The Grenville Phillips Column – Empty Promises

I am scheduled to be deployed to Haiti shortly to assist them in their recovery efforts.  However, the recent social unrest, which resulted in deaths, property damage and flights into Haiti being suspended, may put those plans in jeopardy.  With the Government awaiting the IMF’s directives, Haiti’s experience is relevant to Barbados at this time.

The IMF directed the Haitian government to implement severe austerity, which included an almost doubling of fuel prices.  When the fuel increases were announced, the people rioted.  It should be remembered that the IMF also directed the Guyana’s government to double the income taxes on the Guyanese.

Having had over 10 deployments to Haiti following the earthquake in 2010, including during their elections, I do not think that the increase in fuel prices is the root cause of this crisis.  They know that sacrifices have to be made to improve their economy, and they have made them in the past.  However, after suffering for so long, the Haitian people hate being tricked.

Their political candidates promised to address mismanagement and corruption if they were elected.  The people expected improvements in government efficiency, and arrests of those accused of corruption, before being targeted for austerity.  However, to have austerity forced on them, without the promised efficiency and arrests, appeared to be too much for the people to bear from a Government that promised to be different.

As we canvassed during the recent elections, people wanted to know what Solutions Barbados would do about the gross corruption in which both established political parties have repeatedly accused the other of engaging.  We promised the most effective policy to address corruption.  Both payers and receivers of bribes would have to pay a fine of 10 times the value of the bribe, and whistle-blowers would be rewarded with the full value of the bribe.

Surprisingly, most people were not satisfied with this response.  They wanted the guilty politicians imprisoned.  However, our policy was not to imprison non-violent offenders, but to fine them.  So while we understood what the people wanted, and could have positioned ourselves to benefit from the 26% swing away from the DLP, we were unwilling to damage our reputations by promising what we were unwilling to deliver.

We promised Barbadians prosperity without austerity because it was possible – and it still is.  We promised to improve efficiency and reduce wastage in the public sector, by implementing the customer-focused international quality management standard, ISO 9001, because we could.  We promised to effectively address corruption in the most effective manner possible because we could.  However, the people wanted ‘blood’, and those skilled in political public relations gave them exactly what they were accustomed to receiving from politicians – empty promises.

It is very easy to simply ask people what they want, and then promise them what they have asked for with no intention of ever fulfilling those promises.  Any Solutions Barbados candidate who engaged in that sort of behaviour would likely be voted out of the party at our next meeting.

The public were led to believe that savings from the proper management of the public service would fund their expensive manifesto promises, and not increased taxes.  The public were also led to believe that the arrest and imprisonment of corrupt politicians would immediate follow the general election.  If the BLP and DLP are indeed the same political party, governed by the same prime directive to protect each other from scrutiny, then no arrests should be expected.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and the founder of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at


  • The Haitians are a beleaguered people. They have suffered so much. We should remember the IMF wrote off 268 million in 2010.

    This is a country that represents an iconic symbol in the history of the region. PM Mia Mottley opening our borders to them and signing on to the Protocol for Contingent Rights is politically and morally the right thing to do. If as human beings we see no value in assisting our fellow man, we may as well pack it in. Clearly inflows of Haitians will be monitored and adjustments taken as necessary but a couple hundred Haitians entering Barbados will not cause the country to grind to a halt.


  • Unrest over fuel prices sparks political crisis in Haiti

    © Hector Retamal, AFP | Burned-out cars are seen near a market in Delmas, a commune of Port-au-Prince, on July 8.

    Latest update : 2018-07-09
    Deadly protests forced Haiti’s government to halt plans to raise fuel prices over the weekend. But despite the reversal, protesters have called for a two-day general strike starting Monday and are demanding the resignation of President Jovenel Moise.

    The government’s plans ignited a powder keg of long-simmering resentments. Within hours of its July 6 announcement that gasoline prices would rise by 38 percent, diesel by 47 percent and kerosene by 51 percent starting almost immediately, mass protests had erupted that eventually left at least four dead, including the bodyguard of an opposition politician.

    Burning tyres blocked major roads into the capital Port au Prince while groups of armed men took control of several intersections, trying to extort money from drivers and pedestrians. Rioters targeted shops and hotels in some of the capital’s wealthier districts and airlines briefly cancelled all flights to the main island, where burned-out cars littered the streets.


  • William Skinner

    @ Grenville

    ” If the BLP and DLP are indeed the same political party, governed by the same prime directive to protect each other from scrutiny, then no arrests should be expected.”

    They are my brother…..they are the same party . No ifs buts or maybe……..

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  • Had a listen to Attorney General introducing the IL in parliament yesterday, have to admit he sounded the part breathing fire and disgust at supposedly corrupt activities by members of the former government. Forgive the cynicism of the blogmaster when we say let us wait to see if he delivers. O what a wonderful day that will/would be.


  • If Marshall takes the same empty headed approach as Adriel Nitwit, pretending he has no powers to uphold the law and start an investigation and imprison those exministers and their co-conspirators who stole billions from treasury and pension fund…he is guaranteeing Mia a one term government.

    Grenville… would have been better to lock up corrupt ministers and their friends, from you entered the word CAN”T..the electorate knew you were not serious…and as long as you continue with the word CAN’T..ya will not get near that parliament …the laws are there to. lock up corrupt politicians as well.

