A Heather Cole Column – Where is the Money?

“In the criminal justice system
treasonous offenses are considered especially heinous.
In Barbados, the dedicated detectives who investigate these
vicious felonies are members of an elite squad
known as the Task Force.
This must be one of their stories.”
Adapted from Law and Order

If Barbados was a properly functioning democracy, in light of the revelation on the front page of The Sunday Sun 4th March, 2018, that the Four Seasons property had been sold to Jada Construction; the Attorney General of Barbados would have announced and held a press conference the next day to inform all Barbadians that he would be investigating this matter. We have not heard a squeak from him and the entire Democratic Labour Party is silent. This is such a grave matter that even though Parliament has dissolved one would have expected him to say something.

The matter in which Jada Construction now holds the conveyance for the Four Seasons Property is not an allegation. By now, the entire island has seen the front page of the conveyance document on the front page of the Sunday sun and most likely seen and read the entire document that was featured on the Barbados Underground two weeks previously on February 20, 2018. There is therefore physical evidence for the entire world to see.

The property was conveyed to Jada Construction on December 19th, 2014 and received and recorded at the Land Registry on March 10th 2015. They are several attorneys at law whose names are on this document and therefore are familiar with the particulars of the conveyance and or sale of the property. Namely, M. Adrian King of Inn Chambers , Lucas street Bridgetown, Annette Yvonne Linton of Briar Hall in Christ Church and Theodore David Gittens of the Rock, St. Peter.

Attorney General is responsible to the Crown, the Courts, the legislature, the executive branch of government but his constitutional responsibility is beyond that of a political minister.

This is the man whose duty among others it is to uphold to Constitution of Barbados, to create laws when they are lacking and to prevent over reach when laws are found to be infringing on the rights of citizens. He is supposed to uphold the conscience of the land that determines what is right from what is wrong. He is also the guardian of the public interest and that includes all tax payers of Barbados.

It leads one to believe that this man never understood what his role is and therefore he could never function in it. His action or lack of action in this matter would not surprise many due to his lack luster performance during his entire tenure of Attorney General. Adriel Brathwaite should have stamped his authority as attorney general with the Integrity Legislation and the Freedom of Information Act to instill the required behaviors of all parliamentarians if they were lacking and reinforcing that they were not above the law. Alas, there has been no accountability or transparency on his watch.

If this was done, he would have been in a position to have demanded the resignation of the Speaker of the House, Michael Carrington when he stole the funds of a wheel chair bound pensioner. He would have insisted Michael Lashley, the then Minister of Housing be fired when it was discovered that he had purposely relayed incorrect information from the Cabinet as well as deliberately altered communication from the Cabinet.

Yet Mr. Brathwaite stood up to justify why a police officer who with intent shot and killed a man was allowed bail. We therefore know that he knows how to selectively use his voice.

His position as Attorney General makes him more than complicit to the sale if he says or does nothing about it. Both the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Tourism are on record providing information which was futurist in nature of a pending sale when the conveyance and or sale had taken place three years previously.

Although Mr. Brathwaite swore an oath to become the Attorney General and uphold the Constitution of Barbados, his actions or lack thereof speaks otherwise. It tells us that he believes that politicians are above the law; that there is one law for the Greeks and another for the Medes. Given this track record, he would have to be a man without a conscience when he asks the people of St. Philip to reelect him again because he has done nothing to uphold Constitution especially with regard to the matter at hand.

Then there is the matter of the missing money, $US60m which the government borrowed from the NIS to repay the ANSA Mcal loan when it was called and now the $US 60m that is mentioned on the Conveyance that Jada Construction now has in its possession. No record can be found of the tender for the sale of the property neither was it advertised in the local press. Hence there has been a breech in the financial rules of the government of Barbados. Neither of these two sums of money has been accounted for at the NIS or in the case of the latter as having entered the Treasury or was reported as revenue earned in the estimates of 2015, 2016 or 2017. However, the latter was recorded by the Auditor General as a receivable in one of his recent reports.

