JADA’s Secret Company (Pharliciple) Listed in the Database Paradise Papers – PARADISE GONE

The startling revelation made public by Barbados Underground on February 20, 2018that the government of Barbados SOLD what Barbadians refer to as Paradise or Four Seasons needs a fuller explanation by Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler. Now that the parliament has been dissolved his promise to Barbadians that the matter would have been debated will have to wait until after the general elections.

There is really no need to be prolix on the need for the government to be transparent about this matter IF it has nothing to hide. What are the details of the transaction with Pharliciple Inc, the company registered by Philip Tempro and Bjorn Bjerkham of CAHILL fame to support the Paradise Four Season Clearwater, Cinnamon 88 deal. It is interesting to note that Bjerkham sits on the Board of the Central Bank. Does the Barbados Labour Party have a role to play especially against the background its leader Mia Mottley was legal counsel for one of the key players at the early stage when government attempted to salvage the original plan for the project as conceived by Pemberton and company.

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56 thoughts on “JADA’s Secret Company (Pharliciple) Listed in the Database Paradise Papers – PARADISE GONE

  1. Things got to come out man. They have this election.

    This is how the big international money launderers operate. Tick tock, tick tock ……..Mia got a bomb to drop.

  2. Remember the big march to parliament and then government headquarters? The big question was after all the marching, then what? My question for Barbadians is this. In the face of such incontrovertible evidence, after all of the bluster that will flow from the platforms of the Barbados Labour Party, then what?

  3. These criminals though..

    So “Pharliciple” is a shell company subject to investigation in Paradise papers, what will it take to get these Black governments to rid the peoples parliament of minorities on the island and permanently out of the lives of the majority population.

    it seems like forever i have been saying Bjerkham has no right being in the central bank.

    the few minorities whose names have been popping up in every conceivable business deal for decades, always jumping to the front to covet everything, giving no one else the space to create opportunities to benefit everyone on the island, are a tag team of criminals…they have left the island so stagnant, allowed to do so by illiterate government ministers.

    get rid of these minorities out of the peoples business permanently, after kicking out the useless government.

  4. @Peter

    “……..Mia got a bomb to drop.”

    More likely the bomb will drop on MIA, she’s culpable, the again this Barbados, everything will be swept under the provebial political RUG never to be heard or seen again.


    PS: WILY predicts election call on May 11th with polling on June 1st.

  5. Patience Coyote. Cahill still has in some juice, the full story has not been told…………but that day is coming. 4Seasons? It’s just too unbelievable that the GOB transferred the ownership of this company/real estate asset without compensation notwithstanding the taxpayers having subsidized that scam to the tune of $150+MILLION

  6. @ Peter

    Coyote has much patience, been chasing that nasty Road Runner bird for years unsuccessfylly.

    Coyote just has the problem that in Barbados the governments are an endless circle of corrupt issues, failing infrastructure, no PLANNING other than KNEE JERK, vanishing FOREX, no productivety, bloated civil service etc., Coyote could go on with a never ending list. What COYOTE would like to hear is anyone in government coming forward with solution ideas and at least starting a long term implementation plan. Coyote needs to see SOME ACTION.

  7. Peter…so wait, you mean my calculations of 120 million were still wrong by 30 million dollars…tell me that aint US dollars.

  8. @ Wily Coyote March 9, 2018 at 7:59 AM

    NO ACTION will be forthcoming until Barbados runs out of forex and Dr. IMF puts the place under heavy economic management manners; or to be more politically correct, ‘special economic measures’.

    When Bajans begin to see long queues at petrol stations and supermarkets shelves emptied of imported processed foods the axiom of ‘Necessity is the mother of Invention’ would begin to make sense and those bushy fields of former sugar canes now overrun with cow itch would become again their only source of bread and butter aka cassava, yams and sweet potatoes.

