Chris Sinckler:Political Germs Hosted by Queen Bee

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler suggested during the 2014 Estimates Debate that Opposition Leader Mia Mottley has allowed her political soul to be host for “two political germs”. Sinckler has become known for his rumshop political lexicon but did he go too far or should his vitriol be regarded as part of the cut and thrust of politics?

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  1. Ross….it felt really good winding up AC with her computer that i am sure by now also has yardfowl issues, she has obviously been interacting with the computer for way too long, and she did admit that it was not David’s ulterior motive that caused her possessed computer to disobey her nonsense….lol

    Now Ross, if you can’t handle me, what in the world would make you think Lawson (“i only take Viagra so i don’t piss in my slippers”) will be able to do a better job…lol

    “BUSH TEA Please take a break…”
    …and who asked for your diagnosis bozie…?
    What break what?!?
    You meking sport or Wuh?

    Boss man, as long as they are weeds and “plimplers” out there to be whacked, …..there can be no rest for Bushie…. can feel free to scroll down…. LOL
    …or if yuh is a man, launch an attack at the bushman and his rantings, ….and show the world that there is no substance behind the lotta Ingrunt bushwhacking……

    …..You may choose the time and the subject (weapons)….

  3. “Hal Austin | March 31, 2014 at 8:54 AM |

    @ Caswell

    Can’t the prime minister reshuffle the Cabinet and move Sinckler without going to the Queen’s representative, the G-G?”

    Such questions ought to be unbecoming of a learned person like you Mr Austin. Surprised that for a man who seems to have all the answers to what is wrong in Barbados that you are not familiar with these standard one constitutional requirements.

  4. Balance are you kidding? You haven’t obviously met the Prodigal Son? I am beginning to wonder if he isn’t Owen Arthur in incognito because he seems to have all of the solutions to the ruling party’s shortcomings.

  5. Balance

    I am sure you have heard the perennial dictum that, ” It is not difficult to conceive, that a man writes much better than he lives.” Now with that being said: it is an opinion made of cowardice, falsehood and the want of courage, to hide behind a computer monitor and spew words of courage as Prodigal Son as well as Piece continues to do.

  6. I have just heard a quote from somebody and it goes like this:
    “Politics has been without a vision for too long; it has just been a question of administrating capitalism…”

  7. Oh lawsie, man did harrassment gots to stop man….LOL

    I ent even mek a cuntribution to this article bout my two favouritest peeples Chris “Buffalo” Stinkliar and Mia “I want to be Prime Minister by Any Means Necessary” Mottley when Whaplax.

    My arch nemesis Mo Fo Donmpey or as my erstwhile girlfrien IslandGirl246 call he Donkey gets to writing my name here bout tings dat i is not got a clue bout.

    Let me see whu he (attempted to) write bout me …. “hide behind a computer monitor and spew words of courage as Prodigal Son as well as Piece continues to do”

    Dufus, the subjects being plural carry a plural verb, i.e. “..continue to do” by using the singular very you have shows that the noun that you are strangely fixated on is your humble servant PODRYR which, coupled with a former submission about botsie sumting, and the fact that before you graduated kindergarden with the only qaulification you have in your life that you were a denizen of Bulbados, has me thinking that not only you are stalking me, but that you are one of the botty boy crew a la Renal Jones.

    I going up by the Ministry of Education today self and going ask the other assasin of the English Language Jonsey to check dem files pun a Mo Fo from Station Hill to see whu you qualifications did, BEFO, you lef heah fuh Amurica….

  8. Sorry lest Mo Fo corrects my hastily written submission

    Dufus, the subject of this sentence, being plural, must carry a plural verb, i.e. “..continue to do” by using the singular in your entry as you have exhibited a Freudian slip, and readers will realise that you are strangely fixated on is your humble servant PODRYR.

    This, coupled with a former, very recent submission per your humble servant and botsie sumting, plussing de fact that before you graduated kindergarden with the only qualification you have in your life, school leaving certificate, you were a denizen of Bulbados.

    All this has me thinking that, not only you are stalking me, but that you are one of the botty boy crew a la Renal Jones.

    Fyah pun you, Mo Fo, all de botty boy a burn….De granson a gi’ me dat one soldier….

