Prime Minister Mottley Issues Reminder to Public Servants – Do Government Business Using Official Email!


A statement issued Prime Minister Mia Mottley yesterday piqued

the interest of the blogmaster. During a session labelled, a dialogue between Ministers of Government and a Committee representing Permanent Secretaries and others of a similar grade, Mottley  instructed the senior public officers present, ‘… that no business of the Government of Barbados should be conducted on anything other than an official email’.

One immediately wondered why in an enlightened time a Prime Minister from her elevated position, would have seen the need to issue the caution to Permanent Secretaries charged with the responsibility to administration of the Public Service. Clearly the Prime Minister issued the reminder to the senior public servants  in difference to the need to be confidential managing the people’s business, she is aware there was a breech or all of the foregoing.

Yesterday’s episode pe the blogmaster’s interest why?

Not too long ago among the voluminous Cahill documents leaked there was an email sent to several prominent individuals in Barbados by Clare Cowan, CEO of Cahill Energy. On the distribution list were the personal email addresses of Ministers Darcy Boyce, Chris Sinckler and David Estwick.

Connect the dots!

16 thoughts on “Prime Minister Mottley Issues Reminder to Public Servants – Do Government Business Using Official Email!

  1. @ David BU

    May be Madam Mottley recognized that there was a change in culture since she vacated office in 2008. It was an occasion to remind them of their responsibilities.

  2. The current PM also chaired hearings last year, and may now have access to documents related to Hilton, Four Seasons et al. She has likely noted ‘too many’ personal email addresses, a good way to circumvent official channels.

  3. What happens to letters written to government that are sent by traditional “snail mail “.

    Will they be scanned and put in a file on a secure server ?

    Lots of work for I T specialists.

  4. In this the PM is quite right. But…

    There is always a but…

    Does every civil servant have an official government email address?

    And do all civil servants have access to an official secure computer?

    If not, we spinning top in mud.

    As always the devil is in the details.

  5. @Hants June 27, 2018 3:11 PM “What happens to letters written to government that are sent by traditional “snail mail “. Will they be scanned and put in a file on a secure server? Lots of work for I T specialists.”

    That is not a problem and it is not a lot of work. It is basic clerical work. The civil service employs armies of clerks.Yes. All snail mails should be scanned and stored on official government equipment.

    However I expect that government sends and receives different classes of mail. Mail with different levels of importance.

    If for example I sent a letter to the Minister of Education asking her to say a few words at a speech day, where after the event we will offer her a tuna sandwich and a glass of juice, and if she is lucky perhaps a slice of cake, whether she says yes or no that might be considered a minor matter and the correspondence perhaps need not be kept after X days/months/years.

    However if I wrote to the same Minister because I wanted to build a few schools which would cost the TAXPAYERS tens of millions of dollars, that would be an entirely different matter.

    That said Bajans need to get with the program, everybody from 11 years old and up has a cell phone with email. I beg ya please DO NOT snail mail the Members of Parliament.

    Their email addresses are all here:

    Click on your favourite MP’s name, and her/his email address is right there. Use it.

    Why go to the trouble of stamps, envelopes, paper, and trips to the post office?

    We must not seek to corrupt our duly elected Members of Parliament.

  6. @ Simple Simon at 4:52 PM

    So you are one of those attempting to put Postal Workers out of work ? There is a thing nuh! You are carrying this IT thing a bit too far. Soon there will be no paper trail for malfeasance ,if I may borrow some legalese from Prof. Jeff.

  7. Who knows whether the new government cannot find certain paper trails on many of the contracts that are suspicious?

    We do know that the DLP yardfowls on BU are confident that not one of them will be locked up.

    Well if the suspects want to do business with the new government, they will have to give up any documents PM MAM wants………..whoo hoo!

  8. George Walton Payne should not be allowed to use govt stationery as a representative voice of the people fraudulent charges are flying left and right against him on facebook
    The old lady and her daughter has made damming and compelling statements alleging he defrauded them of property
    George Payne you swore on the bible to tell the truth

  9. The Nation reports the Culture Ministry of Johnnie Ma boy sent cultural practitioners official invitations to a meeting via what’s app. The new rule being ignored.

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