David Comissiong Has No Olive Branch to Offer on the Hyatt Case!

Submitted by David Comissiong, Citizen of Barbados
SO  FAR as the Hyatt Hotel is concerned, I — David Andre Comissiong – – have no “olive branch” to offer to anyone!
I wish to state for the record that I have never said anything about offering the new Barbados Labour Party (BLP) government any so-called “olive branch” in relation to my case challenging the permission granted by former Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to Mr Mark Maloney’s company to construct a 15 story Hyatt Hotel on beachfront land at Bay Street.
The term “olive branch” — used in relation to the so-called Hyatt Hotel case — is entirely the concoction of the Barbados Today online newspaper: and I would appreciate it if that newspaper would adhere to basic journalistic ethics and refrain from putting words in my mouth.
Let me make my position very clear in relation to the so-called Hyatt Hotel case:-
In March 2017 I filed a Judicial Review application against the then Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Government, in which I requested a Judge of the Supreme Court to review the manner in which Mr Freundel Stuart, the Minister responsible for Town and Country Planning, had processed Mr Mark Maloney’s application for permission to construct a 15 story Hyatt Hotel on the Bay Street beachfront.
I maintained in my Judicial Review application that Mr Stuart had committed a breach of the Law of Barbados by failing to require Maloney’s company to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and that , as a result, the grant of permission to build the hotel should be squashed.
Mr Stuart responded by questioning my right — as a Citizen of Barbados — to bring such a Judicial Review application against  the Government of Barbados.
And when the presiding Judge — Madam Justice Dr. Sonia Richards — ruled in my favour, Mr Stuart appealed to the Court of Appeal against the Judge’s ruling.
This is where the matter stood at the time of the change of government on the 24th of May 2018.
Now that we have a new Government, I have been questioned by the news media as to the fate of the Court case, and I have made my position absolutely clear :-
If the new BLP Government wishes to see the back of this Court Case that they have inherited from the previous DLP administration, they would have to do the following things:-
(1) Firstly, they would have to DISCONTINUE the Appeal that was lodged against Dr Richards’ ruling! (This is important because the Judge’s ruling confirmed that we, the Citizens of Barbados, DO have the right to challenge in a Court of Law nationally important decisions and actions of our Government that affect us — not in our personal capacities– but that affect us in our capacities as Citizens of the country.)
(2) Secondly, they would have to CONCEDE that former Prime Minister Freundel Stuart was WRONG in Law when he granted permission to construct a 15 story beachfront hotel without having carried out an EIA ( inclusive of the holding of Town Hall meetings) in respect of the proposed construction project..
(3) Thirdly — and most importantly — they would have to CANCEL the permission that was wrongly granted to Maloney’s company, and would also have to give an undertaking to require the staging of an EIA in the event that Maloney’s company makes a new application to construct the said Hyatt Hotel.
If the new BLP Government is prepared to carry out these actions, then I would have no need to continue the litigation against the Government, and the way would be clear for both sides to negotiate a discontinuance of the litigation.
How any of this can be construed as “offering an olive branch” is really beyond me!
Permit me to also state for the record that I am convinced that once Maloney’s application is subjected to an objective EIA that the findings of the EIA  WILL confirm that the construction of any such 15 story hotel is NOT permissible because:-
(1) It will do tremendous damage to the physical and architectural landscape of Bridgetown;
(2) It will cause Barbados to be stripped of its UNESCO World Heritage Site designation;
(3) It will create massive problems for the Bridgetown and South Coast sewage systems; and
(4) It will impinge severely on the Barbadian people’s access to and enjoyment of one of their most prized and favoured beaches.
In other words, the staging of an objective EIA will disqualify the proposed 15 story Hyatt Hotel.

220 thoughts on “David Comissiong Has No Olive Branch to Offer on the Hyatt Case!

  1. @ Prodigal Son

    And you see those words by that man who is a virtual unknown

    “…one man told me that not one of this pack should come to the electorate again…”

    You can rest assured that for as long as de ole man and me grandson have life and health NOT ONE OF THEM SHALL


  2. Hal all thise mouthing area continuation of the scorch earth tactics
    Cant wait to see the disappointment onthe blp yardfowls faces when Mia tries to retract the lie of corruption by the dlp government
    They cant prove nothing because their is nothing to find
    Only today the media stated that George Payne ( an alleged fraudster and allergic to truth) dismiss a dlp worker without just cause
    However the dlp employees should not expect anything different as all now should be aware the blp operational skills are laid out on PR optics told only by themselves and delivered to the massesv and would not want anyone in clear sight who is not singing from their hymn book

  3. @ Mr Hal Austin

    Hal take your time.

    This is $1 billion – one billion dollars in Theft

    That is NOT FIVE CENTS

    EVEN IF THE BROGHERHOOD OF THE ROSE EUPHEMISM for politicians wanted to give them a little easement THEY CANNOT!

    IF MIA DOES THAT she could as well say that she only plans to serve five years.

    She has no choice in this matter anything else and she and her administration would be complicit in this crime

    They have to get locked up


  4. Prodigal
    Lol Dont worry Hal it is being worked on

    Yeah right just like the job Mia did on putting money back in the peoples pocket

    #:::::####::liar liar panties on fire

  5. All this long talk about dlp corruption coming from the blp govt and yard birds is like the devil trying to clean house
    Really the blp govt has a figmented imagination that has gone wild and beginning to torment their soul. Or it might be that their 14 year of govt which was marred by corruption to the point where members had sued each other and had said Mottley was not fit to lead
    Maybe all said allegations having haunted them now finds it easier to reflect all there misdeeds on past govt in order to make themselves look perfect

  6. Watch the moves……….there is a leader of the Opposition and therefore a Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee who will now lay the report that the dems refused Mia from laying it in Parliament in March.

    The composition of the PAC will have more government members.

    There is a new NHC board and the Chairman has already laid down the law.

    The AG has a committee looking at the contracts entered into after Parliament was dissolved.

    The PM has a committee looking at the long list of debt owed to people and companies that the man called Chris Sinckler allowed to accumulate and left for our PM to clean up. It is a royal mess………..the country needs money and owes everybody and some yet Stinkliar had the gall to give his rich friends concession after concession and waived tax after tax.

    And people still think that these morons should not be held accountable?

  7. All that money the blp used chasing widmills all figments of their imaginations could be well spent paying for the elderly bus fares
    The blp have no evidence of wrong doing this all adds up to nothing like the nothingness Mottley handed to the populace three weeks ago after promising all and sundry better but instead gave them bitter

  8. This is a trend well worth adopting.

    “Former vice mayor of China’s Lyuliang City sentenced to death for corruption
    Updated 2018-03-28 22:46 GMT+8

    Zhang Zhongsheng, former vice mayor of Lyuliang City in north China’s Shanxi Province, was sentenced to death on Wednesday for taking bribes, the Intermediate People’s Court of Linfen in Shanxi Province said.

