Charles Jong – The Big Brother Who is Spying on Bajans?

Submitted by Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right


Barbados/Bajans are at war, as we were 75 years ago when, on 11 Sept 1942, Canadian Steamer Cornwallis was torpedoed in Carlisle Bay by the German U-Boat 514. 

But at 2018, some are saying that the “torpedo” that has been launched at us comes ironically from a  Hitlerian source in a form fashioned for the times, a precision torpedoing manifest in Charles Jong, emirate of Mia Mottley

The message that is being touted by the duo of Snuff of Lorenzo is that JONG is a Communications Consultant who has been hired to “integrate and unify the ICT backbone of government”

But “Integration & Unification” of IT systems IS NOT KEYLOGGING SOFTWARE or so coding the cascading style sheets and “like buttons” on websites  wunna machines visit that each click exposes your “referer url” (where you come from shopping on Victoria Secrets or I met up dat last site  but wunna could check if it exists)

De Ole man ask you smart Bajans if such an agent is and enemy to the government of Barbados and its people? and does his insertion at the level of our GIS department (with the accord of the Minister Lucille Moe) constitute VIRTUAL TREASON? Is this not an act of “…betrayal of allegiance toward one’s own country, especially by committing hostile acts against it? …”.

I wants wunna to test what de ole man is telling wanna for wanna selves 

Go to


There you will see a screen like that above that details part of the information being captured about your machines at “friendly sites”

But Imagine if wunna on a “non friendly” site? with a fellow versed in using streaming and flash leaks to subvert your machine? So what if, INSTEAD OF STREAMING WUNNA GOVERNMENT BROADCASTS from government GIS servers,  DEM DOING SO FROM THE Barbados Labour Party Website?

De ole man will try real hard not to  make this submission and article on “The ineffectual nature of the Leader of the Opposition and his Senators but wanna get where de ole man coming from?

This is why IF WUNNA GOING TO THESE SITES users should protect themselves by using (i) Virtual box or VMWARE (ii) add a TOR browser and (iii) pay for a VPN

But, only recently, our Luminary Mr. Jeff Cumberbatch posted and article titled “The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – Enhancing the Freedom of Democratic Expression II” in which he made reference to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of Jamaica which in part stated  “Parliament shall pass no law and no organ of the State shall take any action which abrogates, abridges or infringes those rights…”

De ole man posits that the engagement of Charles Jong by the Government of Barbados, presents a situation rather THREAT to the sovereignty of Barbados and the Rights of citizens, a situation which is unchallenged by the puppeteer Opposition of Bishop Reverend Father Atherley.

De ole man believes that the complete remit of JONG has PURPOSELY not been provided and that given his true MANDATE, such constitutes a National Security concern which assuredly our Attorney General Dale Marshall and Minister of Home Affairs Edmund Hinkson should be examining for and on behalf of the people of Barbados.

Indeed the country is now, and continues to be, under serious threat since our “PARLIAMENT, while not passing any laws, is using the organs of the State to “abrogate, abridge and infringe on the very rights…” of Bajans 

We can be assured that David Comissiong WILL NOT SURFACE to come to the aid of Barbadians FOR THIS ONE

But who gives a flying shyte anyways??


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ T. Inniss

    It is things like this item following that highlights the characteristics of many BLP personnel that you need to set your focus.

    Every time that you see one of them who joins the cry that “dem ent getting paid enough” you have to seize this information since this will provide you ammunition against the BLP rapists who even now are fattening their purses WHILE WE THE PEOPLE ARE SUCKING SALT.

    Imagine these hypocrites crying own Stinkliar for all the taxes he inflicted on the people while IN 60 days DEM IS DOING WORSE.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ T. Inniss

    By now you must be understand what your task is IF YOU ACCEPT IT and doan run way like de fellers say dat you doing

    You need to be part of the verifiable information that once presented to the REAL AUTHORITIES WILL GIVE THE SERIOUS PAUSE about what is going on in the country

    @ PM Mia Mottley

    The fact is that all of you need to understand that what belongs to a man or WOMAN MUST NOT BE STOLEN and what belongs to a nation MUST NOT BE STOLEN.

    Wunna leave wunna respective homes and run for elected office and are appointed custodians of the national treasury.

