The Windrush Generation, NOT Welcome in England

Hours after the Windrush story broke the UK Prime Minister May has been forced into damage control mode to apologize to Black leaders. Is this the opportune moment to force the reparations issue?

Here is a link to The Sun newspaper article –  Windrush generation – when did the children arrive, are they in the UK illegally and how many are there?


  • According to Simple, some of us are making too light of individual cases, every case is different and for different reasons .


  • “can you imagine what the black educated class would be up against in their fight for Reparations for the past sins of the British committed against the ancestors of the same black West Indians?”

    Miller…ya know Beckles and all the government ministers and politicians with their tongues hanging out waiting for reparations pay out can kiss that goodbye…not going to happen with this ongoing Windrush scandal..and it is definitely NOT GOING TO HAPPEN…if they all continue to keep hidden the citizenship status of those born before independence.

    They have no clue how many people are coming on board this, how many Caribbean people in London and worldwide…so let them wait thinking they will get any damn reparations money off the backs of our brutalized, murdered, raped, enslaved ancestors…unless all this is first resolved.

    Can you imagine what the black miseducated class will be up against now…it’s not only Downing Street…dem a haffa deal wit now…uhh, uhh…they also have to deal with those who are not yet dead.


  • @whiteHill April 23, 2018 12:38 PM ” #mothercountrymyass”

    Actually it is “mothercuntry”



  • Bushie an Welly Gotma Bawlin April 23, 2018 4:33 PM “When the argument is made that black men of prime age comprise 4 percent of US population but commit 51 percent of all the homicides, how the phuque are your dozen sock-puppets going to deal with the numbers?”


    Why do you think that a people can be excluded from the center of their society for hundreds of years, denied wages, denied decent work, denied education, denied the right to marry, denied the right to be with their families.

    And you expect zero consequences?

    If so you are an unmitigated idiot.


  • lol…I am here just envisioning governments over the last 5-6 decades in Barbados and the Caribbean using that information to grow yardfowls and mindless, stupid supporters, so that if you are not a yardfowl acting like a slave, you and your family born in that era of 1948 pre independence would never know your real citizenship status….

    .. these low rent, trifling, low class politicians that the british gave birth when they introduced their corrupt system of governancet to their colonies.


  • And even so what has crime in the United States–a society that has committed horrendous war crimes against the indigenous people and against the black enslaved people.

    What has this got to do with the British deporting 70 to 90 year old grandmothers, none of whom have criminal convictions.

    I don’t see see anybody trying to deport Melania, the newcomer? Does she have the right papers anyow?


  • The BU idiots will definitely not want this narrative, cause many minorities in Barbados and their children and grandchildren have had dual british citizenship through grandparent ancestry for decades.


  • Hey Bushie an Welly Gotma Bawlin
    Can you explain to me why
    No white man ever had a wallet mistaken for a gun and was shot.
    ** Have blacks innvented a leather gun?
    An armed white man can confront the police and is not shot.
    ** Better be a white man with a gun than an unarmed black man with a wallet
    How a black man can be fleeing and shot in the back because the police thought he threatening and attacking.
    **Black just have the ability to look like they are attacking when running away?
    Why crimes that would land a young black l;ad in jail is explained as “Boys will be boys for others”.
    ** Our kids are never children, just criminals.
    Why 70% of the arrested people is comprised of Blacks and Hispanic in an area of NYC although they are 20% of that population.
    ** Whitey no longer like MaryJ
    Why we had crack addicts and a crack epidemic but now it is an opioid crisis and we talk of addiction. Don’t even talk of the uneven sentencing for possession of drugs?
    ** Guess when it is in your house, you can appeal for sympathy
    Hey, what about the black guys that were doing what white people do in Starbucks all the time
    ** Guess they were about to rob the place.
    I’ll confess that the US has some messed up statistics, but a law that is applied unequally will magnify problems.


  • Lest we forget, that those who were brought to Caribbean under stress and duress, not of any will of theirs were AFRICAN.
    Lest we forget that when the British landed in the Caribbean they found indigenous peoples.
    Damm to refer Blacks as British, Afro-American et al… none of them denounced their ancestry, lineage, heritage or homeland, or received documentation purporting citizenship of BRITAIN, they were African, treated as property, slaves.

    WE ARE AFRICANS, the original ancient Hebrew Israelites. Since the advent and awakening by the movie “Black Panther its time to claim back our true identity from those who have separated and falsely indoctrinated us.


  • The British treatment of the Windrush migrants is unconscionable. They are using the same tactic as Donald Trump to expel the Dreamers from the US. However there is a difference. The Windrush migrants are British subjects with the right of abode in the UK. If their landing cards were destroyed they should still be able to prove their citizenship using old passports or birth certificates.

    It is hypocritical of the Caribbean leaders to complain about the treatment of the Windrush migrants. They had the opportunity to advance the cause of West Indians but chose to dissolve the West Indian Federation in 1962. The Federation was formed by the British to replace their colonial status after independence.


  • @Leslie Chin April 23, 2018m9:24 PM “old passports ”

    I don’t know anybody with a 40, 50, 60 or 70 year old passport. Do you?


  • Spare a minute to listen to this old fart leader of Malaysia (Indo-Chinese) Relationship on trade/investment

    Eye opener



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