fifth estate MUST remain vigilant.


  • Randy Bridgeman

    Cursed be the day that…..


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ SSS

    Your entry on the Poster Page might not be posting beause you are using a “local” link might i suggest that you copy and then paste the “direct link”

    I think that, given the sillyness that this “silly season” affords, that the Honourable Blogmaster has understandably employed a filter to ensure that enthusiastic bloggers dont go overboard and post items which go beyond the boundaries of “Fourth Estate” commentary into the domain of libel

    It is noted that what you posts do not fall into that category so therefore I doubt that you are being censored

    Take care to look twice at what you post before you hit the “post Comment” button.

    That is advice that de ole man can attest to the importance of observing it lololol


  • Sunshine sunny shine

    Why do the people fear? You may seek to justify what you think is the main problem, but all fingers point right back to what elected parties have been dishing for years. Every organ of government tends to function in mediocrity, with the minister at the helm deciding on the day what might be right their eyes and not necessarily according to established protocols. If the rogue has anything to prove is that she will not allow herself or her administration to decide foolishly on the path in which Barbados must go. Not the same shite routes of doing business that create the most controversies, but ecstasies. She is not without fault. She has done a lot of corrupt things as well and not a boy can convince me that this rogue is gonna do the things that governance needs her to do.


  • Dear BU,
    May I plead with you to spend the next week discussing party policies and not the semi-literate, personal abusive, foul-mouthed, amoral nonsense that passes as political debate in Barbados. Or would we prefer that this time next year being distraught about the policies of the new government?


    Hal Austin


  • I think the writer of this spectacular piece of yardfowling bilge has left one S off her moniker.

    I( am quite surprised that the blogmaster would give space to this drivel.


  • Sunshine sunny shine


    Why are you cussing me, girl? Telling me what the shites in the DLP have done is not going to bring any of them to justice. All that they have done to f-up the island is going to go down into the long halls of history’ past without any consequence to any of them. My focus is no longer on these shites. What matters the most now is what the next government intends to do in the name of good governance and that they understand fully what the electorate wants. If the rogue Mia Mottley is going to be the next Prime Minister then she must come clean, come good and prepared to do all the things that were not done when her party was in power, and all the things that were not done under the crooked DLP. My interest in all of this is good governance. WHAT PART OF THAT YOU LOYAL LAPDOGS DO NOT UNDERSTAND? Mottley and the DLP are not without spot or wrinkle. Focusing on what the DLP has done is not what is important at t his juncture; it must be on what the next forming party government will do and if the next government is willing to investigate what has so far been revealed from reports presented. Since the third parties have no chance and Mottley’s BLP party is the second half of the bad (yes the second half of the RH bad), then she and her party’s heads must be put to the plough. Our number one biggest problem is what the Auditor General reports every year and it is not reflected in one party who has formed the government but TWO.

    So will the rogue seek to do the following:

    —-Address the issues of the Auditor General’s reports
    —-Follow up on the PAC report published by her
    —-Set legislation in place to address the issue of corruption
    —-Increase the powers of the Auditor General
    —-Establish the politics of Exclusion when ministers do shite just like they establish the Politics of Inclusion
    —-Change the legislation and powers of the PAC to make more relevant and to function under a body of persons exclusive of politicians
    —-Will she punish any ministry that does not produce financials on time

    All you shouting Mottley, Mottley, Mottley, like if her ability to articulate well instantly translates into a good leader. She has the best opportunity to prove her worth, but she is rogue, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and not a boy on here can convince me that she is good.


  • Sunshine sunny shine

    Hal Austin

    Tsh Tsh.. I do not waste my time with pretenders. Notice, I do not comment on one shite you write. So do not waste your time commenting on my dribble. At least, I know where I stand, you, on the other hand, believe in something else and it certainly is not your ability to reason.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ SSS

    I give you Warcraft

    “…to ask why we fight is to ask why leaves fall…It is in our nature”

    Dear SSS ingrained in each of us is a seed of discord and disharmony that WILL GROW because we are frail men and women

    Have you ever stolen a thing that was not yours SSS?

