The Fruendel Stuart Legacy: From Retro Colonialism to Dictatorship

Submitted by Heather Cole
Father forgive him
He knows what he has done.

There was no was world war, no war in the Western hemisphere and the global recession ended in 2010. There was also no natural disaster or mass migration, yet a home-grown recession brought the manifestation of the austerity of war that has defied logic when used to explain what has occurred in Barbados. At a first glance it took the island on a backward path that can only be described as retro colonialism. However, after careful analysis this situation of retro colonialism was used as a camouflage for the creation of an authoritarian dictatorship during the past 8 years under the Fruendel Stuart Administration. The method used to achieve this result was the political, economic and social destruction of the state and its institutions in post- independence Barbados.

Retro Colonialism

From slavery to independence, colonialism was exported by England to Barbados. A strange phenomenon occurred in Barbados where the government of a self- ruling country opted to recreate the austerity of war by other means on its own people. It has destroyed the middleclass leaving the “new planter class” and their protégées at the top and the poor at the bottom.

Laws were changed to suit the structure of the retro colonial society. For example, the attempt to introduce the finger print technology with the absurdity of it requirements and the Amendment to the Police Act so that it could be used as a tool to repress, alienate and segregate the population.

This new form of Colonialism brought with it the destruction of the state. The state or crown and public ownership is being eliminated with wealth, means of production and land ownership consolidated in the hands of a few. We have witnessed this with the attempt of deregulation in the sale of BNOTC, the sale Blue Horizon and Coverley and Paradise.

Corruption has raised its ugly head even in our Parliament. Progressive thought has disappeared from government of the people and blame, accountability, moral shaming and transparency have become extinct. The science of dumbing down of the population has led to less persons with university education, a low skilled workforce, a low wage-earning population where wealth is not passed down but remains concentrated in the hands of a few. It breeds not independence but loyalty and aggression from those who get paid to keep this in place.

The Labour Movement is in limbo. We have witnessed the reversing of the provision of social services and welfare and the use of national insurance funds. We have also seen actions that have unmasked the reality of nepotism, mafias and corrupt family dynasties that we did not know existed. Bearing the overtones of the former colonial nostalgia this retro colonialism imposes its own discipline to erode sovereign power.

Political Destruction

The democratic governance of Barbados rests upon its Constitution which was created at independence in 1966. History will recall that during the period in review that the Constitution of Barbados was undergoing a stress test that it was never created to withstand. One wonders if this test has created fissures that can be mended or if it has created deep fault lines that may destroy the very bedrock upon which our democracy stands.

The stress test on Constitution did not start on March 6, 2018. It started on elections day 2013 when rumors and evidence of vote buying were abounding. It was a fraudulent election and nothing was done to correct it. It emboldened the Ministers of Government to become more openly corrupt. Like a cancer, it spread to all functioning organs in the body making the patient’s prognosis critical. What occurred under Mr. Stuart’s watch is a clear case of abuse and disregard for the Constitution.

From inception, an election date has been announced upon the dissolution of Parliament by successive governments. Fruendel Stuart’s refusal to announce the date of the general election on the dissolution of Parliament created a constitutional crisis, as the Constitution does not allow for such to occur under normal circumstances. The founding fathers and writers of the Constitution never anticipated that a Prime Minister would refuse to call an election and that he and his ministers would remain in office conducting the country’s affairs and making plans as though Parliament had not dissolved.

Mr. Stuart is no gentleman if his party acceded to power because of a fraudulent general election in 2013 when buying and selling of votes occurred. However, even worse than that, was the manifestation of government being openly controlled by a few minority business men, awarding them lucrative contracts and sweetheart deals, breaking the financial rules and there was nothing in the Constitution to prevent this.

One never anticipated that the last act of Mr. Stuart could bloom into a crisis that now leads to the reexamination of the Constitution. Has it surpassed its shelf life? Should another document be created or the old amended? Technically the Constitution does not offer a remedy if this situation presents itself again.

At best Mr. Stuart, has tried to legitimize his act of loitering by claiming a 5-year term and ignoring the dissolution of Parliament resulting in political limbo without accountability. The public and the Opposition are not aware of his actions during that 51-day period. One wonders if no elections had been called within the 90 period if civil disobedience would have occurred as public opinion has branded him as the worst Prime Minister in the history of Barbados. His dismal performance as Prime Minister and his refusal to speak with the Barbadian people has destroyed public confidence in the Democratic Labour Party.

The Constitution must be amended to include a power of recall for Ministers of Government; it must prevent any Minister from sitting in office and exercising power or working on the behalf of Government after the dissolution of Parliament and prior to an election; there must be consequences for breaking the financial rules; a date upon which general elections are to be held; stringent rules, regulations and punishment for the buying and selling of votes and other acts of electoral fraud; and the audited assets of all those seeking political office must be declared, followed with a yearly published audit.