    …..if the political thieves and their friends stole 2 billion dollars of the people’s money and you fine them 2 billion X10…exactly when were you hoping to collect that amount and pay it out from your Brents College to the whistleblowers…ya really CAN’T be serious.

    Mia CAN’T very well promise on a political platform to go after those she said she knew were corrupt and practiced malfeasance in office, tell the electorate to “watch much nuh” and once elected don’t think that the electorate isn’t watching her for tricks, lies and broken promises…

    Just like the Haitian people, everyone else has had enough of lying, dishonest politicians who seek to trick the people and protect each other from prison…while continuing the robberies and theft of public funds and ripping off the elderly and their beneficiaries their land.

    The Haitian government rolled back the fuel hike…they realized they are playing with fire..this is a new generation of Haitians in a new area, so they can continue to disenfranchise and gaslight, they are the ones have to deal with and put out all those fires…it is time these governments realize that the people will not take anymore of their viciousness and lies.

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  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Mr Phillips

    You have been asked by a few here to supply the name of the accountant who endorsed your panacea for Barbados ailments AND YOU HAVE NOT




    IF WHAT YOU ARE PURPORTJNG IS TRUE your concept will work

    If not you are the same as the BDLP and are blowing cold air up our pooches

    “By their works… “

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  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    This is the excuse from the “watch muh nuh” brigade. the “error” in the fines..

    These are the drafters of the Integrity Legislation..I don’t know whether to laugh or cry,

    “We did not wish to waste any further time in getting this legislation through the necessary steps in this House,” Abrahams said while pointing to an earlier assurance by Attorney General Dale Marshall that the error would be corrected.

    Abrahams, who was part of the drafting team comprising Sir David Simmons, QC, as advisor; Leslie Haynes, QC; Dale Marshall, QC; Ralph Thorne, QC; Edmond Hinkson and Stuart Mottley, assured Opposition Leader Joseph Atherley, who had queried the change in fines, “there is no subterfuge [or] no deception [and that] the law will go back to what it was when it was drafted.

    “The heavy fines will stay in. And those who run afoul of this legislation will be prosecuted as intended to the fullest extent of the law,” he said.

    Further explaining the CPC’s thinking behind the changes made, Abrahams said, “legislation has to be harmonious. Fines must bear some sort of relation to other offences”.”


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Next question….when will AG Marshall, the Chief Justice and the Registrar along with the bar association and disciplinary committee do something about Leslie Haynes who has personal injury cases lingering unnecessarily in the Supreme Court for as long as 15 years for CGI Insurance, all without closure, effectively causing backlogs in the Civil Court, destroying lives, causing the injured to suffer physically and financially and abusing the elderly consistently…while disrupting the court process deliberately.

    How many more times must this be exposed before something is done about those cases which helped to render the court process useless…and which should have been settled one way or the next and claimants timely compensated.


  • William Skinner

    Some questions: Will this legislation have the power to deal with corruption, that happened before or are we to assume that only the last administration had corrupt persons ?
    Or to put it another way : If a person of the current administration was found to be involved in corrupt practices in a previous BLP administration, would they now be allowed to go unpunished because there was no integrity legislation before ?
    Are we to assume that all the Auditor General reports that have been “hinting” (new buzz word) at corruption for the last 30 years mean nothing under this new legislation ?
    Are we ever going to know publicly what are the assets of MPs and others that this legislation apparently covers ?
    Are we to really believe that the drafters of a piece of legislation comprising an advisor, who was a former Chief Justice did not know the difference between $500, 000 and $ 20, 000.?
    To the leader of the opposition: Are you prepared to give the names of the criminals who underwriting politicians and into controlling “turf”, to the relevant authorities so that they can be dealt with ?
    Are you willing to name the MPs who are known to be dealing with the criminal element ?
    Why are you refusing to share this information with the public ?


  • @William

    A reasonable inquiry. You should note that a public servant who transgresses the financial rules of government does not necessarily translate to a criminal act.

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    To be fair to Mr. Phillips II, he does not have to reveal the name of the accountant.

    All he has to do is present the accountant’s analysis…..

    …….which he continues in finding all types of excuses to prevent him from doing so.

    Mr. Phillips II reminded us on SEVERAL occasions that Solutions Barbados’ economic policies were on their website and available to public scrutiny for three years. They were sent to the BES and ICAB for “rigorous scrutiny.

    Yet, only ONE individual from ICAB has so far endorsed these proposals.

    What about the BES and an analysis from at least one of their member economist?


  • This is a concern that will continue, it has become a credibility and reputational issue. It has to be addressed if Solutions Barbados is to separate from the pack.

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  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ William Skinner

    It is obvious from your questions that you are not seeking any pick under the Mia Mottley Cares Administration.

    For had you been doing such suck poochism it would not have been that you would have been asking these questions which tend to highlight the dishonesty of the persons whose name you referenced above.

    This is not about deterrence this is about ENABLEMENT and rewards for the big teifs and keeping the small fry quiet.

    And where is the Leader of the Opposition Mia’s man Reverend Joseph Atherley on This?

    He bless his soul has his lips applied to the pooch of his master or in this case mistress.

    I will await what Senator Caswell Franklyn has to say on this travesty


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    To use your words “… it has become a credibility and reputational issue…”

    Yes it has but not ONLY FOR SOLUTIONS BARBADOS

    But you may not be inclined to say the same thing about the Star Chamber of the Barbados Labour Party and their lack of credibility and diminution of reputational currency



  • re where is the Leader of the Opposition Mia’s man Reverend Joseph Atherley on This?


