The Windrush Generation, NOT Welcome in England

Hours after the Windrush story broke the UK Prime Minister May has been forced into damage control mode to apologize to Black leaders. Is this the opportune moment to force the reparations issue?

Here is a link to The Sun newspaper article –  Windrush generation – when did the children arrive, are they in the UK illegally and how many are there?


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    And the pedantic ANE is soooooo jealous that none of his posts actually do anything to benefit anyone, particularly Caribbean Black people and most of those posts are very boring…

    …..another one on my short list to stop reading…freeing up more space in my head to intellectualize things of vast importance.


  • @DpD
    I did not know you were counting 🙂


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    The great Linton Kwesi Johnson. He was and still is an oral poet who highlighted with weight and clarity the daily live of the Afro-Caribbean London community from the early days until now.

    This extract of poetry is highly relevant.


  • Scatter matter shatter shot
    what a beat
    for the time is nigh when fashion get a shot
    when the beat just lash when the wall must smash
    and the beat will shift when the culture alter
    when oppression scatter


  • It is interesting the first two Windrush immigrants are reported to have applied to regularize their status 20 years ago? Some have questioned why Windrush immigrants never applied to regularize documents.

    Threatened with deportation, Sonia Williams and Glenda Caesar have been trying to get their residence in the UK recognised for over 20 years.


  • The issue here is that for some there is the danger of allowing the culture of blogging these days to heavily influence interventions to the extent the purpose of blogging is diluted. Yes some will rub us the wrong way by positions taken but the prize is to stay focussed on the issues at hand. It is how the fifth estate can be a difference maker.


  • Te journalist behind the well researched pieces on the Windrush Affair.

    Guy Hewitt

    Yesterday at 07:40 ·

    Giving credit where it is due: thank you Amelia Gentleman and the Guardian newspaper.

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  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    It is more than unfair to victim blame these Windrush victims through double victimization when the press has said over, and over, and over..just like my posts….that successive british governments refused to recognizs the Windrush people…as british citizens…who left the Caribbean…AS BRITISH CITIZENS…obviously there are also blacks with agendas to deny their own black Caribbean people their rightful british status.

    I cannot think of anything more disgraceful, repulsive and shameful outside of what the brits did….than ya own Caribbean black people living in UK trying to deny their Caribbean people…british status.

    ..what in all that is intelligent and good went wrong with these people…are they too brain damaged to even recognize themselves.


  • DofBU

    Governments plagiarise blog post and twist them

    Instead of talking about
    O Slavery Reparations for the Atlantic Slave trade they talk about current day slavery and muslim slavery
    O Minority Rights they talk about Gay minority Rights and Womens rights
    O Illegal wars by West they talk about rape in war
    O Instead of acknowledging injustice to Commonwealth they talk about injustice to gays

    Internet has become a safe space for racist white alt-right trash which has taken over Governments in USA and UK normalising racism

    Best to reason with friends offline instead


  • Montreal couple says they were abused, fined by police for ‘walking while black’


  • @Kiki

    One must never give up. Nelson Mandela struggle should always remind those of us in the minority population.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Let’s see if Caribbean governments stay on top british governments to right this wrong or after the initial taking of responsibility for their people and dust settling, completely forget that neither the war nor battle against british brutality of Caribbean people has been won….there is still a long way to go.

    I was shocked and stunned to hear one hard back black man say…”oh we got an apology so all’s well that ends well”…the damn idiot.

    I bet many on here feel the same way and don’t realize this has not even started fully yet…but only exposed thanks to the determination of Guardian journalists.


  • David April 22, 2018 9:21 AM

    Good question. Instead of reacting emotionally, we need to ask searching questions.


  • What Well Well has touched upon is May Gove and Bojo are no anti-racists and they are inherently racist in the battle of sides
    their argument about anti-semitism in labour is more specious spysops


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    555…Gove and Johnson, particularly those two May mules, tried to rewrite the Atlantic Slave Trade with their own version of lies to twist history and once again disenfranchise the Black race…the ones who would have felt it the most would have been Caribbean people, the only thing that halted their monstrous plans was when Gove got kicked out as head of education, the brexit brou haha where they both stabbed each other in the back in a power struggle…and now this Windrush scandal….

    But Texas in USA has been quietly trying to adopt Gove and ugly Johndon’s racist policies toward black people… starting in the schools, so far without as much success as they have engineered and hoped for…

    …..certain parts of the southern US where an Indian dude did some research and found out that abolition of slavery was never ratified in 1 or two states 150 years previously, exposed it, because they had already started reintroducing slavery into the heads of young black children in the schools in certain states, which caused a massive outcry from parents….this only happened a few years ago.

    So when uninformed house negros are jumping on BU…seeing nothing wrong with any of that….those of us who are conscious and awake must show concern.


  • Technology when used properly is so much more intone with reality as opposed to other people’s fantasies.


  • Don’t Call Us Immigrants


  • lol..they over calculated, over planned and it backfired.


