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Long time BU blogger Observing submitted the following links with the plea for the BU family to connect the dots. The blogmaster has added the assist by snipping excerpts from the links submitted to start the ball rolling

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Still observing and connecting dots as a hobby.

The essence of all of these known rhythms is that they link us to a past of chattel servitude where there was little choice for self fulfillment. In time these rhythms. isolated as they were in tenantries and yards and the dancehall, fortified our resolve towards freedom and independence.

INTERFERENCES in the domestic affairs, and election politics in particular, by foreigners in North America and Europe have been an old problem for some Caribbean countries ever since their independence from Britain. Best known victims of such interferences with money and so-called “experts”, are known to have been Jamaica and Guyana; Grenada, Dominica, St Lucia and Antigua and Barbuda


KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia’s ruling coalition Barisan Nasional (BN) has become embroiled in the Cambridge Analytica scandal as the opposition on Tuesday (March 20) questioned Prime Minister Najib Razak’s role in using the big data firm to score wins in the country’s 2013 polls.

But the administration has denied employing the firm, and said any services were provided personally to former BN leader turned opposition politician Mukhriz Mahathir.

Update on March 17, 2018, 9:50 AM PT: The claim that this is a data breach is completely false. Aleksandr Kogan requested and gained access to information from users who chose to sign up to his app, and everyone involved gave their consent. People knowingly provided their information, no systems were infiltrated, and no passwords or sensitive pieces of information were stolen or hacked.

Interesting election ahead indeed. All the trial balloons have been flown, let’s see where they land.

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  1. Memories of the 1999 General Election and the DLP bringing in the American woman Jennifer Lazlo and god knows who was connected to Lazlo and Thompson.But we remember the refrain Families First,Crime and Violence,Families First, Crime and Violence.Then 10 years later the refrain Clico and the Paris/Thompson axis of evil and thiefing and the $75000.00 cheque made out to OSA and the downfall of the brilliant but too trusting, OSA.Then it was Clico and the Thompson/Paris axis of influence again while the multi million dollar empire of Clico collapsed all around the Caribbean compliments of the mighty Duprey of Trinidad.Billions of dollars stolen and hidden from plain sight in Trinidad and in Barbados and neither Afra Raymond nor BIPA know the true story of the Clico assets like who owns them and where are they located.Connect the dots.Wait for answers.Wait and wait.

  2. Bajans wake up and read the tea leaves.Clico and B Irish American collapsed.Sagicor moved its business arm to Bermuda citing and unfavorable investment climate in Barbados compliments of the Stuart/Sinckler/Boyce/Worrell guessing game called Monetary Policy as if Barbados is still being run by Barrow or Arthur.Then watch how the Banks are behaving in Barbados.The tail wagging the dog.Interest rates on Savings Accounts practically ZERO %.Banks charging its customers fees to serve them.Banks threatening its customers,refusing to return telephone calls and refusing to answer faxes/queries.All Barbados banks are foreign owned and adopting a wait and see attitude because the country has been downgraded over 20 times in the last10 years and Stuart has not a clue what to do with an election date only he knows.Still threatening people up to last Sunday night in St Pater.JA extraordinaire.Rome burning and Nero the Tar fiddling.

  3. Does the ordinary Barbadian comprehend how their vote is manipulated? Do they even care? Are they happen to cede their civic responsibility to the political class?

  4. David
    Manipulation could only occur if a vote is perishable.

    The people who the government serve get to vote daily.

    A right to recall would make a popular vote mean something. Not the window dressing it currently is

  5. Robert Mercer is the 71-year-old funder of an assortment of right-wing causes, ranging from Cambridge Analytica to Breitbart News to Republican campaigns…In recent years he’s become famous for his political investments: the research group that looked into Hillary Clinton’s alleged conflicts of interest and bankrolled the book “Clinton Cash,” the Government Accountability Institute; Breitbart; and the campaign of Donald Trump.

    These are the people the political class of St. Kitts dealt with.

    Does our political class deal with Cambridge Anal–lick–ita and Briebart News as well?

  6. @Gabriel March 24, 2018 at 5:05 PM “But we remember the refrain Families First.”

    Yes I remember.

    And the families First refrain was precisely the reason I did NOT vote for the DLP.