    AND THEREAFTER SEEK TO RUN ROUGH SHOT OVER PEOPLES LIVELIHOODS because wunna born with a gold spoon of privilege in wunna mouf that pre-determined that wunna entitled to sojourn in the heights of the land where wunna proceeds to teif every ting




  • There seems to be a problem seeing the above video but the audio tells the story about Jong ascendancy as chairman commuicator expert during the debate in parliament


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Thank You Honourable Blogmaster for the Link to the Youtube channel.

    I am reviewing the material mindful of the fact that the original mp4 has its trackers

    The issue about the incompetency of the party who prepared the document that Senator Caswell is speaking of Is what the ole man speaks to when I say that Mia’s First and Second Eleven are illiterati.

    But I want wanna to check out the actions of these people THESE SO CALLED Senators while Senator Caswell Franklyn is speaking

    But not to be outdone check out this white man who could not even be bothered to put down his phone


    Now I want all of you to monitor the quality of the voice rather the microphone that Senator Franklyn has been given AGAINST THAT OF ANY OF THE OTHER BLP Senators and pimps. IS HIS AUDIO QUALITY SO DISTORTED JUST BY CHANCE? or is this a purposed attempt to make is seem like if he is shouting?

    Notwithstanding these efforts all de ole man gots to say is “Whuloss Caswell YOU GINE KILL DEM?

    But back to the Senate ting and JONG

    Check out the mp4 from 35:00 to 36.33

    Where de badwork Lucille Moe disappeared to? She like she gone to get her linstructions from Mia Mottley YES?

    But doan worry WID ALL OF THESE ELABORATE POSTS wunna going find out what de ole man saying real soon when de IMF denies all these inflated posts and tricky wickets being compiled for Lagarde


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right


  • Piece

    Thank you for not giving up on this.

    The citizens who really care and are not still high on the Kool -Aid will know why this represents the beginning of something very sinister and dangerous.

    I carefully noted how this matter has been avoided and sidestepped by some.

    I also noted how on another thread comments from diverse bloggers were being raised about the wastage of national resources by Owen and the projects involved were listed- which left the country in a precarious position – then suddenly a link appeared about the Hal Gollop Cheque affair – by the blog owner.

    Then by the end of day an article appeared with a known blpite kool aid drinker pretending to ask if the former speaker had a Vat Invoice.Just that 2 sentence query became an article – just so.

    Now note this lifting of comments into a blog was not done for the Jong query,the oversized cabinet query,the appointment of tsars,Ambassadors,Consultants etc,an article was not done on white oaks and who is white oaks etc.

    So I watched on.

    Lest I be misunderstood, I don’t care crap about Michael Carrington nor greedy opportunistic Hal Gollop.Its people like those who turn people off from politics. with their blatant greed.

    However I deliberately did not participate on that 2 sentence blog by the BLP operative because I recognize early what was going on and as if to reinforce my point another article pops up today with that ignorant comment by Monique taitt – about more money steupes..

    So it seems we are being steered in a particular direction ONLY !

    Yet all the time Mariposa has been asking for a blog on George Payne and Dale Marshall and the accusations from that poor lady living in the U.K. – on the alleged theft of her land.

    Couldn’t the same 2 sentence query raised by the BLPITE and made into a blog happened in that matter as well?

    I refuse to be manipulated.

    We are facing serious times with someone at the helm who is known to have DICTATORIAL TENDENCIES and persons seem to want to give cover for certain actions taking place.

    Michael Carrinton,Hal Gollop et al actions should be highlighted but the value of that should be in what the penalty for that action will be.

    But of greater importance is what is taking place right now under our very eyes without a full fledged Opposition and a seemly supine media.


  • BU

    For the first time – my post has disappeared.

    This hasn’t happened before so can you resurrect it for me.


  • Here is a simple response to your comment. In the case of Michael CARRINGTON and Hal Gollop there are documents to support. In the case of the Stewart videos there is nothing.

    The blogmaster contacted ‘Jackie Stewart’ via Facebook several weeks ago to request documents to support her accusation. She promised to scan and forward said documents to provide the comfort level required, especially knowing that George Walton law firm has initiated legal action. At some point you will appreciate how matters of this import have to be prosecuted.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Dear Senator Taitt.

