We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Fifty two years in the life of a country is short. In the coming days as the 30 of November approaches there will be a commentary about the what we have achieved as a country and the prospects for the future.

For the first time in our history the current state of things on the social and economic fronts appears bleak with the outlook uncertain. As a proud Barbadian it hurts like hell to look up from the hole we- an educated people- have dug for ourselves.

For years we have peered down our nose at Jamaica, Guyana and others in the region given the developmental challenges. As 2018 closes Barbados finds itself close to the bottom of the pile by the majority of measures on the scorecard. It really does hurt like hell.

As a country we boast that people are our most important resource. We have invested billions of the national budget in education since 1966. Instead of following a predictable path – that of becoming increasingly politically polarized – Barbadians have the opportunity to test the value of the investment.

As we continue to thrash about for our economic survival there are signs the social fabric is deteriorating with the appearance of heightened criminal activity and an inability to implement policies to care for the environment to name two strands of the many required to weave a durable social landscape.

Clearly the economic and decision making models we are using lack the utility to sustain a way of life we continue to aspire.  Our lazy dependence on the fickle tourism and international business sectors and borrowing to support conspicuous consumption behaviour breaths life into BERT.

The concern of the blogmaster is the fact our people are locked into a belief that the austere policy initiatives being rolled out by BERT will stabilize the economy and serve as a springboard to usher in another era of milk and honey.  The belief is being stoked by a parasitic class that serves at the pleasure of the political class- political scientists,  yardfowls, media houses compromised by diminishing profits and a lazy academic and business class. The ability of Barbadians to unleash its full potential derived from the huge investment in education has been hijacked by educated Barbadians!

Where do we go from here?

Do we continue to tinker with the existing development model?

Do we have what it will take to introduce a new development model?

After six months of intently observing the roll out of the government’s policies there is growing cynicism by the blogmaster that as a people we lack the capacity to appreciate the perilous state of our affairs and what it will take for ALL stakeholders to contribute to the climb.

Is hope tangible or is it some nebulous pursuit like …



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  1. @T. Inniss, @Whitehill,

    The problem is more serious than people digressing or, as some say, hijacking the topic under discussion. It is a cultural one: when the topic is first posted everyone has an opinion, but once those view are exhausted then people start to stray.
    The alternative is to drop out of the discussion. But, some prefer to say anything than to say nothing. It is education by rote versus a critical education.

  2. @Hal Austin
    The hijacking problem is more fundamental than people straying after exhausting their input on a given topic… the problem is very often that the usual suspects post inflammatory lies about how wonderful life was in Colonial Barbados when Black people knew their place. Sometimes I ignore these racist aggressions and sometimes I take the writers to task and quote them back to themselves in ways that make their evil intentions more clear.

  3. Peter Thompson & Hal Austin

    Agree with you both and the blog moderator needs to do something about it.

    Sometimes there can be a spin off discussion on a topic – but yuh mean every time so and every subject.

    If persons ignore John rose coloured racially prejudiced selective memories along with others who promote the same thing – it would not get so far especially if the blog moderator give a warning first and then act when there is no compliance.

    • Many of you are unable to distill the challenges that face the country further than what is in front of your nose. It hurts like hell.

  4. @whiteHill November 17, 2018 9:12 AM “Another reason I ran is because the guys didn’t appreciate I got a little more pokey than then.”

    You are such a liar.


  5. @PLT, @T. Inniss,

    John is not the only, or main offender. There are others. I find many of John’s contributions about the Quakers very informative. In terms of business history, it is invaluable. @John is often wrong in his analysis, but that is encouraging; it helps for a better debate.
    The real culprits are the abusive, nauseating, ill-informed ones who either try to trivialise every contribution (a form of shield for their enormous ignorance), or sub-consciously peddle the same prejudices as they allege John does. Then they are those who try to tie up discussions with cutting and pasting. The assumption is that they are the only ones capable of Googling.

  6. Lexicon
    November 17, 2018 8:47 AM

    Simple Simon
    “It is a shame that your knowledge of the Hebrew Scripture left much to be desired”
    Read Exodus 21 and you will find out that Biblical Slavery was sanctioned by God:
    Exodus 21: now these are the judgments thou shalt set before them… if thou buy a Hebrew slave/ servant six years he shall served: and in the seventh year he shall go out free for nothing…


    Why don’t you quote the whole verse?

    21 Now these are the judgments which thou shalt set before them.
    2 If thou buy an Hebrew servant, six years he shall serve: and in the seventh he shall go out free for nothing.
    3 If he came in by himself, he shall go out by himself: if he were married, then his wife shall go out with him.
    4 If his master have given him a wife, and she have born him sons or daughters; the wife and her children shall be her master’s, and he shall go out by himself.
    5 And if the servant shall plainly say, I love my master, my wife, and my children; I will not go out free:
    6 Then his master shall bring him unto the judges; he shall also bring him to the door, or unto the door post; and his master shall bore his ear through with an aul; and he shall serve him for ever.

  7. So with so many people being put on the bread line by govt
    Govt now finds it necessary to put vendors out of business plying their small canteen foods outside the premises of school grounds

  8. If persons ignore John rose coloured racially prejudiced selective memories along with others who promote the same thing – it would not get so far especially if the blog moderator give a warning first and then act when there is no compliance.