    When I hear politicians talking about family I does get the willies, because I look around me and typically politicians do not place much value on value on family.

    So if you do not value your own family, why would I believe that you would value mine?

    So no vote for the DLP that time.

  7. The TALK-SHOP engage by THOSE WITH UNETHICAL AGENDAS in any election process to produce FAVORABLE RESULTS via analytics and stategies meddles and dabbles in such things as…
    Vote padding, fake IDs, fake addresses, decease persons list, non voters list, change of address list, new voters list, stealthy shuttling of foreign aliens for purposes of voting, denial of expatriates rights to vote, curfews and cordons as a prohibition, computing tinkering, vote buying, bribes, altering ballots, exchanging ballots, lost of ballot boxes, doctoring of ballot boxes, tinkering electoral lists, appearing and disappearing of names, altering electoral boundaries, creating favorable constituencies, delaying due process and swift implementations of law to support agendas.

    Added to these are engagements in subliminal programming, crafted media content, gifts, appointments, waivers and contracts.

    FOR FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS anywhere candidates must monitor all aspects as per above and be crosschecked by all who seek political office.

  8. Observing;

    Good to see you posting again. Welcome back and I hope that you will give us some insights into your lawyerly or other views on the rationale for Stuart’s precipitation of the involuntary dissolution of the House and its likely ramifications, inter alia, topics related to the fairly imminent election, eg. how far the fruit of the DLP tree has fallen from a sensible and patriotic Barrow to a Stuart of diametrically opposite predelictions.

    I looked at the Cambridge Analytica logo and saw an attempt by its designers to portray a preeminent brain; the cosmos as portrayed by a beautifully focused linkage of stars and the ability of its workers to out-think the hoi polloi of the world and harvest the fruit of our brains into CA’s super brain.

    The dots were already connected in the logo. The initial forays into developing countries like St KItts and Trinidad and Malaysia for testing of the protocols and algorithms and then further rapid implementation in the most powerful country in the World (the USA) and perhaps the second most powerful country grouping, Europe, with Russia being possibly one of the drivers of the technology, essentially connected most of the dots.

  9. “Where there is no vision…”

    De ole man is of the opinion that we black people are cursed…

    I mean let us be critical of the “Me Claire Who you” fiasco than downlowe foisted on we black people not so long ago and you see a pattern of acquiescence to things white

    Again when you do recall the imported white woman from David Thompson you see how we do rush to embrace anything other than what is ours.

    But de ole man digresses a likkle with that aside just to say Effing a black person was to propose a superior product and strategy it was not going to be accorded all the hype a la Cambridge Analytica

    Let de ole man expand with an example of an anonymous poll, or what is the archaic form of the FB data.

    So I ask you a few non commital questions the first time and then use a second poll or other interaction to confirm a specific issue thereby ascertaining what your stance is.

    While FB is faster the fact is that it does not do everything that it is cranked up to do in societies that are technologically lagging as we are in Barbados.

    YouTube is a much greater threat than FB as it relates to intelligence gathering per profile building.

    It is more useful to knowing if someone watched 80% of Natalie’s video, or retransmitted a Fumbles Fools graphic as opposed the utilization of a less dense data gateway in the context of FB and the Caribbean

    Those guys will tell you that, based on where they are in the world, the efficacy of their tool, becomes less useful

    The real enemy is not Facebook but the innocuous spyware apps that we install on our smartphones which harvest all our data unbeknownst to us since when we installed it we gave it universal rights to our contacts, microphone, camera and the whole shebang

    Ponder on this non important fact if you will..

    When there is rain or inclement weather like snowstorms or wildfires how does such affect population dispersion and movements a la access to your GPS?

    What is access to such data worth to a country proposing war?

    Now if De ole man may come back to the reality of our country and countries and ask the question which government has a telecommunications agency or Information Ministry which has insisted by law that no app developer of which Lime and Digicel lead the pack, must NOT OFFER SUCH SOFTWARE APPS to the public?