    I have been up for several hours wading through yours and those of others of your senatorial colleagues.

    I have after listening to your representations in detail REMOVE this Stoopid Cartoon which spoke to what I thought was a compensation that was much more than what you spoke to in the second part of the mp4s

    I am conflicted because you know what Monique, the fact is that some of you work hard and put in the hours but when a feller comes in there and is given a free ride FOR DOING NOTHING FOR ALL THESE YEARS you and Crystal and Caswell and others of you who are professionals you get tainted rather tarred with a brush that you do not deserve.

    Disenchantment: the feeling of being disappointed with something, and no longer believing that it is good or worthwhile.

    After a while we grow despondent and doan carish because of the constancy of the underperformers.

    The 3 of you Monique ARE AN ANOMALY.

    You were NOT meant to be there in the Senate but there you are INDEPENDENT MINDS who genuinely wish to make a change and who are prepared to go against the mould.

    And therefore, I will PUBLICLY RETRACT that item and ask the honourable blogmaster to reomve it from wherever it was placed on the Blog.

    I pray that more persons like the 3 of you arise to fight.

    Remember that there are several people in that august assembly who may be disposed to rubber stamp the bills that come to you.

    You must continue to do Branford proud wherever you go.

    Bajans need hope Monique and you MUST REMAIN TRUE TO YOUR ROOTS in spite of what assails you.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ T. Inniss

    Let me say this OF THE OLD DAVID OF BU one more time.

    As long as you have verifiable information this party within the trio WILL PUBLISH THE MATTER if it is consistent with the purpose of the BU blog.

    What you and others are trying to do CANNOT BE FOUGHT WITHOUT AMMUNITION of a sort that permits BU to withstand the legal enquiries that are tossed at them every single day.

    The BLP faction has its objective to remain the party in power for as long as possible in similar vein as the DLP.

    The fact is that the BLP has incontrovertible evidence of the malfeasance of the DLP lot and it is in their interest to work that information to the max.

    So the appearance of these articles here on a blog that is thusly centred is an normal organic function of a Blog.

    You set this in a context that BU is biased BUT THE FACT IS THAT IF YOU SUBMIT NOTHING TO SUPPORT YOUR POSITION we the readers cannot see into your thoughts like if we were Spock from Star Trek with the Vulcan Mindlock.

    I certainly would not want such power to look into Mariposa’s mind lest it set me mad.

    Or worse still, suppose while i was walking through the endless caves of her mind de ole man was to fall in love with the maze? Whuloss a fate worse that that I could not imagine.

    There is no submission here or position that i hold that, with exposure to reasoned positions I cannot confess that I was wrong and retract and apologise where applicable.

    Let me show you something about being Vigilant

    YOu cannot be overly vigilant.

    Senator Franklyn’s presentation in the Senate and his attention to the resolutions that were mysteriously sent to him on Sunday while others seemed to have gotten theirs on friday woulld confirm to many readers here that we bloggers constantly agitating for an improved Barbados should not be looked at as complaints.

    Look how dem fellers tried to get a resolution past Caswell to hire Jong as a S6 WITHOUT USING THE PROPER PROCEDURES.

    De ole man did not know dat ting bout de Services Commission or the Governor General

    What i did know was that Jong superceded other extremely talented Bajans dat abound in the country and that his skills were a notional secret and that he has been forced on the people of Barbados by slight of hand.

    And that anyone who speaks out against these dictatorial actions is attacked and accused of wearing aluminum over their head heheheheheh.

    But what you seem to be missing is that there is a new pulse in the air post May 24th 2018.

    Mottley realizes that and THEY ARE ALL DOING A LITTLE TING to see what they can get through on us but we have to be VIGILANT.

    Let me suggest this to you.

    Research your stuff and submit it to the Honourable Blogmaster

    If you want to be sure that there is no trace back to you, get Adobe DC and print the documents to pdf AND THEN USE THE PROTECT menu option followed by REMOVE HIDDEN INFORMATION

    Then send it to BU thereafter and unless it is some Xrated pictures of *** i believe that the items will be uploaded here.

    But that is just my take T. Inniss, I dont own the blog but it has been fair to me, to date.