    A few million euros, no, ,a few hundred, no, ten euros? No, and office pen, no, a few sheets of paper from said office?

    See my point? And in the absolute scheme of things such an act is theft yet we would say that it is a lesser sin to appease our sanctimonious selves

    Prime Minister Mottley is no different in her human frailties and mentioning that she or you or I have these faults does not seek to gloss over them at all.

    Let me be so bold to answer one of your questions which I shall paraphrase “is she going to punish any minister caught teifing?”

    WHEN PM MOTTLEY WINS WITH THE OVERWHELMING RESULTS THAT SHE WILL any of the representatives who do any shyte to upset her applecart WILL BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE


    De ole man is going to go a little bit further and say this to the fellow who tink dat he is a bogolord and refuses to adhere to the script that you were given WAIT UBTIL THE 25th.

    But I digress in my submission because I really want to ask you question

    Suppose I have a significant other to whom I have pledged fidelity SSS tell me (1) what can she do to ensure that i remain faithful? and (2) what recourse does she have if i am not?

    Then tell me what recourse do we cyberwarriors have should Prime Minister Mottley not “increase the power of the auditor general…” or film to effect nothing contained in her Covenant of Hope?

    I genuinely want you to tell me what you see as the options we have SSS for either we get in the fray like she is in the fray or close shop …


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @The Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please


  • Sunshine sunny shine

    45 Govt

    Hahahah…its so amazing…hahahaha lawwwds


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ SSS

    If my last post seemed defeatist it is not meant to be.

    I try to test people’s mettle in the oddest of ways by using the only means available to me – skin in the game.

    I mean we can and do come here and talk all we like and make pretty posters and thing but at the end of the day what’s our “skin in the game?”

    We agree that, given our disturbing 50 years of independence, few of our politicians have been statesmen and, based on your prosecution here in this blog, one which noticeably has not garnered the comments of the big guns as yet, you have your reservations.

    So what can you do or what can be done? as a means to ensure that we go in that direction you are speaking of?

    “Transparency International consists of more than 100 chapters – locally established, independent organisations – that fight corruption in their respective countries…

    Corruption does not stop at national borders. The chapters play a crucial role in shaping our collective work and realising our regional and global goals, such as Strategy 2020. Transparency International’s multi-country research and advocacy initiatives are driven by the chapters…”

    It would seem the only logical progression, barring you leaving the comfort of the EU, and running for elected office, that, as a more serious and tangible element in this equation, for you, and others like you, to “up their skin in the game”

    Alternatively I’d like to suggest something less strenuous but which may elicit a similar outcome.

    Our country needs new pathways urgently for energizing the dying economy.

    You are part of an ecosystem that can bring worthwhile resources to the economic table with specific provisios as would be MUTUALLY respectful and symbiotic for you as a diaspora denizen and Barbados.

    Specific provisios is a euphemism for if dem going try to ef up your relationships in the EU you will exercise your exit clauses and implement your safeguards

    Some might say that it is time to see if the verbal passion we cyberwarriors love to espouse here in the RumShop can be usefully converted for good of nation ir is just bovine biomass


  • Shiite!!
    Have not seen IslandGal so riled up since the day she took on her father with the 2X4…
    Sounds like someone we all know…

    @ Randy…
    In the final analysis, the WHOLE place is cursed.
    Everything we touch has been turning into shit.
    It does not take a lotta imagination to visualise the kind of leadership we DESERVE in such circumstances.

    ‘Blessed’ countries get leaders who reek of honesty, up-rightness, integrity, selflessness, and strength.
    “Shiite” countries ALWAYS get leaders like Trump and Froon,…. to be followed by even worse leaders whose best defence is that “wunna done know how bad i am…”

    There is little point in these frivolous arguments about the coming election…..
    The FUNDAMENTAL issue to be addressed is not which party to elect, but how to remove the “reverse-Midas” curse that has afflicted us since the CLICO debacle was hatched….. and which was formally confirmed with the Satanic Monument at the Garrison.

    It is either sack cloth and ashes…
    …or Bajan asses in the grass – with plimplers….


