IMF Watch

It is the time of the year Barbadians and the other islands in the region prepare for the hurricane season. Last weekend the country was placed on Hurricane Watch with the passing of Beryl across the region. We breathed a collective sigh of relief at Beryl’s uneventful passing,  however, there is anxiety brewing among others who are aware the IMF team visiting Barbados continue to conduct interviews with key actors in Barbados to inform talks about the type of IMF program we will have to enter to apply a tourniquet  to a hemorrhaging economy.

As the blogmaster moves around Barbados there is the query whether Barbadians are aware of the perilous state the economy is functioning. It seems there is a perception in some quarters that having rejected the failed policies of the former Democratic Labour Party (DLP)  of which the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) was the beneficiary by default on 24 May 2018 – unfortunately the third parties were unable to gain traction for reasons ventilated in this forum – the BLP as if by magic will be able to top up the foreign reserves from the crisis level it hovers, eliminate the need to operate the current account in deficit and by extension pay down the high level of debt. The blogmaster suspects the skills of Director of Communications Charles Jong will be required soon to assuage the fears of Barbadians when IMF policy prescription is implemented.

There should be no doubt that given the state of the economy delicate decisions have to be taken to reduce the level of expenditure by the government and at the same time allocate spend to target areas of potential growth while protecting the vulnerable. It will call for tip toe precision in decision making. Clearly the time has come to put Barbados first as a country and park the frivolous political snarking. Whether we like it or not the Barbados brand was besmirched in recent years by achieving junk credit rating status with the final puncture Barbadians having to join a world audience to witness raw sewage gushing on a street located in our tourist resort area of the South Coast.

The blogmaster anticipates institutional investors holding government paper will be asked to make a sacrifice to the national cause to rescue and rebuild (BLP’s election tag line). The delayed rationalization of several state owned entities will be implemented. The last government allowed political considerations to stall this initiative when clearly transfers and subsidies as an expense item had to be urgently addressed.

One other item which should be addressed is the rising pension expense of government. The blogmaster recognizes this is an area that requires a high level of expertise to sensibly tackle and will defer to the IMF team et al to address with the local parties concern responsible. Where is Walter when we need him? Not Maloney!

The blogmaster will not forgive the former Governor of the Central Bank for allowing the commercial banks to twist his arm by deregulating the minimum savings rate as a quid pro quo arrangement for dumping government savings bonds on a financially illiterate public hungry for a reasonable rate of return on investment.  Daily we hear the ignorance being perpetuated for Barbadians to invest in Carilend, or deposit money with the credit unions. A simple question to clarify. If tomorrow 50% of deposits held with banks was transferred to the credit union balance sheet what will be the impact? Will their interest expense line item go up or down if they maintain current level of interest paid to members? Are credit unions able to lend for big ticket items like a mortgage to compare with other financial institutions? How does Carilend work? Who regulates Carilend? And no the blogmaster has no beef with Carilend or credit unions.

A fool and their money are soon parted.

Wild Coot has been a voice crying in the wilderness or so it seems.



  • @T.Inniss July 12, 2018 5:16 AM “the issue of the summer camps and the decision to stop the camps which were taken 2 weeks before the camp were to start and with no alternative put in place – except comments from the ministry ‘that they are looking at it’.Poor working parents are up in an arms about this because they cannot afford the private camps and have no where to put their children.”

    There are 30 unemployed DLP candidates out there. They should have hit the ground running. Now is a good time for the DLP to start influencing future young voters and their parents, These DLP candidates should have already got thirty summer camps up and running. One in each constituency. Some young D’s as volunteer camp counselors. Some D caterers who enjoyed catering contracts while their party was in office to provide meals for the campers The D’s should see the lack of summer camps as an opportunity to start rebuilding the party from the youth up.

    Especially as it is alleged that some of the DLP fellas pockets heavy, heavy.

    Spend some of the money on the little ones nuh.

    Remember the current 13 year olds will vote in the 2023 election.

    And the 10 year olds will vote in the 2028 election.


  • Good commment Simple, did Keith Simmons not establish a reputation as a community practitioner by establishing youth summer camps in St. James in the 80s and 90s?


