The Grenville Phillips Column – Cowards of the Highest Order

Some soldiers are so terrified of the horrors of war, that they intentionally harm themselves so that they can be transported away from the battlefield and receive priority medical treatment.  I am very sympathetic to soldiers who have been prematurely deployed to the battlefield.  A properly trained soldier has accepted the responsibility of defending citizens, which may require the ultimate sacrifice of death.

The Government encouraged us to prepare for our old-age by making National Insurance Scheme (NIS) contributions and investing in pension plans.  We were told that we could confidently invest in our future this way because the NIS Board consisted of eminently qualified persons.

The NIS Board has one main responsibility, which is to protect the money that should be paid to us in our old-age.  The NIS Board decided to lend our money to the Government.  The Government had difficulty in repaying what was owed to us.  As lender acting on our behalf, the NIS Board could easily have allowed the Government to repay our money over a longer repayment period, given the state of the national economy.  That would be acting in both our interests and the Government’s.

Shockingly, our eminent NIS Board members voted to allow the Government never to repay approximately $800M of our money.  What could have possessed them to harm us like this?

If they were intimidated by having their families threatened, then I could understand why they appeared to betray us.  However, once they were forced to vote against our best interests, they should have resigned.  If they are already compromised, then why are they loitering on the NIS Board pretending to represent our interests?

The Banks managing our pension plans knew that voting against our interests would harm us financially, but they did it anyway.  However, unlike the NIS Board members who may be subject to intimidation, all of our banks are foreign owned.  What possible reason could they offer for acting so cowardly?

Their decision to vote against our best interests means that they also voted against theirs.  Why would they do something so lunatic?  How can that level of cowardice inspire any confidence in their banks?  Why would anyone want to deposit money in cowardly banks who chose not to fight for depositors or themselves?

The banks are now recouping their losses by greedily charging us higher banking fees, but none of that money goes to our pension funds.  Based on their politically partisan behaviour during the last general election, the only rational reason for their decision to harm us financially, appears to be that they are still politically compromised.

The NIS Board and Barbados based banks would not have had to make the decision to financially harm us if the BLP administration had the courage to fight for us, rather than critically wounding us by defaulting on foreign loans.

Once the BLP administration had economically ruined us, they rushed us to the IMF, who made a quick decision to operate.  Now they have the gall to boast about how fast they got the doctor to see us – after they figuratively shot us in the gut.  Are they serious?

The politically compromised radio and newspapers have lost all journalistic integrity as they defend every irresponsible action of the BLP administration as brave and caring.  Are they mad?  What is so brave about defaulting on a loan?  Any idiot can do that.  It takes courage, creativity and perseverance to make those payments, especially after losing your job.

What is so brave and caring about laying-off people.  Any simpleton can do that.  It takes intelligence to properly manage people to be productive, and there seems to be none of that in BERT.  What is so brave and caring about raising taxes.  The most incompetent among us can easily do the same.  It takes bravery to lower taxes, and intelligence to provide an enabling economic environment where low-taxed persons can thrive.

Unfortunately, BERT’s demonstrated incompetence appears to be just the start of things to come.  Despite being fully aware that there are non-austerity alternatives to their severe austerity plan, BERT refuses to consider any of them.  That would normally be front-page news of a media outlet committed to truthfully informing the public.  But not our news media who appear to shamelessly play the role of propaganda-arm of the BLP administration.

Our sycophant news media refuse to report on any non-austerity plan, including Solutions Barbados’.  Instead, they continue to mislead the public that the mass suffering of Barbadians is the necessary and only solution. They are dead wrong and cowards of the highest order.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at


  • Barbados Underground Whistleblower

    @ Piece

    I didn’t want a taser gun I was forced to buy it so that I could get back the difference in cash I was owed in the Fraudulent check which was around $6500 difference.

    Secondly I took it to a lawyer to expose the activities of local police including the name of the police officer involved.

    Never for my personal usage.


  • They all knew Leroy Leper stole the clico policyholders money, unethical, rotten Fruendel Stuart and Donville Innis knew Leroy Parris and David Thompson robbed the clico policyholders along with those thieves for directors of Clico Leslie Haynes et al…..yet they did everything in their power for 10 years to help Parris and his gang of thieves cover up those thefts, blame the victims and drag the case out until every one of them died…scum of the earth..but time is longer than twine, they should all be in handcuffs.

    “A major case related to the collapse of CLICO has finally been settled, releasing millions of dollars for the benefit of policyholders.

    In a victory for the attorneys of the judicial manager, Deloitte Consulting, acting through Patrick Toppin, former CLICO boss Leroy Parris and his company, Branlee Consulting Services Inc., have consented to the repayment of $4.43 million they had received from Clico International Life Insurance Limited (CIL). This includes the $3.3 million that was paid to Parris based on a controversial invoice issued by his attorneys, Thompson and Associates. The judicial manager alleged that this was false invoicing issued by late Prime Minister David Thompson and this was why the deceased leader’s estate was also a party to the proceedings.