  • @Bush Tea

    The issue you raised is an issue as well. There are several issues. To dismiss one above the other does not make sense. Mottley should have paid his taxes before an audit exposed it. It does not mean Arthur should make himself look like a fool out of it. Why can’t we have a discussion about all the issues?


  • Georgie Porgie

    leaders like Trump and Froon?







  • I am more concerned about Grenville and his army of Christians than Mia. I notice that all of a sudden his policies are appearing different to want is printed and espoused over the last year. #copycat?


  • @GP
    Is that the Faux news version? I have some small investments in the Stock market and they have been on the rise from the time Barack took the reins in 2009. BTW I see a rise in the number of people calling the Police on Black people while living, there hasn’t been a documented call/arrest for Black people while praying so be careful out there.


  • Sunshine sunny shine May 17, 2018 2:58 AM



  • Georgie Porgie

    re I have some small investments in the Stock market and they have been on the rise from the time Barack took the reins in 2009


  • NorthernObserver

    “Mottley should have paid his taxes before an audit exposed it.”
    This statement assumes the filing discrepancies were intentional? One cannot pay taxes one isn’t aware one owes?


  • You are correct.

    The statement stands.


  • NorthernObserver


    All depends WHICH stock you own. The indexes are small bundles of the bluest chip stocks traded on that exchange. The other 95%+ of stocks trade in a range which frequently bears little relation to the Index moves.


  • NorthernObserver

    I guess then, since the amount owed isn’t being questioned, it helps to have friends in high places…lol

    Loved the cry show though, no wonder Bim has so many people in ‘acting positions’.


  • Don’t doubt he was hurt by Arthur’s backlash given he WAS a client. A persons reality will informed their behaviour.


  • @ David who wrote ” Mottley should have paid his taxes before an audit exposed it.”

    Why ? As long as he eventually paid all that he owed including penalties what is the problem ?

    The important thing is to be rich enough to deal with financial problems when they arise.

    Don’t waste your morals and ethics mantra on me. lol


  • SSS…we are way past the point of. souhaite, the election is very close and it’s now a matter of waiting the 3 months after whomever is elected to see what crap they throw at the people,..

    we will get to see if they are serious about investigating and arresting those responsible for over a billion dollars missing between the treasury and pension fund in the last 10 years…cause apparently judging from many of their hollow promises, none intend to even acknowledge those thefts…and on that alone they should be judged very harshlyby the electorate…. with extreme prejudice.

    then we can start tearing into them without any mercy.

    that negro mentality of..’wuh dam tief too, now is we turn”….gotta go.


  • @ NorthernObserver,

    Maybe Elliot had a flashback ” to the times Owen was verbally hostile to his daughter.

    I would probably have cried too while trying to figure out a suitable method of inflicting pain and suffering on Oh Wen but Elliot is not that kind a fella.


  • Do not Mistake the Geleman’s Tears For Weakness. I am not a B or D but to Destroy a man’s reputation is to take his life…The Tongue is a Flaming Fire!

    What is Blatant is the Bitterness and Envy that lead to Misrepresenting the Truth!!


  • Among the things that stuck out yesterday at the ED Mottley Pres Conference / Rebuttal.

    1)The Inland Revenue Dept. in the 1990’s (precursor to the present- day BRA) was able to discover that someone owed taxes in the amounts cited and was able to obtain judgements. Have these people all retired/died?

    2) ED Mottley threw some more dirt on David Thompson’s grave by citing an instance where he represented Owen against Thompson when Thompson was damaging his good name.

    3) This Mottley/Arthur breach is irretrievable broken; on page 66 of the BLP manifesto titled “Legacy” there is a photo of Owen which given his time in Office is miniscule, (Billie Miller and Margaret Thatcher got more prominence) if there is a reprint he will be airbrushed from the photo.


  • @ Sargeant,

    Owen Seymore Arthur was never a member of the upper echelons of the political class so his minuscule photo does not surprise me.

    Barbados is about to have a leader with class.


  • NorthernObserver

    c’mon Hants you went to Kolij…SEYMOUR… like Nurse.


