Mia Mottley’s Government and Corruption Déjà Vu


I must ask, what has stopped the formation of a “Corruption Unit” within the relevant investigative body?

I note the appointment of several other gurus in the area of communication, finance etc etc, yet Corruption is being ducked, such that persons as yourself can offer up ‘takes time’ (delay).

And whenever the time comes, with no person or unit “in charge”, there will be no person to answer directly for the progress made/not made.

With tag lines like “The mission is too great. It is about the future of Barbadian generations not about you…..or any of us.”, the most overused line, particularly concluding line. by speech writers.

This isn’t solely about a few elected persons, the rot has spread far and wide. So let’s wait for a thorough review of Integrity Legislation (another delay), and hope full engagement takes it through to a few weeks prior to the next election?


The comment above by BU commenter NorthernObserver collides with a loud thought that has been tumbling in the mind of the blogmaster in recent weeks. Real haste characterizes- compared to the former government for sure- how the Mia Mottley government has effected some decisions since winning the government in May 2018. Why have we not seen the same haste to pursue alleged wrongdoing read corruption?

The blogmaster listened intently to Prime Minister Mia Mottley delivering at a mass political meeting during the recent political campaign to launch party manifesto – BLP Manifesto Launch and IMF Buzz – when she  hinted that wrongdoing behind the CLICO fiasco will be vigorously pursued. As each day passes the idea that this government will honour its campaign promise fades to compare with similar promises made by former governments.

There are about four or five ministers in here [Parliament] who really have to ask themselves some questions. When people ask, ‘how can you drive a jeep belonging to a company that provides services to your ministry and gets work from your ministry and believe that is okay?’”

Mottley assured the House, a BLP government under her stewardship would adopt a no-nonsense approach to corruption, which would involve the passage of anti-corruption legislation

– Caribbean360

There are many other examples of Mia Mottley hinting at corrupt behaviour by members of the former government if you allow Google to be your friend!

We are waiting Prime Minister.

We watching yuh!

176 thoughts on “Mia Mottley’s Government and Corruption Déjà Vu

  1. – NortherObserver
    – Caribbean360 @ Barbados does not have a Prime Minister, She is the Crime Minister , Her entire Family has been in every crime at levels never seen before from one spet from WAR!, Mia and Her Father , Brother is part of a Massive Land Fraud and PONZI Running for over 30 years with CLICO, All crooks as warning would be put back in Place for all have a hand it this FRAUD from the time of Infection, Mia is stopping the FBI from looking into what they Blp then DLP were doing to the Citizen of the USA and other, Complains has reach the US Embassy and notes were taken. Land fraud is the case, Clear Land Title is the cure! All the lawyers in Barbados are part of the cover-up as the law is used as an ART against all Nations that visit Barbados! Barbados may be the last to fall and then CRASH will be heard around the World! Check title history from the Land Registry to the Archive these crimes killed the Banking in Barbados and other parts of the Caribbean!!

    Affidavit: By the Alex-Mitchell:El BFP/CUP President! Welcome to the Land of the Moors: Try looking back 90 of a title! You may find a BLACK WHOLE , filled with whitened minds.““~~~~~~

  2. I have tried to explain this before, and it really is not rocket science. What is earnestly promised from opposition because it benefits the ruling gangsters is quickly ignored when in power, because…wait for it…it benefits the ruling gangsters. Duh.


  3. At a rent of 200,000 dollars of TAXPAYER’S money PER MONTH..and ya cannot get not ONE CIVIL CASE heard at the Manor Lodge location…let alone completed and closed..it has been 8 MONTHS…ya do not need CELLS..to COMPLETE and CLOSE civil cases..

    ….this is the year each and every BREACH of the human rights of CLAIMANTS with personal injury and land cases etc, by slime lawyers and insurance companies………will be EXPOSED for the world to see.



    “Back in May sections of the court were relocated after workers, through the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) complained that they were falling ill as a result of environmental issues related to mold. When the problem reared its head in April, NUPW General Secretary Roslyn Smith condemned the court as a “sick building”. The Civil Court and Court Registry were relocated to Manor Lodge, at a rental cost of $200,000 per month.

    Last November Marshall assured the public that the Barbados Supreme Court will be back under one roof by March this year. This represents a two-month delay in Government’s original January timeline to return the Supreme Court back to its Whitepark Road home.”

