We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Fifty two years in the life of a country is short. In the coming days as the 30 of November approaches there will be a commentary about the what we have achieved as a country and the prospects for the future.

For the first time in our history the current state of things on the social and economic fronts appears bleak with the outlook uncertain. As a proud Barbadian it hurts like hell to look up from the hole we- an educated people- have dug for ourselves.

For years we have peered down our nose at Jamaica, Guyana and others in the region given the developmental challenges. As 2018 closes Barbados finds itself close to the bottom of the pile by the majority of measures on the scorecard. It really does hurt like hell.

As a country we boast that people are our most important resource. We have invested billions of the national budget in education since 1966. Instead of following a predictable path – that of becoming increasingly politically polarized – Barbadians have the opportunity to test the value of the investment.

As we continue to thrash about for our economic survival there are signs the social fabric is deteriorating with the appearance of heightened criminal activity and an inability to implement policies to care for the environment to name two strands of the many required to weave a durable social landscape.

Clearly the economic and decision making models we are using lack the utility to sustain a way of life we continue to aspire.  Our lazy dependence on the fickle tourism and international business sectors and borrowing to support conspicuous consumption behaviour breaths life into BERT.

The concern of the blogmaster is the fact our people are locked into a belief that the austere policy initiatives being rolled out by BERT will stabilize the economy and serve as a springboard to usher in another era of milk and honey.  The belief is being stoked by a parasitic class that serves at the pleasure of the political class- political scientists,  yardfowls, media houses compromised by diminishing profits and a lazy academic and business class. The ability of Barbadians to unleash its full potential derived from the huge investment in education has been hijacked by educated Barbadians!

Where do we go from here?

Do we continue to tinker with the existing development model?

Do we have what it will take to introduce a new development model?

After six months of intently observing the roll out of the government’s policies there is growing cynicism by the blogmaster that as a people we lack the capacity to appreciate the perilous state of our affairs and what it will take for ALL stakeholders to contribute to the climb.

Is hope tangible or is it some nebulous pursuit like …



350 thoughts on “Hijacked!

  1. Talk in de house tomorrow;

    Talk in de newspapers

    Talk on dem call- in shows


  2. The ministers enjoying their perks while working class bajans being put on the breadline with nothing to look forward to at xmas.

    But don’t worry Mia cares hahahahah

    They enjoying their big dollar fee per diem allowances,their business class travel,their entertainment and their travel allowance as well as their Duty Allowance.

    Kerry symmonds in London or just returned and before that Miami

    Sandra Husbands was just in Guyana

    Mia went to Haiti,Miami,Jamaica,Surinam – you name it

    Marsha caddle off to London,Paris and Dubai

    Dwight Sunderland to go to China

    Remember when according to Mottley Freundel and he ministers were travelling too much – and even former “independent senator ” and Nation columnist Frances Chandler was berating Stuart and writing about how he wants to go to the last Commonwealth meeting – because he wanted to meet the queen since it would be her last he he he.

    The man did not even go to that and it seems the arrangement always was for Maxine mcclean to attend.

    You see how Mia and her team spitting in your face and telling you its rain ?

  3. Marsha Caddle says she is going to drum up business – would we get a report of what business she drummed up on her return ?

    Would we find out if our tax payers money was well spent sending Sunderland to China, Kerrie to London & Miami and Mia to Surinam.

    All I can see on that Surinam trip is Mia dress up like a fisher woman and a folk dancer rubbing up on she belly. Lord help us.

    I know Mia likes cultural things and I have no problem with that – but she has to respect the office she holds and don’t mek sheself look like a mock stick.Steupes.

  4. Yardfowl Enuff is talking about credibility…what a laugh, while we get to point out what lack of credibility in a government looks like every day.

  5. The Barbados Labour Party Government will today seek a supplemental from the Consolidated Fund in excess of $212 million, the majority of which is slated for some of the country’s cash-strapped statutory organisations.

    • @Hants

      It seems the plan by government is to implement fees across the board and ask those who can’t afford to apply for waiver/relief. This maybe a useful way to go. The challenge will be to ensure the application and approval process is transparent and fair.

