The Estate of Marie Stewart – A Time to Settle!

We continue to follow the intriguing case that involves The Estate of Marie Stewart. It is worth repeating that the blogmaster’s interest in this matter is where it overlaps with a dysfunctional legal system.

One of the questions that keeps recurring in the mind of the blogmaster is when was the communication to show the Estate notified/requested Glenda Harewood to come forward?

What a BU source advises is that Harewood was provided with a copy of the Will at the death and thereafter elected to engage a lawyer to pursue her claim. Payne is confirmed as having advised Ermine in writing of her fiduciary duties as Executrix- only Ermine and Ursuline were appointed as co-executrix of the Estate. Where it gets murky is what steps Harewood took to stake her claim to the Estate when advised. There is the unsubstantiated view that Harewood delayed coming forward until her divorce was completed to avoid the inheritance becoming community property.

BU cannot advise if or when the activities listed on the invoice embedded below were discharged but it sure makes for an interesting discussion if…Again the blogmaster urges the aggrieved parties to convene a meeting and make a serious attempt to resolve the matter, it is not too late!


398 thoughts on “The Estate of Marie Stewart – A Time to Settle!

  1. “And with Dale an AG and Payne as Minister of Lands, they are well positioned to obstruct and misdirect justice.

    Then the legal network. The deck is stacked.”

    But a big, big, gigantic problem has now presented itself with that…which none of them can see and I sure as hell will not point out, the die has been cast..

  2. @Mariposa
    Glad to see you
    I have followed the interaction of you and the blogmaster
    He seem to be more friend than foe.
    Do not confuse a difference of ideas with enmity.

  3. I post under a pseudonym, though I have no need to do so.
    Perhaps you should follow the advice that is often given by piece and make every effort to protect your identity,
    You are doing a fantastic job on BU, don’t compromise your ‘safety’.

  4. The old fowl don’t realize the Blogmaster is trying to protect her, she is not used to being looked after and looked out for…

  5. Yuh see what I say about the liars on BU. I have never ever claimed to be a lawyer. Secondly, I don’t and would never run from people who are plain ignorant about what they are speaking about. I instead choose to sit back and watch them continue. Like I said WARU aka Abigail thought Roleric Hinds was the MP for St.Thomas.

  6. @Enuff
    If referring to my comment please note I stated “Lawyer or not, de boy igrunt”.
    I hope you see the NOT
    I do not mind helping in the comprehension of what is written.

  7. David

    You are very right to warn them about using their real names. I don’t think they can win any libel case brought against them in the Courts based on the things they are saying on BU.

  8. my feeling on David King advice was one of trying to scare me and stop me from being belligerent
    First of all even if “these” people have a profile the profile does not necessarily indicate a truth of who is sitting behind the computer , they might be shooting at fish in the dark

  9. Last comment on this.
    People are often more complicated than you think.
    You have them bagged and tagged and is about to file the records away.
    But one day you notice that their behavior is not as predicted.
    You can ignore the data or you can adjust your notes.

  10. Enuff..and you thought PAIN was qualified to practice law in who is the bigger fool..

    Look at all the proof , including from the regulatory body who regulates real lawyers/solicitors and real barristers that he is not, he might at one time have gotten away with pretending to be a barrister…but he chose the one lie and Fraud he could never get away with…

    ….so yall can stay there and sulk as much as ya want…wjhat yall should be concerned about is the people who those sir crooks and QC thieves titles belong to…when they will call for them to be returned cause they do not belong to any of you FRAUDS…so am the least of yall

    Besides, threatening to sue people is yall default excuse for criminality and one which ALL of you have overused, misused and abused for DECADES…….but these times are very different times..

    so go and sulk on that…

  11. Bring it on Enuff..bring it on, ah told ya, when am through with yall…what that NYC paralegal did to Caroline Herbert, will look like Chucky’s Childs Play.

  12. Theo

    I don’t even notice what you write so don’t flatter yourself. I was responding to WARU aka Abigail. And thanks for observing my idiocy.

  13. Theo…Enuff is another boyfriend I have on BU who can’t get Enuff of me, he always gotta come looking to pick a fight, so don’t take him

  14. And since ya are not a lawyer..but was pretending to be one, ya have no damn right defending something you know nothing about, because ya so enamoured with PAIN and TEETS…hope ya ass get locked up for enabling..

