What is the Issue at the Crane Hotel Between Owner and Vendor?

Some of us want to hear what are the real issues fueling the dispute between the owner of the Crane Resort and beach vendors. It is easy retreat to the emotional side of the issue to beat up on the White guy and shout ‘dah beach is mine’ but has the public been given all the facts around this issue? Clearly Doyle is a businessman and has a right to protect his multi million dollar  invest. And of course the beach vendors benefit from unrestricted access to our beaches.

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Here is an interview the owner of the Crane Resort had with the Nation newspaper to present his side of the issue.


131 thoughts on “What is the Issue at the Crane Hotel Between Owner and Vendor?

  1. You need to listen to John David.

    ‘Businessmen’ of a certain ilk are known ‘combine forces’ when they see progress being made by businesses of another ilk – with the clear intention of maintaining the status quo. Interestingly, had the progress been made by a small businessman of their same ilk – they would ALSO combine forces – and provided a grant, soft loan, concessions – and even membership of their Boards of Directors…to get that up-and-coming partner on stream.

    The characteristic of this ‘special’ ilk is that they see themselves as having the exclusive rights to the riches of our earth.
    While they do compete with each other at a certain level – the genesis of their being is their adopted philosophy of being somehow superior to others of different ilk….. and of course they judge this superiority on the ownership of material assets.
    No problem so far, that is their right … some brass bowls even worship cows….

    The problem arises when the OTHER brass bowls (of different ilk) ACCEPT this playing field (that is judged by selfishness and greed,) and seek to find success by adhering to the rules of this ridiculous game WHILE AT THE SAME TIME (as you are) calling for ‘fair management of the situation’ and for level heads to interject fairness and justice in resolving the issue.

    This is what Bushie calls brassbowlery….
    It is like entering a kick-boxing competition – while adhering to the belief that it is impolite to kick someone – fat chance of winning.

    If we (foolishly) accept their ground rules, then the sensible thing to do, is to RUTHLESSLY exploit those rules to our maximum benefit just as they routinely do. In a place with an overwhelming majority, it should be an easy slam-dunk….. by using as simple a tool as consumer power for example.

    Obviously, Bushie would want us to establish OUR OWN ground rules for the game in Barbados – where fairness, justice, openness and transparency rules the day (which is where Caswell came in) – BUT FAILING THAT, the next option is to outdo them at their own game….wuh…

    …it is not ONLY businessmen who can combine forces….

  2. Besides the GOB/NCC there are others on the South Coast who are sweating bricks waiting for the penny to drop!!!

    … especially the one who rowed off a whole set of containers to block the view of the public of what was going on in the sea!!!

    I haven’t been and looked as yet but my information suggests to me the groyne was built by Barge … from the sea!!

  3. in 1755, the effects of a tsunami on Portugal were felt in Barbados just 7 hours after the earth quake which generated it

    Here is a computer model.


    We accept tsunamis travel vast distances and very quickly but the reason this is so is because water is incompressible.

    Once upon a time Bajans understood that building groynes into the current flow of the sea could produce unexpected results.

    The $$$ spent by the BLP Government to build a new coast guard station on the south coast gave rise to Miami Beach.

    For a while, a dredge operated in a futile attempt to keep the investment viable but in time the efforts were abandoned.

    Where did the sand for Miami beach or for that matter any of the beaches along the South East Coast originate?

    It was in suspension in the sea but the changed currents forced the sea to deposit it on the coastline and form the beaches.

    And where did it come from before it ended up in suspension in the sea?

    My guess is the rocks of the mountains of South America, via the great rivers to the sea!!

    The currents then transported it thousands of miles to Barbados and beyond.

    So, if changing currents can coax sand out of the sea then there must be hope for the Crane Beach!!

  4. It is interesting to watch the bending of waves around the islands in the Atlantic, Azores, Madeira, Canaries and Cape Verde.

    Diffraction patterns and interference are other things you can see.

    The Caribbean was sheltered by these tiny islands … and sea floor topography.

    The 1755 earthquake was absolutely disastrous fro Portugal and its Empire.

  5. Tectonic theory of the formation of South America.

    Barbados is about 700,000 years young!!.