  • Living in Blissful Ignorance

    @ Enuff

    Is your claim to fame BLP winning 30 seats being something special when the masses of black locals will be sucking salt for a long time whether BLP or DLP supporters?

    It would only be for small minded idiots on the island who are full of shite and cannot win any sustainable argument to be blinded by any Political party.

    As you are an obvious yardfool you may have the final word.


  • “Now is a good time for the DLP to start influencing future young voters and their parents, These DLP candidates should have already got thirty summer camps up and running.”

    Do you see any bribes or kickbacks in that????…steuppps..

    no one should have to tell them, from you have to mention it, you know the problem.


  • @Artax July 12, 2018 7:48 AM “When I mentioned that too many Jamaicans and Guyanese are living in Barbados.”

    But wunna too love the Guyanese and Jamaican sweet gals, that’s why they stay here, not so?


  • The blogmaster posed this question above, when will phase two be rolled out? When will the details of the IMF program be shared with the public? Is the plan to do it before inking the agreeement? This government has separated itself from the one before by being more transparent how decisions are being made, let us keep it going!


  • Enuff now that barbados have an open door policy for Haitians there is a high possibility that with such a policy Haitians would take the advantage of seeking economic and political asylum.
    A Haitian living in Barbados is very ecstatic that all the necessary burdensome process that Haitians had to produce to visit barbados is removed (and why not) after all the easier for entry the better.
    One can bet that Haitians living in american are going to fast track their financial support in aiding their relatives in getting to barbados via air ..and barbadian taxpayers would have no other choice but to bear the brunt of the overflow because of cost
    This govt seems not able to apply diplomacy a factor which lies at the hear of decision making and which should be laid out in favour of national interest
    Guess the govt is too busy trying to please its yardfowl supporters and finding ways to favour those they duly owe for the election win.
    Btw there is nothing to prove. The evidence shows the economic and political refugees find means and ways to take flight in countries near and far



    It is okay for anyone to sit on their “throne” and be overly and unnecessarily critical of every thing in Barbados, but if you were to exercise a level of fairness and rationale in our thoughts, countries go to the IMF for financial assistance, which usually comes with certain conditions agreed upon by the country’s government and the Fund.

    The Central Bank’s personnel, Cave Hill academics and the highly qualified economic consultants may offer advice, but they are not in any position to offer the country financial assistance.


  • NorthernObserver

    “There are 30 unemployed DLP candidates out there”…make that a max of 29. DK always had St.Elmo’s, And now he doesn’t have anybody to dictate that he keep off of FB, he is back with a vengeance. Plus, his pension is locked in for sure.


  • Mariposa

    Yes, Barbados gine be over run with Haitians because visa free travel means amnesty. Look I caaaaant with the igrunce. I still trying to figure out if they coming by scoop or Mariposa Airways. Anyhoooo, you may have the last word.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ David July 12, 2018 12:43 PM
    “The blogmaster posed this question above, when will phase two be rolled out? When will the details of the IMF program be shared with the public? Is the plan to do it before inking the agreeement? This government has separated itself from the one before by being more transparent how decisions are being made, let us keep it going!”

    Blogmaster, you can bet your last two Bajan dollars that the IMF will be insisting that almost all of the SOE’s with commercially-profitable potential must be immediately put on the auction block.

    So here is the golden opportunity to further economically enfranchised the ordinary black Bajan people by turning them into small-scale investors instead of ‘complete import-consuming’ junkies.

    The so-called public opinion shapers and so-called political movers and shakers are all of a sudden encouraging the ordinary Bajan to move their savings from the foreign-owned commercial banks- which are taxing black depositors to keep their non-reproductive savings in an electronic ledger- to the various Credit Unions’ savings plans.

    Why is the Government holding onto these obvious loss-making debt-laden entities? No foreign investor would be interested in them so there is no opportunity of making a killing from the forex cash cow.

    Why not, therefore, immediately divest the operations of the CBC and Transport Board to these Credit Unions to put these savings to more productive uses?

    The government could settle, partially, the millstone-like indebtedness of these two sinking entities by offering shares and other investment instruments in exchange for the outstanding debts.

