2018 BLP Manifesto Scorecard

The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) launched the obligatory manifesto to support its 2018 general election campaign. There has been a lot of public commentary about the importance of a manifesto and the degree citizenry is equipped to hold political parties to account when it takes office based on promises contained therein.

The blogmaster proposes on the 30 November 2018 the BU family performs an appraisal of the BLP performance based on its six month plan. The government was elected to serve us, it is incumbent more Barbadians become engaged in our system of governance.

A link to the BLP Manifesto is provided to access greater detail about the issues listed in the table below. This post will be added to BU menu and from time to time accessed to support blogging.

2018 BLP Manifesto  – The first six month


% achieved (blogmaster)

% achieved (BU family)

Rebuild the foreign reserves – page 6



Dealing with the debt – page 7



Tax relief – page 7



Threats to Financial services sector – page 7



Helping people to live – page 8



Arrears and refunds – page 6



Protecting people’s health – page 8



Sewerage systems must work – page 9



Getting rid of garbage – page 9



Putting buses back on the roads – page 9



Repairing our roads – page 10



Alleviating water woes – page 10



Citizens’ safety and well-being – page 10



Empowering young people – page 10



Stamping out corruption – page 11



Sugar industry and workers – page 11



Preparing for natural disasters – page 11



2018 BLP Manifesto – The Five-Year Term (transformation agenda)

Education – page 15



Citizens Capital – page 16



The Barbados Sovereign Wealth Fund – page 16



Enabling Entrepreneurship – page 16



Creating new frontiers of economic development – page 16



Celebrating Barbadiana – page 18



Bringing justice into the 21st century – page 18



Healthy Bajans – page 18



Remembering forgotten groups – page 18



Opportunities for technical specialization – page 19



31 thoughts on “2018 BLP Manifesto Scorecard

  1. There is no opposition, the citizens, the majority population who gave the government it’s mandate, must now become more involved, for their own beneft.

  2. I have no problem with this, David.

    To whom much is given, much is required.

    When they read what is happening on BU, it would keep them on their toes so that their stated goals would be achieved.

    • It is about being fair, based on historical, politicians start with the most honorable of intentions than along the way are sidetracked. Looking forward to a good six month review.

  3. @The Honourable Blogmaster

    Nice. This matrix is nice.

    An online collaborative GANNT app might be of additional use to detail what steps she takes in the interim

    So as opposed to macro goals we get to see her interim steps which she announced

    I have sent a brief of the first tier of the platform to you under confidential cover

  4. @ Brother Hants

    Looks what BU driving these so called newspapers to do?

    Fem realizing dat dem numbers dying and dat BU was de ting for months before and during de elections

    One dem want sum uh dat too

    I wonder if de grandson cud do some Stoopid Cartoons fun BU?

    All BU would need to do is send the desired narrative and it’s platform preference

    Dat boy ent care why I’m is he did do up some items fuh BU

  5. Ah guess a lot of hopes, dreams and plans got dashed when the electorate turned militant and revolted en masse…upsetting the old con game.

    Am sure Mia knows who is what she better had, the theatre is priceless, it gives many of us less postimg to do in the months ahead, it narrows the focus.

    That was the best thing that could ever had happened for the people and island at this stage…the people should congratulate themselves.

  6. Enuff….and here I was thinking that Vivek was your best friend.

    What’s with you these last couple days that all ya talking about are lawsuits anyway.

    ya don’t discourse with us anymore..

    ya don’t say hello anymor..

    since the election ya just turned into a lawyer…with lawsuit on the brain..

  7. Glad to see one newspaper taking a stance on this, social media has been pounding this topic of FOIA for a long time, Mia should act on that promise as soon as she can….


    “It was encouraging to say the least, to hear Prime Minister Mia Mottley’s open promise to reporters immediately following her swearing in last Friday that as soon as new integrity legislation is fully enacted, the next item on the legislative agenda of her new Government will be passage of the long awaited Freedom of Information Act (FIA).”

  8. The road to hell is paved with good intentions
    So far every barbadian household has been catching hell in the six month this govt has taken reign
    Mia talks a good game and only those who are not feeling the pain and suffering would be jubilant in any thing scribbled on that report card
    The truth of the matter barbados debt has increased and many household has been placed on a long and treacherous path towards poverty.

  9. @ Mariposa aka AC aka Legion

    Incredibly, yet unfortunately, you, the herald of the very party that put us where we are as a country, are correct.

    Mugabe has placed thousands of bajan households into the hands of poverty.

    And cannot see a way out

    Now, instead of “making smoke castles in the sky” she is selling “artificial islands in the sea” in a cuntry where JUST BUILDING AN EFFJNG JETTY OR A GROYNE AT HOLETOWN washed way de whole of Folkestone beach forever!!!