  • I hear you piece.There is a lot of information that has been coming my way from various sources – but these days on the internet yuh don’t know if yuh can trust yuh mudder or yuh fadder – so I watch on.

    I will continue to monitor the blogs and see what is happening and meanwhile I will give my inputs via Posts.

    Don’t be fooled David/Bu does not need a separate article sent to him,he can do just what he has done before and continue to do – that is pick up a thread and form a new blog – that is – if he so desires

    My aim is not to beat up on anyone – but like the fella Rodney what-his-name from the L.A. riots said so passionately and hearfelt – “Can we all not get along?”.


  • T. Inniss it does you no good worth while to beg David to project the side of this govt recklessness
    All things in due time would produce all that you were asking for
    Right now this country has plunged into economic darkness
    Yet we have ministers demanding and getting their increase which in my mind was a promisory note to them in return for having Mottley elected as PM and a automatic gain for the party
    The country has been asked to tighten its belt more
    This country economic plunged into freefall would soon leave all and sundry gasping for breathe including the great David of BU
    T. Inniss patience is a virtue



    You see from the comments the two posted that this is a losing cause don’t you? No comprehension!


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Senator Taitt.

    One more thing.

    Many days I had the distinct pleasure of being with Sir Branford as he remarked about the Senate (remarked was a kind word for what ONLY BRANFORD COULD DO WITH HIS MASTERY OF ENGLISH)

    As you sit down in there on Thursdays you will see why i called this administration Mia’s First Eleven and 2nd Eleven.

    THe way that they were created is by way of an Inheritance that she has had no control over.

    And as a result of the numbers game, she has perforce filled it with a number of buffoons.

    My assessment is going to rapidly become evident to you there is the Senate

    This is Mia’s intermediary ploy.

    The IMF is going to demand that she downsize this double tier so she will let go the idiots with the requisite amount of empathy.

    But there wont be any negative fallout accorded her when she HAS TO RELEASE THEM. Hopefully by then she will be able to pick the best of the lot

    This is all of the senators job interviews so that Bajans will see the ones with brains and the others who are dufuses


  • My apologies for having missed a trick, but is Senator Taitt related to Branford Taitt?


  • What exactly is Piece saying here?
    …that is is ok to be albino-centric and money focused – as long as you say a few intelligent things in the Senate?
    Shiite man – If Caswell himself got in there demanding more money after two months, Bushie would dis-own his donkey. …far less some shiite lawyer.

    BTW which ‘Bradford’ was that who so impressed Piece..? the one of St Joseph Hospital fame?
    No wonder the damn girl feels entitled.

    ‘SERVICE to community’ is the ONLY reason any senator should be sitting there…. ESPECIALLY and ‘independent’ one.
    If it is money she wants then let her go and rob some old BB pensioner like the other lawyers do…


  • Have you seen Eric Holder endorsing the BLP administration? What waffle? This is a government of PR nonsense. Holder is not in a position to endorse or oppose this government after just over two months or no policy implementation and just an expansion of non-elected appointees?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Brother In Arms Bush Tea

    Being a Senator is a full time job (caveat is that any senator should be competent as a prerequisite for being such in the forst place)

    We get what we pay for and to be frank dat money that she was talking about IS REALLY CHICKEN FEED!

    I doan care what dem was to tell de ole man I was not going to do all that work for dat unless as you seem to be suggesting senatorial positions should not be offered to hand to mouf fellers like me SINCE I SHOULD BE WORKING FOR GOOD OF COUNTRY.

    Did we not at one time in recent times have a senator who was visually challenged?

    Granted that we have Dragon Dictate etc to assist the visually challenged but, having seen Caswell’s presentation this morning, to what degree would such a person been able to review various senate documents for these nuances?

    Looka how some of the rest get up and deliver drivel (like de ole man does do here regularly)

    Yes the said one Branford of the purportedly dead chickens being killed again by Ms Ram fame


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Hal Austin


    Holder is a Democrat and, post mid terms, the Democrats will hold the majority in the Senate/ Congress and the impeachment of DT will begin with the other evidence that is being withheld in the interim.

    Holder did not come to Barbados for no building re-dedication

    His function was very specific.

    Do your investigative journalism Hal and revert to this matter when you have connected the dots.


