Senator Caswell Franklyn Responds to Facebook Video Accusing Ministers George Payne and Dale Marshall of Fraud

[Barbados Underground] The following was shared by Senator Caswell Franklyn in response to the following question –





Is there any light you can shed on the lady and her mother posting videos to Facebook accusing Payne and Marshall of some unscrupulous action?

“David, Blogmaster

I know more than most about the situation which led to these two people defaming Marshall and Payne on Facebook.

This matter arose out of the sale of land of the late Ermine Atwell. She was the widow of Melvin Atwell, attorney-at-law. The two people making the allegations about Marshall and Payne are Ermine’s sister and niece.

Ermine was a recluse who lived alone with her dog, Zena. For a number of years Ermine would call me every Sunday, unless I was out of the island or there was a problem with Cable and Wireless. We would talk about every conceivable topic, one of which was her sister’s and Niece’s efforts to get their hands on Ermine’s land.

According to Ermine’s version, the sister Ieft Barbados in the sixties and did not look back, not even to attend their father’s funeral in 1975. Then out of a clear blue sky the sister returned to Barbados, and only made contact with Ermine by way of a lawsuit to get portion of Ermine’s land that formerly belonged to their father. The sister lost the case.

Ermine was willing to help her sister if she had asked but was hurt and angry that the sister took her to court. As a result, she vowed to me that the sister would get nothing from her and as far as I know, Ermine was taking steps to make sure that the sister would get nothing.

Ermine died suddenly and I don’t know how far she had gotten in disposing her property. I know that Ermine believed in George Payne and Rawle Eastmond but had chosen George to deal with her legal matters.

I did not comment before for two reasons: I was not asked; and Marshall and Payne should be able to take care of themselves.”

The following documents posted to BU’s Facebook Timeline:



  • Jerry Nurse is another returning national who has had his share of problems with land!!


  • Lorenzo the scenario giving by the ole ladies who accusese George Payne and Dale Marshall of land Fraud fits into the same scheming done to Dominica by the govt of barbados where speculationsa nd accusations of poaching raises the ugly heads
    As the saying goes the apple does not fall from the children
    Birds of feathers flock together
    A person is known by the company kept
    It is nincoompoops like u who keep these immoral scamps in govt to do as they dam please
    I admire these two women for not giving up or backing down from the power and the might and wickedness in high places

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  • A lot of cases like this is caused by estranged sisters and Brothers, who left Barbados 40-50 years, did not accumulate anything, but, now feel the need or greed to inherit


  • David BU who i had plenty respect when i first came to BU has dropped to a low of the lowest as far as having high standards of any worthwhile value
    Including moral values that can be weighed in the balance and not found wanting
    Maybe he belives that BU would lose the pull it is accustomed if he stands as a moderator absent of unbaised content
    These two women are not crazy but angry with a vengeance that is asking for fairness and justice
    A question in one of the videos in which one of the ladies ask is worth pondering
    She ask if it is because she is black that she and her mom are treated with disdain and disregard in the judicial system
    A good question when one look at the way blacks are treated in the legal system here in barbados
    Even recent events makes for the questioning of the lady commends


  • Sargeant
    August 18, 2018 12:36 AM

    Amidst all the shouting I heard those words too, surely the woman is not a good advocate for her cause and some could easily dismiss her as “unhinged”. What if a legal matter is concluded absent some pertinent facts?
    I am not a lawyer.


    I am only half a lawyer so I confused the two ownership statuses!!

    The lady said tenancy in common, equal shares.

    Whoever bought the land has an irate co-owner who may or may not want to compromise.

    If the representation was made that no such right existed, somebody is in trouble from both the irate coowner and the purchaser!!

    A joint tenancy with survivorship rights would also mean somebody is in bare trouble.

    … because it might mean the land is the property of one sister alone once the other died!!

    Either way, somebody in trouble if the documentation exists!!

    This sounds like one more horror story attached to land in Barbados.

    Usually crooked lawyers and a corrupt court are the roots.

    The ladies making noise because they are vex and are not inhibited by Barbadian niceties!!

    So, they will call a spade a spade!!


  • One parcel of land, no subdivision. if the estrange sister has a copy of the father will that said ” joint tenancy in common” or “tenants in common” her action of being estranged can and do caused a parent to changed a will


  • According to Ermine’s version, the sister Ieft Barbados in the sixties and did not look back, not even to attend their father’s funeral in 1975. Then out of a clear blue sky the sister returned to Barbados, and only made contact with Ermine by way of a lawsuit to get portion of Ermine’s land that formerly belonged to their father. The sister lost the case.