  10. @ the Honourable Blogmaster Generally speaking a rereport card has a list of subjects (one’s targets) the past grades if any and the current grades.

    Right now, with all the hot air Mugabe blowing up our collective pooches WHATEVER THE NJMBER OF MJNUTES KN THD VIDEO, there is nothing to use to provide a picture of BEFORE & AFTER

  11. In any other country but a BLP led Barbados where the media (Nation & VOB) are still sniffing under Mia’s pants (because she don’t like dresses too much) – that we would have a Prime minister so boldly tell a country hit hard by decisions taken by their government – to ‘breathe easy we are punching above our weight again’.

    Really now !

    Mottley yesterday spent hours long in Parliament in a rambling shite talk grading herself and giving herself an A for ‘delivering on her promises’.

    First of all imagine a country congratulating itself for borrowing money to increase the foreign reserves;

    Imagine a Prime Minister slapping herself on the back for giving public workers a 5 % increase on wages – and in the next hand decimating them by sending them home without any of their severance moneys due as promised,and for those still employed – INCREASING THEIR INCOME TAX RATE,, INCREASING THEIR WATER BILL BY AS HIGH AS 100 % ,PUTTING ON A TAX ON GASOLINE,A HEALTH LEVY TAX – ALL ON THE SUFFERING YET COMPLIANT MASSES – but according to her she gets an A+.

    Why didn’t motley address the promise of bringing in 10 new Garbage Trucks in 3 months time to clean up the garbage situation – its now almost 7 months and the garbage situation has gotten worse – where the very health of the young babies in the Nurseries are at risk (see today’s Nation newspaper) – and the Child care board is extremely concerned;

    What about the South Coast sewage mess – that she criticised, protested, had International Media writing negative stories about us – yet Mottley promised if she won the government that within “one week she will start to implement a number of plans to address this crisis”- for example temporarily closing down food businesses and paying the workers wages,,Hotels be required to send their guest elsewhere and compensation be offered to them etc – how did that work out for them huh ?

    Promises to bring in new buses in 3 months – well right now the Transportation system is worse than before.One rural worker complained that she had to wait from 7:00 p.m. until 11 p.m. in the late night to get a bus to come home.

    Mia promised to be transparent and open – soask yourself when was the last time Mottley held a press conference open to all the journalists AND NOT HER FAVOURITE LAPDOG DAVID ELLIS ? Study yuh good and think back and see if Mia don’t be talking but never holding a structured Press conference ( note not that sit down shite with ellis)

    What you are having is Mia talking a lot and saying nothing – but there are no journalists allowed to question her or to give push back on what she is saying.

    Yet everyday on this blog – the owner and BLP sycophants talk about how she is communicating so well –

    Never forget communication is a 2 way street.

    Right now, we still have her large cabinet in place and all those ministers and their families will be having a nice,nice xmas – while the ones who drunk the Kool-Aid will be singing ‘I ain’t getting nuffin for xmas’ lol.

    Corporation Tax which Mottley increased from 25 % – 30 % in her mini budget in July this year – and which she said would bring in $ 57 million dollars – suddenly that Tax was slashed to 5% or less.

    Where would Mottley make up that short fall ?

    In 2017 Corporation taxes yielded $270 million dollars.When you add the extra $57 million dollars as a result of increasing the tax to 30% – then the government was expecting a total of around $ 327 million dollars – that is more than a quarter billion dollars in taxes – reduced to almost nothing.

    Who you think making up this shortfall – well of course it is the ordinary working man and woman – who before 24th May 2018 – Mia said was overburdened and couldn’t take any more taxes.

    Now she is telling you – who it seems she suspects are bewitched behind her – look at me – I got yuh punching above your weight again. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Murdah.

    • @T.Inniss

      You called the blogmaster’s name and this time we are of the mood to respond.

      Unlike Bush whose comments are rooted in a philosophical place, you are nakedly political partisan.

      The blogmaster has learned a long time ago one does not equate the promises of a politico what is practical to implement once in government.

      What if the government did not borrow to prevent the leak to foreign reserves?

      Where could the government have borrowed at concessionary rates given our junk status rating?

      What happens if the government continues to pay public servants by printing 50 million dollars every week?

      You do not buy that there was a technical hitch purchasing the garbage trucks?

      Given the dodo that was running on the streets, in peoples yards and floors, in the swamp and the fact the former government indicated there was no problem for two years, does any sensible person expect it would have been solved in 6 months? The lack of maintenance of the plant is well documented by DLP Patricia Inniss. She was fired for her effort.

      Will leave it there for now.

  12. Not at all against govt borrowing but how does govt propose to pay back should be transparent in lieu of the fact that all the past borrowing is causing barbadians pain and suffering
    My question therfore allows me to ask govt
    Then what how are these loans going to be repaid

  13. Another case of vodoo economics hoisted right in the face of the people
    Jamaica is our example. The same play card that does not take the social enviroment into consideration

  14. The blogmaster proposes on the 30 November 2018 the BU family performs an appraisal of the BLP performance based on its six month plan. The government was elected to serve us, it is incumbent more Barbadians become engaged in our system of governance.(Quote)

    When are we going to get this much promised appraisal?