Perhaps, what has manifested itself is proof that the island has surpassed the era of the Westminster System and must clearly adopt a Republican System or a hybrid of both the Westminster and the Republican Systems.

Ultimately, Mr. Stuart’s legacy or lack thereof is testimony to the fact that there must be changes made to the Constitution with regards to the holding of general elections. Without providing a proper excuse his actions of holding on to power can now be seen as quite devious with the recent revelation that the sale of the Hilton hotel was due to be signed off on a mere three days before the general election date of May 24th 2018.

Under Mr. Stuart, government went from crisis to crisis but there was no crisis management. He placed the government on autopilot and looked on while his undisciplined Ministers did as they pleased without admonishment from him. The scandals were many, involvement in the Cahill scam, the four seasons hotel, theft of pensioner’s funds, involvement in a stolen car theft racket, missing funds from the Revenue Authority, the death of an Englishman, the abuse of the Town and County Planning Department and one can go on and on. Only on one of these scandals did the Prime Minster make an address that became publicly known. It was with regards to the Cahill scam. He stated that it could not could happen unless he said so. However, he lied as a few weeks later correspondence was found that he had signed off on this matter 6 months prior.

He may also be remembered for the circus like event that overtook the general election period in 2018. A record number of 8 political parties and several independent candidates announced their intent and were nominated to contest the general elections. It was departure from the norm of the two-party system. Hence, Mr. Stuart destroyed the norm, forcing persons from all walks of life to seek to rescue the island. All the opposing contenders saw a need for the political representation of the people of Barbados that was missing under his tenure as Prime Minister.

If it was not known during the 8 years that his party was in power, it became apparent at the launch of his party’s political campaign that Mr. Stuart had literally killed the 80-old institution named the Democratic Labour Party. It was clearly seen by everyone that the party was no longer the party that was founded by Errol Walton Barrow. The proud party of Errol Walton Barrow was obliterated at the event that unfolded. The bar was set at an all-time low. Mr. Barrow must have come back to life, shuddered and died again. Instead of delivering on his party’s accomplishments, the entire evening used to belittle the Opposition Leader. It was revolting to the stomach. One could not believe that this was a meeting of the highest officers of the land who were exhibiting such vulgar behavior.

Economic Destruction

During this period, the government of Barbados seems to have been on a quest to build an inwardly driven enclave based on high taxation with little exports and a dependence on tourism. However, with a huge import bill this was always a recipe for disaster, as it squandered its foreign reserves. This had started from David Thompson’s short stint as Prime Minister and Fruendel Stuart continued the trend, eventually being unable to cover their deficit, he continuously borrowed money on the external market.

How can one destroy a thriving economy in ten years? Many will never have bragging rights on this but Fuendel Stuart will. We will never hear all the stories of what thousands of Barbadians have done to survive over the past 10 years after losing their jobs, homes and savings but they are testament of the fact that the government who they gave the mandate to govern could not financially support it people.

No one knows where the $ US 16 Billon that was left by the Owen Arthur Administration has disappeared to. Without the oversight on all government departments, the Auditor General has been unable to provide this information. This spendthrift government started a trend to borrow from Peter to Paul. They did not borrow to create any development projects. As they ran more and more into the red on the balance sheet, expanding the deficit, the credit rating which is also a measure of their ability to default or their ability to repay their loans got worse. Then the downgrades started. The 22 Downgrades that have occurred under Mr. Stuart’s watch reduced governments ability to borrow on international markets at favourable terms; that is low interest repayment rates. The island’s credit worthiness has therefore been decimated by the Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance.

22 Downgrades under the same management team is not the environment that attracts foreign investors. With a high foreign debt ratio and not enough funds, the government of Barbados chopped about 3000 jobs in the public sector and then began to tax Barbadians at a rate never before seen in this island. No less than 30 new taxes in the past 5 years. Then there was the printing of money which in itself created inflation. There was the increase in Vat t0 17% and recently the dreaded NSRL. However, the government’s next step was the selling off the Crown’s assets at prices less than their market value.

As the economy started to spin out of control, the foreign exchange cover started to dwindle. Having been taught to avoid a foreign exchange cover of less than 12 weeks, it is unheard of that the island has 4 weeks supply of foreign exchange to buy food. There have been rumors of devaluation and capital flight. This further caused local and foreign investors from investing in projects which can help resuscitate the economy. Mr. Sinckler and by extension Mr. Stuart’s crippling of the economy did not stop there it affected the private sector as well and many in the private sector loss their jobs.

