President of MESA Attacks Minister Charles Griffith’s for ‘Sperm Donors’ Comment

The Chairman of the Mens’s Educational Support Association (MESA) responds to Minister Charles Griffith reference to men as ‘sperm donors’. The blogmaster understands the Nation Newspaper so fat has refused to print the submission.



117 thoughts on “President of MESA Attacks Minister Charles Griffith’s for ‘Sperm Donors’ Comment

  1. @Sinple Simon, your humor or a serious situation is unwarranted. The gift was delivered on xmas morning as 2017 xmas was a Monday. Court heard of the RBPF assistance to ensure a peaceful delivery in March 2018. Too many men have malicious protection and no trespass orders issued against them and I am been proactive. Men are always guilty!

  2. @Mariposa September 25, 2018 6:58 PM “3 – 10 years in the slammer for the jello pudding Man.”

    Never trusted a big man who alleges that he eats jello pudding.

    Who besides a toddler would eat that thing?

  3. @Hal Austin September 25, 20188:27 AM “Simple Simon, Say what you like in the country, we have our own sayings in the Ivy.”

    Strange, becausin’ my mother worked in Howells’s and Ivy as a live-in domestic from age 15 to age 24 and she never told me any such thing.

  4. And Kammie that is one of the biggest problems where the deck in domestic court decisions is heavily stacked in favour of women aided and abetted by sexual abuse laws which do not take into consideration that men are the silent victims of abuse by women as well further exacerbated by poor unreasonable decision making by highhanded magistrates whose mannerisms and judgments without hearing both sides at times tend to favour the women based on the crocodile tears ridden evidence of some evil women who give decent women a bad name

  5. Whether Mr Trump is a racist or not is of no interest to me since in my view 99 percent of all other non black ethnicities do not like black people who do not even like themselves given our propensity to gravitate to things inimical to their skin colour
    But Mr Trump is no more racist than the revered democratic party representative Mr Robert Byrd once gran wizard of the Ku Klux Klan or the former president who once reminded Senator Edward Kennedy that ” once upon a time Obama would be carrying their bags”

  6. Simple Simon,

    I was born and raised there. I was not just passing through. Tell me who your Mum worked for and I can tell you a story.

  7. My mother was born before 1920 and ceased working in Howells and Ivy by 1940, that is before you were born. Like a lot of country girls she worked for her better off relations until her second child was born just before world war 2, then she became a housewife until the youngest of many children entered elementary school at age 4, then she went back out to work until age 66. It is highly unlikely that your paths crossed.

    I live-in domestic for nearly ten years in not “just passing through”

  8. I choose not to tell you.

    This is not the U.S. Congress nor is it a court of law.

    You may wish to interrogate me. I choose not to answer. And you can’t make me. Lolll!!!

    My mother was as Bajan as you are.

    Subculture or no.

    Do you really want me to believe that a Bajan from northern St. James, would take more than ten years to learn what you call the Ivy “subculture”?

    Now what kind of idiot do you think my late mother was.

    She worked in the “Howell’s & Ivy” from about age 13 to about age 23. Her second child was born when she was 23 years and 6 months, and after that she did not return to paid work until she was 48, and then she went to work on the west coast.

    The very logical saying is “hard ears you won’t hear, own way you will feel.”

    I am right.

    You are wrong.

  9. Kammie I commend you for keeping in the public eye the disadvantageous decisions meted out to men by magistrates in domestic disputes before the court which often brings to mind the comment by Mr Barrow to keep out the law courts of Barbados dollars f you want justice.
    I know of a case where a woman physically assaulted her husband because he refused to give her the car keys and she reported him to the police for assault
    Needless to say the husband got the shitty end of the stick in court the report eventually contributing to him having to leave a home he owned locked stocked and barrel for a year

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