The Estate of Marie Stewart – Beachfront Land

The attached file contains Ms. Atwell’s instruction to the lawyer AND an extract from Ms. Harewood’s affidavit. Is it fair to surmise that she acknowledged at the time of signing that the beach land was not bequeathed to her? The blogmaster is willing to be guided.


  • @ Olivia Newton

    The Peanut Gallery is onto your tricks and ongoing deception on the behalf of George Walton Payne & Co Law Firm..

    That is why it appears it is going on and on.

    You guys have been doing fraud for many years now that it is exposed for the whole world to see the Peanut Gallery does not have to play quiet as in Barbados High/Supreme Court Room Gallery where one cannot speak and is at the whim of a Lawyer to speak on a client’s behalf.

    This is NOW the real Court of Public Opinion because of this matter you have people on BU Blog from all over the World not just in Barbados that you can control through lies and intimidation.

    You and the fraudelent Attorneys locally ass is grass.

    Stop the lies and deception and you will not feel peoplr are going on and on.

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  • Olivia Wellington

    For a school that is not a University, it sure has a stellar roster of alums:

    Notable alumni
    See also: Category:Alumni of the University of Law
    Notable alumni and staff of the University of Law include:

    Jacqueline Bhabha, Professor at Harvard School of Public Health and Lecturer in Law at Harvard Law School[43]
    Cherie Blair, CBE QC, barrister[44]
    Graham Francis Defries QC, lawyer and cartoonist [45]
    Andrew Dismore, former UK Labour Member of Parliament for Hendon[46]
    Charles Falconer, Baron Falconer of Thoroton, PC, QC, former Lord Chancellor of Great Britain[47]
    Margaret Fiedler McGinnis, American musician[48]
    Edward Garnier QC, former UK Conservative Member of Parliament for Harborough[46]
    Cheryl Gillan, UK Conservative Member of Parliament for Chesham and Amersham[46]
    Sylvia Hermon, UK Member of Parliament for North Down[46]
    Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, and former UK Minister of Transport and Community[49]
    Jessica Lee, former UK Conservative Member of Parliament for Erewash in Derbyshire[50]
    Bryan Ian Le Marquand, Minister for Home Affairs for States of Jersey and former magistrate[51]
    Francis Maude, UK Conservative, Member of Parliament for Horsham[44]
    Atupele Muluzi, Malawian Member of Parliament[52]
    Stephen O’Brien, former UK Conservative Member of Parliament for Eddisbury and diplomat[53]
    Fiona Onasanya, UK Labour Member of Parliament for Peterborough[54]
    Mark Reckless, UK Member of Parliament for Rochester and Strood[55]
    Joshua Rozenberg, British legal commentator and journalist[56]
    Guy Stair Sainty, author on royal genealogy and heraldry[57]
    Jonny Searle, British Olympic rower[44]
    John Varley, former CEO of Barclays[58]
    Anurag Singh, professional cricketer and solicitor[59]
    Keith Vaz, Member of Parliament for Leicester East[60]
    Claire Ward, UK Labour Member of Parliament for Watford (1997 to 2010)[46]
    Sayeeda Warsi, Baroness Warsi, former Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party[61]
    John Widgery, Baron Widgery, Kt OBE TD PC QC, judge and former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales[62]


  • I have no clue what you want, your ignorance is an ugly thing…but…no one else shares that infection…….you refer to the letter only because Payne lied about being a qualified Solicitor, so that is the only letter you can refer to…cause if Payne get it in his head that his stupidity and arrogance runs too deeply and decided to forge some letter claiming the SRA…lied or the letter reflects College of law qualifications …ya done know…

    Are you really that Skaddden Arps…I never claimed anything other than I had the information to share….unfortunately for yall land thieves, that is not all I got..


  • Pity it was College of Law Payne claimed he graduated as a QUALIFIED Solicitor from and. not ULaw.


  • Olivia Wellington

    College of Law and ULaw is one and the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Yes the blogmaster thinks Olivia’s input is very important. That person is one of the few posting dispassionate positions.