The government of Barbados also broke one of its Manifesto promises. It stated that it would give 40% of its contract to small contractors. It did not instead, it awarded most of it contracts to 5 minority business men. The financial rules were not kept during this process and what occurred seems to have been nothing but quid pro quo.

Under Mr. Stuart’s tenure, his government seem bent on destroying the Brand Barbados. That the sugar Industry could be allowed to wallow in the dust while government refused to pay the farmers is a shame. On the South Coast for the past 3 years, sewage has been flowing freely destroying not only reputation of an entire section of Barbados but the product that we offer to visitors of the island. It also puts the health of Barbadians at risk, destroys the livelihood of restaurant and boutique owners as well as the small hotels. The government did not take this matter seriously as raw sewage constantly fills the street and flows into the sea. It has been a national disgrace.

A good name is better than gold. Barbados’ performance in the international business sector was stellar until it reached the black list and then the grey list under this government. This should never have occurred given the resources that government has. It failed to ensure and maintain its compliance to articles that it signed.

Under Mr. Stuart’s tenure there was financial scandal after financial scandal too. There the Clico scandal which ended with government using tax payers’ money to bail out that entity but to this day tax payers have not been informed on the audit of the former Clico lands. A few days ago Mr. Sinckler remarked that the lands would be going back into agriculture. He never stated who was given this project or if the lands had been sold. The NIS funds have been used in the Four Seasons Project and have not been repaid, over a million dollars was passed from government to unknown persons with regards to the Cahill Plant that never came into existence. Mark Maloney now has the conveyance for 4 Seasons and no money has been found to have been received by government, one person was caught with funds at the airport which appeared to have been obtained from the Barbados Revenue Authority and that person remains on bail. Mark Maloney has been given every government contract that he has dreamt up in the tune of 2 Billion dollars from the public purse and Barbadians have nothing to show for this value. Under Fruendel Stuart’s watch, the disappearance of funds from the public purse have put the livelihood of every Barbadian at risk of not accessing services from the common pool into which all taxpayers contribute.

Social Destruction

Health care in any society is critical to life and its development. The Queen Elizabeth Hospital with a chronic lack of supplies and equipment is operating on an emergency basis. The poor and the middle class simply cannot afford the cost of traveling abroad to obtain medical services. God help us if a natural disaster or an outbreak of some disease occurs.

There is no longer the management of waste, so how can one fulfill our duty to preserve and pass down our environment that is so unique but yet fragile to the next generation? The once a month collection cycle is unsanitary. The stench of garbage should not be the norm that it has become. One wonders if Mr. Stuart decided to punish the island for the outcry that it made against the building of the Cahill Plasma Gasification Plant on the island. The obnoxious idea of building such a plant using untested technology in Barbados would have put the health of every person who lives on this island, flora and fauna and the marine life that surround us at risk to radiation, cancer and deformity.

In December 2018, the government of Barbados had a stockpile of 1500 houses which were unoccupied while many Barbadians who became unemployed needed shelter. To date one is not aware that this situation has changed. While vagrancy in Bridgetown is on the rise. One wonders if the plight of the vagrants in Bridgetown and that of the poor have not been was a merit to provide them with this housing.

It appears that under Mr. Stuart’s leadership that the meaning of national housing seemed to have been forgotten or only viewed through a very narrow focus to encompass only those seeking public housing. There is no other way for one to describe this as the government stood idly by and watched thousands of persons from the middle class lose their homes and did absolutely nothing about it. Unemployment in both the public and private sector was the case but like a gun, government pulled the trigger. Prime Minister and the government of Barbados has therefore been responsible for the decimation of the middleclass. This could have been arrested if the government had carefully considered it actions of sending home about 3,000 from the labour force and putting measures in place to prevent foreclosures. The easiest remedy was to update the archaic mortgage laws.

It was under Mr. Stuart’s tenure that violence put the nation’s school children at risk. Never in the history of Barbados and with such frequency has this occurred. It is unfortunate that the government did not put a single measure in place to resolve this crisis. All that occurred was talk, a lot of long talk.

This violence was just a reflection of what was occurring in the wider society of Barbados. One never thought that they would live to see the day when the young people in Barbados would be afraid to leave their homes at night, to walk alone in certain districts, to sit outside the village shop and in a hurry to get back home before outside gets dark. Some neighborhoods have become ghost towns after dark; not a person to be seen outside. One is not aware that the government is even interested in resolving this situation because there was a remark that gang members were killing each other. One believes that government has not done enough to stop the gun trade and the trade in illegal drugs.