    It is said that there are a few billions sitting in savings accounts doing nothing and therefore earning nothing. Why not put some of these accumulated savings to work and earn a return to their risk-averse ‘black’ owners?


  • @NorthernObserver July 12, 2018 1:05 PM ““There are 30 unemployed DLP candidates out there”…make that a max of 29. DK always had St.Elmo’s”

    I can see a summer camp in St. Lucy with Dennis giving the 11 to 16 year olds and their young counselors the how-to on how to start-up, run and maintain their own restaurants. Dennis did it without any big family connections. Show some of our youth how-to.

    And I can see 29 more DLP summer camps.

    The last lot may not have been the best government, but surely with their hundreds of years of experience they have something to offer.

    I can see Ronald Jones teaching mathematics to the 5 to 11 year old campers. He has the long experience as an elementary school teacher, and many of our children can do with the extra help.

    And so on and so forth until all 30 are gainfully occupied for at least 6 weeks this summer. Refine, repeat next summer and so forth until 2023 and onwards.


  • @Miller

    How many we project will go home?


  • @ David

    All the BLP gotta do is apply the last in-first out rule….lmao.


  • Enuff what amensty . if the Haitians come as political refugees or even economic refugees due to natural disaster like earthquakes .
    The govt would have no other choice by their own law to let them in
    you can dismiss all you want the pressure rain down on this govt by neigjbouring Carribbean islands would be loud and stern and crtical if barbados deny them entry


  • Wow 😳

    Just imagine that the IMF has not thrown down it’s gauntlet as yet…….but the PSV operators are bawling 😭 MURDAH !!!

    The Fuel ⛽️ Tax giving them Whax Palax !!

    While the Madam PM is jet setting across the GLOBE 🌎 !!

    Oh how we weep for Barbados 🇧🇧 !!!

    It’s Mia Fault !!!!!



  • Can also add a nervous mealy mout Annakani Mcdowell begging IMF not to touch civil servant jobs
    He must be feeling like a real jerk runnning around like a headless chicken


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ David July 12, 2018 3:03 PM
    “Miller How many we project will go home?”

    Why not start with the same figure projected by Dr. Delisle Worrell and often regurgitated since his DLP-made muzzle has dropped off?

    You can always use the LIFO rule suggested by Enuff without fear of incurring the delaying tactics which could be employed by Hal G. the Chair of the ERT.

    Worrell is well informed about the inevitable job losses resulting from the pending restructuring of the fiscally unsustainable SOEs.

    Isn’t he privy to the recommendations contained in the report commissioned since December 2013 and prepared by a team of technocrats headed by the quack Dr. JR but has not seen the light of day; just like the NIS financials promised since he was sitting in the NIS chair?


  • This blp govt gonna make for a barell of laughs like monkies handling gun
    The university fees suspended or not suspended depending which part of the govt gives the directive which now it is apparantly clear it is the
    Also not to be out done. Having nothing else to make himself relevant John King came up with a brilliant ( not) idea of returning early morning kadooment to friday
    One would think that since Saturday is a non working day Saturday would be the better option also one on which people having more spend in their pockets due to a late friday pay day


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Simple Simon

    I know you did not mention Ronald WeJonesing teaching nobody at summer camps.

    You certainly ent mean “de chilrun are is reading well?”

    Cause if you are, well I GOING TELL you keep way from de Arthurs, Owen And Alleyne



  • I suggested MATH, piece, not English. Math.

    Why you doan leave my sweet boy Owen ‘lone?


  • NorthernObserver

    I frequently enjoy your contributions. And I know Bushy, the God of the co-op, seems to be pun weeks (hopefully not worse), but
    “Why not, therefore, immediately divest the operations of the CBC and Transport Board to these Credit Unions to put these savings to more productive uses?”
    The logic behind their profitability is sound re Forex, but what makes you think the Credit Unions have the management acumen to turn these money losing operations around? The money is not better used if they are losing money? They would have to team up with a management group a la the so-called Private Equity operations. You have to have skin in the game. Not the skin of your depositors? A Board seat definitely. But you need operators.
    They are your path to success. And they need skin in the game.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Private Equity Operations are thieves…Wall Street is infested with them…as are other financial behemoths around the globe…the only thing these scam operations help you do is lose your skin and all your money,.