  4. Any tech savvy high school, college or university student IN BARBADOS….can do this…ya do not need Canadians or anyone else looking for concessions and free money coming in to bribe lowlife government ministers and robbing the people…

    as someone just opined…why does every lowlife, stray dog and snake slither into Barbados…we know why…that is the kind of lowlife the lowlifes in parliament ATTRACT…..


    besides….electronic signatures…putting that in the hands OF THIEVING lawyers who ROB old people their estates, who THIEF EVERYTHING IN SIGHT….really…ya will put PEOPLE’S electronic signatures in the hands of the TIEFING LAWYERS AND GOVERNMENT MINISTERS….IN BARBADOS…

    oh really???

  5. Good rant WARU, so tell me what section of the Barbados demographic is in your educated opinion MOST responsible for the rampant corruption now sinking the beloved rock? Is it worse now than under the previous regime you hate so much? Oh, and do leave the Queen out of it, it just destroys your credibility! 🇧🇧

  6. Forty-Five…really…..my FOUR key is not working on this device..

    …Why are your trying to pick a fight with me this morning that you will clearly not win…even my husband knows better….

    …..wuh happen, wifey put ya to sleep on the couch these few nights…lol

    let me have me fun…ah happy to see Cinty put in her place for trying to expose what she should have exposed…30 YEARS AGO….these ministers must be punished for waiting too late to DO the right things…by theiR people. because they weRe busy keeping their fellow ministers’ secrets…dirty secrets….for DECADES…

    so what is wrong with stirring the pot…they are all corrupt, all crooks…all ROB….vulnerable bajans…dont they…

    don’t tell me you and. Cozier are buddy buddies…although he said he is not the one blocked the road…so someone is playing nasty….AND who is going to admit to capping the wells that is causing the flooding…

    BTW…there is a time to cuss the parasitic Windsors in UK……but this is not one of them…

  7. Fuh troot, I was not trying to pick a fight wid you WARU, since I agree with you more often than not, and DO admire a good rant. What I was after was your opinion, which sadly you omitted.
    Although irrelevant I do happen to be acquainted with Mr Cozier, and agree with him on his reaction, and since I know him to be an honest man, believe his protestations of innocence. He is not a lawyer you know.
    My first and only wife and I remain on amicable terms, thank you for your concern! You should be so lucky with your husband. Perhaps he is an improved model?

  8. but ya got my opinion…some anyway…but ah gotta accommodate yardfowls and get their reaction…..it appears they are still asleep…ah want THEIR OPINION…ah want to see them…DEFEND their MP…take time, it’s still early…

    In saying that..someone capped those wells and of course whatever devious plans they had…can cause drowning during floods…

    the dude Cozier is adamant it is not him blocked the road…on another forum names are already being called, the same nasty, arrogant criminals who believe they are entitled to commit crimes against the people and get away with it, while bribing government ministers and robbing the treasury..

    …..that’s right…Maloney’s name is up front in this, something to do with a race track in VAUCLUSE..but we shall see and hear which ministers tief what from whom to enable more destruction in the lives of the people……

  9. “Perhaps he is an improved model?”

    I have never met too white men so nosy in mah business though..lol..and I have met some really, really nosy ones.

  10. A promise is a comfort to a fool and gaw blimah we got a lot of fools who think that under Mia, we gine get some laws to deal with the green goblins and jokers posing as statesmen and women. The number one problem that needs a bit of her haste is giving power either to the Auditor General to pursue the obvious corrupt activity in his report or an establish Corruption Bureau to investigate, go after, and provide the evidence for prosecution purposes.

    I read where this rogue said that where the evidence is there she would pursue a criminal investigation. I am to assume that the PAC report was not enough evidence to bring a case against them wicked money grabbers from the DLP? Was the report just a smoke screen to duped the lot of idiots we got bout the place into believing that Mia will bring the change we need?

    All her loyal friends are in the money. Her bloated cabinet enjoying the perks. 1500 hundred government workers, with indications that more will be sent home, sucking salt, her father in her interest is enjoying a Knighthood, the business sector and, more than likely, persons that are known to her, are forgiven for their unpaid taxes, and in all the doings, corruption is address in a very tentative way, and the reasons for delaying the haste to implement the much needed legislation or amend the outdated is another set of bullshit excuses.