  • @ Olivia Wellington

    I will call friends at Skadden Arps and request an unbiased attorney to research Mr. Payne’s credentials


    You are a hell of a member of Jackie Stewart’s family and powerful too as this firm’s Headquarter is in New York and with over 1700 lawyers and staff.

    You want to furnish @ WARU a couple of names of Lawyers there that can do independent research of George Payne qualifications that you said earlier was already vetted.

    You are really have a laugh and that drug induced high you must be on on has your tongue twisted.


  • Dummy…who did not even attend LSE……..or you would know…if Payne had graduated from College of Law….in either 1965 OR 1974…………….in 2018….his certificate would still be reading……..COLLEGE OF LAW….


    Got it now..

    How could both you and Payne be lying about attending any College or School in London…and are both still so damn stupid…


  • The University of Law (ULaw) (formerly the College of Law) is a for-profit, private university in the United Kingdom, providing law degrees, specialist legal training, and continuing professional development courses for British barristers and solicitors.


  • @ David BU

    Yes the blogmaster thinks Olivia’s input is very important. That person is one of the few posting dispassionate positions.


    Olivia comes on a blog and says an alleged family member who is part of this matter is commiting Identity theft and many other defamatory broad sided comments and that individual is dispassionate.

    I must be using a different dictionary to the norm.

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  • Skadden

    “Headquarter is in New York and with over 1700 lawyers and staff.” Still located at NYC 4 Times Sq.


    40 Bank St, Canary Wharf, London E14 5DS, UK

    “In 2016, Skadden had approximately 1,700 attorneys in 22 offices; in 2011, the firm had approximately 1,900 attorneys in 23 offices. Measured by the number of attorneys, Skadden is the fifth largest law firm in New York and 12th largest in the United States.”

    Like nothing yall have ever even heard about before…never even knew they existed with ya stupid, greedy, corrupt, tiefing mentalities…bunch of small island wannabes..titled FRAUDS.


  • @WARU, I have friends and classmates who are associates at Skadden Arps and Simpson, Thatcher and Bartlett which are two of the most community-minded law firms in NYC Your argument about Mr. Payne’s diploma is ridiculous. Have you seen his diploma?


  • You are posting forged documents to BU…post his diploma…it is not me wanting to see the diplomas…it’s SRA ..London…proving he qualified as a UK…

    Skadden has been around since 1959…it’s not some shitehound George Payne law firm..

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  • David

    I give up!!

    Olivia is doing a fine job of dismantling WARU aka Abigail and the agenda whores. Abigail does not even understand or refuses to accept (even after Hal Austin’s intervention) that in the UK a degree was not always the prerequisite for becoming a lawyer. Many of the older lawyers in Barbados do not have degrees, I think I even heard Elliott Mottley say to David Ellis that he doesn’t. She also does not understand the history of the College of Law and its connection to the Law Society of England and Wales. It is LEC Gate redux, with the same players reading what is required NOW versus before, copying and pasting and bumping their gums. Here is an excerpt from a 2015 thesis for a Masters in Law:

    “For much of its history the legal profession did not require a degree,………. there are some still within the profession who do not see a law degree as necessary for lawyers..”

    Like I said before, if WARU knows the man ain’t qualified go take out a newspaper ad in her name saying so….lmbao!! I see a Roleric Hindsesque capitulation up ahead. #talkstoomuchandlistenstoolittle#justacopy&pasteexpert


  • @ WARU

    Don’t get distracted by what College George Payne did or did not go to in England.

    That is not the issue.

    George Payne was not qualified as a Solicitor in 1974 in England that is the issue as he supplied this information to the Barbados Bar Assiciation in 1975.

    The known fact other current and former BLP senior Executive members have called him out as a thief and involved in corrupt acts which even caused him to lose a Ministerial Post under Owen Arthur BLP Administration.

    This current land Fraud fiasco orchestrated by George Walton Payne & Co all other is not relevant.

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  • It’s not me don’t know he is not qualified…it’s the SRA in London said he is not qualified…are you people brain damaged..