    Maybe I got it wrong but it was the UK sister and the Barbados sister who were estranged.

    It sounds like there is third sister too.

    Their father was a Holder, an MP (with Lammie Craig) for St. James.

    He was honoured by Her Majesty!!

    He died in 1975.

    He owned the land.

    The land had to get to their mother before she could leave it to her daughters as tenants in common if this is what happened.

    The father should have had a will or with his wife was on the title deeds as owner.

    It does not matter if one sister stayed here and the other(s) left.

    If they are tenants in common then either one is able to buy the other out and get title to the land or share and share alike.

    One can’t claim the land on the basis that she stayed in Barbados and happens to occupy it nor can the other claim it on the basis that she settled an outstanding mortgage for her father and was given a verbal assurance.

    Caswell’s version as obtained from Ermine is wrong if it is the Barbados sister, Ermine who brought the case as is claimed by the UK sister.

    He sounds like he was sold a bill of goods about the UK sister who “never looked back”.

    That is easy to determine.

    Maybe it is good he opened his mouth but Caswell now needs to make inquiries and get his facts straight.

    He can still make things right between himself and the UK sister/niece by just getting to the facts and existing documentation and admitting he was misled, if indeed he was.

    Maybe, just maybe, he might help a lot of Bajans who got shafted by criminal lawyers and a corrupt legal system.

    … and then there is the elephant in the room …. BLP membership!!


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “A good question when one look at the way blacks are treated in the legal system here in barbados.”

    The way blacks are treated BY BLACKS….the ministers of government are BLACKS ..the lawyers ARE BLACK…the judges.. ARE BLACK…the chief justice ….IS BLACK …..the registrars….ARE BLACK …ALL the court employees are BLACK …It’s the way blacks are treated ….BY BLACKS..,

    Blacks in positions of authority and being paid a salary by BLACK taxpayers need to take a long hard look at the way they treat other BLACKS….like themselves.

    Re poaching of Ross university, the university says that’s a big lie..

    ‘No poaching’
    Article by
    Barbados Today Published on
    August 17, 2018
    NEW YORK – The chief executive officer at Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM), Lisa Wardell, has defended the decision of the US-owned tertiary institution to leave Dominica and relocate to Barbados after 40 years.

    Wardell, who is also president of Adtalem Global Education, said the decision to relocate was taken “after considerable deliberations, including a review of our academic and infrastructural requirement and future plan.

    “We were fortunate to maintain the quality and continuity . . . of the education programme at our temporary location in St Kitts while we were unable to use our Dominica campus,” she told the Securities and Exchange Commission and Adtalem investors on Wall Street, as she discussed Adtalem Global Education’ fourth quarter and full year fiscal 2018 results.”


  • The above staement by Ross is a big lie another attempt to cover up the truth
    The more Ross open mouth the more they subject their business to criticisms
    There are plenty questions left unanswered by Ross and Barbados govt which leaves doubt and suspicion as to when these two parties met and agreed
    As with the two women whose stories having accusations being levelled at George Payne and Dale Marshall
    Both stories have levell of sinster corrupt undermining of the poor and vulnerable by the high and mighty and powerful


  • Jackii Stewart

    No I don’t this is a criminal act and I posted the ilegal sale document on social media and .my Grandmothers deed they are all land fraud terrorists and not only my mum fact they can stick their fraudulent documents where the sun don’t shine in Barbados and go for a baptism in the South coast Sewer system.


  • Dear Senator Caswell:

    the lady siad “don’t piss me off” and if I was you, and I am not, I would try real-real hard not to piss her off. Because if she seemed so angry not pissed off, imagine what will happen when she becomes really, really, pissed off.

    I know George since he was in short pants. He is an athelete. He can fight his own battles.


  • Caswell the mummy coming fa you, to sort your @%& out.


    You too David.You gine be tekkin’ some heat.


  • Long, long ago, the late Ellsworth was my MP. The daughter looks just like him. So does the late Mrs. Atwell. We hear about rich MP’s, but it seems that towards of the MP’s life that money was a bit short.


  • Quite a family this Holder family ….. some seriously fascinating genealogy if I got it right.

    BTW, Holder was an early Quaker family!!