  15. @Enuff
    Peace…. You baffle me….
    Jumping in and out of my little box…
    Did you get and forward my resume for the likkle pick 🙂
    Enjoy. HAGD

  16. BTW David you can pass this little advice o to those who you take sides on this issue
    coming after me would be another problem they never wished for

  17. Old fowl..would it make you feel better if I told you it is standard to get such warnings from Blogmaster…if ya forgot to adjust ya user name and used a name the Blogmaster thinks or knows is real instead…it has happened to many of us…hope that makes you feel better..

  18. So how many former government ministers are on Brooklyn’s Eastern Parkway today??

    If they were there, they would get to meet Chuck Schumer, he is walking all over the Parkway parade, someone just sent me a

  19. WARU/Abigail

    Pretending? Woman you need help you’re just a boldfaced liar who when called out on your lies try to shift the blame. A RH liar!!

  20. Yeah..well you can fret as much as ya want it is what it is , there is nothing you can do to change any of it…ya can try, but ya don’t have the required power…small island power ain’t no power at all..

  21. So Enuff…when are you going to post Payne’s QLD and followup Practicing Certificate for England AND Wales to the blog..

    ya done know ya can’t deny us that…right????

  22. Abigail

    When you get some commonsense therefore never. Google can’t save you, so the QLD etc just shows that you are capable of copying and pasting but not understanding what you’re arguing–conext mi dear context. After you believed an LLB was required (even though the man never claimed to have one as it was not required) and Hal Austin corrected you, you shift gears with some bogus claim. Then you gone further to say College of Law does not offer a solicitor’s programme. What is the LPC? And the SRA does NOT regulate barristers. Gums bumping at its best. A woman that thought Roleric Hinds was the MP for St.Thomas. You may have the last say.

  23. 1100 lawyers….

    I think about 43 are politicians in office (I made up that number)
    About 12 got kicked out of office
    Commisong gone Venezuela
    1100-43-12 -1=1043
    What are the remaining 1043 doing?
    Even if 0.1% are honest, we still have 1 honest lawyer

  24. Enuff..I said Payne may not even have an LLB that College of Law offers….so if he don’t..he did not attend…it is not a university and the program they offer is a 3 year program and not really considered a law degree… in truth an in fact he lied..he did not qualify as he stated on his website..

    ya acting like am the one put up he is a solicitor on HIS website…I don’t even believe he studied any type of law in UK except for maybe an apprenticeship in some law firm in a side alley in London… be that as it may… in case ya missed it..

    Anyhooo…look who is having the last word, Enuff last words to choose from..

    “The College of Law has an excellent reputation but it shouldn’t be confused with universities. The LLB is awarded once you’ve completed both your GDL and LPC at the College of Law. I don’t think it’s actually considered on a par with a three year law degree.

    It offers LLMs but they’re more professional than academic in nature. So if you want a prestigious qualification then it’s probably not the best place to go. It’s an excellent place to get the necessary professional qualifications needed to practice in the UK though. I loved my time there last year.”


    Just so you know…you need ACADEMIC and not just professional training to be a solicitor.

    “Routes to qualifying
    There are a number of routes to qualify to practise as a solicitor in England and Wales. The most common is the ‘graduate route’, which means taking either a law degree or other degree followed by a Graduate Diploma in Law course, followed by the Legal Practice Course and a period of recognised training. The sections on the left contain details of all routes into the profession.

    After you have successfully completed the academic and vocational stages of training, you can apply to be registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). This register is referred to as the roll of solicitors in England and Wales.

    Once registered, you can apply for your first practising certificate. This entitles you to practise as a solicitor, and it’s at this stage you become a member of the Law Society of England and Wales. All solicitors are subject to continuing professional development requirements.”

  25. AND…he can’t step his short feet anywhere near any court in the UK and claim he is a lawyer qualified to practice any law….show us where he can…I can’t show you PAIN CAN’T…but you cannot show me where he can…so how does that make you feel..

  26. Ya see you and PAIN’s problem now…credibility.

    The UK posts everything online, even if I want to apply for a british passport I have to go online, ya can go on any any law school’s website and access their programs and their how to..