Without a legal system that functions there is no real justice in any society. Over the past 10 year, we have borne witness to a legal system that does not work and is in dire need of overhaul. It is not only evidence that goes missing, witnesses who are conveniently swayed to change their minds, the length of time that it takes for the matter to be heard in the court, it is not only the excessive delays before the matter reaches conclusion, it is not only some lawyers who willfully abuse the system, it is not only some lawyers who themselves are beyond frustration with the system, it is not only who gets prosecuted or who does not get prosecuted; it is not only the magistrates and judges whose decisions leaves us with our mouths opened; but the very buildings are sick contributing to the malady. For 8 long years, Mr. Stuart and his Attorney General have not come up with any solutions or implemented changes or significantly amended any pieces of legislation to offer remedy to Barbadians.

In 8 years, the physical infrastructure of Barbados has deteriorated. The eye appeal of bygone years is not there. Some buildings have become dilapidated, others sick and are no longer in use. From its outskirts, Bridgetown is in dire need of a facelift. The entire roads network needs to be replaced not patched. Public transportation is in crisis. On the government side there are not enough buses for the poor people to get to and from work. The system for privately owned minibuses that are used for public transportation is in dire need of overhaul. No amount of uniforms and policing will resolve the problem that forces the drivers and conductors to hustle for a dollar. Under the Prime Minister’s watch, the Minister of Transport has not bought any buses or brought any remedy to the table to resolve the transportation problems of Barbados. It now appears to also be a case of willful indifference that has caused such neglect.

Water is a necessity and we cannot live without it. Any crisis that involves the management of water should be handled swiftly. Here again the infrastructure needed to be fixed, pumping stations cleared and cleaned. Old pipes replaced not left to rust above ground. Under Mr. Stuart watch, government ignored the need to provide citizens with water until a crisis occurred. The Prime Minister did not see it fit to visit any of the northern or eastern folk to understand their fears.

The Prime Minister renegaded on a campaign promise from his 2013 Manifesto by which he informed that Barbadians who were accepted that the University of the West Indies would do so without having to pay tuition fees. Clearly the Prime Minister lied because this did not occur. The children of the working class had to shelve their plans of attending the University because they could not afford to attend. The impact on his legacy was that he over turned an accomplishment for which Errol Walton Barrow the first Prime Minister of Barbados and the founder of his Democratic Labour Party was renown. Mr. Barrow must have rolled over in his grave.

These acts that would positively affect the lives of the masses seemed not to have been on the governments agenda.


With the breakdown of every functioning part of government, the economy and the society it was as though Barbados had reverted to the colonial era. Barbados began to resemble a failed state. We were all so focused on the failed state with the camouflage in our faces that very few stopped to look behind the camouflage. Six occurrences behind the camouflage should have made us exceedingly angry and perhaps scared. I only heard of the first and most important one a few nights ago when Ralph Thorne spoke of the utterings of the Prime Minister with regards to the media at CBC. It was that the Prime Minister was using the media to control the minds of the citizens of Barbados. It is now make perfect sense why local programing abruptly changed to political propaganda. The second was the purchase of the finger print technology and its intended use to track the movement of the people in the name of national security. The third was amendment of the police act which was an attempt to turn the country into a police state. The fourth was abuse of the Constitution when the Prime Minister refused to call an election until after he has accomplished whatever deeds were outstanding as he loitered on the steps of Parliament. The fifth was the Electoral and boundaries Commission defiance of the law as it tried to prevent Commonwealth citizens from voting in the general elections. The six occurrence was the dumbing down of the population by refusing to offer free university education

Dictatorships do not happen by accident the well-oiled machinery has already been rolled out in Barbados. It starts with the systemic dismantling of the state as it is known, to be replace by whatever supports the agenda of the dictator. Hence Mr. Stuart’s dismantling of the state that has taken us back to pre-independence times in Barbados. Unless halted Mr. Stuart will be well on his way to cementing a dictatorship. This Administration would not openly call itself a dictatorship but its actions state otherwise. As one look into the future there is nothing to prevent the Amendment of the Police Act from being used as a tool to crack down on the opposition if this Administration regains power.

It was not a democratically elected government that regained power in Barbados in 2013. Hence one should not have expected them to perform as a democratic government should. The only governments in the world who have obtained the people’s mandate through fraud or abuse of the electoral process are Dictatorships; both totalitarian, authoritarian regimes. Essentially during the past 8 years under the leadership of Fruendel Stuart, we have all witnessing the death of Democracy in Barbados. Perhaps the general election due to be held on May 24th, 2018 is not a fight between the DLP and the BLP but about Authoritarian rule versus Democracy.

51 thoughts on “The Fruendel Stuart Legacy: From Retro Colonialism to Dictatorship

  1. ”Perhaps the general election is due to be held on May 24th, 2018 is not a fight between the DLP and the BLP but about Authoritarian rule versus Democracy.”

    Wait, someone else actually gets it????!!!

    Heather, at least you are thinking.