  • Atherly called out the govt as tricksters ! manipulators !and engineers of deceptive practices
    He all but pointed his finger in their direction as recipients of bribes from illegal sources noting that the underground world of the drug world has been active participants in the last election
    Which made me wonder if he was associating the drug king maker who was given an invite to Parliament during the swearing in ceremony


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  • It is your rabid partisan nonsense that will be the death of us all. The political class has members from BOTH sides. Only when one party prosecutes fellow MPs will these silly accusations be taken seriously by the independent minded.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Though a bit slow in response Atherley did respond to the “error”..

    ,…seeing who the drafters of the Integrity Legislation are, no one should be surprised that the goal posts keeps moving…..what we need to see is a retroactive year rolled back a whole lot further than 5 years..

    …Leslie Haynes as a director of Clico was directly involved in the scam to rob policyholders….so why is he drafting Integrity Legislation when Mia said she would go after the Clico crooks.

    “Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley has questioned some aspects of the Integrity in Public Life Bill, which he says has changed considerably since it was initially proposed by the then Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP).

    Speaking during debate on the measure in the House of Assembly today, Atherley explained, “When this party was in Opposition, it sent out a draft bill for public scrutiny and comment, and that document called for heavy fines of up to $500,000 and/or five years in jail, along with $250,000 on summary conviction and/or two years for those who ran afoul of the anit-corruption legislation or were seen to facilitate corrupt practices.

    “But now it is here before Parliament, those fines have been reduced to $20,000 and $10,000, and I echo the fears of John Public which might believe that we are not entirely serious about this,” Artherley said, while cautioning the Mia Mottley led BLP administration that “you cannot provide legislation outlining breaches and then mete out fines that constitute no more than a slap on the wrist”.

    He was also concerned about the fact that Attorney General and Member of Parliament for St Joseph Dale Marshall did not spell out why there was such a significant reduction in the penalties.”

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  • Freedom Crier July 11, 2018 8:01 AM

    very interesting idea with respect to the seed bombs
    most sense presented here on this blog




  • Piece

    I want to personally thank you for your valiant effort in highlighting to us – not only here on Underground,but to wider Bdos, why we need to be vigilant with this new govt and not be lulled into a false sense of complacency as some here would have us do – when they push this 100 day honeymoon shite talk.

    I sincerely believe that it is your work (and the supporting efforts of others), on unmasking the deception by Mia and her team – on the quiet reduction of the fine from half million to a mere ten thousand with regards to the Integrity legislation.

    I don’t know about you piece but sometimes one can’t help getting the feeling that on here in this BU site – its as though you operating in Afganisthan – with a lot of snipers hiding behind a BLP flag and taking shots at you (plural you) who have volunteered to highlight wrong doing where ever it can be found.So you drop yuh bombs and yuh hit your targets and as they say the rest is history.

    I believe that because you and many others were relentless in your efforts to expose the mafia operating in this govt that we got the response that we are seeing in Barbados Today edition this morning.

    To think that Wilfred Abraham would get in the House of Assembly and blame the Chief Parlimentary Counsel saying she changed the fee penalty from 500,000 to 10,0000 to align with other penalties, and implying the govt (with all these lawyers in it) didn’t realise the change and that’s why they went ahead with the bill – is scandalous.Civil servants be prepared for more of the same – the ‘dog eat my lunch’ excuses – and you the dog will get the lashes.

    I have noted that serious matters discussed here on BU are finding their way in the right places and that’s why I urge Hal,G.P. yourself and others to say vigiliant.

    The fatted calf is being sliced as I write and being put on platters – so don’t expect to hear certain voices who were loud and voceiferous before the elections whose main role then, was to manipulate and seek to influence the gullible.

    History will not judge some people kindly.I hope they remember there is no atone -ing in HELL.


  • What is the ambassador Comissiong voice on Haiti and the violence which had erupted
    One would think that as ambassador to Caricom nations his voice would be one of consultation and influence
    One which would have required the Caricom heads of govt to send rapid response in aiding the people of Haiti

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  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Mr Inniss what an awesome post above…was that written in your state of deep meditation when u figuratively floated above your mortal self and looked astutely on life round and about you!

    A state that perhaps you were unable to achieve in recent years past. 😂

    Be careful what u wish for!

    The reason that @Pieces is so universally loved and reviled by operatives not dissimilar to you is that he does go after malfesance wherever it operates. So one hates him today but can love him tomorrow!

    Thus when u say : ” I believe that because you and many others were relentless in your efforts to expose the mafia operating in this govt …” Do recall he wonderfully (and spectacularly) prosecuted “Not One Seat For Dem”.

    He was right then and surely is no less accurate in his concerns now.

    No one needs DLP syncophants or those who present as such to highlight that for them…but thanks nonetheless for showing that you do know when ‘a mafia’ is operating.😂

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  • What is sickening me about all of this is the garment of self righteousness that these BLP politicians wrapping themselves in:

    Hear Sonia Browne m.p.St Phillip North – women must not have to get down on their knees to get a house – well HELLO – haven’t you heard the calypso – wuk fuh wuk – who you think they were singing about – perhaps you should ask your parliamentary colleague Glyne Clarke if he knows who de body is.