    I suspect the Blogmaster is searching for something!!

  9. An aul is a tool used to pierce wood. It was not made to pierce human beings. And besides forcibly separating a wife and children from their husband and father is not nice. Not nice at all.

    And I don’t care if the Bible says otherwise.

    i have no need nor any reason to believe every nonsensical thing which is written in the Bible.

    Especially as it seems a lot of that nonsense was written by MEN who were in the habit of fooping their sisters and first cousins.

  10. David, I believe that until we come to terms with our beginnings as a nation and separate fact from fiction we will never be able to move forward as a people. It is a messy process. But even the Bible and ALL its misrepresentations played and continue to play a hefty role in our national psyche. All we need is somebody to tie it all in and make it coherent.

  11. Isn’t all I am saying is the powers that be have hijacked the system of religious instruction that worked for generations … and have replaced it with nothing.

    • @ David BU, I don’t know when the hurting started with you, but with me it started a very long time ago. In a short while the euphoria of living in a nice big ass house wore off, driving around the island on a Sunday wore off, going to excursions in wooden buses wore off, many more simple things wore off, then the reality of life here set in. What wore me out was the fact that supposedly intelligent know it all people could talk about everything else except what pertains to them.

    • @whitehill

      The blogmaster understands the pain well.

      The idiocy of putting party colours above national. In fact the majority of our sheeple lack the ability or capacity to discern national colours over party. This the the deep hole we find ourselves.

  12. Simple Simon
    November 17, 2018 11:06 AM

    An aul is a tool used to pierce wood. It was not made to pierce human beings. And besides forcibly separating a wife and children from their husband and father is not nice. Not nice at all.


    So Lexicon, you would take an aul to a human being?

  13. Donna

    How do we come to terms with our beginning as a nation when all that have been known of us as a people of African descent … have been distorted, misconstrued, and reconstructed to suited a particular worldview or agenda?

  14. John

    What are you accusing me off Sir? Have I stated anyway here that I agreed or supported Biblical Slavery in any form or fashion?

    Slavery …whether Biblical, Chattel, Saharan or Roman … is immoral from any standard of judgment…

  15. @ Simple Simon, I’ll admit that all I lied about was my ability to make apple pie and ice cream, nevertheless, those items will be present if you still want to pop by. Whipped cream is optional, your choice, it will not go to waste. PS, you ever had a bush bath followed by a massage? Shit, I’m sorry, I’m a hijacker.

  16. SS

    Here is my take, probably wrong as I wasn’t there to see!!

    If you try to imagine Biblical times you will realise that the woman was invariably pregnant and like children, in need of protection.

    She was part of a group, possibly of nomads.

    A freed servant after his six years had to set himself up from scratch, form his own group.

    The owner of the woman had responsibilities to the woman and her children and the group.

    If he gives her to the servant as a wife, his responsibility does not stop there.

    The servant doesn’t miraculously start providing single handedly for his wife.

    After six years, the servant has a choice, if he loves his wife that his master gave him and he loves his children AND he loves his master, then he stays.

    If he doesn’t, he is free to go … and strike out on his own.

    If he stays, his ear is pierced as a symbol of his choice.

    An Awl is a tool for making small holes in leather.

    There is actually a logic to the system as it provided protection for the members of the group the owner of the servant led.

    … and the servant, it gives him a chance to decide if he wants to become a member of the group or move on.

  17. So let’s look close to home, CARICOM … Haiti.

    Is the Restavec a slave by a different name?

    “A restavek (or restavec) is a child in Haiti who is sent by his or her parents to work for a host household as a domestic servant because the parents lack the resources required to support the child. The term comes from the French language rester avec, “to stay with”. Parents unable to care for children may send them to live with wealthier (or less poor) families; often their own relatives or friends. Often the children are from rural areas and relatives who host restaveks live in more urban ones. The expectation is that the children will receive food and housing (and sometimes an education) in exchange for doing housework. However, many restaveks live in poverty, may not receive proper education, and are at grave risk for physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. The restavek system is tolerated in Haitian culture, but not considered to be preferable. The practice meets formal international definitions of modern day slavery and child trafficking, and affects an estimated 300,000 Haitian children.[1] The number of CDW (Child Domestic Workers) in Haiti, defined as 1) living away from parents’ home 2) not following normal progression in education 3) working more than other children, is more than 400,000. 25% of Haitian children age 5–17 live away from their biological parents.[2]”

  18. Restavez is what poor desparete people do. In Barbados it is called “Ya look like ya living at ya aunt”

    Not good, being mistreated and overworked.

    Not good.

    Not good at all.

  19. And one of the major reasons it is not good, is that nasty, middled aged MEN, like to “unfair” teenaged girls.

    White MEN do it.

    Black MEN do it.

    Brown MEN do it.

    Christian MEN do it.

    Quaker MEN do it.

    All kinds and colours and religions of nasty middle aged old MEN, especially those whose sexual prowess is in decline like to foop and unfair young girls.

  20. Of what relevance is that, I wonder. Some of you have a tendency that when a woman makes a point you make it personal. I disagreed with making Rihanna prime minister and was told something which amounted to I don’t like Rihanna because she is pretty and it is probably a female thing. Some men did not agree with making Rihanna prime minister. Was that a male thing?