  2. @ Crusoe

    De ole man generally does not ever read far lest blog on this blogger’s blog because of her regurgitation

    You are a bright man yet here you are endorsing every single one of The Luminary Jeff Cumberbatch ‘s or Pachamama’s thoughts and any other commentator who has come before her.

    Look at the title of this article.

    Then read this excerpt “The stress test on Constitution did not start on March 6, 2018. It started on elections day 2013 when rumors and evidence of votes buying were abounding.”


    The stress test on the constitution started on the day that Independence was granted to this mono-economy and has continued every day since that as we have fooled ourselves that we broke the colonial chains around our necks while preserving the hallowed title of little Britain in our self hating psyches

    NOT ONE original thought appears in this systematic “singing for one’s supper.” treatise.

    And then observe these hyperboles

    “It was under Mr. Stuart’s tenure that violence put the nation’s school children at risk.”

    What the Ef does that mean?

    Does it mean that (a) there was no violence BEFORE MR FUMBLE STUART and/or (b) that the violence is only directed at school children AS OPPOSED TO CHILDREN, AS OPPOSED TO CITIZENS?


    But this is your fault though Crusoe ‘causing if good men like you did not give encouragement to this sort of garbage we would not have to suffer through a 2,000 word treatise when The Luminary Jeff Cumberbatch and Mr Caswell Franklyn and others of the intelligentsia limit theirs to 500 words

    Thankfully Prime Minister Mia Mottley reads this blog as dies Lucille and Hartley Henry and will be apprised of the gobbledeedook or bovine biomass


  3. @The Honourable Blogmaster regrettably I must ask for your assistance with an item in suspense lololol

  4. All of Stuart and DLP strategies have been effectively countered so far? Last night she produced the DLP manifesto a day before launch.

  5. These vile bitches, still practicing the nastiness of colonial racism, disenfranchisement and violation of the humans rights of the majority black population, their own people, handed diwn to them by UK to practice in their parliaments with gay abandonment, still refuse to dismantle these white institutions of evil… the nerve to be seeking reparations for the enslavement and disenfranchisement of their ancestors..oh really?

  6. “Last night she produced the DLP manifesto a day before launch.”

    Is this intrigue, theft, misdirection, a show of power or just lots of BS!

    Are we to presume from this pre-release release that the BLP or its leader now has tentacles into the inner reaches of the DLP the better t’o reveal their affairs …. as the claims that the Hilton sale had been scuttled suggested a similiar sense of superior power and influence of the ascendant BLP!

    Or is this purely political tricks meaning that the BLP ‘Watergate team’ are working well: let’s get rid of the dirty demons of DLP and long live the crafty demons of the BLP.

    It’s sad that we are so beaten down by the abject corruption and mal-intent of one party that we are so lovingly embracing all the indicators (large and small) of pending malfesance of the other.

    I do hope that this ascendant BLP team of sleuths can use their new found craftiness to close investigations and bring charges against DLP infelicities but likely it’s a suggestion of ‘drain the swamp’ even as their Cohens are feathering their own new fangled, hermetically sealed, alternative energy approved swamp-like towers!


  7. I beg to differ with the prevailing sentiment on the article that has been evinced so far.

    I interpret Heather Cole’s article as a substantially reasonable summary of practically all the data points on Freundel’s damage to Barbados that have been accumulating over his hold on Prime ministerial power in Barbados.

    I have long held ( from about 2 years on) that PM Stuart has been largely responsible for many of our woes and our fall from Grace. Ms Cole’s compilation puts his apparent malfeances in one article. It should be required reading by all electors in Barbados.

    Good article that only needs minimal grammar and spell checking.

  8. Are you there yet. Thanks. Pieces opinion of my posts are already set in stone. Regardless of what I write whether true or false, his opinions will be the same. However, I am glad that the Blogmaster mentioned the DLP Manifesto. If what Ms. Mottley read is correct, it is a document with flowing pretty words and no concrete promises. They promise NOTHING time around so the people should all read it for themselves from tomorrow. That will confirm my post on this dictator and his regime.

  9. You Heather Cole needs to drink from the cup of reality at least a couple glasses or so. How can govt make promises the type like those Mia has proposed when the financials are not enough to sustain any kind of lofty promises.

  10. @Are-we, I am sure the author has prosecuted Stuart and the DLP well before but above is less a reasonable summary than any of her other pieces…in fact this one brings no fresh insight and rather offers innuendo, sophistry and previously debunked constitutional crisis fancy in a very lengthy rehash.

    I welcome her ability to prosecute but I share the sentiment of @Pieces that it’s basically hyperbolic, warmed over words better said by others.