    While you at it – ask Mia if she knows about any wuk- for wuk incidents.MP Sonia Browne and remember to come down hard on ANYONE seeking to induce and involve school girls in this type of wuk for wuk ventures.

    We dun know that Michael Lashley name get called in that type of thing too (and I am sure there were others) – but first seek to clear your nostrils before you go digging in others’

    Secondly I have noted that A.G. Dale Marshall is telling us that M.P.s only have to declare their assets when they enter and when they leave – So wait you think we stupid huh. So yuh rob,steal and cheat for 4 and a half years and then coming up to the 5 years you do what you have to do and wipe your slate clean.

    As with other countries Declaration of assets should be done every year.

    I see Artherley is also concerned about Politicians using drug lords to finance their campaigns and bring out the vote.What say you P.M. Mottley on this? Everyone was shocked to see Bounty ‘the big drug lord’ and others walking up the steps of parliament with ‘official invites’.Who invited them Ms Mottley? huh?

    Finally to tell you how Dale Marshall and that set just playing with voters emotions – he said in parliament that he will be getting help to ‘ferret out the incidence of corruption in Barbados’ – ‘that which we know about BUT FOR WHICH WE HAVE NO PROOF’ Really my man!

    I hope they ferret out how you a poor boy from Salters,St George could by the end of the first term – end up with your own private yacht.And they could also ferret out how much money you and George payne getting from that Al Barack settlement – and why are you sharing in it.

    Find out if there are any business ventures between Dean Straker and Mia motley and how were they arrived at.Don’t stop there- also start asking questions about JOSE Y JOSE and Mia business ventures.I will stop here for now.

    So if the last set tief.Charge them and convict when you find the evidence but don’t let this be a witch hunt – Go after the BIG TIEFS IN THE BLP ALSO.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    I am so loving this, don’t know where to start.

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  • T. Inniss dont be fooled or misled by Piece rabblel rousing with govt
    He would be remembered for his Stoopid cartoons and Logo of Not one seat
    In my mind he is reacting like a woman scorned and hell having no fury
    It might be that the seat he was expecting to sit on as a reward from govt was pulled from right under his backside
    Now he is working feverishly to get revenge
    Recently i described piece as a shark and not wanting to swim in the deep waters which he patrols


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Ah hope the “watch muh nuh” brigade don’t think they will bribe Vivek into shutting up now as am sure is HIS intent…..right Enuff…….they had no right getting into bed with him and the Bayleys and helped them for over 2 decades to destroy the lives and the financial well-being of their own people who were too vulnerable to fight back, had no clue of the extent of the corruption of Vivek and his parliamentary gang and how they engineered and helped each other destroy the Supreme Court…because they are all greedy and corrupt…

    …..the minute they pull anything, I will know and be sure to be my nice self and share with everyone….right Enuff.


  • Living in Blissful Ignorance

    @ T Innis

    You are correct to give Kudos to Pieceundertherock.

    The BLP like the DLP think Bajans are fools and they did fooled them by empty promises and rhetoric.

    Look all they have brought back known crooks including Noel Lynch and George Payne.

    The changing of fines to $10,000 is no accident.

    Bar all the shit talking from Dale Marshall not one DLP will be locked up during this 5 years.

    They may be brought before the Court as a Public Relationship stunt but no one will be locked up it is business as usual tricking the gullible Barbados Public.

    David Commissong has shown his true colours and he is no different a bullshitter and opportunist and I say this as one of his friends and someone who has received legal representation from his Law firm close to Harrison College


  • Where was Piece voice during the election campagain to point out the deception Mia and her goons were participating
    How did Piece never remind all and sundry as to hid concerns regarding Mia indiscretions during her tenure as a blp minister in the 14year reign of goverence as well as the blp ministers past record ofcorrupt partices
    Holy Cow now he has a damascus moment
    Well not buying nothing he writes most of what even if true can be ascribed to self serving motivation towards himself.

    #####:.. Hypocrite


  • Once again T. Inniss is displaying his “jackassery” for all on BU to see, bringing a cahobbalah pot of tired, warmed over accusations the DEMS used during the 2008, 2013 and 2018 election campaigns.

    Sensible Barbadians would ask why did the DEMS did not prosecute former BLP ministers for corruption when they had 10 years to do so, rather than come to the public spewing the same shiite over and over again, although it was REJECTED by the electorate.

    But as I mentioned previously, both BLP and DLP administrations have proven government is a continuum, because the DEMS continued where the BEES left off in 2008.

    We are now hearing people asking how Sinckler, a poor boy from Goodland who did brek is shiite and running from de bailiffs managed to amass suh much money to own a yacht.

    “Wuk fuh wuk” was newly applied to Michael Lashley.

    The importer of those controversial chicken wings, without health requirements was Donville Inniss.

    If it is illegal for politicians to enter business partnerships with other individuals or have individuals “front” for them, then ALL politicians are guilty, because many business arrangements can be identified among thethe ranks of the DLP.

    Mr. Inniss you need to stop this childish yardfowl nonsense and come up with more creative methods of criticizing the present administration. People tired of the warm over soup.

    For your information, the election campaign is over.

    Rather than hypocritically thanking PUDRYR, perhaps you should take a leaf from his book, research facts and present your case, rather than resorting to the same tired campaign rhetoric.

    It seems as though you have not as yet realized the 30-0 was a rejection of that shiite political rhetoric that you so often present to this forum.

    Nuhbody en want to hear dah now.