  9. Piece
    I have had enough of you this morning. It is 8 am and time for your Insulin shot as well as your double dose of prostate medication for that very enlarge prostate which restricts your flow. I am off to work!

  10. @ Dompey

    “Balance are you kidding? You haven’t obviously met the Prodigal Son? I am beginning to wonder if he isn’t Owen Arthur in incognito because he seems to have all of the solutions to the ruling party’s shortcomings.”

    Dompey, Prodigal could be Denis Kellman, now here is a man who has every solution to every possible shortcoming of the ruling party, whether be it real or imagined. Or even Dr. Estwick… he has all the solutions to his party’s economic shortcomings. I bet Prodigal is Reggie Hunte, Jeptar Ince or Maxine McClean.

  11. The power to appoint and dismiss Ministers, and to move existing Ministers to new
    posts, is a prerogative power exercised by the Prime Minister. (The Westminster Model).

  12. I miss the days of Tom Adams when insults were dispensed with such eloquence that the receipiant never knew what hit him. Sinclair needs to think before he speaks cause every time he that mouth opens I am aghast at the ignorance that spills out. Foul language is evidence of an immature mind. I am so ashamed to have him as MOF . Froon needs to borrow kamlas balls and fire the misfits.

  13. A man give me a copy of de DLP’s DRAFT MINISTERIAL CODE PROPOSAL (de one dat duh wuz tuh implement within ah 100 days after duh win de 2008 election), to read. Say he got it from off a truck dat Dompey did driving. So I read Ministers and Civil Servant:


    Ministers have a duty to:
    a. Give fair consideration and due weight to informed and impartial advice from civil servants, as well as to other considerations and advice, in reaching policy decisions;
    b. Uphold the political impartiality of the Civil Service, and not to ask civil servants to act in any way which would conflict with the Civil Service Code;
    c. Ensure that any influence over appointments is not abused for partisan purposes; and
    d. Observe the obligations of a good employer with regard to terms and conditions of those who serve them.
    Civil servants should not be asked to engage in activities likely to call in question their political impartiality, or to give rise to the criticism that people paid from public funds are being used for Party political purposes.

    Look, what had me puzzled was when I read this proposal and then see what happening on CBC TV news night after night, and at GIS, the Constituency Councils, Derek Alleyne from UDC and Dr. McClean from BIDC on the platform during the 2013 election campaign, how they put a bank loans officer as the General Manager at the Transport Board,… I had to say that any individual of reasonable firmness would be compelled to conclude that what is being perpetrated at these state-owned agencies contradicts # 9 and 10 above.

    When I read 9b, the first thing that come to mind was how they put Reudon, Peter, John (and now Maureen) at CBC and change that address to George Street, and how DEM showing duh self every night; how the “Commissioner” now gone at the Transport Board and could find the time to be on the call-in-programs, yet drivers with 25 year’s service were terminated. I got ask Bushie wuh impartial mean.

    Against the background of the handling of the recent public sector layoffs, and the introduction of the Barbados Revenue Authority, I was astounded when I read 9d.

    I wonder if Freundel, Chris, Donville, Estwick, Kellman, Adriel and Michael Lashley remembered to read it or even if it still existed.


    Ministers should not use for Party or constituency work facilities provided at Government expense to enable them to carry out their official duties. Ministers should ensure that expenses for constituency work are not charged to the public purse.

    The first thing that came to mind when I read this, was the Constituency Councils and how they got a Director and staff and how they got $5.425M in 2011-2012. And how all the individuals selected to serve on these councils are associated with the DLP. These people know their own; could you imagine what would happen if Carson C, ac, FracturedBLP, NationBLPnewspaper, Dompey or Hants were on these councils? No help for millertheanunnaki, Prodigal or Well Well.

  15. Artaxerxes wrote could you imagine what would happen if “Hants were on these councils? No help for millertheanunnaki, Prodigal or Well Well.

    You are so wrong Artaxerxes. I am from” the old school” so I would help them out but cuss them in public .lol
    To besides Bushie would be my “consultant” on the distribution of the slivers of calf.

