The Grenville Phillips Column – Cowards of the Highest Order

Some soldiers are so terrified of the horrors of war, that they intentionally harm themselves so that they can be transported away from the battlefield and receive priority medical treatment.  I am very sympathetic to soldiers who have been prematurely deployed to the battlefield.  A properly trained soldier has accepted the responsibility of defending citizens, which may require the ultimate sacrifice of death.

The Government encouraged us to prepare for our old-age by making National Insurance Scheme (NIS) contributions and investing in pension plans.  We were told that we could confidently invest in our future this way because the NIS Board consisted of eminently qualified persons.

The NIS Board has one main responsibility, which is to protect the money that should be paid to us in our old-age.  The NIS Board decided to lend our money to the Government.  The Government had difficulty in repaying what was owed to us.  As lender acting on our behalf, the NIS Board could easily have allowed the Government to repay our money over a longer repayment period, given the state of the national economy.  That would be acting in both our interests and the Government’s.

Shockingly, our eminent NIS Board members voted to allow the Government never to repay approximately $800M of our money.  What could have possessed them to harm us like this?

If they were intimidated by having their families threatened, then I could understand why they appeared to betray us.  However, once they were forced to vote against our best interests, they should have resigned.  If they are already compromised, then why are they loitering on the NIS Board pretending to represent our interests?

The Banks managing our pension plans knew that voting against our interests would harm us financially, but they did it anyway.  However, unlike the NIS Board members who may be subject to intimidation, all of our banks are foreign owned.  What possible reason could they offer for acting so cowardly?

Their decision to vote against our best interests means that they also voted against theirs.  Why would they do something so lunatic?  How can that level of cowardice inspire any confidence in their banks?  Why would anyone want to deposit money in cowardly banks who chose not to fight for depositors or themselves?

The banks are now recouping their losses by greedily charging us higher banking fees, but none of that money goes to our pension funds.  Based on their politically partisan behaviour during the last general election, the only rational reason for their decision to harm us financially, appears to be that they are still politically compromised.

The NIS Board and Barbados based banks would not have had to make the decision to financially harm us if the BLP administration had the courage to fight for us, rather than critically wounding us by defaulting on foreign loans.

Once the BLP administration had economically ruined us, they rushed us to the IMF, who made a quick decision to operate.  Now they have the gall to boast about how fast they got the doctor to see us – after they figuratively shot us in the gut.  Are they serious?

The politically compromised radio and newspapers have lost all journalistic integrity as they defend every irresponsible action of the BLP administration as brave and caring.  Are they mad?  What is so brave about defaulting on a loan?  Any idiot can do that.  It takes courage, creativity and perseverance to make those payments, especially after losing your job.

What is so brave and caring about laying-off people.  Any simpleton can do that.  It takes intelligence to properly manage people to be productive, and there seems to be none of that in BERT.  What is so brave and caring about raising taxes.  The most incompetent among us can easily do the same.  It takes bravery to lower taxes, and intelligence to provide an enabling economic environment where low-taxed persons can thrive.

Unfortunately, BERT’s demonstrated incompetence appears to be just the start of things to come.  Despite being fully aware that there are non-austerity alternatives to their severe austerity plan, BERT refuses to consider any of them.  That would normally be front-page news of a media outlet committed to truthfully informing the public.  But not our news media who appear to shamelessly play the role of propaganda-arm of the BLP administration.

Our sycophant news media refuse to report on any non-austerity plan, including Solutions Barbados’.  Instead, they continue to mislead the public that the mass suffering of Barbadians is the necessary and only solution. They are dead wrong and cowards of the highest order.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at


  • Quiet an interesting article by Grenville seeing that the Mia government picked up one of the crooked former directors of the Clico thefts of policyholders money, one Leslie Haynes and placed him in a position on the NIS board to rip off the Pensioners ànd the Fund…all over again….all the while still ripping off the deceased and living victims of the Clico fraud/theft…denying them AND their beneficiaries what is rightfully theirs.

    “The NIS Board has one main responsibility, which is to protect the money that should be paid to us in our old age. The NIS Board decided to lend our money to the Government. The Government had difficulty in repaying what was owed to us. As lender acting on our behalf, the NIS Board could easily have allowed the Government to repay our money over a longer repayment period, given the state of the national economy. That would be acting in both our interests and the Government’s.

    Shockingly, our eminent NIS Board members voted to allow the Government never to repay approximately $800m of our money. What could have possessed them to harm us like this?”


  • This is not directed at the current government but to government in general. You enacted legislation making it compulsory for funds to be extracted from the pay packets of ALL citizens to be paid to the government with the understanding that it would be deposited with the NIS. You then ”borrowed the money intended for our pensions without our permission and now find yourself unable to repay that ”loan”. Why should we continue to contribute to this governmental ”lucky dip”? Maybe the time has come for workers to become militant and refuse further contribution to this fund until some agreement can be arrived at whereby repayment is arranged and further pillage be prevented by law. Would you continue to pay insurance premiums to an insurance company that mismanaged your retirement funds? Would government allow a ”leper” to continue managing an insurance company that could not honor the commitment it made to its clients? (OK, forget that last one).

