Mia the DESPOT…Cometh the hour, cometh the Woman

Submitted by SSS

Mia AMOR Mottley. There is nothing more that can be said about Mia Mottley that has not been already told except for secrets not yet spoken about. She has been the subject of the good, the bad, the ugly, the downright wutless, and plenty of praise and hyped up talk from political loyals and would be lackies.

There are those who will defend her and the work of the BLP with venomous spit fire, and any criticism laid at the feet of this now looked upon prodigal saviour, results in a relentless attack of justifications, and the presentation of BLP achievements, all intended to persuade and convince.

In other words, we are not to speak about the axe the electorate put deep into the BLP tree stump on two consecutive elections due to the propensity of this party to behave like renegade monks a few years into their elected term. According to BLP supporters, what the people must do is believe in the BLP, even if it means showing them (by the way of a vote) how fed up you become of their boastings, arrogance, giddy head displays, lack of transparency and accountability, and personal prosperities.

What matters now is far more important than what the BLP did back then. So, vote BLP, because you are better off with them even though you are aware of their many shortcomings and personal self-serving interests. It makes no sense dwelling on or highlighting any past controversial issues or allege corruptions because they are irrelevant.

On the real issues, this despot who has begged Barbadians to make her Prime Minister, has given mere plastered promises of what she will do to tackle corruption. Her’s is carefully made utterance on the matter of corruption. It is just like the pinch of salt given to address the issues that the Auditor General has highlighted under the governance of both the DLP and BLP. And, it is just like the PAC report she produced just before the elections, which, more than likely, was intended to only highlight but not investigate.

So far, Mottley has dished out the accustom promised soup mixed with all the enticing ingredients to fatten the kiddy in order to bite he in the bam bam, later. One would think that Mottley would have learned a valuable lesson in not making erroneous and unrealistic promises that might not be possible to fulfill. I mean, why go down a similar road as the imbeciles on the DLP side when there is enough fodder to feed into the truth ‘grill’ that alone can augur your party’s chances to be the next elected government. But, no. The script remains the same like all other past elections campaigning: Promises made to win; win and articulate after why you cannot.

Will we finally see the reality of laws supporting anticorruption, accountability, whistleblower legislation, freedom of information and so on under a Mia Mottley formed government?

The SSS has made it clear that she sees Mia Mottley as a rogue. And, until a different side of her is presented than the one that says: she-MUST BE IN CONTROL OF ALL THAT SHE SURVEYS, Mia Mottley will remain in my eyes as a self-serving, power hungry despot, who might have Barbados interest at heart, but her personal desires are greater.


  • Fractured BLP
    May 18, 2018 3:56 PM

    You like poems and rhymes? How about this?

    When Friday comes and the sun rises
    Hopefully change has come
    A new day for Barbados
    Hopefully the old government is done

    No voter payoff perpetrator
    Even if election money sharing, we done want none
    Because in life there are prizes
    Beyond what can be offered by a dictator

    Vote for change
    Let’s rearrange
    Vote for hope
    A new government with scope


  • Sunshine sunny shine


    You ain’t even good enough to convince the three blind mice. You are a lapdog, a BLP ass kisser and more than likely a wunnabe crumb feeder. Mottley promise you bittle and so you got to jump in and try and diffuse any attempt by anyone to malign her controversial name. You are pathethic is shite. If the DLP was not led by that ignorant cunt and baffon goon squad, you and the BLP ould not stand a chance in hell. Mottley will be the next PM, and the moment she and the other pretenders show their royal rouge-ness, I am going to be all over the tricksters.


  • SSS I think the last S in your name should be shite.That is what this article is,pure piffle .I can be anything but I know Ms motley is head and shoulders above a J/A like you having proven herself over the years in politics in Barbados and regionally.Who the hell are you and what is your claim to fame?except coming on BU talking crap and like Thompson throwing about innuendo hoping something sticks.It is far too late for you and your beloved Dems,so you could talk chalk,come Thursday night I guess you would shed some tears poor soul,i feel your pain J/A.


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