  • @ Piece
    Your heart is in the right place, BUT…
    Do not be misled.
    What ‘full time job’ what??!! It is only a full time job for mendicant yardfowls looking for a nipple…

    This country spent BILLIONS of dollars to put THOUSANDS of its citizens in the position to be able to GIVE BACK to the same society – and to future generations. There SHOULD be no end of HIGHLY COMPETENT, TRAINED, KNOWLEDGEABLE citizens who COULD (and WOULD) do excellent duty in a meaningful senate – pro bono – if the system allowed…

    The current shiite system that we have is a colossal waste of money and time.
    You have a government that appoints yardfowls to rubber stamp its policies after suitable shiite talk in this ‘senate’
    NO INTELLIGENCE is needed to toe a government line…. so what more money does she want?

    What difference has ANY senate EVER make in Barbados before Caswell?
    Look at the many SHIITE LAWS that have been passed – only to be deemed useless…. from the seat belt law, ERA, PAC …. practically ALL…

    As to the appointment of a visually handicapped person to chair the Senate by David Thompson.
    If that was not a (typical) act of cynicism then Bushie will eat his words…..
    Wuh if Bushie was PM and was dishonest enough to misappropriate $3.3M, then the appointment of a blind CoP would make a lotta sense too… and a tainted DPP would be a bonus….


  • The Senate is largely irrelevant, save the few lone voices over the years such as Dr.Frazer, Chandler now Caswell.

    This is because it effectively has no right of veto.


  • Crusoe,

    Are you saying there is a faultline in our democracy?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Brother in Arms Bush Tea

    You see how them people was looking at Caswell while he was speaking?

    Rapt attention.

    All of them were listening to his every word EVEN MIA’s appointees, and when he was finished even Lynette thumped the table.

    That is unheard of Bush Tea, unheard of for your opponents to thump the table.

    What is my point though?

    A few good men & women that is what we need Bush Tea and you dun know that everyone is not wealthy like you.

    Not everyone can afford to come to the Senate FOR FREE but what I am saying is that if we could make sure that we have good people there making the best decision and being paid so that they dont have to take bribes, like our “What’s My Cut Downlowe feller” then at least we have a better chance


  • @ Piece
    Not everyone can afford to come to the Senate..
    So if a fella is not COMPETENT enough to be successful in managing his OWN personal financial affairs, you are here postulating that such a FAILURE – once paid enuff – (pun intended LOL) will make sterling contributions to the national treasury…?

    You DUN know that is a lotta shiite – but admittedly it has been the brass bowl national thinking now for DECADES.

    Boss … the good book says “he who is faithful (competent) in small things (like his own damn life, family, village, school, church, club etc) Is the fellow who should be given authority over GREAT things – like the whole country.

    …and if (s)he has been successful with family, business, club, work etc – HE/SHE will NOT be hand-to-mouth, and begging for handouts (…and other bribes…)

    Your logic is COMPLETELY skewed….
    Anyone who cannot afford to come to the senate/HA to SERVE … should be KEPT far away from any large undertakings….
    Wuk 4 wuk being an excellent case in point. (another plus for Mia…)


  • @ Piece
    Now here is the caveat with Caswell…
    The man is poor as shiite…. dollar wise…

    BUT Caswell does not count ‘wealth’ in dollars. He counts it in terms of a clear conscience.
    This kind of ‘wealth’ is MANY TIMES more valuable to a brass bowl country such as Barbados than is a few shiite dollars as in Bushie’s case.
    Thus Caswell’s SPECIFIC value in a place BESET with bribery, graft and other forms of high level robbery.

    Now if you wanted a fellow to manage ‘national investments’ – YOU DO NOT CHOOSE CASWELL…
    He would have you broke faster than Stinkliar .. since Caswell would give the money away to lazy-ass workers, unproductive morons, and other such sob-stories…

    Instead, you look for a fellow like Bushie who UNDERSTANDS that it is “by the SWEAT of your brow that a fellow should eat bread”…. in other words – by MERIT…. and who has perfected that art….



  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Brother In Arms Bush Tea


    All I pray for is for a few good men and women who, once being paid a decent salary WILL NOT TEIF.

    You see Caswell and that young lady Senator Crystal Drakes?

    You hear de two lf dem?