    According to the court, Zhang received bribes in cash and property worth a total of 1.04 billion yuan (165 million US dollars) from 1997 to 2013. Apart from being sentenced to death, Zhang has also been deprived of all his political rights for life and all of his properties are forfeited.”

  9. Mariposa’s

    Where you not aboard that bus we “pushed” off the cliff into the scary dangerous sea at the Animal Flower Cave during the early hours of May 25th?

    My goodness, I thought that there would be peace and quiet on BU because all of you losers would have been “drowned” in your shame having run the worst campaign in living memory. I thought that I could read BU daily in peace.

    Alas, now that you managed to miraculously escape the raging waters……..keep quiet and give praise to God that you have life and ask God to give you the strength to endure the reality each day that Mia Amor Mottley is your Prime Minister after the rest of the morons maligned her for three weeks non stop.

    You talk about a bitter pill to swallow……….let me tell you what is the bitter pill……..the one you dems have to swallow daily……….”the Mia is the PM pill”………. Freundel wanted to make history?

    Well there is history created…….wunnuh lose all 30 seats………..won two boxes in the whole country.

    Whoo Hooo!!!!

  10. Barbados voted with a vengeance against the DLP.They are likened unto lepers.So be it
    In Guyana,the CCJ has driven a nail in the coffin of the devious racist former President Bharatt Jagdeo,Two lower courts in Guyana found for the complainant.The CCJ found for the defendant.Jagdeo cannot be President of Guyana again.Guyana is too racist a country.Jagdeo smell oil money.Cant touch it.

  11. That black racist Jagdeo really got some nerve though, after all the years of damage he wrought on Guyuana with his evil self, he still thinks he should be president….is it not time Caribbean Community leaders start being futuristic and put systems in place that can punish lowlifes like Jagdeo when they destroy the lives of the population who pay their salaries….no matter who they are or think they are, that is what a real Community does, protect the people in it.

    It is time the Caribbean steps out of the dark get and stop glamorizing their wicked leaders….and start giving them a taste of their own bitter medicine.

    ..Kudos to CCJ for keeping a tyrant and a racist out of the lives of the black Guyanese population.

  12. It is time the Caribbean steps out of the dark AGES and stop glamorizing their wicked leaders….and start giving them a taste of their own bitter medicine.

  13. As I opined above, the islands people have to put systems in place to monitor and ultimately punish politicians turned taxpayer paid ministers when they display their true natures that are destructive to the population, don’t wait until they turn into the beasts that they always planned to be…stop them.

    It’s looking more and more like bajans spared themselves the Grenville experience when they exercised good judgement for election, the electorate now learned that using their instincts when voting will protect them, stop voting political parties…vote well rounded proactive, results generating candidates with track records of producing positive results for the people’s money.

    I know Grenville had serious issues, was still willing to give him one seat so he would get at least the experience of reality and share his skills for the good of the island .

    it is clear he has a lot of work to do on himself….as many who know him impersonally said prior to the election.


    “Solutions Barbados leader Grenville Phillips II has dismissed as “nothing but fake news”, charges by former members that he was an autocrat, whose say in the party was the only one that mattered.

    Three former candidates of the fractured party came out publicly today and issued a statement confirming a front-page story published by Barbados TODAY on Thursday, June 14 that more than a dozen candidates had resigned and were in the process of forming their own political grouping.

    Alan Springer, who contested the St Michael South Central seat, Paul Gibson, who ran in St Michael South, and Irvin Belgrave, who carried the party’s banner in Christ Church West, claimed in the statement that the party’s affairs were conducted on Phillips’ whims.

    “For example, it was his decision solely who was or who was not a candidate and this fluctuated according to his mood at any given time. There was a reluctance as well as the inability to move the party forward by establishing the right facilitating structures and processes,” the former members said in the two-page document, a copy of which was obtained by Barbados TODAY.

    The three accused Phillips of being manipulative, deceptive, inconsistent, and engaging in coercion and single-handed religiosity.

    “For example, for a time Grenville maintained a public face of 28 candidates knowing he had demoted a number of candidates to the status of associate members over an internal dispute. So in fact, there were only 22 candidates at that time. This lying to the public was capped by the recent press statement where Grenville stated that no one had left Solutions Barbados, but were
    simply ‘taking a break to take care of business’, and that everyone intended signing the contract. This is patently not true,” they stressed.”

  14. Bushman…ah told yall change the blighted name of that school, it is cursed, if this is what the legacy of that demon and criminal combermere keeps producing, a bunch of mental cases, obsessed with the scam of religion and being dictators in the lives of bajans with their secret societies, dishonesty and degrees of separation from reality …all in the last 60 years …it is time to change the school’s name..

    ..something sinister is possessing the minds of young 11 plus students once they enter those gates, and that is outside of the known brainwash, miseducation, programming and more recently exposed centuries old social engineering of black people. ..Grenville is a direct manifestation of everything that is wrong.

    The older schools need to be cleansed, start by changing their blighted names.

  15. it is clear he has a lot of work to do on himself….as many who know him PERSONALLY said prior to the election.

  16. As an occasional visitor BU. I just happened to pass by here today, saw this thread and it raised many questions for me.

    The previous prime minister approved a plan for a 15 storey hotel by Hyatt to be built on beach-front land in Bridgetown. Mr. Comissiong challenged the proposed project in the courts. His statement at the start of this thread lists his reasons, all of which seem valid and make perfect sense to me.

    I thought every citizen of Barbados would support Mr. Comissiong in his efforts, but reading the criticism on this thread raises other questions.. What’s wrong with Barbados? Everything is viewed through the prism of partisan politics!! It is not about what is good for the country. Try to understand what’s “really” going on with the Hyatt case, because it is just one of many aberrations that blight the progress of the country. Can the BU community can help me with some answers to the following..

    1) Why would ANYONE who loves Barbados, allow a developer to build a 15 storey hotel on Brownes beach? It is a crazy proposal.

    2) What benefits would a hotel in that location bring the local community? NO benefits whatsoever..

    3) Is there National Planning Policy or Framework for building in Barbados? Seems to me that planning approval is some arbitrary, ad-hoc procedure implemented at the discretion of who you know and who brings the money and influence with their building application.

  17. I agree with WW …how about trump university…Whats with Abrahams at the BWA saying were not going to have to look at the repaired plant for the next 15 years….isnt that the thinking that got barbados in the sewage mess in the first place??? When canada ,us, great Britain etal lift their advisory’s then you know things are on the right track.

  18. I agree in some ways with dexter, if a new hotel is to be built an old one must be torn down not on the new site so that views to the sea are never totally blocked. So If you build the hyatt drop the carribee , if you build a ritz carleton you take down silver sands or buccaneer bay site and if you have to remove harrys bar to build a new hilton someone has to find Well Well another job.

  19. @ Dexter G on BU
    You are asking for Opinion on BU Like you are Inquiring for Knowledge and then Proceed to give your Pronouncement of how bad it is. What would be good for you, No Development, A 7 Story Building? We know you do not want a 15 Story?