  • @ NorthernObserver,

    thanks for the correction re ” SEYMOUR ” formerly aka “seethru” . lol


  • “I am particularly disappointed that Mr. Arthur, for whom I have acted as attorney-at-law, and continue to act, and on whose behalf I obtained damages for defamation, should now resort to making the kinds of statements he made on Monday,” Mottley said.”



  • NorthernObserver

    #1 you make me laugh
    #3 for years now. Can never be fixed. The cracks still run deep through the B’s. Wouldn’t be surprised if a Beaver 7 appear one day. The thirst for power is a bitch of a thing.


  • Let us wait to see if the Beavers deliver on the promise of term limits IF they win the election.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Sargeant May 17, 2018 2:21 PM

    Even OSA’s brother, Richard, is distancing himself from this blight who has brought nothing but shame on the good name of the Arthur family.

    Diabetes has a way of destroying brain cells of educated men and with Impotence being the bitch of Vengeance to afflicted men we ought not be surprised if OSA does the final act like that of Judas.

    It’s a pity he might not be able to publish his memoirs/autobiography in order to help pay for his upcoming legal bills and defamation payouts.


  • In more advanced(?) societies, protesting voters have been known to throw tomatoes, egg and such at disgraced politicians or those who have been accused of fleecing the populace.

    Fortunately, we are not sufficiently advanced that disgruntled members of the population would gather water ballons and fill them with Christ Church water and then direct them toward political platforms when blatant lies are being told? Mind you, that water has been certified as harmless by some in authority, so there.


  • Any one with a heart could empathise with Elliot Mottley breaking down over the pain that he clearly was experiencing……except Fruendel Stuart….he was mocking Mr Mottley at a DLP meeting last night.

    What a cold heartless SOB!

    After all, no parent wants to see their child suffer, no matter how old the child is for anything that they have done. Any parent would want to shield their child from any malicious talk.

    He was clearly upset that a matter that had been settled years ago could now be an election issue ……….designed to inflict damage by two flawed men…….OSA and Fumble. Fumble once described OSA as a lonely old man without friends but it does seem as Fumble is in the same position now……….his loneliness seems to be causing him to be a bitter evil wicked man…….desperate to hold on to power at all costs.

    And to think that Freundel could mock the man tears tells you all you what manner of man is Freundel Stuart!


  • Prodigal, wait until next Friday and we’ll see who is tearing up then and who (plural) is crying.

    For the rest of us, it’s probably in the interest of the populace this happened. MAM when elected owes her father a debt of respect for what these charlatans inflicted in her him. While decency would dictate that she not go after them personally so as not to appear vindictive, there is nothing wrong with her Attorney General doing what has to be done. Assuming of course that her AG is not a dummmy like you-know-who.


  • Prodigal Son.

    Ah, another one who has got it!!

    Well done.


  • When a man shows you who he is, believe him.


  • And as for Elliott Mottley crying, while he may have been disheartened and crying for the venom aimed at his daughter, he may as much have been crying for his country, which has been dragged to its knees by this lot.

    I am sure that Barrow, Adams, Grantley and Charles Duncan O’Neal would be crying too.

    The all would have been angered and disgusted.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ FearPlay

    You see how we HAVE TO SPEAK?

    You said and I quote “…Assuming of course that her AG is not a dummmy like you-know-who…?”

    I lie prayerful that “Legacy will drive the future Prime Minister Mia Mottley” and that the dross of which you speak WILL NOT HOLD HER BACK.

    It is noted that many have held their tongues in rein because …

    The 25th once achieved will permit persons the latitude to discourse other matters…


  • Well

    Well Barbadians have to give to Mia Mottley – she is a BOSS !

    She kept telling us she READY fuh General Elections 2018 !

    Little did we understood she READY :

    • To grant an Income Tax waiver to her father for the Millions he owes the CROWN !’
    • To meet Nigerian Benedict Peters now that Hugo Chavez has passed on !

    • To get some ladies in St. Michael North – West take cellphones in the polling booth to prove they voted for her – no doubt causing the EBC to be more vigilant with the use electronic devices !

    • To defrauding the treasury of Barbados 🇧🇧 for the next 30 years !

    • Remain SILENT as IRREFUTABLE evidence of the above – and much more to come………mounts on her head !!!