    Why don’t Pain pick up his ass and carry it to London and go practice law as a Solicitor…


  • For months now, our family has watched in horror and mortification as Jackie Stewart has taken to social media alleging fraud and a lack of credentials on the part of George Payne. More level-headed family members have perused the documents and we do not see the substance. This is not decent or acceptable, civilized behavior. If Jackie has concrete evidence to support her allegations that would be one thing but these daily posts that are encouraged by people who refuse to take a critical look at what she has presented and to even correct her erroneous interpretations in no way aids her cause. She has now taken to having her almost 80 year old mother appear in the videos and in this sense Glenda has become a co-conspirator. Making public allegations against a regular citizen is bad enough but the potential damages are enormous when made against public figures who can claim damage to their reputations.

    Most of those here who have the mistaken belief that they are supporting a cause are actually doing a disservice because in your zeal to further your own agendas you are victimizing both Jackie and Glenda,


  • Straight..ah know..but it bothers them that they can post fake and forged documents to the blog…but they CANNOT post George Payne’s…certificate or Diploma..just watch them squirm and wiggle like MAGGOTS…let them distract themselves because they have no clue……


  • You are truly a dumb ass…no one with a modicum of intelligence would help yall cover up any more theft of Estates from the elderly, fraud or corruption on the island ever again…don’t yall understand everyone wants to see every last one of you in PRISION….

    what is so hard about that ..that none of you can understand..


  • And when they come with the handcuffs and ankle bracelets..tell them don’t forget to take that Jackass Enuff right along with you….


  • Let’s say that the executrix did her job, divided the land and gave the title deeds for each half to each of the two living beneficiaries.

    Both beneficiaries could have sold their land if they so desired … or not.

    If they both sold, one would get 1.2 million BDS less costs paid in Barbados dollars to her Barbados account, the other would get the equivalent of 1.2 million BDS in GBP paid to her account in the UK.

    Is that too simplistic?

    I guess the question would be how would the debt be paid?

    There was according to the Stewarts $60K at Waldo Waldron Ramsey.

    For sure the land was not secured by a mortgage because no title deeds existed which would have had to be exchanged for the mortgage!!

    But in 2016 no one knew what the debt was because no accounts had been rendered.

    An executor gets a year to render accounts after receiving Letters Testamentary.

    It is called “the executor’s year”.

    It is routinely abused.

    I know of an estate in which Letters Testamentary were granted in 1982 and still no accounts … and the executor has passed!!

    The affidavit of value is filed as a requirement for getting Letters Testamentary and the executor gets a year to get the numbers right and render accounts.


  • @ Olivia Wellington

    The higher you climb the more you show your tail.

    Thank God for the Internet and Social Media.

    You are a low life.

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  • I am so tired of this already.

    Has anybody ever heard of hoarding disorder?

    Hoarding disorder is a persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them. A person with hoarding disorder experiences distress at the thought of getting rid of the items. Excessive accumulation of items, regardless of actual value, occurs.


  • Olivia Wellington you wish Jackie was an idiot she had the sense to check the fraudster out you on the other hand have exsposed your hate for Jackie Stewart and love for George Payne you are just as emotional as you are here being totally derogatory .It matters not what you or so called family think they are not Glenda Stewart and again you are on social media doing a bad job for some one that studied law .You have shown how ugly lawyers can be.

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  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Alan Winter

    No truer word has been spoken than when you said “…You have shown how ugly how lawyers can be…”

    Olivia Wellington IS A MAN.

    IN ONE of his earlier entries he use the majestic plural and said something about “we were reviewing the documents…” or someting like that with what was a legally derived document and a process that INLY RELATES TO AN IN CHAMBERS ACTION.

    I had found it before but I just don’t feel like finding it again.

    The fact is that these two ladies are no sweet breads.

    THEY are not letting go.

    Pain and Teets sold beachfront property without observing the legal processes

    THEY then contributed to padding legal fees excessively to benefit illegally from those fees.

    The might even have been complicit in ensuring thst the process of restoring duplicate title took so long to rack up additional fees

    And may have hoped that the substantive owners had died in the process both the parties here AND THOSE IN ENGLAND.