  16. How can a Govt disadvantage so many persons in such a big way all at the same time
    Bdos is in one big mess
    Too many stressors all at the same time
    This is the Tsunami, we feared.
    from UWI Tuition issues impacting on many
    to PSV fuelling issues impacting on a lot
    to all the issues of Public workers retrenchment and other related issues (massive confusion at various depts)

    Stuart /too quiet/no reassurance/no national address on TV-Thompson style
    Sinckler -bravado/aggressive/patriarchal /offensive to women/one-up-manship/lack of statesmanship/lack of magnanimity
    Come on B’dos
    Rise B’dos Rise

    from slumber /docility/lack of awareness/slavish tendencies

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagga –up from bed -and stretching -its good to stretch !!!!–yawn !!

  17. Artaxerxes:
    Since you mention Maureen, I am extremely disappointed in CBC usage of the said Maureen as a Political Analyst. Analyst my foot. She is a pure-breed spokesperson for the ruling party. Today she was hyping Sir Lloyd regarding his man-with-balls decision to implement and execute the 8% with out the constant double talk like this present administration. I have no problem since Sir Lloyd recommendation pulled back the country and is now looked at by International financial Institutions. However, what she failed to admit is Sir Lloyd statement “How we get here”. She also failed to admit when Casandra asked her about the $3 million deficit by the Central Bank. Up to now not a word from the MoF or the GOCB. These are the fundamental problems confronting Barbados when our leaders keep failing to inform the public regarding these crucial problems, yet find time to cuss and display negative commentaries about any person(s) who ask questions inside parliament and outside once a microphone and camera are available.. I must say that the present Trinidadian leader has more ba(2Ls)+s than our leader. We should have an appropriate ministry call Ministry of Procrastination and we all know who will be that Minister.

  18. According to information from those in the know
    Sandiford did do a lot
    He apparently got Bdos into trouble but was sensible enough to get Bdos out by using the harsh measure of 8% cut
    Bitter pill as it was and really should have not been necessary
    but Sandy did it and got out-(Dont try it at home)
    Stuart /Sinckler using that eposode of -(Bitter pill-ing)
    to justify their present approach to a situation that was (avoidable) had they approached the situation correctly
    Deja vo all over again
    Deja vu plus Nightmares though

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagga -likes Irene Sandiford Garner-(she look sweet-like something to eat , luscious succulent meat –at 50 —dont think so-though /maybe dry but sweet/ lubricants available-young paw paw-on order )

  19. @ Duncy Donkey

    Forgive me this entry, one birthed of incredulity compounded by the profundity of your stupidity

    I noted that ,in your infantile manner, you sought to present a reparte that would have either shown your equality in intellect, and mastery of the English language while on your was to Kindergarten in the USA.

    This was all that your equine brain-cells could elicit??

    I am reliably informed of this by someone who went to St Leonards with you that the only person at that institution who was as athletic and slightly older than you were during the time that you were at Richmond College was the groundsman!!

    He said that you were soooo Dumpcy that you failed, (otherwise called “stopped down”), in every single class, and twice in second form, and did not get past 3rd form.

    I understand that you lef the school in shame, having shamed all others who attended said institution, and that your singular achievement in life so far, other than singing the Star Spangles Banner off key is becoming the picture boy for “The US Lexicon with Pictures (for Dummies) under the entry “DOLT”

    Mo Fo, you are not to worry about this assignation because you are in the company of Ronald Jones, Minister of Education another noted dolt/assassin of the english language.

    Now it has never been my style to call an ACTIVE “blogger” a curse word, nor speak to his/her sexual preferences, but I am of the opinion that you are indeed a homosexual ( a short one at that) and i will tell you why.

    NO MAN, NO MAN, NO REAL REAL MAN would, in a thousand years, use this reference to prostate as a reparte.

    You said and I quote “I have had enough of you this morning. It is 8 am and time for your Insulin shot as well as your double dose of prostate medication for that very enlarge prostate which restricts your flow.”

    It falls into the category of a woman telling a woman go and get some chemotherapy for your breast cancer as a reparte, you gets de point Dufus??

    MEN does call each other cvnts, dogs, ingrunt, bald, bald pooch cats, bullers but, because we carry that organ, one that ALL MEN have, aREAL REAL men would NEVER, NEVER, bring up that organ as part of a reparte.