    I said that I support abortion in certain circumstances and I was pursued all over BU with the question – “HOW MANY BABIES HAVE YOU MURDERED?”

    I gave an opinion on Kavanaugh and the alleged attempted rape and I was asked if I had suffered sexual abuse.

    What’s up with that?

  21. whitehill,

    What was the reality of life in the place where you used to live? ( I am assuming that you lived for a long time in another country)

  22. RE Of what relevance is that, I wonder.

  23. Simple Simon

    It was common practiced in the Roman Empire for mature men to married a girl at the age 8 and consummated the marriage at 9 age of age…

  24. Lexicon
    November 17, 2018 2:05 PM

    Simple Simon
    It was common practiced in the Roman Empire for mature men to married a girl at the age 8 and consummated the marriage at 9 age of age…


    Check Mohammad

  25. If your life expectancy was 30 max, is it any wonder people were on fast forward.

    Teen brides …. not necessary now but may have been essential for the survival of the group.

    We can’t sit here and judge when we have no idea what the conditions were in those times.

    What we call slavery now was and sometimes still is a matter of survival.

  26. @Georgie Porgie November 17, 2018 1:41 PM “THAT IS WHAT IS CALLED IN MEDICINE “HISTORY TAKING”

    But you are not my doctor, so you cannot take my history without my consent.

    I have a perfectly good physician. I do not need you. I have never needed you.

  27. Lexicon
    November 17, 2018 2:00 PM

    Simple Simon
    Ask GP how the male testosterone play a role in this male sexual perversion and aggression…


    It seems to be the pheromones released by ovulating females that has a dominant effect on males, not testosterone!!

    The crude saying “old enough to bleed old enough to breed” would not exist if there was no truth in it.

    “Another way to rephrase this is “if she has started getting her period, she is old enough to have sex”. Of course in many cultures, a girl is usually under the age of consent when she begins her period, so the result could be statuory rape. However, the female body begins menstruation earlier than the age of consent because years and years ago, humans did not live long, so it was necessary for the survival of the the species. For example, during the Roman Empire, the average life expectancy was 22 years.

    Pheromones released during ovulation attract males to females who are able to bare children and cause them to become erect and desire intercourse with the ovulating female, so before civilization imposed restrictions on human sexuality, females would become sexually active when the began ovulating. While this is not a justification to have sex with underaged girls, it does explain why human females are able to have children long before society permits them to have sex.”


  28. One must always judge the actions of human beings within the context of the times. Just as one must place the words of the Bible within the context of the times.

  29. Donna
    November 17, 2018 4:50 PM

    Just as one must place the words of the Bible within the context of the times.

    John 3:16 King James Version (KJV)

    16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  30. @ Piece
    ….She first has to create a policy that respects people and their ideas

    She then has to publicly show that she respects people’s ideas through a major act.

    The currency of that act will bring persons who, now having experienced her commitment to equitable processes WILL GIVE HER THE TOOLS TO EFFECT THE CHANGES NEEDED.

  31. Piece, that is a good call, but if the system is in anyway the same, to arrive at that local, then note that after the call for the Cultural and Entertainment Policy, it took 20 years plus and the real “meat” of that policy was elusive.
    By “major act”, surely you are alluding to TOTAL FACILITATION of a valuable idea, Once there is a benefit to Government and offered by the privilege/any academic, chances are it would be a quick grab.. lets hope the average Joe can likewise capitalize.
    Yes…Currency is motivator and at the same time encouraging that will release those “cutting edge ideas” waiting in wings.

  32. discrimination and undesirability surrounding the region’s treatment of persons … same sex preferences respectively, has to come to an end

    ” He stated that “the image of discrimination and undesirability surrounding the region’s treatment of persons with disabilities and same sex preferences respectively, has to come to an end and my policy is that Barbados must lead by example in order to ensure that the change is tangible and that the process of change is expedited.”


  33. @ David,

    You struck a chord when you made this statement…

    …”The relevance of the education system must be appraised based on the well being of our society and our ability to earn our way in the world to satisfy that well being. The adequacy of our education cannot therefore be measured in a linear manner”….

    Certainly, it looks like there is a crystal ball in the room or there is access to the future.
    That statement, for its value, can and must take the route of “knowing thyself” which MUST extend to the classroom. The INDIVIDUAL MUST COME FIRST which expands to build society.

    What MUST the education construct be geared towards, if the appraisal of the system and the MEASUREMENT OF IT be, NOT OF A LINEAR MANNER, and one can also add…. construct?

    Triggers can take one, to paths of revelations. As in my first comment on this thread, it alluded to timelines. The Long Count Calendar of the Mayans ended in 2012, officially culminating LINEAR TIME and its constructs.
    Reflect on the pass four years and determine how systems and governments have been and still being affected.

    What is being said here is that LINEAR TIME has been transitioned into QUANTUM TIME.
    The old energy of linear time has been replaced and is accelerating new energies of Quantum time. I will leave that here for further exploring.


    By QUANTAMIZING EDUCATION.. teaching the ENERGY DYNAMICS of SELF and the environment and beyond.. the who, what, why, the purpose and the goals of the human being, which must also incorporate, consciousness and its roll and power, energetic memory, construct and potential for change….QUANTUM PHYSICS if you may.