    I AM ONE OF THOSE INCITERS WHO WOULD ADVISE THE UK lionesses to seek UK lawyers who are capable of practicing law in Barbados

    If you need an honest Barbadian lawyer send an email to The Luminary Jeff Cumberbatch for a referral. Mr Cumberbatch DOES NOT PLAY WITH HIS INTEGRITY.


    These two men will get you locked up on some stupid charges or worse.

    This is who they are.


    You need to up your internet presence AND ADJUST YOUR INTERNET ENGAGEMENT STYLE as it relates to the ammmmmm not necessarily the vernacular utilized BUT WHO YOU DIRECT IT TO.


    He does not come on BU and respond to anything that is said by anyone specifically.

    However he will posts AFTER STRAIGHT TALK AND 2 OTHERS.

    Watch and learn.

    Enuff of Lorenzo duo can be goaded to respond to anything that you want them to get riled up at IF YOU FASHION IT EMOTIVELY ENOUGH.

    No OLIVIA he is an arrogant, more seasoned, lawyer who is deferred to in a court of law.

    But he understands his assigned task.

    He want to get you two UK ladies to stop your internet and wear down people like John the Quaker and Straight Talk and Alan Winter.

    He understands that he can’t do anything with Mariposa and WARU.

    Ladies time and the internet ARE YOUR FRIENDS.

    Use these wisely.

    A search for Pain & Teets under their real names BRINGS UP BARBADOS UNDERGROUND and that is hurting their business. The entire law practice.

    If you were really serious ladies you could really do harm to this BLP administration by following through with a process that de ole man will outline presently below.

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  • WARU aka Abigail the head Salemite

    When you were vehemently arguing that Dr. Roleric Hinds was the MP for St.Thomas and inferring that he was a fraud in his capacity as MP, this JACKASS knew Dr.Hinds never once in his life sat as an MP in the Parliament of Barbados. Now if something as simple as differentiating between a political candidate and an elected MP is for you what advanced calculus is for many, then I’ll leave BU readers and contributors to adjudge who is the real jackass. Small wonder you’re currently struggling to grasp other simple concepts like executrix, beneficiary, the evolution of legal training and the requirements etc.🖐🏾


  • Simple…this is not about a hoarding disorder, that vulnerable beneficiary/executrix should have been REMOVED from that nasty, unhealthy environmemt BY FORCE to save her life, but both PAIN and Marshall wanted her kept there until she died to fulfill their agendas of ripping off the ESTATE…

    People are FORCIBLY REMOVED from unhealthy situations all the time for their own and other people’s safety…in her case…this was never done…she was kept there despite having these two lawyers as her personal representatives..

    That is criminal negligence of an elderly and vulnerable person….elder abuse…those two should be charged…and that is only the beginning,.., there is also the outright theft of the Estate..that belongs to neither PAIN nor TEETS… a whole other crime…so they can get here and try to change facts and lie…and lie.., but FACTS DON’T CHANGE..only lies change.


  • Enuff…come down to earth…where did Rolerick Hinds…claim to be the attorney and personal representative for Ermine an executrix/beneficiary of the Stewart Estate and kept the elderly and vulnerable Ermine so tethered, weak and vulnerable to die in filth in order to steal the Estate…and sold the Estate without the KNOWLEDGE or CONSENT of the last living beneficiary…

    Hinds misrepresented himself to certain people in the Warrens area…they are alive and well and can attest to that…as juvenile and dumb as it was, it was NOT criminal…it got him nowhere and AGAIN is not criminal…HE DID NOT KILL ANYONE ..or hound them to death TO THIEF A WHOLE ESTATE…and bank the proceeds of that sale in his personal bank account…Hinds cannot be charged …but both PAIN and TEETS could…what is so hard about that for you to understand.., yardfowl..

    Ya know Rokerick Hinds was or was not an MP…but ya dont know that PAIN and TEETS are two well known frauds and thieves who have been ripping off old people and beneficiaries of their estates for years…everyone else knows and they should both be in prison fir the criminals they are…again…ya cannot compare that to telling a few lies…this is criminal and should be prosecuted..if only the Mia convernment was not showing such early signs of misrepresenting their intent to punish corruption, fraud, and thefts against the elderly…and others..