    The monies were held in an account at the Bank of Nova Scotia and there was a garnishee order based on the action taken on behalf of CIL by the judicial manager in 2015.

    However, on September 7, in an Order by Consent before Justice Cecil McCarthy QC, it was agreed between Parris and Branlee’s attorneys, Hal Gollop QC, and Steve Gollop; for CIL, Ramon Alleyne QC and Shena-Ann Ince of Clarke, Gittens & Farmer Attorneys-at-Law; and for Scotiabank, Nicolas Jackman of Chancery Advocates Attorneys-at-law to bring this matter to closure. (SP”


  • The police take their bribe money, have been doing so for decades with their licirish, covetous selves….. so they will hardly want to handcuff these organized criminals in the indian/middle eastern/white communities…

    ….but all their names will soon be out there for everyone to read because these indians/whites/middle easterners will not go down without calling the names of those asses they bribe…that is the only use they have for these foolish black people and when they are of no more use to them., watch out.

    The Charles Herbert drug bust comes to mind.


  • The 128 million dollar lawsuit against Leroy Leper, Leslie Haynes and the gaggle of clico thieves can now proceed and hopefully the crooks can end up in handcuffs for thiefing policyholders money.


  • @piece November 10, 2018 6:07 PM
    “Here is a picture to look at and see what pictures are provided by the Nation and the Advocate concerning “the accused” and lest one would say that it is the stage of the legal proceedings, wunna would be advised to research this matter wunna selves”

    Excellent messaging. Indeed I have lost track of the various players in these little stories
    But the casts (newspaper, photographer, police, lawyer, judge and jury) are predominantly black. No law can change how we are depicted and described in the news. Apart from brain transplants, heavy counseling and re-education this will continue.


  • @Waru
    “However, on September 7, in an Order by Consent before Justice Cecil McCarthy QC, it was agreed between Parris and Branlee’s attorneys, Hal Gollop QC, and Steve Gollop; for CIL, Ramon Alleyne QC and Shena-Ann Ince of Clarke, Gittens & Farmer Attorneys-at-Law; and for Scotiabank, Nicolas Jackman of Chancery Advocates Attorneys-at-law to bring this matter to closure.”

    Read the story, but I don’t know what it says…. It seems to me that bringing the matter to closure is a very ambiguous statement.


  • Was the Cave Shepherd smash and grab a signal of the end of some kind of innocence?

    What comes next?
    Empty glass displays as items arr removed from the windows of the store placed in a more secure section?
    The iron grates/shutters “of the Bronx” being installed in front of the glass?
    Will Bridgetown after 8:00 begin to look like a part of the Bronx?

    Will ugly windows have an impact on our tourist product? Who wants to travel down a street without any glass? The chances of a repeat visit will be lowered.


  • To be accurate, it was Colombian Emeralds jewelery store store, owned by Cave Shepherd outfit.


  • Theo…that’s because all the crook lawyers are lined off in a row…a bit confusing knowing who is who and exactly what they do..


  • The message sent by the perpetrators of the mash up and brek up signals the end of the old barbados which unfolds the makings and beginnings of a new barbados which makes a statement
    They are made as Hell and not going to take it any more
    While the rich get richer and the poor gets poorer they will take it upon themselves to remove whatever benefits their own interest off the masters table
    A symbol of being tired of waiting for crumbs to fall off the masters table


  • Thanks very much.
    And it was at Sunset crest.
    But will we be seeing ugly storefronts…


  • “The longstanding, controversial issue of state-owned entities not producing audited financial statements should soon be a thing of the past as Government continues its restructuring exercise.

    In fact, Minister in the Ministry of Finance Ryan Straughn announced on Friday that all state-owned enterprises with outstanding audited financial statements have been instructed to have their accounts brought up-to-date by the end of this financial year.”

    An aggressive timeline, on a vital issue.

    On the matter of governance, “Straughn also revealed that government was looking at how the appointments of directors were made, adding that members of boards “must possess the prerequisite skills to be effective directors”.

    Will be most interested to see what are deemed to be “prerequisite skills”, and the application in board appointments to public bodies.

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  • Only the rich would care about ugly store fronts because it all benefits there self interest
    The poor in the meanwhile knows what it feels ( like) to be poor no sweat off their noses
    However the poor at some point and time after enough messages are sent would have gotten a serving of the pie at the rich expense
    Look dont pay me no attention i talking foolishness


  • @NO
    This is what I call a quick fix even though some of these statements are years overdue.
    All Mia and her ministers have to do is to hold people feet to the fire.

