Charles Jong – The Big Brother Who is Spying on Bajans?

Submitted by Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right


Barbados/Bajans are at war, as we were 75 years ago when, on 11 Sept 1942, Canadian Steamer Cornwallis was torpedoed in Carlisle Bay by the German U-Boat 514. 

But at 2018, some are saying that the “torpedo” that has been launched at us comes ironically from a  Hitlerian source in a form fashioned for the times, a precision torpedoing manifest in Charles Jong, emirate of Mia Mottley

The message that is being touted by the duo of Snuff of Lorenzo is that JONG is a Communications Consultant who has been hired to “integrate and unify the ICT backbone of government”

But “Integration & Unification” of IT systems IS NOT KEYLOGGING SOFTWARE or so coding the cascading style sheets and “like buttons” on websites  wunna machines visit that each click exposes your “referer url” (where you come from shopping on Victoria Secrets or I met up dat last site  but wunna could check if it exists)

De Ole man ask you smart Bajans if such an agent is and enemy to the government of Barbados and its people? and does his insertion at the level of our GIS department (with the accord of the Minister Lucille Moe) constitute VIRTUAL TREASON? Is this not an act of “…betrayal of allegiance toward one’s own country, especially by committing hostile acts against it? …”.

I wants wunna to test what de ole man is telling wanna for wanna selves 

Go to


There you will see a screen like that above that details part of the information being captured about your machines at “friendly sites”

But Imagine if wunna on a “non friendly” site? with a fellow versed in using streaming and flash leaks to subvert your machine? So what if, INSTEAD OF STREAMING WUNNA GOVERNMENT BROADCASTS from government GIS servers,  DEM DOING SO FROM THE Barbados Labour Party Website?

De ole man will try real hard not to  make this submission and article on “The ineffectual nature of the Leader of the Opposition and his Senators but wanna get where de ole man coming from?

This is why IF WUNNA GOING TO THESE SITES users should protect themselves by using (i) Virtual box or VMWARE (ii) add a TOR browser and (iii) pay for a VPN

But, only recently, our Luminary Mr. Jeff Cumberbatch posted and article titled “The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – Enhancing the Freedom of Democratic Expression II” in which he made reference to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of Jamaica which in part stated  “Parliament shall pass no law and no organ of the State shall take any action which abrogates, abridges or infringes those rights…”

De ole man posits that the engagement of Charles Jong by the Government of Barbados, presents a situation rather THREAT to the sovereignty of Barbados and the Rights of citizens, a situation which is unchallenged by the puppeteer Opposition of Bishop Reverend Father Atherley.

De ole man believes that the complete remit of JONG has PURPOSELY not been provided and that given his true MANDATE, such constitutes a National Security concern which assuredly our Attorney General Dale Marshall and Minister of Home Affairs Edmund Hinkson should be examining for and on behalf of the people of Barbados.

Indeed the country is now, and continues to be, under serious threat since our “PARLIAMENT, while not passing any laws, is using the organs of the State to “abrogate, abridge and infringe on the very rights…” of Bajans 

We can be assured that David Comissiong WILL NOT SURFACE to come to the aid of Barbadians FOR THIS ONE

But who gives a flying shyte anyways??


  • “Emirate of Mia Mottley”?? Give us a break, if you are going to promote a conspiracy theory, try to do it in English, or even your favoured Bajan dialect. An emirate is the state or jurisdiction of an emir. Perhaps you meant emissary – whatever, I couldn’t be bothered to trawl through the rest.



  • Is Mr Jong a citizen of Barbados? Is he bringing specialist talents that are not available locally? Is he a security risk?


  • I would suggest that no one visit the URL SITE identified in the article as it contains MALWARE.

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  • Jong was born in St Kitts.

    From what I have learnt his grand parents migrated to St Kitts years ago from China. On the medical degree of his brother the grandfather practiced medicine. It seemed that he had some type of medical background because they say he did a fine job and is well respected. They say he had a big house in Bird Rock but later moved to Mattley Heights.

    They had 2 sons Francisco, a businessman and an aviation mechanic, and Joe the father of Charlie and a daughter. Jong’s father married into a well-connected black family. Today the family owns an upscale restaurant in Basseterre.

    From all reports Jong is an expert in the computer communications field and worked for Denzil Douglas. In the last election he ran an Internet communication campaign against Team Unity the present govt of Dr Timothy Harris. From there he has advised many other administrations across the Caribbean for huge fees.

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  • James Greene

    Interesting info but we need to know from Mia – what are the terms of this man employment.

    Why was he chosen above other barbadians here or abroad.

    The media is to be condemned for not doing investigations on this man from his past affiliations and press Mia on why the taxpayers should be paying for her former campaign adviser for social media – who incidentally right now is still working for Dominica while also an employee of the Bdos govt.

    Who is his allegiance to Bdos or Mottley.

    What about this phishing for private citizens info which could be used against them.


  • Why should Jong have any allegiance to the island because of a job, he is a contract worker whose contract ends when he is fired or when Mia is removed from office.., people work for countries in various positions all the time, they do their jobs, get a pay check…yall like too much yardfowl and blind loyalty shit, too used to being slaves to politicians and ministers, it’s ugly, demeaning and degrading…not everyone is prideful of being two legged human drones without independent thought.

    Programmers work for various governments worldwide, that is the new area of expertise and covers a wide field and many clients…he does not need to be a prisoner of one government, country or employer, no one does.

    With that said, everyone impacted should know given their ugly experiences with both political parties over the last 52 years that they must.. at all times be vigilant.

    What has Ha, Ha, brought to Barbados since his 40 year sojourn in UK…nothing but talk.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    And a top of the day to all of ye here.

    De ole man apologises for the malapropism ? and yes it is emissary dear 45Govt.

    De ole man apologises for not having Jong’s family tree (and DNA readout?) James Greene and am grateful for these details that were previously a secret? to enquiring minds (read malicious bajans) who, AFTER THE RECENT REGIME OF THE DLP, are effing entitled to know who dem engaging.

    De ole man apologises for not providing another site Wily Coyote which and i quote you ” no one visit the URL SITE identified in the article as it contains MALWARE.”

    But here is the thing that all three of you have indirectly given support to albeit grudgingly

    JONG is specifically engaged by Mottley as her IT run to person who, PRIOR TO the note here provided, WAS NOT KNOWN TO OUR CLIME.

    The simple fact is that, as would be expected in a case where, as recent as last week, wunna sheeple being sent to the BLP’s website for government business.

    NOT ONE OF YOU MENTIONED THAT DETAIL, because not one of you gives a badword about it do you? Is that because wunna sucking at the nipple of the Mia Cares regime?

    But I digress in this article that is written for the benefit of BAJANS, in general, and not wunna suckers at the nipple.

    It boggles the mind that not one of the three of you who (i) spotted the misused noun, and (ii) provided the profile as to JONG’s nationality or (iii) correctly provided a malware indication which de ole man would not “see” of be exposed to, (cause I dont use your systems) HAVE COMMENTED ON THE SUBSTANTIVE MATTERS

    I understand that 45Govt ent gots a clue bout much of the tech stuff so the statement “…The main and the most powerful side of our service is the interactive checking by Java, Flash and WebRTC, allowing to detect the actual system settings and its weaknesses, which can be used by third-party resources to find out the information about your computer…” is lost on yourself

    but ammmm Wily you have no excuse, you got resources that were located in the same building that *** worked in and a simple call to that agency would confirm this sllegation wouldnt it?

    And James Greene you CANNOT BE EXCUSED cause ***

    Stop for a while an look past the Psyc Ops which is not for you guys anyways, it is for they who are looking.