    Further, like sheep to the slaughter, we have handed over water rate increase after water rate increase going back to the time of Thompson, and each time with an airy-fairy promise of improved service delivery. What have we received thus far? Which other business besides government, can jack up the price of a product because it intends to improve quality, delivery, and service?

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  • Grenville

    You are getting better and better every publication and this article shows the fire that has been lit in your belly.

    Forget nice – we need warriors urgently who would defend this defenceless and shell shocked,gutted public who (a lot of them ) put their trust in Mia who said ‘ SHE CARES’ and then stabbed them in their backs – while hiding the knife and saying :”It ain’t me – it is that man that just left here”.

    The media, in particular the Nation newspaper and VOB will go down in barbadian history as the most complicit and vulgar in their collaboration with the BLP – WHILE AT THE SAME TIME BEING openly hostile to the government in power .Every day opinions were slanted in print and on the airwaves to directly manipulate public viewpoints to paint as angelic Mia Mottley and her opposition party – at a time when there needed to be proper scrutiny of all the political parties that were offering themselves up for election.

    Not a negative headline,not a negative word – the pushing of this sense of frustration and hysteria – in all corners of Barbados – which TO THIS DAY IS STILL GOING ON IN THESE 2 MEDIA HOUSES.


    .David Ellis will go down in history as someone who instead of ending his professional days with some glory and recognition that at least he had gotten to the pinnacle of his organization (as far it seems as he could get) – instead he has robed himself with dishonour and shame.Sad for a man who held such potential.

    Every single one of his chattering group ON RADIO played a distinct, nefarious role in ensuring Mia got to where she is and that none of her projections,policies,past actions – nothing was measured against Lynette Eastmond for example or Grenville phillips – or moreso the DLP.

    It was attack,attack,attack the DLP – and ignore Grenville and Lynette or when invited treat their contributions as laughable.

    Even now Lynette nor Grenville have not been asked to be part of any discussions – to present an alternative view – (although ryan Straughn,marsha caddle and the blp point persons seem to be permanent fixtures) – yet every day as pensioners,working families,members of the shrinking middle class complain – Ellis and ALL his moderators hastily quite them by asserting that what do you want – think of the country – its either hard times or devaluation”

    The 30 buses that were to come in 3 months are still not here – so workers still getting to work and home late;

    The 30 Sanitation trucks that were to come in 3 months – still not here – so the garbage still piling up all over the country

    The South Coast sewage system that was supposed to be fixed – still smelling stink and now Worthing beach is closed – as the new Tourist season approaches – and the shite is being pumped in the Swamp – and near Worthing Post office – the raw sewage seems to be bubbling up again

    Hotel owners are closing up because of the stench – but we are not hearing about that every day – because – well yuh know – Mia is now in charge – so that is not convenient.

    Have you heard any criticism of the government about how they mishandle the poor pensioners or retirees who bought government paper ? NO ! Instead the pensioners are being told they were stupid,they should have seen the signs and invested their money elsewhere -Why should they have expected a default by the BLP – NO OTHER BARBADIAN GOVERNMENT HAD DEFAULTED ON THEIR DEBT – PLUS THE BANKS WERE NOT GIVING ANY INTEREST ON THEIR SAVINGS – SO INVEST WHERE ?

    Have you heard any of the above things being critiqued on these radio programmes that were pushing it every day before elections – or have you seen any of it daily in the Nation newspaper.

    Have you seen the Nation or VOB comparing Mia’s morning words with her evening words.Ellis was good at that before.Show us the public how she is being totally dishonest and lying in your face like Trump.At least the USA has the Washington post, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times to fact check Trump and to shame the Republicans – but who do we have in Barbados ?

    NOW – Its only complicit behavior by the media telling us for example – Lets hold hands,- lets show the P.M. we love her – its the other people who pushed her to default on the debt – or didn’t you know she borrowed that money in record time – while never telling us that we did not get the usual full quota from the IMF of 350 % (instead of 220 %)over a period of 3 years instead of the 4 years we got.

    What we need right now are some new watch dogs ,new NGOs being established that will look at government policies and criticize when necessary and tell us whenever there are positive developments as well.

    The media as currently configured has failed us – at a time when we need them most !


  • millertheanunnaki

    Once the BLP administration had economically ruined us, they rushed us to the IMF, who made a quick decision to operate. Now they have the gall to boast about how fast they got the doctor to see us – after they figuratively shot us in the gut. Are they serious? (Unquote).

    Which BLP administration are you referring to?
    The one under Owen Arthur which you constantly and misleadingly blame for the “$9 billion” debt inherited by the recently decimated DLP inherited in 2008?

    Or is it the sole fault of the current MAM regime which came to office in a country with 23 downgrades under its belt, fast dwindling foreign reserves needed to protect its currency peg and tottering on the brink of credit default?

    You as the chief officer in the Anti-MAM brigade can continue with your guerilla warfare but please be honest with yourself when it comes to the objective analysis of the Bajan economy.

    But it serves PM Mottley right. She should have opted for the more efficient knife to carve up and administer, like sacrament, right across the board the sacrificial measures of the IMF-imposed austerity.

