Memorial Service in Brooklyn for Dallas Police Shooting Victim Botham Jean

Submitted by Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy


BROOKLYN: Saint Lucian and Caribbean Clergy and community leaders will on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 lead a memorial service to celebrate the life of Dallas police shooting victim, Botham Shem Jean. The service will take place at 6:30 p.m., at the Advent Fellowship of Brooklyn  Church, 1666 Bergen Street, Brooklyn NY 11213.

The service, which will be punctuated by tributes, praise and worship, will be attended by Jean’s parents, other relatives, friends, elected officials as well as Saint Lucian and Caribbean community leaders. 

Botham Shem Jean, was a 26 year-old Saint Lucian national and Dallas, Texas resident. He was shot and killed by Dallas police officer Amber Guyger on Thursday night, September 6, 2018 in his own apartment. Guyger claimed she took Jean’s apartment for her own, and entered by mistake.  

Dallas police consequently issued a warrant for Guyger for manslaughter and subsequently handed the investigation over to the Texas State police, Texas Rangers. Guyger was charged with manslaughter after turning herself in. The Texas Rangers were widely condemned for giving Guyger preferential treatment; including granting the officer the privilege of turning herself in at a jail in a county outside Dallas, where she was booked and released on $300,000.00 self-bail.

The New York based Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID), had written Dallas District Attorney, Faith Johnson, demanding that Guyger be charged with murder based on the facts and circumstances outlined in an affidavit filed in court. Dallas community leaders as well as civil rights leaders nationwide have also called for Guyger to be charged with murder. They also condemned her preferential treatment and questioned why she was not arrested at the scene. District Attorney Johnson has said her office is continuing the investigation. She has not ruled out additional charges.  Jean was funeralized in Dallas, Texas, last Thursday.

Jean came to the US from Saint Lucia in 2011 to study accounting and management information systems at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. After graduating from college and completing a brief internship, he accepted a permanent job in the Dallas office of Auditing Firm, Price Waterhouse Coopers in 2015. At the time of his death, he was a risk assurance associate for Price Waterhouse Coopers. 

Jean graduated as the top student of his high school, earning the Spirit of Saint Lucia Academic Award. He also attended the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, in Castries, Saint Lucia before migrating to the U.S.  Jean was also an active member in the Church of Christ where he taught Sunday school and was an accomplished singer. 



  • dpD;

    I havent commented on BU for several weeks now but It just occurred to me to check BU to see if anyone had commented on what are the most important of the global news item of these times. viz. The strategems being used by the GOP for the ascension of the serial liar and possible pervert to the SCOTUS to put in place an environment for Trump to totally change America into a totalitarian society and the info that has been leaked to an unwary NYT to provide an excuse for Trump and his minions to fire Rod Rosenstein and start the coming civil war in the US which could expand to cover the whole world, as we know it, and presage the end times.

    Nothing else makes sense.


  • … about 100 years ago this is what was being said by men about women!!


  • The poem was written about women at the time of the Suffragette movement.

    …. early terrorists perhaps???


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Are-We, I figured you had gone on a social media free holiday to Iceland or some such…so hoped you enjoyed.

    As usual I am moved to smirk at your take on POTUS issues….as I came from a different angle and didnt consider your nuance which is decididly more freightening.

    Why do you believe the dep AG item was “leaked to an unwary NYT” !…. Consider it was the NYTwhich published that incendiary op-ep from the modern day deep throated stater and also Woodward’s book pointed directly to such subterfuge.

    But most damning consider that it is the absolutely (sorry to say it this way but apt) pussy grabbing whipped Repub congressmen who pushed POTUS to release/declassify the details of emails etc which comprises a key part of the details now made public.

    I frame it that they have gotten suckered by their pussy grabbing stupidity…that was plain as day based on the last set of folly of their intel committee report and this is but one freaking big example of their further utter madness…. Note that POTUS has been forced to scale back his intended ‘release all of it’ mantra.

    I agree with you that POTUS has now the perfect “excuse … to fire Rod Rosenstein” but as you realize that will have to wait a few heartbeats until this Kavanaugh issue is resolved.

    Let me also say for the record that the dep AG can’t play both sides of the field and expect not be to squashed…he has timing on his side now but surely this is not a tenable state of affairs for ANY president …even one as dictatorial and wayward as this one is…no strongman suffers this level of back stabbing so heads will roll!

    Let’s come back go this …we agree much turmoil ahead. I gone.

    @John, the Blogmaster told me I must learn to ‘ignore’….meaning avoid baiting and obvious fish hooks of folly. 🤣

    In that vein I will bid you a cheery morn and be thankful that the women suffrage movement had the “terroristic” verve that it displayed. Happy Saturday to you!


  • peterlawrencethompson

    “Ms. Jean said her son had to explain life in America — where for black men in particular, a minor traffic stop can turn deadly — to his family back home on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.

    “I always told him, ‘Why do you have to be so dressy?’” Ms. Jean recalled in an interview. “He said ‘Mom, I don’t want to be stopped. I don’t want for them to think I’m somebody I’m not.’”