  11. Nosy in your business WARU? Poor baby, you started off with the personal stuff, you think I don’t have the right of response? I just cannot think that that someone of your forthright, robust opinions and a fatal reluctance to know when it might be a good time to stay silent could have made do with just one husband.

  12. yeah…yeah…ah know I make things SOUND real exciting and all…but the opposite is true…those who met me were SHOCKED…just as you would be too….

    ..STAY SILENT…that is the mistake the people made from DAY 1 …keeping secrets…what do you think caused the wave of corruption and thefts…and even WINDRUSH…when people stay silent, keep secrets…AND DON’T SPEAK OUT….others are disenfranchised and robbed of even their human rights…..because we STAYED SILENT..

    That ERA is OVER..it only benefitted thieves and criminals…have you leaned nothing…just because it never negatively impacted you…but you do see who is suffering because of it don’t you…do you even care.

    don’t hold ya breath on me staying silent…if ya really checked me out closely…ya will see when I do stay silent and understand why.

  13. lol..a big old furry bear with the demeanour of a soft, purring little pussycat right….I believe you though..

  14. I keep saying that Mia has no moral authority to prosecute any one
    During the campagain she used(well) the proverbial ball of onslaught to persecute on the dlp and to win the election
    Only a fool would expect the devil to go charging head first to prosecute any one when he / she has skeletons in their closet

  15. 45govt January 7, 2019 10:38 AM

    Dear God in Heaven David, are you thick? I have told you twice I F’ING KNOW HOW TO WORK MY PHONE.

    What is “f’king?”

  16. I will state categorically that I CANNOT vote for this current administration again unless investigations are conducted into the goings-on of the previous administration and charges laid should these investigations prove fertile.

    I will not tolerate four years of inaction only to be told just before the next election that charges are to be brought once reelected. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me ten times, shame on me.

  17. Read the Headline of the blog post again – MIA MOTTLEY’S GOVERNMENT AND CORRUPTION DEJA – VU.

    As I mentioned in another blog the link between the charging of corrupt officials of a private Company doing business with the Barbados govt and bribery – one needs to look no further than the controversial awarding of the flyover & highway extension to 3 S Company by the last BLP govt.

    In a newspaper picture published at the time – there was a picture of Jonathan Danos owner of 3 S ( and former employee of Mabey Construction),Gline Clarke Minister of Highways & Roads, Minister,Clyde Mascoll who was Minister in the ministry of finance – AND HALLAM NICCOHLS – Arthur’s bagman.

    In a case in a London Court, Jonathan Danos who worked for a UK Firm Mabey & Johnson Ltd – Bridge Builders – under sworn oath -gave testimony which explained how he paid huge bribes to Politician’s middlemen so that the respective govts would award the contracts to Mabey & Johnson.

    Danos said he paid secret commission of 8.5%, 15% and 17% to middlemen in Dominican Republic,Panama and Jamaica.. According to Jonathan Danos this was standard operating procedure when dealing with small govts.

    He testified that if a Caribbean govt wanted to build a series of bridges costing $100 million dollars,the price is raised by that amount of the bribe – so for an 8.5% bribe – the project price would be raised to $108.5 million dollars.

    Govt would then borrow or use tax revenues to pay Danos the $108.5 million dollars – Danos would build the bridges and would pay the extra $8.5 million dollars to the various middlemen – for ‘CONSULTING’ OR OTHER NON EXISTENT SERVICES.


    Jonathan Danos when he left Mabey & Johnson formed a Company – 3S Structural Steel Solutions – who in 2006 under the BLP Arthur administration was awarded a Flyover & Highway Extension Project.




    On a lighter note Jonathan Danos was awarded by the Queen – the MBE in 2000 for services to British Exports. ha,ha,ha

    All hail Sir Elliot and Sir Chefette.

    We are punching way,way above our weight – moving in that esteemed company.

    Are we seeing anything different happening under Mottley ?

  18. When ya see Enuff in Wonderland won’t even peep out or JUMP OUT…this one will definitely go sideways, oh yeah…

  19. Maybe David/BU can locate that article in BU in 2007 about the then Govt awarding a contract to 3 S against the advice of the advice of The Bdos Association of Engineers.