    Why don’t you be a good soldier in the war of economic stabilization and restructuring and tell us what are your proposals- which are required urgently like blood plasma- to earn the necessary forex to protect the peg in order stave off a currency Devaluation and reverse the country’s Debt Default status and improve its credit rating and Investment grade?


  • Please note that the decision to default on our foreign loans was a reckless act. We risked the reputation of Barbados – which is all of us, on the hope that the IMF will have no choice but to admit us quickly into their protective surgical theatre.

    The sycophantic press’ role is to promote this cowardice as an achievement. The extreme yardfowls’ role is to slander anyone who dares to wonder aloud why the emperor has no clothes, or to direct the public away from the truth with silly deflections. Expect those types of comments.

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  • @nextparty249,

    Good analysis, apart from the use of the term ‘yardfowl’. Avoid such language and you will be taken more seriously. But you are right, it was a bad decision, only comparable with the sale of BNB as one of the two worst economic decisions made by government.

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  • Nextparty246

    Your comments are spot on .

    A reckless Belligerent Lawless Pariah (BLP) took the reins of government in this country on May 24 , 2018 !

    After spending all it’s days in opposition – this BLP demonised the :

    • NSRL

    • Solid Waste Tax

    • Hyatt Hotel

    • Sandals

    NHC – Rent to Own Program

    Yet , now that the same BLP is in office

    It is touting:

    Hyatt as an avenue for providing jobs to the BLP retrenched workers !

    Sandals as an avenue for providing jobs to the BLP retrenched workers !

    The food prices still high now that the NSRL has been removed !

    That the Garbage & Sewage Tax is more burdensome than the Solid Waste Tax !

    Damn crooks …….this BLP !


  • Grenville

    Agree with your response @11:12 a.m.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ nextparty246 November 7, 2018 11:12 AM
    “Please note that the decision to default on our foreign loans was a reckless act. We risked the reputation of Barbados – which is all of us, on the hope that the IMF will have no choice but to admit us quickly into their protective surgical theatre.”

    What was the alternative to Default?
    Can the Bajan Central Bank pay the overseas lenders and creditors with Mickey mouse dollars printed by the same Central Bank which recommended the same ‘Default’ course of action?

    If the Central Bank governor was not supportive of the decision to default why has he NOT resigned to show his ‘professional’ objection?

    The “choice” to default was one of either settling the foreign debt due with the residue in the forex kitty or suspend the importation of oil and food until another line of credit is arranged with the banker of last resort, with all the Devaluation conditions attached.

    Get real GP11 and stop living in La La land with your simplistic 10% on income tax regime where pensioners would be heavily penalized on the their reduced retirement income and that 70,000 odd ‘voluntarily idle’ working in the underground economy would not pay even a silver dollar to the Treasury as they are currently forced to do by way of the VAT net.

    It would be most interesting to hear what our BU bean-counting expert, Brother “Artax”, has to say on your plans to put him and his ‘Pacioli’ ilk out of work, permanently.

    BTW, would your ‘blind’ 10% across-the-revenue-board tax also apply to the hotel sector and ‘foreign’ businesses in the tax sensitive offshore sector?


  • Article is some good stuff.Good to see Solutions isn’t rolling over and playing dead.


  • @Miller

    Wasn’t the solution by the former government to sell the BNTCL and Hilton? Both profitable entities?


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ David November 7, 2018 1:14 PM

    The BNTCL could not have been sold “As Is” given the ruling of the FTC.

    The Hilton hotel has been or will be sold, ‘soon’; (to use a Sinckler catchall phrase).

    It’s just a matter of divvying up the finder(s)’ fees and other costs “incidental” to its sale.

    But isn’t the selling off of the family silver to help pay off debt just putting a plaster on a gangrene foot caused by diabetes and years of neglect instead of going to the hospital for its removal?

    What have been the fiscal benefits from the sale of the BL&P shares other than putting the NIS in deeper doo doo?


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Fractured BLP November 7, 2018 12:15 PM
    “Yet , now that the same BLP is in office
    It is touting:

    Hyatt as an avenue for providing jobs to the BLP retrenched workers !”

    You haven’t yet told us whose money is behind the proposed Hyatt erection.

    Is it Maloney’s local dollars ‘earned’ from the Housing Credit Fund?
    Of is it coming from an anonymous foreign benefactor who has Barbados in his heart?

    Why not ask the diamond Rihanna to take the Four Seasons mess off the government’s hand for a song?

    Isn’t it funny how you have suddenly come to ‘learn’ that government is more than a continuum; it is also a collective made up of Tweedle Bee and Dem.

    Don’t be surprised if the DLP designed Cahill type WTE plant is soon dusted off, rebooted and fired up but with Greenland (minus the toffee wrapper) the preferred location.