    Think beyond the babble.. connect the dots..
    Quantum physics is the new kid on the block. Scientist haven’t yet fully grasp the fundamentals ’cause their approach is linear. Triggers will come to those who resonate to the new energies AND BE GUIDED to advance WORLD CHANGING “revelations” and related knowledge
    “Little children shall teach them”… too, while showing extraordinary attributes, skills and talents.

    THE KEY IS TO GEAR THE EDUCATION SYSTEM IN “ESOTERIC” TEACHINGS and PSYSICS primarily,to create and draw out “better ways” and lightbulb moments from children for the advancement and expansion in the new timeline. One idea will lead to a greater ideas, to innovation which can be harness via special programs..etc etc.

  34. @ Donna

    You totally misunderstood the context of my comments when you said that, and I paraphrase here, you were upbraided for expressing an opinion on not wanting Rihanna as Prime Minister because you grudged her for her prettiness.

    The comment was actually meant to be a compliment and a statement that you are a pretty woman.

    It obviously was a poor compliment which, given its position, and tag per pretty women, caused you to think thusly.

    I apologize for this unintended consequence

    Here is something that I want you to consider about most of my posts.

    Suppose I were to post and say “John King and Patrick Todd are the northern end of a south bound cow” would that be more effective that calling both of them “superlatively incompetent chvunts?”

    Which of these statements would have the greatest effect?

    The Rihanna Campaign got 3500 views cumulatively, 1500 downloads and 2675 “retweets” and while de ole man will not expose any pixel marking practices per IP addresses, what you need to understand is what one is seeking to do by all this.

    One day, Rihanna Fenty WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ROMP AROUND A STAGE because beauty and energy levels will give way to gravity.

    What if, cognisant of this, and confident in her capacities to motivate our nation, she was to lend a hand to break this obviously flailing duopoly?

    Piece’s pieces are not to invite the uninvitable but to speak to the desirable and inevitable.

    In the process the outreach has an “impact” on the lot of incompetents that we not only invited to our homes, but that we voted for and unanimously elected to, represent us for the next 5 years

    The thing that Rihanna has seen is that there are avenues available to her that she never thought of, at her multi million home in California

    And the thing that Mugabe and her 21 imps have seen is that there is a process that they cannot control.

    Mia, UNLESS SHE CHANGES HER MODUS OF OPERATIONS, is an interim government, appointed for a 5 year Term.

    But what is going to happen is that the absolute necessity for the country to have competent alternatives, IS GOING TO DRIVE THE 2023 GENERAL ELECTION.

    You seem at a loss where it comes to believing in creating viable solutions OUT OF NOTHING.

    Why I dont know, because we serve a Living GOD.

    De ole man has no such fears because I know, not think, I KNOW, WHAT WILL BRING ABOUT CHANGE HERE DONNA.

    Let me give you an example Donna.

    Here is a Hidden Stoopid Cartoon current count at 10.30 PM 15 views.


    It is “hidden” so only a select group of BU viewers is seeing it.

    Once it is made public, as of now what happens?

    The Stoopid Cartoon gets wings and gets circulated among visitors and potential visitors all across the world.

    Is this unkind? Noooo


    Well the Mottleyian regime has one option

    It has to rush to do damage control to prove the country’s newspaper articles wrong since this adverse advertising will affect visitor count.

    Are you with de old man here?

    So Mugabe, cant stop de Stoopid Cartoon, nor can Standard & Poors, but she can put the fire under Dale Marshall and the Royal Barbados Police Force’s as% to deal wid de crime stats.

    So when T Inniss says that we are powerless to change our position I know that he is wrong cause de ole man ent tekking down de Stoopid Cartoon till she and she ingrunt Attorney General do someting serious bout all dese shootings.

    You wid me?

    Let us tek back de streets of Barbados from dese gangsters…

  35. @ Donna

    Within 25 seconds of posting the Stoopid Cartoon moved from 15 infernal view to 148.

    The point is that they within the Mottleyian regime are incompetent.

    So long as they each got a 5% salary increase not one of the effers give one badword bout the rest of us.

    So let us see how this one going play out.

    Let us see if de Hollywood gangsters going mek all uh we prisoners or We The People going overcome

  36. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    You said and I quote “…After six months of intently observing the roll out of the government’s policies there is growing cynicism by the blogmaster that as a people we lack the capacity to appreciate the perilous state of our affairs and what it will take for ALL stakeholders to contribute to the climb….”

    When you say that “…is a people we lack the capacity…”

    Are you referring to the electorate and the rest of us OR JUST THE POLITICIANS, specifically the Mugabe regime?

    It is important for you to clarify this Venn set.

    If it is the electorate and the other adult citizenry groups then you seem to intimate that these groups, who are purposely excluded from the decision making process by the Mugabean administration, are still, and incredulously so, responsible for constructing the mechanisms through which they can contribute to the whole.

    You see how your remark is majorly fflawed cause it is Mugabe s group who are doing the excluding

    • As a people is very clear. All groups with the exception of a narrow band of people who will have to be at the vanguard to lead change. The political class is a single grouping in civil society. We always place too much store in this group. A sign of ignorance due to lack of awareness.

  37. http://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/214905/-upgrade


    ….you are in MORE DEBT…the interests payments of which will be enriching others for at least the next 5 years or even longer, thanks to @ 2 CORRUPT governments…over the last 24 years..

