Stand Firm With Your New Government Barbados

Submitted by DAVID  COMISSIONG, President, Clement Payne Movement
As the new Barbados Labour Party (BLP) administration and its inspirational leader — Prime Minister Mia Mottley — commence our country’s negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the role and duty of every patriotic citizen is to stand in solidarity with our Government and to present a strong seamlessly united Government / Private Sector / Trade Union / Civil Society front to the IMF.
Our new government has made it clear that its approach to the IMF will be centred around the fundamental “Barbadian principle” that our country’s development MUST be based on nurturing and fostering the educational talents and accomplishments of our people , and on maintaining a sound, efficient and civilized system of social services and amenities for the benefit of tourists, would-be foreign investors, and the Barbadian citizenry alike.
Prime Minister Mottley has made it clear that  Barbados will be approaching the IMF NOT as a helpless supplicant, but as a respected member of that international financial institution — a member that has over the years consistently demonstrated that its basic national developmental model is sound and sensible.
We Barbadians therefore need to uniformly assure the IMF that, having freed ourselves of an uncharacteristically dysfunctional Barbadian governmental administration, we are now more than capable of restoring local and foreign investor confidence in our economy, and in undertaking firm and measured reforms to update and strengthen our economic model, and to upgrade the productivity of our population.
Thus, what Barbados needs from the IMF at this time is some temporary financial relief to ease the burden of our international debt obligations and to shore up our stock of foreign reserves, while we (Government and people together) forge ahead with urgency and a new sense of  mission to carry out the necessary national repairs and reforms.
The last thing that we need at this time — on the eve of the visit of the IMF team — is the divisive and potentially demoralizing public mouthings of the Delisle Worrells of Barbados!
Dr Delisle Worrell — the man who fought tooth and nail to save HIS job: the former Central Bank Governor who facilitated the DLP government’s economically destructive printing of money for several years — has come out of the proverbial woodwork to publicly oppose the fundamentals of our new Government’s approach to the IMF and to suggest that our Government should immediately fire 1,500 public sector workers and virtually eliminate all financial support for our statutory corporations.
(Clearly, Dr Worrell’s job was of supreme value and importance to him, but he seemingly cannot appreciate why the jobs of thousands of other Barbadian citizens who work in the public service and in the statutory corporations are of value and importance to THEM and their families !)
With all due respect to my Barbadian elder, I would like to inform Dr Worrell that he and the dysfunctional DLP Government that he served have already done enough damage to our country, and that he should just shut up and allow Ms Mottley and her team to engage with the IMF against a background of unified national support.
On behalf of the officers and members of the Clement Payne Movement I hereby call upon all Barbadian citizens and all of the civil society and private sector organizations of our country to stand united in solidarity with our Government as it embarks upon these important and sensitive negotiations with the IMF.
Let us —by our words and deeds — bring home to the officials of the IMF that Barbados is indeed a special country — a sturdy little nation that possesses such invaluable resources as a compact and well organized society, a literate and well educated population, an impressive communications infrastructure, a cohesive and distinctive national culture, a relatively large stock of domestic savings, a strategic geographical location, an admirable political stability and maturity, a population steeped in the instincts and practices of democracy, and an appreciable number of national economic resources imbued with the potential for future development.
There is nothing that is wrong with Barbados that we — the Barbadian people — cannot put right !


  • Another deceptive the Mottley administration. An administration who would have to muster sufficient muscle to fight off the onslaught of crticism in the months to come after fooling and engaging the public in a show of theatrics those of offerings which if and when handed out would most likely be removed once the IMF takes control of barbados economic affairs
    Any sensible person should be asking “How can Mia be handing out financial benefits of any kind when she says the country is broke
    Either she is a liar or continues to embark on a ruthless and selfish deception of political opportunity


  • True True!


  • millertheanunnaki

    Barbados Underground Whistleblower June 6, 2018 10:34 PM
    “In light of recent appointments there is no hope for Barbados and will be more of the same stealing and blinded party loyalty even after being shafted decade after decade.”

    You might just be right on the money regarding some of the appointments to the Cabinet, either as ministers or advisors.

    We still cannot evaluate the benefits which the engagement of Persaud can bring to the Bajan economic recovery table given his antecedents of failure with the Four Seasons fiasco which still ought to be in the spotlight of scam and corruption which occurred under the previous administration.