    Interestingly, Africa was at one time part of the Americas … long before Barbados appears!!

  6. @ John April 4, 2018 7:29 AM
    “Barbados is about 700,000 years young!!.”

    It’s frighteningly amazing how you, John, can be so intellectually bipolar.

    From one side of your schizophrenic brain you can produce convincingly informative evidence based on ‘tested and proven’ science (in this case Earth’s geology) to prove the same Earth is hundreds of millions years old while, on another occasion, you can shock the hell out of the BU intelligentsia by arguing most profusely that the Judeo-Christian fairy tale of the Earth’s creation-(and by a quantum leap of the Q’s imagination, the Universe)- in 6 days is a ‘factual’ account of the Earth’s origin and current geological status.

    John, please Sir, you just cannot believe in a story involving Adam and Eve and Noah in his intercontinental cruise ship (to collect a pair of llamas and tapirs) covering a 10,000 years of the existence of life on the planet and still want to dabble in ‘Scientific’ curiosity.

    So what is it going to be, Johnny boy?
    A Scientific explanation for the formation of the continents and other land masses (including the “700,000 years young” Bim) as observed ‘Today’ or the much distorted religious mumbo-jumbo copied from the much earlier story tellers of Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations?

    But we wouldn’t put it past you to want to be in a RC church of myth and downright lies while trying to enter the chapel of enlightenment to peep into the tortured but ‘illuminati’ faces of the likes of Copernicus and Galileo.

  7. mta

    How do you define a day as referred to in the Bible?

    Wouldn’t the earth take a little time to cool down before Man was made?

  8. Kinda simple to accept both science and creation …. in fact many, if not most scientists do!!

    I can tell you are not a scientist!!

  9. @ John April 4, 2018 10:08 AM
    “How do you define a day as referred to in the Bible?
    Wouldn’t the earth take a little time to cool down before Man was made?”

    By using the same timescale you used to arrive at Barbados being 700,000 (or thereabouts) “young”.

    Isn’t a day in the eyes of your Lord like a thousand years in the eyes of a man called John?

    So there you go little Johnny, Barbados -according to your Genesis timeline- is just 700 days old as created by Yahweh to which he sent two of the children of Cain to be fruitful and multiply to replenish the land with Amerindians.

    “But you must not forget this one thing, dear friends: A day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is like a day.”

  10. @ April 4, 2018 10:12 AM
    “Kinda simple to accept both science and creation …. in fact many, if not most scientists do!!
    I can tell you are not a scientist!!”

    Guess you might arrive at the same conclusion about Charles Darwin whose ‘scientific’ theory of natural selection is totally at odds with the Adam & Eve creation fabrication.

    I suspect you might just reach the same conclusion about Richard Dawkins.

    Why do you think Einstein was a confessed pantheist? Wasn’t he considered the godfather of modern day physics?

    Do you believe that Stephen Hawkings’ cremated remains would one day be reconstituted into a healthy young man on the return of your Sweet Jesus in the 100 to 1,000 years mankind has left on the planet?

  11. John April 4, 2018 10:08 AM
    Have there been any great philosophers who were Quakers?


    Does the practice of one’s philosophy make one a philosopher?

    If so, then there were/are many great Quaker philosophers!!

    The abolition of slavery comes out of their philosophy, as shown to them by God.

    So if the philosophy that led to the abolition of slavery is great, then there were many great Quaker philosophers!!

  12. @ John April 4, 2018 1:05 PM

    Don’t you do the same “name dropping” when you hallucinate about the halcyon days of Quakerism and white domination of the Bajan landscape?

    Don’t you regale us with a litany of the names of white plantation owners and managers who created Barbados in their own white image and save the Africans from their inevitable fate of Islamic slavery where the males would have become eunuchs and the virgin females taken as concubines after killing off the indigenous people called Amerindian savages?

    The MTA has a lot of ‘scientific experience’, alright.
    But it’s in the’ art’ of not falling for religious bullshit peddled by racist conmen like you.
    And that ‘Experience’ was gained through spending decades in the School of Commonsense leaving with the highest honour in knowing that a people who enslaved you physically cannot liberate you mentally unless you repossessed his stolen library of ancient knowledge.


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