    So Duncy Donkey (said with a sashaying of the wrists as per your wont) can i make a suggestion to you??

    It is obvious that you find yourself pressured to keep abreast of BIG PEEPLES intellectual talk.

    It can be seen in your mirroring comments posted by other bloggers e.g. your comments about Prodigal for brownie points.

    I would suggest that you (i) go to another blog and type in “intelligent repartees” and copy down that phrase then (ii) so that everyone here does not know the full depth of your stupidity go to another site, find an online thesaurus, replace the plagiarized words with the lexicon’s suggestions and (iii) THEN come back heah and try to do a McGuyver wid de peeeple dat does post heah

    But then again this will be lost on you Donkey

  20. pieceuhderockyeahright | April 1, 2014 at 12:45 PM

    None of this worked, and the recurrent misspelling of “repart” didn’t help.

    But at least, in this persona, you avoid the tiresome exclamations and the smiley face and the lol.

    Perhaps you should consider sticking to this persona. I just saying.

  21. @ Janet Jemson

    Whuloss reparte or repartee – conversation or speech characterized by quick, witty comments or replies. Synonyms: banter, badinage, bantering, raillery, witticism(s), ripostes, sallies, quips, joking, jesting;

    I going stop dis doah causing dis getting injurious to de ole man mental health

  22. Piece
    I can’t help but to laught my belly full at your load of cow crap. Now, let’s us stay focus on reality Mr. Big Brains. lol There you go again with your weird and steady freak show of insults and innuendo. Granddad, you ought to be shame of yourself, as old as you are.

  23. Piece, I almost forget to mention that in addition to studying lexicon at 12. I’ve read every and any book that I’ve gotten my hands on. Remember, the immortal words of the French philosopher Rousseau: ” Learn how to be ignorant and you would never deceive yourself.” brother!

  24. Yagga
    I don’t know if I would define it as fun bro. All I would love to do is express an opinion without being ridiculed, that’s all.

  25. @Artaxerxes | April 1, 2014 at 9:03 AM |
    “These people know their own; could you imagine what would happen if Carson C, ac, FracturedBLP, NationBLPnewspaper, Dompey or Hants were on these councils? No help for millertheanunnaki, Prodigal or Well Well”.
    @Hants | April 1, 2014 at 9:50 AM
    “You are so wrong Artaxerxes. I am from” the old school” so I would help them out but cuss them in public .lol
    To besides Bushie would be my “consultant” on the distribution of the slivers of calf”………………………………………………

    Yeaaaaa………… are both so wrong. I do not think the time will ever come when the Prodigal would need to go cap in hand to any politician for any…any…thing. I am at a stage in my life who like the great leader OSA once said…….only do things that bring me immense pleasure. I have paid my dues and I am not in any need. In fact I share with some who have been made poor by the policies of this inept incompetent government.

    I do not need any favours from any government……..but what I want is WHEN the BLP wins the next election whenever it is called, is to get rid of every last constituency council. That money could go to fund a few poor people’s children’s ecducation.

  26. Dompey, you said “All I would love to do is express an opinion without being ridiculed, that’s all.”
    It is simple. Just stop the personal criticism along with your insults.

  27. We will still have mindless government institutions ran by POLICTICAL YARDFOWLS that waste tax payers MONEY!!!

  28. @ Prodigal Son | April 1, 2014 at 3:34 PM |

    Have you heard the empty sound of hypocrisy dripping from the crocodile tears from Denis Clarke?
    He is now the greatest trumpeter of workers’ rights after selling them out for $96,000 of DLP minted silver. No wonder the Central Bank is in the red.

    He is so pissed off with the treatment meted out to those fainting from the termination news and the burning of the BRA that he intends to do something about it.

    All that can be said to that despicable Denis is that when you sell your soul to the Devil of a lying party you must sup at his dinner table.

    We wish you ‘good’ luck, Denis, in your future endeavours.
    You are so easily bought not even Satan would make a bid for your soul.
    No wonder you were taken back from the dead to serve a devilish purpose. But Dr. David Thompson Mephistophilis Faustus is beckoning you.