    Caswell with his catlaogue of Regulations in he head and that young purposed Ms. Drakes with her reasoned presentations as to the concomitant actions that this 30-0 government MUST DO?

    Looka Mia must be real vex that she chose Bishop Atherley now!

    De three of them are the best Opposition that this country has had for 25 years, SERIOUSLY

    Dem could do your BUP today and dem gots de ole man vote one time and add The Luminary and Leighton Trotman, Dr. Leroy McClean and a few more fellers and ladies and dem gone clear!!

    THIS IS WHERE WE AS A PEOPLE HAVE TO GO Bush Tea, else we die…


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    And lest we forget one of the key points Caswell made


  • @ Piece
    THIS IS WHERE WE AS A PEOPLE HAVE TO GO Bush Tea, else we die…
    Note the ‘else…’
    It is what happens to the ‘less than competent’ in the natural world.


  • @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right August 17, 2018 8:47 AM “Holder did not come to Barbados for no building re-dedication.”

    I thought the same thing.

    He may well have come for his annual vacation. True.

    But why the need to be seen in public with our PM since he is no longer a public official, and he could have enjoyed his private vacation, and a private dinner with the PM. But they were seen in public together, and I asked myself why?

    But before he was AG, he was a long time prosecutor.

    I wondered if while he was here he took the time to brief our officials on the niceties of extradition?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Simple Simon

    “…But why the need to be seen in public with our PM since he is no longer a public official, and he could have enjoyed his private vacation, and a private dinner with the PM. But they were seen in public together, and I asked myself why?…”

    You are not so simple after all….go to the top of the class.

    So what are we dealing with?

    There are 3 things that are being addressed

    I will tell you one.

    The fact that he is a “democrat”? in a republican led space in a country where *** obtains so he has to *** and there was no ***

    Now that issue aside what else obtains Not So Simple Simon?

    Remember that there are two major “thrusts”

    Ohhhhhh I almost forgot to say to all the viewers that Simple Simon and I are in the “Reynolds Aluminum Tin foil wrapped around our heads Club” so what is being written here is Conspiracy Theory Drivel.

    You go …


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ The Honourable Blogmaster, Your assistance please with an item to Simple Simon


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Senator Caswell Franklyn

    I was wondering if any of the General Rules deal with the hirings of persons of immoral character or vagrants or parties possessing a turpitude inconsistent with their being hired in certain offices.

    De reason de ole man asked was because it would appear that most of the internet materials associated with “Charles Me Love you Jong Time” dont seem to carry any positive reports

    for example

    that article can be seen at

    (I had to include that for the benefit of T. Inniss and Mariposa)

    But it would seem to me that of all the people that the BLP could have gone to hire they seem to have chosen persons of “dubious” character.

    Granted that you dont want Mother Theresa-like character references but good googley goo you mean that we already got a feller up in Miami/New York as a jailbird and all we doing now is collecting characters wo are known to the court?

    “…According to the suit, the Third Defendant (Jong) doing business as “Disseminateit,” uploaded and continues to upload video clippings of public meetings of the St. Kitts and Nevis Labour Party via a YouTube account under the username “Disseminateit”…”

    But Senator as and aside would you hire a feller whose company is called “Inseminate It?”

    Especially when his usual name is “Charles me Love you Long Time?”

    And furthermore in Bulbados?

    Whuloss de ole man gine and sleep now causing dere be other dragons in that mountains to slaughter


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please


  • Is it only de ole man’s opinion or has it been that there is a purposed effort to keep Charles Me Love you Jong Time out of the Public Space?

    I mean, while one can understand the deafening silence on BU about Charles, it is noticeable that not one of the local news media has any stories about “Me Long”

    It is as if they have been told NOT TO CARRY ANY NEWS ABOUT THE COUNTRY’s Director of Communications who get hired to de job without following the Public Services regulations

    Jes saying….i wonder if the DLP brigade…of which de ole man has now been elevated to membership…heheheheheh…has been keeping tabs on this?

    Mariposa? what have you got to say on this subject?

    Senator Caswell Franklyn while he did mention this matter once in the Seante has not seemed to have returned to the matter at all…

    Please let us not talk about the impotent Reverend Bishop Pastor Joseph Atherley cause we dun know who is pulling his strings…!


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