  20. “The contract signed is an “interesting” variation on a BOLT contract where the Barbados Government guarantees a loan from BNB to cover the published contract sum of US$60 to widen the highway from Sobers to Warrens and install 5 flyovers. The project manager then tells the nation more than a year after starting that the cost has tripled due to additional widening and “unforeseen” issues with utilities”

    what’s with this US60 million ..stuck in all the heads of EVERY crook in and out of parliament…that taxpayer’s must be fleeced to guarantee these loans…that is the target amount each and EVERY thief and ripoff artist goes after…all thieves…look out for more in 2019-2022.

    this is Maybe..just as recently as 2011..ah wonder if Mia et al contacted him yet, who is the Minister of Roads now..surely not that cretin Gline…

    Does any of this sound familiar..

    “The current government came to office promising to expose this mess to the public, two years later we are still waiting.”

    “Mabey & Johnson has been fined 6.6 million pounds.The report highlighted the culture of giving kickbacks at Mabey & Johnson.”

    Mabey & Johnson director David Mabey jailed over Iraq bribes
    David Mabey, the millionaire businessman behind engineering group Mabey & Johnson, and two colleagues have been handed prison sentences for paying kickbacks to Saddam Hussein’s regime.

    David Mabey arrives at Southwark Crown Court where he is on trial over alleged corrupt payments to Saddam Hissein’s regime.

    David Mabey was also disqualified from acting as a company director for two years Photo: Julian Simmonds
    Jonathan Russell By Jonathan Russell

    7:00AM GMT 24 Feb 2011
    Sales director and major shareholder Mabey was sentenced to eight months for his part in making $420,000 (£258,000) of illegal payments to Iraqi officials. Managing director Charles Forsyth was sentenced to 21 months and branded the most culpable by Judge Rivlin at Southwark Crown Court.Mabey & Johnson director David Mabey jailed over Iraq bribes
    David Mabey, the millionaire businessman behind engineering group Mabey & Johnson, and two colleagues have been handed prison sentences for paying kickbacks to Saddam Hussein’s regime.
    David Mabey arrives at Southwark Crown Court where he is on trial over alleged corrupt payments to Saddam Hissein’s regime.”

  21. For the dummies who were ARGUING STRONGLY…

    Even I knew under BOLT arrangments..that there must be an INITIAL PAYMENT from TAXPAYERS when these hungry ripoff companies try to access loans to get their scams off the ground…to pay government ministers BRIBES and implement their 25 year ownership of what they built while taxpayers pay through their noses..

    …. just like Innotech at BWA…just like the prison scam with VECO…yall are WICKED THIEVES…who need to be EXPOSED to the WORLD…..24/7/365.

  22. Donna the short explanation ( although 45 could expound on it I am sure) would be be when your husband gives you that paper bag to put on your head.

  23. Hallam Nicchols, Glyne Bannister and Stephen Hobson had all joined together and formed a Company to bring in the equipment for the highway.

    Hallam Nicchols it has been said made $8 million dollars before a meter of dirt had been lifted.

    Did anyone remember the picture a few weeks ago of Hallam Nicchols – donating water trucks to the Bdos Water Authority ?

    He is surely smelling the scent of more graft I suppose.

    Remember Jonathan Danos said in Court that the bribes are paid to the politicians middlemen for dubious services and commissions.

    Middlemen like those above.

    Remember too – Glyne Bannister suddenly found himself in bed with the last DLP government with the proposed Btown Carenage Project – which thankfully did not come off.

    Remember too that 3 S who was awarded the contract without a fair bidding process – and was allowed to prepare the budget and terms of reference without any Independent oversight.

    3 S Structural Steel Solution was incorporated in Delaware USA in 2005.

    3 S Barbados was incorporated in November 2005 with 5 employees and no record of building any flyovers or Highways.

    The Govt of Bdos signed a memorandum of Understanding with 3 S to extend highways and build flyovers.

    The more things change the more they remain the same – and it is we the taxpayers who are shafted

    Innotech and the new BWA building comes to mind.

    Veco and the new Dodds Prison under Mottley comes to mind.