  29. Very much with you Dr. Honorable.
    Bush Tea please please go away. Can you please bugger off and
    find something useful to do such as picking pond grass, staking out the sheep, picking wilts on the wharf or go patronise the corner run shop.
    Your contributions are asinine and are not funny despite I am sure what you may think. Go away and when you have something of value to contribute to the discussions return. If you do not please stay well away.

  30. The Government should be shame the way the workers are being informed that they are being laid off. How about giving the workers adequate notice. It is shameful to hear about people collapsing on being told.This tells me they were not expecting that.

  31. Theresa the Sister of Gloria the Sister of Madge the Third Cousin of Janet and John in Constant on said:

    MANJAK of MYLORDS HILL | April 1, 2014 at 4:25 PM |

    Perhaps you didn’t get the memo, MANJACK. Bush Tea is running this particular rum shop. His word is fiat, and you are, for the billionth time, a “brass bowl”.

    • Didn’t the MoL admit the government made some mistakes in the retrenchment exercise so far? Are we saying no adjustment was made?

  32. Hey Mr. Clone

    I just heard Dennis Clarke on the radio saying that the workers are being treated like cattle –LIKE slaves -I would add.

    This Ratpack Government has to do nothing more . The people have had enough of them and will now march for three days calling for the removal of the sick mentalities that have prevailed over the folly in Barbados for the last six years and some, a period which is equal to half the time approx. spent by the other-side in Government.The Government of the day must take the blame. However I am going to bet your ass and Stuart’s head on a platter that it is Female Administrators cum slave drivers and house slaves who are presiding over the actual workings of whatever policy the Government has enunciated. Women mash up everything. Females are not Good leaders in the main. Men should be the leaders and any society that depends on women as leaders is a society doomed for failure . There are too many women in positions of authority and they have the country in a mess. Women are less compassionate than men.,Men tend to be a bit more sympathetic , understanding and caring. You expect that of a woman but when she is in position–she turns an idiot. All the evidence is there.

    Barbados is being overrun by Female administrators- — women and their harsh and insensitive. uncaring approach, who because they have a degree or know somebody in the biblical sense believe that that is all and that those who do not have degrees or other trappings they determine to be necessary for one to be recognized can be thrown aside like waste.It is noted that females throw otherwise good appliances out when they become tired of seeing them or if there is a little fault. The approach to Human Beings including their old mothers, Government Ministers and others is the same. Check what they do with themselves -too -changing their hairstyles on a regular basis-never satisfied with how they look. The girl who reads the Sports News on CBC is a ready example of this. She changes her hair more often than she changes her panties. Never satisfied –throw out this one -try the next one. Marsha is her name

    Look keep women from round administration in this country or we will continue to suffer. Pussy seeking men are responsible for most women in positions in Government Service.

    If Barbados is not taken back from women in this country, Barbados will suffer. The experiment is over a long time ago . Women must go ! The women at Alexandra School especially the spiteful looking one who refused to teach a class for two years, gave Broomesy hell.

    There are however some excellent exceptions to the above and some very competent and capable women in positions. Few and far between. There are also some men who act the same way as described above but in the main men seem to present a better a more compassionate model of leadership. Women bosses ??? –Dah pits

    And it has to be women who are administering the process happening now in the Public Sector.
    I would bet on that

  33. Miller,

    I feel Dennis Clarke’s pain. LOL,

    Did his mother not tell him that if you sleep with dogs, you will get flees? Up to last week end, he was socialising with Fumble and they still treated him with such gross disrespect?

    This treatment is his just desserts. He and the Walter Maloney met secretly with the government and agreed with them to tow the line….
    Not one public worker has been sent home all the while planning the layoffs. How he and the President can sleep at night after selling out the same people whose dues allow him to drive an Audi is beyond me.

    Yesterday at NIS, one worker had to be taken to hospital by ambulance, her friend who assisted her, when she returned to her desk was then given her letter, one worker just had a baby. How can these people be so heartless? At the BTA, one worker collapsed.

    Is it true miller, that the Employment bill passed last last year which was touted as being so revolutionary, does not apply to government?

    My goodness!