  6. And those forms can be downloaded online and submitted by email. Hopefully, filling out forms online will be next. #smartgovernment#y’allmadstaymad

  7. Ah don’t think that Caddle trip to UK is turning out to be such a good idea after all.

    Mia needs to think first before cutting loose with wild ideas…like telling bajans they are invited to go farm in Suriname…an island whose first language is DUTCH….especially when Barbados has land and should be GIVING that land to it’s majority population…just like Suriname does..


  8. WARU

    You clearly have never been to Suriname……I guess Automotive Art should have never set up shop in Suriname. Secondly, you should stay far away from matters involving economic geography and integration. Stick to cutting, pasting, yardfowling people and confusing candidates for MPs. lmao

    • The idea of expanding the market, trade space, opportunities for Bajans make since. We cannot limit our future to the rock. These are different times and will require bold initiatives.

  9. lol…how do you know I never been to Suriname…never said I never been there, I obviously know more about Surinam than both YOU and Mia…or she would not return to Barbados talking that shite..as if people are fools…many Bajans go shopping in Surinam…they know what time it is..

    Automotive Art…set up in enough countries, there was a market, they made use of the niche…by the way, is that not the same dude with business in Europe and North America that spoke about the corruption re government ministers and local business people…in Barbados…???

  10. I have been too!! And you don’t know that English is spoken all bout Suriname? So because their first language is Dutch, Bajans shouldn’t invest? Name dropping? Get thee behind me Salemite!

  11. @Waru,
    Barbados is a compact island with a relative “marquee” image. I have always stated that there are many high rollers both inside and outside of Barbados who would like to see the country become a high end luxury island. The majority of resident bajans are not from the wealthy class and are an impediment to the country becoming an island of luxury and wealth.

    The previous administration did their best to demoralise their people whilst Mia’s mob have tightened the noose by raising all sorts of tax increases.

    And in walks Suriname with an offer to the down trodden bajan to a piece of land in some far flung remote place.

    This government has no interest in bringing comfort to its people. It is hell bent on changing the demographics of the island. Mia and her backers are playing the long game and they are killing the masses slowly.

    Don’t be surprised if the UAE starts a recruitment campaign for Bajan domestic servants.

    Join up the dots people.

  12. @TLSN,

    You got it in on. Demographics is the name of the game. When the New Barbadians have economies of scale they will strike. Traditional Bajans won’t know what has hit them.
    Our open-handed welcome embeds the seeds of our own destruction. I have seen areas of London that have been transformed beyond recognition by groups that arrived in the UK in large numbers mass only two decades ago..
    Those groups having six, seven and eight children now, in 25 years time will be making demands on the system. Watch out. It will all end in tears.
    That is why traditional black and white Bajans MUST work together. The chairman may call this xenophobia now, in 20 years when they are competing with his kids he will have another story.

  13. Enuff, you are entitled to your opinions.

    Hal, take a look at Richard Branson’s Necker Island in the Caribbean, it is particularly that model that I’m referring to where money is no objection.

    The lesser Antilles are all small islands. Those with money will not want to share the island with the poor or humble middle classes.

    Neither will they be encouraging mass immigration. It will be a simple case of recruiting lone workers without their families.

    Enuff, cannot see the bigger picture. Why do you think they are looking at constructing an offshore island.

  14. “This government has no interest in bringing comfort to its people. It is hell bent on changing the demographics of the island. Mia and her backers are playing the long game and they are killing the masses slowly.”

    And they are actually telling themselves that no one can see this.

  15. “Did you notice that ALL documentation IS IN DUTCH???”

    WDF else it would be in, Yiddish? The ignorance is stifling.

  16. Do you SPEAK DUTCH…how many bajans you know speak dutch.

    …..how bout when Mia sends bajans down to Suriname to FARM…will they be speaking DUTCH THEN.

    English is spoken…but NOT FLUENTLY.

    My family said only yesterday they are only now planning to teach english as a second language in Suriname schools….I have no intentions of spelling this out for you…ah gave ya enough hints.

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