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  1. I am always impressed by Barbadian officials who make speeches at these Caribbean meetings. We have some class script writers and well educated persons to do the delivery. I heard some of the speech on radio and his voice was strong and clear.
    Well done Mr. PM, you also answered your critics from the other governments very technical by bringing the facts not emotions.
    Let your haters come on this blog after reading the speech and say that you did not represent your country admirably.

  2. Actually he was quite good, he should speak more often. Like we are going to get a ferry after all, BGI/POS for $15.00 US a head. But we want routes to St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada. Come on Kamla, I hope that this ferry is no joke like the last one.

  3. To All

    Even though I have not read the speech, I know that he can speak well. I agree that he should speak more often to the nation, i guess we are going to now hear from him often.

    Hope that the ferry talk dont turn out to be like the one we were supposed to have got about here. I am tired of promises being made at CARICOM meetings and nothing happening thereafter. CARICOM must become an institution respected for its implementation strategy and not a talk shop.

    I await.

  4. Who are the armchair critics PM Stuart has referred?

    Does he mean Caribbean citizens who have been quizzical about the lack of support of the CCJ by leading members of Caricom?

    Does he mean Caribbean citizens who show concern when leaders from member Caricom countries shout across the Caribbean waters at each other instead of dealing with problems tainted by the need to be political expedient at the expense of being diplomatic?

    Last but not least what about the lack of support for LIAT, the only regional carrier?

    The list is long PM.

  5. Watch the ferry move from atm Kamla bet you she setting out her stall to pull a fast one on Redjet when Fruendel meets with her.
    Dont trust anyone who trusts Jack Warner ask FIFA if you in doubt. Atm Kamla is Jackula doormat. Trinidad lucked in with their location next to Venezuela vast oil fields and they’ve been using the oil money to fcuk with the English speaking caribbean territitories since then.
    Barbados must work with Trinidad and the low islands but we must be vigilant to tell them where to get off when they try to undermine us.

  6. barbadian leaders have been making excellent presentations some prepared as mr stuart’s was and some unprepared at regional and international fora from time immemorial; i do not see anything big in the presentation of mr stuart to the last caricom meeting to lift or diminish his profile.he just did what was expected of him.

  7. what i find most interesting in analysing mr stuart’s speech is his apparent enthusiam of the policy of freedom of movement for all and his eagerness to show that barbados is in the forefront of ensuring that such a policy becomes a reality which runs counter to mr thompson’s dictum of ‘ever so welcome, wait for the call’.

  8. Now that the Redjet issue has been raised at the prime ministerial level and T&T declaring it intend to protect its interest, shouldn’t Barbadians be looking to protect their interest too? Shouldn’t we the Barbadian consumers be looking to send a strong message to the T&T government via corporate Trinidad? Or are we going to lay back and let T&T continue to do what they have been doing to us for the past 30 yrs? When they imposed license on our manufacturers’ products nobody did anything. When they arrested our fishermen in Barbados territorial waters nobody did anything.How long will be continue to behave as fools to T&T? Is it that all we know is how to cut fellow bajans throat, criticize and discredit them but know nothing about standing together for each other and the betterment of this country?How is it that when our PM took a strong stand on immigration we were consider by the whole caribbean as anti-regionalist and got a tongue lashing from every caricom leader and all the media houses across the region, yet there is this deafening silence about T&T. Wont waste my time with mentioning Jamaica and its distasteful ways.
    Bajans complain of crooked governance but they should look at T&T and Jamaica then they will know what crooked governance is. One wonder why Jamaica has gang up with T&T against Barbados.
    We as Bajan must come together, stand up and defend what is ours.
    What good is our PRIDE if we wont defend what is our or even stand up for our interest, our INDUSTRY/.

  9. @balance

    In Stuart’s speech he refers to Barbados absorptive capacity relative to people entering Barbados. It is the same position which Thompson took.

  10. Not only does Barbadians like to be ‘balanced’ our role has lead for CSME puts us in a funny position. The interest of Caricom appears to trump national interest. Along with Jamaica and TT you can add Bahamas yet not s whisper about their anti-CSME ways.

  11. Ohhh yeah, I forgot the “Great” Bahamas who declared that they wont be a part of the CSME movement because people would want to flock there in droves just to get into the US. What great nonsense these Caricom leaders does release from their mouths in the name of excuses

  12. Isn’t that her same sentiments when dealing with the everything else. Surely the “Trinidad not the Caricom ATM” statement points squarely to that, she is just re-enforcing her stance.
    I said sometime back Barbados lacks a strong regional foreign policy, day after day when issues arises which have both domestic and regional consequences this weakness is showing more and more

  13. David, I do not agree with you about the similarity of Stuart’s and Thompson’s attitudes to immigration. Thompson was downright hostile; Stuart seems more caring.

    • Well Spratt is is something open to interpretation.