    Look at the factual matrix

    1.Consultant hired by Prime Minister for specific purpose. That is allowed and is reasonable
    2.ToRs of Consultant are unknown and unknowable (cause even James Greene CANNOT GET THOSE DETAILS
    3.Government of Barbados has defaulted on all sovereign debts to external and some local debtors
    4.Yet money is found for a series of consultants, ministers, senators get imported, constitution get changed, laws get passed to lock up anyone on the whim and fancy of a 1933 Hitlerian Law.
    5.Business of Government being done on the website of a political party.

    Yes Sireee this is DRIVEL alright so when all of wunna getting screwed down deah in Bulbados de ole man going continue to comment heah pun BU and offer to send you all VASELINE for wunna pooches can like i said earlier who gives a flying badword.


    Certainly if a complaint was laid at the RBPF none of them would be able to determine if a HAUWEI device is using trapdoor technology to spy on your hard drives at home

    Yet here you are reducing to drivel the overt actions of Electronic Spying by the newly appointed Prime Minister.

    Sit and watch as it develops and envelops you.

    I shall watch FROM A DISTANCE



  • “……..people work for countries in various positions all the time, they do their jobs, get a pay check…yall like too much yardfowl and blind loyalty shit, too used to being slaves to politicians and ministers, it’s ugly, demeaning and degrading…not everyone is prideful of being two legged human drones without independent thought.”


    I am forced to agree……..especially with re: “yall like too much yardfowl and blind loyalty shit.”

    Are there any laws preventing local, regional or international consultants from working for several clients or that forces them to work for “one client at a time?”

    Are some suggesting that, as a consultant, because Jong is providing consultancy services to Dominica he cannot simultaneously provide similar services to Barbados, while being loyal to both clients?

    As it relates to re: “What about this phishing for private citizens info which could be used against them.”……..

    ………..where is the evidence to substantiate this accusation?

    What we should be more concerned with what are Jong’s fees, terms and conditions of his consultancy……and if, under the circumstances, the services he is providing are necessary or could have been undertaken by a public sector employee, for example, working in the Data Processing Department.

    As I have been mentioning……. and PUDRYR in more forceful terms…… yardfowls need to think about issues thoroughly, reasonably and rationally, before rushing to criticize.

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  • “Announcing Worrell’s appointment on Monday, Premier and Finance Minister David Burt said:

    “Bermuda is fortunate for the expertise brought to the council by Dr Worrell.

    His insight will add to the significant knowledge base already present among the distinguished members.”


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    I am going to bring another perspective to the table so that people understand what I am saying about JONG

    Please do not pigeonhole JONG”s consultancy services to the narrow broadband ( I like that one “narrow broadband”) of foreigner working in Barbados for I too have been “a stranger in a strange land” .

    When an emergency arises and people are lost there is a feature on the newer smart phones that permits a person to make and emergency call and their GPS can be activated for a location fix.

    Now, in the context of “Big Brother is Watching You” cell fixes on your smartphone can be used by criminals to locate you and rob your home/you etc.

    Certainly jealous husbands/spouses and stalkers inserting themselves into your lives shows the negative side of this coin.

    As bajans who were told of the previous situations where orders were issued to to tap the phones of the then Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition and Tom Dick and Harry, it seems only to be a reasonable request to ask for the ToRs of anyone who is hired using the (non existent) $$ of our Treasury.

    The facts are clear pointers to there being a conspiracy to secure computer user information when your GIS cannot stream a Government Press Conference but the Barbados Labour Party can.

    There is a highly qualified gentleman who was attached to the Office of the Ministry of Home Affairs who has the qualifications to do all this stuff.

    I will not call their name since one can be assured that he will be victimized or otherwise singled out for some type of administrative action.

    Jong’s remit IS NOT FOR THE STANDARD SERVICES to facilitate an Integrated Government Machinery.

    This is for harvesting citizen information and allegiances and such action is in conflict with the rights of bajans.

    and Artaxerxes “..the evidence to substantiate this accusation” lies in the fact that, IN ADDITION TO all of the secrecy associated with Jong’s engagement, there should NEVER HAVE BEEN AN OCCASION WHERE a government broadcast should have been hosted by the BLP server.

    That is a question that a real journalist should be asking the Prime Minister the why this was permitted to happen.

    Then, when new servers that are being ordered and configured and then installed at the GIS department to perform the same functions but the Government of Barbados ICT staff DO NOT HAVE ANY INVOLVEMENT in their purchase, nor configuration, nor ongoing administration well the “factual matrix” (Mia’s words) add up dont they?

    Furthermore, and here is the kicker Artaxerxes, which local IT specialist has the competency to effect the critical WIRESHARK type skills to monitor these anomalies like the PRC and Cuba do?

    I really tired Artaxerxes cause as a people we are hellbent to help people destroy us and diminsh our so called freedoms

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  • Piece,

    Do you also cover your head in aluminium to prevent MAM to read your mind?


  • Please ask JONG to update this website. Who is the new Consul general ?


  • Mr. Piece what you have expressed in the comments section should have been included in the Body of your Article that is my Critique… Unless it was it your intent to Strategize otherwise?

    You are a Smart man and Certainly one that is not wearing a Tin Foil Hat!

    Keep up your investigative Journalism…

    The Battle is not for the Faint of Heart!!


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Tron

    Yes I do and while I am wrapping the Aluminum I also intone this mandala IN LATIN

    “…Arthur told the DAILY NATION that despite denying his involvement in illegal wiretapping in the lead story in yesterday’s SUNDAY SUN, Dottin still suggested receiving authorisation to do so from himself and other Prime Ministers.

    The now Independent Member of Parliament said that under Barbados’ laws, no Prime Minister had any jurisdiction over the actions of a Commissioner of Police and it was the Governor General to whom a commissioner answered…”

    So ammmm do you need some aluminum I does use Reynolds Extra Duty Wide Wrap after putting on a ziplock bag heheheheheheh

    The end result can be seen below

    George Santayana’s has a famous aphorism for fools like you.

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

    Those words are inscribed on a plaque at the Auschwitz concentration camp (thar goes that hitlerian reference again heheheheheheh)

    I tire of you fools

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  • Bishop Joseph Artherley just asked some pointed questions Of Mia .

    He asked her to be transparent on Charlie Jong and his selection and the terms of his contract.On a caution from the Deputy speaker Glyne Clarke for him not to call names in the House – interestingly Artherley referred to Jong as the man of Asian descent – WHO IS USUALLY BEHIND THE CAMERA IN THE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY.


    Same thing that happened in Dominica that caused the opposition leader to ask the dominica speaker of the house -“who is that stranger of chineese descent operating cameras in the house?”

    Bishop Artherley also stated that this position of Director of Communication is an S6 on the Salary Scale but said that he has been informed that Jong is being paid higher on the scale.

    This is why he reiterated that he has been hearing concerns on the ground about Jongs employment and the lack of transparency.

    Well done Bishop Artherley.I will see how long Mia the one who as Opposition Leader was always running to the Nation and VOB about the last administration not being transparent – and the said Mia who used to pelt questions at the Speaker Carrington and then walk out – how long will it take her to shome some respect to the citizens and answer these questions.

    As soon as David/BU put up that Jong article from Piece – we have this interesting development.

    We have to remain vigilant.

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  • @ 1:10 p.m. Artax’s comment

    Yardfowls need to think about issues thoroughly,reasonably and rationally before rushing to crticise….

    All I would say is cuhdear – don’t be so hard on yuhself nuh lollllll

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  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Freedom Crier

    In a word Yes.

    The first pass brings out the neophytes and sycophants in their usual droves

    But you would have noted that the particular party has not come here because they have been issued DO NOT ENGAGE instructions.