    Two things we have to realize, Plots of Beach Front Land in Barbados that are acquired are usually on the Small Side. In order to make it Economically Profitable, you have to go up. Browns Beach is Right for Development. If not Brown’s Beach where do you suggest? And as for your Pronouncements of “NO Benefits Whatsoever” for a Project such as this, you sound like Commie Sing Song.

    What about the Receptionist, the Bartenders, the Servers, the Porters, the Maintenance Staff, the Gardiner, the Maids, the Cooks, the Office Staff, the Accountants, the Marketing people, the IT people, the Assistant Managers, the Manager, the Tour Operators, the Water Sports Operators, the Taxi Operators, the Designers and The Architects. What about The Government of Barbados when they get the Foreign Currency and Taxes?

    …Won’t All of these people benefit? Wouldn’t the Environment Benefit with the Removal of these Derelict Buildings? True to Form as with Socialist Views …”Where there is No Vision the People Perish”!!

    How I perceive this situation is that you and ‘Commie Sing Song’ prefer the people to NOT to be Independent and Self-sufficient but dependent on the Government to take care of their needs. You rather them have their hand out rather than have a Job and rather than see Barbados Prosper to see its Demise. And you Prefer to Hide Behind made up Procedures and Policies rather than Acknowledge the Fact that under the Laws of Barbados the Prime Ministers Approval Trumps All other Regulations. It does not matter what Court Case Comes the Prime Ministers Approval is Supreme. That Power is Granted in Under the Same Regulations that Commie Sing Song Talked about.

    The Financier is taking his own risk…It is his money, if it Fails it does not cost you a Cent and if he Prospers Everyone Wins and those Eye Sores on Bay Street will Disappear as Bay Street is Developed and Uplifted..

    It was never about the Concern of the Development of Brown’s Beach… it is All About Commie Sing Song’s Political Climb and his Inculcation of Socialist Tendencies on the Backs of Unassuming Bajan’s while Playing Every Card In The Book.

    Commie Sing Song’s, Motives Stand Revealed. How well did that work out for the people of Cuba under Castro and Venezuela under Chavez and Maduro. This Commie doesn’t want to see Anybody get something in his or her pockets and the Hyatt Project under the Entrepreneur is his Scapegoat.

    Does a Dime of this effort belong to you or any that sit on the side-line’s wishing the project fails and lending your voices in this Unnecessary Upheaval to Block Progress?

    If this Hyatt Project is the Catalyst to get Bridgetown moving again that would be great and needed. How come there is no objection to the Big Development proposed by BS&T along the same stretch of beach including Hyatt. It was stretching from the Old Eye Hospital right down to where the Old Coast Guard Was. And Nobody Quarreled about that and people are now objecting because an Individual Entrepreneur with Vision got the Green Light?

    Remember … Someone may repeat 9 three times and get 27 while others see Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine the Same Way those like Commie Sing Song Twist things to Suit their Narrative.


    • Does Comissiong disrespect you on the blog? Why the hell you are not able to challenge his position without being disrespectful?

  20. Lawson…not the same university you attended, there is no real difference.

    Besides….Grenville’s accusers, whom I believe by the way, in the best interest of the population’s right to make informed decisions about which candidates they want leading them in 5 years, next election…and in the interest of the island…..should release a copy of those Grenville experience contracts to the blogs so the the people can also get a better idea of what they were subjected to …….

    Right now all we got to go on is he said, he said.

  21. Ya really spent too much time in Harry’s bar though…ya still can’t get it outta ya mind, is it still open these days….. and is that why ya walked through raw poop to get there and brought a whole plane load of Canadians with ya..and cant keep outta Barbados,

    Lawson…am sure by now ya wife left ya whoremongering tail.

  22. @Lawson

    I’m definitely NOT suggesting that we justify building the Hyatt or any other beachfront development by tearing down another one..

    Why would a planning authority in Barbados approve commercial or residential development on prime beachfront land..? Why isn’t the land preserved and protected..?

    Still searching for answers.. the are not rhetorical questions

  23. Dexter you should be asking why not build it on paradise site or others that have been sitting there for years with no action. Why disrupt another area while these eye sores just sit

  24. @ David & The BU House Hold

    A Little Insight in the Socialist Process of Gradualism…

    The Socialists know they cannot Seize Property and Power by ‘Due Process of Law’ Unless they are Politically Popular.

    Therefore, they try desperately to avoid the taint of the Communists and present their program so that it appears ‘Moral,’ ‘Democratic,’ ‘Peaceful,’ and so ‘Gradual’ that the people will Not Resist it.

    This is what the Socialist call ‘Gradualism.’ It is their Intention to use this method in Conquering their Enemies, which in this case happens to be Free men.

    Communism and Socialism… I have mentioned these things so that you can see that in their final form the two are identical. One other observation concerning the Socialist plan to Seize Power by, ‘Due Process of Law.’

    During the Gradual Seizure of Land and Property there will still be some Private Industry operating. They describe how they will Gradually Smother and Destroy it. They then describe how the Government-owned industries, operating with government credit behind them, will be to choke off Private Enterprise.

    All of this may begin to sound familiar to many businessmen who have been watching similar influences of Creeping Socialism gradually using Government Regulations or Government Ownership to Destroy the Basic Framework of Economic Freedom and Private Production in their own country.

    We must ever keep in mind that Collectivized Socialism is a part of the Communist Strategy. Communism is Fundamentally Socialism.

    We will never win our fight against Communism by making Concession to Socialism. Communism and Socialism, Closely related, must be Defeated on Principle.

    Connecting any DOTS here… Socialism is Communism with Patience…Commies Position is Slow but his Intentions are Deliberate. He wants to turn Barbados into his Facade of Venezuela.

    BU would Prosper Much Better if it Did Not Bombard its Readers with a Communist Wannabe Dictator…

    Barbadians do Not Want to Follow Communism Stop Pushing the Commie Sing Song Narrative.

    Remember, like Commie Whose Goal is to present their Program so that it Appears ‘Moral,’ ‘Democratic,’ ‘Peaceful,’ and so ‘Gradual’ that the people will Not Resist it.

    David… Have you Noticed the Level of Disrespect Leveled and Encouraged at the Income Providers in Barbados by those on BU? However it Seems that Commune is Immune to any form of Opposition to his Irritant Practices and Beliefs in Stirring the Populace…

    Surely “Truth Has Become the New Hate Speech”!!

    Mine is only a Voice of Warning…


  25. There should be no 7 storey or 15 storey hotel built on that Browne’s beach site period .

    To answer Dexter…the Hyatt scam was conceptualized when the likes of Maloney had all their hands in the taxpayer’s and pensioners money through the corruption that was so endemic with the ministers of the last government that had to be bodily thrown out of parliament by the people on May 24th…

    They had their targets on NIS pension funds dead to rights….just like they did with:

    the 4 Seasons scam..

    the Cahill scam..

    the Redject scam to get their hands on pensioner’s money to keep an airline in the air…

    all of the known thieves Cow, Bizzy, bjerkham, Maloney, Tempro and that gang who believe they are the real government in Barbados controlling black government ministers who have no brain power or common sense….it was a great opportunity to continue robbing the population of their money and pensions but the government ran out of time, Commission intervened and it backfired..