  • I disagree. The default on the foreign LOANS, and the subsequent default on GoB issued paper, are two separate decisions.
    The LOAN default occurred because a renegotiated ‘middle ground’ could not be found. Sometimes one has to send a clear message of ‘tek dis den’. One day the loan holder expects 100% compliance, and the next day it is ‘oh shirt, maybe we get nothing’. It changes attitudes, and expectations, in a hurry. Forget personal pride, and borrower reputation, these loan sharks deal with this every day. They are fully aware of what a junk credit rating status means.
    The NIS holdings relate to GoB issued paper, NOT foreign loans.
    “The NIS Board decided to lend our money to the Government”…really? This has been debated on BU for years now. The NIS auditor report found the NIS Investment Strategy (approved by the Board) was not executed (by the management). But one is correct to say, despite this, not a single resignation from the Board nor any explanation from the Management. This is because the NIS doesn’t publish annual reports nor have an AGM to answer to anybody. READ… THERE IS ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY.
    In fact, combined (Board and management) did such an outstanding job, that several members of the Board were not only retained but made the Chair and Vice Chair, while the most senior NIS manager was Promoted to Diwrekker of Fine Ants!!!! Tek dat shareholders of the NIS, the citizens of Barbados.
    The NIS has been appallingly operated.
    “The NIS Board and Barbados based banks would not have had to make the decision to financially harm us if the BLP administration had the courage to fight for us, rather than critically wounding us by defaulting on foreign loans.”
    The author is mixing issues.


  • Vincent Codrington

    Northern at 2:33 PM

    “Mixing issues” ? They are connected. They are all 6 sides of the same die,.


  • Vincent Codrington

    And that is the fundamental problem,is it not?


  • What de hell.

    Look get that excrement of the pages of a serious discussion.Steupes.


  • Barbados has become an insane house
    The lunatics are running the asylum
    I remember Mottley telling people about Hope
    What Hope she did not spare one thought for Hope when she gave away millions of dollars in tax waivers honourable mention goes to her father amongst vtge group
    Now ordinary barbadians have to suck salt in every which way in their help in repaying those tax waivers
    What Hope

    ####### hoplesnesss


  • Imagine the current PM while in opposition – blasted the DLP over the :

    • Solid Waste Tax

    • NSRL

    • Hyatt Hotel

    • Sandals Hotel

    • Coverley


    But now that she is PM since May 24 , 2018

    She embraced some of the said projects above !

    And indeed imposed more draconian measures than the Dems had in place !

    But to borrow a line from Bushie …..

    Some Bajans are worst than – Brassbowls !

    They are indeed – BERT – HOLES !!!


  • @VC
    all 6 sides…. implying all part of the public finances?
    Yet a default on foreign loans, did not itself determine how local debt was dealt with?
    As such. IMO it was not a critical wound that led to other actions. They could potentially have met foreign loan terms, and then defaulted on local debt? Not vice versa because of the huge percentage of debt which was ‘home grown’.
    In general, Barbadians seem to be oblivious as to what “junk status” means? They are only now waking up, when it is being officially confirmed the junk they held is actually worth junk (nothing).


  • From the Nation

    “Payne said the National Housing Corporation (NHC) was grappling with millions of dollars in losses at housing projects across the island.

    The St Andrew MP also told the House of Assembly yesterday that while the authorities could “point fingers at individuals” regarding some unspecified financial matters in housing, “we just do not have the evidence to go further and it is a loss that we will have to accept”.”


    How many are going to ‘tek dat’? How many are going to be marching? You get what you deserve. If these politicians had an ounce of fear, they wouldn’t accept losses of the people’s tax dollars so easily.


  • An excellent contribution.

    Indeed, Barbados seem to suffer from soldiers who avoid battles or soldiers who don a red or blue uniform and blindly follow their leader.

    A well laid pitch. Even the Miller is unable to bowl an effective delivery.

    I noticed there was a request for proposals and soon we will have others suggesting other tasks that you should be performing. One man must accomplish what the past administration could not do and what Mia, 30-0 ministers and myriad of consultants cannot do.


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  • @NO
    One thing George Payne should not do is point fingers. In this case the 3 pointing back at him might raise a few eyebrows.
    I said 3, and did not count those of the woman in England.


  • They don’t have time to pursue the thieves, they themselves are already making new scams to get bribes and kickbacks from the same Maloney et al scam artists..because they fully expect after they get thrown out of parliament that the people will accept another rip off by them too.

    It’s not their money and as long as they are getting something for tiefing too, they are not about to care, the lowlife, no class scum of parliament the whole lot of them.

    29-0 next election sounds about right..for BLP, sever them out of the people’s lives.


  • @ Grenville Phillips.

    “…I am very sympathetic to soldiers who have been prematurely deployed to the battlefield…”

    You start your article with this opening volley which is absolutely unconnected but ….

    I will ask you the simple question why?

    Upon what basis do you use the word “prematurely”? do you know when is “the right time” to send soldiers to the Western Front?

    So what is the connection?

    Who are the soldiers here that you are referring to?

    Is it the sheeple, brimlers or class idiots? the pensioners? the ministers and their assistant ministers, who?

    Are you calling Mugabe a soldier, who is prematurely engaged in battle?

    Since it is a soldier’s duty to die on Hamburger Hill or “Hill 937” then why complain kind sir?

    “for how can men die better than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of their fathers and the temples of their gods’….morituri te salutant!!