    With the right plan and properly trained, experienced managers for that particular venture…cooperatives and credit unions can manage the bus company and TV stations themselves to a successful, money earning, profit generating conclusion.

    …the only thing that will ruin their success is government/political interference, yardfowlism, corruption and minority crooks…as long as those toxic arrangements are banned from these operations, they will succeed.,


  • The two main credit unions barely have the management expertise to manage core operations.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    The university has over the years belched out scores of graduates of management studies of various courses, I am not speaking of lawyers, they cant even manage a snow cone cart.

    Even with the piles of certificates and degrees…one must be trained and well skilled in certain areas of management…there are short courses available in various countries for these types of hands on skills…

    The police force, defense force etc sends their members on short courses to gain the necessary information, skills and experience required…so can cooperatives and credit unions, if they are interested in managing former state entities..

    The days for allowing self serving crooks to take over and remove assets from the island because government mistakenly believe they can do a better job, should be staring at bajans in the rear view mirror….use your own people and provide them with the skills, experience and courses available to successfully bring these projects to fruition..

    One would ask where these fly by night private equity operations got the experience and skills they claim to have and if they are the only ones can obtain such skillls….skin tone should not be a factor in deciding who can be successful money managers and business people….that too should be looking back at us in the rear view mirror…and left behind where it belongs or we will be forever hearing that the same private equity firms are advertising for this and that manager from a foreign country outside the Caribbean who looks nothing like the majority population on the island…. because they cannot find those skills and qualified persons in Barbados despite all the university graduates across the Caribbean….one would think Bajans have had enough of that lie…coming from scam artists.


  • Those of us still waiting for the government to announce its economic reforms have noticed that a senior banker is now calling for mandatory pensions. I think he should be listened to.
    After years of making the same point – and begging both the DLP and BLP governments to carry out a wide-ranging pensions review (rather than doing it the Bajan way by introducing legislation without consulting the public), we must avoid the chaos of the Arthur government’s 2003 pensions Act which took years to be implemented.
    Again I beg them to look at the Chilean 1981 pensions, which transformed global pensions policy, and at the New Zealand Kiwisaver, the Australian superannuation, the UK stakeholder and the US 401K, among others. Take the best out of all of those.
    We also need a new policy on compulsory occupational pensions and more widespread private pensions. In the latter they can start by carrying out a proper review of Clico and the Barbados Mutual, not with the intention of prosecuting people, but to learn regulatory lessons.
    What is the government paying economic consultants and ambassadors and an army of ministers for if not to come up with radical policies. By the way, have they sacked the chairman of the NIS yet?


  • NorthernObserver

    You see what we are subjected to?
    “team up with a management group a la the so-called Private Equity operations” as in “join forces with a group specialized in managing such operations” (and not in managing credit unions)
    David clearly understood the point.
    She obviously cannot imagine that group could be comprised of black persons who are local? Or possibly she doesn’t think that highly of locals?
    Her own worst enemy.

    Anyhow you begged me earlier…


  • Northern..don’t try to flip the script…that is usually never the trend as it relates to large amounts of money on the island and the lack of confidence both governments have displayed in their own people’s abilities to be money managers and successful business people……and has not been any other way for decades once private entities become involved, now that it is being exposed to this degree and talked about the government will have no choice but to engage with black money management groups..

    For my information, you are free to name me an all black private equity firm on the island,owned and managed only by local majority or Caribbean people and that have been operational for at least 25 years….outside of the small lending agencies that are recent startups on the island…within the last 7 or 8 years.

    Keep making this about me and it will give me more ideas to push the government to enfranchise the people with the opportunities long denied them for the last 60 years.