    • C News Live

      Like This Page · Yesterday · Edited

      Pastor Vishnu ‘Kitty’ Lutchmansingh died today after reportedly setting himself on fire at his home. C News understands he first shot and killed his brother, then went to his house which he then set on fire. Pastor Lutchmansingh was committed to stand trial in the San Fernando High Court in 2012 for allegedly defrauding Nutrimix businessman Shaheed Mohammed of millions of dollars. He was the founder of Faith Sanctuary Family Ministries and was known as the ‘billionaire pastor’ after he allegedly pretended he was the sole beneficiary of a $900 billion pound sterling estate of deceased United States billionaire Buford B Keaton and had promised persons to repay with interest all the money they loaned to him. – Photo from Newsday.

  34. “or to give rise to the criticism that people paid from public funds are being used for Party political purposes.”

    Wasn’t Hartley Henry paid from public funds and used for party political purposes.

  35. “I have no problem since Sir Lloyd recommendation pulled back the country and is now looked at by International financial Institutions.”

    Which International financial Institutions? Figment of the imagination of some.

  36. When I heard the ‘limping unionist’crying crocodile tears,I said what a load of rubbish after he agreed to sell out the workers for an Audi and a trip to Geneva.And the foolish workers took all that crap from Clarke and Maloney,two of the worst trade unionists in the NUPW short history.These guys are all for what they can get for themselves.All BBH and stinking Dems.But the worst is yet to come.Its time the public sector awaken from their duty free cars and duty free building materials slumber as promised by the dead king in 2007/8 and realize that the best political solution for Barbados right now is to down tools and demand the removal of Stuart,Sinckler,Estwick,and Inniss,all liars and cheats.All qualify for the label bag blind hoes,they are not accustomed to anything so they will fall for everything.Barbados must realize that its fortunes do not reside in the Democratic Labour Party but in the Barbados Labour Party led by Owen Arthur whose track record cannot be challenged.A decent man interested in the welfare of Barbados,not in himself. Unlike these worthless Dems and some pretenders to the throne.The queen bee must get the message.”Not tonight nor neither any other night”

  37. MANJAK of MYLORDS HILL | April 1, 2014 at 4:25 PM |

    “Very much with you Dr. Honorable.
    Bush Tea please please go away. Can you please bugger off and
    find something useful to do such as picking pond grass, staking out the sheep, picking wilts on the wharf or go patronise the corner run shop.”

    LISTEN you MANJERKER of Mylord’s hill ……..DON’T GO THERE and LEFF BUSHIE ALONE! You like you want a Bush bath or what! You now come pon dis blog and trying to insult my sweet and sour friend Bushie ! You doan want me tah start pon yuh pooch so BACK OFFA BUSHIE my sweet and sour dumpling!

  38. That is what Bajans voted for, in 2008 and 2013, a caring government which was not going to no layoff or privatize. Owen Arthur sit tight and smile at the idiots dropping like flies at their work places.

  39. Tell Me Why

    “… Just stop personal criticism along with your insults…”

    Apparently, you have been on the blog long enough to have notice that a selected few here are being ridiculed without justifiable cause.

    Listen! I welcome the opportunity to discourse with my fellow Barbadians. It’s an opportunity I have had in close to thirty years and I welcome the constructive verbal exchange. And even though we may not see eye to eye as far as our political choices are concern, this still shouldn’t prevent us from disagreeing amicably and with the appropriate level of civility that is in keeping with those values that were once inculcated upon our generation.

    In conclusion: I think that it’s very commonly forgotten here that at the end of the day, we are all one people foreign as well as domestic. Who cares about the directionality in which our country is heading; irrespective of the ideological walls which often seems to separates us at times.

  40. “A decent man interested in the welfare of Barbados,not in himself”
    What about the cheque which was his Achilles heel leading into the 2008 elections, has he fully explained the cheque? I agree though that he has a good track record in managing the economy.

  41. David, Miller,

    What is going on?
    An emergency cabinet meeting today, Wednesday?
    Is there trouble with the first quarter report?
    Is there trouble with the foreign reserves? Are we about to be downgraded again?
    I am worried for my country.

  42. “he had a good record” if OSA was planning on building his legacy on the past fourteen years.. what gains he accumulated were lost under the reality that his failure to rebuild and restructure the economy resulted with fragilities and an economy subjected to failures and vulnerabilities.

