Hal Gollop Kingmaker

Hal Gollop, Chairman of the ERT

It seems like just the other day political pundits concerned with integrity in public office whispered the names Hallam Nicholls and Rodney Wilkinson under the reign of Owen Arthur. Although the late David Thompson did not have a lengthy tenure it is no secret he was in bed with Leroy Parris and the significant legal work was dished out to the relatively inexperience lawyer Adrian King from Inn Chambers, the husband of his personal assistant at the time Natasha King.

By the way what is the status of the Rodney Wilkinson court matter?

Of recent vintage we have seen the rise of the recluse Freundel Stuart to be prime minister. It is unusual to describe a politician- especially the prime minister- as one who prefers to live a solitary life. Barbadians were happy to re-elect Stuart although it is obvious he is not a peoples person. With a general election on the horizon there will be time to reflect on how Stuart the politician was able to achieve the impossible.

One man who appears to have the ear and confidence of the prime minister is lawyer Hal Gollop. Before the general election of 2008 the Gollop name was not a household brand. With Thompson forced to vacate the office of prime minister because of a visit from the Grim Reaper, we not only witnessed  the rise of Stuart so too Gollop.

To chronicle how busy Gollop has been since Stuart has taken office would be a lengthy exercise.  However, a cursory examination of how active Gollop has become raises the concern by civic minded Barbadians about the need to enact and operationalize transparency legislation -ideally recruit a contractor general. Barbadians have had to witness the incestuous and familial characteristics practiced by successive governments. Barbados is a small island and if one choses not to believe the Auditor General’s finding in reports presented by that office to parliament going back to 2006 there is the underground chatter.

The rise of Gollop to head the inefficient Employment Rights Tribunal (EFT) in hindsight seems to be part of an orchestration to frustrate a group of people for political reasons. It has been reported on BU 10 of 300 cases filed are recorded to be heard by the very busy Gollop and his team. For those who question the bona fides of Gollop to be referred to as the friend of Stuart the recluse, it is known that Gollop is the campaign manager of Stuart.

Recently Gollop was in the news having invoiced the Barbados Water Authority a cool 1.5 million dollars for vetting routine paper work. He appeared in court last week to represent the prime minister in a matter to challenge the constitutionality of  a motion brought by citizen advocate David Comissiong to have government’s decision reviewed. His most famous public interventions has been his defence of Leroy Parris, buddy of the late prime minister and declared pal of prime minister Stuart. The obvious interplay between Parris, DLP and players, the outstanding settlement of CLICO/BAICO matters is a classic case of what is rotten by the lack of transparency of government practiced in Barbados. In a robust democratic system watchdogs like the media, political Opposition and other NGOs would have been calling for Gollop to recuse himself from many government appointed assignments. One would love to be a fly on the wall to listen to Gollop and Stuart sitting on the patio sipping. There was the Alexandra Waterman Commission that Gollop chaired and pocketed a fat cheque for the trouble. Should we go on?

Is Stuart rewarding Gollop’s loyalty. Are nests being feathered? What does Gollop bring to the table that easily persuades Stuart to provide a gateway for Gollop and his lackeys like Michael Yearwood et al to earn millions coughed up by the taxpayers?

Gollop the Kingmaker.

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  1. All this information, yet in just under 48 hours Barbadians will march.They will then return to their respective places of abode and be content to wear the label A peaceful people. How can anyone expect shit to change, when we enjoy having shit rubbed in our faces?

  2. These bastards retroactively took back 10% and the very next week announced to the unions that there was no money to give raises to the workers,who have not had one single raise in nine years…..and the effing country ain’t shut down yet.

  3. HH

    Valid point..the march is to reduce the nsrl to 5%,which by itself is a nonsense….they should be demanding an election date an stop the pappyshow as we all know only a newly elected govt can make lasting decisions….. The nsrl cannot help us.