    Of course it going need somebody white to come and talk bout dat befo it get implement bout here

  10. The TALK-SHOP of those with UNETHICAL AGENDAS in any election process to produce FAVORABLE RESULTS engage analytics and stategies that meddles and dabbles in such things as…
    Vote padding, fake IDs, fake addresses, decease persons list, non voters list, change of address list, new voters list, stealthy shuttling of foreign aliens for purposes of voting, denial of expatriates rights to vote, curfews and cordons as a prohibition, computing tinkering, vote buying, bribes, altering ballots, exchanging ballots, lost of ballots and boxes, doctoring of ballot boxes, tinkering electoral lists, appearing and disappearing of names or fictitious names, altering electoral boundaries, creating favorable constituencies, delaying due process and swift implementations of law to support agendas even campaign financin.

    Added to these are the engagements of subliminal programming, crafted media content, gifts, appointments, waivers and contracts.

    FOR FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS anywhere candidates must monitor all aspects as per above and be crosschecked by all individuals and parties that seek political office.

  11. From TruePublica web site:
    What You Really Need To Know About The Scandal Engulfing Cambridge Analytica

    ……Then it emerges via The Guardian that former Conservative MPs, and a peer who was a business minister under David Cameron along with Tory party donors were investors in Cambridge Analytica. Lord Marland, a successful businessman who became a minister in 2010, held shares personally. One of Marland’s fellow investors, and the person now registered as having “significant control” over SCL Group, is a big Conservative party donor called Roger Gabb, who has over the years donated over £700,000 to the party.

    The Guardian and this interesting blog piece reveals other individuals who are linked to the Royal family, senior members of Britain’s armed forces and other members of high society.
    Interestingly, Sir Geoffrey Pattie, a former Conservative defence and industry minister, took a key role in the company for its first three years.

    This is interesting because SCL, the parent company, uses known military strategies and tactics for its business model and has contracts with the US and UK military establishments and intelligence services. It’s all very fishy isn’t it.


    Another accusation is that SCL/CA was offered material from Israeli hackers who had accessed the private emails of two politicians who are now the heads of state of Nigeria and St Kitts and Nevis. The reality of this story is truly, truly shocking. The Guardian investigation aligns Israeli intelligence, CA, Bell Pottinger and the Western intelligence operatives of more than one country.

    There are multiple wider political questions about what went on in the Nigerian election of 2015 and the role western powers played. The implications go far beyond the simplicities of asking what happens to lucrative Nigerian oil deals.

  12. Most Corrupt In The World, Cambridge Analytica, More Election Fraud
    (Language warning – Occasional use of 4 letter words of a type you would not hear at your typical Governor General’s tea party.)

    The bit on Cambridge Analytica comes after the opening monologue.

  13. Cambridge Analytica are racist filth. CEO in top photo called black clients ni99ers in emails and were responsible for racist campaigning for scum potus. In Sri Lanka they wanted to rig elections for land.

    when you check it them use spying glass want to know rasta business

  14. Some more dot connecting courtesy of a whistlerblower?

    EXCLUSIVE: SCL Group Whistleblower Claims Cambridge Analytica Used a US Military Weapon Against the US Elections

    Today we were contacted by a source who claims to be a close family member of a former SCL Group employee-turned-whistleblower. This individual has quite a shocking and incredibly disturbing story to tell. While the whistleblower has shared their story with the UK media, they are fearful that the UK Ministry of Defense will quickly move in and squash any potential publication.

    The whistleblower, whom our source says worked for SCL Group between the years of 2005 and 2013, didn’t understand the complexity and disturbing nature of what he had been a part of. That is until a recent exposé aired on Channel 4 in the UK, regarding Cambridge Analytica and their shady practices. This individual had worked mainly in Iraq for SCL Group and is revealing that SCL Group was used by the US and UK militaries to devise coercive propaganda in Iraq during his time there. SCL Group, via their subsidiary Cambridge Analytica, then took this same exact approach and used it against the public in the United States via our elections, this time for monetary gain. Literally SCL Group created a military propaganda machine and then targeted the United States’ elections and our democracy with it.


    The whistleblower claims that it was very likely that some of this technology was actually owned by the UK Ministry of Defense and/or the US Military, and now they don’t want people to know that it was their weapon that’s currently in the wild, being used privately to manipulate elections worldwide.

    If the whistleblower’s claims are true, it appears as if the weapons used by the United States and the United Kingdom’s governments to influence the hearts and minds of Iraqi citizens, may have been used to help get President Trump elected as the 45th President of the United States.