  • “A good question when one look at the way blacks are treated in the legal system here in barbados.”

    Utter nonsense…
    Over 50 years of free university education and we cannot break our mental chains and blame others instead of ourselves..


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Exactly Theo….self introspection.

    I happened to be in a certain place sometime back and who shoulď strut by all puffed up and full of air was the magistrste Graveney Bannister and all you can hear people saying is what a black son of a bitch he is to his own people…

    …..most blacks in Barbados when given a title and a small degree of power over each other, still act like they are on a slave plantation and promptly begin the abuse of each other, it is not more evident than in the judiciary and in the PARLIAMENT, they still act like they are on a plantation and still got massa to please…

    …..they all really need to take a very long look at themselves, no matter how they spin it, they cannot blame whitey or any other minority for their current behavior, apparently they seem oblivious to the fact that they are the taxpayers in the country in charge of their own fates which includes how they treat each other.

    I have watched them for a very long time…it’s mindnumbing how they behave, they need to start observing themselves instead of allowing others to freely continue to observe them, and exploit it…. and change those destructive behaviors, there is no moving forward until they do, no amount of amending the constitution can fix that state of self destructiveness. .

    The nurse who fell at the QEH and injured her spine in the 70s while about 5 different governments rotated in and out of the parliament waiting for her to die instead of making sure she was compensated for her injuries, she waited 37 years until she ended up in a wheelchair when she finally got the surgery, that lowlife Adriel Nitwit grudgingly did not want her yo have. . it appears it was too late to save her mobility…now she can’t even rent a place without being kicked out because of discrimination of the disabled, because of a stinking black lawyer who should be disbarred. .because she is now in a wheelchair…because of the stinking black governments in parliament, because of the stinking judiciary made up of only blacks …because of the way house negros treat each other…they all need to take a good look at themselves and notice that sensible people are not impressed and that is ANOTHER reason. why they are all being exposed.

    They still collude with others and each other to destroy each other.


  • @well well

    WRT to Mag Bannister- are u saying that black bajans who break the law should not be punished? are u saying that becos Mag Bannister carries out his function according to the law he should be shunned for so doing?


  • Simple Simon
    August 18, 2018 12:29 AM

    Long, long ago, the late Ellsworth was my MP. The daughter looks just like him. So does the late Mrs. Atwell. We hear about rich MP’s, but it seems that towards of the MP’s life that money was a bit short.


    Ellsworth Holder appeared at a time when MP’s got no pensions!!

    Looks like he entered the house in 1966 with Lammie Craig and nine years later, 1975, passed away.

    Lammie Craig got the pension!!

    Ellsworth Holder owned land as did his father before him.

    By the standards of the day was probably well off, except not much cash money like everyone else, but a source of income.

    He was probably a pillar of the community which made getting a seat in Parliament an easy undertaking.

    Remember Lammie Craig …. once said in Parliament he wanted to see every DLP member starve!!!

    That’s how politics works in Barbados …. control the party members and their source of income/support.

    “Democratic” socialism!!

    Ermine Atwell I am guessing was a victim of the very political system that saw her father become an MP.

    Within the party, covetous eyes espied the land of her father, and his grandfather before him.

    West Coast sounds like so very valuable as cash!!

    Ermine Atwell’s sister freed herself and gained an element of independence of the political system to which she would have probably become a slave had she stayed in Barbados.

    Now she is back!!

    “We are Holders”!!!

    There is a serious lesson here to be learnt by all Barbadians!!

    It is sad that a family once strong and united but still proud could have fallen victim to the evil of politics.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Greene….how can you see a point i made as big as the titanic staring you in the face and stilll miss it…..which part of that comment stated crime by blacks should not be punished…, and while ya at it, show me where Bannister ever punished the many and varied crimes committed by white, indian, syrian minorities on the island..

    Take a deep breath and examine your psyche…it is for your own good and that of your descendants…presuming you care anything about thrm as a black man..

    PLT….do you now see what I mean about amending the constitution in its present format is a total waste of time, notwithstanding the demons who drafted and ratified it in UK….the problems on the island runs much, much deeper than some racist created constitution that can be easily burned out of existence…the problem is a black problem and runs deep into the very souls of those so infected..


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “Remember Lammie Craig …. once said in Parliament he wanted to see every DLP member starve!!!”

    And got the fitting send off he deserved like the scum and stain of this earth he was.