  • In an interview with the BBC’s Andrew Marr show – presented this week by Nick Robinson – shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry conceded the phrase “hostile environment” in relation to illegal immigration had first been used under the last Labour government.
    But she insisted it had been cranked up by the Conservatives to a point where “people have died, people have lost their jobs, lost their futures”.
    Her colleague Dawn Butler went further, telling Sky News she thought the PM had “presided over racist legislation that has discriminated against a whole generation of people from the Commonwealth”.
    However, Labour MP Owen Smith told ITV’s Peston on Sunday his party should have done more to oppose a tightening of the rules in the 2014 Immigration Act which had had “terrible unintended consequences” for people.(Quote)


  • @HA yours @12.32 pm

    The appropriate response to both Tories and Labour is:

    A plague on both their houses.


  • This story has been developing from yesterday, many landing cards of Caribbean born british citizens have been found in the National Archives, where they should have been all alone…May and her racists thought they had destroyed them all, but they missed some….lol

    “Thousands of Windrush Generation landing cards found in National Archives Joe RobertsSaturday 21 Apr 2018 9:17 am Share this article with Facebook Share this article with Twitter Share this article with Google Plus Share this article through email 2.2k Immigrants from Jamaica on board ‘Empire Windrush’ arrive in London on June 22, 1948 (Picture: Getty)

    The arrival records of thousands of immigrants from the Windrush Generation are in the National Archives. It could be the vital evidence the immigrants need to prove citizenship after it emerged the Home Office destroyed its archive of landing slips in 2010.

    Filed in nearly 1,500 boxes at the National Archives, the records include names, birth dates, and journey details, all taken down on ledgers that date back until the late-19th century. The personal details of more than 85,000 immigrants, who came to the UK before 1960, may include those who arrived on the ship from the Caribbean that gave its name to the Windrush Generation.”

    Read more:

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  • Oh how quickly all those records in a ledger have all been found at National Archives to make their own self created nightmare go

    “THE ARRIVAL records for tens of thousands of migrants from the Windrush generation have been found in the National Archives.

    The ledger, which was found after an investigation by the Financial Times, shows arrivals at ports until 1960 with more than 85,000 people arriving from Caribbean countries.

    These include citizens who arrived from the Caribbean on Empire Windrush in 1948.

    Earlier this week, it was revealed that the Home Office destroyed its cache of landing slips eight years ago, in a bid to up data protection.

    But the department since rejected applications for UK citizenship because of a lack of evidence to support their arrival date claims.

    The move came despite staff warnings that this would make it harder to check the records of older Caribbean-born residents experiencing residency difficulties, it was claimed.”


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    ” The Windrush story was not a rosy one even before the ship arrived”
    David Olusoga


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing April 22, 2018 2:04 PM

    Olusoga missed the intense public debate around the 1962 Immigration Act, when Duncan Sandys was Foreign and Colonial Secretary, which followed the savage murder of Kelso Cochrane.
    The Act required that those traveling to the UK from the Caribbean had to be going to jobs (London Transport, the NHS, Lyons tea shops etc), putting a stop to those who could raise the fare and travel freelance. It led to a serious cut-back in Caribbean immigrants.
    There was more: the Black Power movement was ripping the US apart and leading figures (Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and formerly Stokely Carmichael, among others) were moving to and from Europe. The conference that Carmichael held at the Round House in Camden was historic. Importantly, last year was the 50th anniversary, and it passed without any recognition.
    To get round this growing political agitation, the newly elected Labour Government passed the 1965 Race Relations Act (and the first person to be prosecuted was a black man); Powell made his Rivers of Blood speech in April 1968, which created mayhem with thousands of trade unionists (East end dockers in particular) marching in support of Powell (since then I always remind young people to be wary of trade unions) and Wilson quickly passed the 1968 Community Relations Act, which created the local community relations councils.
    I remember as a young man, standing in the West Indian Student Centre, at 1 Collingham Gardens in Earls Court, hearing a debate about whether or not Powell meant students when he attacked immigrants. How times have changed.
    So, the background to the current Windrush scandal has a long history, which some may find easy to ignore and just cut and paste rubbish from failed publications. But many people from those days were determined not to get UK passports for political reasons.
    A proper debate brings out the underlying issues, which is what we need..
    Has any local paper, radio or TV programme been talking to any of the returnees from those days? That is the most elementary thing to do. We have retired soldiers, airmen, nurses, magistrates, etc now living in Barbados.
    Instead of talking rubbish on a blog, get out and talk to them.


  • Talking Loud….fantastic article…it’s their wickedness, hypocrisy and racism against Black Caribbean people that is now exposing them and will continue to cut their ass, until they stop their vile practices.

    “But there is another 2018 anniversary that, until last week, might well had passed by quietly, hardly noticed. This year marks 70 years since the passing of the 1948 British Nationality Act, which was being debated while the Windrush was crossing the Atlantic; gaining royal ascent in July 1948, as the Windrush pioneers were settling into their new jobs. Although now obscure, it was a law that Powell once referred to as “that most evil statute”. Much of what has happened over the past week can be traced back to that forgotten but critical piece of legislation.

    The act was intended to reaffirm what many in the late 1940s regarded as a “time-honoured principle”, the doctrine that all British subjects should have the automatic right to travel to and settle in the United Kingdom.

    But that noble and inclusive principle had been established in earlier decades, in the secure knowledge that poverty and the high cost of international travel would keep poor black and brown people far from Britain’s shores. Only a tiny minority – sailors, students, the very wealthiest and the most adventurous – would ever have the funds or the opportunities to come to Britain; fewer still would seek to settle here.