    Also see this:

    The Truth About Cambridge Analytica-SCL: Psy-ops by UK-US Deep State Actors

    by Julie Hyland

    The serious privacy concerns involved in the harvesting of the personal information of some 50 million Facebook users was underscored by Britain’s Channel 4 News. An undercover investigation filmed Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix boasting of dirty tricks operations to ensnare politicians and subvert elections.

    But while the disclosures are being used to bolster hysterical claims of “Russian meddling,” a closer examination reveals that the real and far more fundamental threat to democratic rights involves psy-ops programmes run by elements of the British and US deep state.

    More at:

  15. The RBPF and others are using Stingray type technologies to listen in on cell phones calls and track people down.

    ”The StingRay is an IMSI-catcher with both passive (digital analyzer) and active (cell site simulator) capabilities. When operating in active mode, the device mimics a wireless carrier cell tower in order to force all nearby mobile phones and other cellular data devices to connect to it.”

  16. @ Pachamama

    It is indeed a sad day when we have come to these measures to monitor the common man and woman as we seek to know then control citizens.

    Thankfully irrespective of our desires to track, trace and control, we have no power over The Breath of Life ….

  17. Streets have eyes

    I Man Stand Still

    I’m stuck here like glue
    I man stand still
    It takes a revolution
    To solve this situation
    Who feels it knows it
    Boy it a go dread
    For 400 years
    Blackman under pressure
    ‘Till nowe it get no lessor
    Boy it go dread
    Head a go roll
    Like Marcus Garvey foretold
    Prophecy must be fulfilled
    This ya a Jah Jah will
    I and I man stand still
    Who believe it a go live
    Only fittest of the fittest will survive

  18. Close to home!

    Records reveal AggregateIQ and SCL Group’s plan to influence politics in Trinidad and Tobago

    Colin Freeze and Mark MacKinnon

    Toronto and London

    Published 9 hours ago

    The Canadian and British political consulting firms in the eye of a global storm over alleged data misuse started their collaboration with a plan to acquire internet-browsing histories from citizens of a Caribbean country, records obtained by The Globe and Mail reveal.

    The 2013 partnership between Britain’s SCL Group − a forerunner to Cambridge Analytica − and Canada’s AggregateIQ was first set in Trinidad and Tobago. This project’s ambitions would serve as a prelude to the Facebook and Brexit data controversies that came to light this month.

    Records obtained by The Globe show that the Trinidad plan involved a bid to gather data − in bulk − from an internet-service provider (ISP) in the island country of 1.3 million people. The stated goal of this paid work was to use psychological profiling of voters to improve the fortunes of a Trinidadian political party.

    It’s not clear whether the plan actually resulted in any handover of data. But two academics who reviewed one record obtained by The Globe expressed concern about the data-gathering strategies, saying it appears the companies were attempting to circumvent privacy considerations and more legitimate forms of data purchasing.

    “There’s a number of ways this is violating the principle of informed consent − an ISP selling their data in aggregate?” said Concordia University’s Fenwick McKelvey, who studies privacy issues. “You just couldn’t in Canada.”

    On Tuesday, Canadian whistle-blower Chris Wylie, once closely tied to the consulting firms, appeared before a parliamentary committee in Britain.

    He told the story of how, as a young Canadian transplanted to Britain, he went to work for SCL Group. And that he encouraged his more tech-savvy friends in Victoria to set up AggregateIQ as a kind of adjunct to the British entity.

    But now, Mr. Wylie is publicly criticizing both companies, including their work in developing countries. “This is what modern-day colonialism looks like,” he told the committee. Citing activities in Trinidad, he alleged that AggregateIQ is “a company that goes out and tries to acquire live internet-browsing data of everyone in a country.”

    The context of this charge is described more fully in detailed documents Mr. Wylie provided to The Globe after consulting with his lawyers.

    AggregateIQ did not respond to questions that The Globe sent Wednesday about its role in the Trinidad and Tobago campaign. This week it has released statements saying that it always respects laws.