    Grow up, my friend, you did not take long to prove that you’re a lil boy wearing long pants.


  • You should enlighten David Durant, Guy Hewitt, Donville Inniss who has his lunch time lecture canceled, Leroy McClean et al. Douse the fires from within!


  • Rather than mention, in innuendo or otherwise, about former DLP ministers engaged in corruption, what the BLP and its yardfowl supporters need to do is investigate, compile the evidence necessary to lock up some people….

    …..or shut to hell up.

    On the other hand, the DEMS and their yardfowls need to understand that the election campaign is over.

    They need to reorganize the party and look for new rhetorical political propaganda, because the old shiite just en cutting it anymore.


  • Bernard Codrington

    There are certainly some lessons to be learnt from following the traditional austerity approach to malfunctioning economies. But there is always a tendency to default to official remedies even though they do not address the malady. Is this because there is no other ? Some people like to appear to be doing something even though they know it to be ineffectual. Is this where we are now?
    I sincerely hope not.


  • Any more feedback for Solutions Barbados? Until the DLP gets its act together read rise from the dead it does not deserve comment. This should happen next month? Let us hope we do not see a continuation of the recycling we have seen with the BLP.


  • “Any more feedback for Solutions Barbados?”

    Not if we continue to allow the DLP operatives to “hijack” the articles and control the forum to push their propaganda.


  • They can only hijack if others respond to the nonsense.


  • The DLP should choose 30 new candidates and rebuild the party.

    They should minimize their commentary on the governance of the BLP for the next 6 months to a year.

    Mia said ” watch muh ” so be nice to your Prime Minister and ” watch she “.


  • Not only did the blp recycle them used ole tires but had the gall to include outsiders without a shred of transparency at taxpayers expense
    Wuh muh now !


  • @Hants

    It is amazing how the DLP is allowing an incompetent person to destroy the party. The system needs a strong Opposition, at the moment it will have to be from the people- perhaps as it should be.


  • Solutions Barbados is not an unusal political party. It would make a great conglomerate with its many successful businesses.


  • Waiting to hear dirty Ambassdor Commisiong make a statement on the Haitian crisis and how it relates to our open borders for the Haitain people if they seek asylum in barbados
    Let’s see how all the long talk about Haitian inclusion in Caricom makes sense now that the economic stranglehold by the IMF have them resorting to violence

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  • ” not your usual political party “


  • @ David,

    I don’t want to discourage the DLP supporters from blogging but they would be more effective if they wait and let the BLP make mistakes.


  • @Hants

    Nothing wrong with the DLP people blogging but their comments should be informed by events of the 24 May 2018. With zero political stock the focus has to be on resuscitation, transformation etc of the party.


  • RE Some people like to appear to be doing something even though they know it to be ineffectual. Is this where we are now?



  • Dentistry Whisperer (M. Pharm. D) LinkedIN

    How can you increase your GDP by Bashment, and sweet Soca. Trinidad and Jamaica has products to sell to North America. If Jamaican can sell ready to eat akee and saltfish, why cannot Barbados sell pudding and souse. Jamaica also sell their Julie mangoes in North America. When I listen to sweet soca I do not send you money.


  • The DLP is a tainted blighted Party and should exit the Political scene. Their philosophy is not one that Barbadians should embrace. They have failed consistently and Barbadians have to stop giving them a try and a lot nonsense that Bajans do. They seem only in existence to destroy Barbados . What they were over the last two terms can only be termed as systematic destruction of Barbados. And the electorate although slow to act, acted decisively. The DLP must stop presenting themselves to the Electorate. They were so bad that they won no seats and the people wanted the Opposition Benches to be free of the DLP too .
    What did the DLP do in 1971, 72, 73.74,75-76, 1986; 87;88;89,91,92,93-94; 2008,2009,2010;2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017-18 ?

    Sabotaged Barbados’s Development



  • DLP WOULD YOU JUST LEAVE THE RH PLACE and stop humbugging the people of BARBADOS.
    Stop the foolishness
    Stop confusing the electorate by having them think that Errol Barrow is still alive somewherexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Let’s wait and see? more BS . We wait, We See, We Lived, We all are paying, Time for Rule of law and next election need to be the last also for the Bs….. Much too bad Greenville did not wake up before Elections …,,


  • Grenville is still full of craop…the people want to hear who will be locked up for stealing billions of their tax dollars and pension money and when will real efforts from the AGs office commence to get outside law enforcement help in doing just that and recover their money…that investigation…NOT ANY INQUIRY…SHOULD HAVE ALREADY STARTED..

    .. one of the Asians countries had a criminal investigation going the same week the government was changed, raided the home of the former prime minister and confiscated millions of dollars, within one month he was a arrested.

    Marshall and the talkers are giving the thieves time to cover their tracks, but good investigators will find that money.

    The electorate is not as dumb, gullible, trusting and unaware as their parents and grandparents of the 50’s to early 2000s…they do not want to hear politicians and their lies and empty promises anymore, the politician is a well known breed of liars…who have no class.


  • Lol uou speckled fowl yardfowl David trying to find all kinds of distraction as citizens of this country all are entitled to free speech
    Your daily diatribe of political poop is ridiculous
    Your inferences to discourage dlp supporters not to be engaging because of some fictitous “zero political stock”speaks volumes of your baised opinion on blp matters


  • Why would anyone want that toxic political party to regroup and again fully display their arrogance, disrespect for their own people, corrupt habits, lack of common sense and intelligence is beyond me..