    ….let’s hope the known BU mental midget(s) don’t jump out to fool themselves that this is some kinda delusional progress or some financial benefit to the people….and are at least cognizant enough to see this for what it really is and do not further embarrass themselves on the blog..

    …when ya are at the very bottom, the only movement after that is upward..

  38. Am sure, because ya debt load of 6 billion from pre 2008 and 9. billion post 2008 respectively are so high, the IMF feel sorry for THE PEOPLE and gave ya the lowest interest rate , I think somewhere I saw it was 1% or some such, and that is without checking…….yall sunk the people and island into near poverty over the last 24 years, ya just lucky some people in Washington got a heart….and KNOW that it is not the people’s fault but the fault of both corrupt DBLP.

    But those IDB loans and this loan and that loan…wuh ya think, that the interest rates will not add up…think again, it aint falling on yall shoulders exclusively to pay ya know, ya just running around borrowing freestyle…AND..the borrowing ain’t done yet.

  39. Besides…have yall PAID OFF the Credit Suisse loan yet…well have ya???

    Ya think those loans that will end up in international arbitration will not have to be REPAID…with INTEREST…ah told yall mental midgets to stay in ya lanes and don’t embarrass yasvelves.

  40. S&P up grade pronouncement makes a mock stick of the people
    Those people are now surgically being placed on the breadline
    The message emerging from the S&P statement is one goaded to pat govt on the back and lift the spirits of the financial agencies to whom barbados owes money
    An engineered smoke and mirror statement enough to fool the misinformed and guillible

  41. No one is fooled Mariposa…Mia thinks she could fool people into believing she is some kinda saviour, while continuing to borrow money in the people’s name, people who know she would have had to BORROW LESS MONEY if she would recover all the money that was stolen by her friends and minority masters…and instead MADE SURE that JUSTICE is served in the people’s name instead of more LOANS in the people’s name.

    That is what we are trying to prevent her mental midgets from getting on the blog and pampalaming themselves…they can’t pampalam when the TRUTH emerges before they can engage their limited brains.

  42. Piuece,

    Which gangsters? You mean the ignorant poor boys running around with guns shooting mostly one another or the educated rich ones that give them the guns and send them out on the streets to shoot one another? How about the white collar criminals that siphon off the people’s money into their pockets and thereby drain the populace of the hope for a better future? How about the politicians that run things strictly to suit themselves and their cronies?

    Which came first – the chicken or the egg?

  43. Agree with you David that we the people are not active enough in our democracy. There is a part for us to play and we are not playing it. We are to be aware and put pressure on the powers that be to do what is in the interests of the masses. Also there is much that we can do outside of the political process to rearrange things if we would just support each other instead of acting like crabs in the proverbial barrel. No one individual can effect this change but together as a movement……….

    But alas, we just want to live in a house bigger than our neighbours, drive a fancier car and take more trips overseas even if we cannot afford them. This is how we define our success. Such a limited view the average Bajan has – truly pathetic.

  44. What is working against Mia right now is they are people who can actually map out their next moves, it would not even be possible if they had not ALL been so corrupt for so long…

    ….AND….more bloggers + non bloggers + the majority population who ELECTED Mia and her gang who are still looking to maintain their SLEAZY friends in the business community and minority thieves like Cow, Bizzy et al..at the people’s expense..

    ….the majority population have to and need to get more actively involved in DEMANDING they stop the corruption and thefts of taxpayers and pensioners money…..or bring it to the attention of the agencies who deal with these human rights violations…of government ministers stealing from populations and stagnating economies for personal gain.

    Take it to another level…it cannot continue…a population cannot afford to maintain thieves and criminals in the parliament and in the business community indefinitely.

  45. For the sake of CLARITY..

    Take it to another level…it cannot continue…a population cannot afford to maintain thieves, PARASITES and criminals in the parliament and in the business community indefinitely.

  46. It’s good to learn from the mistakes of others…so…let’s see what austerity is doing to vulnerable UK people..

    The “digital welfare state” reference reminds me of Mia’s and Rawdone’s and Abed’s/Overstock’s mMoney/Bitt/Bittcoin scam.

    Key points from UN envoy’s report on poverty in Britain
    Summary of Philip Alston’s report which says austerity has inflicted misery on UK citizens

    Patrick Butler and Robert Booth

    Fri 16 Nov 2018 16.50 GMT Last modified on Fri 16 Nov 2018 18.55 GMT

    Philip Alston during his visit to the citizens’ advice office in Newcastle last week. Photograph: Christopher Thomond/Guardian

    The UK government is in a state of denial about the impact of austerity policies on the poor, UN rapporteur Philip Alston’s hard-hitting report on poverty, concluded. Here are some of the main points.

    Alston was critical of the “mentality” behind cuts and reforms introduced in the past few years that have brought misery and torn at the social fabric. “British compassion for those who are suffering has been replaced by a punitive, mean-spirited and callous approach …”

    Universal credit
    The government’s ambitious programme to simplify the benefits system was a good idea in principle but was “fast falling into universal discredit” and should be overhauled. It was gratuitously punitive in its effects. Draconian sanctions and long payment delays drove claimants into hardship, depression and despair.

    The most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of society will take the biggest hit from Brexit, Alston said. People felt their homes, jobs and communities were at risk. “Ironically it was these very fears and insecurity that contributed significantly to the Brexit vote.”

