Hyatt Hotel Law Suit to be Filed TOMORROW

David Comissiong

Dear Members of the News Media,

At mid-day today, Tuesday 21st March 2017, I hand delivered a letter to the office of the Attorney General, putting the AG on notice that I will be challenging the permission granted by Mr Freundel Stuart, the Minister responsible for Town and Country Planning to Mr Mark Maloney’s company, Vision Developments Inc, to construct a 15 storey hotel on the beachfront at Bay Street, St. Michael.

A copy of the said letter is attached hereto:

I intend to file the Fixed Date Claim form and the supporting Affidavit at the Registry of the Supreme Court at 1PM tomorrow, Wednesday 22nd March 2017, and to hold a Press Conference immediately thereafter at the Clement Payne Cultural Centre in order to shed light on the content of the Claim and to further explain the reason for taking this action.

The News Media is invited to cover both the filing of the Court documents and the following Press Conference.



  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    You dumb asses been giving Maloney all the contracts and taxpayer’s money he needs and then have the nerve to call it knowledge and skills, both stupid political parties did the same with Cow, Bizzy and Bjerkjam….give anyone enough of taxpayers money and they too can BUY other people’s knowkedge and skills you jackasses.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Ordinary Bajans and Business people have all express their support for the erection of the Hyatt in Bridgetown. Mrs. Ram who will be next door to the Hotel is ecstatic about the project.

    Almost Everyone , but one man, can see the benefits of this Hotel. This Hotel will breathe new life into Bridgetown. It will create jobs for hundreds during the construction phase and beyond.

    However Mr. Obstructionist David is dead set against it. This is great example of the tyranny of the minority. He fails to see the tremendous benefits this project will bring to the country.

    He no doubt has the blessings of the Barbados Labour Party.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    The thing about Come-a-long is the fact that Bajans dont think much of him. First of all he is a political pondfly form one political party to another as people in the various political parties quickly tire of him. He offered himself as a political candidate in the 2008 elections and got around 20 votes , speaking subject correction. He is up front and center in all things anti Barbados.


  • I have followed BU from the beginning and have seen the comments change according to which party is in government. Now David Comissiong is being portrayed as a hero because he was successful with the finger prints while the US embassy took our finger prints and eye scans.He pushed the BLP and DLP governments to joined petrocaribe and they did not..He supports Nicolás Maduro President of Venezuela who is a dictator and has run a rich country into the ground where they now have bread wars. He never comment on this fail state because of dictatorship but a country which the UN still holds in high esteem as the best place to live in the Caribbean is to reach rock bottom. Hypocritical I say.
    I am a patriotic Barbadian no matter which party is in power I want it to succeed


  • Ignite the Nite

    Carson C. Cadogan
    No one saying the Hyatt is bad for Barbados or that is welcome development. We as a country have been in the tourism business for 100+ years. What a lot of Bajans are saying tho is why is this project getting beneficial treatment, why do the developers not want to do an EIA and why does the GOB not want to ensure an EIA is done for this project? WHY,WHY….WHY?

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  • In determining planning applications it is important that the CTP considers any other material considerations. Development plans in the course of preparation is one of the more significant material considerations. Two paras from the draft PDP (a development plan in progress) are listed below:

    Applications for major development or change of land use within 30 metres of the coast will be subject to an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and other supporting or technical studies subject to the satisfaction of the Chief Town Planner or designate.
    To ensure that tourism in Barbados remains internationally competitive, tourism development and related infrastructure and facilities in coastal areas will be subject to a full ESIA to inform design and construction to the highest international environmental
    and conservation standards. Among others, considerations for use of beach areas will include assessment of ’carrying capacity’.

    The court should therefore give substantial material consideration to the emerging polices contained in the draft PDP. The argument that a strategic plan was done for the area and therefore no EIA is required sounds ludicrous. I always thought a strategic plan was a broad policy guideline as opposed to a detailed land use plan. Secondly, situations change over time and updated assessments are required. Isn’t that why a transport impact assessment was required?


  • @Curious,

    Not completely true. At least Tron frequently points to “toilet paper” as a symbol for failed socialism, to Venezuela as failes state no. 1 of all Spanish speaking countries and he calls Big Sinck the Barbadian version of Nicolás Maduro.

    However, your conclusion is right, indeed. How can we trust a person supporting such a failed state?

    Excuse me now. I am buying a load of toilet paper now. You never know when we also run out … 😉


  • Ignite the Nite

    You are making very valid arguments, ones which I am sure the Courts will attach some significant weight to when considering the application for an injunction from Mr. Commissiong.


  • Ignite the Nite

    It is illogical to think that a new high rise hotel could be given permission to build without an EIA. The TCPDO has a lot of qualified and logical people so you have to beg the question, why is this project getting preferential treatment?