    As Trevor Dynamite Eastmond loves to say……….it’s gonna get IGNORUNT ……..in Buhbados !!!!!


  • FARTHOLE……Artax

    George Payne still have Edmund Hinkson in the Supreme Court of Barbados for DEFAMATION !!

    The Bees UNITED me AR$E !!!

    The Bees SPLIT in de MIDDLE !!!

    Wuhloss !!!!


  • Sunshine sunny shine

    My Sweet Piece

    What big guns you talking about. I wrote a few scathing remarks about Mia Mottley and the loyal rug rats came out with guns firing. Look, at the end of the day I know what I know about Mia Mottley. Not everything is hidden and in order to know one has to be part of ‘the collect’ to know the truth about this rogue. I am not going to take anything away from her that she does not already possess. If she wants to prove that she will a leader who wants to make a difference then she must show that she will lean towards the people and not to party. To show Barbadians that she is serious about changing the way we have been conducting current and governmental affairs, the following will please me and I believe the people very much if she will deal with all the things that she knows that is wrong with how Barbados is governed, and the mess that is the judiciary. She has been reading BU and plenty of things have been said about our bad political governance. Prove to the people that she is serious about correcting those. I do not care about her fancy speeches or jugging board promises. If you are going to be the next Prime Minister then be one who will be praised and love and not dislike like the idiot that ran the country into ruin for 10 years.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    My dearest SSS,

    I am feeling what you are saying…

    Some of us BECAUSE WE REALLY WANT a better Barbados and because we have seen what the litany of maladies have brought our country to WOULD PRAY THAT Prime Minister Mottley WILL BRING CHANGE.

    My big guns remarks refers to those bloggers who generally comment on BU but, BECAUSE OF YOUR TOPICS TITLE, will be afraid to even venture here,or if they do WILL NOT PEN ANY SUBMISSION because they fear some repercussions.

    Let me ammmmm shift the topic a bit to bring the context of that “big guns” statement into full perspective dear SSS.

    Suppose I was to invite you to go with me to a DLP or a BLP meeting.

    Would you go with me?

    I am sure that you would because your thought would be “I am going to evaluate the points being suggested by either party”

    And if I was to suggest that we stand up to the front of the meeting (because I of course would want everyone to see me with your pulchritudinous self) you would not flinch because you are not fearful of anyone SSS.

    What if de ole man was to tell you that IF I WERE TO EXTEND THAT INVITATION TO OTHERS HERE, many would not go BECAUSE THEY FEAR THAT IF THEY ARE SEEN AT THE MEETING OF EITHER OF THE TWO PARTIES they fear being branded the supporter of the BDLP?

    What if I were to tell you that motor cycle helmets and baclava sales in Barbados have skyrocketed because attendees of these meetings have been hiding their faces from the cameras?

    This is the mentality of the fear that I am talking about and this aspect of fear permeates the BU halls EVEN IN THE ARTICLE’s bloggers.

    Many (understandably?) fear “repercussions” SSS and therefore will avoid this submission lest their name is seen under “Recent Comments” which for them reads “Recently Departed” heheheheheh


  • Mia Mottley

    Want money 💰

    From the treasury

    So she trying to fool we

    But we Bajans ain’t stupidy

    So she could leh she daddy cry 😭 fuh she

    Because he benefit from her skulduggery

    So we gine forget the BLP

    Come next Thursday


  • The BLP is spilt in the MIDDLE !

    Owen Arthur playing their tune on his FIDDLE !

    Mia slip is SHOWING !

    Because she waived the millions her father was OWING !

    Edmund Hinkson in a MIX !

    Because George Payne case in the Supreme Court FIX !


  • @millertheanunnaki May 17, 2018 3:49 PM “Diabetes has a way of destroying brain cells of educated men and with Impotence…”

    Diabetes destroys the brain cells of uneducated men and women too. Lolll!!! Looka me.

    Impotence and the menopause are God’s way [or evolution’s way if you are a non-believer] of COMMANDING us not to have children we are incapable of raising.

    We should thank God and evolution for protecting us from our hubris.


  • @Prodigal Son May 17, 2018 5:55 PM “After all, no parent wants to see their child suffer, no matter how old the child is…”

    A “child” over the age of 18 is a son or a daughter.