    Now here is a thing for you to watch.

    This blog is a Mariposa and T. Inniss Blog but they too run on the rationale that “we cannot be seen to support the Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right blog” so even though it is in their interest to do so, they will stand away.

    Now you will ask de ole man why would they do that?

    and I will tell you that it is their level of “Polemicist Maturity” – how aged combatants respond in a fray and how foot soldier mentalities FLAIL & WITHER.

    Look at John the Quaker, or Dr. GP, or for that matter Jack Boreman (scourge of BU heheheheheh) and there you will see psyc ops combatants who understand triggers and verbal goading and causing people, who are normally subdued, to engage or get argumentative.

    It is “knowing which buttons need to be pushed.”

    Looka de ole man, by dint of occupational hazard, get fed on a diet of insults and put downs and demeaning words and punitive actions.

    I is de veritable pavlovs dog. So dere is nothing that can be tossed here that can hurt de ole man.

    Yet, I have indirectly shared with you what my weakness is in that passage above. heheheheh.

    Now the average person when they get told “you is a liar, or you is a idjit, or you mad and need aluminum pun you head” will get annoyed and kick up.

    And then they show their true natures to the BU Rumshop, crafted AS WE ALL ARE, IN SIN.

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  • Do we really know if Jong is self employed or an employee?

    What do we know? – Nothing because that information is top secret.


  • Piece

    Pray tell me how has T.Inniss been running away from this blog- when I have been the 5th post this morning on this blog and have posted 4 posts so far.

    You really need to stop falling for the trick set up by the Blpites linking me with Mariposa and the DLP.


  • Now I dun know you see dem posts already but yuh up to some ole trick I believe with that comment.

    However for me this is serious business and I not playing.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ T. Inniss

    Again I wish to tell you that ONCE YOU ACCEPT THAT WE ARE BOTH BAJANS and do what you are doing for Barbados, we (you, Mariposa, and me) are all countrymen

    We will all be engaged on the same front. and I will fight with that single objective.

    If the Bishop is the same disposition, de ole man will work with all Bajan Centric souls to do what is right in the sight of My God.

    What one is seeking to do, CANNOT FAIL if it is orchestrated in keeping with the Directives of Our GOD and the Bishop, IF he is listening to the Almighty GOD will be convicted to speak to Mottley or anyone as she and they need to be spoken to.

    As an aside let me share a poem that i came across recently by one Tim Vallie

    “I am the shadow that lurks in the night
    I am the darkness that brings terror, fright
    I am the demon that comes in your dreams
    I am the horror that thrives from your screams
    I am the monster that lurks in your mind
    Inside of your mirror I’m not hard to find
    I am the nightmare inside of your soul
    I am the anger raging out of control
    I am your demon, your mirror, your shade
    You cannot control me, my presence shan’t fade
    I am you nightmare, your shadow, your dream
    I am your voice, your vision, your scream
    I am the madness inside of your head
    I shall stay here inside you until you are dead …”

    This, AS DARK AS IT MAY SEEM TO MOST, must be how all evil doers in Barbados must see the Voices of the Few who stand at the gate denying them entrance.

    Do not fool yourself one iota to believe that the Power that IS OUR GOD, is a likkle Lamb to be slaughtered by these principalities and powers

    Remember that it could not have been a meek man to do as is said in Luke “…45 And he went into the temple, and began to cast out them that sold therein, and them that bought; 46 Saying unto them, It is written, My house is the house of prayer: but ye have made it a den of thieves…”

    But i dun with the Lesson again


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ T. Inniss

    Remember that the ole man has already commended your efforts here on BU?

    Remember that the ole man is already on record to say that your content, ALTHOUGH NOT FULLY DEVELOPED, is indicative of a good start?

    Remember that the ole man has already gone on record to indicate that IF YOU HAD HAD THE NECESSARY SUPPORT FROM COMPETENT LITERATES, that your efforts would be formidable?

    Having said this and as you review my OTHER COPIOUS DRIVEL do you have to wonder what is being orchestrated?



  • Piece Uh De Rock yeah Right



    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item to T. Inniss

    You dun know why I laughing


  • Piece

    You notice the blog man David/BU does not have any contribution to make on this blog.

    This is so unlike him – since he tries to post at least one post on almost all new blogs.


  • “Remember that the ole man has already gone on record to indicate that IF YOU HAD HAD THE NECESSARY SUPPORT FROM COMPETENT LITERATES, that your efforts would be formidable?”


    I agree with your assessment of T. Inniss.


  • Ha ha ha wuhloss.Murdah ! lolll


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ T. Inniss


    What does that mean?

    Is de ole man going give you a DRIVEL lesson in Pythagorus’ Theorem?

    no…but what i will tell you to give additional consideration to is the fact that IN THE MIDDLE OF AUSTERITY MEASURES and BARBADOS BEGGING THE IMF FOR MONEY, the new BLP administration is hiring people like mad.

    Left right and centre

    What does this present to you T. Inniss?

    This is an opportunity for you to suggest to your new leader Verla Depeizza or whomever will have the ear of the IMF that when the imminent job cuts are being effected that opposed to it being First In First Out that it should be the Last In Many Salary crews of the Minister and the S6 employees that are being pai from two sources that should not be hired using their money.

    Dere is more drivel for yah heheheheheheh


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    … And @Pieces when you assert “Again I wish to tell you that ONCE YOU ACCEPT THAT WE ARE BOTH BAJANS and do what you are doing for Barbados, we (you, Mariposa, and me) are all countrymen. We will all be engaged on the same front. and I will fight with that single objective” therein lies the major problem.

    Just four months ago @Inniss nor his/her confederates would engage with you to fight for Bajan justice. They ridiculed and demonized you and all like you who simply demanded more transparency and better governance from the govt actors.,,at no stage was there an appreciation that those actors were badly out of step and an attempt to address the concerns legitimately…just excuse after excuse after excuse.

    Now they embrace your every note although you still simply demand more transparency and better governance from the govt actors….so what has changed? Have they gotten common sense and reason in these ensuing months after riding the citizens so wantonly!

    To paraphrase your remark, “IF they HAD HAD THE NECESSARY SUPPORT FROM COMPETENT LITERATES, 10 months our more ago then their current your efforts would truly be formidable?

    I find their apparent quite knowledgeable sounding posts of what is supposedly good communication, the right steps for economic enfranchisement, what’s best for the sewerage problems and all the other pretty posts extremely disconcerting and maddeningly vexatious.

    That’s like the FBI folks saying AFTER 9-11 ‘well I didn’t realize that non-nationals desiring to train how to fly jets but NOT interested in landing the jets was a warning. OK thanks for sharing…now get your pension and get the badword out of here…we NEED people who THINK and PUSH HARD BEFORE the FACT and not offer pretty analysis after the bomb explodes!


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    “10 months or more ago then their current efforts would truly be formidable?


  • if Jong is not a bajan what legal authority gives MAM the right to hire Jong? does he need immigration permission to work in Bim? If so was his job advertised so that bajans could apply? or is he exempt under CSME?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ T. Inniss

    THere is only one “the OLD DAVID OF BU”

    There are three persons that make up the BU BORG

    The OLD DAVID OF BU is a man of principle and even with his political leanings he is a man who will move to a position of reason and compromise.

    He also loves this country T. Inniss. Dearly, on that single point de ole man does not quibble cause you ent know what he has to do to maintain BU technologically nor legally.

    Running a blog like this ent no mock sport IT IS A FULL TIME JOB.

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster.

    I am mindful of the current direction of the BLP Administration led by Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley, Teets Marshal, Edmund Hinkson and 3 others in the team to close down this blog and other social spaces.