    Clement Attlee looked into preventing the Empire Windrush’s embarkation or sending it to Africa.
    Facebook Twitter Pinterest Clement Attlee looked into preventing the Empire Windrush’s embarkation or sending it to Africa. Photograph: Baron/Getty Images
    The people whom the architects of the 1948 act imagined would make use of their time-honoured rights were white citizens of Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. People of “British stock”, whose homelands in the “old commonwealth” were sometimes tellingly referred to as the “white dominions”.

    Then, as now, official thinking had the unfortunate habit of falling behind economic and technological change. By the late 1940s, the cost of international travel had collapsed and a generation of men and women had emerged who had travelled vast distances during wartime and acquired a far greater understanding of the empire of which they were part and the opportunities that it might offer them in peacetime. Even before the 1948 act had reaffirmed their pre-existing rights of travel and residence, they began to arrive in Britain.”


  • Plagiarising Olusoga’s article. This is disgraceful. Empty vessels make the most noise.


  • The 1948 Nationality Act affirms, that the useless house negros trying to bar other Caribbean blacks from entering the UK…are not as special, token white, as they once thought they, lol, hahaha…Bushman..murder..

    could you believe, all Caribbean Blacks born under the british empire..ARE BRITISH CITIZENS..and we did not have to pay a cent, a dime, a farthing or pound to know this….


  • @ Hal Austin & Well Well, I believe you two should put aside your differences, take a time out to reflect upon the fact that you’re fighting the same cause, the same enemy if you like. In our history of our struggles there has been many instances where two or more factions/personalities have run afoul of each other. In the end, they became bogged down in personal conflicts, thereby loosing all initiatives. I don’t see or can understand why Hal Austin is so often set upon, However, I do recognized some similarities in Hal’s predicament as with me a ”returning national.” While very often my fellow Bajans would like me to bell the cat for their sorry miserable asses because I’ve nothing to lose when it suits them, on the other hand, they will invite me to go hang out with Trump, of course in the slums. Now, you Well Well, I’m most impressed by the way you’ve held on to this Wind rush subject in spite of your detractors, If only a few of these uppity black bajan women would appreciate that their black men are not their only enemy, if at all. It pains me to see how our men of yesterday went into the fields bare feet with hoes and forks to make it possible for these wretched ungrateful bastards to attain all that they are today, how are they repaid? For those who will say women too, as is always the case can kiss my ass from now!!


  • @whitehill
    “Now, you Well Well, I’m most impressed by the way you’ve held on to this Wind rush subject in spite of your detractors”.

    I fully agree. Indeed. because of her opinion. WW has become the whipping post for the racists, the ‘pelau’, the negropeans and others.


  • Whitehall…we got an even bigger problem than Ha, Ha, who believes for some reason that we are the enemy.

    I was just speaking to a very good friend who told me about 15 or 16 years ago, he had reason to visit british consulate and was told that all the people in the Caribbean born before 1966…are indeed british citizens and he thought I knew, I had to tell him 15 or 16 years ago, those of us who were still living in NYC would never even think about that, too much else was going on.

    He also said that don’t doubt for one moment that Barrow, the lawyer from St. Philip who helped him draft the Constitution for independence nor any of the bitches in DLP and BLP governments over the years are not aware that we are indeed british citizens and kept the information in their family circles and away from the population..

    … and don’t be surprised that they have been selling out Bajans ever since, keeping racists institutions alive and the practice of racism against their own people alive and well and selling out their people at every opportunity….

    ….and dont be surprised if they are now using it as a bargaining chip to extort money from UK with their reparations plans…while the UK adamantly refuses to even acknowledge their frouzzy, treacherous asses.

    ..and dont be surprised if ALL the lawyers, including our Jeff, please tell me it aint so…also knows that we are british citizens.

    Well ya know none of that shit ain’t going down well with me, at all…

    …and in my estimation as I have been saying for years, no government in the Caribbean or Hilary Beckles or anyone else should collect a dime of reparations on behalf of the Caribbean people, particularly knowing that Caribbean people ARE BRITISH CITIZENS and they all kept their stinking mouths shut….FOR 70 YEARS.

    So Ha, Ha is merely amusement, not even useful in the grand scheme of things, he should try to make himself useful though.


    I will have to think on it.


  • But Theo…as you said and as we all know, the bitches are even more wicked than that.

    I have always been against slavery reparations in the form of money, because despite how british they all pretend to be, all the black leaders would do the same, with their African mentality…share any billion dollar settlement only to their immediate family, friends, their tribal cabal and that money will never go to whom it was intended, the majority population..

    … they are so wicked they may give the bulk of it to Maloney, Bjerkham, Cow, Bizzy and all the white minority thieves…and invite some white foreign business thieves to partake too.

    These small governments are no less brutal and vicious than the british when you come to think of it, that is what it boils down to, nothing less…as my friend said, I am not even one little bit surprised.


  • It’s really time for the UN to step in and do something about the brutal illegal racism black and brown people are subjected to in North America and Europe, it is ridiculous what these invaders squatting in North America do, even worse when europeans immigrate to small islands and carry their nasty racist practices right along with them..


  • “We have retired soldiers, airmen, nurses, magistrates, etc now living in Barbados. Instead of talking rubbish on a blog, get out and talk to them.”