    What is so hard about that to understand…what will it take….a 29-0 next election.

    Ya cannot change what is coming..yardfowls are clueless and always will be,

    Leave out Rolerick Hinds and deal with Payne and Marshall and the fact that the Mia government is deceiving the population with regards to locking up and punishing corrupt frauds and thieves like PAIN and TEETS.

    ..that is what should be occuping your waking moments….for the worldwide embarrassment now playing out…is leaving a permanently foul stench on the Mia government….guilt by association..and protecting ministers in their crimes against the elderly… against beneficiaries to estates to continue theft of estates.

    A caring government would NEVER allow this to continue to play out without suspending both ministers until this matter is RESOLVED satisfactorily and completely for the beneficary whose estate was so criminally stolen.

    Rolerick Hinds that…you are acting as if having knowledge or not of someone who told a lie and misrepresented themselves …but did not get an opportunity to harm anyone is of utmost importance.compared to what is about to bring diwn the Mia government.., deal with the real CRIMINALS…PAIN and TEETS…no one is exposing Hinds on Facebook. ..

    Ya got it now…yardfowl.


  • I REPEAT: for the benefit of ENUFF the yardfowl..

    Ya know Rokerick Hinds was or was not an MP…but ya PRETENDING ya dont know that PAIN and TEETS are two well known frauds and thieves who have been ripping off old people and beneficiaries of their estates for years…

    ..the whole of Orange Hill knows…take a drive up there and speak to the people…or ask Edmund Hinkson, Home Affairs Minister…or Owen Arthur whom I confirmed removed PAIN from his government for criminal activities,….ya fraud..


  • Ya do realize that the Mia government is now VERY SUSPECT right???

    Not Rolerick Hinds.and definitely not me……..the Mia government, ..


  • “If you need an honest Barbadian lawyer.”

    Piece the Stewarts CANNOT use a Bajan lawyer for this, that is why I referred a firm that none of them can even approach or play games with, even the one or two lawyers seen as honest on the island are very vulnerable to two ministers now in charge of law and land and with the Mia government backing and supporting them despite their crimes against the Stewart beneficiaries,,….the Stewarts can clearly see this just as I am seeing it…

    These two pissant fly by night thieves cannot mess with a behemoth like Skadden or any heavy weight in their class…, even if the fraud and liar forked tongue Olivia claims to know friends who work at Skadden…not one employee at Skadden can violate their oath without being FIRED and/or JAILED……they have no power against giants .those two classless nobodies like Payne and Marshalll…neither can the Mia government run any interference either…or it will end up being arbitrated in a world court..

    ..,giants dont play with mental midgets. .that is why I wanted PAIN and TEETS to know who is out there and are quite capable of dealing with them…one on one…


  • not one employee at Skadden can violate their oath without being FIRED and/or JAILED…

    And they should all be asking me how I know this…but they can trust that as the sun is shining in the sky….NOT ONE OF THEM WANT TO KNOW.


  • So Owen knew Payne was a tief fired him in 2000, but kept his sidekick Marshall as a Senator (1999-2003). Then pushed for Marshall to be the BLP candidate in the 2003 election ahead of the then popular Pat Parris. On Marshall’s win, Owen, knowing Payne was a tief and Marshall his sidekick, appointed Marshall to the Cabinet eventually making him Attorney General in 2006. Okaaay. I will continue to refrain from calling people thieves based on your type of proof. 🤣🤣


  • Enuff you answered your own question and even i know this took place they all have shit on their shirts


  • Enuff..according to those who were there AND know..Owen did not CATCH Marshall in criminal activities back then…….but he caught Payne…..Mia is now responsible for doing something about BOTH Payne and Marshall….not Owen…

    Why is Payne even on the people’s payroll..if the Mia government is not complicit in these estate thefts..knowing Payne was already FIRED by Owen for criminal activities against people…he did not want Payne in his government because of those bad optics of criminality, criminal behaviour. so why is Mia wanting him in hers…


  • @ Enuff
    Why don’t you take a break nuh…?
    You have done more damage to your credibility on this issue than Maripoka has managed to do to the DLP in the last ten…


    Arguing about whether these women were defrauded by the Bajan lawyers is like arguing about whether dogs bite…
    Lotta shiite…!!!