    Unless he can use his boastfully-promoted connections in the UK to get some rich people to buy up (again) some real estate in Barbados we would continue to see him in not too a ‘sterling’ light.

    Be that as it may, we are still rather concerned about your misuse of the moniker of “Barbados Underground Whistleblower”.

    How come you are not blowing the cover on the Hyatt project financing arrangements?

    You project yourself as a person operating underground but very much in the ‘official’ know.

    So why not tell the BU truth seekers who are these ‘financing’ people behind the Hyatt?

    Now that the Commie-sing-along David is out of the way can you tell us who really is paying the Hyatt piper of scam?

    Can you imagine what it would look like if the Hyatt hotel were to deliver thousands of tons of sewage instead of hundreds of rats to the Bridgetown sewerage plant given its current capacity and maintenance history?

    If you can do that, then the BU soldiers fighting for good and transparent governance will be all prepared to follow you in your quest to make the PM Mottley look just as collusively corrupt as her recent predecessor(s).

    Is that too much to ask of you, the “Party-less Impartial”?


  • Barbados Underground Whistleblower

    @ millertheannuki

    Ordinarily I would ignore your comment.

    No way in my previous comments did I referred to Mia as corrupt however I have called out recent appointments of BLP Ministers and Senators who are as equally culpable in thefts and fraud as the DLP cohorts.

    You seem to have the blinkers on for the BLP not I.

    A Whistleblower doesn’t have info on every scam going on.

    For the Hyatt I have no idea who were or are the proposed financiers.

    Now that Mia is in that question should be directed at her since there should be a MOU in place.


  • Statement at the Conclusion of an IMF Staff Visit to Barbados

    June 7, 2018

    At the request of the newly elected Government of Barbados, an International Monetary Fund (IMF) team led by Bert van Selm visited Bridgetown on June 5-7, to have discussions on economic policies and possible IMF financial support of the government’s economic plan. At the end of the visit, Mr. van Selm made the following statement:

    “Barbados is in a precarious economic situation. International reserves have dwindled to US$220 million, while central government debt is unsustainable. The fiscal deficit has decreased over the last few years but remains large, at about 4 percent of GDP in FY2017/18. Meanwhile, the Central Bank of Barbados (CBB) is reporting a contraction of output of 0.7 percent in the first quarter of 2018 (over the same period last year).

    “The Barbadian authorities, in close consultation with their social partners, are rapidly developing a plan to address current economic vulnerabilities. We welcome the government’s plans to urgently address infrastructure problems, and its goal of seeking to support the most vulnerable during the economic adjustment process.

    “At this juncture, the IMF’s recommendations contained in the 2017 Article IV Consultation remain highly relevant to rebuild confidence and address Barbados’ current challenges. Substantial fiscal consolidation is needed to place debt on a clear downward trajectory in conjunction with the proposed debt restructuring, and to address balance of payments risks that cloud the country’s future. Since tax and revenues are relatively high, the adjustment effort should focus on the expenditure side, including by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public services, containing wages, and reforming government pensions. Government transfers to SOEs need to be reduced by reviewing user fees, exploring options for mergers and privatization, and by providing much stronger oversight. Tax policy should be reviewed with a view to broadening the tax base and improving its progressivity, while efforts to strengthen tax administration should continue. Structural reforms are critical to improve the business climate in Barbados to attract investment, and develop the private sector.

    “Fiscal consolidation will also help to reduce financing needs, in conjunction with the proposed debt restructuring. It will be important for the CBB to limit financing of the government budget given that such practice is not consistent with Barbados’ exchange rate peg; the large monetary financing over the last few years has contributed to the decline in international reserves.

    “We also note the authorities’ decision to seek a restructuring of domestic debt and external debt to commercial creditors. An early and open dialogue with the country’s creditors, aiming to achieve an orderly debt restructuring process, is important.

    “Overall, the team had very positive and candid discussions with the government during the visit. In the coming months, we expect to continue our close dialogue with the Barbados government with the aim of reaching understandings on economic policies that could underpin an IMF supported program. Our goal is to help Barbados achieve higher living standards and more inclusive growth for the years ahead.