    “AggregateIQ works in full compliance within all legal and regulatory requirements in all jurisdictions where it operates. It has never knowingly been involved in any illegal activity.“

    In August, 2013, Mr. Wylie sent an e-mail to Jeff Silvester, the future co-founder of AggregateIQ. He told him he was looking for help. “You need a Canadian Office,” was the reply from Mr. Silvester.

    The two men had both volunteered for MP Keith Martin and the federal Liberal Party, where they had honed their interest in data-driven election campaigns.

    AggregateIQ was incorporated in November, 2013, and, within days, had a $200,000 contract to support SCL Group’s work in Trinidad and Tobago.

    Much of the work involved mundane campaign activity such as coming up with standard software that could be used to help motivate volunteers, canvassers and voters. But, there was also an unusual e-mail exchange between AggregateIQ, SCL Group and Mr. Wylie titled “ISP requests.”

    E-mails indicate that, on Dec. 6, a representative from Britain’s SCL Group said he was trying to communicate with a company in Trinidad. He e-mailed AggregateIQ back in Canada, to fill them in on how his “schmoozing” attempts were working.

    According to the exchange with AggregateIQ, the consultant for the SCL Group relayed that he knew of at least one ISP in Trinidad that could potentially sell customer data. But he also added that he could write to the company suggesting that the data would not be used for political purposes.

    “We are doing an international research project on Internet connectivity and how it impacts social mobility,” is what his proposed message to the company said. “As part of our research, we would be very keen to purchase the data that [the ISP] holds on its customers use of the Internet.”

    He said he would specifically ask for data tables that could tie specific internet protocol addresses to specific billing addresses, without naming the customers. He also relayed to AggregateIQ that he would request “historical snapshots of HTTP server request referenced to anonymized billing addresses.” According to Mr. McKelvey and other academics, this amounts to a request for the ISP to provide any logs of people’s browsing history.

    It’s not clear how such data could help a political campaign, but, according to the released record, the SCL consultant in Trinidad planned to tell the internet company such data could help study the “educational outcome of children, etc.”

    The answer that came back from AggregateIQ, according to this e-mail chain, was “great work.” AIQ co-founder Zack Massingham then replied that more detailed information was better. “If the billing addresses are obfuscated, we’ll have a difficult time relating things back to a real person or household.”

    Later that same month, in December, 2013, the SCL Group carved out an overseas elections arm it called Cambridge Analytica. The following spring, that company worked with a Cambridge University academic named Aleksandr Kogan to acquire a large dataset of personal information drawn from tens of millions of Facebook users.

    At the time, the social-media giant was giving academics preferred access to its data holdings. But, after revelations by Mr. Wylie this month, Facebook released a statement saying it had been “lied to” by Dr. Kogan.

    Facebook alleges that he wrongly passed the dataset along to political consultants, including Mr. Wylie, Cambridge Analytica and the SCL Group.

    More on this story

    Whistle-blower alleges AggregateIQ involved in dirty-tricks campaigns worldwide

    Whistleblower says AggregateIQ ‘played a very significant role’ in Brexit vote

    Facebook’s Zuckerberg to testify before U.S. Congress on data scandal: source

    Records reveal AggregateIQ and SCL Group’s plan to influence politics in Trinidad and Tobago

    Records reveal AggregateIQ and SCL Group’s plan to influence politics in…

    Records obtained by The Globe show that the Trinidad plan involved a bid to gather data − in bulk − from an inte…


  19. @David King I understand the backers of Natalie the independent using a (PSYOPS) psychological operations out of Canada that has done work in Iraq. Is there any truth? You know when people drink but I heard if from a hobnobber who overheard it from at a big up function. If this is true we in trouble as a country. International interference in our elections must be of concerned to all

  20. Also heard wiretapping on the increase like never seen before. Information and misinformation grandma is the ploy it seems for this election. How did we get here. Sadly the voters will be confused. Some may not want to face the truth but even ang the diplomatic arena he belief is that the DLP will win. Ask Kaymar Jordan as we at the same function. Man she could talk when she get in two drinks.

  21. @David, but how come she seem so organized In the media and have so much money to spend. Is not this the same Natalie who could not even buy food? It’s funny

    • She has Charles Lewis a Cawmere boy running her campaign and a look at her Instagram post advises that she has established a PayPal account. Note she has thousands of followers!