    Nonetheless there is but one (possibly two aspects of your flailing monologue that I support)

    Your comment about the balls-less bajan media


  • @ Northern Observer

    To know “it” one has to “feel it”

    Few here understand that Mugabe had no real choice but to DEFAULT.

    But your substantive position makes you privy to the inner details so when you speak, others here need to listen, no? (pun intended)

    She has to “stop the bleeding” which is one of the first commands a real soldier must achieve in war.

    She had to “consolidate her position” and the options were few, if any!!

    Time did not allow her to renegotiate with her lenders AND SINCE SHE ALONE ONLY ENTRUSTED HERSELF TO PERFORM THE SAID RENEGOTIATIONS she pulled the handbrades and stopped the bus.

    And that aspect of entrust talks to negotiators is lost on several here.

    Mia Mugabe Mottley IS ALONE AT THE HELM of this ship!!

    All these 26 people that we are seeing round the place flying bout 1st class sorry, economy class, and driving bout the Mercedes’ SLCs, 21 of dem heads is as empty as the treasury was when she took office!!

    She has become a DESPOT by her inheritance, she got to powerlift this government BY HER EFFING SELF FULLSTOP.

    Now here is the real challenge that faces her in the face of idjits like John King and Prescod and Toppin and the rest uh dem dat de ole man gine feature in de coming months.

    1.Mia cannot expose the idiocy that is her cabinet!!

    2.Mugabe gots to balance every one of her Ministers and Ministries herself from these incompetents

    3.Mia dealing with Crime pun de increase and world economic affairs dat coming at her fast and furious

    4.Mugabe dealing with former incarnations where she was not as white as the driven snow and to disengage with the underworld is hard but dem footsoldiers killing and breking up she legacy

    5.Mia gots a deeply entrenched DLP government that has not quit the stage and occupy Permanent Secretary Positions etc but Mia cannot get them out of her house CAUSE SHE CANNOT ENTRUST THE MECHANISM TO HER 21 CLOWNS

    You understand what de ole man is saying?

    And with people here pun social media giving she horrors every day, she really managing as best as she can.

    But Mia trying to bring in some “winners” in the face of all this mess BUT TIME IS AGAINST HER…


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster you assistance please with an item here for Grenville Phillips thank you


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster an item for Grenville is in the filter. It speaks to Grenville’s misuse of the military term about premature deployment of a soldier and seeks to give hime some support on his point about the non existent 4th estate.

    Grateful if you could retrieve it please thank you


  • During its five-year tenure, the incumbent Government of Barbados led by the island’s first female Prime Minister Mia Mottley, will be closely monitored by citizen organization, The Shadow Cabinet.


  • The Barbados population NOW KNOW that they have the POWER to REMOVE ANY THIEVING, CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS…they did it in 2018 in GRAND STYLE…they can do it again in 2023…I am confident…

    Mia and her CROOKS = 29-0.

    4 years 7 months to go…tick tock


  • PM Mottley is the most DESPOTIC leader the Caribbean has produced in it’s history.

    A fact David of BU cannot dispute !


  • “2 CV0271/2009 Mia Amor Mottley v. National Cultural Foundation”

    Mia Mottley got some nerve…she is suing everyone for justice and compensation to fill her OWN pockets….yet she wants NO JUSTICE for the same black population who ELECTED HER, she dont want to recover the money her fellow thieves/lawyers/crooked ministers stole from the same people…she don’t want to FILL their pockets….she is trying to further empty their pockets with her friends Abeds, Rawdon scam…. but time is longer than twine, the same people who elected her and whose civil rights she is helping VIOLATE and IGNORE have the POWER to throw her and her nasty little crooks right out of that same parliament.


  • @ Pieceuhderockyeahright since you like to use your perspicacity to discombulate I will leave it to you. I think I better stick to matters of pulchritude and music.

    It was reported that “So says consultant engineer to Government, REDACTEDI, who is responsible for overseeing the Ministry of Transport, Works and Maintenance’s ongoing roadworks on the ABC Highway.”


  • The Edmund Hinckson vs Payne story tells everything anyone wanted to know about the despicable actions of Mia
    The story reveals all about her character descriptive of words assigned to her name as a thief
    OAS called. Het a megalomaniac
    Mariad Agard called her a devil
    Yet all and sundry drank the koolaid and voted forher
    Broo haha


  • LMBAO the Salemites struggling for content, context, commentary and currency. #catpiss&pepper


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Brother Hants

    You see what de ole man means by anomalies?

    One notes that he is writing with a kindness to Mia.

    And then one notes that, in the middle of the night, pun Hinds Hill, thankfully it was not Bush Hill, he is examining cracks, with a woman AND THE NEWSPAPERS GET TO TAKE A PICTURE OF HIM AND THE WOMAN!!!

    Now that ent get set up Brother Hants?

    Dem feel we foolish enough doah

    @ the Sage Anunnaki

    Apologies for attributing the genesis of the GoB default on sovereign payments fiasco to Northern Observer, as opposed to you.