    OF COURSE they robbed her …. along with HUNDREDS of others who have been too ashamed, timid, submissive or just plain DUMB to fight back.

    BUT this woman is a good old Bajan BLACK HAT – of the ilk that stands in the road in front of your house and lifts up her skirt – while letting you know which god you serve…
    – she probably missed out on the Bajan Brass Bowl injection which seems to be administered at the QEH at birth.

    Enuff and the Wellington character only make things worse…. now making it look like lawyers are not just CROOKED, but also clueless about social media and dealing with difficult issues…and TOTALLY immune to truth and honesty.

    Pathetic bunch….wunna lot.
    …and wunna are the people running things in Barbados..???!!???
    Our ONLY hope ( a VERY slight hope) is that Mia (not having the LEC) is NOT a REAL lawyer….
    What the Hell…
    Our ass is grass….

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  • Enuff,i do not know why you respond to some of thes Jackasses,like Waru,Piece ,this new guy Allan Winter,Mariposa,and Theo Gazzerts.These persons have a clear political agenda trying hard to continue to stoke this fire,to get Ms motley to remove Mr Payne and Mr Marshall.Then one of them speaks of some impending 30 to 0 to come really?Tell me who will replace the ruling party .UPP,Solutions or the Dead Labour Party led by two lightweight losers who cannot win a seat.Ms Mottley to her credit alike Mr stuart has not uttered a word on this neither Mr Payne,so if the afore mentioned have evidence take it to the DPP,not hiding on BU.In my view the person who seems to know these people appears to be Ms Wellington, and despite all the hysteria appears very calm,and I tend to believe her,just my opinion,as I have no real interest or imformation on this issue so whichever way it goes is fine with me.


  • Which gives the Stewarts even more ammunition…since if they did not know before…b they certainly know NOW..that Payne was FIRED from the Owen Arthur government because of his CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES..which the Mia government sees nothing wrong with…not enough to suspend his fraudulent ass…AND PROTECT THE SAME POPULATION WHO ELECTED HER GOVERNMENT…….from Payne..


  • Lorenzo…ya are just as fruadulent as Olivia, PAIN and TEETS…so birds of a slimy feather tend to slime and stick together…it is not rocket science…


  • @Bush Tea September 9, 20187:33 AM “a good old Bajan BLACK HAT – of the ilk that stands in the road in front of your house and lifts up her skirt – while letting you know which god you serve.”


    I know the kind.

    One very quiet Sunday afternoon one arrived in the neighbourhood, and proceeded to lambaste a very, very senior police officer. She woke up all of the neighbours. People could hear from five or six gaps away. She notified him and all of the neighbours of his short comings. Then she went ‘long back home to her husband.

    The police officer has not walked the road since.

    Hal Austin would have been horrified.

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  • @Lorenzo September 9, 2018 7:38 AM “…if the afore mentioned have evidence take it to the DPP”

    You beginning to sound just like Froons.


  • Bush Teet why you keep calling Mariposa name..
    If my only crime is speaking my personal views on things political in barbados then i am guilty of having a right to free speech
    Your obsession with past govt defeat at the hands of crooks and thieves who are now being lambasted on social media as fraudsters should be enough to tell you that one should also be suspicious as to whether this win was not done through the process of smoke and mirrors and fraudlent use
    One or maybe two rotten apples can spoil the whole bunch
    Just saying


  • @WARU September 9, 2018 5:44 AM “Simple…this is not about a hoarding disorder, that vulnerable beneficiary/executrix should have been REMOVED from that nasty, unhealthy environmemt BY FORCE to save her life.”