    On page 13A of today’s “Sunday Sun” there is an article entitled “Windrush Pressure,” which featured an interview of “four retired Barbadians, who have returned here to live.”

    They “contend people caught in the citizenship dilemma ought to have taken advantage of the opportunity to apply for British citizenship when it was offered years ago.”

    Retired nurse, Cynthia Moore said she left Barbados in 1956 when she was 25 years old “to pursue a career in nursing.” She said: “My husband and I took out citizenship since 1968, and you did not have to pay penny for it then. After a while you had to pay £100 to get your citizenship.”


  • @ Well, Well April 22, 2018 4:49 PM

    …” don’t doubt for one moment that Barrow, the lawyer from St. Philip who helped him draft the Constitution for independence nor any of the bitches in DLP and BLP governments over the years are not aware that we are indeed British citizens and kept the information in their family circles and away from the population”…..


    What then is the significance of INDEPENDENCE?
    Does Independence not REVOKE all ties to the British Commonwealth?
    Why does Barbados retain the office of the GOVENOR GENERAL as Head of State?
    Is the reason why the PM did not attend the recent Heads of the Commonwealth meeting is because we are not part of the Commonwealth?

    Analyzing the former statement, something seem to be amiss in that however the Constitution was constructed then, it retained some sort of allegiance to Britain, IS THAT SO? … hence the statement “we are indeed British citizens”….is definitive.

    What a conundrum and great deception BE THAT SO.
    On reparations then, we being British demands REPARATIONS from ourselves…in contrast, we being Independent (1966), does it RELIQUISH ANY BASIC RIGHTS for reparations, are we really eligible?



  • Nine…it’s going to take much analysis to untangle this “inextricable” relation between the UK and the two 60 year old political parties…with UK still having british citizens like myself born in the Caribbean, who are very much alive to use as a bargaining chip by one or both of the culprits, they have all obviously been playing a very nasty 70 year old game with our lives that only benefitted them in the last 52 years and got exposed only because of the May government’s nasty racist practices again black Caribbean born british citizens.

    Neither Hillary Beckles, nor either government and their reparations team have any right bargaining for reparations from UK without letting the british citizens from Caribbean knowing their status and that we. are still british citizens…and that is what is more than likely the leverage UK has over them.

    …they had no right keeping that information from us, and I dont even want to hear anything from them about their reparations scam until they ALL let the people know in every Caribbean island that there are still british citizens alive who were born in the Caribbean.

    I am beyond RH pissed that I had to figure this out by myself at my age and if I have to figure out anymore I will be sure to blast it across the earth….and embarrass every RH one of them, from UK to every Caribbean island…they are fcking demons.


  • The British Nationality Act 1948

    was an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that created the status of “Citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies” (CUKC) as the national citizenship of the United Kingdom and its colonies.

    The Act, which came into effect on 1 January 1949, was passed in consequence of the 1947 Commonwealth conference on nationality and citizenship, which had agreed that each of the Commonwealth member states would legislate for its own citizenship, distinct from the shared status of “Commonwealth citizen” (formerly known as “British subject”). Similar legislation was also passed in most of the other Commonwealth countries.

    The Act formed the basis of the United Kingdom’s nationality law until the British Nationality Act 1981 came into force in 1983. However, the concept of a common Commonwealth citizenship had already been progressively eroded from 1962 onwards by British legislation targeted against Commonwealth immigrants.


    The British Nationality Act 1948 SEEMED to have been a tool to further human usury for modest job fulfilment as well as for military purposes until its usefulness expired, and moving to destroy all records of legitimacy claims…sad.

    Looks like the back-end controllers of COUNTRIES thrust is to expel “unwanted” migrants whether legal or illegal.


  • They found they could not get rid of the 1948 Nationality Act in it’s entirety, it is here to stay, but they kept introducing new acts to terrorize black people and hide their british citizenship while destroying as much documentation as they could, but this time it backfired.



    IS BARBADOS UNDER BRITISH RULE govern by a LOCAL political body under guise of Independence?
    IS BARBADOS AN INDEPENDENT SOVERIGN NATION govern by a local political body controlled by British Law?


  • Obviously the lawyers who are helping them cover all of this up will know.

    I can’t for the life of me understand with all this entanglement with them and the british, they still got the nerve and are still seeking reparations for slavery, with a straight face.


  • WW
    The Windrush Generation must file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT and a TERRITORIAL CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT lodged by ALL against them for IMMIGRATION DISCRIMINATION, MISREPRESENTATION and a host of other legal grounds will be justice served. THIS IS A STRONG CASE AND EASY ONE TOO as their consistent amendments prove their intent.


  • @Hal Austin April 22, 2018 2:40 PM “I remember as a young man, standing in the West Indian Student Centre, at 1 Collingham Gardens in Earls Court, hearing a debate about whether or not Powell meant students when he attacked immigrants. How times have changed.
    So, the background to the current Windrush scandal has a long history, which some may find easy to ignore and just cut and paste rubbish from failed publications. But many people from those days were determined not to get UK passports for political reasons.”

    If you were a black student Powell meant you too.