  4. Agree the unions need direction.Backing off like sheep without a shepherd.No balls,no guts,effing cowards.Nothing less than a shut down and demand elections.

  5. You are so right Gabriel.

    ……….even the Private Sector head talking shiiiite.The country sinking deeper into the black hole and he being chicken. Time to get these morons out……….shut down the country to force elections. They have long outlived their welcome!

  6. David, highlighting Gollop is news worthy but frankly in the absence of the ” … chronicle how busy Gollop has been since Stuart has taken office” it is merely ho-hum what else is new!

    Lengthy exercixe tho it would be, it would yet be mind blowing to see the revenue list paid from govt’s ATM to Gollop n Co over these many years.

    I await the auditor general report for next year for his examination of that $1.5mil payment. It is absolutely incredible that that has generated so little angst and debate…how does a statuory Corp run up those type of fees….no wonder therefore that the Caves Authority discharged that $700K cheque after intervention by the minister.

    There is money around alright but it is just for a certain crew…

    …and then we will elect the other party to change the deck chairs, install their own king makers and away we go again.

    • @Dee Word

      Do not agree. In this case the focus of the blog is about a practice by BOTH of the political parties that have formed governments through the years.

  7. Does anyone know what kind of lawyer HG was prior to 2008? I knew of him but cannot remember him being any high flyer……………He sure has made himself important and seemingly indispensible since DT died.

  8. Gollop gave up his BLP association which I am told is since his teenage years,to stand by his DLP friend and former teaching associate, whose claim to fame was his attempt to wrest the leadership of the Party from Thompson in ’06 or thereabout.He lost that encounter but by a stroke of what some would say was divine intervention he not only lived to fight another day but is on a hurricane like path of destruction of the economy and society that is the country Barbados.The many matters occupying the Courts do not reflect well on the DLP.Its almost like the DLP has become a mafia type political party with the shady characters to whom it has taken a preference.Almost all its decisions are made without public approval and these decisions cost a ton of money either to implement ,to correct or to administer.The Clico matter involving millions of dollars is without resolution .The fallout from Clico and the Parris connection .The Police promotions and the Dottin affair with the PSC making decisions beyond its remit such as recommending promotions within the Force.The sending home of senior Public Officers on full pay.The many issues pertaining to contracts and the baloney man bogey popping up all over the country.In all of these matters Gollop is the key man for putting the government’s side.It is usual for the AG to be cast in the role of the Government’s chief legal adviser,capability notwithstanding.The current scenario involving Gollop is a charge on the privy purse,so that the taxpayer is paying twice and paying blindly.Is there any wonder that downgrade no 19 is on the horizon?We have read of the very large amounts paid out in legal fees to private lawyers in Trinidad during the Persad-Bissessar led PP government.Is there a similar situation in Barbados and when will it end.

  9. For more than a year now I have been calling for collaboration between the trade unions in Barbados, so as to properly address the issues affecting workers in this country. This administration has shown time and again that its word is not worth the paper it is written on, and as if to add insult to injury its leader relishes in showing disrespect to the trade union movement. He spoke of hearing “noises”. Now is the time for the NUPW and the BWU to ensure that those “noises” are sustained. Give lie to rumors that your hands are bounded by duty free concessions. Show we something!

  10. The unions have been intimidated by the so called sleeping giant.

    Remember when he threatened the NUPW saying that he has powers under the constitution and made reference to something about old wine in new wine skins?

    Poor Akani is seemingly afraid of being deemed a BLP, that he is on an ego trip and just about every other thing that does not suit the dlp agenda.

    What gets me is that as long as I know myself the dlp and the unions have been sleeping together, union leaders contested elections and won under a dlp banner……..Leroy Trotman, Bobby Morris an Evelyn Greaves come to mind. Joe Goddard was given a diplomatic post right after the dems won……..yet no union person can support the BLP.

    Aint the dems “special”?