    The truth is that in Barbados men are NOT caregivers. It is not even expected of them. You didn’t hear about the very senior official who turned up at the QEH and get on like a black hat because the staff of the QEH told him that his father no longer required medical attention, and that he, the senior official should take his father home and provide for his social care? The man got on like a fire calash den. So truthfully we Bajans don’t expect our sons, brothers or husbands to care for us in old age. We don’t even expect them to take the responsibility to arrange and pay for our care.

    Very, very sad, but true.

    So ideally Ermine’s FEMALE relatives, money or or money should have cared for her, or again money or no money should have arranged for paid caregivers. Caring for elders is almost always an example of sacrificial love.

    Since it is Sunday morning a little prayer for those of you who have to provide hands-on, unpaid elder care “to give and not to count the cost, to fight and not to heed the wound, to labour and not to ask for any reward, save that of knowing that you do God’s will.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Chairman Mia Mao Ze Jong

    Dr ole man will speak that which i know to be the truth (AND SHALL DO SO UNTIL I GO HOME TO MY FATHER who is the Lord of All Things).

    You are by now well aware of this WILL matter.

    This WILL, irrespective of what your agents of subterfuge Olivia Mellington of PAIN AND TEETS and Enuff of Lorenzo duo and Lorenzo had Enough who have attempted (VERY PPORLY) to say otherwise, confirms for me and ALL SENSIBLE BU READERS, that this was will actionned by TEETS & PAIN solely to acquire this woman’s beachfront land.

    What we are seeing here goes back to that question posed earlier about “who will bell the cat?” (you nd your legal brethren being the “cat”)

    We have a pattern of behaviour associated with lawyers in Barbados (OF WHOM YOU ARE ONE) men and women who are really crooks (OF WHOM YOU ASSUREDLY SHOULD NOT BE ONE) no different to those 4 young men who stuck up that 55 year old mother Colleen Beresdean Payne, 58, of Lodge Hill, St Michael. at the bottom of university hill AND KILLED HER!!

    Tell me Chairman Mao!

    What is the difference?

    Is it the velocity that the bullet leaves the chamber and hurtles through the air into soft tissue and organs? or the speed at which Ermine Atwell Languished at her home and dies while her lawyers levied $5000? a month in maintenance fees?

    Is it the fact that as she dies on a RBC Bank property, alone, without her children to say goodbye to their mother? or the fact that the UK ladies were 3,000 miles plus away when their mother died that makes a difference Mia?

    Did the children of Mrs Payne weep longer tears for their mother than the ladies in the UK? or is it the fact Mia that their tears were not as salty as those of your father when he wept for you when you were pilloried on the political platform per his requests for forgiveness of taxes?

    Yea I am verily made to understand that the tears of the privileged are not the same of the tears of us poor people. But then again Ms. Brathwaithe could tell us differently could she?

    heheheheheheh Enuff of Lorenzo duo or Lorenzo had Enuff nor Olivia Wellington would not know of that remark so we going let Brathwaot’s tears pass…

    What gives us reason to think its different when Pain & Teets decide that, opposed to ATM “chump change” and a more rapid bullet, that they will attack an older woman than this 55 years old and rob her of $2.4 million ?

    Is it the fact that no bullet was used Mia ? or that, like the victim at University Hill, who still had $$ left in the ATM for her estate, Ermine Atwell AS PER THE HEARTLESS COMMENTS OF THE DOG OLIVIA WELLINGTON “still has 8 more acres somewhere in BARBADOS”?

    Are you reading the remarks of the scum that you sent here to BU to quell this robbery Mia?




  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Grateful for your assistance please Honourable Blogmaster with two appeals to the single person who can DO THE RIGHT THING and start to settle all this dishonesty and corruption in the LEGAL PROFESSION and everywhere else.

    As she false promised in her Covenant of Hope



    “Mollie Orshansky (January 9, 1915 – December 18, 2006) was an American economist and statistician who, in 1963–65, developed the Orshansky Poverty Thresholds, which are used in the United States as a measure of the income that a household must not exceed to be counted as poor.” Wikipedia

    I found this testimony before the U.S. Congress to be instructive. especially the statement of Mollie’s niece Jane Pollack, on pages 4 to 6. Ms. Orshansky was an intelligent woman. “Mollie did everything possible to plan for her future. She executed a health care proxy…” and people in the United States will continue to benefit from her public service for many generations, and yet towards the end of her life she “received little attention. Her physical and mental condition deteriorated. Mollie was forced into incontinence. Her muscles atrophied and she could no longer stand or walk.”