    I wouldn’t say that people refused to get British passports for political reasons. Some people did not apply for British passports for psychological reasons. The felt emotionally attached to their place of birth. No point blaming people for feeling attached to their place of birth. That is a common human feeling. Does not Queen Elizabeth feel attached to England? Does anybody blame her for feeling that way? Remember that many people moved to the U.K because through no fault of their own they had to move in order to find work. So it was not an entirely voluntary move. So many people found it difficult to break the bonds. My own eldest sister moved there when she was 18. She told me herself that she did not want to go but that our parents told her that she must in order to find decent work. The options for a country girl from a large family in mid-50’s Barbados were field labourer, maid, or if she was very very lucky a clerk at a store on Swan Street (not Broad street, white Bajans held the clerical positions on Broad Street)

    In addition some newly independent Caribbean countries do not permit dual nationality, taking British nationality would have meant giving up their Caribbean nationality, and some people, like a brother in law of mine (may he rest in peace) found it impossible to formally renounce their country of birth, so they continued to work hard and work well while holding on to and renewing the old passport.


  • Three or four years ago a cousin who was sent for by his father when he was a teenager found himself without status in the Caribbean for a couple of years because he had been refused reentry. He is an only child and his father who had sponsored him is dead. It took him a couple of years and a new marriage to his long time partner [who had to pay airfare to come to the Caribbean to effect the marriage] a British born woman of Caribbean ancestry to regain his status. In the interim he was separated from his long time partner, his children and his job for years. Cruelty. He had lived in the U.K from about 15 to 50. At the time I had never heard the term Windrush, but in retrospect it is clear that the British were trying to Windrush him (although he went to the U.K on British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC)



  • @Artax April 20, 2018 10:35 AM “Simple Simon. Many of your arguments are based on emotion.”

    I am the least emotional person who will ever meet.

    My statement about moral authority simply means that as adults we have the capacity to make decisions for ourselves, and that democratic governments ought not to usurp our innate authority.

    If ya claim to be doing something in my interest, then have the decency to consult me.


  • Nine…definitely…the Caribbean island governments particularly the DLP/BLP political cabal in Barbados need their asses suing for reparations and compensation, that lawsuit should be filed by Caribbean born british citizens whom they hid that information from…for the last 52 years….and we will see just how well their scam slavery reparations lawsuits against the UK goes.


  • How many of us still have the first passport which we were issued 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 years ago.

    i was first issued a passport in 1972 [46 years ago] and I have NO IDEA what became if it. I can only suppose that I discarded it when it expired and I got a new one. Or I may have turned it in to the government which issued it. I have no idea where my landing card is either. Why would I keep that flimsy piece of paper for nearly 50 years?

    i would bet that Theresa May does not have the first passport issued to her either, and that she like me has no idea what became of it.

    It seems to me that the British government are giving the Windrush immigrants “a basket to carry water in”


  • Having travelled to the UK (post 1966) with only a local passport, no British Passport and no visa was allowed entry, ventured further into Europe and returned back to the UK without visa or a British Passport deemed me a British subject.


  • First of all Barbados/Caribbean governments have no right making any decisions on behalf of Caribbean born british citizens…dont care how much bribe money UK been paying them for the last 52 years to perpetrate that fraud…they are all out of RH place, that alone should get all of them RH sued…

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  • @millertheanunnaki April 21, 2018 8:13 PM “Where are you, Mock Doctor Simple Simon the full-blooded black Anglican?”

    Thankfully 4,000 miles away.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service


    Initially I found it odd that Barrow, given his age and the fact that he served in the war for UK and being a lawyer himself would ignore the fact and not negotiate with the UK regarding the british status of those born before 1966…turning them into duals…it bithered me, but I was willing to say he did not think of it which is even more odd when you think of it.

    … it never entered my mind that these rotten no good bitches, despite my knowing how they love to keep secrets for white people like the mindless, useless slaves they are…would actually keep the existence of the 1948 Nationality Act a secret away from their own black people, who were bi6rn in the Caribbean as british citizens …and for 52 years….

    ….those black traitors would have had to be taking money from UK to keep that secret for all that time, although they are well known and have a centuries old reputation for betraying each other to whites and anyone else for free..

    It is a conspiracy and a lot of corruption…no wonder there has been so much false diplomatic love all these decades between Caribbean leaders, African leaders and successive british governments…they are all douche bags and corrupt to their very empty souls.


  • The minister of FOREIGN AFFAIRS and by extension the PM must response to these disclosures…Where are statements? can they? will they?
    Now that the House of Assembly is dissolved, that will be the responsibility of the next sitting Government.


  • Can they? is the better question, I dont see them wanting to voluntarily reveal information unless they can blame the other government and they cannot do that without also incriminating themselves in the deceit…it’s been 52 years, 5 decades of hiding that information , not even slick british lies can explain that one away.

    They are probably hoping now to lose the election and let the next government carry that hot shit, someone may as well talk, the information is now everywhere.

    Besides, you know when white people put any document in front these suited fools to sign, they neither read it properly nor fully understand it’s content, Cahill and other contracts of white scams come to mind, which were designed to disenfranchise the majority population and they all went right along with them, every idiot of they may only be able to reveal certain things and we get to fill in the blanks, knowing how greedy they are, they would have to had been paid over the decades, cause the quickest thing to come out of Downing Street is how much aid they give the Caribbean…which in my mind now also translates to….to hold their british citizens born in the Caribbean for them.