    CREDIBILITY…something yall clowns and the nasty dishonest lawyers ya like and enable are in very short supply of..ya have none and the world is learning this…

  27. PAIN’S yardfowl says he has no LLB so what in the name of everything that is good and decent did the Barbados Bar Association think they were doing registering him as a qualified attorney…even if ya have no LEC…ya should at least have an LLB…even I know that..

    ya see Enuff…when ya don’t know what ya talking about…lol

  28. You think I will listen to Ha, Ha…the idiot who still resides in the 1950s….and lies and lies about what he could do…how many times have I exposed Hal on here for the fraud and pretend journalist he is…steupppss

    Enuff cannot get his story straight and neither can Payne, not that I care because his name is so badly blacklisted now, only those who live under a rock would not know to never hire him….as their attorney in case they get their estate and inheritance stolen…

    But as I said…I am not the one yall have to worry about…no LLB but practicing law…ha!!lol

  29. Piece…ya remember when ya were telling Enuff…don’t engage, well Enuff posted that Payne NEVER said that he had an LLB…..heavens…ah want somebody to tell Enuff what that means….

    .and I did not even have to prompt him, he is so angry at me and has been so busy cussing me for 2 hours straight…mouth open…story jumped, lol..

    Ah will soon hear that ya don’t need an LLB to practice law in Barbados…give him a few minutes to recover….hahahaha….murdahhhh!!!

  30. Ah done Enuff…you may have the last word…

    “In order to become a solicitor in the UK; the first option is to study law at the undergraduate level, Bachelor of Law (LLB), on successful completion of the LLB; you need to study the Legal Practice Course (LPC).

    It provides the training necessary before pursuing professional legal training in the Commonwealth Caribbean. … In addition to the Bachelor of Law degree (LLB), Barbados law students can pursue a Master of Laws (LLM) or Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate and Commercial Law, Public Law or Legislative Drafting.”

    Next, you need to complete the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL). Also known as the Common Professional Exam (CPE) or law conversion course, the GDL enables students without a law degree or UK law degree to ‘convert’ their existing education to law and enable progression on to the next stage in qualifying as a lawyer.”

  31. OK so more of Payne horrific stories streaming social media . the on going one is saying about an evicted lady and her children..and guess who did that eviction,

  32. “After you believed an LLB was required (even though the man never claimed to have one as it was not required).”

    Just don’t hire any lawyers in Barbados..ya don’t know if they are qualified or not and the Bar Association obviously do not care if they are qualified to practice law or not…as long as they are connected to the Cabal of Criminals…

    ya can guarantee Payne never practiced law in UK, not as a solicitor definitely as the regulatory body confirmed, he never qualified as one, or anything else resembling a first class or second class with honors law student……not one day, did not then and cannot now.


  33. From experience I know QCs in Barbados older than Payne qualified as solicitors, the thing is it was either the 70s or 80s they stopped used the term solicitor in Barbados…so I have no clue why he is still using it on his website when he is not even qualified as one….

    …these same much older QCs, who are dear friends of mine…STUDIED IN UK and ….HAVE LLBs among other required qualifications, he must be the only one registered at the Bar Association to practice law and don’t have an least I hope he is the only one…lol…murdahhhhh Piece…Bushman…hahahahahaha!!!

  34. @WARU September 3, 2018 8:36 AM “But the rules and regulations changed…those who did not then have Academic qualifications as solicitors…had to go get those qualifications.”

    I think that you are mistaken. My recollection is that once the Barbados Bar was “fused” in about the mid-70’s all lawyers and solicitors became Attorneys-at-law. Those who did not have a university degree but had become solicitors through the articling/apprentiship system were “grandfathered” in. So it is NOT TRUE to say “those who did not then have Academic qualifications as solicitors…had to go get those qualifications.”

    Simple Simon
    Been around too long

  35. Simple….,I was speaking about those solicitors in UK…when I said that, because those, unlike some of the ones in Barbados upgrade their education repeatedly… and periodically AS IS REQUIRED to continue practicing AND to aid in their legal knowledge and development…but I REPÈAT….

    I am not thinking here….I KNOW….there are lawyers in Barbados….QCs….older than Payne some much older….with not only LLBs….but LLMs….they too STUDIED IN UK…many before Payne and ARE QUALIFIED to practice in England and Wales…am not 100% sure but I believe our Amused was one…….so explain that….so why do the QCs and others i know in Barbados older than Payne….why do they have LLBs and LLMs DISPLAYED on their letterheads and on their certificates on their walls….and he dont as Enuff alluded..

    I suspect Payne did some half assed apprenticeship somewhere, hopefully, cause that too is now in doubt in my mind and am sure in the minds of those who have certain knowledge…maybe not even in UK…never properly qualified and someone at the Bar Association…allowed him to practice unqualified. …nothing could change that….

    We had this same conversation with the Mia LEC mess…though it was a decade later…she was allowed to practice with her LLB…no LEC required..until they changed things a year or two after she arrived making LECs mandatory. .

    So something is still not right with the Payne story….