    I am glad that you did not have to bring it to de ole man’s attention , like Donks Gripe and Josh, and mek de ole man retract me commendation and misattribution to NO, with an apology.

    You know something?

    You and I may read these articles and try to catch up with all that is said on this blog but sometimes one will miss out on a few things

    But we does dont get vex and ting

    Whu jes today de ole man noted dat you was commending Dompey for de Emma Lazarus comment and de ole man was vex all day, and loathe to write the Honourable Blogmaster and complain bitterly about it cause Dompey hijack de ole man ideas and you dun know dat we is “single source high science menses…”

    Whuloss, murdah, muh belly, oh Sage, I heah falling down laughing.

    Oh boy it is good sometimes to be able to laugh at ourselves in kindness sans mockery


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for the Sage Anunnaki and Brother Hants


  • Enuff of Wonderland…ya ran away but could not stay away…

    Don’t worry…content gone international..way above ya head and yardfowl pay grade..



    Caswell first needs to talk about the disgusting Justices sitting on the Supreme Court in Barbados who are being accused of bribe taking, robbing the elderly their estates and as I have recently been notified…trying to steal from their own friends…

    ….most of these well paid lazy Bajan judges DO NOT CLOSE CASES, particularly personal injury cases…so if they are taking bribes from insurance companies, they won’t..

    .at least the CCJ Judges…do their jobs and always have to clean up the shoddy halfassed decisions rendered by Judges in Barbados , when they actually render decisions….over a year to 10 years later, if the process..violating everyone’s rights who seek justice in that viper’s nest in Barbados…

    Don’t throw stones Caswell unless you know none can be thrown back..


  • @WW&C
    tick tock what…….
    for years you were waiting, the day came in May 2018, and now you are waiting again, cause you figure out you got more of the same?
    You must just enjoy complaining?


  • lol…Northerrn…you of all people should be seeing clearly what is really happening here, you may need more time for it to become clearer, but everything is going according to plan.


  • Yes Caswell…talk about this in the parliament…injured people are waiting for court dates over a year now, some for over 2 years…talk about that in parliament and in the media…… I don’t see CCJ violating any one’s civil rights to have a speedy conclusion to their cases, they are well known for expediting matters swiftly and efficiently…..only in Barbados ya get that crap…bring it up in parliament to the attention of those who have enabled this clear travesty in the island’s Supreme Court for decades.

    Pilgrim has been lamenting these delays and all the total unnecessary delays in everything at the Supreme Court for years, everyone has a horror story to tell… how Judges take too long to render decisions in EVERY CASE for years and CCJ has spoken out against it for years…yet it is still not fixed.

    Between the Magistrates, Judges, lawyers, office of the registrar, all they do is waste everyone’s time AND taxpayer’s money..

    “A prominent local attorney-at-law is fuming over what he sees as blatant time-wasting in the Barbados court system.
    This morning a frustrated Andrew Pilgrim QC questioned the logic of scheduling cases for dates that the magistrate is on vacation, thereby adding to the slowdown of an already overwhelmed system.
    Noting that that the issue is by no means new, Pilgrim, an outspoken and respected lawyer, expressed fresh annoyance in statement sent to Barbados TODAY.

    The release came after his clients, businessman Arthur Charles Herbert and Christopher Glenn Rogers, had their matters adjourned until March 27, 2019 when they appeared at the No. 1 District ‘A’ Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday. Sitting Magistrate, Douglas Frederick is currently on vacation. Meanwhile, co-accused Walter O’ Neal Prescod, a sailor, will return to court on December 4, this year.

    “Almost every media house yesterday referred to the fact that Charles Herbert, Chris Rogers and Walter Prescod will have to return to court for a new date and they will have to wait to have their matter resolved. I just wonder if anybody in Barbados is getting the bigger picture here that we adjourn matters to dates when we know there will be no hearing, deliberately wasting the time of litigants,” said Pilgrim, who argued that the occurrence only served to delay justice.

    In his four-minute lament, the attorney contended that it was not only his clients whose time is being wasted but he predicted that for the remainder of the month close to 40 litigants per day will turn up to the court in question in vain.

    “On every day probably during this month 40 or more Barbadians will turn up to the District ‘A’ Court Number one. There will be no magistrate and their time will be wasted for the entire day and their cases will not be advanced whether to be dismissed, tried or otherwise. It is a complete waste of our time that was avoidable,” he pointed out.”


  • How could Caribbean governments be so weak AND stupid….robbing their own people to give concessions more often to very shady business people in exchange for peanuts that CANNOT sustain any island…

    …..all they are doing is undermining their own fragile economies, apparently everyone, except these numb governments know this.

    “A top official of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has suggested that Barbados and other Caribbean islands review the tax incentives they currently grant individuals and businesses.

    Deputy Division Chief in the Caribbean Division 1 of the IMF’s Western Hemisphere Department Dr Arnold McIntyre, expressed concern that regional governments could be losing millions of dollars in revenue from these concessions.

    This, he said, was not healthy given that the region was struggling economically.

    “When we look at what is underpinning these large deficits and we look at the revenue side, we have pervasive tax incentives,” McIntyre told the 33rd Adlith Brown Memorial Lecture at the Grande Salle of the Central Bank of Barbados on Tuesday night.