    While I can’t rejoice at what the Holder ladies are experiencing even though their ancestor was once a member of the political cabal …it just goess to show thatvthese black demon lawyers and black ministers and politicians have no loyalty to their own black people…particularly when they want to sell their own people out in exchange for cash, house, land and other material things their petty narrow minds think is more important than looking out for and taking care of each other…, even though the same black people they steal from and sell out to thieves on a daily basis are the same ones paying them a salary to feed their families…that is how ungrateful black scum is…..they see nothing wrong with their sick actions and do not even recogniz that they are constantly being observed by others for varying reasons.

    These ladies would do well if they have all their deeds and run up documents…after making complaints to the appropriate international agencies…post the documents to the blogs and keep this in the public domain indefinitely. ..or until the authorities in Barbados get off their scummy asses and act.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Since for the past few months I have started to familiarize myself with the Yoruba language from the Kingdom of Benin in North Africa, I have arrived at the conclusion that black people in the Caribbean, the Americas and Europe, thosev who are now conscious with eyes wide open and can actually see where all this is headed, should now TAKE BACK their African names which was stolen from them and their ancestors by europeans….journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.


  • well well

    i take it that you have completed a DNA test and it has informed that you from this part of W Africa and from this particular people? good on you. how will you go about choosing a name?


  • Apparantly. Payne and Marshall have no shame but prefer to sit quietly in hiding hoping that the two woman would go away
    Payne and Marshall might be in for a rude awakening and the longest haul of shaming on social media if they do not respond to these women accusations
    Saying that he asked fb to remove the postings is not the answer
    The answers lies in his responsibilty of answering the accusations through the courts if he feels he is being victimized unfairly by the two woman
    Bur this i know with these two women persistence and tenacity Payne and Marshall name would become a disguting household words across cyberspace another objective which these woman are pursuing


  • Greene…I already or anyone else interested in learning more about the Yoruba language can do so by viewing Aderonke’s youtube videos..which will give you all the information you need…do not forget to share the information with others, do not keep it to yourself..


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ John August 18, 2018 1:01 AM
    “Quite a family this Holder family ….. some seriously fascinating genealogy if I got it right.
    “BTW, Holder was an early Quaker family!!

    Only goes to further show that the Quakers in Barbados were slave owners and a bunch of hypocrites as readily confirmed by Benjamin Lay.

    The material ‘sweets’ from Sugar were more tempting than any religious Quaker ideals.
    Show us a white ‘Holder’ other than the mulatto father of Eric and we would prove to you, John, that Saul was a Muslim slave trader before he saw the Light and became Paul a ‘Christian assassin’.

    So what will it be Sir John? Walking in the Light of Truth about the Bajan Quakers and their slave owning past or continue to delude yourself in trying to hide the Quaker past of darkness lighted by rape and exploitation of their black chattels?

    “And this is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you: God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all.
    If we say we have fellowship with Him yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth.
    But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin.
    If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us…” ~ The ‘First John- 1:8

    “You will say, Christ saith this, and the apostles say this; but what canst thou say? Art thou a child of Light and hast walked in the Light, and what thou speakest is it inwardly from God?” ~ George Fox.



    We are losing our heroes who have empathy and care about their own people and there are very few to replace them..

    “Kofi Annan, the only black African to become UN secretary-general, has died.
    The 80-year-old “passed away peacefully on Saturday after a short illness”, the foundation named after him said.
    His home country, Ghana, has declared a week of national mourning. Annan served two terms as UN chief from 1997 to 2006, and was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian work.
    He later served as the UN special envoy for Syria, leading efforts to find a solution to the conflict.
    In a statement announcing his death, the Kofi Annan Foundation described him as a “global statesman and deeply committed internationalist who fought throughout his life for a fairer and more peaceful world”.
    “Wherever there was suffering or need, he reached out and touched many people with his deep compassion and empathy.”


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Mariposa August 18, 2018 10:11 AM
    “Bur this i know with these two women persistence and tenacity Payne and Marshall name would become a disguting household words across cyberspace another objective which these woman are pursuing…”

    No more than the names of the kings of DLP launderers called Thompson Parris & Inniss.

    We sure that the same way you know there is sufficient evidence to prosecute Walton and Dale there must be enough forensic evidence to levy on the estate and newly-acquired but unexplainable accumulation of riches of major shareholders in the company involved in the ‘dirty’ money laundering business.