  26. Planning permission is always conditional. The prime minister is minister for town planning. All she has to do is withdraw the planning permission given to the Hyatt people without any further discussion, in the national interest. There is no need for consultation – ie a compromise.
    What I find intriguing is tat some people, with a reputation for radicalism, can give unqualified support to the BLP government when the government has not moved an inch away from the DLP government on key issues, such as protecting the environment. Is this support justified?

  27. They had their targets on NIS pension funds dead to rights….just like they did with:

    the 4 Seasons scam..where they actually got 60 million US of pensioner’s money, owe at least double that and then turned around and got the property from the same dumb government in secret at least 3 yers ago, taxpayers never knew, no one thought they should, the same criminals owing the pension fund claimed they paid 60 million for the 4 Seasons site when everyone found out, but no one , including the auditor general can find the money.

    the Cahill scam…..contracts signed by the idiot Fruendel who lied and said he did not sign them..until Clare Cowan the scam artist exposed all the ministers as corrupt..

    the Redjet scam …….to get their hands on pensioner’s money to keep an airline in the air…..the dude Bryne cocked up and died or there is no telling how much his partner Bizzy would have licked up the pension fund after the 2013 election, through the idiot government..

    the Apes Hill scam…where the idiot government gave up hundreds of millions of pensioners money to Cow who promptly took it and did something completely different, ah bet ya can find sone of it in some bank in racist Argentina…..there is no telling if pensioners will see that money again…

    There are many more instances where taxpayers and pensioners lost, got robbed, but ah think ya got the drift of the ripping off of the people by these thieves with the help of wicked governments..

  28. Again de ole man does doan need no sort of telegraph like in de old movies, nor Morse Code wid dese tings.


    herefore de ole man going mek sure dat

    (i) de area going get level by means foul of fair

    (ii) the traffic from Bay Street going get route past Bethel Church and the current Empire Theatre

    (iii) the whole part of that Laurie Dash area and the whole block going get change to a Tourist Enclave and specific hotels going be constructed IN SAID ENCLAVE

    (iv) Since de whole block belongs to de WHITE MAN wunna niggers is not going to be allowed to traverse what WILL BECOME A PRIVATE ROAD!!

    What is wunna problem, get WID WE PROGRAM cause “…cares”

    Whu we cud easily silence David Commissiong by giving him the legal duties of conveyancing all the land in this ENCLAVE causing dat is a few million AT LEAST.

    Unlessing de ole man get some useful insights to add to David C article I ent going interfere wid DC no more heheheheh

  29. Trashing the People who Hire People and Expecting a Better Result when they do not Hire People. Only People of Means can Hire other Persons…

    A Man of No Means Cannot Employ someone else.

    When you Can Openly, Resolutely, and Continually without taking a Breath, Demonize Those who Employ people in Barbados you have Hurt Barbados.

    David BU…If WWC has Proof of All She So Blatantly Accuses…beg her to turn it over to the Authorities.

    Do Not Ever Misconstrue what I say as Disrespect… My Only Aim is to share Principles that teach others to Govern Themselves. That is where Freedom Lies in Self Governance.

    My Intention is Always to Speak the Truth Without Equivocation.

    I Believe in Free Market Capitalism that is the Opposite of Socialism where Everything and Everyone is Controlled by Government Intervention. That is the Opposite of Freedom, that is Tyranny!!

    I do not Hate Commie Sing Song…I Hate the Ideology he Stands for.

    If You See Any Dangers Approaching Would You Not Sound a Voice of Warning?


  30. Frerfom Crier good comment.commie sing has his own agenda just like Chavez and Castro who both were able to manupilated the minds of all
    However we see thebend result of their version on thr Pied Piper song like wise all are seeing Mia version of manipulation of the masses

  31. Then there are the:

    Coverley scam

    Grotto scam

    Valery scam

    same crooks……. inclusive of all the other scams in between..all at taxpayer’s and pensioners expense…hundreds of millions of dollars worth of losses to the people…scams abound..

    Someone should ask the exminister Kellman why the land at Lancaster which was. earmarked for affordable housing to the majority population was sold to Haloute/Chefette…through a third party……to build another NCD restaurant selling greasy unhealthy foods…..

    ….and don’t tell me about generating jobs…cause they still pay slave wages…

    Many questions to be answered about the people’s land and money..

  32. And let’s not forget the Ionics Fresh Water scam..

    …. same crooks, the contract from the previous government to Bizzy expired a year or so ago…and what did the brain power and common sense lacking jackasses in the exgovernment recently kicked out of parliament by the people do ………they re-upped the contract for another 15 years …if remember serves me.. at a cost of 25,000 per month to the taxpayers….despite not getting any benefits from that one-sided deal for the last 15 years, at least none that the people can see.

    ya were dealing with sellouts and greedy dummies for leaders, who should be exported to the Middle East.

    They should now be eager to go to ME since one of them was trying so desperately to get a 4 or 6 billion dollar loan from UAE….to do who knows what, probably to give away to minorities, but they would have all been handed overt UAE when they stole the people’s money….and could not pay it back .

    So yardfowl….how are the negotiations on the Estwick billion dollar loan from UAE going now…lol.

  33. Hal
    You mad? Two words–Administrative Law. Mia can only unilaterally withdraw the permission if the conditions have not been met within the prescribed time period. Given the delays caused by the court, it is safe to say the clock stopped. Furthermore, the EIA would address environmental matters; the bigger issues, however, are bigger than an EIA.

  34. At least, though exposed Grenville is not one to give up Piece…and he talking out on what the Mia government he claims is backtracking on from their manifesto……corruption among their ministers…and their apparent, according to him, intent to protect past corruption in exministers from the now defunct DLP…this is a thing.


    “One of the most foreseen risks in politics is that politicians will break their solemn promises to the electorate on matters pertaining to corruption. One of the most common perceptions of politicians is that they will eventually receive bribes.

    To address this risk and perception, Solutions Barbados designed, perhaps the most effective anti-corruption policy, and all Solutions Barbados candidates agreed to pay a penalty of $500,000 if they voted against it. This amount was chosen because contractors have admitted paying this bribe amount to politicians before they were convicted.”

    I received some advice three years ago when I formed Solutions Barbados. I was informed that established parties in developing countries had one prime directive. It was not to look after the welfare of citizens. But rather, to protect all current and past politicians, from both established parties, from meaningful scrutiny. To ensure that no one would later develop a conscience, it was mandatory that everyone had to get their hands dirty.”

    The Integrity in Public Life Bill has had its first reading in the House of Assembly. The corruption fine has been reduced from the promised “stiff” $500,000, to an affordable (on a minister’s salary) $10,000. So if a person accepts a $500,000 bribe, he can pay a paltry $ten,000 fine and get to keep $490,000. I do not think Barbadians voted for that level of accountability. It should be noted that there are a set of loopholes in the Bill to almost guarantee that that a conviction for bribery is impossible.”