    It is worth noting that when the 1948 Nationality Act was created there was massive opposition in british parliament, when the Windrush was on it’s way to UK, the then minister who became PM wanted to divert the ship filled with Caribbean born british citizens to Africa..he was unsuccessful, it is safe to say that none of them have been able to remove the Act in it’s entirety…or they would.

    it is also safe to say, that is the reason various black governments have been HOLDING still alive Caribbean born british citizens for the UK, without Caribbean people’s knowledge…that is obviously the unbreakable bond each black government has with UK…they cannot get rid of each other until all the current british born citizens in the Caribbean die out.

    Unfortunately for them, our deaths did not come first.

    What is going to happen and some really intelligent and talented people are involved here, there will eventually be a documentary or film about all this and with most of us still being alive, it will be worth seeing them all squirm for this injustice.

    We can call ourselves…the ones they could not get rid of..and obviously, still can’t.


  • The travesty is being recorded and shared, if you care about yourself and the wellbeing of the Black family, share these travesties against the Black family.


  • Retired nurse, Cynthia Moore said she left Barbados in 1956 when she was 25 years old “to pursue a career in nursing.” She said: “My husband and I took out citizenship since 1968, and you did not have to pay penny for it then. After a while you had to pay £100 to get your citizenship.”(Quote)

    I ask again: why did these people not regularise their status in the UK? I know there is a rabid kind of nationalism that dominates the blog, but I have seen nowhere an answer to a simple question. This does not apologise for the way these people have been treated by the Home Office, but it is still a valid question.


  • @Hal Austin April 23, 2018 9:16 AM “I ask again: why did these people not regularise their status in the UK? I know there is a rabid kind of nationalism that dominates the blog, but I have seen nowhere an answer to a simple question.”

    If I may Hal?

    In the same article, the Sunday Sun, April 22, 2018, page 13 A and 14 A, Lawrence Moore the husband of Cynthia Moore is reported to have said that he thanked his wife for making the decision that they would apply for British citizenship.

    What if Lawrence was the type of man who had not listened and followed his wife’s good advice?

    A part of the reason that some people did not apply is that some people, maybe many people are intimidated by government documents. You are a writer Hal, words are your natural gift, your formal training, your profession. Clearly you are not intimidated by words, clearly you are not intimidated by government documents. What if you had been a bus conductor? What if you had been like my auntie, born in Barbados in 1920, completed your formal education at age 13, moved to the U.K. at 41, worked there at a maid on a hospital ward. In other words what about those people who did not/do not have your youth, your education, your professional experience? What about those people? In addition she had no children, and people without ready access to the younger generations often fall behind on what is happening in their society, because there is no loving young person whom they can turn to for help.

    I had always assumed that because my auntie lived in the U.K for so many years that she was a British citizen, but is going through her things after her death I found no evidence that she had ever applied for citizenship. Maybe she was, maybe she wasn’t. I will now never know, and since she is dead it does not matter, but there people born in the 1920’s like she was who are now finding themselves in difficulties. That is not right. It is not fair. It is not moral. It is not just.

    So some of the reasons for “failing” to apply:

    Poor education
    Very young at age of migration and so perhaps being unaware that they had been migrated
    Older than average at time of migration, and having to go to work perhaps at multiple jobs, so time constraints
    Large families, many women’s lives are consumed by the tasks and time required to raise large families. No contraceptive pills before 1962.
    Sexism–husbands, who unlike the dutiful Lawrence did not listen to their wives. Husbands who asserted leadership in the family, but did not follow through in doing the paperwork. We all know women who even now will say “I have to ask my husband first”
    Some people moved back and forth between the U.K. and Barbados because they retained some responsibility for caring for elderly parents in the Caribbean, sometimes they moved back and forth when their marriages broke down and they struggled with childcare, especially if they did shift worked, for example as a nurse in the NHS, that certainly happened within my own family.
    Being imperfect human beings. But aren’t we all imperfect human beings each in our own special way?

    Liked by 1 person

  • The U.K government was happy to take the tax money from Mr. Barnes and people like Mr. Barnes for more than 50 years, and now the U.K government fearful that he will require health care want to keep him out. But the British government and their European and American allies are infamous for separating black people from their families. They have hundreds of years experience in imposing such family separations.

    Remember just last year the Trump government ruled that grandmothers are not family–but third wives are family.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Simple Simon April 23, 2018 10:52 AM

    All the points you make are relevant, but not a single one is relevant to the situation the Windrush victims find themselves in. The question still remains: why did these people not regularise their situation? You can speculate as much as you like, but until they say why you do not know.
    By the way, the vast majority of Barbadians in the US and have moved their since the 1960s and changes in the immigration laws( the 1965 Hart-Celler Act).
    As to taxation, every man and woman who works in the UK and earns above the tax-free amount pays taxes on that sum, along with national insurance until they reach the age of state retirement. After the age of 65 you pay no national insurance. It has nothing to do with being a citizen.


  • I’m presently watching part 1 of 4 Windrush, I must admit it’s not the first time I’ve heard England being referred to as the mother country, but it’s sickening to hear so many black ass people whose ancestors were ripped out of Africa calling white Britain their mother country. I need not remind anyone what Britain did to our ancestors in the form of slavery. Mother country my ass!! How the hell we ever got so stupid as Rass hole I’ll never know.


  • If it is all they know what do you expect? Especially if these people have lived practically all their lifes in the country?