  • well well

    post a link to share with your BU brethren.

    suppose i am not from that part of Africa, should i still adopt one of those names and learn the language?

    BTW what name have you chosen?


  • TheophiliusGazerts 440 (the last of the Gazerts)

    “@well well

    WRT to Mag Bannister- are u saying that black bajans who break the law should not be punished? are u saying that becos Mag Bannister carries out his function according to the law he should be shunned for so doing?”

    We brag of our literacy rate, but it looks as if we still have to work on the comprehension rate…….


  • MTA

    Show us a white ‘Holder’ other than the mulatto father of Eric and we would prove to you, John, that Saul was a Muslim slave trader before he saw the Light and became Paul a ‘Christian assassin’.


    You can’t prove Saul was a Muslim slave trader for the simple reason that Saul lived several centuries before Mohammad even existed!!



    This is the problem many Bajans have with Mathematics and numbers in general in Barbados.

    The 1st century in which Saul, and Paul lived comes before the 7th century in which Mohammad lived!!

    There was thus no Muslim slave trade at the time of Saul … or Paul!!!

    However there was a slave trade in existence from even before Saul’s time and it involved all colours and land areas.

    We know Africa was also involved because the first African converted to Christianity was of course the Ethiopian Eunuch who Philip converted.

    Castration seems to have been the lot of African Slaves from earliest times, until the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.


  • Miller,

    what money did Thompson launder?


  • Caswell’s statement is not based on having seen the granmother’s will and would therefore be flawed and based on heresay if there is factual evidence of a will that refers to common tenancy or part ownership.

    I find it highly irregular that just because a person went to England and did not look back and this again is heresay; was disinherited. Was a search conducted to find the sister in England? The home office keeps records, was a death certificate produced? Was there a search for her successors if there was information that she died?

    I do not know the grounds on which the court could have made its decision but even without all of the facts, it now seems flawed. Was the land sold before Ermine died?
    If Ermine died before the lands were sold were Letters of Administration obtained by some to resolve the matters of the Estate? If not, How could the lands have been sold? Where is the money from the sale?

    This matter must be taken to Court again and a transparent decision made. Right now we have hearsay from 4 people; the AG, Caswell, the sister in England and her daughter versus a valid will.

    I hope that Cynthia Force will seek to have this matter resolved in Court. We need to have stigma of these land cases involving the elderly resolved.

    Barbados needs a Land Court and title holding company.


  • Show us a white ‘Holder’
    Holder is the 6th most common surname in Barbados after Alleyne, Brathwaite, Clarke, Griffith and Forde.

    Here is a list of the 25 most common surnames in Barbados.

    If you go and look at these 25 surnames closely you quickly realise they belonged to the earliest Quakers in Barbados.

    How did a slave choose the surname taken after freedom?

    Out of respect for a family (White) the slave knew.

    So if you can’t see any white “Holders” in Barbados you are blind!!

    Even the Bishop of Barbados is/was a Holder!!

    When you finally get the scales removed from your eyes you will not only see … but perceive!!

    I’ll tell you one day how I believe this Holder family got its surname.


  • …. and of course there was also miscegenation!!


  • … that’s how Eric Holder gets to exist … and perhaps also perhaps, the Bishop of Barbados!!


  • Miller no sweat off my brow if Dale and Payne wants their names to be dragged through the mud indefintely and be lumped among the world’s first class thieves with Honourable mention


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Greene….I anticipated you would be curious to know , Waru is quite appropriate for my personality.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    The slave names must be phased out over time or used in conjuncton with whatever ancestral African names chosen.


  • As a matter of fact there has never been a better time to use my African name.


  • … but isn’t that a Maori name?


  • Greene…you are much better off finding out which of the 54 African countries your ancestors originated either through which gives you a more specific location, village, tribe…..or through ancestry, com.

    Once you do so, you can then reseach the specific anestral dialect or language that applies to you or whomever.

    If ya did as I suggested and googled the youtube video Yoruba lessons by Aderonke…ya already saw the information, so why the hell did you not post it to BU.


  • Know it all Liesa lot…try to figure it out, you do know there could be as many as over 500 languages and dialects in that region, right.

    Languages of Benin
    Benin is a diverse country linguistically. A total of 55 languages are spoken in Benin, with 50 being indigenous. Of those, French is the official language, and all the indigenous languages are considered national languages.