  11. It is public record. The monies recouped retroactively by government members in the parliament of Barbados should be published in the form of placards handed out to marchers by the organisers of Tuesday ‘s march. By any means necessary Barbadians need to be shocked into the reality of what has gone on. These guys didn’t make any sacrifice…..they conducted a sou sou, known in bajan parlance as a meeting. They just drew they meeting turns….. at the expense of “A Peaceful People “. Tell the country exactly who received a check for $36,000. Evidently they have no conscience, so since you can’t shame them…just name them.

  12. What Bushie would like to find out from Hal Gollop is what he knows about a certain Mrs Smith.
    Is it really true that he paid a visit to the woman’s house just prior to her kidnapping and death – and that threats were made during that visit?
    What the hell was that all about…?

    It is one shiite to be a common thief and bagman for the low life PM, but this Smith matter goes way beyond that….

    Even though Bajans are brass bowls who seem somehow able to ignore such nastiness, wunna need to remember that Karma remains a bitch …with a long memory….

  13. Why the need for transparency in public office is that we have others looking on with envy and? Who will be tempted to take the route that if a few close to the PM or MoF are able to reap ‘sweets’ let us ‘brek for weselves’.

  14. @ Hants
    Indeed we do … but not, apparently, all of us…

    @ Pacha
    We err in ignoring Karma…. she brings the final death.

    The guillotine is really an OPPORTUNITY for a society to demonstrate its ABHORRENCE of brass bowlery and wickedness in high places.
    This would signify that such a society is one of WORTH …. with values that makes us worthy of being called “HUMAN BEINGS”.

    When we ignore …. indeed SUPPORT, such wickedness and brass bowlery at the NATIONAL level, (as has become the NORM in Barbados) then Karma has to step in and make things right by mother nature ….by flushing the shiite-hound, brass-bowls who are UNWORTHY to be labeled as Human Beings (potential sons of BBE).

    That we have reached such a stage in Barbados – despite DECADES of special blessings that the local jackasses even now fail to appreciate… is a curse on our leaders, our churches, our parents and our elders.

    We will all pay a grim price for our brass bowlery….. a price to be set by Madame Karma – since we have not been smart enough to set our own price via the liberal application of ‘sackcloth and ashes’ – as prescribed by the bushman more than a few times…
    Prepare wunna asses for the grass…

  15. Is this the same HG that is legal advisor to a radio station? The same one who would advise them when to ban a calypso that cast government in a negative light? The same one who would advise them when to settle out of court? Oh sorry, wrong person.

  16. Who knows, he may be in line for a Knighthood at Independence followed by being elevated to the post of GG just before elections.

  17. Fearplay
    Have no fear, Gollop is a born and bred Bee.They are Dees who are not comfortable with his very close association with his long time friend and teaching colleague PM Stuart and Stuart would invite a mini insurrection in the party if he did what you are throwing in the wind.To all intents and purposes it is apparent that Gollop is a very strong supporter of Stuart,not necessarily of the party and he doesn’t think twice when Stuart makes a request or some would say…gives an order.

    • Why did HG enter to state the obvious? He is the friend of the PM, he has received several contracts worth millions etc etc etc.

  18. I wasted all my data listening to brass tacks and Hal Gollop…..and David Ellis ain’t ask that heifer about that invoice related to the BWA….wunna know dat dem is friends,so Hal only faking vexatious vibes.

  19. I came in as the conversation was in progress. I am yet to understand why he called…….just to reinforce the obvious?

    His point was that David should have rebuffed the caller because it has happened already.

    Whom he trying to fool? They really think that because Barbadians are docile and take shiiite all the time that they are foolish.

    We all know that this is the last mass, the last going down to rake in big bucks……..the fatted calf it would seem still has some meat on it to be ravaged.

    Freundel should pay his friend out of his pocket…………not our tax dollars since there are big head lawyers in the AG’s office who are brighter and smarter that Gollop.