  • BTW, you returning nationals from the UK with your dipped grand children and white in-laws, you’re not so special after all. So, the next time you’re out for your walks when I’m chatting with my white Canadian neighbor, you can continue to bow and genuflect to him and ignore me standing right next to him. #mothercountrymyass


  • Stop pandering David of BU, I’m talking of Black ass West Indians, how could they not have known.


  • lol…they only know how to kiss white ass even anonymously.

    it is a curse that has to be purged from their souls, now all this has been revealed, they won’t be so damn uppity anymore, now it’s revealed that their fellow Caribbean Blacks who were never IMMIGRATED by the british home office, as they were, are still british citizens, aint that some ish….

    many of them I know ya gotta bring them back down to earth in raw NYC style cause their heads are stuck firmly up their asses, just like their foolish sounding accents.

    white brits never appealed to me, they all look like savages with really bad teeth, no one worth pandering to, if ya sane.


  • That was quick…no it’s not over, hell no, they want it to go away as quickly as possible…too much else to come out and use as weapons to cause them endless grief.

    including the fact that there is a movement in London picking up steam to have a national discussion about UK’s centuries old atrocities across the globe.

    They have to address the Caribbean born people who were born prior to the different dates of independence in the islands and were considered british citizens under their immoveable 1948 Nationality Act, then they will be doing something, they are in way too much of a hurry to bury this, do the right thing by addressing everything under the Nationality ACT.


  • Forgot to add:

    They have to address the Caribbean born people who were born prior to the different dates of independence in the islands and were considered british citizens under their immoveable 1948 Nationality Act, many of them born between 1948 and 1974 depending on the date of each islands independence and most of whom ARE STILL ALIVE and living in the Caribbean or in other jurisdictions.., then they will be doing something.

    If they CANNOT get rid of the 1948 Nationality Act…they cannot get rid of these people born under the Union Jack and under british rule either.


  • Talking Loud saying Nothing

    @ Hal,

    Please check the link below. It makes for fascinating listening. Alex Pascale the old time Radio London presenter is on form. Excellent contributions by all but i was somewhat confused by Well Well’s contribution @ 12.58 (who has kept this important new’s story running) and Whitehall’s bizarre offering @ 12.30 and 12.38.

    @ David,
    Any chance of you waking up our resident legal man: Jeff Cumberbatch. Surely he must have something to contribute to this topic?


  • @talking aloud…

    Jeff is an adult who monitors the blog.


  • Talking Loud @12:58 was just to provoke our fellow Caribbean british citizens, now domiciled in UK….lol


  • Talking Loud saying Nothing April 23, 2018 3:27 PM

    Alex is great. I have had the great privilege of producing the Black Londoners programme on BBC Radio London, which Alex presented for years. He has made a great contribution to the cultural history of Black London.


  • John comes and so does Boreman.


  • It’s shameful that the man Pascale had to call out Holness of Jamaica for dodging speaking on the Windrush issue, too many Caribbean leaders are too coward and have been hiding critical information from their own people

    how many Jamaicans actually know that they can apply for dual british citizenship,

    The female was not even aware, given her birth after Jamaica’s independence, that her parents were already british citizens before they left Jamaica under the 1948 Nationality ACT.

    What is the Barbados governments been hiding from their people besides that critical piece of information….

    What has the Grenadian, Trinidad, St. Vincent, St Lucia governments been hiding from their people born prior to independence about their dual british nationality.


  • Bushie an Welly Gotma Bawlin

    Your sock-puppets, Dave, in their dozens, have never been even minimally interesting. What Bushie what? What HC what?


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Hal Austin April 23, 2018 11:40 AM
    “Simple Simon April 23, 2018 10:52 AM
    All the points you make are relevant, but not a single one is relevant to the situation the Windrush victims find themselves in. The question still remains: why did these people not regularise their situation? You can speculate as much as you like, but until they say why you do not know.”

    These ‘West Indian (foolish) people’ did not apply for British citizenship for the same set of reasons you have not returned to live (permanently) in Barbados.

    Why don’t you look into the mirror for the answer?
    Dr. Simple Simon (PhD) put it in the succinctly simple Annancy story style by opining that “it seems to me that the British government are giving the Windrush immigrants a basket to carry water in”; or to be Jamaican specific: ‘Dem give yu basket fi carry water”.

    If simple West Indian folks are finding it so difficult to obtain what they are morally and legally entitled to- having made such major contributions to modern Britain- can you imagine what the black educated class would be up against in their fight for Reparations for the past sins of the British committed against the ancestors of the same black West Indians?

    In one of your “Notes from a [black] Native Son on the Notting Hill Carnival, here is what you had to say about the pathetically disappointing absence of business acumen among the so-called ‘educated black West Indians trying to pass for ‘British’:

    “The carnival is estimated by the Daily Telegraph to bring £100m in to the local economy. Of that, it can be safely said that the Caribbean community gets minimal benefits from this, either as small entrepreneurs or as consumers. This is based on a crude calculation of one million people attending on each of the two days and spending about £50 per capita. One reason for this business failure is the lack of organisation and business enterprise: an inability over the last near 50 years to set up a permanent organisational structure to mange carnival and negotiate on behalf of the community. Another failure, one that is replicated across the Caribbean, is the refusal of professional people to step forward and provide the community leadership the event badly needs.”