    And to make it worse, the uninformed yardfowl Enuff is trying to feed us a line of bullshit as though we are as dumb as him and Hal Austin….which is driving even more suspicion because it does not ADD UP… can’t…and the more he jumps out to add to the story…the more tangled it gets…

    When ya not a real, real lawyer…it usually ends like this…

  36. Simple….,I was speaking about those who were practicing as solicitors in UK, when i said that….but come to think of it, even though they may not have needed in the early 70s to be qualified as solicitors to practice….something which needs to be checked out fir accuracy…….many were qualified anyway because they sat in the house of lords and attended court..…

    Payne STILL CANNOT practice law in UK….not with what he claims as qualifications and definitely not without an LLB …and I just did that…so there are lies emanating from Payne and his yardfowl somewhere….you must be a legally, qualified graduate under the Solicitors Act 1974…the same year Payne claimed he qualified…now we are hearing….without an LLB..AND

    A person must have legally-defined qualifications…to be a solicitor. ..EVEN IN 1974.


    A solicitor is a legal practitioner who traditionally deals with most of the legal matters in some jurisdictions. A person must have legally-defined qualifications, which vary from one jurisdiction to another, to be described as a solicitor and enabled to practise there as such. For example, in England and Wales a solicitor is admitted to practise under the provisions of the Solicitors Act 1974. With some exceptions, practising solicitors must possess a practising certificate. There are many more solicitors than barristers in England; they undertake the general aspects of giving legal advice and conducting legal proceedings.[1]

    In the jurisdictions of England and Wales and in Northern Ireland, in a few Australian states, Hong Kong, South Africa (where they are called attorneys) and the Republic of Ireland, the legal profession is split between solicitors and barristers (called advocates in some countries), and a lawyer will usually only hold one of the two titles. (In Scotland, the split is between solicitors and advocates). However, in Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and most Australian states, the legal profession is now for practical purposes “fused”, allowing lawyers to hold the title of “barrister and solicitor” and practise as both. Some legal graduates will start off as one and then also qualify as the other.[2]”

  37. And for the uninformed yardfowl who likes to nitpick at shit…a regulatory body is a regulatory body….as long as it dies its job and REGILATES to keep out liars, thieves and frauds…..

    So exactly who regulates lawyers or those who SAY there are lawyers in Barbados….NO ONE..

    Barristers are also regulated in UK.

    “The Bar Standards Board (BSB) is responsible for maintaining the Code of Conduct of the Bar of England and Wales, which provides the rules that all barristers must abide by.

    The general purpose of the Code is to provide the requirements for practice as a barrister and the rules and standards of conduct applicable to barristers that are appropriate in the interests of justice.

    The BSB also issues guidance on the rules governing qualification and practice and conduct by barristers.

    Guidance usually relates to the application of particular provisions of the Code of Conduct of the Bar of England and Wales.”

  38. Sorry Simple…ya not only have to be around too long…you must also do some research and/or have accurate information and knowledge so that liars, thieves AND frauds dont fill ya head with their crap…and got ya repeating their lies..

    I actually have relatives who qualified in the UK as lawyers in the early 70s, earlier than 1974…before the Solicitors Act of 1974… they did not need to have any qualifications grandfathered because they were already qualified from UK… I know Payne did something underhand and extremely dirty which is only now being exposed…..sucio es sucio.

    I was taking this step by step only for the benefit of the blog and to expose the idiot for a yardfowl and the wannabe journalist in UK.

  39. Here is some clarifications for any young people who may be thinking of studying law in England. First, you do not have to study for an LLB to qualify as a lawyer (barrister or solicitor); in fact, with any university degree on can qualify to b a lawyer; the College of Law is an approved university; in 1974 there was no compulsory requirement to have an LLB to be lawyer.
    A large number of law graduates have BAs, often with a joint subject (law and criminology is popular, law and business, etc) and many have done conversions (I think about half of young lawyers have done conversions).
    In fact, the relatively recent requirement for a degree came about because of the growth of polytechnics. And a large number of people with law degrees do not practice law.
    Finally, when I become prime minister, I am going to ban certain people from using Google .

  40. You will die and never become prime minister anywhere, nit even in small Barbados because you qualify in nothing…and is still cluless about what you are talking about.., because I already posted the CONVERSION of EDUCATION to law…where you still have to take several steps to become QUALIFIED as a lawyer..and cannot practice in a court of law in UK …or anywhere else without those qualifications..

    Ya are a joke for a journalist..Ha, Ha Hal…so what makes ya think ya can be good at anything else…after over 40 years of mediocrity working under the white man.