    Might I suggest this as a way to preempt them.

    1.The process if successful will be accompanied by a notification so you will know in advance

    2.You can AFTER CLEANSING AND PURGING THE DATA SELL THE BRAND in its clean format to whomsoever will. You dun know that de Nation Advocate and Dem other people Barbados Today would pay you a fair penny for it

    3.Let them pay for the shell and as you had promised let us know.

    4.But here is the thing. Copyright the Procedure.


    Copyright the entire process while you safeguard certain of the key elements from prying eyes

    You can speak generically to specific processess BUT NOT TO ITS SPECIFICS and set up an e-commerce storefront and sell that document.

    That way if BU falls it would not fall in its entirety and with new technologies, it can be tailored to be reborn again.

    You dun know how sedulously (i get that word from The Luminary and I killing it every chance i get, as well as factual matrix and Drivel, and prolix) but you dun know how sedulously they are pursuing closing down all these sites


  • Like I said TInniss et al have not one RH to talk about. Jong burnt out, they went to Ross dah bun out, now them back to Jong.

    Piece I here watching parliament on the parliament youtube website.


  • Especially for Mr. Piece…Onward and Upward!


  • Looks like PUDRYR “got his groove back”. Interesting to see his grasp of technology, but I suspect contributions like this one will go above the head of many.

    It is also interesting to see new alliances being formed and old alliances being broken,

    Great job PUDRYR


  • De pendantic Dribble

    Point me to anywhere on this site where T.Inniss “ridiculed,demonised -you (meaning Piece) or any like you who demanded more transparency and better governance from the gov’t actors” .

    Show me where this ridicule or demonizing by T. Inniss took place.Now you see why I ignore the shite the majority of wunnah write?

    That’s why I say to people like Piece and Skinner etc – don’t fall into the trap the Blpites are setting.Where once you bring an alternative view which does not serve the interest of Mia and this current BLP (because she ain’t care bout the Owen blp and those accolytes) – then the operatives rush and put a label on you – so that whatever you say from henceforth is not read,analysed and distilled – but WILL ALWAYS BE SEEN THROUGH THE PRISM THEY WANT YOU TO SEE THE CONTRIBUTION AND NOT TAKEN ON ITS MERIT.

    I have agreed with Miller in the past and I have agreed with Mariposa;
    I have agreed with Northern Observer and I have agreed with Piece
    I have agreed with William Skinner and I have agreed with James Greene
    I have agreed with David/BU and I have agreed with G.P.
    And I can go on and on.
    However asking me to agree with Lorenzo,enuff or Artax is taking a joke too far lol.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ De Igrunt Word aka De Pedantic Dribbler

    Just a simple word can change an entire sentence.

    My “you” though capitalized was the second person singular and spoke only to the content and style of T.Inniss

    My “we” the first person plural while inclusive of the less ammmmm literate party (whose identity will remain secret for the purpose of this explanation) spoke to a specific context of partnering with any countryman, be they B or D whose objective was to enhance barbados.

    In times afore times, you dun know that, be it the Legion of AC and her other two colleagues, or whomever, given that their agenda was against Barbados, de ole man and me grandson would not have wavered from prosecuting the objective of removing the DLP.

    Even if T. Inniss was on board then, by these and other legal tools (and we still remember the fact that one particular person called this campaign seditious speech but I ent calling no names)

    You (the singular you) may have noted that Mariposa has sort of improved her ammmm submissions and styling (even she is using psyc wars heheheheheh doah she got de book upside down whuloss hold muh

    But in a seriousness the fact is that over the effluxion of time, with diligent application, one is able to see a modicum of movement in the compass of might vessels given the persistent of an eddy on the hull.

    I know where my ship’s destination is DIW and if they wish to be on that same ship so be it, if not, that is good by me too, but as for me, and my household, I will serve the Lord.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance with and item here for DpD aka De Ingrunt Word. thank you


  • What enuff didn’t even notice in his haste to say something to show that he wukking fuh he food – he missed my post which stated that I have no problem with Mia bringing Ross to bdos because everyone will benefit.What I want to know is what concessions or guarantees if any have been given and whether these discussions started even while she was the Opposition leader only.

    This was early up in the blog and I have not commented really since on that issue.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Enuff of Lorenzo Duo

    I was wondering what had become of you heheheheheheeh

    “I move that the bill now pass….me thinks the ayes have it?” heheheheheh

    Whu everything cud get pass in there and not a feller ent know.

    Please tell that fellow that sphere is pronounced sphere and not square heheheheheeh


  • @T.Inniss

    The blogmaster has been at this for a little while, all the little tricks are known. The blogmaster will comment as he sees fit.

    Here is what is known, the BLP has taken to using technology as a differentiating strategy which is relevant in a digital age, a win win. It may explain why Jong’s skills were sought after given his resume. Unfortunately there are downside risks to any activity including serving the Internet and posting comments. Educate your self, let Google ( be your friend.

    Do you understand?


  • Dedicated to Enuff


  • @ David and Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    As a Canadian citizen blogging from Canada………I ent worried bout MA JONG…….yet.


  • Thanks David/BU for your response.Noted


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Order # 13 that gives the Minister in the Office of the Ministry of Finance 5 new? staff members?

    Whuloss, de granson going have a field day pun dese appointments

    @ T. Inniss

    Here is a thing to be noted thought.

    Earlier this morning you indicated that when Bishop Atherley was speaking he mentioned the name of Charles Jong and was cautioned by the Speaker that he could not use the name of the party but Ronald St C Toppin at 19:23 in said waste foop deliberations see was able to call the name of our most recent jailbird, Pornville while appending “Mr Speaker sir, with your permission” and he was given a pass card.

    But den just after Toppin spoke dere rose up a woman who prefaced her comments with ridding Barbados of Robbers.

    Wunna badword badwords thing that the Almighty is asleep?

    you really ent want a feller to expose your own brand of robbery doah?

    This is why IF MIA is not careful she is going to be a one term government.

    Let her continue to tinker with that Integrity Legislation while engineering a 1933 Enabling Act and watch and see how it comes back to bite her


  • @James Greene August 14, 2018 9:01 AM “…he has advised many other administrations across the Caribbean for huge fees.”

    What if the huge fee is less than $7,000 BDS per month.

    Although $7,000 BDS per month is not bad for a part time pick.


  • T. Inniss

    It’s either ironic or coincidental that you suddenly developed a conscience after May 24 and decided to join this forum to be overly critical of a new administration that, at the time of your entrance, was only a few days old……

    ………while at the same time rying to justify the abysmal ten year tenure of the inept Freundel Stuart and his DLP administration.

    In Bajan parlance a yardfowl is descriptive of an individual that undyingly and blindly supports the actions or policies of a political party……even in circumstances where the evidence proves that party made wrong decisions.

    So far, Inniss, you have progressively displayed all the characteristics that are synonymous with being a yardfowl………and to be more precise…….a DLP yardfowl. The more you contribute, it becomes clearly evident that you’re a DLP yardfowl.

    You have often accused me of being a BLP yardfowl…….and the basis of your characterisation is the fact that I’m critical of the DLP. This is clearly indicative of your INABILITY to UNDERSTAND what you read and think RATIONALLY.

    I’ll give you an example. When PUDRYR is critical of Mia Mottley, you are “first out of the boxes” to praise him. However, when he is equally critical of Stuart or any member of the DLP……you immediately invoke “your right to remain silent” and hide in your shell until he writes about “Mugabe or Hitler” Mottley……..or when any other criticisms surface that fit into your narrow political agenda.