  43. AC
    A competent helmsman will encounter rough seas from time to time.OSA’s dextrous management and insightful public finance skills would have seen
    Barbados come out of the economic turbulence with few if any scars.Neither
    Thompson,nor Stuart can match Owen Arthur when it comes to brilliance in economics, intelligent management, leadership and a vision for this country.Owen Arthur’s track record is one of putting a humane face on this thing called democracy.Unlike these BBH’s whom even one of their own , partially crippled and decrepit in body and now mind,is accusing of behaviour reminiscent of slavery.Wunna wait.The fat lady en sing yet,wunna bloody fools! Wunna vote for jackasses and expect miracles…never happen according to commissioner of ellerton.

  44. “what gains he accumulated were lost under the reality that his failure to rebuild and restructure the economy resulted with fragilities and an economy subjected to failures and vulnerabilities.”
    A load of speculative garbage to say the least.. The administration led by Mr Arthur like all other administrations would have made their fair share of mistakes with some of the policies they introduced and some of the projects they managed; but the fact remains that the country generally prospered under Mr Arthur and I would put my head on a block that it would not have been in this predicament with Mr Arthur in charge. It was simply poor economic management over the last six years according to Dr Estwick and not fragilities or vulnerabilities that caused the economy to fail and this nonsense about restructuring has already been laid to rest.

  45. .@Gabriel
    “Wunna vote for jackasses and expect miracles…never happen according to commissioner of ellerton”……………………………..

    Commissioner actually said that? Wuhloss! How comes he who got a job at Transport Board after the 2008 election still has a job and people who have been there for years were sent home?

  46. Dems cannot get their stories straight at all.

    One minute they say that Sandi restructured the economy and put it on a growth path which paved the way for OSA to bat on for fourteen years…………fourteen years of plenty according to them.

    The next minute they say and I heard the Mara in the House with the same nonsense that OSA did not restructure the economy during the fourteen years he was in office and that they now have to do it and that is cause of the DLP’s problems.

    Which is it dems? Estwick said it is the DLP’s fault…..blame us he said!

  47. Gabriel

    Maybe the particular set of economic circumstances the government is dealing with will take sometime to be resolved- irrespective the of solutions that are employed or applied? Now, I am not saying that we’re in a great depression but it took some of the greatest economic as well as political minds in the world, ten years to ascertained the appropriated solutions to addressed the vicissitudenous nature which afflicted the American economy from 1929 to 1939. It did not happened over night nor will the worldwide economic melt down which brought the American economy to its knees will. There is still a $13 trillion dollar national debt yet to paid-irrespective of how high the Congress endeavors to raise the debt ceiling. And how well things may appear on the superficial level; there is a lot of work yet to done in order for the American economy to regain it full strength.

  48. OOPS – typo

    Should have read

    DEM going to restructure the energy sector wid Cahill WTE plant.

  49. Dr. Honorable I supported you against Bushie nonsence but you appear to be as dumb, and silly as he is.
    ‘Barbados being managed by female administrators’
    ‘someone changing her panties, more than her hair styles’
    ‘Barbados to be taken back from women in this country’
    Are you for real?
    When was Barbados ever administered by females?, And how is Barbados to be taken back from Bajan women?. This little Caribbean isle has always been administered, and controlled pre and post independence by black Bajan men in collaboration with rich and powerful whites and of course latterly Asians (principally Trinidadians.)
    Bajan women reading your vulgar, misogynous and ahistorical fantasy
    must seethe with anger at your ignorance and wonder if they live in the same island state as you. Go do your homework my man.