  22. Neither would my source lie since these embassy people know who is on the ground from their country doing what. Thus every rumor has some truth

  23. The finger has gone, but the site has been redesigned by (a new?) DofBu

    stay tuned more news at 11..

  24. We were reluctant to comment of the SLC/Cambridge et al affair because critical connections were not at all apparent.

    None of the strands made complete sense.

    Now we understand those interconnections maybe an article could be so written.

    As usual, the elites are at work, again.

    Experience has thought us that all manifestations in this world have their genesis within elite structures of power.

    This time finance capital structures operating primarily out of London, the money laundering capital of the world.

    In brief, this issue cannot be properly understood unless we recognized the emergence of the privatization of militarism and it is seen as the primary driver of private psychological warfare’s blowback and its deployment against competing elite forces at home – The Donald Trump election, Brexit, the re-emergence of Far Right Parties in continental Europe, the election of Cameron and May in the UK.

    The forces behind this mass deception project are far right militarists bent on making Eisenhower’s warnings come true.

    Political forces being sponsored by the Mercers, as owners of SLC the holding company of Cambridge Analytica et al, currently seeking to disguise their tracks.

    Poor Putin and Russia they had nothing to do with any of this. It’s another rich man’s trick. The Salisbury national security incident merely an attempt to distract, and blame Russia again.

    And Mueller’s investigation as a mere head fake, while the cover up goes on in the USA, on the other side when no one is looking. If Mueller were serious he would have long interviewed, charged, Robert Mercer founder of SLC/Cambridge. His investigation is no less than a national security cover up

    Even Zuckerberg is mere collateral damage in a game barely understood. For Facebook is not the perpetrator, it’s a victim.

  25. @pachamama

    You are very wrong about Mueller’s will and convictionto prosecute.

    His investigation team has all the dirt on Trump.

    He is only waiting until the December elections and the seismic shift to a Democrat administration when impeachment proceeding won’t be scuttled.

  26. David & PieceUnder

    Yes PieceUnder, we maybe wrong. There is always a great risk of being wrong when one tries to come to new understandings, given limited information.

    Moreover, trying to foretell events, which for us is the holy grail, adds a totally higher level of risks.

    Then there are issues of wading through a mountain of disinformation, popular media propaganda and one’s own inhibitions – a desire to believe that such wickedness does not exist.

    Below are three critical articles which were helpful in reaching our now new determination.

    We trust that you both could find time, 30 mins, to digest their essential arguments. We have found the sources previously accurate. But you are to make your own judgements.

    PieceUnder, it is not our contention that Trump will not be impeached or worse. The elites sacrifice their own from time to time to preserve the system, the illusion. Trump is just another loudmouthed braggart who will be hardly missed.

    Trump may very well be right that there was no collusion. He too might have been a mere patsy captured in a web not properly understood by himself.

    Let’s know of any changes in your relative positions.

    David, it would just be more of the same. Not a significant departure from what happens all the time.

  27. @ Pachamama

    Earlier today I blogged a seemingly disconnected statement on something Brother in Arms Bushie said

    In brief, it sought to express that people in general, and Bajans, in particular, are simply not interested in any of these high science issues, not because the choose not to engage at this level BUT BECAUSE THEY SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE THE GREY MATTER TO DO SO!

    What people see in others, for example in our politicians, and misinterpret as corruption etc, is in fact the pragmatic output of this society – their inability to think

    it is truly and simply the enaction and physical manifestation of their mundane existences as antennae rubbing insects, incapable of doing anything else.

    It is a law of nature – if you don’t plant crops or lawn seed on the empty plot next to your house BUSH GOING GROW.

    Corruption is the Bush of empty minds

    But de ole man digresses.

    Do you think 99% of our brassbowl populace either know or care about these issues?

    Look how many comments this article attracted 39.

    And look how many Natalee “the former prostitute” has, and continues to, attract?

    But to the substantive behavioral control construct and neoliberalism battles being fought by and won by the 1%

    Only the elite and thought merchants can operate at this neoliberalism level, they constitute the queue bees of a Hive Pachamama the rest are worker bees End of discussion.

    Let me underscore how this brainwashing is effected globally on a daily basis Pachamama I will use the content of the article you provided and interweave it with our local landscape.