    But……whereas I am critical of the DLP………you cannot indicate to me where, in any of my contributions, I am correspondingly supportive of the BLP. Additionally, you come out ” boxing wild” with criticisms that are not thoroughly, rationally or reasonably thought out……as was also indicated by PUDRYR.

    Herein lies the difference between you and me.

    You are a WEAK, lightweight, protagonist of the DLP………. and I have been SUCCESSFUL in HIGHLIGHTING the WEAKNESSES in your one sided contributions……a fact that ANNOYS you TREMENDOUSLY.

    What I challenge you to do is to INDICATE to me where in ANY of my contributions that could be justifiably construed as being supportive of the BLP……. excluding the fact I’m critical of the DLP……. and praised any member of that party…….

    ………. SIMILARLY to how you often place your head far up in the butts of Stuart and his colleagues…….

    ………and present the facts to BU.

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  • Piece are you sure that you are not picking on poor Charlie because he is foreign and asian lookimg?

    Some people do that you know.

    I myself have been targeted because some people just do not like fat, black, old, foreign, never married women.

    Even though I didn’t do a thing wrong.

    But some people see my fatness, my blackness, my agedness, my foreignness, and my unrepentant singleness as threats to their idea of the proper social order. If I was gay also image how much more threatening I might seem to be.

    And yes they are people out there who are female, fat, black, old, foreign, never married and gay..

    Please note that have NEVER threatened a single person in my whole life.


  • Remember also that the person recently arrested by the United States authorities was one of our honoured ones, one of our trusted ones, one of our beloved ones, a real-real SON of the soil.

    Should we love and trust people because they look like us, speak like us, appear to be one of our own? What if they are not loving or trustworthy. Do we “not notice” that untrustworthiness, and when others notice do we advise them to “call a lawyer” or say “leave it to the law”

    And should we hate and mistrust people because they do not look like us, do not speak like us, appear to be not one of our own?

    Please advise.

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  • “………we NEED people who THINK and PUSH HARD BEFORE the FACT and not offer pretty analysis after the bomb explodes!”

    Well said dPd……..and therein lies what I have been trying to explain to T. Inniss……

    ……. hence my previous comment re: “Yardfowls need to THINK about issues THOROUGHLY, REASONABLY and RATIONALLY before RUSHING to crticise.”

    Individuals such as him/her want to express their simple one sided, unsubstantiated views without being challenged to explain their position.

    They come to this forum with a lot of superficial nonsense…… and when someone presents an alternative perspective or highlights the folly in their arguments……. they cry foul, while calling the challenger a yardfowl supporter of the BLP.


  • @Artaxerxes August 14, 2018 8:38 PM “Yardfowls need to THINK about issues THOROUGHLY, REASONABLY and RATIONALLY before RUSHING to crticise.”

    But Art, surely you understand that yard fowls by their very nature are INCAPABLE of thinking about issues thoroughly, reasonably and rationally. That is why they are yard fowls.

    I mean, do you also expect to see a flying fish walking up Broad Street?

    Flying fish don’t walk, because they can’t. Yard fowls don’t think, don’t reason, don’t rationalise, because they can’t.

    That is why they are yard fowls.

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  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Simple Simon

    I will share with you a summary of my education in other cultures

    Enter a father who did not accept white people on face value, because “he lived in their lair and knew them to be wolves in sheep’s clothing” and was able to enlighten us kids early as to their wiles – a mother whose agape love was boundless bordering on saint-like and such acted as a counterpoise for a radical dad.

    An exposure to “the sins of the flesh” which was not limited by clime therefore colour was not really an issue. Once the ladies liked you their male associates tolerated you and you had conversations that were enforced but respectful.

    Until one got older and entered “THEIR WORLD” and returned to one’s domain “In the Castle of My Skin”

    There is alot more but that is the short version but the final take on this is that Charles Jong is not chinese as much as I will say that Charles presents himself and based on how he engages i respond.
    If Charles is good at what he does then put what he does, in writing, and tell bajans what he is being paid to do what he does.

    That is not hard to do is it? But it would seem so with all of these shenanigians and attacks on people who are asking questions.

    The same issue happened with the White Oak people.

    Two consultants who have excellent personal reputations in their personal capacities but who she lies to say that they are a world renown entity and THEY CONJOIN WITH HER TO SPIN UP A STORY AND A WEBSITE FOR THE IMF.

    And that makes you suspicious OR IT SHOULD because there is no need for her to be telling these lies OR IS THERE?


    But all these bajans who started commenting on this blog love cool air being blown up their pooches

    Here is the short version Simple Simon

    Within 60 days you have a Prime Minister who is lying to the people while she pretends that she is promoting Integrity Legislation.

    Does that make any sense to you?

    So I calling it like it is…badword badword lies (and I was circumspect because of my respect for you as a lady but you dun know de ole man mouf ent to nice)

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  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with and item to Simple Simon


  • “Flying fish don’t walk, because they can’t. Yard fowls don’t think, don’t reason, don’t rationalise, because they can’t.”

    Simple Simon

    Mariposa and T. Inniss should pay special attention to your comments.

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    I think you are doing an important job highlighting this issue. A government spying on its citizens is a big deal.
    The truth is, most Bajans are oblivious to these sorts of things and see the internet as social media, watching movies, etc. But those who “get it” appreciate what you are doing. Cyber security is crucial and data is almost like a new currency. In fact, data often translates to hard currency. Keep up the good fight.

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  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ A. Dullard

    Many thanks for your words of encouragement.

    The fact is that, as passengers on an airplane, it is not the usual function of a passenger to have to be checking on your pilot or on the mechanic doing a check on the engine or the freight handler.

    In this regard people just go along for the ride but for a few of us passengers who look outside the window of the aircraft WHEN YOU SEE A FELLOW DRIVE A BAGGAGE TRAILER TO YOUR PLANE AND JUMP OFF IT AND START RUNNING IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION you have a right to be suspicious.

    Jong is known to the courts so to speak and people asking questions about Jong find themselves under fire like how the Leader of the House found himself being attacked by MP Caddle who then proceeded to append even more than one person to her accusation of the Leader Atherley yesterday in the house of assembly.

    Why are they finding it necessary to lie? On something that is so simple?

    Here is the CV of Charles Jung, here is the job description for the Director of Communication. We are interviewing people for this job, here is the public notice saying that we have a job opening right up to the point where the notice states that we have noyone that is capable of doing this job so we are putting our a notice for a Caricom candidate etc

    The fact is that the expansion of the Immigration policy to Haiti may have been a way to remove any legal barriers against persons like Jung.

    But the most critical point is that there was no need for all this secrecy and with all the other activities going on, it means that he is spying on us.

    The sad thing about this is that there is no agency in barbados that has the capacity to check on these fellows.

    In Baltimore all one does is to walk into the FEDs and lay a complaint and just like that a case is opened.

    Who are you going to go to in Barbados A. Dullard?

    And it is upon that paucity of skill and the immunity from investigation that Mottley and her crew is relying.

    Who going stand up to Mia Amor?

    One still has to watch Bishop Atherley to see if he is for real or just posing

    The thing is that he has little resources to rely on as a one man LoO.

    That is a rough situation to be in, he cannot take off a day cause dem can pass anything when he is not there, Im being facetious but he ha to be vigilant against 29 people and while 21 are brimlers 9 are pretty sharp and of those 9 a few have been there playing at this game for a while

    With the guidance of My GOD i shall do what he bids me and gives me the strength to do

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  • Wait wuh happen to de meeting that was to tek place between White Oaks executives and Atherley
    Not a peeking word .
    Yuh think dat after Atherly got up in Parliament and rise de issue about White Oaks dat Atherly would have followed through by giving a public update
    Poor rakey fuh trute


  • “Who are you going to go to in Barbados A. Dullard?”