  35. I agree with you Mr. Phillips that they need to Change the 10.000 but I think they will Double it to 20.000 but it will only be for Show. KEEP THE PRESSURE ON.


    “When the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) provided their draft Integrity Bill on their website with stated fines of $500,000, I was surprised. When the BLP politicians spoke about the fines publicly, and promised in their manifesto, on their sacred honour, that they would punish corruption, hold ministers accountable and implement “stiff penalties” if elected, I was impressed. I determined that while hope for Barbadians was certain with a Solutions Barbados administration, it may just be possible with a BLP administration….

    Had they signed a similar accountability contract to that of Solutions Barbados, then the total fine amount that would have been distributed to responsible registered charities across Barbados next month, would have been $15 million. Given that those honourable persons in Parliament have accepted their national responsibility to set good examples for our children to follow, I fully expect the bill to be suitably amended during the second reading by those who truly care.”


  36. Well well

    Offences and penalties in respect of acts of corruption

    a. A person who commits an act of corruption under section 51, 52 or 53 is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction on indictment to a fine of $20 000 or to imprisonment for 5 years or to both;

    b. on summary conviction to a fine of $10 000 or to imprisonment for 2 years or to both;

    c. and to be disqualified from holding any public office for a period of 5 years from the date of conviction for the offence.

  37. Thanks Enuff…I suspected it was already a law, but is it written in stone, can it not be amended to the 500,000 fine (and 25 year prison term, my words) that Grenville said Mia said she would upgrade in fine to punish corrupt ministers and their bribers, in her manifesto?

    That is the issue he seems to be focused on, the back peddling from the election promise.

  38. It has not even been debated yet, far less enacted as law. It is better read in its totality. What weight Grenville’s document would have had in law? lol

    • What is occurring with the breakaway group has destroyed the fledgling goodwill the party had developed.

  39. Enuff……Grenville was hardheaded and refused to listen to anyone, including Jeff whose counsel he should have seeked out…..hope he listens now though and has come to the realization that he does need to consult with a reputable attorney on some aspects of the law, particularly as it relates to the constitution..

  40. And I don’t mean the constitution Grenville claim he crafted for his party members, that will just muddle everything.

  41. oOh my God mother and daughter have made a video all about the scoundrel George Payne this duo have double tagged George Payne in video#2 where they gave all the sordid details of George Payne stealing family land
    Cant imagin howGeorge Payne can put his hand on the bible and swear to be a good and accountable representative of the people performing his duties as a minister
    George Payne you can run butbyou cant hide as social media has caught up with out and the backlash is not going to be pretty
    I dareDavid to go to Jackie Stewart page on face book and share on BU the nasty saga video of George Payne and his theifing ways
    What a national disgrace

  42. I don’t know what to say, hope they get it all sorted out soon, such an embarrassment for the island..

  43. @Well, Well

    Thank you for your summary… useful information on what’s been going on.. Very informative…

    Blatant scams, bribery and endemic political corruption across the various projects you describe.. why is no one held accountable? These people saboteurs have to be brought to justice. If it does not happen, and very soon, it will be a sad indictment on the present government.

    When political corruption goes unchecked (as in Barbados), it seeps into the fabric of society and the negative effects become widespread, as everything deteriorates. Witness the drag on the economy. Witness the downward slide of values.

    Get some sensible planning legislation in place. Do not allow any more building on beachfront land. No Hyatt on that beach or any other beach. Think conservation, sustainability, what is right for the country.

  44. Dexter…just the deterioration to the island’s infrastructure along with the rapid economic slide and difficulty to recover should have been red flags, but no one paid attention and those who were warning and warning about the signs, were ignored,,,,so now they have reached that place where they either clean up the corruption or slide even further.

    This is the turning point.

  45. Mia Amor Mottley is obliged as Prime Minister of Barbados to refer these women to the DPP and AG but hold your horses isn’t the AG and Payne partners in a law firm? I believe the mother or daughter called the AG’s name. Whatever the case the heart felt pleas of the women must be investigated and addressed as a matter of urgency. If their accusations are fake news expose them. If not let the law take its course.Madame Prime Minister you have a different albeit unplanned ‘mission critical ‘on your hands. Where is the main stream media on this developing political bombshell?

  46. Two political scum bags. One being called a deputy PM and the other attorney general one dale Marshall Who is guarding the hen house this is video number 2 all sleazy and downright dirty
    GPayne yuh chickens have come home to roost. Yuh dirty ole crook

  47. @ Dunks Gripe and every one else

    This is ONLY GOING TO BE A BIG THING if Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley DOES NOT kill it in utero.

    By “kill it” we hopefully do not mean with any missing Remingtons but by using the simple options available to her.

    The Pain in her side only recently acted as Deputy Prime Minister

    And at this point of Barbados seeking $$ and IMF auxiliary fundsshe CANNOT HAVE A TEIFING DEPUTY ON HER TEAM.

    @ Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley

    De Ole Man advises you to have Pain tender his resignation in a publicity gimmick where you are there and he says something like he dies not want to tarnish the image of your government and that he resigns because of the matter NOT BECAUSE HE IS GUILTY BUT BECAUSE IT IS THE HONOURABLE THING TO DO.


    De Grandson going work pun it for you later this evening when he returns from a function a few miles away…

  48. @ David,

    I expect pain will be added to BU Lawyers in the news if the women take the case to court and win.

    Innocent until proven guilty ?

    • @Hants

      At this stage it is just an accusation, correct? As far as the blogmaster is aware the matter has not been pronounced on from an official source.

  49. @ Brother Hants

    You are only being a gallows bait!

    Imagine the Honourable Blogmaster adding Pain to the BU carousel!

    Whuloss why that would mean denouncing *** heheheheh

  50. @ Brother Hants

    The Honourable Blogmaster is correct all this is just speculation.

    If it is not true then it would possibly be a Machiavellian construct from the now defunct DLP or a well constructed plan by Eddie but even that is speculation

    But if it is true then The new 30 day administration is faced with its Rubicon

    De grandson done a Stoopid Cartoon bout it … to immortialize what becomes a veritable law of the Medes and another for the Persians


  51. Piece……..it does not look like this one is going to go away…and it should not IF the information is accurate and particularly with an accusation of theft of land from the elderly which is a known practice among the more dishonest lawyers in Barbados, it has been going on for decades AND IT IS A CRIME..

    The San Jose Charter on the Rights of the Elderly….sys it is a crime to abuse the elderly, stealing from the elderly is abuse, dragging them through the court system for any reason after they turn age 60 …IS ABUSE…there are no fine points of law that can be put on that to turn it on any parts of a hair, the charter of which the island is signatory to is very clear on that point..