    A psyche warfare battle against Natalee, structured by the Cambridge Analytica and SCL teams, would be simply a series of fliers or videos which would just feature any of the activities that Natalie is promoting and overlay the words “ Natalie…the former prostitute…” says “such and such” or does such and such.

    Over the course of a few weeks, while people might outwardly continue to visit a page or even talk to her in a street encounter those words would create a subconscious echolalia of such proportion that…well De ole man dun wid dat

    Now to show how that is implemented in the neoliberal sphere I copied from the third of your articles the Clinton Instructions which read

    Report any instances in which the book is raised.
    — Not/not start or provoke conversations about the book or engage substantively if it comes up in conversation.
    — Express a lack of familiarity with the issue.
    — Quietly discourage substantive discussions by suggesting that the issue is ‘best left to experts in capitals.’

    The first instruction deals with recording “who said it”.

    As de ole man done tell you, you are on a list purely because of what you say here and elsewhere and secondly because of the sites you visit (of which the second site you provided “is a state friendly monitored site”) and what you read

    Action 4 is the obverse side of the disruptive subliminal echolalia de ole man mentioned earlier I.e. “Natalie…the former prostitute…” it speaks to active suppression of the information the subset within the 1% wish hidden

    So whereas the names Rodney King “why can’t we all just get along? “ or Eric Garner “I can’t breathe” are easily recalled because of the press overkill of Black Lives Matter programming designed to fuel the white black divide, the converse is true about this “nerve agent” Novichok.

    In fact you will note the active suppression that this info is experiencing and similar treatment concerning the trip wire bombs that Mark Anthony Conditt planted in Austin Texas.

    In fact jes to prove de ole man wrong do a search of Austin Texas bomber and see how the customary predictive text of google is conspicuously absent of the article.

    Then search the first Boolean string provided and see how Conditts name is surprised from the usual 4 line briefs, now it’s the police officer’s name the chief of police that is visible.

    Redirection reigns while we peeple are oblivious

    But de ole man is part of de conspiracy groupies so forgive my ingrunt donkey okay?

  28. PieceUnder

    Much of the media are state-sponsored. CBC, BBC, RT, PRESS TV, CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, THE NEW YORK TIMES, THE WASHINGTON POST, Democracy Now, need we continue.

    At the minimum. they must rely on ‘confidential sources’ or ‘well-placed sources’ etc. At the maximum they must parrot the mouthings or intent of some Joseph Goebbels.

    That modern Goebbels may present in the form of a foundation’s sponsorship, as is the case with Democracy Now, or a benefactor like Amazon, as is the case with The Washington Times.

    We have found in recent times that some state broadcasters are more reliable on many matters than some ‘independent’ sources like a once much-favoured Democracy Now, for example.

    Only yesterday the air was let out of ridiculous claims made by the government of the UK about an alleged Russian involvement in a nerve agent, national security, incident, in Salisbury.

    The top official at England’s premiere science laboratory, Porton Down, gave the lie to claims that could have led to war and as made by Boris Johnson, the Bullingdon boy, Etonian and the PM, Theresa May herself.

    In fact the media in the UK has had Jeremy Corbin under severe pressure about this matter, and more generally.

    Bald-faced lies were told to the country, to Parliament, to the world. These were not mere errors.

    As it happens Russian sponsored RT, Sputnik. Iranian PressTV, were amongst the sources that were right, while purportedly ‘independent’ sources merely followed the British government’s propaganda line, especially the mainstream media.

    In fact, the leading western scholar on Russian affairs, Stephen Cohen, has been trying for some time to show that the current posture of the West will lead to war. That relations are worse than during the Cold War. But few will listen.

    For us, the key is to consult a wide range of sources, unafraid of the labels attached. We don’t believe any hype, from anyone, but try to discern what is really happening behind the headlines!

    We expect all sources to have interests in misleading publics, biases.

    That we selected only three (3) articles of hundreds of articles and other sources consulted should not go to representation. We’ve followed all the mainstream, everywhere as well, even foreign language sources.

    That one came from a state-sponsor outfit is certainly not representative but, in this case where Western governments, under the influence of far-right, global elites, are driving political agendas toward war and the control of a privatized militarism, the government supported sources happened to be right.