    “Corruption has raised its ugly head even in our parliament Progressive thought has disappeared from government of the people and blame, accountability, moral shaming and transparency have become extinct. The science of dumbing down of the population has led to less persons with university education, a low skilled workforce, …”


    “The Labour Movement is in limbo. We have witnessed the reversing of the provision of social services and welfare, use of national insurance funds. We have also seen actions that have unmasked the reality of nepotism, mafias and corrupt family dynasties that we did not know existed[…] this retro colonialism imposes its own discipline to erode sovereign power.” REALLY. …FAMILY DYNASTY WE DIDNT KNOW EXISTED. WHAT CLAPTRAP ONE SIDED BS IS THAT. RETRO COLONISM? IS THAT AN ENTRY FOR WORD OF THE WEEK. STEEUPSE.


    “The stress test on Constitution did not start on March 6, 2018. It started on elections day 2013 when rumors and evidence of votes buying were abounding. […] What occurred under Mr. Stuart’s watch is a clear case of abuse and disregard for the Constitution.”


    “From inception, an election date has been announced upon the dissolution of Parliament by successive governments. Fruendel Stuart’s refusal to announce the date of the general election on the dissolution of Parliament created a constitutional crisis,…”


    Let’s hail Cole’s vigour and ability to prosecute her case but let’s not accord her special merit simply for that …. save that when she offers valid and well reasoned analysis.

  11. Vote for me
    Crowd of people
    Please take a
    vote for me

    I would legalise all sensi
    Open the gate down a penitentiary
    Set all the prisoners free

  12. The author of this piece should have asked Kerrie for permission to use his descriptive analogy and summarized it in a few words as in “The present Gov’t under FJ Stuart is a “rat botsie” Gov’t” instead of this long- winded prattle about “Dictatorship”. If the Gov’t of Barbados is a “Dictatorship” why are we having an Election? Based on this I am going to suggest that Oxford and Cambridge amend the meaning of “Dictatorship” in their dictionary. People get carried at election time folks forget when Owen was accused of wanting to become a dictator when he was going for his fourth term and Lynette Eastmond (then a BLP candidate) said the country doesn’t need an Opposition.

    Thank God I can focus on Meghan and Harry for the next few days when the royal family officially becomes infused with a little black blood, unofficially it has had black blood for centuries but they have all been “passing”.

  13. Was the DLP Manifesto STOLEN or given to MIA ?

    How did she come to be in possession of a DLP manifesto ?

    The POLITICAL CLASS entangles both political parties B and D.

    Was the manifesto SOLD to MIA ? If so what was the price ?

  14. I am upset why someone would take an emotional moment and espouse it on a platform. Great people cry whilst heartless people punish it with laughter. If my children, wife or family hurt, I hurt and I am not shameful, I will bawl my heart out. Mr. PM, I am appalled.

  15. @ Sargeant,

    The yard fowls, ducks and turkeys are working to get some scratch grain when MIA becomes de boss.

  16. @ Hants May 17, 2018 9:39 AM

    It was stolen the same way the CLICO cheque made payable to OSA was made public.

    It was obtained the same way confidential tax matters of a private citizen was revealed in the public space by ministers of the Crown sworn to uphold the rights of citizens as enshrined in the Constitution.

    • Introduce comprehensive Integrity Legislation
    immediately upon forming the Government, to
    fight and punish corruption and hold Ministers and
    Board Chairpersons accountable for their actions.
    • Require politicians and key public officials to
    disclose their assets.
    • Provide stiff penalties for those who try to bribe
    politicians and public officials.

    “Move swiftly”….undefined
    penalties for those… who TRY to bribe….what about those who are successful?
    “key” public officials….undefined
    note the promise…IMMEDIATELY UPON FORMING the Government.

    And 76 pages. I would prefer ONE page with TEN SPECIFIC and MEASURABLE goals.


    “The most popular measure however was the removal of road tax, which will be replaced by a small tax per litre on fuel products. Earlier, Economic Adviser Clyde Mascoll advised that people who used the road more would ultimately pax a greater share of the tax, making it more just in its application.”

    So while the rest of the world struggles with existing fuel taxes…..why?….electric cars use ROADS but not FUEL….this is a crown jewel in the BLP platform??

    • @Northern Observer

      How many electric cards are on the road?

      Given the small number does it not make sense to price this sector low to encourage migration to this type of transportation?

  19. There will be more and more electric vehicles…..Barbados has nuff sun, so solar recharging stations are easy….in 76 pages not a single mention about decreasing the fuel import bill (and pollution/emissions) by encouraging electric vehicles and/or solar charging. That is forward thinking for you?

    • Of course not, the point is that the manifesto promises are crafted to support election reelection. You must know that campaigning on a bitter message will not cut it at this the me?

  20. How is the intent to promote electric vehicles, save on the fuel import bill (forex), reduce pollution and all the waste fluids and importation of replacement parts for the internal combustion engine, a bitter message?