  • Unfortunately, too many Barbadians trivialise (out of ignorance) the importance of getting our built environment right, especially our “tall” buildings. The wrong building in the wrong location (Warrens anyone?) do not enhance the attractiveness of our island as a tourist destination. It is even more crucial in this instance given the location of the site in a designated world heritage city. To hear some bloggers attempt to justify the appropriateness of the Hyatt on the basis of investment is painful. I am with the Barbados National Trust on this one, they clearly recognise that the issue is beyond investment or even an EIA. Has anyone seen how investment has led to the destruction of Dover Woods to allow Sandals to expand their tax free revenue? I hope when the area starts to flood and the monkeys tek over the properties in Dover, we trumpet investment. Was an EIA done for the Sandals Royal btw?


  • Visit Bermuda, even Bahamas, and there is a plan to preserve a ‘look’.


  • Violet Beckles CUP Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI

    Own Area March 22, 2017 at 8:00 AM #

    David Commissiong has my full support in this legal challenge. This man has become a multi-millionaire since 2008 when the DLP took office.
    I would like to know more about the 2,700 house lots at Bushy Park given to a company of Mr. Maloney just PRIOR to the general election in 2013.@@@

    Own , the Question need asking in any case is root title of 70 years ,I com-sing a song was for real he would ask for that fo the Bay Plantation 1930 John Beckles aka Big Black Cat Beckles of the Baby Welfare league, If was not there Just to show boat, All thins aside he would ask me for a copy unless he already knows the truth,
    We already send information to Hyatt giving them Warning, We already post on You-Tube , We will see how far this fraud goes,
    As for Busy Park the government will have to show at some time how they can give or take by coverup fraud and laundering of land and funds,
    If you can remove the DLP and the BLP , then We will see truth about the Land,
    Keep thinking its a JOKE and all you want to talk about is permission grand by the same crooks PM holding 2 post,,Mybe we will post the first page of the Deed on CUP page,


  • @ Enuff

    I does tell everyone here dat I is a simple man read ingrunt bereft of any schooling and things ecclesiastical I does have to glean things from people read plagiarize and teif.

    You said an I quote “…Secondly, situations change over time and updated assessments are required. Isn’t that why a transport impact assessment was required?…”

    Now here is how de ole man would tackle a ting like did.

    (a).Who is my colleagues? De National Trust? De London Bourne peoples?

    De first thing that i would have done is what Mugabe do dis last time with de “March of Disgust”

    Pay some peoples in the contiguous cuntstituencies of the City of Bridgetown to come out and march rather sigh an online petition saying dat dem ent want the 15 storey monstrosity deah

    (2).Tidal Wave Studies and all dem coastal shaping studies.

    I would let one of them National Trust people petition de IDB or somebody to do a coastal impact of existing structures on the tides to show what these buildings have done to the surrounding area(s) e.g. the Hilton Hotel and dat place next to the Dipper Barrow Yacht Club.

    If possible show time lapses of beach deposits over the years like the Crane erosion from Oistins, or the Golden Sands Hotel groyne on Folkestone beach, the Jetty in Speightstown on Heywoods, Port St Charles or Port Ferdinand on Six Men’s.

    It is only reasonable to hazard that the mouth to the careenage is going to be blocked up by that Hyatt structure and or the Fishing complex that has been build on the Harbour Road will suffer from the upstream coastal deposits.

    It may even impact the Bridgetown Port.

    But then again is is jes an ingrunt ole man devoid of these academic orientations


  • independent voice

    it seems like everyone in Barbados is an expert on environmental issues which begs the question if so many concerns are raised about environmental impacts from the building of the hyatt why is it that barbadians does not take time and effort making sure that their surroundings are not littered with garbage


  • There’s something wonderful about photo albums, older pictures of our distinguishing marks, high and low rounded hips, standing posture, well-defined hairline, eyes shaped like huricanes moving, muffs that form naturally at the front center of our hairline, points that move towards the edges on both sides, until reaching the ridges on either side boomerangs an inch high above each ear, peaks and rows, spiral curls standing out from the rows of our hair, rat tails that grow out at the back middle…the way the texture of our hair changes from the edges towards the middle and rat tail…Arawak Carib lines…I love being a Braffit…ancestral plantation houses that clearly say Arawak Carib in characters with moorish tile-work others without…Muslim Christian Jews…thick milky orange skin tanning to an aged orange representative of the Meeting…

    Many Jewish people are not particular religious, what is a Jew?

    How is nobility defined by the international community?

    Geological is genealogical, given the comparison of myself and the princes’ of England’s traits, are there Barbadians in Crown Prince Charles or the late Princess Diana’s ancestries?

    I acknowledge Sean Carter and Andre Young’s musical achievements, what is the place of ancestral and geological fame to your understanding?

    The Amazon collapsed under the Caribbean Sea, which geological feature is representative of the English, Scottish, Irish, Indian people?