    Good question. The place is a joke. Maybe after Mugabe applies the screws, some folk will be forced to stand up for right(eousness)??


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Mariposa

    Unfortunately your query about that meeting is so true.

    One would have felt that the Leader of the Opposition should have provided a public update of said meeting since he is now led by his conscience.

    TO apprise the people of the status of this White Oak meeting….

    heheheheheheh girl you upping your game whuloss

    If there is one thing I pray will come form this May 24t experience is that EVERY BAJAN WILL BE VIGILANT for both your DLP and these BLP crooks

    We got to mek dese swine honest

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  • I say poor rakey fuh trute. It is obvious that Atherly alligience is to himself and even the butt licker Caswell at times when he catches himself losing the person and image of a peoples person have to come on BU for a once in a while bush bath..heee heee
    Mottley got all wunna fool yuh think them PR stunts all orchestrated by Commander Jong is fuh nothing


  • @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right August 14, 2018 9:39 PM “If Charles is good at what he does then put what he does, in writing, and tell bajans what he is being paid to do what he does.”

    Fair enough.

    I have no problem with that request.

    And the way I look at it neither Charlie nor Mia should have a problem with your suggestion either.


  • Simple Simon

    Okay, I’m sure many of us in this forum, including me, do not agree with the appointment of Charles Jong as a media consultant, especially if there is a Barbadian that could effectively and efficiently perform the stipulated duties.

    Additionally, we have already established that this BLP administration should have been more transparent about Jong’s appointment, the terms and conditions of his consultancy and the related fees.

    What else is there to add to the discussion, other than spewing spy and espionage conspiracy theories?

    With…shiite… T. Inniss ran out of the gates with amazing speed on this issue, similarly to “Coo Bird” in the 1992 Gold Cup.

    The difference here is…,.. whereas Coo Bird went on to win that race and set a new track record……….

    …….T. Inniss ran out of steam somewhere approaching the 7 furlong pole.


  • Murdah . It look like T.Inniss stick in yuh craw buddy lolllll


  • Thank you Caswell for raising the issue of the appointment of Charles Jong in the Senate today.

    Lucille Moe’s response was so arrogant ……. ‘We won the election 30 -0 and the people give us a mandate – first time in the history of bdos we had this type of victory (so suck it up right)

    Boy I am tired already .


  • Her response did not collide with Caswells point about a breaking of the law. Btw T. Inniss you started a conversation the a morning but ran away?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Was this exchange between Senator Franklyn and Lucille Moe televised?

    Is it still online?


  • Far from it, my friend!!! Yardfowls can’t stick in anyone’s craw.

    I’m “overwhelmed with astonishment” that when you first contributed to BU…….you tried desperately to convince this forum that you’re apolitical.

    However, as you continued to contribute ……you became so comfortable to the extent…..that you are oblivious to the fact that you have been progressively exposing your slip…….. thereby displaying your bias towards the DLP.

    David BU

    Yes, Inniss “came out of the gates like a bullet” this morning, but clearly ran out of steam and could not endure to the end.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Can they not send a script to my grandson so that he can do a procedural manual for these dufuses to familiarize themselves with (i) what they are suppoed to say (ii) when they are supposed to say it?

    They look so effing illiterate being broadcast all over the world to the IMF and other agencies that are observing THAT WE ARE SUCH BUNGLING MONKEYS



  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ T. Inniss

    I shared with you what my endgame is namely to assist in any way that de ole man can, in bringing barbados back on its feet.

    This, post the worst government that we have ever had, WHILE ENSURING THAT THE BLP REMAINS HONEST.

    Now the last part of that statement, though desirable, is like seeing an elephant flying overhead.

    Practically impossible with those people who “DO NOT FEEL THAT THEY ARE PUBLIC SERVANTS” according to one of them.

    So where is our “overlap” some may say that there is none but de ole man differs.


    De DLP is going to be in the political wilderness for the next 5 years at least.

    Now what do you do during that period of time TI?

    If wunna stay silent wunna dies but if wunna “agitate” while in the wilderness then there is a likkle hope.


    Mariposa, while she is not the most articulate person in the DLP arsenal, at least understands the concept of “a drop of water will erode the seemingly impervious mountain, over time”

    nd she has not been given this role officially.

    So what you have to do is get the authorization from Verla Depeiza to use the material in the arsenal of the DLP that shows the dishonesty of the BLP, and use that material, drop by drop here on BU and on other social media to show how crooked they are.

    Rather have been.

    Now what will that do?

    Many will say that it will not endear the DLP in the eyes of the Electorate BUT that is not your objective

    Because wunna ent got no currency in the eyes of the electorate anyways (THAT IS WHAT #0-LOVE MEANS) but it will erode the current currency of the BLP when the evidence comes to light.

    Remember that wunna got the files on these crooks NOTWITHSTANDING THEIR 2 YEAR STATURE OF LIMITATIONS.

    Leh de ole man show you what dat campaign should look like.

    You have to get a brand that will be associated with your disclosures

    Best medium is a html5 book

    De Grandson can do a couple for you FOR A FEE

    So you effect the drip drip on these persons and thereby diminish their stature which, for the easily distracted SHEEPLE OF BARBADOS, is all you need to do.

    ammmmmm you have to start this disclosure quickly.

    BEFORE THE IMF makes any decisions or releases any money, you understand?

    ENDGAME INNISS, ENGAME ….is to mek all uh wunna honest IN SPITE OF WUNNA NATURES capiche?

    Neither you nor the BLP must ever get comfortable enough to feel that wunna can teif we money again.

    and for you guys, you get to expose their bad habits to the general public

    So when wunna want to begin?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    statute not stature*


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    So T. Inniss

    “…This is your mission should you wish to accept it….”

    So do you understand the strategy TI?

    Don’t get tied up by the fluffy things.

    What you have to do is focus on the main themes

    Juxtapose your messages against Real Verifiable Intelligence Information.

    Ammmmm I know that your guys going tink dat dem “got dis”, and try to do it themselves but….

    Even if de ole man was to give a feller me whole hard drive, dem would not even know how to begin to use what pun um



  • On a tangential note, who listened to Independent Senator Monique Tait calling for Senator’s allowance to be increased? She compared to board fee paid to Chairmen of some SOEs which are higher. Her simple logic was that with the increase in the number of ministers by this government there will be a concomitant increase in workload. She also stressed the Upper Chamber does important work. There you have it!


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ T. Inniss

    Can you use any of your peeples obtain copies of the contractual arrangements of the “Many Salary Crew of MAM?

    Just one instance of a person who has 2-3 contracts and you gone clear TI!

    You understand the scandal of there being a Mia appointed consultant or employee or one of her ministers staff engagements who have more than one contract?

    You grasp the magnitude of this type of information in your hands PRIOR TO THE IMF largese?

    That would mean that with all the so called baby stories that Mottley shared with Lagarde in her empathy THAT SHE MOTTLEY, was scheming just in 30 days of being appointed.

    My man, dat is what you and Maroposa need to be doing.

    Gathering Intelligence

    These things fall off trucks ASK HOODIE heheheheheheh he does drive a truck


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ T. Inniss

    It is things like this item following that highlights the characteristics of many BLP personnel that you need to set your focus.

    Every time that you see one of them who joins the cry that “dem ent getting paid enough” you have to seize this information since this will provide you ammunition against the BLP rapists who even now are fattening their purses WHILE WE THE PEOPLE ARE SUCKING SALT.