  24. http://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/230510/psv-operators-stage-protest-eagle-hall

    And to think government corruption has been so bad in the last 24 YEARS…the ministers and transport board officials DESTROYED the TRANSPORT BOARD with corruption…now there are not enough buses on the road…..BECAUSE OF THEIR WICKED ACTIONS…..bad enough when they did have enough buses on the rode, the SERVICE was beyond bad…

    now this…

    so when is Lashley going to prison…

  25. @ T Inniss

    You are cooking with gas ⛽ and have nailed it.




  26. Well 45,

    The word I was thinking of I dismissed as my filthy mind working to cast aspersions on your pristine character. . You did after all, berate me for using the words like foop.

    Or is it a white man’s privilege to participate in such “unseemly exchanges” whilst escaping the labels they themselves attach to others who use milder “obscenities?”


    Your speckled skinned wrinkled wife would be lucky to cover her brittle bones in the smooth chocolate skin I still have at half a century.

    P.S. My son’s teenaged friends call him a liar when he tells them my age. Happened at primary school. Happens at secondary school. Iit is a standing joke with us.

    “I thought you told me your mother is fifty-three, ya liar!

    If the young people don’t call you old ya got to be looking good!

  27. Oh dear, poor Donna, no self confidence, no shame, still playing the victim. There is a difference between your crude potty mout and my gentle frustration with David’s thickness, or more likely, attempt at belittlement. Neither of you can manage your efforts with either class or conviction. If you still don’t get it ask WARU.

  28. These two white shites find it necessary to follow me all around trying to insult me. I don’t have to take it do I?


  29. These men pull out ALL the racist arguments. We are stupid, uneducated, lazy , criminal. crude etc. etc. etc.You guys know that. You can tolerate it but I will not.

  30. @ Donna and 45govt

    I suspect that neither of you particularly like me (in Donna’s case I know, although she asserts she haven’t the time to hate human excrement such as my humble self). Notwithstanding that, I would encourage the both of you to get back to the issue at hand (no matter that i find the headline to be exasperating). You Donna too love to dwell on personalities. While I dont agree with much of what he says, I didn’t detect any racialism from the 45 character. I suspect that you are afflicted with the malady which many Barbadians are afflicted with, that being automatically believing that all members of minorities here have some deep seeted racialistic tendencies. As a member of a minority I take opposition to that wholeheartedly.

    But to get back to what I was saying we can clearly see that we get no where when we engage in personalities rather than issues, as seen so pelucidly here and in our initial interaction. I appreciate the acerbity of 45’s wit over Donna’s crass vulgarity but I condemn both as neither are particularly helpful. Why can you all not just engage in issues? Will it kill you to do it for once?

  31. @ 45 govt at 5 :57 PM

    You wrote :”When in a hole stop digging”. Pray tell what do you mean by that?

  32. @ T Inniss

    Don’t forget to be on the lookout for David Shorey he is identical to Hallam Nicholls.

    Someone took out Rodney Wilkson the invisible car racket scamster so he is a disease to them at the moment.

  33. I will do as I please until the blog master stops me. You come here wanting to direct this blog. This is not Roebuck Street and nobody left you in charge.

    If you were not a recent hire you would have seen ALL the comments that have been made by the two white shites. I am not the only one who has called them racist. It is a given.

    Now butt out!

  34. ××Should have been Rodney Wilkinson××

    RODNEY LEVI WILKINSON, the 59-year-old executive director of high-profile hired car company Executive Rentals Inc., will appear in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court today on several fraud charges involving over four million dollars.

    Wilkinson, of No. 2 Friendly Hall, St Michael, is accused of the criminal deception of a number of car dealers and finance companies.

    His arrest is the latest development in a reported car racket which has been a major talking point across the island.

    Police sources told the SATURDAY SUN last night the charges involved purportedly selling cars which didn’t exist among other things.

    A red flag was raised earlier this month after over 100 vehicles, including luxury models like Range Rovers and Mercedes Benzes were repossessed from the Worthing, Christ Church car rental firm.


  35. Carefull 45 with that handsome stuff with Donna she may go for it ,on the island her nickname was hurricane ………there would be a lot of sucking and blowing and then you would lose your house,

  36. @ James

    I appreciate the sarcasm, but some may be led astray in believing you. Corruption has been a part of politics since the original Athenian democracies and it will be till the end of times.