    ….. they even stole land from those who went to Panama, who worked hard, returned to the island and combined their sources to buy properties, even the dumb ass governments, both of them, were involved in stealing land from their own people who worked so hard in Panama and were lucky to return to the island alive……thieving, disgusting, dishonest politicians cared nothing about that, they committed those crimes against their own people to please, appease and take bribes from the minority land thieves..

    After decades of always jumping in front to be a part of stealing land from elderly black people, while looking down on them and calling them slaves, I am so happy to see the one Cow being made famous on the internet and world wide and being accused as being part of a plot to steal land from the elderly…..

    ……now all that bragging and boasting he did in the UK video claiming to be the richest man on the island owning the most land, will allow everyone in UK and Europe to understand how he was able to make that claim…the methods him and the thieves for attorneys applied and employed to get access to properties and land belonging o the elderly, sick, vulnerable, dying and dead, ripping off the beneficiaries of the Wills and Estates, calling the homes of the elderly to befriend them and get information on their properties and eventually access to their original Deeds which wee then seized, promptly forged using the Supreme Court and Land Registry and the names of strangers then attached to the forged Deeds or Wills, all the usual suspects whose names have been called in land theft for decades….used this well worn practice….ask Simmons and all his close fellow lawyers, QCs etc.

    Should this turn out to be accurate and these females engage a UK attorney to press their case all the way to the CCJ level if it is not settled one way Orr the other, even more will come out…come out things, it is that time.

  52. Another video of more allegations also questions by what God given authority does Dale marshall has a right to prosecute any one.
    Fraudlent allegations makes one question these two moral values Dale and George fits like hand in glove like foxes watching the hen housr

  53. David Bu remember when allegations were levelled against David Thompson you were quick to post a picture of David Thompson on the lawyers in the News side bar
    Well Fake GEorge Payne and Dale Marshall is creating news maybe not the kind if news.that fits your agenda
    However as one who speaks about transparency thereforr in the public interest Dale and George is deserving of a photo op on the Lawyers in the News side bar

    • Your hignorance knoweth no bounds.

      David Thompson is in the Lawyers gallery because a forensic report clearly exposed him as complicit in the Clico matter.


  54. Enuff.. I presume you mean the latest video…cause ya cannot in good conscience mean what I posted when so much decades of proof abounds….victims or their beneficiaries still very much alive.

    Anyway, we will know regarding these latest allegations because unless not settled satisfactorily and quietly, once a process has started it will become a matter of public record, as long as it is pursued.

  55. yardfowls…did I not tell yall one of the corrupt governments was bound to destroy the other, even if the people had to do it themselves…well consider yall selves totally destroyed, wiped out, gone.

    ….yall should have exposed and locked up those ya accused of corruption and vote buying in BLP..when ya had the chance. and power to do so, but no, instead all the politrickans and ministers in the political cabal called themselves “the political class”…in other words… all yall committing crimes against the citizens and protecting each other from consequences and prosecution.

    Grenville was not far off in his article about the advise he said was given to him about the political cabal within both governments protecting each other from scrutiny and their criminal practices

    …, yall had 10 years, no excuse, instead yall played the corrupt game at the expense of the taxpayers and pensioners too…

    now yall want a lawyers corner from the same blog all of you tried to shut down..lol…now really? what happened, yall ain’t the “political class” anymore?

    ……so boohooohooo

    I tell ya what..get an IT person, with skills and pay them well, ya know how yall cheap and like the slavery system of not paying ya own people…let them create a blog and start talking all you know about the BLP ministers, ya blog will get famous in no time..

  56. Could you believe these two governments who were always paid a salary by taxpayers for 52 years had the freaking nerve and unmitigated gall to class and label themselves a “political class” and practiced their version of apartheid against the majority black population…… that was the epitome of disrespect to the taxpayers who paid their salaries and they deserve all types of punishments for that nastiness..

    Now one who no longer has standing not even as a dog catching political party, got the nerve and balls they never had to do the people’s work satisfactorily or competently to complain…lol…because their asses all got kicked to the curb.

  57. That is your bias intrepretation. This George payne the alleged fraudster which you are protecting would allow the BU household to see how complict you are in witholding known alledge information about George Payne and Dale Marshall
    There are four videos circulating social media where the oldy who has been defrauded gives an emotional testimony as to how Fake George Payne and Dale Marshall sold their land
    Doesnt it even bother you David in the same manner as to how you took on the Carrington issue even after Carrington had honor the court order
    It is evident that your bias has overtaken your sense of reasoning after ten years of hotting and hollering about transparency

  58. @pieceuhderockyeahright who wrote ” The Honourable Blogmaster is correct all this is just speculation.”

    I agree…….but you cartoon intensifying de spekalation…heheheheh

  59. Enuff my friend…… things are not looking so rosy at all, a drastic move is needed, the people don’t want anymore talk, they had 52 years of talk and losses…..demasiado.

  60. So what do we have here a blp administration with two top level ministers One attorney general dale marshall and the other Fake George Payne alledgely practicng as a qualified Solicitor without the proper certification as told by the daughter of the old lady who stated that when she questioned the proper authorities in the UK as to whether Payne was a certified Solicitor they said they had no documentation to prove he was
    Now this Payne has been rewarded the post of deputy PM

  61. Mariposa,

    There is a Bajan cultural tradition of make believe. I do not know if Payne is properly qualified, but that should be matter of public record. I do not know if Fred Gollop was properly qualified, but that too should be a matter of public record. Why do the Bajan media not investigate these matters?

  62. The lady and daughter who has levelled these damming allegations have not hid their identity in their revelations
    So it would be very hard not to belive all they are saying about George Walton Payne and his fraudulent activities
    These women are now victims of known fraudulent activities formulated by lawyers who run for cover under the protection of parliamentary privilege
    Hopefully these women would pursue actions via the law courts to make these Fake and fradulent ministers pay for there misdeeds
    These two woman are seems not to be afraid of calling the names of George Walton Payne and Dale Marshall openly on social media
    Local media keeps eyes close since Mia placed a bullseye on their faces as a threat against them if and when they print any form of illegal allegations

  63. @ Mariposa

    You said and I quote “…David Bu remember when allegations were levelled against David Thompson you were quick to post a picture of David Thompson on the lawyers in the News side bar..”

    With all due respect to the Honourable Blogmaster AND HIS OBVIOUS LOYALTIES to a party that was a previous “opposition” heheheh you don’t seem to remember how the carousel of Lawyers in the News evolved.

    There was a time afore times when all and sundry accusations against the brotherhood of Bloodsuckers Lawyers ( of whom The Luminary and about 125 more can be excluded) we rampant here.

    And understandably so.

    The Honourable Blogmaster in his wisdom and under advisement by his in house counsel decider to create this window and FILTER ITS WALL OF INFAMY? inhabitants to lawyers “in the news

    George Payne IS NOT IN THE NEWS YET since Naked Departure nor Facebook is not the news.