      Then again Barbados has become an island where our leaders seem to be yellow.

  14. I am hoping that our Prime Minister did not buy that foolishness that emanated from Trinidad’s Prime Minsiter mouth that she has a new ministter responsible for aviation matters, and she does not want to speak for him. Pray tell me, dont you have civil servant to brief ministers on an issue. it is the civil servants who provide the information for ministers. They deal with the issues and do the research and advise. So Please Miss Prime Minister come with something better, that is elementary, but then again that might be how you think, perhaps you had up a few rum puches o and those words slipped out like the ATM nonsense. Another stupid idea about the ferry hoping to blind people and push the spot light away from redjet issue..

    I always say CARICOM is a talk shop just to satisfy egos and i am becoming more and more convinced that it is so. I consider Trinidad and Jamiaca actions to be a restraint of trade and consequently they need to feel the weight of CARICOM if it has any weight at all. We Barbadains need assert our nationalism on this issue and pressure our government to having a resolution soonest.

    It is time for all concerned to act on this issue, trinidad will not budge unless pressure is brought to bear, you pressure trinidad and jamaica will fall in line. for over 20 years we have been working on a fishing agreement, where are we. At the same position. We must pull another of cal flights and keep doing that and then trinidad will get the message. i had had reservation about doing such, but this is the time we should retaliate. i think the time for diplomacy is gone and we must exert oursleves.

    • Jamaica and Trinidad continue to screw the rest of Caricom and specially Barbados.

      Bahamas don’t give a crap and Guyana continues to export its unskilled workers to the rest of the Caribbean to garner foreign exchange.

      What do these three countries have on common you asked?

      They are the three biggest and most mineral rich blessed!

      Let us not forget St. Lucia which contributes jack to LIAT but wants the benefit of LIAT, they even go as far as starting their own airline and give American Eagle landing rights.

      To top it off the CARICOM Secretariat plans a summit which last close to 6 hours with a bunch of sixty and seventy years old its main audience.

    • @Saint Lucia Property Listings

      Can you name a regional airline that has committed to island hop the way LIAT does now?

  15. @ SLPL…
    Since St. Lucia get no benefits from Liat then it should stop flying there and I am sure it would shed some of that debt it is drowning in. That done Liat can now concentrate on the more profitable routes

  16. Fruendel like he getting wordsy pon de Redjet issue. He real mouthy now , he got some fire in he belly now. Lord it tek soo much stroking to ignite dat fire. Fruendel show dem what you are made of and make us proud! He just stated that he want to know the game them playing so that he can play the same game too. Good fuh yuh, I kinda liking yuh now Frundy!

    • Didn’t prime Minister warned a couple weeks back that when he has something to say that is when he will speak?

      It appears we are at that time.

  17. Barbados is a prized commodity with poor leadership and a conservative citizenship, what the regional leaders are doing to Barbados NO-ONE dared to do under an Errol Barrow leadership in Barbados. Now we have T&T and JAMAICA wheeling their big stick at Barbados, while Guyana is playing the game from the Chinese culture, pretend they are here to help, when really they are here to usurp our government. Barbados is in such a helpless situation that it needs a coming together of our best brains to come up with a plan to save this country, once that is done the partisan politics can return.

  18. the problem in barbados is that there is no unity, we only hear what the ministers are doing wrong, never what they are doing right.

  19. @Jeff

    You are so right, you do good 99% of the time and you falter once and you hear about that all the time, and no one remebers the 99%.

  20. ah ferry service will be gud for baebados and de rest of de caribbean, bajan love that cause de people say that bajan is cheap people,a any time u hear cheapness look out a bajan,oh by de way some zr men real vexx, and planning to call ah meet next week to look at unfair compition from de pirate,them think that de authority ent doin no ting but them, i will keep u posted cause ah friend of my own one of de zr van, and e say that them fellow, de pirate do not let de real zr van get ah cent and de police does see them load in down spy st and ent do any ting bout them,

  21. yup a defining issue he can lead the way forward on ( hopefullly more of this the follow). what action will he take now ?

  22. Fruendel Hot Hot Hot ……..this is one time I proud to be a Bajan. Kamla you have to understand that you can’t run a country playing games at other people’s expense. It tek alotta foreplay to get Mr Fruendel Stuart HOT but lawd he HOT. Too Hot to handle LOLLLLL.

    Kamla yuh play you announcing a fast ferry service to Barbados from Trinidad, what yuh trying to do? Export yuh criminals? Have no fear we will RETURN TO SENDER! Yuh got some bad air woman, go drink some ginger tea to break it.

    We gine rally round Mr Stuart an let muh tell yuh I gin BOYCOTT CAL as of today(even ah doan fly it).