    Gollop is just a money hound and grabs at everything………..no wonder he has no time to hear the cases that have been piling up before the tribunal. Those small people are not important………….he ties off that end while grabbing at everything to rake in millions!

    Selfish morons!

  20. For sure Gollop and the DLP Ministers have the taxpayers’ CBC TV and radio at their beck and call.A taxpayer funded CBC is very very selective when airing clips of the Opposition BLP but every night for a whole week now Esther Byer-Suckoo is on CBCTV talking nonsense and looking all around for somebody to help her get rid of that popular short neck fellow from St George South Dwight Eisenhower Sutherland. BLP hopeful Sandra Husbands complained of Inniss comandeering CBC to backraise the popular BLP brigade doing a sweep of St James South where the poll shows Inniss in trouble again.Recall too Gollop tried Paris case on CBCTV but the judge differed in deliberation.Another occasion Gollop was turfed away twice from the CCJ on a land dispute matter he and his buddy in legal manouevering Vernon,and Gollop had CBCTV parading the CCJ as the worst court in Christendom,going so far as to recommend non participating Caribbean States not to join that Court.Tried as he did on Brasstacks today,he failed to get the better of Ellis who maintained that splitting hair did not erase any doubt in the public’s mind that the minister of T&CPO and the PM is one and the same Homo sapiens,the one and only FJ Stuart aka Froon or Dumb boy.

  21. Gabriel

    We are left to wonder why………other than another chance for a big pay day did the PM think it necessary to take this case out of the hand of the deputy Solicitor General and give it to Hal Gollop.

    Gollop has only become a big name lawyer since 2008.

  22. When we see things like this happening……….you have to really laugh at the hypocrisy of the dems.

    Just recently the jester was lambasting the private sector and calling them parasites feeding off the taxpayers of Barbados.

    But dems and friends of dems can suck the taxpayers dry.

  23. Don’t forget the dead king named the taxpayers money as the Fatted Calf.These DLP chopsutters like pigs at the trough.

  24. Not only are bajan MPs not taking a pay cut or reduction in perks, but they actively look for ways aided by their thiefing lawyer and business friends to rip off the taxpayers and pensioners for hundreds of millions of dollars, without even a twinge of conscience.

  25. Who appointed him to the board of the NCF where he served about 14 years? MAM. Who appointed him to serve on a commission to draft a Republican constitution for Barbados? MAM. Who asked him to serve as Solicitor General? MAM. All of them is friends.

  26. It is noted that the DLP is employing all of its government facilitated, programming outlets to promote their election thrust.

    It is noted that they want to return for a third term to destroy the Barbados economy.

    But I am very much at a loss here about this reference to and use of the word “king maker”

    It erroneously suggests that oblong headed Hal was the party who made Fumbles who he is.

    And that is incorrect.

    Hal obsequiously inserted himself into the loop and has been earning his keep ever since.

    This is why I beleive that these blog titles are being composed and contrived OUTSIDE OF BU solely to rile up people and get discussion but in themselves, serve no real purpose really.

    Like my friend De Word says, there is nothing substantive here to look at that would suggest any Kingmaker.

    THis is moreso an article that was submitted by one of the BLP lawyers with a grudge against Hal for the legal fees that he is collecting which they are not.

    The leaning of this article is purely around Hal’s monetary rewards yet the submission would seek to cast this as being “a Cromwellian Power behind the Throne, greater than the King Himself” Pure Balderwash

    De Ole man, having seen what is now circulating for this election will say that, unless The Almighty Father touches Mugabe like he has touched Leacock, she will be the next Prime Minister of Barbados.

    I wonder who Fumbles or Mugabe have tapped to be their replacements should the be untimely cut from this sojourn?

    Mugabe would be well advised to have Ronnie take the reigns cause none of the rest of them have the gravitas to hold that seat and the party and the populace together

    Dere goes Hinkson’s aspirations.