    The deadline has to be a hard deadline. However they cannot wait until the final date and ask for results — schedule time for frequent meetings and reports. Example: I want to see statements for 2013 and 2014 by the end of November; statements for 2015 and 2016 by the end of December and that for2017 by the mid January. I will meet with you and your staff on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of every month. If you cannot produce these statements in the desired time, I will find someone who can.”

    He would be a busy bee, but citizens would know it is more than just smoke.


  • I call them quick fixes, but here is a better description
    Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time oriented…
    The time oriented is a very important component and I see the Minister has set a deadline. Without this deadline., it is just smoke.


  • @TG
    what is most interesting, is HOW some 41 state agencies could go into being >3 years behind on reporting? How does this happen in unison? Do all the senior management whose responsibility it is to report on time, suddenly begin shirking that responsibility?
    This is what needs to be addressed. And “IF” they were directed to do so, then action taken against those who issued the direction.
    This one is VERY EASY to solve. You FIRE those in charge of providing reports on time, for cause, UNLESS they can give details on why the failure to report was “not their fault”. This would also free the taxpayers of several big public salaries.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Northern Observer

    You said and I quote

    “…This one is VERY EASY to solve.

    You FIRE those in charge of providing reports on time, for cause, UNLESS they can give details on why the failure to report was “not their fault”…”

    That is an accountability practice AND, AS SAD AS IT WILL APPEAR TO YOU IN A FIRST WORLD JURISDICTION, that IS NOT going to happen in our turd world country Barbados

    I would fire every single one of them, AND ONE BLP MINISTER, BEFORE XMAS.

    For Moral Purposes, the 41 SoE heads, to show that I mean business AND JOHN KING, to inspire confidence in the Bajan people that my Mottleyian regime is not playing around with my own ministers either.

    But that would be too radical for Mugabe to contemplate now with 21 waste foops.

    I would also mean that she could then hire Ralph Thorne as a replacement Minister BUT AFTER KERRIE OBLONG HEAD SOLD HIM OUT, HE IS CONFINED TO THE DOLDRUMS…

    Whu Sandra Wives and Lynette Holdim ever get big picks over Ralph you ent see!!!


  • @PUDYR
    don’t put Buhbaydus down, politicians have a pact among themselves, wherever you go. Their accountability is a one day event, every 4 to 6 years, depending on where you live. After that, they forget whose votes elected them, until it approaches voting day again. And for one day, the sheeples power reigns. Generally between election days, the sheeple are quiet and obedient.

    And if by chance, a few of the sheeple have the audacity to question, they are tarred and feathered. Any opposition is viewed as politically inspired. NONE of the sheeple can make comment on anything the political class do, without themselves being labelled political.

    This tarring and feathering is a very important role, for it is what keeps the sheeple quiet. And in line. Nobody wishes to step out of line, because they know the barrage which is going to hit them.

    So we should not expect any action related to the failure to submit financial reports, or any of the sh!!te which occured under the NHC, the Transport Board or any other public entity. The elected are beyond reproach, at least on home soil.

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    I would fire every single one of them, AND ONE BLP MINISTER, BEFORE XMAS

    Which Minister would that be? John King is winning the sweepstakes so far with his statement about Bajans “wasting time” moaning about Job losses when there are more important issues to talk about. Isn’t that the height of insensitivity? Here is a man who lucked into a six-figure job and instead of professing empathy to the plight of some Bajans who face a bleak Xmas shows his ignorance with asinine comments. There have been other statements by other Ministers which can be attributed to rookie mistakes but that takes the cake.

    Since the Gov’t is courting China or is it the other way around? I can recommend one Chinese method of firing- invite them all to a dinner where chicken is served and point the chicken head at the employee and voila, he/she is fired.


  • “The elected are beyond reproach, at least on home soil.”

    Or until the PEOPLE…take back their titles AND diplomatic passports next election… on loan to the pompous, arrogant, tactless ministers etc..


  • AGAIN!!!!!!

    ” Police are on the scene of an armed robbery at Zephirin’s mini mart on Tudor Bridge, St Michael.”


  • ” Workers at the Court Registry today received notice of more job cuts to come in a few days.”


  • This is further evidence, if true, that the BLP government is dancing to an irrational Tune. The court registry is not fit for purpose. It badly needs good managers and competent staff. This is what you get when there is no discussion, no consultation, no reflection.

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  • Vincent Codrington

    @ Hal at 5:50 PM

    There is no strategic plan. A set of externally imposed targets are being met and by a specific date. There is no clear vision as to what the departmental organization should look like and the best structure to deliver the services.From this distance, that is how it seems.


  • Check out govt policies. Things going to get worst
    Govt firing people without a safety net in place to help cushion the fall


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