    @ Donna

    I’m not trying to run anything. I haven’t been hired by anyone and have been reading the blog since early 2008 but only began commenting recently.

  37. Yuck! I think you are mistaking me for your wife. I like chocolate of the dark variety. Scientist agree that it is actually good for you.

  38. “As a member of a minority I take opposition to that wholeheartedly.”

    “Is it three white shites then?”

    Nah…he would be dripping with shit announcing himself as white…..

    …this is one of those who just think they are not black…negroid Indian or middle eastern or some such.

  39. @ WARU

    I feel no need to validate myself to you and your intrinsic racism, but I will tell you for the hell of it that I’m actually mixed race (the product of two minorities in Barbados). If you want to know who qualifies as a minority in this country check a census. Somehow I get the impression Donna’s not going to condemn you for racialism.

    PS Just out of curiosity why would I be prouder to tell you I’m white over telling you I’m Indian or Arab etc.?

  40. @ Donna

    Analogy makes for fascinating analysis if I was going to school and doing Lit but that doesn’t take away its crudeness. Do you assume that because he was attacking you I wouldn’t criticize him for it?

  41. If you had been reading since 2008 you would KNOW as all others here do that the personality thing is the exception rather than the rule for me as well as the ‘crassness.” You would also know that the personal attacks on me are the norm for the likes of Lawson and 45. I will deal with them as I see fit.

    But on the morning of the December 28th I logged on to Nationnews.com and had to blink to clear my eyes. When I opened them I found that the disturbing picture was still there. And the caption – Sir Elliott.! And my heart sank! It did so because I had been hoping against hope that my vote had not been in vain. But with that picture all hope left me.

    And my reaction was visceral!

    It just struck me that the obscenity of the prime minister granting her father a knighthood with such indecent haste was deserving of equal crassness.

    That Mia and her minions cannot acknowledge and understand these feelings which are shared by many but choose to ridicule and attack instead, says to me that I was right in my assessment. YOU HAVE CONFIRMED MY WORST FEARS.

    The servants have become the masters again!

  42. Common

    i was in St Kitts recently and Dougie was asking how Charlie doing down in Bim. i told him he has MAM on the straight and narrow path. no scandals or rumours of scandals. i told him that this is the most corrupt free govt since the 1994-2008 BLP administration. he didnt seem to believe me. but that is Dougie for yuh. BTW Patches said Hi lol

  43. By the way, that call out was lame since you did not mention his name and you kinda paid him a compliment on his analogy. Did you really think I would not notice?


  44. I work, serious work. Serious meetings all day. Don’t have time to waste on noise pickers everyday. You’re also s specialist in 7-day wonders.🤣🤣

  45. @ Enuff

    For me I can’t keep this up so often so I may have to taper off. But the guys need some support against the tsunami that is the disinformstion campaign. Next week they’ll probably nitpick about some other irrelevancy.

  46. Lawson was even worse.

    Irrelevant to whom? The more you post the more the attitude shows. But enough of that. You have been exposed enough. Everyone would have seen your attitude by now. And by extension………

  47. @ Donna

    Do not judge the BLP based on me. I do NOT represent or symbolize the BLP. I am a fiercely independent individual. I treasure that independence so I resent that notion.

    This is the last time I discuss personalities and such trivia.

  48. @ Enuff January 8, 2019 7:52 PM
    “I work, serious work. Serious meetings all day”

    Working and meetings in Barbados?

    Aren’t those two statements in ‘seriously’ oxymoronic contradiction?
    Unless, of course, you see eating sandwiches and sipping beverages as ‘work’ for the digestive system.

    When Bajans can ‘meet’ to clean up their act by getting the garbage and detritus off the streets then we will give you guys a passing grade in basic hygiene.

    How many soldiers with their ‘working’ vehicles does it take to remove 50 Xmas trees when the garbage collecting skips are overflowing at all the seaside spots?

  49. Transparency Watch
    What’s going on with the water Tanks
    Did govt renegotiate the loan with Innotech

    Some of the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) community tanks are mysteriously collapsing putting persons in water-scarce parishes at risk. So far, two areas have been identified where the issue occurred- Pot House, St John and Ginger Works, St Joseph.

