Goddard’s Yacht Ecstasy Busted!

Chris Rogers (l) Walter Prescod (c) Charles Herbert (r)


The news that approximately 3 million dollars worth of illegal drugs was discovered on a boat owned by Goddards Enterprises – a successful and respected international company domiciled in Barbados – continues to be the talk of the town. A few high profile names are reported to be assisting the police force read Charles Herbert the Chairman of Goddards Enterprises and Chris Rogers a non executive member who were reported to be on the boat when the interdiction was made by Barbados Customs Officers.

Information coming from the police about the progress of investigation has been slow as one would expect when prominent individuals are involved. Then add high profile lawyer Andrew Pilgrim to the mix. The blogmaster joins many expressing an interest in who will be charged and incarcerated for the crime. The tangential story is that there is an intense lobby with the charge in government to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes.

The blogmaster ask commenters to be smart when posting comments. On behalf of the BU household we appeal to all those out there to continue to tip off the authorities so that we can arrest the scourge of drugs, guns and other illegal activity pouring into our little island. Feel free to email BU also with tips by completing the Contact List that will be forwarded confidentially to the blogmaster.

BU’s Featured image is Charles Herbert, Chairman of Goddards (l) and Chris Rogers, non executive board member (r).



  • Strange. Must put the dates in my diary.


  • @Hants November 7, 2018 12:28 PM “Why different court dates for the 3 accused ?”

    Mr. Prescod has not yet found anyone to sign his bail. I expect that he has been given an earlier date just in case he finds someone to sign his bail. Then he can do home from Dodds, and have the pleasure of hugging up his wife just like the other two accused.

    No wifey comforts available at her Majesty’s Prison, at Dodds.


  • Why strange?
    That in Barbados they can schedule a case and NOT KNOW the presiding magistrate is on vacation? Then defer it for nearly 5 months. (you think its a 4 month vacation?)
    You are credited as the first to announce Barbados as a failed state. None of this should surprise you.


  • Didn’t see this earlier. It’s the lawyer questioning why cases are scheduled when the judge is known to be away


  • @Northern Observer,

    You asked why strange? Then went on to speculate: “That in Barbados they can schedule a case and NOT KNOW the presiding magistrate is on vacation? Then defer it for nearly 5 months. (you think its a 4 month vacation?)
    You are credited as the first to announce Barbados as a failed state. None of this should surprise”(Quote)

    I said no such thing. This may seem petty, but often on BU things speculated on are sometimes regurgitated as actual quotes.


  • Hal, I never said or insinuated you said that. It was MY response.
    So yes, bordering on petty.


  • Mohammad Salim Bhana, 33, a salesman of Richmond Gap, St Michael and Muhammad Huzifa Bhamji, 23, of #17 Stanmore Lodge, Black Rock, St Michael appeared before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant on a joint charge of engaging in money laundering while disposing of a car, the proceeds of a crime, on October 12 (Quote)

    Passports confiscated, but which passports? Why were these men granted bail? We need a reform of the criminal justice system – and a new team of magistrates.


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    @ Hal and Northern Observer,

    I have clicked onto the link by Northern Observer November 8, 2018 @ 2:54 AM and it simply says “Database Error” on a white screen. Could you guys check the link on your computer.



  • Here it is.


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    @ Hal,

    I’m still waiting.


  • I believe it was Pilgrim being quoted. But the problem is with Barbados Today.


  • Gentlemen,

    What is the debate on today?

    Is it on the inequity of the Barbados Justice System or on the Non Existence of the Barbados Justice System?

    Is it about the fact that we have Teets as the Head of the Integrity Commission and his partner Pain as the free wheeling Will Writing OR IS THAT RE_WRITING Deputy Prime Minister?

    Is it that a former Minister get lock up in America and cannot leave that jurisdiction cause of maney laundering charges and that the US DoJ has refused him the ability to leave the USA because he is considered and ADMINISTRATIVE FLIGHT RISK (they beleive that even with extradition treaties with barbados, PORNVILLE WILL NOT COME BACK) or the fact that the passenger on this drug vessel is now in Murica?

    But in the meantime do enjoy our EoE Justice System


  • This case looks similar

    sorry TLSN, the link works for me

    This one for you Hal…..3 bail reports per week?? A C&P, in case the link doesn’t work

    “Two of the top officials of the Washington University of Barbados who were on remand at HMP Dodds for over a month were granted $200,000 bail each today.

    The university’s Chief Executive officer 42-year-old Rao Venkata Gopi, of No. 11 Falcon Crest, Tuscany, Oldbury and the director 33-year-old Deoraj Jaimangal Dalchand of No. 3 Jacaranda Circle, Apple Drive, Union Development, both in St Philip were also ordered to surrender their passports to the St Matthias Magistrate’s Court before they could be released. The accused are scheduled to return before Chief Magistrate Christopher Birch on January 24, 2019. In the meantime, they must report to the District ‘C’ Police Station every Monday, Wednesday and Friday before 9:30 a.m. as a condition of bail.”


  • BTW…chief justice Gibson was quoted in Barbados Today as saying that another magistrate has been appointed to cover, for the magistrate who was on vacation, but a pressing family matter had taken priority.




    To be fair……

    ………… it is a common practice in many jurisdictions for accused individuals who were in custody, to be escorted into the Court in restraints….. e.g. handcuffs.

    The photo of McClean in your “cartoon” clearly indicates he was being TAKEN to Court under police escort, hence the handcuffs………

    ………while the two Indians are seen in the photos LEAVING Court after being granted bail.


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