    Instead we get non specifics about Debt Reprofiling. How much do they plan to save annually and from which debt? $10 million? $50 million? unsure but trust me? These are projections of a Sincklerian nature.

  21. We are not surprised, that at this time, there will be no space here, on BU, for any interrogation of the systemic problems of Barbados.

    That the input of most would be about party supremacy. The political game for and of itself.

    The dominate view continues to be that for a party to win. Few would venture to conceive what that future regime is likely to mean for the country, absent emotional satisfaction.

    But we expect those supportive of the BLP, will forget its recent history, and alter all their present hatred for the DLP with absolute embrace of such a government.

    And DLP pundits, though presently subdued, will re-emerge and be as critical of a BLP government as they are as loyal to the current regime.

    Barbados has 50 years of modern political history, has been now brought to its knees, This election has no possibilities for any positive departure from such.

    Indeed, neither set of ‘pundits’, based on current trajectory, as embroiled in this theatre, can act, or are acting in ways to avoid the perilous times ahead.

  22. @Northern

    Manifestos are crafted to win Elections, they are not to be taken literally uh mean how on one hand you can call in the IMF and then say you will raise old age pensions and reinstate free University education.

  23. uh mean how on one hand you can call in the IMF and then say you will raise old age pensions and reinstate free University education.
    It works with brass bowls.

  24. Conflict?
    You can explore all you want, and if you find then you have to extract. In 15 years you may/may not have commercially viable wells. TODAY, you have sun and electric vehicles. Many countries grow tobacco and ban/restrict smoking? Do you know the famous Jim Beam distillery in Kentucky is located in a “dry” county (dry = no alcohol consumption allowed). Parallel paths or conflict?

    • Maybe you are correct the point is that the two messages during a campaign would have required a careful response a party on the trail want to avoid.

  25. @Sarge
    yuh mean in 76…SEVENTY SIX…effing pages it all has to be bullshit which shouldn’t be taken literally? lol

    BTW, where were the Manifestos printed?

  26. Pacha…the mentalities remain the same, the attention spans have gotten even shorter…and as I just hinted on another blog….the negro yardfowl dimwitted perrogative of ….”wuh DEM thief too, now is we turn” …..will remain intact.

    just give a few months.

    Not to forget all the various minority flavors of parasites, thieves and leaches waiting for the right opportunity to slither out for what they believe to be their entitlements….scams to rob the treasury…

    as I said, the time for souhaite is now long past.

    Someone said Fruendolittle was on some radio this morning boasting that there is no evidence of corruption in his government, wuh if they don’t take their own chief justice or judiciary seriously, they ignore every decision made by judges and even ignore the constitution…ya think they will take anything in the auditor general’s report seriously, re theft and corruption…

    ..the most abhorrent and noxious black man to ever infest the parliament in the last 52 years, along with his ministers was Fruendolittle…..just like the noxious shit he allowed to flow in the streets.

  27. Well well

    You getting hot under the collar !!

    You sound just like Elliot Mottley – bawling 😭 like a crapaud yesterday !!

    His father before him – in 1933 robbed a poor lady of the money 💰 he collected from the sale of her land !!

    The son – some 30 years later – robbed the taxpayers of Barbados 🇧🇧 of nearly $ 1.5 million !!

    No wonder people cannot get back their income tax refunds !!

    Oh what a ………MOTLEY CREW. !!

    Phew 😅… Well well !!!

  28. @ NorthernObserver May 17, 2018 12:38 PM

    yuh mean in 76…SEVENTY SIX…effing pages it all has to be bullshit which shouldn’t be taken literally? lol
    BTW, where were the Manifestos printed?”

    You can expect a similar serving of bullshit tonight from the DLP corral.

    A Bajan party manifesto is just an invitation to taste a treat of bullshit and bold face lies from a cabal of slick oil salespersons called politicians.

    It is not even a type of sale on consignment where goods can be returned if no suckers can be tricked into buying.

    There will be only one job description for the local administrators and that is the one dictated by the IMF officials soon to be ensconced in the lame duck Ministry of Finance as occurred in 1992-1994.

    BTW, the BLP manifesto was printed by a local printing business like its 2013 publication.

    Can we expect the same from the DLP who promised 40% of contracts to the SME’s?

    You should ask the likes of Fractured BLP where was the DLP’s 2013 manifesto printed and if the same printer has been contracted to convert their book of lies into electoral bullshit for the 2018 silly season.

    The current DLP head honchos have a way of telling Bajans to do as they say and not as they do. Look how they asked Bajans to make sacrifices but had the gall to take back their 10%, retroactively, while the poor pensioners are left to suck salt created by the NSRL.