    He said IMF estimates suggested that legislative and discretionary tax incentives being granted by some Eastern Caribbean states were leading to revenue losses of between four and nine per cent of gross domestic product (GDP).

    “We have significantly undermined our revenue base.”

    Liked by 1 person

  • WARU and Waxy and Cricket “n” Bob

    The only thing that matters, in the end, in Barbados, is what you think about de jooboy Jeebus, two millennia ago. What wunna tink bout de Trinity.

    It, er, “are” fascinating to watch two imbeciles go at it about the death of a long-dead Jew. They are both idiots. Nobody should ever take either them seriously. Dullards will be dull but dullard fools, as De Jooboy Jesus has TOLE we is always wid we.


  • Caswell is more bark than bite. Dont expect nothing much of substance from him when it comes to holding govt accountabilty


  • It is only a matter of time before Corey Layne and his shadow cabinet group push solutions Barbados into the background if Grenville continues to publish these airy-fairy weekly coulmns.


  • WARU and Welly and Krikin’ Bob

    Didn’t Caswell have a lil’ bit of a domestic abuse problem?

    If not, we will be happy to publish his defense in full.

    But … did he?


  • Gimme a break.Yuh mean the same corey layne that is supposed to be heading up the new mitigation department that Mia gave him as a thank you gift for pretending to be ‘independent’ while pushing the blp agenda on VOB ?

    $6,000.00 warm dollars plus perks ain’t easy for some people to say no to.


  • Vincent Codrington

    Creating all these units outside the financial control of the PS finance ,the Accountant General and the Auditor General gives birth to moral hazards.


  • So what is Mia doing …hopefully not selling out the potential availble to the people in the majority population….who have been experts for decades and will be the ones to make the industry a success.

    “Home News Business
    St Vincent and the Grenadines poised to become leading producer of medicinal cannabis
    November 6, 20184

    KINGSTOWN, St Vincent — The Caribbean nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) is on the brink of becoming a globally leading producer of organically certified medicinal cannabis, rivalling any other producer in the entire Western Hemisphere.

    The expected passing of legislation later this month ensuring tightly regulated guidelines positions the nation as a powerful Caribbean hub for global medicinal cannabis innovation.

    SVG’s minister of agriculture, industry, fisheries, forestry, labour and rural transformation, Saboto Caesar, said the industry had the potential to positively transform rural livelihoods and communities while changing the lives of patients who suffer from medical conditions that are unresponsive to other treatments.

    “The production of cannabis for medicinal purposes provides an excellent opportunity for small island states to further diversify possibilities for farmers to secure sustainable livelihoods,” he said.”


  • Government on Wednesday night suffered a major defeat in the Senate on a motion that would have amended the Constitution of Barbados.


  • I knew one day those thieving lawyers from the Barbados Bar Association would one day take stealing injured people’s personal injury compensation too does a lawyer steal a child’s compensation money, this lawyer had no right to those funds, one Miriam White…what is wrong with these scum, does someone have to chop off their hands to stop them, who do these nobody clowns believe they are to be still doing this to injured people.


  • TInniss
    Stop telling lies on Corey Lane. If I were him I would sue you for defamation.

    I don’t know about you, but I work and can’t spend all my time on BU commenting on every topic, deluded that I am bright.


  • What is the lie – that he is in talks to head up a mitigation Unit – an offer which was made by Mottley ?

    He has not denied it – so are you doing so on his behalf?

    Read every media publication and see what he says.


  • Enuff 68.. .ya lie, ya are always pimping around’s just that certain things ya cannot answer, so you suffer the humiliation in silence…..and why pretend to be bright when ya know ya are not…ya are enough of a laughing stock on the blog as it is,, anything more than that would make you a sadist for punishment.


  • TInniss
    Enlighten me, where in the media Corey Lane admits he is in talks for the position?🤣🤣


  • WARU,

    What one and two years are you talking about? People with injuries have been waiting for court dates for over SIX YEARS!


  • Longer Donna…the one and two years and even longer is waiting for the judges to make a decision, why do judges in Barbados take years to make a decision in a case when judges worldwide take a few MONTHS.

    In this case although a decision was made in this child’s favor, the wicked, thieving lawyer White stole the child’s money as though she has some given right, while the child suffers.

    Girl there are cases in that blighted supreme court with insurance companies like CGI, judges and lawyers abusing the injured 15 years and over, no settlement, no judges decision, no pay out for the injured,..

    …something must be done about this clear abuse by those skunks in the supreme court paid by the people, but who only know to dish out INJUSTICE…to the injured.

    This evil witch for a lawyer deserves to be exposed worldwide so everyone knows what a thieving demon she is..


  • What bothers me is that all of them in parliament see nothing wrong with abusing and stealing from injured people no matter how young or old…it appears that is all they agree on, along with robbing the treasury and pension fund….nothing any of these lawyer/ministers do is in the best interest of the black population…not one of them have ever tried to put an end to it …. which makes us believe all of them get their cut from these crimes to hide in their offshore accounts…tx free.