    “During the visit, the team met with Prime Minister Mia Mottley, Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs and Investment, CBB Governor Haynes, and other key officials. The team also had good opportunities for exchange of views with social partners, including labor unions and the private sector. The team would like to thank the Barbados government for open and candid discussions, and to express its desire to continue to work closely with Barbados in the period ahead.”
    IMF Communications Department

    PRESS OFFICER: Randa Elnagar.

    Phone: +1 202 623-7100Email:


  • Barbados Underground Whistleblower

    Note in the USA how they deal with criminal police who are caught red-handed planting evidence, taking drugs to dealers and getting a cut 25 years jail time.

    We all know that this doesn’t happen in Barbados where the Barbados Police like the Politicians irregardless DLP or BLP continue decade to decade to flourish in their crimes.

    The Latest: Ex-leader of corrupt police unit gets 25 years

    BALTIMORE (AP) — The Latest on the sentencing of the former leader of a corrupt Baltimore police unit

    A leader of a corrupt Baltimore police unit has been sentenced to 25 years in federal prison.

    U.S. District Judge Catherine Blake handed down the punishment Thursday to former Gun Trace Task Force leader Sgt. Wayne Jenkins.

    Jenkins had pleaded guilty earlier this year to charges including racketeering, robbery and falsifying records. He is the second member of the disbanded task force to be sentenced.

    In his plea agreement, Jenkins admitted to robbing hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash as well as drugs including cocaine and heroin from people who had been temporarily detained or arrested.

    Jenkins gave stolen drugs to an associate who resold them, enriching both men.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Whistleblower

    Barring your first prosecution against Stephen and he Fadder Senator John per the contract you now are falling into cut and paste commentary which ent too ammmm eye popping with your sexy name

    In fact you have appropriated the name of the Blog which itself might be a cyberspace crime for some who hold BU in high stead.

    Now lest it should be said again dat de ole man is de blog police Heheheheh or de consigner of BU blog names let me tell you how i came by mine.

    A blogger here was cussing de ole man and called me a piece uh very bad word female rabbit.

    Now be causing de ole man do like a piece uh whu he was talking bout and becausing dem is from times of past imaginations heheheheh de ole man say to meself

    “Myself, doah you Doan get none what if you hold on to the name IN PART causing if you use dat name in full you going get ban LIKE BAFFY”

    So I replaced the bad word with de rock.

    Now effing you was to find a copy of that document by which Stephen get de contracts illegally well den de Policemens pun BU who looking to see who expose Nazzim Blackett almost sanctioned murder by the Royal Barbados Police Force MIGHT BE INCLINED TO INVESTIGATE YOU CLAIMS



  • ” Senators have voted to pass the Trudeau government’s landmark legislation to lift Canada’s 95-year-old prohibition on recreational cannabis by a vote of 56 to 30 with one abstention. ”


  • Barbados Underground Whistleblower

    @ Pieceundertherock

    I am entitled to use whatever moniker I choose.

    The cut and paste police corruption article is true facts that I choose to share.

    In regards to Steven Williams of Sunisle you need to go and do your own research.

    If my mind doesn’t fail me and I don’t mind correction I if incorrect I believe it was either @prodigal or yourself who mentioned sometime ago on BU that Steven Williams works closely with the Barbados Police and BLP website or organisation in regards to its technology.

    So I am sure that the same corrupt local police would not investigate one of their external gang.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Whistleblower


    I tink it was de grandson who was did tell me that Stepher was responsible for hosting the GoB email servers FOR ALL OFFICIAL BUSINESS OF THE SOVEREIGN STATE

    Heheheheh and it was Dr grandson who tell me of other things too bout Stephen and he fadder.

    The things is Whistleblower is that you seem to misunderstand what Whistleblower means much like De ole man understands what pieceuhc*** means but not pieceunderderock means heheheheh

    Let me explain.

    You claim the name Whistleblower right?

    Then you say and I quote “…In regards to Steven Williams of Sunisle you need to go and do your own research…”

    That simply does not make sense because you are the Whistleblower who has said Stephen and he fadder benefited from unfairly awarded contracts.

    Now whereas the premise resonated with de ole man per MAM reverting to vomit by going to said fadder, I am in possession of said incriminating evidence

    In fact said documents may now public records heheheheheh…

    But anyway I like the last part of you name and hope dat you do get some materials from off a truck to post here to keep dese bajan scum from teifing people money and land etc


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