    @ Brother Hants


    A careful examination of the grandson’s Stoopid Cartoon will realize that nothing that is even a remote accusation has been levelled at the honourable member of parliament and current representative for St Andrew

    The Stupid Cartoon speaks more specifically to what “Watch Muh Now” will do, if & when, she is presented with her own “speaker of the house” Michael Carry-Way-a-Ton situation when her Deputy Prime Minister is put in prosecuted

    My advice as self Appointed “Virtual Advocate & Leader of the Opposition of the Non-Existent Opposition of Barbados” is for that lady to put a paid advertisement in the Nation or Advocate or Barbados Today

    But failing that take out an ad in a British Newspaper and sending that article to BU and see if George Linnaeus Banks’ local champion will let it be placed in the sacred carousel heheheh

    If you reach out to de ole man I would love to help you with the newspaper article and ad heheheh

    Watch muh now

  64. exyardfowl…all Mia got to do is let Edmund Hinkson do the prosecuting..how bout that, you prefer that right..

  65. Piece…it looks like the former “political class” disbanded and are no more..

    … so ya have a now defunct former government and political party and a totally disintegrated “political class”..

    I remember when air could not pass between them..lol

    one the “political class”

  66. David BU and the blp yardfowls /birds were crying bloody murder when Carrington was alledge to have not carried out the court order placed against him to pay Mr.Griffith
    Even after Carrington honoured the court order the voices of theft was lodged against him
    But now there is open allegations levelled against FakeGeorge Walton Payne and his side kick Dale fake AG the voices by the blp yardfowls including David has become muted
    with all sort of excuses to protect the fraudster in charge of running govt affairs
    How low can barbados go when those on charge of prosecuting the corruptors are corrupt themselves

  67. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/jun/28/british-nurse-guilty-of-sex-trafficking-nigerian-women-to-germany

    Piece…we should not be hearing about any black governments in Barbados or anywhere in the Caribbean allowing british citizens to enslave, trafficking or commit any modern day slavery crimes against black people right, not with these new laws in place for UK to lock the up in any country they are accused of these crimes.

    I hope the Mia government knows about this and are staying on top the new laws regarding victimizing the population…… because I know a lot of local and foreign minorities on the island carry british citizenship and can be arrested for believing they can continue the practice of playing slave master…

    “A British nurse has become the first person to be convicted under new modern slavery laws, after being found guilty of trafficking five Nigerian women to Germany to work as prostitutes.

    Josephine Iyamu was prosecuted under the Modern Slavery Act involving victims who have no connection to the UK but have been victimised by a British national.”

  68. The possibilities are endless..

    We can now investigate to see which of the crooks who have been abusing the elderly, stealing their land and properties and money…rendering them paupers….and the minority business people who treat black bajans as slaves….are british nationals.

    Just gather all their names and give to the home office to get the info about their british national status through diplomatic channels, problem solved, the days of these slimy, bottom feeding wannabe slave masters in Barbados will be numbered, we can finally wipe their blighted, parasitic and cursed presence off the island’s landscape and out of the lives of bajans.

  69. The trouble with cutting and pasting is that there is no analysis or understanding. Once again it is a black person convicted on a dubious charge – the long reach of UK law. This is not the first time. A book can be written on how juries convict black people on these charges: the first to be convicted under the Race Relations Act; the first to be convicted under the no smoking legislation on the underground; the case that led to restrictions on challenging juries; I can go on. It is picking low hanging fruit. White juries simply convict black people. The police know this.
    The same with the criminal histories of many young black people: first conviction, riding bicycles on the pavement; resisting arrest, when stopped on bogus grounds; etc. The idea is to get that first conviction.
    To mis-interpret this is the idea. The communities notorious for trafficking prostitutes are the Eastern European and Chinese, through nail shops and so-called traditional Chinese massage centres which operate as fronts for prostitution. The same with so-called county line drug dealing.
    It is easy dealing with the supply chain, young unemployed black boys looking for make money; but the demand is what is driving the business – young, white, professional people hooked on drugs. Stop the demand and the supply will go away.
    But if copying and pasting and Googling crap is your game, plse go ahead..

  70. lol..exyardfowl is limited intellect, tunnel visioned and can only focus on one useless topic at a time..lol

    She has no sense of timing at all, now we know who caused the 30-0

  71. Hal…ya missing the point…she got caught in shit she got convicted, her problem.

    The bigger picture here is the actual existence of the law which few would have known about had she not been convicted..

    That act can now be used to rein in and damn well convict those British nationals in Barbados who practice modern day slavery…which by the way is now a long list of crimes…

    Now if I had to choose between believing a Guardian UK story, a world renowned credible newspaper and you….well ya know….Windrush is still world class reporting and still up for a world class award…

    but you?..steuuppps

    trust you, the self proclaimed journalist to miss the whole damn point.

  72. Wuh loss they say Mariposa need help in the meanwhile they are worshipping a govt that have two shisters running the affairs of barbados one a fake solicitor whose certification cannot be found in the UK and another an AG who is alleged to be complict in stolen property.

  73. Five videos and on full blast the heat would continue the views and shares on social media would overwhelmed the deafening silence of George Walton Payne and Dale the sidekick Marshall
    David where is all the transparency talk u hoisted on BU.
    I dare you post all the videos that exposed George Walton Payne misdeeds against the old lady
    George Walton Payne there is a bulls eye pointing in your direction
    and not looking good
    David ha ha .hate to see you laying in bed corruptors and trying to cover up the stained mattress

  74. I know the british social engineering is a real thing, but for black people to be still so blind, should be a crime.

  75. David do you not feel somewhat ashamed of self by trying to distract attention from the George Payne issue when there is an old lady looking for justice for the misdeeds which were done against her by two ministers of the crown who know can perform ministerial duties in light of fradulent allegations levelled against them by a poor old lady and her daughter
    David dont you not feel a liittle bit of compassion towards them
    What if these misdeeds were done to your mother
    Would you still be silent and used methods by way of distraction to protect the offenders
    I have dare you more than once to follow up on other videos posted on fb and to repost them om Bu but to no avail
    I hate to belive that all the long talk coming from your mouth about transparency was as fake as George Payne and his side kick Dale AG Marshall

  76. What ac who is screaming without any intelligent plan should do is find out if George Payne and Marshall are british nationals..lol

    look ac…I just threw you a. bone, now stop harassing the Blogmaster and start digging for information…ask their fellow crooked lawyers in the now defunct DLP…as fellow thieves in the legal fraternity, they will know..

    …get advice on how to move forward from there, because I will not tell ya…and stop being a pest and trying to act like the blog should be doing your job for you..

    Ask Michael Lashley..