    And nobody over the age of 18 ought to cry in public.


  • Sunshine sunny shine

    My Sweet PIece

    Why should I fear? None of the parties cut any cloth for me. I might use my favourite cuss words to express my frustration with the political system that has brought Barbados to its knees but I am not about spreading defamation. You will not hear me make any utterances about any of the politicians that is conjecture. I might dabble a bit in innuendo, but innuendo base on what they say and what they do. Take for instance the ignorant, stupid, arrogant shite that thinks he could be silent to Barbados for 10 years and after announcing the election, believe that he can come now and talk to them. He has provided enough ammunition to shoot his ass straight out from ever being elected again, and Mottley should simply approach this election with the truth, not crazy ass promises. That is why I am no longer interested or focus on the Stuart and the Dumpsy DLP.

    Mottley, on the other hand, is my focal point. This rogue has everything at her disposal to be a Prime Minister with a difference, but instead of exercising humility and restraint she has to promise a whole host of not possible shite, in instances providing a time lime when it will occur, and then making specific sounding back peddling statement that Barbadians should not expect everything to happen or be fixed immediately. What she can fix immediately is the shite policies put in place by these CUNTS from the DLP. What she can change immediately is putting in place the appropriate legislation and powers to make the Auditor General’s office a place for all ministries and departments to fear. And, by that I mean, powers to investigate without ministerial influence or involvement and the power to seize documents, and to affect procedures towards charges against any minister, PS, Department head whose financial practices lead to accountant anomalies. What she can change immediately is the PAC. Let the Auditor General and other light minded souls who understand accounting, make up the PAC so it can be relevant, and free of the foxes responsible for protecting the chickens. What she can change immediately is the politics of inclusion by introducing the politics of exclusion. What she can change immediately or introduce is a ministerial recall. What she can change immediately is this notion that no civil servant can be fired. If persons are repeated absentees, troublemakers, shirkers or counterproductive, replace them with persons who are apt and qualified to do a better job. What she can change immediately is the stupid NRSL, the ridiculous taxation system established by the liars in the DLP, the hurtful increase on the VAT, the wastefulness associated with projects of political choice, and the lack of the people’s say in national development. I want Mia Mottley to prove me wrong right throughout her time as Prime Minister, but reserve the right to continue to believe that she will remain, rogue, before there is any truth.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Dearest SSS

    You may or may not know this but all cancers are not the same and the rate that one will progress in your body changes from organ to organ from individual to individual and incredulously from clime to clime.

    There is a statistic even that states that once Korean men are diagnosed with these terminal illnesses that the die more rapidly than other nationalities

    But that statistic does not consume the hope in all victims irrespective of the coming together of all the other variables in perfect (dis)harmony

    Even while you see cells metasticizing in front your eyes YOU CANNOT GIVE UP HOPE ELSE WHAT WOULD BE THE PURPOSE OF LIFE?

    I, who am chief among the prosecutors, am prayerfully hopeful that Prime Minister Mottley WILL DO WHAT WILL BE RIGHT FOR BARBADOS AND BAJANS.

    Without a faith that is founded in My God and without that intangible hope that a good change will come, what would be the purpose of this?

    The proof ultimately will be in the eating of the pudding as you have pointed out.

    I too will watch vigilantly…


  • Sunshine sunny shine

    My Sweet Piece

    No there are not, but they all head towards one inevitable ending, and that is: death of the whole by killing off those cells that are well.If you do not catch them early they spread to where they feel like but mainly to tissues more susceptible to their nourishing, most of the time tissues that are vital for sustaining life. We have had the plague of two cancers, one manifesting itself differently over 14 years in power, and the other, in 10 years of spreading its deadly cells throughout the entire root and trunk that use to be Barbados’ firm foundation and a punch described as being above its weight. Barbados has never had a female Prime Minister, and, therefore, history will be made. After history comes the rule. Her rule will be determined when she starts show Barbadians how different she will be and what she intends to do in fixing what we all have been complaining about for a long time. I do not trust the woman, but I am willing to say to all, including her, that I was wrong and humbly apologise. If she proves me right, I am going launch nothing but attacks on her and her administration and speak those things that I know to be true about her and not false. That I promise.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Northern, who wrote so intuitively: “Loved the cry show though, no wonder Bim has so many people in ‘acting positions’.” Excellent. Absolutely propa.😁

    Good actors have certain cues they can summon in order to generate tears as needed…whatever his was (even if genuine dismay and hurt) it was a great performance.