    Imagine these hypocrites crying own Stinkliar for all the taxes he inflicted on the people while IN 60 days DEM IS DOING WORSE.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ T. Inniss

    By now you must be understand what your task is IF YOU ACCEPT IT and doan run way like de fellers say dat you doing

    You need to be part of the verifiable information that once presented to the REAL AUTHORITIES WILL GIVE THE SERIOUS PAUSE about what is going on in the country

    @ PM Mia Mottley

    The fact is that all of you need to understand that what belongs to a man or WOMAN MUST NOT BE STOLEN and what belongs to a nation MUST NOT BE STOLEN.

    Wunna leave wunna respective homes and run for elected office and are appointed custodians of the national treasury.

    AND THEREAFTER SEEK TO RUN ROUGH SHOT OVER PEOPLES LIVELIHOODS because wunna born with a gold spoon of privilege in wunna mouf that pre-determined that wunna entitled to sojourn in the heights of the land where wunna proceeds to teif every ting




  • There seems to be a problem seeing the above video but the audio tells the story about Jong ascendancy as chairman commuicator expert during the debate in parliament


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Thank You Honourable Blogmaster for the Link to the Youtube channel.

    I am reviewing the material mindful of the fact that the original mp4 has its trackers

    The issue about the incompetency of the party who prepared the document that Senator Caswell is speaking of Is what the ole man speaks to when I say that Mia’s First and Second Eleven are illiterati.

    But I want wanna to check out the actions of these people THESE SO CALLED Senators while Senator Caswell Franklyn is speaking

    But not to be outdone check out this white man who could not even be bothered to put down his phone


    Now I want all of you to monitor the quality of the voice rather the microphone that Senator Franklyn has been given AGAINST THAT OF ANY OF THE OTHER BLP Senators and pimps. IS HIS AUDIO QUALITY SO DISTORTED JUST BY CHANCE? or is this a purposed attempt to make is seem like if he is shouting?

    Notwithstanding these efforts all de ole man gots to say is “Whuloss Caswell YOU GINE KILL DEM?

    But back to the Senate ting and JONG

    Check out the mp4 from 35:00 to 36.33

    Where de badwork Lucille Moe disappeared to? She like she gone to get her linstructions from Mia Mottley YES?

    But doan worry WID ALL OF THESE ELABORATE POSTS wunna going find out what de ole man saying real soon when de IMF denies all these inflated posts and tricky wickets being compiled for Lagarde


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right


  • Piece

    Thank you for not giving up on this.

    The citizens who really care and are not still high on the Kool -Aid will know why this represents the beginning of something very sinister and dangerous.

    I carefully noted how this matter has been avoided and sidestepped by some.

    I also noted how on another thread comments from diverse bloggers were being raised about the wastage of national resources by Owen and the projects involved were listed- which left the country in a precarious position – then suddenly a link appeared about the Hal Gollop Cheque affair – by the blog owner.

    Then by the end of day an article appeared with a known blpite kool aid drinker pretending to ask if the former speaker had a Vat Invoice.Just that 2 sentence query became an article – just so.

    Now note this lifting of comments into a blog was not done for the Jong query,the oversized cabinet query,the appointment of tsars,Ambassadors,Consultants etc,an article was not done on white oaks and who is white oaks etc.

    So I watched on.

    Lest I be misunderstood, I don’t care crap about Michael Carrington nor greedy opportunistic Hal Gollop.Its people like those who turn people off from politics. with their blatant greed.

    However I deliberately did not participate on that 2 sentence blog by the BLP operative because I recognize early what was going on and as if to reinforce my point another article pops up today with that ignorant comment by Monique taitt – about more money steupes..

    So it seems we are being steered in a particular direction ONLY !

    Yet all the time Mariposa has been asking for a blog on George Payne and Dale Marshall and the accusations from that poor lady living in the U.K. – on the alleged theft of her land.

    Couldn’t the same 2 sentence query raised by the BLPITE and made into a blog happened in that matter as well?

    I refuse to be manipulated.

    We are facing serious times with someone at the helm who is known to have DICTATORIAL TENDENCIES and persons seem to want to give cover for certain actions taking place.

    Michael Carrinton,Hal Gollop et al actions should be highlighted but the value of that should be in what the penalty for that action will be.

    But of greater importance is what is taking place right now under our very eyes without a full fledged Opposition and a seemly supine media.


  • BU

    For the first time – my post has disappeared.

    This hasn’t happened before so can you resurrect it for me.


  • Here is a simple response to your comment. In the case of Michael CARRINGTON and Hal Gollop there are documents to support. In the case of the Stewart videos there is nothing.

    The blogmaster contacted ‘Jackie Stewart’ via Facebook several weeks ago to request documents to support her accusation. She promised to scan and forward said documents to provide the comfort level required, especially knowing that George Walton law firm has initiated legal action. At some point you will appreciate how matters of this import have to be prosecuted.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Dear Senator Taitt.

    I have been up for several hours wading through yours and those of others of your senatorial colleagues.

    I have after listening to your representations in detail REMOVE this Stoopid Cartoon which spoke to what I thought was a compensation that was much more than what you spoke to in the second part of the mp4s

    I am conflicted because you know what Monique, the fact is that some of you work hard and put in the hours but when a feller comes in there and is given a free ride FOR DOING NOTHING FOR ALL THESE YEARS you and Crystal and Caswell and others of you who are professionals you get tainted rather tarred with a brush that you do not deserve.

    Disenchantment: the feeling of being disappointed with something, and no longer believing that it is good or worthwhile.

    After a while we grow despondent and doan carish because of the constancy of the underperformers.

    The 3 of you Monique ARE AN ANOMALY.

    You were NOT meant to be there in the Senate but there you are INDEPENDENT MINDS who genuinely wish to make a change and who are prepared to go against the mould.

    And therefore, I will PUBLICLY RETRACT that item and ask the honourable blogmaster to reomve it from wherever it was placed on the Blog.

    I pray that more persons like the 3 of you arise to fight.

    Remember that there are several people in that august assembly who may be disposed to rubber stamp the bills that come to you.

    You must continue to do Branford proud wherever you go.

    Bajans need hope Monique and you MUST REMAIN TRUE TO YOUR ROOTS in spite of what assails you.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ T. Inniss

    Let me say this OF THE OLD DAVID OF BU one more time.

    As long as you have verifiable information this party within the trio WILL PUBLISH THE MATTER if it is consistent with the purpose of the BU blog.

    What you and others are trying to do CANNOT BE FOUGHT WITHOUT AMMUNITION of a sort that permits BU to withstand the legal enquiries that are tossed at them every single day.

    The BLP faction has its objective to remain the party in power for as long as possible in similar vein as the DLP.

    The fact is that the BLP has incontrovertible evidence of the malfeasance of the DLP lot and it is in their interest to work that information to the max.

    So the appearance of these articles here on a blog that is thusly centred is an normal organic function of a Blog.

    You set this in a context that BU is biased BUT THE FACT IS THAT IF YOU SUBMIT NOTHING TO SUPPORT YOUR POSITION we the readers cannot see into your thoughts like if we were Spock from Star Trek with the Vulcan Mindlock.

    I certainly would not want such power to look into Mariposa’s mind lest it set me mad.

    Or worse still, suppose while i was walking through the endless caves of her mind de ole man was to fall in love with the maze? Whuloss a fate worse that that I could not imagine.

    There is no submission here or position that i hold that, with exposure to reasoned positions I cannot confess that I was wrong and retract and apologise where applicable.

    Let me show you something about being Vigilant

    YOu cannot be overly vigilant.