  50. We have the opportunity to champion the corruption issue in Barbados yet many see the priority as debating in the first person. And we ask why there is no change. A government will always reflect its people.

  51. —James Greene
    January 8, 2019 7:07 PM

    I stand to be corrected but I dont seem to remember any corruption in Bim before 2008—

    A touch of finesse is absent in your sarcasm even as Barrack tries to figure out what to do with $150 million paid out of poor taxpayers pockets. VECO, Greenland, Hardwood not to overlook the Silver Sands Golden showers the hair braiders and tree limb cutters. Cant remember all that’s why you are referred to the auditor general’s reports 1994 t0 2008

  52. In the Name of Common Sense AKA Charles Jong, Mia Mottley’s spin Doctor come to MISLEAD and FOOL Bajans as the politicians both DLP and BLP love to do.

  53. Unfortunate that the current FRAUDS in parliament CANNOT SEE where their determinedly corrupt intentions ARE LEADING THEM…but it is time KARMA deals with them anyway …so me nah complain….Jong the fraud can’t save them either.

    …..Pacha…finally…we have been saying this for donkeys years …get rid of all things originating from the CRIMINAL COLONIALS in UK…that has obviously in the last 60 years NEGATIVELY IMPACTED the MINDS of the majority black population from the. minute they enter a school compound…right through their lives….

    what I want to know is WHY it took the university types SO LONG to REALIZE….what most of us saw since we were children…


    “The funny thing is that this exam came out of an unjust system. It’s an exam that we inherited from the UK, started through a psychologist called Cyril Burt. He devised this exam basically to separate the sheep from the goat, to ensure that the best students go to top schools and the others somewhere else. Later, Cyril Burt was discredited as being racist. He did not like blacks, did not like Pakistanis and so forth. This exam is really to make sure that the best white persons go to the top schools,” explained Warrican.

  54. @ Vincent 9.49pm

    “You wrote :”When in a hole stop digging”. Pray tell what do you mean by that?”

    Donna found herself in a hole, and as she has amply demonstrated since, has never learned to stop digging poor soul.

  55. @ In The Name Of Common Sense

    “I condemn 45 wholeheartedly for attacking anyone.”

    But I didn’t, did I? Donna came on here with a stupid question from another thread and her naivete got exposed, followed by her innate racism.

  56. So this is telling us that BWA does not have a department that can SOURCE 2000 pound water tanks OUT OF TRINIDAD…although their Chairperson Leodean Worrell IS Tinidadian..,,

    …..why do they need TIEFING Innotech to source water tanks for them from Trinidad…and the BWA gotta pay them 52,000 dollars a month …taxpayer’s money…when they can do the sourcing THEMSELVES…what is happening can only make sense to corrupt FOOLS..


  57. 45 you cant win ….your white……the banshee and harpie have formed a cabal against you and me lol. Waru is so hate filled for whites and anybody above her I can only hope she is married to chuck shumer.
    Donna ” weren’t dismissive when they came to my front door” lol from your posts I think you probably have more people coming to your back door.

  58. “Waru is so hate filled for whites and anybody above her I can only hope she is married to chuck shumer.”

    so what you got against the chuck schumers though…wuh they say I hate them too…..lol..they been saying that for years, just because ah cuss them a few times…

    ALL THIS LOVE I am sharing with everyone PARTICULARLY TO WHITES…and yall call it HATE….must be something in the food or water…

  59. Besides…it has been well noted that when I CUT LOOSE on black people…NOT A FELLA…calls me a racist…everyone just sits in SILENCE and GLOW and GLOAT with satisfaction…like well fed cats…

  60. True stop eating that bajan hot sauce that keeps you spouting fire all the time, get both sides before you fly off the handle. Didnt courts go almost bankrupt in 2004 maybe this vat thing is all part and parcel of keeping it open and keeping people employed. I am sure there is more to the story …there always is …maybe someone has more information on it ..

  61. Lawson, WARU has issues, don’t we all, but I sorta like her style. Donna is just sad, and I see that she has gotten a pass from the blogmaster as usual. You must be right about the bias!

  62. David – your bias is appalling, no matter who attacks me, it is ALWAYS my fault for responsing. Perhaps you should intervene on the initial insult and issue your warnings on an evenhanded basis. Just an idea.

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