  15. IMF pleased with economic progress in Suriname
    Added 21 December 2018

    WASHINGTON – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has welcomed Suriname’s ongoing economic receiver after the Dutch-speaking Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country recorded a 1.7 per cent growth in real gross domestic product (GDP) last year.

    The IMF executive board in reviewing the staff appraisal that was conducted last month, said that the economic growth is underpinned by increased commodity exports.

    However, it noted that the economy faces challenges arising from a weak fiscal position, rising public debt, an underdeveloped monetary policy framework, a vulnerable banking sector, and heavy dependence on the mineral sector.
    The IMF is encouraging the authorities to use the current economic environment to build policy buffers, enhance resilience, and promote diversified and sustainable growth.

    It said that priority should be given to strengthening the fiscal position and reducing public debt and recommended that adjustment efforts should focus on reducing energy subsidies, containing the public wage bill, implementing a broad-based value-added tax, and continuing to improve tax and customs administration.

    The IMF said these measures would put debt on a downward path and create space for public investment and called for a strengthening of the social safety net to protect vulnerable groups.

    The Washington-based financial institution said it welcomed the strengthening of the fiscal framework. They emphasised that further efforts are needed to strengthen revenue administration, improve public financial management, and strengthen the public investment system to improve public finances.

    It agreed that a fiscal framework focusing on the non-resource primary balance could help safeguard long-term fiscal sustainability.

    But while the IMF considered the current monetary policy stance to be broadly appropriate, it called for quick absorption of the excess liquidity in the banking system.

    The IMF emphasised the need to strengthen the monetary framework by adopting reserve money targeting and developing open market operations and standing facilities to allow the central bank to effectively conduct monetary policy operations.
    It underscored the need to strengthen both institutional and financial settings of the Central Bank and agreed that maintaining a flexible exchange rate would support the economy’s adjustment to external shocks.

    The IMF said it recognised the recent improvements in the financial sector indicators but noted that vulnerabilities remain.
    It underscored that developing a robust contingency plan and bank resolution framework will help strengthen financial stability an noted the progress so far in the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) framework and encouraged the authorities to further strengthen this framework in line with the 2012 FATF standards, as it will help mitigate risks regarding the withdrawal of correspondent banking relationships.

    The IMF said that structural reforms should focus on boosting productivity and diversifying the economy to foster sustained strong growth and called for reforms to enhance the business climate and improve the environment for private investment.
    “Priority also needs to be given to investing in education and increasing labour market flexibility while providing a meaningful safety net for the unemployed. Strengthening governance will also support investor confidence and promote growth,” the IMF said. (CMC)

  16. In Feb we may be better able to grade the first six months of the MAM administration.

    What i am interested in is the timeliness of the payment of the “quarterly interest payments” to the lenders/participants in the GOB(CBB) loans. The Central Bank of Barbados as part of the GOB loan reshaping programme made available a debt schedule in an xls file. Dec 31, 2018 was the first payment date. So as everything has gone electronic it should only be a few days at most before he funds are deposited in the respective account?.

    This too is a promise made. Not a manifesto promise; but it was part of the BLP plan to fix things that were wrong in the country when the MAM admin too over the affairs of this natio on May 24 2018. It not on your score card or check list but its of high priority for many a Bajan.

  17. @sirFuzzy

    The blogmaster was of the view that it would have been a simpler task to mark the six month scorecard but it is not. All we know is that several initiatives have been set in train but realistically have not had the time to make an impact.

    So far we have had the usual rehash of policies implemented. The government can be given a C+ for taking economic decisions compared to the previous government, impact on the economy is a TBD.

    A concern is the social landscape and the extent to which this component has improved. The blogmaster is of the view that the social fabric is intertwined with the economic which combine to form a society. We will have to wait a little, perhaps 12 months.

    As we discussed this matter the external debt restructure program is being negotiated, a critical piece of the effort to retrieve the unstable economic position we have created for ourselves. There is still fog how government intends to deal with the public Transport, NIS, Physical infrastructure of the island, waste management and others.

  18. As we discussed this matter the external debt restructure program is being negotiated, a critical piece of the effort to retrieve the unstable economic position we have created for ourselves. There is still fog how government intends to deal with the public Transport, NIS, Physical infrastructure of the island, waste management and others.

    I am looking at the domestic debt. The interest payments for debts paid out in local currency. As far as i know the local debt restructuring has been completed. The CBB has issued receipts for those that chose to assist the GOB with its debt re-profiling etc.
    I just hope that those lenders get their ontime returns as promised.

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