  • Bushie an Welly Gotma Bawlin

    This is important, Dave, and none of your sock-puppets have a clue how to deal with it.

    When the argument is made that black men of prime age comprise 4 percent of US population but commit 51 percent of all the homicides, how the phuque are your dozen sock-puppets going to deal with the numbers?

    Juss aksin’.


  • According to Simple, some of us are making too light of individual cases, every case is different and for different reasons .


  • “can you imagine what the black educated class would be up against in their fight for Reparations for the past sins of the British committed against the ancestors of the same black West Indians?”

    Miller…ya know Beckles and all the government ministers and politicians with their tongues hanging out waiting for reparations pay out can kiss that goodbye…not going to happen with this ongoing Windrush scandal..and it is definitely NOT GOING TO HAPPEN…if they all continue to keep hidden the citizenship status of those born before independence.

    They have no clue how many people are coming on board this, how many Caribbean people in London and worldwide…so let them wait thinking they will get any damn reparations money off the backs of our brutalized, murdered, raped, enslaved ancestors…unless all this is first resolved.

    Can you imagine what the black miseducated class will be up against now…it’s not only Downing Street…dem a haffa deal wit now…uhh, uhh…they also have to deal with those who are not yet dead.


  • @whiteHill April 23, 2018 12:38 PM ” #mothercountrymyass”

    Actually it is “mothercuntry”



  • Bushie an Welly Gotma Bawlin April 23, 2018 4:33 PM “When the argument is made that black men of prime age comprise 4 percent of US population but commit 51 percent of all the homicides, how the phuque are your dozen sock-puppets going to deal with the numbers?”


    Why do you think that a people can be excluded from the center of their society for hundreds of years, denied wages, denied decent work, denied education, denied the right to marry, denied the right to be with their families.

    And you expect zero consequences?

    If so you are an unmitigated idiot.


  • lol…I am here just envisioning governments over the last 5-6 decades in Barbados and the Caribbean using that information to grow yardfowls and mindless, stupid supporters, so that if you are not a yardfowl acting like a slave, you and your family born in that era of 1948 pre independence would never know your real citizenship status….

    .. these low rent, trifling, low class politicians that the british gave birth when they introduced their corrupt system of governancet to their colonies.


  • And even so what has crime in the United States–a society that has committed horrendous war crimes against the indigenous people and against the black enslaved people.

    What has this got to do with the British deporting 70 to 90 year old grandmothers, none of whom have criminal convictions.

    I don’t see see anybody trying to deport Melania, the newcomer? Does she have the right papers anyow?


  • The BU idiots will definitely not want this narrative, cause many minorities in Barbados and their children and grandchildren have had dual british citizenship through grandparent ancestry for decades.


  • Hey Bushie an Welly Gotma Bawlin
    Can you explain to me why
    No white man ever had a wallet mistaken for a gun and was shot.
    ** Have blacks innvented a leather gun?
    An armed white man can confront the police and is not shot.
    ** Better be a white man with a gun than an unarmed black man with a wallet
    How a black man can be fleeing and shot in the back because the police thought he threatening and attacking.
    **Black just have the ability to look like they are attacking when running away?
    Why crimes that would land a young black l;ad in jail is explained as “Boys will be boys for others”.
    ** Our kids are never children, just criminals.
    Why 70% of the arrested people is comprised of Blacks and Hispanic in an area of NYC although they are 20% of that population.
    ** Whitey no longer like MaryJ
    Why we had crack addicts and a crack epidemic but now it is an opioid crisis and we talk of addiction. Don’t even talk of the uneven sentencing for possession of drugs?
    ** Guess when it is in your house, you can appeal for sympathy
    Hey, what about the black guys that were doing what white people do in Starbucks all the time
    ** Guess they were about to rob the place.
    I’ll confess that the US has some messed up statistics, but a law that is applied unequally will magnify problems.


  • Lest we forget, that those who were brought to Caribbean under stress and duress, not of any will of theirs were AFRICAN.
    Lest we forget that when the British landed in the Caribbean they found indigenous peoples.
    Damm to refer Blacks as British, Afro-American et al… none of them denounced their ancestry, lineage, heritage or homeland, or received documentation purporting citizenship of BRITAIN, they were African, treated as property, slaves.

    WE ARE AFRICANS, the original ancient Hebrew Israelites. Since the advent and awakening by the movie “Black Panther its time to claim back our true identity from those who have separated and falsely indoctrinated us.


  • The British treatment of the Windrush migrants is unconscionable. They are using the same tactic as Donald Trump to expel the Dreamers from the US. However there is a difference. The Windrush migrants are British subjects with the right of abode in the UK. If their landing cards were destroyed they should still be able to prove their citizenship using old passports or birth certificates.

    It is hypocritical of the Caribbean leaders to complain about the treatment of the Windrush migrants. They had the opportunity to advance the cause of West Indians but chose to dissolve the West Indian Federation in 1962. The Federation was formed by the British to replace their colonial status after independence.


  • @Leslie Chin April 23, 2018m9:24 PM “old passports ”

    I don’t know anybody with a 40, 50, 60 or 70 year old passport. Do you?


  • Spare a minute to listen to this old fart leader of Malaysia (Indo-Chinese) Relationship on trade/investment

    Eye opener



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