  41. So moving the conversation from UK to Barbados..

    Mia went through this crap for an LEC…which I think is of very little to no importance to practice law as long as you have your LLB, practicing certificate…and the accompanying training….but an LEC is the Caribbean requirement.

    Now we are hearing no LLB was/is needed…so what exactly does the Bar Association need to register attorneys on the island to deem them qualified to practice…IN A COURT OF LAW…and why bother to register them at all if they need no legal qualifications…an apprenticeship in a printshop in UK is not a law degree or adequate enough qualification to represent clients in a court..,

    ,….most of them say they are qualified, don’t do their client’s work, lie to, deceive and rip off their own clients…sell them out to whomever will pay them the most money to victimize vulnerable clients and steal land and inheritances from their client’s beneficiaries anyway…without regulation…without consequences…so why bother to have attorneys registered at all when they are NEVER regulated and possess questionable qualifications. …..why not just set them completely free and just let the wannabe lawyers practice without degrees and wantonly commit crimes against the population…just as they do now anyway. is clear the uninformed cannot separate the distinction. since they don’t know and lack the knowledge….that ..not every lawyer practices law…you need a practicing certificate to practice in a court of law…YA CANT PRACTICE without it…or should i say you should not be ALLOWED to..

    …..some choose not to practice although they possess a law degree or JD…but can still use their disciplines to successfully navigate other areas of the law…without going to court one day…but they are qualified lawyers, just not practicing lawyers….so there is a distinction and a huge difference.

    Was it not just a couple years ago that bottom feeders like Hal Gollop and Vernon Smith who refused to pay Bar fees because they never paid them before and because they were refused practicing certificates…sued the Chief Justice.. so there are lawyers who believe they should be allowed and are entitled to practice law on the island WITHOUT paying bar fees…do they even pay taxes…or vat, I believe they were also fighting paying the vat on their incomes….I remember.

    Well let me tell you what I know about some of them…even one or two i know who studied in UK and Canada…not only do they NOT pay Bar fees but they also practice law in that Supreme Court…without practicing certificates…and it is all fine with the Bar Association and the old boys club of silence and protection.

    So I have no clue why people would even think that Payne is a qualified lawyer…it certainly will not surprise me if he is not…because I KNOW what I KNOW…not what I think.

  42. But get this…these are the same deceitful, wicked jokers who recently came out bleating to the public …that..

    “The Supreme Court is collapsing under its own weight”

    Am now done expounding on this topic because that Bar Association and that Supreme Court are going nowherem fast…will never go anywhere unless very drastic measures are taken…

    Some people already know what they have to do.

  43. Whether Payne can Practice law or not the nexus of all that has happened flies in the face of what is right and proper
    Payne action to sell the land without notifying all those family members named as beneficiares is a cause and enough to have him disbarred

  44. All this talk about who got LEC and who is not listed in some building in the U.K. is all hogwash.
    By the stroke of a pen Edwy Talma,aka Rommel and Norman Niles,became attorneys at law in Barbados and never sit an examination in any law.
    Another thing all this talk about the DLP yardfowl Mayers.By the stroke of a pen the PM can fire all of those people on Service Commissions.Nobody applies for a vacant position of membership of a Service Commission.It is a supposed honorary position subject to disappointment as Barrow put it …the lord giveth and the lord taketh away. The PM can cause the GG to be removed too.Grantley was right when he told the House that the only thing Parliament couldn’t do was make a man into a woman.
    It was nothing short of torture to listen to lightweight Verla on Sunday Brasstacks.No wonder nobody wants to hear anything from that rotting political dinosaur that is as dead as the dodo bird.By comparison look at the quality of people in the BLP that have now set Barbados on a path of corrective action towards growth..Brilliant men and women who want to make Barbados the best it can be for all repeat for all.The BLP is on the right track.It will take time to correct if for every dollar you earn you owe somebody 75c and counting.That is not a record to be proud of but that is where those RH JA.’s brought Barbados.Now Mia and Clyde and Ryan and Marsha and Ian and Kevin got to rein in the wild mare that Stuart and Sinckler rode like the NIS and the Central Bank were ATM’s.

  45. @ Gabriel

    You are a certified %100 BLP yardfowl.

    The $15 Billion debt was not done over 10 years it was done by both B and DLP who have both fucked up Barbados really and truly.

    I see no brilliance when the first thing is to add more punitive taxes and working on more borrowing.

    This is Voodoo Economics no brilliance.