    On second thoughts Fumbles dont worry bout it cause your replacement, should you go home before elections, is only a part time ting cause all uh wunna scvunts whitewash in 2018

  27. @Bush Tea July 10, 2017 at 6:49 AM “What Bushie would like to find out from Hal Gollop is what he knows about a certain Mrs Smith.”

    Mrs. Smith was murdered was she not by a person or persons unknown?

    I trust that the police are hard at work on this case and on other cases of murdered women.

  28. @FearPlay July 10, 2017 at 10:38 AM “Who knows, he may be in line for a Knighthood at Independence followed by being elevated to the post of GG just before elections.”

    No, no, no.

    Please tell me it ain’t so.

  29. @Prodigal Son July 10, 2017 at 3:15 PM “I came in as the conversation was in progress. I am yet to understand why he called…just to reinforce the obvious?”

    He wanted to instruct us Simple Simons on the difference between Prime Minister Freundel Jerome Stuart, and Freundel Jerome Stuart, the Minister with responsibity for Town and Country Planning.

    These chaps are apparently 2 different people.

    I was not persuaded.

  30. Since Gollop seems to be the only lawyer that enjoys the confidence of the sleeping joker – perhaps as a last insult to us all he will be made the new DPP…

    …Why not?
    Any shiite could happen bout here since the monument..!!

    Then the CLICO / Smith/ “$5m-in-the-Central-Bank” issues would all go away…

  31. @Gabriel July 10, 2017 at 3:46 PM “These DLP chopsutters like pigs at the trough.”

    My bad.

    I read your word as c0ck s()ckers.

  32. @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right – INRI July 10, 2017 at 8:01 PM “all uh wunna scvunts whitewash in 2018”

    Welcome back Piece. I missed you.

  33. @Bush Tea July 10, 2017 at 8:54 PM “Then the CLICO / Smith/ “$5m-in-the-Central-Bank” issues would all go away…”

    God is good.

    This won’t happen.

  34. Simple
    I was taught to avoid use of ‘bad words’,but seeing that you are adept…..happy hunting then!

  35. @ David
    Then we would be forced to rewrite Chalkie’s tune…White People laughing at we.
    Why do you think Lawson and Money B come on BU…?
    Dem fellows got that tune on permanent replay….

    @ Gabriel
    I was taught to avoid use of ‘bad words’
    We all have flaws in out education…
    Cussing may be yours….
    ….but not stinking Bushie’s 🙂

    LoL ha ha ha

  36. Sandra Husbands

    18 hrs ·


    While my opponent and his family are constituents of St. James South, and will be respected as such, let me make myself clear however that political bullying will be ineffective against me. While competition is accepted, my opponent’s unwelcomed and uninvited intrusion into our press conference on Saturday can never succeed. His desperate stunt of deliberately gate-crashing and imposing himself on our media conference speaks volumes of his shaken confidence. He would not have thought of, far less done a similar thing with an Owen Arthur or a Tom Adams. I am not intimidated by his silly antics. While he is strategizing on how to bully a woman, my focus will continue to be fixed on the issues which affect the lives of the constituents of St. James South.

    In the press conference I spoke to the issues of unemployment plaguing that very district of Halls village, and the challenges of our families to secure jobs and opportunities for young graduates; the stress many seniors experience after the disastrous changes to the National Drug Service which has left them choosing between food and medication; and the callous disregard for the consequences of closing the door on tertiary education for many families in the constituency. I find it distasteful too, that a NSRL that will devastate the families in the constituency, my opponent could defend in the past few days, after he failed to vote it down. For yet again his political survival is uppermost, now more than ever. If the constituents’ needs were uppermost in his mind he would be supporting the union in their efforts to secure ease to offset the hardships to be faced by the hundreds of civil servants who live in West Terrace, Wanstead, Husbands, Haynesville, Halls Village and Durants. He would not be suggesting that the most that they will gain from the walk tomorrow is weight loss. What arrogance!