    According to official data, there are more than 520 languages spoken in Nigeria. By the way, nine of them are extinct. The other major languages are Igbo, Urhobo, Hausa, Yoruba, Ibibio, Fulfulde, Edo, Pidgin English, Ijaw, Kanuri, and Tiv.


  • Ya see…Yoruba and Japanese are similar in syntax, the pronunciations are very identical, the japanese would have had to originate from that region many, many thousands of years ago….

    What would mean one thing in Maori….means something quite different in Yoruba…that is why I spent months studying the language.


  • that is why I spent months studying the language.


    Why don’t you study the Maori language as well?


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ James Greene August 18, 2018 11:05 AM
    “….what money did Thompson launder?”

    Should we assume you have never heard about the $3.3 million CLICO dirty money heist sent to the Thompson laundry machine with the label “Legal Fees” but ended in the white linen closet of Greenverbs the leper as forensically cleaned gratuity payments?


  • Benin and Nigeria are a linguist’s paradise, you could not want a stronger, richer or more REAL history as an African descended Black person, to be a part of…

    …Caribbean people should be proud and embrace the knowledge, information and many opportinites available in touching base with Mother Africa continent, land of their forefathers.


  • Liesalot…why should I study what you want me to study, suffice it to say I am very comfortable with the languages I am already familiar with…added Yorubi because it is the language of my ancestors in Benin….42 percentile…. and don’t need anymore until I make that decision…why dont you study the Maori language.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ John August 18, 2018 11:11 AM
    “…. and of course there was also miscegenation!!”

    Is that a John-the-Baptist concocted euphemism for raping under-age black females just because they were considered property to be used by their owners in whichever way suited the slave masters and sons carnal desires?

    BTW, the same way you so-called Xtians like to identify with the stories and teachings of the Old Testament (like Leviticus) along with the saints and sinners so too do Muslims (those who submit to the will of one God) identify with Abraham and his son Ishmael being the ancestors of Muhammad.


  • @ WARU,

    thanks for the information, ore mi- taking liberties there lol.

    always thought that some names in the country we call Nigeria sound like names you see in Japan.

    i have thought about doing a DNA but whilst living in Canada and the UK i have been approached individually by Egyptians speaking in their language only to find out that i identify as bajan first and WIndian second. also approached by Somalians and Ethiopians who did the same.

    however given that most slaves in the Caribbean came from around the W Africa area i doubt that i would be DNAed in the Nubia area.

    in any case it makes no difference to me except from a name/ identity basis. i am quite comfortable being who i am as i am. i would admit tho that most of us need some grounding.

    interestingly enuff i once had an argument with a Turk who tried to convince me that black bajans are not africans when i told him we result form the W Africa slave trade. he said he travels to Nigeria a lot and the bajan facial construct is too fine and narrow to be Nigerian which he said is broader.

    i must say that you have taken it serious and that is admirable


  • @miller

    i am unaware that an investigation has identified the movement/possession of that 3mil or how much it was as the proceeds of criminal conduct. i would be grateful if you could point me to such an investigation.


  • You are supposed to take your ancestry seriously Greene…if you do not know where you came from or who you are you CANNOT know where you are or where you are going..

    I have no such problem.


  • @James Greene

    If you are unaware of David Thompson involvement in CLICO Policy holders 3.3Mil robbery, you are one of the blind and deaf Johnny-come-lately .


  • @Heather Cole

    Can a father disinherit his daughter without her knowing ?
    Why do you hope Cynthia Forde should seek to have this matter resolved in court ?


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ James Greene August 18, 2018 2:08 PM
    “i am unaware that an investigation has identified the movement/possession of that 3mil or how much it was as the proceeds of criminal conduct. i would be grateful if you could point me to such an investigation.”

    Like the CoP intimated in the case of the unearthing of Pornville’s dirty laundry, there has been no complainant so how you expect there would be investigation into one of their own and the party’s former bankroller?

    That is why the miller is daily persecuting Senator Caswell to raise the tax issue as a matter of urgent public concern.

    For as in the case of Al Capone if you cannot get at the bad guys one ‘legal’ way you could catch them using the other ‘legal’ tax evasion net.

    If the $3.3 million posing as either Dr. Jekyll legal fees or as gratuity payments due to Mr. Hyde the pariah Greenverbs, is that clean- and like Caesar’s wife alimony payments ought to be above public suspicion- then it should have turned up as lily white income declared in some party’s income tax return.