  77. Instead of asking Lashley i would prefer to ask Mia what advice would she give the two scams in her ministry that are involved in alleged land fraud accusations
    Also doesnt it bother her that those apponitments in the areas to which they have been assigned is too close for comfort to the allegations of which they have been accused and is it not as if the fox is given free acess to guarding the hen house

  78. The two imbeciles can run but cant hide. The campagain of alleged fradulent charges levelled against fake George Payne and fake AG Dale Marshall would keep rolling the shares on the video has doubled
    Soon the campagain would be extended to Public view
    These two scroundels must be held accountable they ran of the foundation of transparency and accountability
    On another note Barbados Today has also questioned Fake George Payne doings as he make an unilteral decision to fire past govt workers without fair an due process when such allegations were levelled against past govt hell broke out with Unions calling out their workers to march
    One can rest assured that no such actions would be called for by the Unions who now is feels comfortable to lay down with lions and be mauled at every oppirtunity
    The measly 5% which the unions have accepted on behalf of their workers is only the beginning to a route of self destruction by the Unions
    In the meanwhile Fake George would flip the script and act as dictator large and In charge of who gets fired without due process while the Unions look the other way with eyes wide shut

  79. Mariposa,

    Barbadian voters had a chance to reject all lawyer/politicians and failed to. They got the political culture they nurtured.

  80. “Proceed at your own risk.” This word of caution to Hyatt developer, Mark Maloney, comes from social activist and Ambassador to CARICOM David Commissiong, who is warning that any plans to construct the 15-storey hotel could very well result in major losses.
    Following the reports surfacing this last week that construction could begin in 2019; Comissiong told Barbados TODAY this morning that he has no intention of backing off from his legal challenge to the planning permission for the US $100-million project, which was filed in 2017.
    The attorney-at-law explained that while there was nothing legally preventing the hotel from being built as permission was granted by then Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, the pending court ruling on whether that permission was lawful, could result in the forced abandonment of the project midway.
    “If the developer starts building then most definitely I will approach the courts to have the matter brought forward because obviously I will not sit back and allow the developer to complete the construction without the case being concluded,” Comissiong stressed.
    Back in March 2017, Comissiong filed for a Judicial Review of the permissions granted by Stuart to Maloney for the construction of the hotel based on a perceived failure by Maloney to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) at the construction site.(Quote)

    Is Ambassador Commissiong on a collision path with the government? Could Hyatt be the cause of a split in the Mottley government? Is the proposed Hyatt building part of the Corridor of Hotels, or is that in addition? Has government pinpointed the spots for the 12 proposed hotels? Has it got planning application already or is it now going to sell planning approval? We need clarity from this the most autocratic and secretive government in recent memory.

  81. KELO V. NEW LONDON (04-108) 545 U.S. 469 (2005)
    268 Conn. 1, 843 A. 2d 500, affirmed.

    [ Stevens ]
    [ Kennedy ]
    [ O’Connor ]
    [ Thomas ]
    HTML version
    PDF version
    HTML version
    PDF version
    HTML version
    PDF version
    HTML version
    PDF version
    HTML version
    PDF version

    NOTE: Where it is feasible, a syllabus (headnote) will be released, as is being done in connection with this case, at the time the opinion is issued.
    The syllabus constitutes no part of the opinion of the Court but has been prepared by the Reporter of Decisions for the convenience of the reader.
    See United States v. Detroit Timber & Lumber Co., 200 U.S. 321, 337.
    KELO et al. v. CITY OF NEW LONDON et al.

    No. 04—108.Argued February 22, 2005–Decided June 23, 2005

    After approving an integrated development plan designed to revitalize its ailing economy, respondent city, through its development agent, purchased most of the property earmarked for the project from willing sellers, but initiated condemnation proceedings when petitioners, the owners of the rest of the property, refused to sell. Petitioners brought this state-court action claiming, inter alia, that the taking of their properties would violate the “public use” restriction in the Fifth Amendment’s Takings Clause. The trial court granted a permanent restraining order prohibiting the taking of the some of the properties, but denying relief as to others. Relying on cases such as Hawaii Housing Authority v. Midkiff, 467 U.S. 229, and Berman v. Parker, 348 U.S. 26, the Connecticut Supreme Court affirmed in part and reversed in part, upholding all of the proposed takings.
    Held: The city’s proposed disposition of petitioners’ property qualifies as a “public use” within the meaning of the Takings Clause. Pp. 6—20.
    (a) Though the city could not take petitioners’ land simply to confer a private benefit on a particular private party, see, e.g., Midkiff, 467 U.S., at 245, the takings at issue here would be executed pursuant to a carefully considered development plan, which was not adopted “to benefit a particular class of identifiable individuals,” ibid. Moreover, while the city is not planning to open the condemned land–at least not in its entirety–to use by the general public, this “Court long ago rejected any literal requirement that condemned property be put into use for the … public.” Id., at 244. Rather, it has embraced the broader and more natural interpretation of public use as “public purpose.” See, e.g., Fallbrook Irrigation Dist. v. Bradley, 164 U.S. 112, 158—164. Without exception, the Court has defined that concept broadly, reflecting its longstanding policy of deference to legislative judgments as to what public needs justify the use of the takings power. Berman, 348 U.S. 26; Midkiff, 467 U.S. 229; Ruckelshaus v. Monsanto Co., 467 U.S. 986. Pp. 6—13.
    (b) The city’s determination that the area at issue was sufficiently distressed to justify a program of economic rejuvenation is entitled to deference. The city has carefully formulated a development plan that it believes will provide appreciable benefits to the community, including, but not limited to, new jobs and increased tax revenue. As with other exercises in urban planning and development, the city is trying to coordinate a variety of commercial, residential, and recreational land uses, with the hope that they will form a whole greater than the sum of its parts. To effectuate this plan, the city has invoked a state statute that specifically authorizes the use of eminent domain to promote economic development. Given the plan’s comprehensive character, the thorough deliberation that preceded its adoption, and the limited scope of this Court’s review in such cases, it is appropriate here, as it was in Berman, to resolve the challenges of the individual owners, not on a piecemeal basis, but rather in light of the entire plan. Because that plan unquestionably serves a public purpose, the takings challenged here satisfy the Fifth Amendment. P. 13.
    (c) Petitioners’ proposal that the Court adopt a new bright-line rule that economic development does not qualify as a public use is supported by neither precedent nor logic. Promoting economic development is a traditional and long accepted governmental function, and there is no principled way of distinguishing it from the other public purposes the Court has recognized. See, e.g., Berman, 348 U.S., at 24. Also rejected is petitioners’ argument that for takings of this kind the Court should require a “reasonable certainty” that the expected public benefits will actually accrue. Such a rule would represent an even greater departure from the Court’s precedent. E.g., Midkiff, 467 U.S., at 242. The disadvantages of a heightened form of review are especially pronounced in this type of case, where orderly implementation of a comprehensive plan requires all interested parties’ legal rights to be established before new construction can commence. The Court declines to second-guess the wisdom of the means the city has selected to effectuate its plan. Berman, 348 U.S., at 26. Pp. 13—20.
    268 Conn. 1, 843 A. 2d 500, affirmed.
    Stevens, J., delivered the opinion of the Court, in which Kennedy, Souter, Ginsburg, and Breyer, JJ., joined. Kennedy, J., filed a concurring opinion. O’Connor, J., filed a dissenting opinion, in which Rehnquist, C. J., and Scalia and Thomas, JJ., joined. Thomas, J., filed a dissenting opinion.

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