    In 2016, when Mr. Jean moved to Dallas to take an internship with the accounting firm PwC, formerly known as PricewaterhouseCoopers, he made sure to transfer his car registration within the 30-day limit.

    Unlike many mothers of African-American boys, Ms. Jean, who headed several government agencies on St. Lucia, never gave her son, a risk assurance associate, a talk about avoiding the police.

    “We are predominantly black in St. Lucia,” she said as she prepared to return to the island for her son’s burial. “I never had to face any racial issues.” But now Mr. Jean’s death is being held up as evidence that blacks in America are not safe, even in their own homes.

    How much his race played a role in what happened when Amber R. Guyger, a white off-duty Dallas police officer, arrived at Mr. Jean’s door on the night of Sept. 6 is unclear, as are many of the details of what led to the shooting. Even if it was a tragic error, Ms. Jean wonders if Officer Guyger would have fired as quickly had her son not been black.

    A police affidavit says that Officer Guyger, who lived in the apartment directly below Mr. Jean’s, said she had parked on the wrong floor in the adjacent parking garage, and mistakenly believed she was entering her own home. When she saw Mr. Jean, she believed she was encountering a burglar, which the affidavit said she “described as a large silhouette.”

    After drawing her gun and issuing verbal commands, with which Mr. Jean did not comply, the affidavit says, she fired the gun twice, striking Mr. Jean once in the torso.

    On Thursday, Ms. Jean suggested that Officer Guyger had invoked the term “silhouette” to imply that she did not know Mr. Jean’s race.

    “She would have been able to see his complexion,” Ms. Jean said. “I think the word silhouette was deliberately used to erase the racial issue.”

    Robert L. Rogers, a lawyer representing Officer Guyger, declined to comment.

    In another interview on Thursday, a neighbor who lives on the same floor as Mr. Jean said that she, too, questioned Officer Guyger’s contention that it was too dark to see into the apartment. The neighbor, who requested anonymity because she is also a city employee, said that the lighting in the hallway is bright and illuminates the inside of the apartments when the door is open.

    “Even if all the lights are off, I can see what my furniture looks like, I can see everything in the apartment,” said the neighbor, who said she heard a woman yelling in what she said sounded like “a one-sided argument’’ before gunshots went off on the night of the episode, after which she heard another voice, which she presumed was Mr. Jean’s. Some of this account might comport with Officer Guyger’s statement that she gave verbal commands.”


  • If a woman has a point to make it is usually made in the open.

    The theatre associated with this event does makes it appear to be orchestrated.


  • The theatre associated with this event makes it appear to be orchestrated. …. oops


  • RE John, the Blogmaster told me I must learn to ‘ignore’….meaning avoid baiting and obvious fish hooks of folly.



  • i dont know why we are beating this thing bout a black boy getting shot by a white police woman to death

    we know it has happened and that it will probably happen again
    beating this incident to death here will not change anything PAST PRESENT OR FUTURE



  • Look at how the newsreels/”media” worked 100 plus years ago.

    The women got up and made noise.

    The newsreels reported what they saw.

    Today, the media creates the story and then reports on its creation.

    In the case of the death of the St. Lucian, there are systems in place to investigate and punish officers who step out of line.

    The media needs to tell us about those systems, educate us, follow the process through, report on the process and its outcome.

    The problem is we don’t want to learn, …. and sadly, the process is a bore.


  • September 22, 2018 12:21 PM



    I have been in a car when it was pulled over in Miami by the police.

    All the checks were made on the driver’s identity … license, insurance and registration.

    The license plate led to a name and the name led to the name of person wanted further north in the state.

    The problem was the driver and the person shared the same names.

    … probably the description of the car matched the one driven by the person up north and the rest fell into place, except there were two individuals with the same name.


  • The moral is …. don’t get too carried away with the press.

    Its a ratings game so they need to find ways to get people to tune in!!

    As a result, their credibility has taken a hit.


    Brett Kavanaugh: ‘Horrible, hurtful taunts’ towards schoolgirl in high school yearbook revealed

    I am reading this and I get the impression that upper middle class Americans NEVER have sex, or even desire sex until they have settled into CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE with an appropriate upper middle class marriage with a husband or wife.

    Is my interpretation correct?

    If my interpretation is incorrect can somebody correct me please. Thanks very much.


  • @John September 22, 2018 1:11 PM ” officers who step out of line.”

    The officer did not “step out of line”

    She came to his door and shot to death a whole big-able man.

    It could have been your son, in which case I am sure that you would not describe it as “stepping out of line”

    A young man is dead, dead, dead.


  • Kavanaugh is not upper middle class. He is an Irish-American Catholic educated in a Jesuit boys’ school and at Yale. He is a technocrat, part of the new administrative class.


  • Private school =middle class
    Irish American Catholics does not preclude being upper middle class. Aren’t the Kennedy’s Irish American Catholics and upper middle class?
    Judge=upper middle class
    Yale=upper middle class, as the neighbourhood community college=working class.