  • Violet Beckles CUP Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI

    To the lawyer known as David Commissiong .

                  By the :Alex-Mitchell:El:
              Affidavit:Executor of the Estate:VIOLET-BECKLES

    We hold both Plantation Deeds for St Micheal South of the Prime Ministers

    :Bay Plantation deed John Beckles owned and sold to theBeatrice-Henry: Barbados 20th June 1930:Recorded 28th June 1930 of the 190 acres+:Willed for the Violet Beckles: of the Kings:Street in the City for the Probate 1986, Willed for the Heirs 2009. By the Probate held up by the Fraud of the Clerk for the Courts from 2012-2017 counting:

    :Britton’s -Hill :Plantation deed own by the David Bonnetts :Britton’s Hill sold to the Beatrice- Henry:
    10th day January 1957 of the 286 acres recorded 31st January 1957 :

    Seek: Seeking of the knowledge for the True History of Barbados


  • UN reported, Bim was no. 54 on Human Development Index (HDI). Maybe true for the expats and diplomats in their gated communities, the cabinet ministers, the judges and rich businessmen, but surely not for the clueless masses.


  • I do not believe in building on the shore side. Build on the land side and use walkovers as access to the beach.


  • Walk overs are awful!!!


  • Just in.

    House Leaders Cancel Vote On Obamacare Repeal In Devastating Setback
    President Trump had demanded a vote, but Paul Ryan couldn’t deliver the majority the bill needed.



    Some say the white man came from above oh oh!
    That is if you believe that supernatural stuff. UFO
    The locals treated him not like a beast
    Like the three wise men from the East

    Like how Columbus founded the West Indies
    Then try to convert the poor Indians! Please!
    When that failed they went buffalo butchering
    Leaving the Red Indians starving and cowering

    Coveting land from humble folks with their flags unfurled
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    But in their wake they left many in tears day after day
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    They maltreated many a people who cried long tears
    Someone got to be punished for we know God cares
    You can sing, and run and jump with all your might
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    When some countries got their freedom
    Their governments thought they’re dumb
    They too tried to do like the Caucasians
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    They built cities and made kingdoms
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    As their own folks live in poverty
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    The reapers of the ill gotten gains in their castles in a moat
    You take it staying quiet for you don’t want to rock the boat
    Tears have been shed every day many going insane
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    Living the likes of a hog as they shed tears of joy
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    And so in Tunisia, one day in a little town called Tunis
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    When Muhammad Bouazizi, a farmer doused himself in kerosene
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    Ben Ali, dictator who lived like a hog for over 27 years
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    All about their welfare and hardship in rage
    Actually, bottom line they wanted a change
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    And when the smoke cleared the dictator was kicked out
    The people rejoiced as they sang tears of joy and shout
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    But the fires were burning all the way to Cairo

    Hundreds and thousands were alerted who care
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    The news spread like wildfire all the way to Benghazi
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    T‘was do or die they made up their minds shouted out their demands
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    The fires had already spread to Libya a kettle of a different brand
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    I said we get the Gov’t. we’ve chosen
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    To stifle the PPP and oust Dr.Cheddi of Guyana
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    History has proved after 28 years Cheddi was not
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    In Africa and Europe dictators arose
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    But really can they handle it?

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    Many times we have seen great incorporations
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    Look back in History with the great Mahatma
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    Jinnah caused India to split is a fact
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    Jinnah never wanted an Independent India
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    The same thing happened in Guyana’s PPP
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    In that case the CIA’s puppet Mr Langley
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    Joined with Burnham who later kicked them out in

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    As they bank the people’s money to be used later
    At the Cayman Islands, Swiss or the country they all hate
    Or just invested it in stocks and bonds and in real estate

    Since the last time we spoke
    Some thought it was a joke
    Since then we saw the fall of the South East Asian Empire
    A dire land of totalitarians and some secular pundits for hire

    Tempered by monastic vows
    Treating their women like cows
    Governing wretched peoples yet who sneered and
    Praying to their God when the Twin Towers fell and were

    A people who always want the green US dollars
    But funneled the money for domestic owned wars
    And sat and took it decade after decades
    As that part of the world became Hades

    Fast forward to Toronto in Ontario, to live
    With the Liberal Party vs the Conservative
    You would never believe politicians can be so sick
    One would surely think one is in a Banana Republic

    Wasting and covering it up is the order of the day
    And all the poor taxpayers don’t have a darn say
    Billions of dollars wasted to save their party some seats
    As erasing tapes and emails done secretly at their meets

    The fists would fly and guns would be drawn
    But all dumb Ontarians do is smile and yawn
    But really you have to blame it on the naive lesbians
    Pride has voted as a block maybe they got the billions

    When the people put party before sound economics
    It always come back to bite them where it ticks
    Only time would tell in the next few years
    But then it may be too late for long tears


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