    Who suffers?
    “Changes to taxes and benefits have taken the highest toll on those least able to bear it,” said Alston, with the costs of austerity falling disproportionately on the poor, women, ethnic minorities, children, single parents, asylum seekers and people with disabilities.

    Holes in the social safety net
    Massive cuts to council funding, alongside big rises in demand for social care, had reduced many local authorities to providing basic services only, and had heralded the closure of libraries, parks and youth clubs. This was “damaging the fabric” of British society and eroding its sense of community.

    Alston said the UK government had told him the social support system was working and there was no extreme poverty in the UK. But the individual testimonies he received during his visit told a different story. “There is a striking and almost complete disconnect between what I heard from the government and what I consistently heard from many people directly, across the country.”

    A digital welfare state

    The government’s embrace of digital technology and automation was especially visible in universal credit, where the digital-by-default approach excluded people with no internet access or skills. “We are witnessing the gradual disappearance of the postwar British welfare state behind a webpage and an algorithm,” Alston said….

  47. Argentina is a useless country, small vulnerable islands like Barbados would do well to stay the hell away from them when they slither into the Caribbean sniffing around….like they have been doing in Barbados recently.

    “In June, the IMF agreed a standby credit arrangement of $50 billion with Argentina, the largest in the Fund’s history. $15 billion would be drawn immediately and the remainder would be made available as needed over the next three years. Half of the $15 billion would be used for government budget support.

    But it quickly became apparent that, enormous though this financing agreement was, it would be nowhere near enough. In September, as the peso crashed and Argentina stared default in the face, the IMF hastily agreed to front-load the credit arrangement, so that the Argentine government could immediately draw an additional $13.4 billion (making a total of $28.4 billion). A further $22.8 billion would be drawn in 2019 and $5.9 billion in 2020-21.

    This is no longer a “standby” arrangement. It is a full financing agreement. Argentina has now become dependent on IMF funding – and the IMF has committed to lend by far the largest amount of money in its history.”

  48. WARU
    November 18, 2018 7:00 AM

    ….you are in MORE DEBT…the interests payments of which will be enriching others for at least the next 5 years or even longer, thanks to @ 2 CORRUPT governments…over the last 24 years..


    I read it differently.

    You have retired two laws which allow us to see exactly who is doing what.

    Good doggy!!!

    Now, heel!!

    Here is a bone doggy!!

    Good doggy.

  49. Donna

    No one individual can effect this change … not true…

    A thousand miles starts with one step, so it only takes one man or woman to arouse the collective conscience of the nation, and motivate it into action…
    the pages of history bear witness to this fact …

  50. “You have retired two laws which allow us to see exactly who is doing what.”

    Actually, you have to KNOW..you will not see when they get around their round tables and plan and plot to STEAL FROM THE PEOPLE…the Cattlewash Crooks, as you well know, and have been in on their tiefing plans are a prime example..

    …you have to KNOW and call them out on it accordingly, they ALL HATE the spotlight shining on them.

    The defamation law also needs to be repealed, they been hiding and committing crimes using these laws for decades.

  51. @ WARU at 11:28 AM
    @ WARU at 11 :37 AM

    Right on the ball. High – jacked indeed. What is the difference between the IMF printing money and the GoB printing money ? A Standard and Poor’s Upgrade. LOL!!!

    • @Vincent

      The narrative is familiar to what the Greek and Jamaicans were/have been opining about a similar state of the economy?

  52. VC – one is printing real money in a currency that is appreciating and that actually has to be repaid. devalue, take the hard hit for the mistakes of the past, and grow. this death by a thousands stabs is going to be worse.

  53. @ nine of nine

    “Think beyond the babble ;connect the dots.” Trying to brother. But the babble getting real loud. Do you have a pair of ear muffs to lend?

  54. S&P thinks people are idiots throws govt a bone
    Govt in turn throws that bone in the public domain
    The people in turn sings Glory Hallelujah
    But what is missing in the up grade is the long-term negative effects which translate into pain and suffering and not dollars and cents for the people

  55. Lexicon,

    One person can start the change but he or she cannot finish it alone. You always seem to latch on to the minutiae in an effort to correct people. MOST IRRITATING!

    You will excuse me, I hope, if I ignore your distractions in the future. Do not take it personally. I promise to re-engage when you offer something of substance.

  56. These psychological games these ranting agencies played between govt and people need to be flushed out for what they really are
    Juck yard salesmen happiily touting their wares while they run away with the people’s pie

  57. WARU,

    I don’t think we needed that report to tell us what we already knew, did we? They are going about it all the wrong way and the ignorant poor people are voting against their own interests. It is happening EVERYWHERE. People haven’t a clue who the real enemy is.

  58. “People haven’t a clue who the real enemy is”

    And that is what has kept people in poverty at least for the last 70 years in UK and will end up killing generations of them…they do not know who their enemies are…

    Same can be said for people Barbados and the Caribbean, they place their enemies on pedestals, give them titles and always get left in poverty and robbed blind.