    You guys have laid out some awesome observations but yet I don’t see anything trending which explains the basic query of this soap opera: what really is Arthur trying to achieve? (Thrasing Mottley’s character/suitability as leader to change minds surely CAN’T be the alpha or omega intent here. We all know of her awesome character already)

    Mr Arthur spoke with too much specifity on finance/social economic minutia at the presser to produce such an embarrassingly inaccurate, careless presentation on the issue of taxes and interest payments.

    So unless this is a false flag intended to tease out other facts one can surmise that to take on your own former lawyer with possibly defamatory accusations like this …1. You are losing it (suggested above), 2. You have already lost it or 3. You believe you have a powerful get out of jail (or put him into jail) card.

    What is really going on here…??


  • Mia and her team have seen the rise of social media in the last 10 years. If she becomes PM and ignore how unforgiving social media can be would be silly?


  • Sunshine sunny shine


    And you can bet your last dollar that I will produce posters on top of posters lambasting them all because after so much crookery and bad policy decision, who would dare want to come with the same approach that has Bajans very weary and not so trusting of them all. There is one particular individual in her line up that I will not spare and that is George ‘Arrogant is shite’ Payne. Social media will either sing their praises and sting them in their tail holes like the Bees they are.


  • SSS,as one blogger said this isthis drivel from you is pure propaganda,not supported by one shred of evidence.You obviously was a pupil of Mr Thompson who was good at hurling a lot of innuendo at people hoping that something would stick.This is the same game you are playing calling Ms Mottley a rogue,tell me what do you call the DLP ministers J/a?


  • Sunshine sunny shine


    You being part of the blind lap dogs that worship a party must rush to the defense of your puppet masters. Mottley the rogue, will either come good, be a good leaders, to the right thing according what constitutues good and proper management or she will be show all Barbadians that she is simply a rogue.


  • Lorenzo is just a ‘fractured DLP’…..


  • As I have stated to both you SSS and Bush Tea I am not a member of any Party ,I call it as I see it and for this Election Ms Mottley is the best bet of getting us out of this hole dug by this useless lot both of you support capiche.There fore when I see drivel and innuendo I will call you out,simple I done with you.This blog do not resolve around either of you,disgruntle Dems,so if you all angry take it up with Dem.


  • Fractured BLP
    May 18, 2018 3:56 PM

    You like poems and rhymes? How about this?

    When Friday comes and the sun rises
    Hopefully change has come
    A new day for Barbados
    Hopefully the old government is done

    No voter payoff perpetrator
    Even if election money sharing, we done want none
    Because in life there are prizes
    Beyond what can be offered by a dictator

    Vote for change
    Let’s rearrange
    Vote for hope
    A new government with scope


  • Sunshine sunny shine


    You ain’t even good enough to convince the three blind mice. You are a lapdog, a BLP ass kisser and more than likely a wunnabe crumb feeder. Mottley promise you bittle and so you got to jump in and try and diffuse any attempt by anyone to malign her controversial name. You are pathethic is shite. If the DLP was not led by that ignorant cunt and baffon goon squad, you and the BLP ould not stand a chance in hell. Mottley will be the next PM, and the moment she and the other pretenders show their royal rouge-ness, I am going to be all over the tricksters.


  • SSS I think the last S in your name should be shite.That is what this article is,pure piffle .I can be anything but I know Ms motley is head and shoulders above a J/A like you having proven herself over the years in politics in Barbados and regionally.Who the hell are you and what is your claim to fame?except coming on BU talking crap and like Thompson throwing about innuendo hoping something sticks.It is far too late for you and your beloved Dems,so you could talk chalk,come Thursday night I guess you would shed some tears poor soul,i feel your pain J/A.


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