  37. Simple Simon July 10, 2017 at 8:51 PM #

    “He wanted to instruct us Simple Simons on the difference between Prime Minister Freundel Jerome Stuart, and Freundel Jerome Stuart, the Minister with responsibility for Town and Country Planning. These chaps are apparently 2 different people. I was not persuaded.”

    @ Simple Simon

    Despite Hal Gollop engaging in “lexical semantics, I was not persuaded either.

    And “to add insult to injury,” Gollop said he also represented other CIVIL SERVANTS, such as the Chief Immigration Officer and went on to name other individuals who were NOT politicians.

    Fortunately for Gollop, David Ellis “released the pressure” he had him under.

  38. Perhaps Hal Gollop should have taken advice from the late “humble servant” Winston J. Massiah who I used to hear on Rediffusion when I was younger, saying: “I speak where the Bible speak and remain silent where the Bible is silent.”

  39. The useless Dennis Lowe can get nothing right.


    “Truckers’ mess
    no payment for three months for some waste haulers

    Added by Marlon Madden on July 10, 2017.
    Saved under Local News
    A messy situation is developing in Government’s garbage collection scheme forged between private waste haulers and the Sanitation Services Authority (SSA) back in October last year.

    The Freundel Stuart administration is said to be owing the haulers hundreds of thousands of dollars for work done over the past three to four months, leaving some to wonder how long it could continue.

    Barbados TODAY investigations revealed that the situation is so dire that some firms are running out of cash, and at least one has had to send home some of its workers.”

  40. Why would Gollop say he is not representing Stuart, if he is appearing in the matter, even if it’s just to peruse applications….that is representation….there is first chair, second chair,……….and a whole legal team,…it’s still representation….

    ….he is either displaying deceit or he dont know the definition of representing.

    So many lawyers on the island are incomplete, even the QCs.


  41. I thought Ellis acquitted himself with aplomb yesterday in the battle of words with Gollop.Ellis met Gollop head on at every encounter and nailed it with certainty that Stuart is Stuart whether he is wearing the hat of Town Planner of last resort or soiling the chair assigned to the Prime Ministership or wrecking the economy while driving a Mercedes Benz and pocketing his 10%.He should ask the BRA why they are overpaying refunds by several million.Dont play with Civil Servants boy.Ask the BRA why cheques for nuff nuff thousands over the refund due,going out to people and companies.

  42. Hal Gollop’s call yesterday to Brasstacks confirmed suspicions that had not for Freundel Stuart becoming Prime Minister he would have remained the obsured lawyer that he was.

    How could a man who is now touted as a top lawyer come on national radio and say without any shame ………….

    “For the record, just let me state and for the records of your mis informed listeners and under informed listeners who might have gone away with the wrong impression, I am not representing the Prime Minister of Barbados”.

    “I am involved in a lawsuit which Mr Comissiong has brought against Freundel Jerome Stuart, minister responsible for Town and Country Planning. I am not involved in any lawsuit with the Prime Minister. If there is one, the person representing the Prime Minister of Barbados is not I”.

    There you have it………..these moron thinks that we are all uninformed, under informed and are idiots.

    To hal Gollop and his friends in the dlp………….time is longer than twine. The people of Barbados will soon show you all who is uninformed!

  43. @David July 11, 2017 at 2:32 AM quoting Sandra Husbands ” He would not be suggesting that the most that they will gain from the walk tomorrow is weight loss. What arrogance!”

    Donville should really join the walkers. His fat self could do with losing a few pounds. I saw him at my church recently and I was not impressed by the size of his belly. I sorry as @ss that I don’t live in St. James South so that I could refuse to vote for him.

  44. He should get out of the BMW or the Mercedes or whatever it is and take regular runs around the pasture opposite UWI and near to his constituency office.

    Run Donville, run…around the pasture.

  45. @Gabriel July 11, 2017 at 8:17 AM “I thought Ellis acquitted himself with aplomb yesterday.”