  59. BJNY

    But look where the bones have began to fall
    So far havent seen any in my back yard
    As a matter of fact my pockets are becoming bone dried

  60. BJNY

    But look where the bones have began to fall
    So far havent seen any in my back yard
    As a matter of fact my pockets are becoming bone dried

  61. The Salemites in total melt down due to S&P’s upgrade.Those bond holders that are 60 and over getting an initial payment of $20,000 starting from tomorrow? I gine just sit back and sip my tea and watch the Salemites struggle to form a narrative. #staymad

  62. Enuff baloney
    The only meltdown occuring is the meltdown of the bajan savings account to help pay govt debt
    Btw how many times has govt changed bonds agremnent to local investors when it came closing time to pay

  63. “Those bond holders that are 60 and over getting an initial payment of $20,000 starting from tomorrow?”

    Really…you frauds got that type of nerve…so yardfowl is saying the pensioners will get their money, not even a quarter that is owed to them..tomorrow…while a minister said they will get it LAST FRIDAY…and someone is supposed to take you ignoramuses and filthy liars seriously…yeah drink ya tea…Mia is signing another loan as I type.

  64. Enuff will let u know when i get mine
    In meanwhile don’t hold yuh breathe
    Would hate to know u are a casualty of BERT

  65. Cant belive the nerve of Mia plunging Barbados into more debt after stealing retirees saving and openly stating past govt increased the debt
    What a bonefaced to bit liar

  66. Enuff miss this part….
    “The next BDS$200,000 will be converted into a bond which will deliver 42 equal monthly payments of the principal, beginning April 30, 2019. Any remaining balance over $250,000, will be paid with interest over the remaining 11 years,” he explained.

    I think he should start crowing when people actually get their money back
    “A promise is comfort for a fool” and people are not foolish

  67. Enuff 68 is a nuisance and disgrace, a useless yardfowl who can’t even get the information straight…. he thinks people are too stupid to see the FRAUD involved..

    Let them sit there and think Donville is the only one who will be outfitted for metal accessories…goddanm thieves and money launderers….

  68. I missed nothing!! I said INITIAL, not ALL, but initial. I also saw that a further $30,000 will be paid next year, but I didn’t mention that because I was focusing on the $20,000 which few weeks ago was not on offer. So from $0 to $50,000 in a couple of months!! I repeat, some of you are just determined to criticise EVERY RH. In Greece, people’s savings were taken–savings. We are talking investments here, and although government paper is considered one of the safest investments it still carries risk. The problem is that a serious economic and potentially social issue is being trivialised along the lines of rabid political partisanship, egofowlism and plain igrunce. A jackass that did not know the difference between a candidate and an MP, cuts and pastes and struggles to comprehend what she reads and write (with yardfowl, thiefs and black slaves as her default defense when cornered) and another one Redwashed in May, who I don’t even waste my time on.#staymad

  69. Ya fraud…those pensioners 60 years and OVER should have had ALL their money back since last month as was the ORIGINAL AGREEMENT…yall are thieves who are deliberately creating unnecessary POVERTY and DEBT on the island instead of going after ya fellow thieves in DLP and in the thieving minority community to RECOVER THE MILLONS THEY ALL STOLE FROM THE PEOPLE in the last 10 years…instead yall are trying to create conditions to TIEF MORE…..but time is longer than twine…

    Yall should try touching the people’s savings next, ya love to copy every negative shit ya see in failing countries and practicing it on ya own people but ya will bite off more than ya can chew…soon come,

    Yeah Donna…we could have told the UN inspector that is what he would have found in UK…

    “Tories have DELIBERATELY increased poverty in the UK, according to UN inspector

    Professor Philip Alston: He came to his conclusions by listening to people affected by Conservative policies on the poor, sick and disabled. Tories implemented those policies by ignoring the very same people – and now they have vowed to ignore Professor Alston.

    The United Nations’ special rapporteur on poverty, Philip Alston, has said he believes the UK’s Conservative government deliberately increased poverty in the country, for ideological reasons.

    He said the harm done to the poorest and most vulnerable could be reversed with very little investment; all that is needed is the political will. Sadly, we all know that a change of government will be required to achieve this.

    The Tories themselves confirmed this, by stating that they do not recognise the findings of Professor Alston’s report. Clearly they will not act upon those findings either.”

  70. Enuff in Wonderland….taxpayers wasted EVERY DIME they spent attempting to educate you…

    “Prime Minister Mottley expressed her gratitude to President Moreno as well as the senior management and staff of the Inter-American Development Bank for the short turnaround time for approving and signing the SDL, noting that this agreement was one of several indications that Barbados was heading in the right direction as it seeks to address its economic challenges. In addition, PM Mottley emphasized that the IDB will continue to support Barbados’ development in a range of sectors, noting, “Without prejudice to this loan of budgetary support, there are a number of other loans that we are currently discussing and working on, as well as seeking to increase the pace of execution on the existing loans.”

    The SDL is funded from the IDB’s Ordinary Capital, and will disburse in a single tranche within one year, with a grace period of 3 years, and an interest rate based on LIBOR. The executing agency will be Barbados Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs and Investment (MOFEI)”

  71. Wuhloss…look Enuff 68…look whose criminal proceeds sitting in the banks from ripping off policyholders, the pension fund, the treasury, trafficking guns and drugs and laundering money yall should seize in the banks…AND get back the people’s money…

    …..and don’t forget to SEIZE ALL of Leroy Parris’ and Peter Harris’ and all the other known thieves involved stolen multi million dollar bank accounts….Mia’s friends….