    Senator Franklyn’s presentation in the Senate and his attention to the resolutions that were mysteriously sent to him on Sunday while others seemed to have gotten theirs on friday woulld confirm to many readers here that we bloggers constantly agitating for an improved Barbados should not be looked at as complaints.

    Look how dem fellers tried to get a resolution past Caswell to hire Jong as a S6 WITHOUT USING THE PROPER PROCEDURES.

    De ole man did not know dat ting bout de Services Commission or the Governor General

    What i did know was that Jong superceded other extremely talented Bajans dat abound in the country and that his skills were a notional secret and that he has been forced on the people of Barbados by slight of hand.

    And that anyone who speaks out against these dictatorial actions is attacked and accused of wearing aluminum over their head heheheheheh.

    But what you seem to be missing is that there is a new pulse in the air post May 24th 2018.

    Mottley realizes that and THEY ARE ALL DOING A LITTLE TING to see what they can get through on us but we have to be VIGILANT.

    Let me suggest this to you.

    Research your stuff and submit it to the Honourable Blogmaster

    If you want to be sure that there is no trace back to you, get Adobe DC and print the documents to pdf AND THEN USE THE PROTECT menu option followed by REMOVE HIDDEN INFORMATION

    Then send it to BU thereafter and unless it is some Xrated pictures of *** i believe that the items will be uploaded here.

    But that is just my take T. Inniss, I dont own the blog but it has been fair to me, to date.


  • I hear you piece.There is a lot of information that has been coming my way from various sources – but these days on the internet yuh don’t know if yuh can trust yuh mudder or yuh fadder – so I watch on.

    I will continue to monitor the blogs and see what is happening and meanwhile I will give my inputs via Posts.

    Don’t be fooled David/Bu does not need a separate article sent to him,he can do just what he has done before and continue to do – that is pick up a thread and form a new blog – that is – if he so desires

    My aim is not to beat up on anyone – but like the fella Rodney what-his-name from the L.A. riots said so passionately and hearfelt – “Can we all not get along?”.


  • T. Inniss it does you no good worth while to beg David to project the side of this govt recklessness
    All things in due time would produce all that you were asking for
    Right now this country has plunged into economic darkness
    Yet we have ministers demanding and getting their increase which in my mind was a promisory note to them in return for having Mottley elected as PM and a automatic gain for the party
    The country has been asked to tighten its belt more
    This country economic plunged into freefall would soon leave all and sundry gasping for breathe including the great David of BU
    T. Inniss patience is a virtue



    You see from the comments the two posted that this is a losing cause don’t you? No comprehension!


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Senator Taitt.

    One more thing.

    Many days I had the distinct pleasure of being with Sir Branford as he remarked about the Senate (remarked was a kind word for what ONLY BRANFORD COULD DO WITH HIS MASTERY OF ENGLISH)

    As you sit down in there on Thursdays you will see why i called this administration Mia’s First Eleven and 2nd Eleven.

    THe way that they were created is by way of an Inheritance that she has had no control over.

    And as a result of the numbers game, she has perforce filled it with a number of buffoons.

    My assessment is going to rapidly become evident to you there is the Senate

    This is Mia’s intermediary ploy.

    The IMF is going to demand that she downsize this double tier so she will let go the idiots with the requisite amount of empathy.

    But there wont be any negative fallout accorded her when she HAS TO RELEASE THEM. Hopefully by then she will be able to pick the best of the lot

    This is all of the senators job interviews so that Bajans will see the ones with brains and the others who are dufuses


  • My apologies for having missed a trick, but is Senator Taitt related to Branford Taitt?


  • What exactly is Piece saying here?
    …that is is ok to be albino-centric and money focused – as long as you say a few intelligent things in the Senate?
    Shiite man – If Caswell himself got in there demanding more money after two months, Bushie would dis-own his donkey. …far less some shiite lawyer.

    BTW which ‘Bradford’ was that who so impressed Piece..? the one of St Joseph Hospital fame?
    No wonder the damn girl feels entitled.

    ‘SERVICE to community’ is the ONLY reason any senator should be sitting there…. ESPECIALLY and ‘independent’ one.
    If it is money she wants then let her go and rob some old BB pensioner like the other lawyers do…


  • Have you seen Eric Holder endorsing the BLP administration? What waffle? This is a government of PR nonsense. Holder is not in a position to endorse or oppose this government after just over two months or no policy implementation and just an expansion of non-elected appointees?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Brother In Arms Bush Tea

    Being a Senator is a full time job (caveat is that any senator should be competent as a prerequisite for being such in the forst place)

    We get what we pay for and to be frank dat money that she was talking about IS REALLY CHICKEN FEED!

    I doan care what dem was to tell de ole man I was not going to do all that work for dat unless as you seem to be suggesting senatorial positions should not be offered to hand to mouf fellers like me SINCE I SHOULD BE WORKING FOR GOOD OF COUNTRY.

    Did we not at one time in recent times have a senator who was visually challenged?

    Granted that we have Dragon Dictate etc to assist the visually challenged but, having seen Caswell’s presentation this morning, to what degree would such a person been able to review various senate documents for these nuances?

    Looka how some of the rest get up and deliver drivel (like de ole man does do here regularly)

    Yes the said one Branford of the purportedly dead chickens being killed again by Ms Ram fame


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Hal Austin


    Holder is a Democrat and, post mid terms, the Democrats will hold the majority in the Senate/ Congress and the impeachment of DT will begin with the other evidence that is being withheld in the interim.

    Holder did not come to Barbados for no building re-dedication

    His function was very specific.

    Do your investigative journalism Hal and revert to this matter when you have connected the dots.


  • @ Piece
    Your heart is in the right place, BUT…
    Do not be misled.
    What ‘full time job’ what??!! It is only a full time job for mendicant yardfowls looking for a nipple…

    This country spent BILLIONS of dollars to put THOUSANDS of its citizens in the position to be able to GIVE BACK to the same society – and to future generations. There SHOULD be no end of HIGHLY COMPETENT, TRAINED, KNOWLEDGEABLE citizens who COULD (and WOULD) do excellent duty in a meaningful senate – pro bono – if the system allowed…

    The current shiite system that we have is a colossal waste of money and time.
    You have a government that appoints yardfowls to rubber stamp its policies after suitable shiite talk in this ‘senate’
    NO INTELLIGENCE is needed to toe a government line…. so what more money does she want?

    What difference has ANY senate EVER make in Barbados before Caswell?
    Look at the many SHIITE LAWS that have been passed – only to be deemed useless…. from the seat belt law, ERA, PAC …. practically ALL…

    As to the appointment of a visually handicapped person to chair the Senate by David Thompson.
    If that was not a (typical) act of cynicism then Bushie will eat his words…..
    Wuh if Bushie was PM and was dishonest enough to misappropriate $3.3M, then the appointment of a blind CoP would make a lotta sense too… and a tainted DPP would be a bonus….


  • The Senate is largely irrelevant, save the few lone voices over the years such as Dr.Frazer, Chandler now Caswell.

    This is because it effectively has no right of veto.


  • Crusoe,

    Are you saying there is a faultline in our democracy?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Brother in Arms Bush Tea

    You see how them people was looking at Caswell while he was speaking?

    Rapt attention.

    All of them were listening to his every word EVEN MIA’s appointees, and when he was finished even Lynette thumped the table.

    That is unheard of Bush Tea, unheard of for your opponents to thump the table.

    What is my point though?

    A few good men & women that is what we need Bush Tea and you dun know that everyone is not wealthy like you.

    Not everyone can afford to come to the Senate FOR FREE but what I am saying is that if we could make sure that we have good people there making the best decision and being paid so that they dont have to take bribes, like our “What’s My Cut Downlowe feller” then at least we have a better chance


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