Dallas Police Officer Murders St. Lucian

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New York Caribbean Institute Calls for Dallas Police officer who killed St. Lucian national in his own home to be charged with murder

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Bothan Shem Jean

BROOKLYN: BROOKLYN: The New York based Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) on Friday harshly condemned the killing of 26 year-old St. Lucian national and Dallas, Texas resident, Botham Shem Jean. Jean was shot and killed around 10:00 p.m Thursday night, September 6, 2018 in his own home, by a female Dallas police officer. The officer told investigators that she returned home from her shift and entered the wrong apartment in her building.

In a statement issued Friday, CGID President, Rickford Burke, said the officer’s negligent, reckless conduct and depraved indifference to human life resulted in murder. He consequently called on Dallas District Attorney Faith Johnson to prosecute the officer accordingly and to the fullest extent of the law.

Burke said “the culture of policing that has emerged in black communities all across America is one where cops shoot to kill first, then ask questions after.” He asserted that “Police officers are killing black men while walking innocently on the streets, driving innocently in our cars and now while living innocently in our own home. This is too much for a people to bear. CGID therefore calls on the US Justice Department to review and revise the protocols for armed engagement by law enforcement in America.”

Burke said “CGID intends to write our US Senators and Members of Congress from New York, to push for a national review and reform of protocols on how and when law enforcement officers engage in the use of force. This is long overdue. How many more black men must be killed before we take action?” Burke posited that “politicians who sit by and do nothing about the epidemic of law enforcement murders of innocent black men are equally complicit in these killings and should be held to account.”

Dallas police department Friday issued a statement claiming that the officer called for help and told responding officers “she entered the victim’s apartment believing that it was her own.” The incident took place at South Side Flats, an upscale apartment complex located in downtown, Dallas, a few blocks from Police headquarters.

Dallas Police said the officer was in full uniform and “fired her weapon striking the victim who was transported to hospital where he was pronounced dead.  Burke blasted the Dallas Police for not releasing details about how the officer reached into Jean’s apartment and whether a breathalyzer was administered, as would have been the case with an ordinary citizen. He also questioned how Jean’s name was released to the public when Police simultaneously confirmed  that the next of kin notification was not made.

The CGID head said the officer’s story is inexplicable and implausible. Emphasizing that Caribbean community believes the officer’s account strains credulity, Burke questioned its veracity saying “if she went to the wrong apartment how did she make initial contact with Mr. Jean? How do you mistakenly shoot your neighbor who you see and presumably interact with regularly, without recognizing him?  “The Dallas Police chief expressly stated that her department is no longer pursuing a “police involved shooting investigation,” but is seeking a warrant pursuant to a manslaughter investigation. Clearly the police evidence suggests that this is not an accident and that the officer’s account contradicts the evidence. Hence, in the interest of transparency CGID calls on the Dallas Police Department to stop disseminating misinformation and disclosed the facts and circumstances of Mr. Jean’s death forthwith, lest it is viewed as concealment,” Burke contended.

 the US to study accounting at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. He also studied at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, in Castries, St. Lucia before migrating to the US. At the time of his death, he worked in Dallas as a risk assurance associate for accounting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers.

CGID Has called on all Caribbean American organizations and nationals to condemn Jean’s killing and to support and express solidarity with his family.



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  • @David
    Kavanaugh spent the whole of yesterday and part of today holed up at the WH in the office of WH counsel Don MCGahn, lawyers do not coach witnesses, do they?

    In addition, they are trying to limit testimony to Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford in essence a “he said she said” scenario when there is a witness to the whole incident who has said he didn’t remember it but they must be fearful of his testimony especially when he wrote a book in which he had a drunken buddy named Bart O’Kavanaugh.


  • @Sargeant

    This matter must be ‘handled’. It has the potential to knock the stuffing out of Trump and seriously influence the mid terms. Do not forget Mueller!