    ….AND what about Mia and her family setting a good example and returnimg all their offshore accounts BACK TO BARBADOS….and get all they fellow tax evaders to return the offshore money to the island too…instead of sinking the people into FURTHER DEBT every other week.

    Mia, you should have told that white man to take his US$100million LOAN and stuff it where the Sun dont shine.

    We should be earning US$100million from Bajan exports, you dont have to pay that back Mia.

    What about the billions of Dollars sitting in Banks in Broad Street belonging to WHITE BAJANS and INDIAN MUSLIMS??? Are they not going to use that money to help Barbados. Or is the burden going to fall on the shoulders of BLACK BAJANS ALONE??”

  72. That is the result of two corrupt governments who spent the last 3 decades being OVERLY CORRUPT friends and playmates, while they and their mindless yardfowls made a career of SABOTAGING THE MAJORITY POPULATION.and each other …as a bloodsport….but now the shit has turned REAL…..real life instead of fantasy sport to self promote and self enrich.

  73. Mia Mottley is going down the exact same playbook as Donald Trump.

    When things are good and praises are coming – she takes the praises,however;

    When things are crashing and failing and criticisms start – then she passes on the blame elsewhere.

    Imagine Mia Mottley is blaming the muck up going on with the lay-offs in the civil service as ‘SABOTAGE’.



    Perhaps the honourable Prime Minister understands well – the strategy of using people within the civil service to undermine and destabalise a government.


    But back then Freundel could not pass the buck and say – it is not me – it is sabotage – motley would have with the assistance of the compliant media – cried shame on Stuart – as being a ‘sleeping Giant’ – and not being able to lead.Not so ?

    If you are a leader Mia ‘I’VE GOT THIS’ Mottley – then you lead from in front.You don’t go and call a National press conference with your journalist of choice – Judas Ellis’ – and announce that everyone terminated will leave with a package in their hands on the same day – because you are so sympathetic because you know it will be a difficult thing – and then you don’t put things in place to ensure that it happens.

    These lay offs have been going on for the last 8 – 10 weeks – and yet Mia does not see the need to directly get involve – yet she can be found micro managing the ministries of the other Ministers – like making sure Carol Roberts – get that position at the NCF, or that Selma Husbands – get in as Deputy Permanent Secretary, or calling back the experienced team who went to buy Sanitation Trucks – Trevor Prescod told us that he had nothing to do with that !

    But you know every 3 days now she is on a flight to a different country.Boy what short memories the critics have huh.

    Yet Mia now hiding under the excuse of sabotage – without bringing one jot of evidence. ha ha !

    Hard ears wunna won’t hear – Hard ears wunna will feel !

  74. “(with yardfowl, thiefs and black slaves as her default defense when cornered)”

    When it has finally sunk in that both useless selfserving BLACK GOVERNMENTS…since pre independence…created AND MAINTAINED a helpless slave society, social enslavement of MAJORITY BLACK PEOPLE ….so they can run their tiefing scams against their own people…I will not have to keep reminding yardfowls that Barbados is STILL A SLAVE SOCIETY…one in which the lowlife government ministers and lawyers should go to prison for violating nearly 3 generations of their OWN people’s HUMAN RIGHTS.

  75. I want to remind Mia of what the Communications direct of the BWA spoke about at the Sewage Plant in Bay Street where the night after that plant was fixed – then it was destroyed late the next night.

    Sabotage – it was stated by the BWA.

    Transport Board under the last administration also alleged – SABOTAGE – with their buses

    Remember every project the government tried to get on board – was resisted by the other co-conspirators acting on behalf of their party : BRA,HYATT,SAM LORDS HOTEL ETC



    See what happened with the Online tax – 3 times they tried to introduce it and 3 times they had to withdraw it

    See what happened in the Ministry of health’s policy of late openings of some polyclinics – they gave a date to start – then had to pull it

    What about what happened at Dugid’s ministry of Transport

    Can you ascribe sabotage to all of that too ?

  76. Enuff,

    I helped to vote out the DLP and put in the BLP. Am I a Salemite or naysayer? Yet I have questions and concerns. They are legitimate. Your attitude does not help me any.

  77. Thank you,thank you,thank you Bishop Joe Artherly

    Hold em Joe,Hold em Joe,hold em Joe and don’t let she go.

    Once again Bishop Joe Artherley suck it to Mia saying – what sabotage what !

    If you are prepared to cry sabotage – then be prepared to bring the evidence.

    He warned her you can’t be prepared to take the praises when the going gets good – but when yuh do crap – you want to blame everybody else.

    You hold em Joe and don’t let she go.

    She eat soldier man food,then she got to tek soldier man lashes. Wuhloss.

  78. TInnis
    Where’s the evidence that you promised to support your claim ghat Corey Lane is to head a government unit?🖐🏾

  79. You get in dey and talk Joe.Talk in de house tomorrow;

    Talk in de newspapers

    Talk on dem call- in shows

    Send out our brother Cassie to talk too

    This lay -off plan is the most mucked up process by a government that I have seen in a long time.

    Joe Artherly said that they are using last in first out when it suits them – and first in first out when its convenient – all in an attempt to get rid of all the dems.

    But karma is a b * i * tch yuh hear .

  80. I am talking about Mia and she lies enuff.Deal with that right now !

    This government is like a pack of cards.

    I hope yuh still keep yuh government job by next year enuff lollllll.

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