  50. I am just fed up with these idiots blaming the other side for this country’s problems. They have the power to reverse some of the stupid laws that were passed under the BLP government. Laws like not cutting civil servants salaries that was passed by the Arthur Administration. These are serious times and serious work must be done to help solve this island’s crisis. This law can be repelled and yet not one person has suggested this. They keep moaning that it is against the law to cut civil servants pay. What de rass are they in power for? If they decide to repel this law and the opposition opposes this motion then the opposition does not really have the interest of this island’s survival.
    Gasoline has gone up an additional dollar per gallon and I have not read that not one person in here has mentioned this. We have the municipal tax of 0.7% to be on stream soon and no one has heard on how this will implemented. One minister says there is an error with that tax and the MOF saying there is none. All of you who are armchair politicians are steady beating up on each other haven’t provided any solutions on how the population will be affected nor how they can organize to show their dissatisfaction with this new tax. Does this government believe that people have thousands of dollars sitting in the bank to pay this municipal tax. Yes we will be paying .70cts on every dollar on the value of our property. Do you all understand what this will do to the retired, the retrenched and the working class? This government is desperate for money and will resort to any and everything. The PM stubbornly refuses to remove the constituency councils, cut spending and fire his MOF who hasn’t a clue on what his job is. We have a Central Bank Governor that keeps changing and lying to the people of Barbados.
    Mia has warned us of the dire state of affairs of this island and yet many are more interested in beating up on each other, some trying to resurrect the dead and the half dead. Some on the BLP side are still trying to believe that Owen can save us or still has the strength to do so. Why are wunna still living in the past? The past has gone and will NEVER return we have to step forward and find new leadership. The opposition MUST promote integrity legislation for their survival. Our politics MUST take a new direction toward country first , our Judiciary and law enforcement MUST be transparent and fair.
    The government has done nothing to stimulate the economy, it continues to contract. No incentives for new businesses, agriculture and manufacturing. The bank rates have not fallen to encourage borrowing. The government has taxed the Credit Unions another tax on the people. When are we going to say enough is enough? Will we ever reach that point? Those who will blindly follow any political party will encourage these parties to run amok trampling our rights as citizens. Will the real men and women stand up to be counted?

  51. Manjerker…….yuh got muh really surprised. I thought yuh were supporting the Dishonorable animal when he out there castigating the women of Barbados. He came out of his father’s pooch and that is why he hates women! But still leff muh Bushie alone I will deal with him with my 2×4 when he gets out of line.

  52. “iwould put my head on the chopping block’ balance….strong words and most worthy of being put to the test. in he meantime OSA faces the dilema of explaining away

  53. “i would put my head on the chopping block”” balance! strong words and most worthy of being put to the test,,,,,,however OSA faces a dilemna to his legacy one of having to ” explain away” the vulnerabilities which were highly susceptible and fully exposed when the worlds financial bubble rocked our economy an economy which all but collaspse and was not fundamentally strong ….one which was built by his administration relying heavily on one sector,,,the fact is that under his reign that sector experienced exceptional economic growth which gave OSA the economic freedom and wherewithal to diversify (and) which he did not ,, now that the dust has settled all or most can see the damaged brought about through years of poor management and a govt relying heavily on a one sector lead economy one that (is) and was insufficient to create meaningful growth and long term jobs and stem the tide of the past five is now clearer than ever to (see) given the economic hurdles this new govt has had to face moving forward the failures of the OSA administration (an) administration that refused to make meaningful changes and a new govt now forced to put meaningful correctives measures in place irrespective of a weaken economy …in order to rejuvenate and make the economy stronger for the future… can safely say that if OSA had the vision to make these necessary measures given all the time and resources …the country would have been in better financial standing not having to rely on more borrowing to pay down any or all debt which had been accumulated over the years to keep workers employed and create growth ….the weaken stage which this country has found itself in goes back to poor management and proper planning for a future and a country which has now been forced to rebuild and restructure an economy which if had done over the years would not have (had ) to call on the working stiff having to make great sacrifice … always never fails….the proof of the cake is in the eating…………

  54. Negroman

    I am not quite sure I understand where you’re going with this kind of thinking? But leaders with such background spells trouble for you and the rest of us bro. I have read quite recently, that Idi Amin financial minister was undermining him and he had him by killed digging out eyes and tiring off his balls. Now, I do not think Bajans have the kind stomach bro. There is actually a vedio on Utube which shows in graphic details the execution of Sergeant Doe, the late president of Liberia. You should take a look at it and tell what you think? Now, I have been in a combat zion and it was quite difficult for me to watch.

  55. @ islandgal246, I was shocked to read of the 24cents/litre increase in the price of fuel, and I can only image what it will do to the cost of living. I’m convinced the solid waste tax will be a wake up call if/when it is implemented. I’m trying to sell the lot I own to avoid a confrontation with BRA. I pay approx. $ 5,000.00/year in taxes & cleaning cost and decided I’ll not be paying the solid waste tax.

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