    I was hoping Caswell would talk about these clear human rights abuses by lawyers and ministers using the supreme court…but he too seem not to see anything wrong with these nasty decades old practices and crimes against the people…even children.


  • More long talk and no usual…this stupidity did not start yesterday it has been happening for decades…when you have corrupt registrars, lawyers and attorneys general…you get a dysfuctional court ststem.

    “Lawyers back Pilgrim
    Article by
    Colville Mounsey Published on
    November 8, 2018

    The Barbados Bar Association (BBA) is throwing its support behind outspoken attorney-at-law, Andrew Pilgrim’s QC, over his harsh criticism of the time-wasting in the Barbados court system.

    On Wednesday a frustrated Pilgrim questioned why cases were being scheduled for dates when a sitting Magistrate was on holiday, causing a slowdown of an already overwhelmed system.

    This morning president of the BBA Liesel Weekes told Barbados TODAY that Pilgrim was in fact highlighting an issue which has been long lamented in legal circles. She explained that with the exception of the Court of Appeal, all sections of court system are plagued with similar problems.

    “This is an example of what the general feeling is and it is not something that is peculiar to him. It happens habitually. We receive these complaints from our members on a regular basis and not just in the criminal jurisdiction of the court but certainly in every jurisdiction. It happens at the Magistrates’ Court and the High Court way too frequently,” Weekes said.”


  • …when you have corrupt registrars, JUDGES, lawyers and attorneys general…you get a dysfuctional court system.




  • Tell me again why are we the taxpayers paying the tuition fees and economic cost of over $66,000. per year for these blood suckers to go and get free training in law and then come back and give we the taxpayers hell.

    Ungratefulness is a curse.


  • All who study law will not become lawyers.


  • Lokk wuh happening in bubadus an hungry man is an angry man


  • Finally…they will all be exposed…all the personal injury cases they got backlogged in the supreme court to steal injured people’s money and hide it in their tax evading, money laundering offshore accounts…the world will know the filthy scum who have been doing it for decades to vulnerable injured people….while calling themselves lawyers and ministers

    Get ready for your world stage DEBUT…..time is longer than twine…yall thieves


  • So these two are heads of the Toyota stolen car racket people have been talking about, where people’s Toyota cars are disappearing all over the island, well let’s hope they put them up at Dodds for years to come and no one in the court or in the police station take any bribes to disappear their criminal files..and the case ends up never starting.

    “Two men were released on $20 000 bail and ordered to surrender their passports after appearing on money laundering and car stealing charges.

    Mohammad Salim Bhana, 33, a salesman of Richmond Gap, St Michael and Muhammad Huzifa Bhamji, 23, of #17 Stanmore Lodge, Black Rock, St Michael appeared before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant on a joint charge of engaging in money laundering while disposing of a car, the proceeds of a crime, on October 12, 2018.

    They are also charged with dishonestly disposing of a stolen car belonging to Rodney Lewis betwen October 3 and 12; dishonestly obtaining from Jeffrey Inniss $15, 000 on October 12 by deceiving him into believing they had lawful possession of a Toyota Corrolla M273 and had the authority to sell it.

    Bhana is charged separately with engaging in the sale of a vehicle which was the proceeds of a crime on October 12. “


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ WARU

    Not one thing going happen with Banana nor Jumanji

    Look at de pictures WARU

    What do you see?

    Nothing seems strange to you?

    When dem transporting de wiggers ( thank you Gabriel) we hands and feet does be in handcuffs but de nation mek sure dat not a picture shows dem curly hair fellers enshackked



  • So who mash up and break up Cave shepherd and stole all the jewelry
    Shade of Jamaica has reached barbados in more ways than one
    We have a govt who has bashed the people over the heads with draconian policies
    Now the chickens are beginning to come home to roost
    Every dam man for his or her self
    Barbados has gone to the saciliwags and low lifes
    How did we get here


  • Eventually we are sure you will get to blaming the 6 month old government for the problem.


  • Good morning David in beautiful barbados where the (haves) have plenty and the (haves not) have nothing
    Btw did i mash your corns
    Unfortunately the evidence of this govt draconian policies would continue to manifest (themselves) in many ways
    Yesterday spectacular performance at Cave Shepherd is the beginning of those things to come
    Sooner rather than later David your muted tongue would become your worst enemy


  • Mash corns what!

    For the last 10 years the blog has exposed the political class and its gang of blind loyalists for what it is, a group of kants to borrow Hant’s word. Every issue must be distilled through a political lense for your shallow minded lot. Do you think Barbados is where it is because of the policies of a 6 month old government?

    People like like you criticize the ignorance and bombast of a Trump but turn the other check when your political parties do the same.



  • “So who mash up and break up Cave shepherd and stole all the jewelry.”

    Piece…maybe Mariposa should check with Banana and Jumanji…these tiny minorities are into serious organized crimes with theur minority crime syndicate polluting the island which the police commissioner knows about but does nothing to dismantle and take down. ..he is still too busy chasing after every marijuana leaf and seed, but not going after and prisecuting them for the marijuana imported by the containers by these same minority the Adam boy.


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