  23. Tough talk, lets see now if there will be any action to back up that talk or if it will be another Arthur/Manning situation with the fishermen or Adams/Chambers hot air about the manufacturers.
    Waiting to see if this will be another bark but no bite, just exercising the lungs and vocal chords

  24. I am pleased to see Mr.Stuart exhibiting some strength and pushing the stance of our aviation authorities. Regardless of quiet solid management, although I would stay away from the extreme of hot air, a PM must be seen and heard.

    Why are they playing fuddly-duddly with Redjet?

    By the way, with the Caribbean Airlines that almost went down last weekend and no explanation as to cause yet, should they be criticising Redjet?

    Also glad to see the PM announcing the CJ appointment impending and moving that forward too.

  25. what a breath of fresh air! it is the begining of a new day. Our PM has finally spoken in a way that shows concern for our country. Yes PM Stuart we are listening to every word said and needless to say you have my support. Welcome Back PM! Welcome Back! remain strong and steadfast.glad you listened to our cries and responded in kin!

  26. @David the only reason Liat continiue to exist is because OECS governments have a vested interest in its succes and continue to support it. But for that Liat would cease to exist. Further if Liat leaves there are more competent airline that can come an operate in the vacant airspace. So the question is “who needs who”?

    • @Saint Lucia Property Listings

      You are not entirely correct.

      It is a symbiotic relationship.

      It is also known that LIAT currently flys many routes in the EC which are unprofitable but the routes are accommodated in the interest of providing inter-island travel.

    • @Saint Lucia Property Listings

      Is there an airline in the world that does not require subsidization nowadays?

  27. St.Lucia Property you are a stranger to the truth, three islands finance Liat your island is not one of them.
    Chastenett and your governmrnt bad talk Liat in spite of which Liat contnues to fly there even in emergency of Tomas when Liat pilots and Bajan fishermen risked their lives to bring water to St>lucians. St Lucia needs Liat thats who needs who.

    Liat should stop flying to St.Lucia for a month see what happens, Vincy Gonzalves would like that.

  28. The new minister in trinidad is an effort to prolong the process. This REDjet issue will start at square one with the new minister. It is called “the back to the jail card” just after you thought you have made some progress.

    The MONOPOLY on regional travel continues.

  29. @antiguanpineapple you have just echoed my argument that Liat cannot compete without governemnts hand in the pot! Where will it be if its host no longer existed? We all agree that it cannot stand up withot crutches! Ofcourse it it leaves will will be affected in the short run but it won’t be long before with auction off its market share! I’m sure happy to hear we have no investments in that sinking ship! By the way St. Lucia does not operate in a tea cup so whether or not Liat assisted during Tomas we would have survived. Gone are the day when one you place all the eggs in one basket! Liat may be doing Antigua a favour by flying through their airspace but they are not doing us any favours. As we all know the parasite eventually does up killing the host! But then again globalisation usually swallows the weakest among us.

  30. @Saint Lucia Property Listings

    Tell us what all that economic reasoning and transportation know how do for Air Jamaica?

  31. @Saint Lucia Property Listings

    Tell us what all that economic reasoning and Transportation know how do for Air Jamaica?

  32. firstly david, like jach spratt i see no similarity in the positions taken by mr thompson and mr stuart. i read mr thompson,s speech today when he was presenting the white paper on immigration and the comments were indeed provocatve and apeared intended to capture goodwill at home in the face of mounting economic difficulties. i read mr rowley’s comments and it is interesting to observe that the stand taken by him is somewhat similar to the stand taken by mr thompson when queried about the ruling of the international court in our maritime dispute with trinidad. barbados’ problems with trinidad did not start with mrs bisessar or the present government but with mr manning and the previous government. remember that mr thompson could have solved the fising dispute down consett bay over a bowl of cold soup.

  33. But Wait! wuh kinda a message is OSA sending in reference to who the new CJ will be? I am thinking it will be Marston . but now OSA has put a new twist on it.

  34. Regional unity we say?

    Neighbours ‘not buying Bajan’

    Haynesley Benn (FP)
    Wed, July 06, 2011 – 12:03 AM

    REGIONAL NEIGHBOURS are slamming doors on many Barbadian-made products.

    And Minister of Commerce and Trade Senator Haynesley Benn says it is a major worry him, while executive director of the Barbados Manufacturers’ Association, Bobbi McKay, claims the situation is getting out of hand.

    McKay identified Trinidad, Jamaica and St Lucia as the chief culprits.

    Declining to name the products facing difficulties in getting into those countries, McKay said: “It has been going on for two years with some of them. (MM)

    • “I do not intend that Barbados should be in a position of any mortician fighting over a corpse called the regional integration movement. I know what happened to the West Indies Federation. I know who the morticians were.”

      Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

  35. i see no twist in osa’s comments in refusing to disclose the contents of his discussion with mr stuart. rather, i see it as mindful of his position of trust.

  36. I heard the speech I read the speech … It contained total hog wash … Sounded like a UWI term paper … Please… at a time when substance is needed our PM is only capable of fluff …. we are fluffing our way ahead …

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