    This can happen to any one of us. This WILL CERTAINLY HAPPEN to some of us, regardless of our present social, economic, political power or intelligence status.

    Read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest.

    One day coming soon, some of us WILL BE in Mollie’s soiled, wet, diapers.


  • Olivia Wellington September 8, 2018 8:25 PM

    There are serious issues of literacy here. Where did I state that I am a lawyer? I graduated from LSE, Class of 1990.

    So stop being Economical withe the truth!


  • Easy. Just look at the list of the 1990 graduates of the LSE in all subjects. Not many would have been Bajans.


  • “So ideally Ermine’s FEMALE relatives, money or or money should have cared for her, or again money or no money should have arranged for paid caregivers. Caring for elders is almost always an example of sacrificial love.”

    Yes the relatives should have been more FORECFUL with matter how stubborn and cantankerous she was…..but these two low rent tiefing SKUNKS for lawyers…….PAIN and TEET appointed themselves legal and personal representatives of this woman…just because of the ESTATE they both wanted to steal..

    .I am sure a case can be made that due to her diminished capacity…she NEVER knew what they were forcing her to sign in order to steal land and money…if she was competent..there is no way she would have left her surroundings, health and safety to deteriorate to such dangerously unheathyly levels…those two took advantage of this woman and pushed her to degrading levels to satisfy their nasty greed…they did..until she died…

    But they cannot get their hands on the surviving beneficiary to do the same and that is why their lowlife yardfowls are out in force…


  • May I add…as her personal AND legal representatives…both Marshall and Payne had an obligation to this woman and were BOTH responsible for her maintaining a healthy existence and not die in such filthy, inhumane conditions…conditions they themselves contributed to when they partitioned her off from her relatives…in order to steal her and her sister’s estate…



    yardfowls are of no consequence but I don’t know why Mia would think she can even get away with this and everyone will remain silent because it is business as usual, corruption, fraud and tiefing from old people and reducing them to such a level that they die in filth and abject poverty while Ba Association lawyers steal their millions…..their Estate and ALL their land…

    And these hypocrite ministers and lawyers are all running around talking about an integrity committee and insulting our intelligence..

    Liked by 1 person

  • @ Piece, keep the posters coming. I think one or two a day and hit hard as is your wont. I do feel sorry for the Stewarts. Imagine that Olivia person complaining about the Stewarts leaving 8 acres of valuable St. James land, in the Garden, unattended for 18 months. What business is it of his? My father died in 1997 and left us valuable land in Bathsheba, we have done nothing with it.


  • Bajans…coveteousness and ENVY…the Olivia trash has lawyer family and they did to get to tief the Stewart estate like she wanted..PAIN beat them to it, so she blames the Stewarts..

    …these scum of the earth are not nasty in joke ya hear…watch ya family land cause ya can be sure that all the land thieves on the island are also watching it and got it earmarked for theft…


  • the Olivia trash has lawyer family and they did NOT get to tief the Stewart estate like she wanted..PAIN beat them to it, so she blames the Stewarts..


  • Waru, you are so right. Quite a few strangers have been around the village questioning the ownership. The neighbour cussed them all and told them it has an owner. I have the original deed. I am now in the process of getting it subdivided. There was a problem with the original survey, so it is being redrawn.


  • BushTea

    My credibility? I seldom end up wrong on BU. I recall LEC Gate too. if you can’t see a red herring, you’re not as smart as I thought. Never take sides with the likes of Mariposa and WARU–one is a liar and the other not too bright.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item thank you


  • Waru you nailed it on the head OLIVIA SKUNK wants to help PAIN and Tief tief the GLENDA STEWART cake


  • Seem like the Payne/Marshall policy of rolling over and playing dead may just work.
    They have the law and the organs of government…
    The people have limited attention spans
    Their strategy of saying nothing may be optimal for them


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