Chairman of Goddards Enterprises Asserts His Innocence

[Barbados Underground]  Yes Jeff, Charles Herbert faces a monumental task, not least because he has already been convicted in the court of public opinion. The social meaning of the case has become about the history of race relations in Barbados, so although the court case is supposed to consider the evidence dispassionately, I am not certain that a jury will lack bias


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Hal Austin


    I was here communing with the Spirit, a customary thing for one who loves my “opiate”, smile and thought of this Herbert matter a little more

    From Herbert’s perspective, be he innocent or guilty, his is going to be a campaign to get himself free.

    So too will be the objective of all his friends in his minority grouping.

    Third parties will fall into three groups

    The sheeple who don’t give a flying badword

    The reasonable and rational commenters who have insider information about his innocence or guilt

    And the sanctimonious better than thou crew who just adore a fight and join in.

    From Herbert’s point of view AS LONG AS YOU ARE NOT FOR HIM you are against him.

    So he and his owe his detractors no good will.

    That is normal.

    His fellow directors have given this some thought as well.

    If they have him resign that alone is tantamount to saying that he is guilty to the average bajan and compromises his matter beyond retraction.

    So, unlike other countries, even though some may know of his guilt, they are bound to leave this matter as it is and let it work out by the natural effluxion of time.

    Beyond the two of us commenting here don’t expect other parties to remark further on the drug importer trio.

    Note for example that Freedom Crier with all her talk about improving Barbados has made no remark about the scourge of drug importation and How, irrespective of how pretty the landscape is, will be for nought when everyone is a paro


  • Can someone please explain the legitimacy of the journalistic decision not to cover the reporting from bail of the two businessmen accused of smuggling substantial quantities of drugs in to Barbados.
    As I understand it, they were granted conditional bail of Bds$400000 each, one condition that they surrendered their travel documents and report weekly to the nearest police station by 10am on Wednesdays.
    Was this a news event of sufficient importance to be covered by our two leading publications? Or is this further evidence of a failed state when gatekeepers censor what news readers are allowed to read.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    How much money does the Goddard Group of companies and their affiliates read the white bajan community pay into the coffers of the Nation and Advocate and Barbados Today?

    Do you think it makes sense for them to pursue your version of investigative journalism and go and take one picture of Charles Herbert entering a police substation AND LOSING ALL DIS MONEY???

    The only way to pursue that avenue Hal is to do it yourself or pay a private eye to get some pictures for you


  • For the same reason they knew about Donville Innis, ICBL and tax payers’ money but did not report on it. As if we don’t know that printing 30K news papers a day @ $2.00 a pop can’t maintain them. It’s those big money ads campaigns , thus the frivolously bull shit for journalism.


  • Piece,

    If BU will do it I will pay the report and photographer. We have next week.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Hal Austin


    That may “compromise” the Honourable Blogmaster

    Let me explain that verb compromise.

    For the most part The Old David of BU WHILE HE WILL REPORT ANY SUBSTANTIATED ISSUE THAT IS SUBMITTED HERE, he does not to the best of de ole man’s knowledge, take a personal stake in the activity itself.

    But I may be wrong about that but what I would concommittantly suggest is this.

    You can do three things


    2.Create a Paypal account which as you know should permit for the payment of said money to anyone in Barbados. THe transaction will be between you and them and I dont think that you AS A JOURNALIST will expose their identity

    3.De Grandson would help with a draft document for you and other parties to circulate via social media.

    You are not breaking any laws but you can be assured that the Commissioner of Police or some body else going mek some public notification bout it being illegal to tek pictures of accused drug importers.

    Btw the way, you also want pictures of Chris Rogers too right? I ent hear much mention of him and having him resign from his position as well.

    I wonder if Senator Caswell Franklyn could find out if Prescod is still employed at GEL heheheheheh though I doubt it cause after all Prescod is the MasterMind of this Importation scheme doan mind he ent got no surety as yet!


  • Piece,

    Sorry. It was meant as a joke. I cannot even afford a cup of tea. Seriously, if you want to know roughly the source of a newspaper’s advertising revenue get hold of a copy, work out the editorial/advertising ratio, get hold of its advertising rates and do a rough calculation of the maths. It will not be accurate because paper’s do deals. That tells you who is advertising and, again, calculate it over a year. He who pays the piper calls the tune.


  • Can someone say if Charles Herbert reported from bail?


  • Herbert has stepped down as Chairman of GEL.


  • Why do our leading newspapers satisfy themselves in publishing press releases instead of adding value to them? Is this what passes for good journalism? Why have they not reported on Mr Herbert reporting on bail yesterday? Why are readers satisfied with this paucity of competence?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    I am reading this resignation online now.

    It says “…Goddard Enterprises Limited (GEL) has announced that A. Charles Herbert has voluntarily stepped down as chairman of the board of GEL with effect from August 7…”


    De ole man is speechless and thrown for a loop by the action.

    And I will tell you why.

    He did not make any public hullabaloo on this action which was an option earlier in the exercise.

    De ole man would have used the first public appearance to resign both the Private Sector position as well as the Goddards position and throw oneself on the court of public opinion as opposed to the bluster and bravado.

    The interference being run by PLT and John the Quaker was crafted incorrectly.

    Now you have to contend with the court of public opinion saying thst you were pushed.

    You are being advised by some parties who are not ammm….

    John the Quaker is your friend and he understands how this works

    God sees the heart of all men Mr Herbert.

    How He wants this to end is always in His Hands so, having said, that the ole man who has seen the scourge that drugs bring to the most brilliant of minds, and how it ravages the most beauteous of forms, will leave thus matter to My Lord.

    Remember that He Lives and is LARGE and IN CHARGE


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item that will be my last post for this trio of Herbert, Rodgers and Prescod.

    When you can see these things you will realize that they are in the Hands of My God now.

    No matter what is done by man’s hands the outcome is decided.


  • NorthernObserver

    It is fairly standard for persons who serve in a nominated/elected position in business to confer with those who elected them, prior to making a decision. If CH was in an employee relationship, then it is all his decision whether he resigns or not. While this may infer to you being ‘pushed out’, that is always a risk if one follows the path of conferring with those who elected you. They may request you resign or leave the decision up to you. The counter is, if you were going to resign anyways, why confer? It is called the ‘polite chain of command’, because you may like to considered again down the road, if the charges do not result in a conviction.


  • goddards still doing work that is good thing.


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  • God sees the heart of all men Mr Herbert.


  • Herbert has stepped down as Chairman of GEL. Racial discrimination is not acceptable!


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