  46. Shyte man he aint drink a glass he like he drink a barrel full of the kool aid.Wuhloss

    Wuh is that you just say – the quality of people in the blp and then yuh say – brilliant men and women.

    As brother G.P. would say bare sport in the rum shop.

  47. @ Gabriel

    You are a certified %100 BLP yardfowl.

    The $15 Billion debt was not done over 10 years it was done by both B and DLP who have both fucked up Barbados really and truly.

    I see no brilliance when the first thing is to add more punitive taxes and working on more borrowing.

    This is Voodoo Economics no brilliance.

    No wonder Barbados Ass is Grass.

  48. Not only is this govt delivering vodoo economics to the masses but the kind of economics not even is deserving of an enemy

  49. Wind Whistler
    It is true to say if the DLP was waiting on my vote they will never get it.I made that mistake twice,never again..never never never.
    Now between 1628 and 2007 the Barbados National Debt was just $6.1 billion
    Between 2008 and 2018 the National Debt was INCREASED BY $9BILLION to $15 billion.
    The DLP record of husbandry is so’poor it’s a pity there is not a law to jail the Stuart cabinet for poor leadership and p..s poor management while spending more money than those guys were taking in.Every year from 2008 the DLP spent more that they were receiving in the treasury in spite of raking in $22 billlion in new taxes.You should ask Baloney to give back some of the $2 billion he got.
    Debt in and of itself is not bad if it is used for properly organized and managed developmental projects or investments as in human capital.The sad fact is all the wild boys have to show is a cross over which Hammy-la was hoping would be named after him,a 10 million dollar cost over run Grotto project(total cost28 million) a BWA headquarters bolt project and nothing else of consequence.I can’t begin to list the sad state of affairs at Sanitation,Sewage,Roads,Environmental degradation but I think you get the picture. What political party in Barbados ever lost an election so badly that in 314 boxes the DLP candidate in St John was the only 2 boxes your party won?Shame,shame,shame pun Dipper party.Wunna bring disgrace to the Dipper.#30luvinurtaildemsneveragen.

  50. Gabriel have you talk to payne yet? Btw tell him he is bringing shame and disgrace to his party ..everday his name is broadcast across social media in not a nice way

  51. @ Gabriel

    If BLP was serious and we all know that they are not they would be locking up former DLP ministers.

    The reason they are not both BLP and DLP are equally as corrupt and crooked.

    They both love to play the blame and steal game.

  52. @ Corruption and Rouge Barbados Police

    Your quote at 10.31 pm is spot on

    De ole man would give $1 million Monopoly dollars euphemism for Barbados dollars to the BLP pooch sucker brigade if Teets brings just one badword case against one DLP criminal.

    Not one of these hundreds of million dollar teives going be tried

    “Chairman Mia Mao ZeJong
    Is well known to talk Long,
    Whether it be day or night,
    The Chairman will talk a beriffle of ???

    De ole man can’t find a word to rhyme there so i going have to left that to another time

    But soft awhile linger with me here a little.

    De ole man is going to make a prophecy this 6th day of September 2018


    Mark de ole man’s words…

    Watch muh now!!!

  53. Wait the blp. Govt got plenty inhouse investigating to do before they can show a clean face or write an integrity bill startingb with a process to investigate the damming allegations level against George Payne allegations which slurred lawyers as thiefs and bajans as living in a banana republic
    Wait wunna think all bajans stupid

  54. Been to busy to keep with BU the last few days, but I see that even after Hal Austin for the second time tried to help Abigail she’s still digging a deeper grave. I sense another Roleric Hinds capitulation up ahead. Dead and buried @ “Finally, when I become prime minister, I am going to ban certain people from using Google.”🤣🤣🤣

  55. @ Negroman

    Here are two Stoopid Cartoons that are credited to you for your comments on another Ermine Atwell Stolen Estate matter elsewhere on BU.

    you indicated that Prime minister Mia Mottley IF SHE IS TRULY COMMITTED TO TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY & ANTI CORRUPTION she would fire Pain and Teets.

    That is, IF SHE IS NOT A LIAR and is in fact covering up for other indiscretions for Brothers and Sisters in the Cloth.

  56. That’s when your parents put all their trust in these sweet talking so call lawyers, and dont tell anyone what they are doing. The lawyers then use the landowners mental in abilities to rob them. This family have to fight very hard to get back their land. Tbe woman was in a state of dementia and took all her important po papers to this man, and now he have all the rights to the woman property. Is there real lawyer that can help the family?

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