    …. the electorate now understands the power in their hands to choose a government that actually performs for their tax dollars, why would they want to return to a dead political party that is just as dead as its founders, let the dead bury their dead.


  • This is what you call nerve…and blindness…cause the island is too small not to know all the politicians who are corrupt and as long as they continue to be corrupt, everyone will know..

    AG: Not all politicians are corrupt
    KERRI GOODING CREATED : 10 JULY 2018 BARBADOS NEWS Attorney General, Dale Marshall (FILE)
    Attorney General, Dale Marshall (FILE)

    The Barbados Labour Party is not following in the footsteps of the previous Democratic Labour Party-administration as they push to show that integrity is paramount and not a hollow promise to made and overlooked.

    New Attorney General and Member of Parliament for St. Joseph, Dale Marshall pledges that the government is working to make sure that Barbadians can stop wrongfully labelling all politicians as corrupt.

    He said that the previous Democratic Labour Party-administration may not have been committed to integrity but he assured that this BLP-government is serious about rooting out corruption.

    Today in Parliament as he spoke to the Integrity in Public Life Bill, 2018, he asserted, “that doubt must be put to rest.”

    Recognising that the label ‘corrupt’ sticks and taints individuals and entire teams, he said that they have their work cut out for them to step away from this misconception embedded in our society.

    He explained:

    “The tragedy is that when people consider the political class to be corrupt, to be lacking in integrity, that opinion makes no reservation, nor takes no prisoners because the political class is treated as an amorphous group of people including the innocent with the guilty.

    “So on our side, we have spent the last 10 years pointing out to the public of Barbados both inside and outside of parliament the many failings that were immediately obvious to us on the part of the DLP administration and we’d brought in to question whether they were operating to the highest standard but it doesn’t matter that we were the ones pointing it out, because when people say that politicians are crooks, they mean all of us.

    “They don’t mean the Bees and not the Dees, they don’t mean the Dees and not the Bees. It is an eternal tragedy that politicians and I know not just in Barbados perhaps the World over, have so conducted themselves that the public views them as being dishonest, untrustworthy, thieves, and some of them even reach the level of being described as vagabonds.”

    He said that that “old aphorism about one bad apple spoiling the whole barrel, holds truer in the political life than in any other realm. And while a person is likely to forgive most things, a politician who gets deemed to be corrupt will carry that title to his grave and regrettably, he carries all the rest of us with him.”

    Therefore, he stressed that the BLP-government is not embarking on this debate lightly.

    He said that having highlighted how “woefully inadequate” the previous Bill proposed by the DLP-administration was, this team has worked with a series of individuals to fortify this piece of legislation.

    And though the DLP spoke of such anti-corruption legislation in their 2008 Manifesto and failed to deliver it in the first 100 days as promised, and in fact failed to enact it in their 10-year tenure, Marshall assured that this government is going forward with this because, “It is never too late to do the right thing.”


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Mariposa aka AC

    Do you remember when you were called Assinine Cretin?

    I remember that well but thou dost not…

    You interestingly enough acted as a catalyst for what was a campaign of such value that it did not only serve the purpose that it was designed to do BUT THE *** USED IT AS WELL.

    In fact it was such a success that ***

    All credit goes to you on a challenge well made and de ole man remembered well what he was taught.

    You, and others like you, feel thst it was a personal thang but I will assure you that what featured, paramountly, was country.

    Your Democratic Labour Party had to go SIMPLE AND PLAIN

    You ask why I did not campaign contra Mottley as if she were Mugae during the 46 days of the General Election 2018.

    I dun been tell you dat I was told otherwise.

    Looka de ole man has great respect for a few of de DLP fellers. Like Rodney Grant and Dr Leroy McClean.

    Dem s good fellers. Grass roots. Men wid real feelings for Barbados.

    And de ole man at one time was going mix up that 30-0 with my own variation and inspiration.

    But it was not what i was told.

    So here is the thing A.C. Do yo comprehend the risk of a mix and match campaign.

    Who controls which one of you survives?

    Did you comprehend the danger of 16 of you surviving because of a mix and match?

    Now please understand dat I am not presuming that de ole man was responsible for the island wide sentiment dat lik wunna up.

    Be it the truth dat de grandson produced a prolific amount of Stoopid Cartoons that highlighted wunna ineptitude regularly

    As did my dear SSS and Colonel who were among those fighting in the trenches and Whaplax.

    How come you Doan mention dere names too?

    You simply don’t understand what our individual purpose as a Barbadian, or resident, is do you?

    The DLP and the BLP are servants of the people yet, the thing is, neither the BLP nor the DLP understand what thst entails.

    So de ole man figures I gine help wunna along the path of self awareness and purpose.

    One thing I know well is ICT – how it works, who uses it and how to use it so thst those who use it, SEE IT!

    Whether you want to see it or Not!

    I’ll give you an example of how this works.

    Take a look at the graphics in the top of the article at

    In the bottom left of the imgur graphic it says 1K

    click through to the site by clicking the imgur link and you will see that it is 1,270

    No I won’t tell you why the Honourable Blogmaster has freezes the count at 1K I leave that to you and T Inniss but those are direct hits.