  • Why should ex dlp ministers pull money out of their pockets to sponsor summer camps
    Why didn’t Mia instead of giving taxwrite off carte blanche to the rich make it mandatory and as a prerequisite to the tax write off that those owning govt millions in taxes must sponsor a poor child into a summer camp program
    Govt leads

    Btw the IMF uncover millions of debt that was never broughtbto accounts when the blp was in office
    The so called 400million left which the blp like to boast was planned smoke and mirrors built on voodo economics
    Two days ago Annakani Mcdowall was singing the IMF blues now Charles Herbert aka guy fawkes junior blowing his horn asking barbadains to be prepared for a catergory 5 hurricane heading our way called IMF

    ####::####watch muchnowmiacares


  • Thanks for honoring the request. On BU we have the tendency to play the man and not the ball. To the point, why do we always expect credit unions for example to get involved in non core business which is against the regulations governing them? Agree with you that non traditional financing models must be developed. Needed now more than ever given the lack of investment instruments in the market. Barbadians already struggle with wealth creation.


  • The govt of barbados gives taxwrite offs to the rich while the poor has to find means to attend summer camp
    Btw with the cancellation of summer camps this is in effect another policy devised by govt to put money in the rich pockets


  • “One would think that since Saturday is a non working day Saturday would be the better option also one on which people having more spend in their pockets due to a late friday pay day.”

    @ Mariposa

    If Saturday is a non working day, then that means that ALL the people that work on Saturday aOne would think that since Saturday is a non working day, then ALL the people that does work on Saturdays are working for free or volunteering their services?

    People being paid late or being paid on Fridays are things of the past. People are now being paid on Wednesday or Thursday. Payroll is prepared at least two days before pay day so that workers could withdraw thier wages from their bank accounts or receive their wages in cash on time.

    So what you are saying is bare foolishness and you just trying to find all types of silly and childish ways to criticize just for the sake of criticizing.


  • Also one can add that since most employees begin their weekend on late friday the saturday would be an opportune time giving those who work more free time to participate in the festivities and not having most likely to lose a day pay because of friday which is most generally included as a working day for govt employees
    The benefits of a Saturday jump up are more advantegous to an employee than a Friday whose jobs demands are restricted to time constraints and other personnel responsibilties


  • Only this morning I was speaking about this same crap…Chefette is a nothing more than greasy spoon, yet they are looking to import, hopefully not from outside the Caribbean…a goddamn janitor.

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  • Looks like they removed the post…

    .if Chefette who depends on Bajan customers to keep their doors open are looking to import a janitor, calling it a maintenance manager…what would these greedy little minority owned private equity firms do, all their top management posts will be imported..and the shit positions sin any useful input will be relegated to maybe one or two accountants from the majority population and a few clerk typists….time to look at reality and stop allowing criminals to feed you fantasies.


  • IMF Staff Concludes Visit to Barbados
    July 12, 2018

    End-of-Mission press releases include statements of IMF staff teams that convey preliminary findings after a visit to a country. The views expressed in this statement are those of the IMF staff and do not necessarily represent the views of the IMF’s Executive Board. This mission will not result in a Board discussion.
    At the request of the newly elected Government of Barbados, an International Monetary Fund (IMF) team led by Bert van Selm visited Bridgetown July 2–12, for discussions on IMF financial support for the Government of Barbados’s Economic Recovery and Transformation plan. At the end of the visit, Mr. van Selm made the following statement:

    “The Barbadian authorities, in close consultation with their social partners, are taking effective steps to address current economic vulnerabilities. The IMF stands ready to partner with Barbados to restore macroeconomic stability in order to secure strong, durable and inclusive growth in the years ahead.

    “Fiscal consolidation alongside a comprehensive debt restructuring exercise is critical for restoring debt sustainability and policy credibility. In this context, the authorities’ revised budget for 2018/19, approved by Parliament on June 11 is a decisive step in the right direction. The budget targets a primary surplus of 6 percent of GDP.

    “Consistent with the message delivered by the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance during the Budget a second phase of measures will be needed to achieve this target. This next phase will focus on reducing expenditures—notably by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public services, reducing government transfers to state-owned enterprises by reviewing user fees, exploring options for mergers, and providing stronger oversight.

    “Progress being made by the authorities in furthering good-faith discussions with domestic and external creditors is welcome. Continuing open dialogue and sharing information, will remain important in concluding an orderly debt restructuring process.

    “Significant progress has been made during this IMF staff visit on the plan that could underpin financial support from the IMF. On its return to Washington the team will continue to analyze the Government’s comprehensive reform program. We will remain closely engaged with the authorities in the coming weeks.