    ‘We care not what colour the cat is, once it catches mice’!

    • @Pacha

      How do you respond to the comment in one of the links that the propaganda arm of the private military has used social media to usurp the role of traditional media? Where do we go from here as far as protecting and ensuring we have a robust fourth estate?

  29. David

    You are a genius and a scholar.

    David, you have put your finger on the subject which keeps us up at night.

    There is a war going on, on the home front. A media war!

    And it gets much worse than that. Craig Murray, the former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, had his website recently receive hundreds of thousands of ‘denial of service’. Bots making the millions of people seeking real information on the Salisbury incident from this source impossible for days at a time.

    Progressive Radio Network in new York, a web-based radio, gets this kind of treatment every time they approach any subject dealing with the harmful effects of big pharma’s drugs.

    Military type thugs have even beaten up one of their presenters made warned his not to do his critical programming.

    Yours is a difficult question. We can’t pretend to know the answer. We are merely trying to understand the question before an approach to the possible answer/s could be made.

    • We need responsibility social media players to emerge and traditional media players open to striking strategic partnerships as far as information sharing is concerned to protect sources. Just one example.

  30. David

    The only thing with that suggestion is that invariably the moneyed interests end up controlling, one way – advertising – or another.

  31. @ Pachamama,

    You said and i quote “…There is a war going on, on the home front. A media war!…”

    I disagree with you and say that the “wars are going on, ON 3 FRONTS”

    The Information War of which the media is the leading facilitator, the economic war with its multi tiered facilitators and trade blocs and WTO players and the Military Wars (plural) where subsets of the other two facilitators act in concert to effect “precision” military actions in prescribed spheres.

    So while Russia, or the United States or the UK ARE UNILATERALLY AGREED that their jurisdictions are sacrosanct and WARS WILL NOT PERMITTED on their respective homelands, wars in annexed jurisdictions or JUST BEYOND THE WALL, figuratively or literally, speaking, where “our stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction can be sold” AND “THE NATIVES OF COUNTRIES OUTSIDE OUR CABAL, SLAUGHTERED.

  32. Isiah 8:12
    “Do not call conspiracy
    everything this people calls a conspiracy;
    do not fear what they fear,
    and do not dread it.

    Fear Murderer

    Stop thinking you are helpless
    and wake up to your spiritual senses

    connection of all the bad dots on Government controlled media conspiracies hypotheses:

    There are rumours and rumours of wars that Isis was originally military psyops from the same school as CA SCL AIQ ilk and Isis thesis was originally Israel Intelligence Services working with NSA GCHQ agencies in fields of war such as Iraq Syria Iran Libya with dirty money funding through US proxies arms sales routes in like Saudi the region of visions of greed ambitions to control populations of Islam religion by western pagan heathen european false christians and false imposters of judaism who are guilty of plagiarism and twisting and perversion of eastern religion to rule in dominion like the evil one the fallen angel one called satan and wicked vibrations

  33. Networks of racists and freemasons are also pedophiles predators parasites and perverts

    Cyaan work with the beast only justrice brings peace

  34. I don’t care too much for movies
    I just want to see the end

    Children sing La La La
    At The End

    ★ Don’t You Cry

    ★ La La La At The End

  35. Stupid man, Nix. Wants to bite the hand even before it has fed him.

    Well he will be dead and turned to duppy dust before he gets any work from the BLP.

  36. @Funny Nights March 30, 2018 8:26 AM “Sadly the voters will be confused. Some may not want to face the truth but even ang the diplomatic arena he belief is that the DLP will win.”

    So the diplomats were wrong (again)

    Understand that diplomats on the whole are no smarter than the average person.

    A CD plate does not add 25 points to your IQ.

    On May 24 we Bajans gathered at our church ad school halls and did what we had to do.

    Easy so.

  37. @Funny Nights March 30, 2018 8:19 AM “@I understand the backers of Natalie the independent using a (PSYOPS) psychological operations out of Canada that has done work in Iraq.”

    If this is the case it did not work too well for the Canadian company did it?

    The average Canadian is no smarter than the average Bajan.

    And does not know and understand we Bajans half as wellas we understand ourselves.

    Big-able flop

    That psych-op eh!

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