By default, the Attorney General is guilty of dereliction of his duties. The Minister of Finance has lied to Parliament and denied the transaction when the press asked him about it; the Minister of Tourism also lied to the people of Barbados. In my opinion both of them have implicated themselves in this matter of funds missing from the public purse. The people have seen tangible evidence of a conveyance and the Democratic Labour Party Administration is deadly silent. This matter can only be classified as treason because they have betrayed the country. In another time, those guilty of such crimes would be hung, beheaded or quartered. In today’s terms one can easily justify a 25 years to life sentence.

114 thoughts on “A Heather Cole Column – Where is the Money?

  1. Fractured Dunce you all playing powful foolish for now ,enjoy it while it lasts as it will be your last mas in my opinion.The Election has to be called.,and hopefully a situation like this will never occur again where people decide to hold on to power beyond the dissolution of parliament.The Antiguan Pm with a year left called an Election but here we have people loitering in their positions truly a shame.To you Fractured go help clean up the sewerage J/A.

  2. The Fractured Dunce, a DLP yard-fowls is assign, and program by “king Stuart” to come on BU. The others AC/CC hard-drive burnout.

  3. Time was ripe for third parties

    But it looks as though if the choice will be what bajans consider
    as the lesser of two evil.

    Some sees a sweep… I see a close race with the BDLP just crossing the tape first.

    Wake up 4 years later and the same businessmen running the same scams/cons/schemes. And we are here typing the about the DBLP😨

  4. Lorenzo

    Don’t get angry 😡 !!

    Get sensible !!!!

    What law has the DLP broken ???

    The Constitution of Barbados clearly sets out the ways Parliament of Barbados can be dissolved !!

    You & other critics – Ad Nauseum lament – only serves to further give rational thinking Barbadians……the folly of you gripping on this issue !!!

    Gaston Browne followed the Antiguan Constitution !!

    King 👑 Stuart is following Barbados’ Constitution !!

    When the Barbados general elections campaign starts shortly…….we will be looking to see you on BU showing the same GUSTO & FERVOUR !!

    Be careful….for what you ask for !!!!

    Just remember your said behavior in 2013 !!!

  5. TheGazer March 10, 2018 at 8:51 AM #

    Are you surprised? Look at the level of public debate? Look at the politicians campaigning and talking waffle? How many of these candidates are held to account?
    A blog like BU should be leading the public discussion, instead what we get is nonsensical pro-party nonsense.
    Rubbish in, rubbish out. Let us start now by being serious about the issues, and respecting each other.

  6. @Fractured BLP March 10, 2018 at 9:08 AM #
    “When the Barbados general elections campaign starts shortly…….we will be looking to see you on BU showing the same GUSTO & FERVOUR !!
    Be careful….for what you ask for !!!!”

    Is that a threat that the Clinging-on King Clown will be signing his own political death warrant “shortly”?

    But the question still remains of what is meant by ‘Shortly’. Is it a “shortly” as oft stated by the cow-smelling Big Sink the “so forth and so” on pathological liar?

    Or is it like tomorrow Sunday at the Lester Vaughn to stop the ‘powful-foolish’ jackass from looking like a predictable disappointing Johnny like those from the land of the dumb and the brain-dead of St. John who are still voting for dead men to represent them in Parliament?

    But let me take back that ‘lowe(e) blow to the good folks from that fertile parish and admit that the smartest man in Bim the pariah Greenverbs does hail from that side of the banana republic having succeeded in manipulating and eventually controlling 3 PMs; one dead with indignity and other two still the butt of living jokes.

  7. Who said the words, to whom and what occasion:

    “Fractured BLP March 8, 2018 at 6:04 PM #
    Declaring to one and all , those who can make it to Lester Vaughn School on Sunday March 11, 2018 at 5:30 p.m

    His Majesty King 👑 Freundel Jerome Stuart will be making a GRAND ANNOUNCEMENT

    Could it be :
    • General Elections Day ?
    • Barbados Republic Day ?
    • Dissolution of David’s BU blog ?”

    Fractured: You seems to have a first-hand idea what would be on the agenda this coming Sunday. Hope it is not ITEM 2 since the populace is curious regarding the various gifts from China. Anyway, that can only be achieved if a referendum is overlooked.

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