    “The team would like to thank the authorities for open and candid discussions, and looks forward to building on this engagement in the period ahead.”

    PHONE: +1 202 623-7100EMAIL: MEDIA@IMF.ORG


  • David BU

    I found the IMF press release very interesting, especially if one takes into consideration what the resident BU IMF experts have been spewing in this forum.

    What is of particular interest, is the following excerpt….taken from the press release:

    “Fiscal consolidation alongside a comprehensive debt restructuring exercise is critical for restoring debt sustainability and policy credibility. In this context, the authorities’ revised budget for 2018/19, approved by Parliament on June 11 is a decisive step in the right direction. The budget targets a primary surplus of 6 percent of GDP.”


  • @Artax

    A long road ahead.

    We have to work together to avoid the potholes.


  • David BU

    Have you read the recently released Auditor General’s report?


  • But how much of that surplus would be collected is miniscule given barbadians appetite for hoarding and when the necessity arises for spending use an opportunity to save by shopping in foreign markets
    Also out of the surplus generated how much of it would go towards paying debt and govt spending on wages and social services and other essentials


  • @Artax

    Not yet, a lot going on!


  • David BU

    The section of the report dealing with the BWA and the leasing of water tankers is a must read.


  • Piece O De Shite

    Has ANY SINGLE MEMBER of the BU Family read a book since they left school, er since dey leff skool?


  • Have u heard the about the alleged land fraud deals connected to George Payne and Dale Marshall
    This story is spreading like wild fire on face book
    Did Mia really put these two in charge of the peoples purse and going after ministers involved in socalled corruption
    What is she thinking


  • IMF has spoken
    There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth
    The promise of putting money back in the peoples pocket has been torn asunder
    In the coming months when the IMF takes charge of managing barbados economy
    The cries of belly hurt would filled the air as the words “redwash”take on new meaning of unbearable pain lost jobs and empty promises by the blp govt.


  • Mariposa / should be ashamed to be talking about job losses.Tell me in 2013 when Mr Stuart said there would be no job losses what happened hyprocrite? Let me refresh your memory over 3000 thousand went home,and at the NCC some of the older workers went home while some newbies from the Minister Lowe area remained so it was not even done fairly.Where was your outrage back then Mariposa?ITherefore do not come pretending you care about lay offs.The other thing is if the Dems had gone to the IMF,three years ago ,the country would be starting to rebound by now but you kmow what happen the Dems were more concerned with Party survival so they kick the can down the road,as even before the last Election Mr sinckler was saying they would only go to the IMF if that is what the people wanted.Mr Sinckler would have known the state of the Economy but still dilly dallied which was fine with you Dems ,and now Ms motley took the bull by the horns on realizing how bad things were a J/A like you got the audacity to be shedding crocodile tears,.Mariposa spare us the drama ,we all know there will be lay offs,as things will get worse before the y get better,due to the try a thing policies of the Dems resulting in 23 downgrades.Therefore go join your ex MP,s on the polictical dump heap, and take along the tick tock J/A Fractured,and the new opposition leader Piece and T Inniss with you.


  • So yes some were sent home under the. Dlp ..however the irony reflects a blp govt who raised heaven and hell.One would have thought that after the noise and political drama rained on past govt for such actions
    The blp GOVT would have resist and avoid at any cost placing themselves in the same position as past govt by having govt workers retrenched
    Only this time the risk are higher as the IMF would be calling the shots as to how many go remembering that Mia unilateral decision default all but makes it impissible for her to make favourabledecision that would ease the pain of those workers soon to go home as her want for a loan places govt workers directly in the bulls eye


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right from HERO to ZERO heheheheheheheh

    @ Enuff of Lorenzo duo

    Whu de ole man do you? heheheheheheh

    Doan answer that question!

    You said and I quote “…Therefore go join your ex MP,s on the polictical dump heap, and take along the tick tock J/A Fractured,and the new opposition leader Piece and T Inniss with you…”

    Mia ent give you no instructions yet?


    Yet here you is dis Saturday morning when a feller should be out eating Pudding and Souse OR AT THE SEA, giving the ole man name a veritable run for de money but mixing up de ole man wid Fractured BLP, T.Inniss and de DLP MPs.