    I was glad to hear Ellis dropping some hot lashes in Hal’s bony @ss yesterday.

  46. @David July 11, 2017 at 3:22 AM “courtroom tactics.”

    Courtroom tactics wha’

    I was listening to the exchange and thinking to myself, idiot, idiot, idiot.

  47. Lol….Gollop was trying to come across as superior and well informed and slick…, but even the brilliant, well informed, “uninformed and underinformed” saw through it and rated him as an idiot…

    .,…so much for being a superior lawyer..lol

  48. As for Dumbville……the sooner the electorate takes away that diplomatic passport from him, the better….both him and Michael Lashley.

    Wait…who muzzled Carson C. Cadogan.

  49. Enuff

    Hal considers himself bright? Bright what? ……….. he has taken full advantage of his friendship with the PM for his own personal gain.

    I sat on a board with him and he did not distinguish himself as that bright.

  50. Well Well

    I wonder if Hal Austin is the same feller I saw on Wade Gibbons Facebook page a couple of years ago? If he is the same feller then he is far from ugly. The man I saw behind the profile on Wade Gibbons page was a good looking guy, so I don’t know wah wunna get this idea dah Hal Austin is some ugly man from England?

  51. Well Well

    Am I sorry Well Well, but many here have made mentioned of Hal Austin looks- which I think is very childish coming from mature men and women. So I articulated the fact that when I was on Facebook, I saw a relatively good looking man who went by the name Hal Austin and called himself a journalist on Wade Gibbons page.

  52. Dumpy……we dont want Hals head to swell, we got enough problems with whats inside his head.

    i have seen the comments of his looks, never made any comment myself, only ever saw photos on his articles, cant say if it`s him though.

    as far as i am concerned the big problem lies with what resides inside his head.

  53. BLP yardfowls on this blog ranting and raving about lack of transparency and cronyism in one breath and in the same breath could support Mottley the demon for Prime Minister. Of course none of her friends are currently being assured of a pick (lol, nor will she practice the kind of politics that saw a BLP female minister of education in the 1990s give a former BLP MP a “contract ” to repair a school that had so much tieffing (lets call it maladministration) that the funding agency has to state their concerns about how it was being executed. Oh wait … that then minister’s initials were MM and it wasn’t Mark Maloney.
    Keep fooling yourself that a change of government will bring this transparency – naïve jokers.

  54. @Bajanfuhlife July 11, 2017 at 5:54 PM “BLP yardfowls on this blog ranting and raving about lack of transparency and cronyism…”

    Don’t worry. We ain’t all yard fowls.

    If Mia mis-behaves, she too will get her lashes.

  55. @ Bajanfuhlife July 11, 2017 at 5:54 PM
    “Keep fooling yourself that a change of government will bring this transparency – naïve jokers.”

    Are you, Bajan belly full of laughs, also referring to the same naïve jokers who voted for the DLP in 2008 and 2013?

    Isn’t that the same bait of good governance and transparency that was dangled before the same gullible jokers called the electorate especially in the decision of OSA the corrupt bad guy and outlawed bandit vs. Fumble the incompetent dummy the paragon of morality now turned to being the epitome of immorality in its basest form?

  56. I thought Gollop said he was NOT representing Fruendel in Hyatt matter, wasting taxpayer’s money when there are already a gaggle of lawyers paid by taxpayers, occupying the attorney general’s office…..so which is it.


    “Gollop defends his role in Hyatt case
    Added by Emmanuel Joseph on July 13, 2017.
    Saved under Local News
    Queen’s Counsel Hal Gollop has come out swinging against radio commentators who have questioned why he was representing Prime Minister Freundel Stuart in the Hyatt court matter, particularly since the senior counsel works at the law firm founded by Stuart.

    Not only has he dismissed any notion that Stuart would benefit financially from his involvement, but Gollop was adamant there was nothing unusual about a lawyer from a private law firm representing Government.”

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