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    David, why does this have the ability to knock POTUS stuffing out anymore than it does to
    just as dynamically rejuvenate the right to get out and vote!

    The history of midterms projects large opposition party turn out and a battering for the sitting president regardless…so if this goes bad for Kavanaugh the Repubs could very well try to galvanize their base as a strong rally cry.

    Dr Forde is making very serious accusations and if she sits for the Senate committee I expect a very simple series of Repub questions to create further angst and doubt … like…

    When you were in the party with the two older boys did you believe they were in full control of their faculties or too drunk to realize what they were doing.

    Based on your interactions then and even with these many years of reflection would you have expected those boys to behave towards you in that way if they were sober

    After you ran out are you aware if they came after you at any point

    We know you were traumatised but did you discuss this with any of your friends or family afterwards

    Easypeasy questions but full of the hooks to allow the Republicans to frame the debate to suit a viable confirmation.

    If she presents on Monday this Judgegate 2.0 will be more polarizing and nasty than the ’91 act and will definitely agitate midterm voting… In strange ways.


  • @ de pedantic Dribbler who wrote ” blah blah blah too drunk to realize what they were doing.”

    Since when is ” too drunk ” a defence in a case of sexual assault ?


  • Looks like Christine Ballsey Ford ain’t going to testify, but she might!!

    Wants FBI to investigate!!

    “Speaking through her lawyers, Christine Blasey Ford did not explicitly rule out appearing Monday before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify along with Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh. But echoing Senate Democrats, she said that an investigation should be “the first step” before she is put “on national television to relive this traumatic and harrowing incident.”

    “Republicans are unlikely to negotiate an alternative date and could go ahead with the hearing without her or declare it unnecessary if she refuses to appear and move quickly to a vote. They have repeatedly stressed that Monday would be Dr. Blasey’s opportunity to testify, either privately or publicly, and that they then planned to move forward with the confirmation process.”



  • What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep


  • The Republicans want to rush this through and they are not even going to call the person whom she identified as a witness so it becomes a “he said she said“ issue and they wash their hands off and proceed to vote. She is right to demand an independent investigation by the FBI who can then subject Mark Judge and any other witnesses to questioning. Her life will never be the same, this was a possibility from the time she wrote the letter as there are no secrets in Washington, the Republicans knew of the letter and from the moment the story appeared they released a letter with signatures of 65 women who knew Kavanaugh from High school and beyond. There is no way on God’s green earth that they could deliver a letter so quickly unless they were waiting for the accusation to go public and had it in storage to release as a rebuttal to the accusation.

    The ball is in the Republicans court, they can hold the hearing on Monday with Kavanaugh and declare that he has been cleared but it will be a hollow “victory” as the negative ramifications will be far reaching.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Hants, too drunk or too high is never a defence. Certainly attempted rape is a serious crime and is not condoned…yet as always, however, every case must be taken in context.

    When I remove the racial, political and claims of sexism (male privilege) filters from this matter I am left with a group of carefree teens drinking heavily and partying with an abandon of high jinks and wild behaviour….a recipe for lots of problems!

    Further this was almost three decades ago…the accuser herself admits the alleged rapist was so drunk he was stumbling all over….apparently she did not want to disrupt her future life or that of the two boys back then because she never publicized the matter…nor did she publicize when he first became a judge…but now as a Justice of SCOTUS she asserts her right to be heard!…Context.

    On the basic principle of natural justice (all filters off) it is harsh to make this claim now.

    Put the filters of politics et al back in and he is doomed by Dems and liberals simply because he is too conservative. …and had this been in the public domain before then he woukd NEVER have been selected anyhow!

    I think he is doomed.

    BTW…it’s your word that that lady was older and propositioned you….four decades plus later what if someone appeared here and refuted your claim…that in fact YOU strongly came on to her after too much rum punch at the party and blah, blah, blah…..You would want an FBI review too I’m sure. 🤣

    A story is only as good as those who want to believe it!