    People who clicked through the long but that STOOPID CARTOON has been viewed 17,223 times

    And if you want location data I can give you like Mr Me Love You Long Time does do for the BGIS

    You and Fumbles and all uh wunna fail to comprehend the power of the pen or in this case the power of the digital imprint

    But thank you for your flowery compliments again


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Bernard Codrington

    Dear Mr Codrington you have a penchant for inserting these little gems into the melee and it takes a feller a while to see what you are aiming at

    You said and I quote “…But there is always a tendency to default to official remedies even though they do not address the malady. Is this because there is no other ?

    You continue ” … Some people like to appear to be doing something even though they know it to be ineffectual. Is this where we are now? …”

    I like how you pose these damming observations as questions that are partially rhetorical but use such lovely language that even those ineffectual actors remain unsure as you call them “waste foops”

    The answer to your question is that Qc Simmons nor Abrahams nor Thorne nor Hinkson nor Marshall nor none of dem ent got a clue bout what to do but Teets Marshall going try to bluff he way through dis as per usual

    Sometimes I would love to reach out to de shores but den I say wid the data restriction laws dem drafting it ent in my interest to ever offer dem nuffin again.

    But dem done tell me “Mia Got It” so we going watch as she and her second eleven ef it up


    After which time de badword going hit de fan.

    There is still time for *** but failing such ammmmm

    Liked by 1 person

  • Piece

    How I get into you and Mariposa do soul?


  • The same pen you used to brush aside the dlp is the same pen that is making you look like a hypocrite and them stoopid cartoons would stand as proof
    For in them lies a warrior fight for the defeat of the dlp and a win for the blp
    Now one bright and early morning after the sun had risen you composed a new you one that would look a person in the eye and says i didn’t know that
    Now it is brass knuckles time to open a new page to tell the people that barbados has a new leader in the form of mugabbee
    Now in as much as i will agree i have to question your motive on this overnight damascus moment after all wasnt you who help to put mugabee on the political landscape of barbados with an injection of sweetness and goodwill by way of your political arsenal the stoopid cartoon with nay word of negativity


  • TheOGazerts #2 - The Heir

    good afternoon…
    Let me begin with a little mirth 🙂

    “The importer of those controversial chicken wings, without health requirements was Donville Inniss”

    I find it amazing that Barbados is importing chicken wings.. With the number of yardfowls we have running around, on BU Barbados should be an exporter of chicken wings

    A business opportunity begging to be plucked.


  • TheOGazerts #2 - The Heir

    I am surprised at how T.Inniss is embracine you. They say politics breeds strange bedfellows.
    I must warn piece that if you lay down with T.inniss you will be sure to catch fleas.
    Ever worse, if you lay down with Mariposa (our resident roads scholar) you must do the honorable thing….. Hari-Kari”


  • prosperity without austerity ??? typical bajan political thinking. we will bring in haitians so even if things havent got any better the people will feel it could be worse.


  • Thoe Gizzards #2. Right off the press The union head of NUPW begs the IMF not to cut govt workers
    Wuh he is a real road scholar fuh trute
    Btw rumor has it bush tea went upstairs to have a talk with BBE
    I also heard the whacker up for sale cause the gas price too high


  • TheOGazerts #2 - The Heir

    Having learned to drive on an automatic, one still has to learn how to manage a car with a manual shift.

    Our current leaders mastered the techniques of politically campaigning using the ‘new media’, but it appears that they expected to govern in the same vein as was done by all previous administrations (and ignore ‘new media’); saying one thing before the elections and doing differently after.

    They are learning the old script no longer works. They seem quite surprise when the glare of ‘new media’ exposes their bag of old nasty tricks. Too late , they realize that we were a voiceless electorate and not an ignorant one. The new media gave us our voices, and we must continue to let them hear our screams and shouts when they attempt to resort to their old nasty behavior.

    In the same vein, when a Michael Carrington exited stage his doppelganger would make an entrance and the same nasty behavior would have continued unabated. The ‘new media’ has made Groundhog Day a thing of the past. Formerly shielded by every layer of law in Barbados, we see that the ‘new media’ is able to penetrate and even fumigate even the hidden corridors of power. George Payne has a ‘Facebook warrior’ turning the spotlight on him.

    Some here like to talk about recalling Bishop Atherley. Let us begin with the recall of the nastiest of the known “nasties”.


  • TheOGazerts #2 - The Heir

    Shoo Mariposa…. No spinning allowed.


  • We warn SB , but SB want to make friends with snakes, SB not want to go after the DBLP crooks or speak ill of them in case his Party not get in,That he can still find work with either side, tiptoe in Massive Land Fraud & Ponzi with CLICO cannot be done, Nice guy making money by building the High Court of Fraud and the Oval just to name two.SB not ready for Prime Time, Apply the laws and lock them up no matter the rank of fraud they hold, Sir Richard, COW, David, Hillary. Henry, Owen, Mia, All AGs from 1986-2018 All crooks. The Land Records will show them all up that is why most are missing, We have ours, So We know,And does all reading this Blog,


  • Lawson……what you got against Haitian people…did Canada not open their doors to Chinese and others, mind ya business.