  29. Fractured Fraud…ya should ask Fruendolittle about his activities while a useless mediocre lawyer handling civil matters for little old ladies and the money they too never received from their land sales…wuh he and Elliott and his father before him are old and dear friends, it’s only mendicant yardfowls not allowed in that league.

    BTW…what ever happened to boko haram and yall Nigerian billionaire, seems that story yall yardfowls were floating in every newspaper and on every blog died a very sudden death…ah wonder

    Now that everyone have their warning letters….yall went instantly quiet…no balls at all..

  30. Tonight the People’s Army will descend on Oistins town

    It will be manifesto time

    We moving forward now

    Your Majesty King 👑 Freundel Jerome Stuart will be holding court with his loyal subjects

    Missed this one and forever blame yourself

  31. @ Fractured BLP May 17, 2018 2:37 PM

    Sounds like this ‘relieving’ people of their property runs in the family.

    You might be surprised to find out that the Speaker carry-away-a-ton Carrington carries the same DNA as his father EDM; a man well known for sowing wild oats even in his golden years.

    Carrington’s mum was a regular recipient of ‘Park food’ and vouchers from the Old Town Hall so there is every possibility that little Michael C. was a product of such bartering as reflected in the lyrics of Sach Moore: “Give me a little something and I will give you something too”.

  32. @Fractured BLP May 17, 2018 3:06 PM
    “Tonight the People’s Army will descend on Oistins town”

    A descending army alright. One that is made up of parasites and leeches which occupied the country for the past 10 years and heaped nothing but destruction on every facet of its social and economic landscape. Bushie’s pitchfork on the Garrison is perfect testimony to long-lasting presence of your invading army of liars, thieves, bullshitters, political whores and pimps.

    You guys picked the wrong spot on the South Coast to offload you septic tank of bullshit.
    Should have gone near to the Graeme Hall swamp- now turned into a toxic cesspool by the DLP maladministration- the ideal location to dump you lot of political clowns who will soon be dispatched to the dung heap of Bajan political history.

  33. @ NO,

    Your EV can be plugged right into a standard household or workplace outlet to charge, also known as Level 1 (110V, 15amps) charging. It can take up to 8-20 hours to fully charge an EV at Level 1.

    Level 2 charging stations use a 240 volt system (similar to a clothes dryer plug) and can fully charge a vehicle from 0 per cent charge in about four to six hours.

  34. ”Fractured BLP
    May 17, 2018 3:06 PM

    Tonight the People’s Army will descend on Oistins town”

    When you get there, would you mind going about a mile further South too?

  35. But Estwick cannot go to China, dem does eat bulldogs there. He would get roast in de market. Baje chop suey.

  36. Tell me Why
    May 17, 2018 9:40 AM

    A person making fun of someone else’s pain. You don’t get it yet either, do you?!!

    As I said, Heather does, but most do not.

    Heather told y’all. That was my point above, though Pieceaderock took it on a tangent.

    Listen carefully.

  37. The RECORD remains The RECORD, whether complied in deceit or truth it can be deciphered. Forensic analyses establishes what is. The future proves past.
    As one declared.. “If there is any corruption, take the evidence to the DPP”. remember this.
    An Army on the offensive defends and covers itself in battle. When captured, all the spoils (HIC records) are taken.

    As a relatively young “Independent Nation”, it is still on a learning curve. Sometimes fate would have it that, to learn valuable lessons we are taken done paths that appear just to men, which eventually in retrospect, proves otherwise and has taught others WHAT TO DO and what NOT to do. This will be a hard lesson to learn by those, who in contempt of responsibility who having the choice to make the right decisions, fail in delivering the standards expected by supposably men of stature.

    Thumbs up for the concise data drop.

  38. Thanks Hants. I’m not a car person like you. But my solar buddies tell me you can fully charge a car with a small solar panel operation in 8 hrs. I see Tesla installing these EVCP’s everywhere.

  39. I hope all the DLP yard fowl idjets who previously spit their vile hatred here are now silent. But for sure, such people are never quieted, next election they will be out in full force defending the indefensible and smoothing over the lies, theft and corruption of their Party so they can “beg a piece” and get back in on the teifing action.

    I hold no brief or favour for either Party, but this widespread yard fowl behaviour on behalf of one party or the other, with no regard whatsoever for logical thought, decision-making, truth, consequences or democracy is sickening and is seriously hurtingn the nation. Are there really people who are so lacking in basic intelligence that they starve when their Party is out of power and become small Kings when their Party is in power?

    Mia has started out right, and I will do everything I can to support her in bringing BGarbados back to fiscal normality, but the moment this government slips back into detachment from the people and reality I will be the first to criticise. Nobody is pe3rfect, and nobody can control everything in life, but there are ways to be upstanding – and that is with honesty and integrity. Lose the peoples trust, and you are already halfway down the slippery slope.

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