    Let us see how ‘honestly’ smart you are by agreeing with the miller in prosecuting this probable tax evasion case which clearly does not require a complainant by the name of James Green(e).


  • @ Mariposa

    On BU ,You the DLP yardfowl pick at your perceived Opposition BLP skeletons. But, since 2018 results, you are hyena with feathers


  • Since the demise of the late DJHT it was suggested by a well known journalist whose hands were tied that the then registrar was walking around with the last will and testament of the former PM now lying in ossuary in sint jans.For safety it was in somebody’s pocket bag.Now with the country in such high debt would that rumoured 39 million likely end up next door by helen or was the request turned down.Karma is a bitch.When the deputy attempted to besmirch the name of the lead opposition in the house about something to do with failure to participate in debating domestic violence and further cautioned tho opposition to ‘stop staring at my dawter so’,the deputy didn’t think that one day coming soon a favour would have to be asked.


  • Greene is simpleminded, anal and insular, a mentality that keeps the island stagmant and unable to move forward, what a pity.


  • WARU,

    ore mi, you found me out and i was trying so hard to hide it


  • Greene…ya cannot hide a shackled mind, the two Egyptians who lied to you about the population makeup of Nigeria, which is very diverse , could have told you that, but it was not in their best interest…and you are still too simpleminded to do the research on your own to discover the truth or you would have done your own research and found out they lied to you… and you would have been too ashamed or too knowledgeable to post that crap to this or any blog.


  • ore mi,

    i dont think you read that particular post correctly.

    be that as it may, let me reiterate, i have lived in at least 3 places in this world and traveled a lot. i have also experienced a lot. i have made a lot of mistakes. i have many regrets and have had a few successes.

    above all, i am satisfied if not happy with my lot in life. i know who i am and most importantly i am comfortable with who i am.

    each man to his own


  • @ Watchman, the woman referred to her grandmother’s title deed. I have no read the document but it could not contain both common tenancy and disheritance and the same time.

    Ms. Cynthia Forde stated the below:

    Many senior citizens were also being cheated out of properties and the elder affairs minister said this should end.


  • @Heather ,agreed grandmother’s title deed don’t mean anything,a will do.

    Minister Forde, should state if land lots is included in her meaning of properties being cheated , because Government required poor people land and take 20 plus years to pay, or don’t pay


  • @ Watchman, Agreed. We must find out what the will says if there was indeed a will. I mean the will of the father or mother of Ermine and her sister in the England. If there was indeed a will stating that it was family land, it would be illegal for Ermine to make a will or sell property that was not entirely hers without agreement of the other party or parties.
    Also as I previously stated it would be interesting to find out who received the proceeds of the sale.


  • @ Watchman, having lost this case in Court in Barbados, does it fit into the scope of the CCJ? I think it should be revisited.


  • The only”we” in this equation that needs to do dilligence are Marshall and Payne those two “we-wees”arr finding it convenient to hid behind their names as ministers and blp yardfowl supporters and ignore those two ladies persistent efforts to shame them accused them of land fraud inspite of these woman presenting documentation as evidence
    It seems as if Marshall and Payne belives they are above the law
    But why shouldn’t they since they have been put in charge of the henhouse
    Now David dont come here with you intimidation tactics advising me again that the nameless ” they” know who i am
    Which makes me think that you trade personnel information to outside sources without permission which is against Word Press agreements
    You dutti mutt


  • Is Caswell an opposition senator or an opposition senator who is also a member of the ruling BLP?

    Maybe the GG needs to find out!!

    Has the Reverend Joe resigned from the BLP or is he still a member?


  • These ladies are a breath of fresh air in de place!!!


  • watchman August 18, 2018 12:56 AM

    A lot of cases like this is caused by estranged sisters and Brothers, who left Barbados 40-50 years, did not accumulate anything, but, now feel the need or greed to inherit@@@

    I hear these words all the time. what is to ,mean because people have to leave Barbados or taken from Barbados, or even obtain another passport, Leaving your door open or putting money on a bank account leaves not give no one rights over what is yours, By Will or bloodline, None of these crooks Liars and scumbags will walk to the Queen home or Bank and pull this whenever she dies,
    Did you ever hear the case of the 7 billion dollar cavemen?