    Bit “THE MOST UNKINDEST CUT OF ALL” is that you join up de ole man wid de likes of Assinine Cretin AC aka Mariposa.

    You can be assured that ANY SHYTE DAT MIA and her bad of teives and ministers do de ole man, ONCE I GET WORD OF IT, physically or spiritually GOING TALK BOUT UM.

    In fact, ef you wants do ole man to chanpion a pay increase for you two here on BU, jes send de ole man a confidential message via de blogmaster and I, “DE HERO TO ZERO MAN” gine do um for you, cause, based on the submissions dat you putting up heah pun BU, you like you need a pick wid Mia.

    But remember doah dat waht you writing dat you have to use de space bar and leave speaces in your messages or else you going look like Gabriel, Come Sing a Song Friend.

    OHHHHHH and when you next speak to Mia tell her dat I, AS LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION, want my salary and I want the same amount that she dun pay Bishop Atherley the Leader of the Opposition, or 31 st BLP candidate now DLP, sometimes DUPPY causing Pain does buse dat man like if he is a Duppy “IS THERE NO HONOUR AMONG DE BLP THIEVES? Wunna gine kill he wid dese speeches bout “turncoat”?

    Whuloss man HAVE A HEART!

    But now here is something that you must report when you speak to MAM

    Remember how de ole man grandson has a special cover page to report DLP malfeasance

    Now jes because of you de BLP got dem special Cover page too

    And you have caused dat it get set up 5 years earlier dan de DLP one!!

    Well done Enuff of Lorenzo duo!!



  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with a response for Lorenzo


  • Piece just like Enuff told you I am not a member of the BLP or DLP or no Party,therefore I cannot tell Ms Mottley nothing neither can she instruct me of what to write.I maintain that you like you want Mr Atherley,s job as leader of the Opposition cause all you doing is opposing for opposing sake.You were on here kicking up about how Ms motley and her ministers changed the penalties forcorruption in terms of the Integrity legislation,did you hear Mr Abrahams state that it was the CPC who changed the punishments to be in line with other law.I supposed you missed the news since you have not been man enough to apologise for misleading the blog and attacking Ms Mottley unnescessarily,but I am not surprise because you view your role as to nitpick at everything hoping something will stick.I have some advice unlike the former PM Ms Mottley will hold a Press Conference tomorrow Sunday listen and be informed instead of speculating 24/7 capice,you might learn something.


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    Mia take heed. Your man in Haiti has fallen on his sword thanks to the IMF.

    “Haiti PM Jack Guy Lafontant resigns after days of protests
    Embattled prime minister steps down following days of violent protests sparked by a botched bid to raise fuel prices.”


  • Serves his ass right…bet he wanted a palace to live in while the people who elected him suffered.



    Well looka trouble !

    More than a decade ago Mia Mottley – as a Minister of the Crown – gave out millions of dollars in loans to several state agencies – who haven’t repaid their debts !!

    Now fast forward to 2018 – little did Barbadians expect – that as Prime Minister – that same Mia Mottley would :

    • Select the most bloated Cabinet in Barbados’ history ! 32 Ministers !!

    • Default on Barbados’ loan payments !

    • Implement the most draconian tax ( Fuel ⛽️ Tax ) if Mr. Morris Lee & PSV owners are to be believed !!!

    • As a Barbadian PM Mia Mottley has appointed – several members of her family to prominent positions ( David Commissiong & Ian Estwick are prime examples )

    No wonder Barbados’ debt grows alarmingly !!!

    It’s Mia Fault



  • Wow, a PM interview!


  • Fractured that is where all the taxwaivers went


  • tick tock J/A Fractured go watch your Pegasus or Canuon Tapes,rather than confusing the Blog.You gone from a German Shepherd to a neutered poddle,poor fella.I know you real shame that your nasty behavior came to zero,and Ms Mottley is the PM of Barbados and there is nothing you can do about it .I hope it gives you nightmares.Anther yardfowl asked if Barbdos was ready for a Female PM,and she got her answer resoundingly so much so she has gone underground ,why don,t you join her.


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