    We are not discussing British notions of class.

    American situation. American notions of class.


  • Private school = middle class? Is this true? My generation of Barbadians had the Modern High School, Federal, Barbados Academy, Lynch’s Secondary, etc, all private schools. You need a better definition than that. I have relatives who have been to private (fee-paying) schools in the UK. Money does not make you Upper Middle Class. Yale is an Ivy League university; I have a cousin who went to an Ivy league university. Americans call anyone in a regular job middle class. Ask Trump. The Pope is a Catholic, so is the drunken Pole in my neighbourhood. Religion has nothing to do with class. Ask the Muslims.


  • Thank you, Simple Simon. “Step out of line” indeed. Language betrays a whole lot, doesn’t it?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Hal don’t be ridiculous….@SS theme is on point.

    How can you compare the Modern, Louis Lynch etc to the US Prep schools or indeed the equivalent British private residential schools! You know quite well that’s a bogus comparison. If you are going to travel down that road then the old Presentation College or the very early model of the Lodge School would be a more worthy comparison.

    Of course money does not by itself equate to a class status but it damn sure is the entry ticket to special status socially.

    And too attending an expensive Ivy League Uni is also not a class indicator in and of itself but again for damn sure 90% of those who get to rub shoulders in that setting go on to erect for themselves a status trending towards upper middle class in terms of social acceptance, gravitas in career leading to well paying professional jobs or use it as an entrez to developing their own “brand” in their field of choice.

    To use you reasoning then most of us as basically technocrats … not sure tho how being a technocrat (ie a well trained professional) denies a person the status of upper middle class.

    @SS, on you other point that “…reading this and I get the impression that upper middle class Americans NEVER have sex, or even desire sex until they have settled into CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE …”…you are obviously being very sarcastic!….. Their screw-driver is the same phillips or flat head that we all use…and they use it as often and as carelessly as all ah we!

    The Yankees didn’t want a royal head or titles given by the Liege but they certainly loved all the trapping that came with that lifestyle however and have richly adorned their landscape with comparative ‘royals’ and down the line to what you see as the Kavanaugh upper middle class….

    So in that vein, it is hard to conceive how the son of a US district judge and a monied top business executive attending a school with annual tuition equivalent to the annual salary of many an average person and living in a richly endowed neighborhood would NOT be considered as you described…then and now!


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Incidentally, let me CLARIFY….the model and intent of the founders of Modern or St. Anthony’s etc were surely as driven by same motivation of the Jesuits and those who started the prep schools in US…..however, the outcomes were vastly different.

    So no apples and oranges miscommunication.


  • De pedantic,

    A fee-paying school is a fee-paying school. What you are talking about are the outcomes. Lodge, Harrison College, Queens College, Combermere etc all were at one point fee-paying, including Combermere’s prep school. Intelligence has nothing to do with class.
    The rich tend to get in to Ivy leagues and Oxbridge because of preparation, which is the reason why lots of ordinary working class people go to such expense to give their children the bests preparation through a private education. In my youth, many ordinary people used to get in to debt giving their children ‘private’ lessons. In my case, Mr Greenidge.
    The real problem in Barbados (and the UK) was the imposition of comprehensive schools with their dumbing down philosophies.


  • @de pedantic Dribbler September 25, 2018 5:35 PM “Their screw-driver is the same phillips or flat head that we all use…and they use it as often and as carelessly as all ah we!”

    Ya killin’ me den!!!


  • So, do you think Christine Ballsy Ford will show up on Thursday?

    Rush Limbaugh reckons on Wednesday, tomorrow, we will hear she isn’t.

    He has a proven record of being right 99.8% of the time.

    We will see if this is the 0.2%!!!


  • CORRECTION: Blasey NOT Ballsy.

    No need to denigrate the woman by suggestions of male genitalia.


  • @Hal Austin September 25, 2018 2:48 PM “Kavanaugh is not upper middle class. He is an Irish-American Catholic educated in a Jesuit boys’ school and at Yale. He is a technocrat, part of the new administrative class.”

    And there is nothing new about judges. All societies have always had judges, and however called they have always been in the upper class of their societies, since they hold tremendous authority and power over others. That authority=upper class.


  • Again, language betrays a whole lot. “Ballsy”


  • Donna
    September 26, 2018 8:06 AM

    Again, language betrays a whole lot. “Ballsy”


    I listen to Rush Limbaugh … but I have said that … in writing … numerous times already!!!

    He always uses the name Ballsy.

    I thought that was her name!!!

    When I look it up on the internet I see it is actually not Ballsy but Bailey!!


  • Authority =Upper Class. Is this Bajan sociology of class, or just a country woman with too much time on her hands? I take it, using this logic, that a chief justice is aristocracy?


  • Bad person to trust with even a name, that Rush Limbaugh.


  • Donna
    September 26, 2018 4:08 PM

    Bad person to trust with even a name, that Rush Limbaugh.


    He is proven to be correct 99.8% of the time!!!

    No one else gets there!!


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