    The corruption in Barbados is so horrendous that it is a stench in the Almighty’s nose. People think that because everything seems to be going on business as usual that nothing will change. Well the Word of God tells me that just as it was in the days of Noah — people marrying, going about their business etc. So shall it be in the Day of the Son of Man. My soul is vexed like “Righteous Lot’s” in Sodom and Gomorrah. I wonder if the Lord can find ten righteous people? Don’t any of you realize what is going to happen to this rock out in the middle of the Atlantic???? BLP, DLP, same horse different colour. They ALL hold together. That is the “Horse and Pony Show” that is known as politics or politricks. You all had better look to the Almighty and repent before it is too late. AND WHEN YOU MEET HIM, DON’T SAY YOU WEREN’T WARNED.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Grenville Philips II

    You said and I quote “…I am scheduled to be deployed to Haiti shortly to assist them in their recovery efforts…”

    I GOING give you a likkle hint about operating in Haiti

    If you go down there, as an outsider, and roll out that “greater than thou attitude” that people seem to associate with your people to people interaction, with dem haitians, I GOING TELL you that you ent going last might long, in the physical sense.

    Maybe you would be better advised NOT TO go to Haiti ….just saying…


  • @T.Inniss July 11, 2018 9:46 AM “Bounty ‘the big drug lord”

    Ad here I was all along I was thinking that Bounty was wunna wun.


  • I’ve never received an official invite to the opening of Parliament.

    What is it that I am doing wrong?

    Simple Simon
    Neither “B” nor “D”


  • As some of us can see and have been saying it seems forever, Barbados is one of the worse cases of a slave society still in existence to be found anywhere…as recently confirmed by the exposure of the british drafted and ratified constitution…now this professor confirms for us about the slave clause that was not removed from most of the islands post the charade that was independent…by the islands useless leaders

    Two useless ass governments in place for 52 years and none removed that clause, my instincts were right about these negros…most of them lawyers, sat their lazy asses down in parliament for 10 election cycles, collecting the people’s money in salaries, enjoying all the perks, practicing corruption, robbing the people, selling out the people and not one of these vicious negros thought it necessary to remove those clauses that kept the people legally enslaved.

    I am now absolved of my distinct dislike for politicians and all things political..they are some savage and useless animals. and criminals. who do not recognize and refuse to observe their own people’s rights to be free of enslaver countries..

    “Fifty years after Barbados and fellow Commonwealth Caribbean countries first boldly proclaimed their independence from Britain, a University of the West Indies professor is warning the region that legally, it is still not free.

    Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Professor David Berry issued the warning this morning as he addressed the opening of a three-day conference at the university’s Law Faculty entitled, Legal History and Empire: Perspectives from the Colonized.

    He explained that “in some of the Commonwealth Caribbean countries, we have something called a savings law clause or existing law clause, and this means that any law in force before independence, that was not changed at independence, is saved and cannot be challenged by our local judges”.

    Berry further pointed out that those laws had been allowed to remain in place even though “the Inter-American Court Of Human Rights has asked Barbados and some of the other countries to change these clauses in their constitutions”.


  • Bajan leaders need to stop their “greater than thou attitudes” anyway…they are full of shit, I am more than happy to see them being exposed for the asses that they are…could you believe it..all these lawyers and they could not see the island and people are still not free…wuh I could see it right in the constitution…but it suits them.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Theophilus Gazerts #2 The Heir

    What you said is quite momentous really.

    Here is the thing Theophilus

    Very few people really comprehend the power of this tool and its ability to influence for the better or for the worse.

    One image and one word and you have mayhem like the lynchings in India based on the fallout of the Facebook campaign to stop child kidnappings gone wrong.

    So Fumble and all the rest of the have gone home and whereas previously BACK IN OWEN’S DAY he was free to do what de hell he wanted, Fumbles was less so capable.

    And Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley less so but …

    And that “but” is a big thing … one does not seek sedition or rioting but it has to be that this cadre of politicians are responsible to “We the People”

    The fact is that they are lost.

    And Mia, tasked as she is with the responsibility of making this work, is fighting really hard with these “bembers”

    Dem ent easy…it is not easy for one body to manage every ministry of government SURROUNDED BY NITWITS.

    …in His Image and likeness created He Them…is the primordial law that those of us who comprehend the promulgation of The Word glimpse dimly why there are great leaders and despots…it is the deity within each of us…put there by the Father either working positively AS THE FATHER WANTS IT or out of sync AS OUR SIN NATURE DIRECTS.

    And that sin nature is in us all Theophilus raring to go at a moments notice.

    So Mottley is at the helm managing a traditional governance structure, besieged by paltry colleagues, in a time and world which demands the non traditional.

    Imagine the pressure she endures to have to (1) find the finances to run the country, then in addition to that Herculean task, (2) manage how her teif inclined ministers spend that money while (3) THINKING OF WAYS TO GENERATE REVENUES PARTICULARLY FX – for all 26 of them!

    That is the summary job description of our PRIME MINISTER

    You will note that I could not add the fact that we are experiencing 23 downgrades are on the brink of devaluation and her deputy prime minister is in the middle of a land theft scandal.

    I could easily do 20 Stoopid Cartoons on that deputy prime minister scenario alone and publish them for *** to get copies of and see how that feeds into their *** or *** but my purpose, at today, is not to undermine her efforts.

    I am only seeking to “keep them honest”, give a few ideas and try to keep them focused on facilitating the people who they swore to govern NOT TEIF FROM.

    And i will play my part to make sre they DONT TAKE AWAY OUR RIGHTS as guaranteed under our constitution.

    The pending battle is going to be the beefing up of Computer Misuse Laws and their power of seizure etc.

    That IS COMING but I leave that for wunna to fight wunna selves cause “WATCH MUH NUH…”


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