    Now with this post, it seems Barbados lawyers and people put those same words in heads of the population to rob them , Everything on Earth set up by the whiteman has an Owner, no matter if you know or not for it , where is the law that say once you die all you own belong to lawyers and businessmen/women crooks,
    Remember Violet Beckles lived and never leave Barbados for over 92 years and they pass the word around Barbados in Town and Country Mark Cummins that Violet was dead, Even so, she Visits that building many times, He has seen her many times at UDC turn around and went out the Back Door,


  • The blog just updated with a document posted to Facebook by Jackie Stewart. The basic redaction was not done by BU.


  • Caswell

    Looks like another case of a BLP member protecting other BLP members!!

    Caswell, you and Reverend Joe look like two actors!!

    The Odd Couple, Felix and Oscar.

    These two ladies could bring down the whole government!!

    You should have got your facts straight first and maybe you could have been helping them solve their problem instead of taking lashes.

    Unless you can refute the claims of these two ladies you should resign from the senate in shame.

    Rather than defend them, looks like you have made George Payne and Dale Marshall look like complete criminals.


  • Caswell needs to stick to the job the people of barbados is paying him to do.
    It is a shame that Caswell would tried to defend these two alleged fraudsters Dale and Payne


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ John the Quaker

    You do the Senator an injustice by the statements that you are promoting.

    I will explain

    There are 2 scenarios here.

    One where the ladies are lying in which case the two lawyers are safe (UNTIL ANOTHER MATTER SURFACES)

    Or where what they are saying is the Truth (which the ole man is inclined to believe given the first and only video I saw and its non professional elements. But de ole man ent Scotland Yard and is better known as a conspiracy theorist)

    Even if the second obtains a careful examination of the Senator’s comments solely say that he knew one of the parties in the matter and would have spoken to her from time to time and he provided some perspective on those chats up to the time that party died.

    He also makes a definitive statement as to the disposition of the deceased person with regard to other family members whom I understand are the parties on Facebook.

    He however definitively States that HE DOES NOT KNOW ANYTHING FUTHER ON THE STATUS OF THE LEGAL MATTER or what the deceased had advanced regarding such AT THE TIME OF HER DEATH.

    The SENATOR in fact does not endorse nor disclaim the lawyers Pain nor Teets.


    In fact de ole man would humbly observe that his statement has triggered a desirable outcome namely the submission of one of the documents in question regarding this matter.

    Now the conspiracist will get technical and delve into matters that only a conspiracy theorist can.

    The documents provided are “truthfully presented” a term that de ole man has been saying about the lady that I saw (I don’t use Facebook so i ent see the other one)

    By truthfully presented on means that her submissions have just the right amount of amateurishNess to affirm their genuineness. Look at the background of the documents.

    Okay thst aside let me comment on the green highlighter and the mispelt? word fraudalant?

    The documents supplied suggest the following to the conspiracist

    1.This is a campaign that is mounted by two parties who are genuine in their interests I.e. to secure this property

    2.there is a third party who is pushing these two persons on this social campaign

    3.The circumstances of the handover of the property is suspect BUT


    5.They may have attempted or still be in the process of bringing a case against Pain and Teets but BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE THE INTERCEDING DOCUMENTS LKKE SOME OF US HAVE their campaign has to be fought on innuendo.

    6.An INTERCEDING document of value would be a will and a letter that while not necessarily the last will and testament, would be adequate to show a chain of command that negates rather casts a shadow of doubt on the validity of the conveyance.

    7.ERGO THE HIGHLIGHTER AND THE WORD FRAUDULENT and the fact that their advisor told them to redact the names of the buyers since said persons may not be privy to the projected skullduggery

    8.It would suggest to the Conspiracist that WHILE SOME INTERMEDIARY skullduggery might have occurred, these two ladies AIDED BY THE THIRD PARTY, probably a DLP operative, are relying on innuendo and public sentiment to coerce a settlement AT BEST.


    Why one fellow has been called a teif by his fellow parliamentarian and de other is just a nasty liar and pretender.

    But Mia going find that out soon enough

    10.Teets and Pain looking to serve them defamation notices assuredly

    11.Mariposa you don’t have to exfoliate heheheh (the Honourable Blogmaster is not going give you up for your effort to undermine the BLP administration by this cheap shot hehdheh)



    FOLLOW THE MONEY LIKE THE FUN HAS and you will catch one of them out.


    THE weak links are *** and *** and …


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item for John the Quaker and Mariposa


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