  9. These people are so wicked and crooked..


    Connected to 1 address
    Connected to 2 officers PHILIP G. TEMPRO
    Incorporated: 05-JUL-2011
    Registered in: Barbados

    incorporated in 2011, to do what, thief and launder pensioners and taxpayers money

  10. @ Wily Coyote March 9, 2018 at 7:31 AM #

    PS: WILY predicts election call on May 11th with polling on June 1st.

    What happened if a real emergency which genuinely requires a postponement occurs in late May, can the P.M. continue pass June 3?

  11. The lawyer witnessing the signature of the Vendor is also a director of the company which is Purchaser.

    The GOB guaranteed and paid out BDS$130M and the NIS also an existing liability of Bds$15 or 20M so its BDS$150M total.

    Here is a curious question, how was the ANSA funds used? Did ANSA ever even disperse any money at all? The proceeds of the guarantee once paid out by GOB needs to be TRACED.

  12. Two decades ago,a well known Dem businessman tried to engage an equally well known Bee lawyer.The Bee lawyer refused bluntly using a few French words to the Dem.That Bee was not then nor up to the time of his exit from politics ever been accused of any underhand or illegal transactions.The Dem was the type of snake to attempt to influence that lawyers silence with a retainer.Mia should be aware how OSA was set up by David Thompson.Thompson was such a vile, nasty character that he knew he didn’t want to chair the PAC during his days of opposition because he was busy making hay while the clico fatted calf was in the leper stables.

  13. A few points
    1. This seems to be an entire dump of Caipo records?
    2, One must read the chart in conjunction with the information provided BELOW the interactive under “connections”

    “Let’s Not Remember the FAILED DLP March 9, 2018 at 11:53 AM #
    The lawyer witnessing the signature of the Vendor is also a director of the company which is Purchaser.” is not likely accurate. They are TWO vendors and one purchaser.

    Dealing first with Pharliciple, it was incorporated initially with a SOLE director, one Gittens, I will assume the senior partner at CGF. Gittens CEASED to be a Director the day after Tempro joined the Board. From the Conveyance I will guess (some parts of pages were missing) Gittens was witnessing the signature we cannot see for Paradise 88, and Ms Linton is witnessing the Pharliciple signature.

    And it gets more twisted, because lawyer King, was also associated with both ClearwaterBay and Paradise 88, ceased to be a Director at P88 prior to the transaction. Hence he is signing as a witness for CBL, having ceased as a Director of Paradise 88.

    Further, because one is a director doesn’t impute ownership. For example all the listed directors for CBL are all senior public servants, plus Mr King. And several of the Directors over time for Paradise 88 were likely “consultants” being tied to Tourism and not owners.

  14. No one really cares who was director and who wasn’t…house negros would sell their mamas…or hide millions in bribe money in their mother’s bank accounts and don’t tell their mothers a word, they would go to their graves not knowing.

    House negros are toxic.

    Our concern is the thefts of taxpayers and pensioners money by minorities who are helped in these thefts by government ministers and politicians….aka house negros.

  15. “The lawyer witnessing the signature of the Vendor is also a director of the company which is Purchaser.”

    Clear conflict of interest, that is how lawyers operate in Barbados and see nothing wrong with it..

    Same lawyer works for vendor … purchaser.

    Same lawyer works for plaintiff….defendant

    Same lawyer works for testator/beneficiary ….person who contests the will

    It’s just one nasty pit of unethical, incestous, immoral practices ..

    …. why do you think they can never untangle the mess at the supreme court, clients don’t know they have to be constantly checking to see who their lawyer is working for and trying to sell them out to.

  16. The purchase price on the conveyance that Pharciple was supposed to pay government says US $32,150,000……so where is the money.

    I saw nothing about a 10% deposit being paid, kinda hard to see everything, but it should have been in the paragraph above the purchase price…and it was not there.

  17. My error

    ““Let’s Not Remember the FAILED DLP March 9, 2018 at 11:53 AM #
    The lawyer witnessing the signature of the Vendor is also a director of the company which is Purchaser.” is not likely accurate. They are TWO vendors and one purchaser.”

    The ONLY LISTED VENDOR is Paradise 88 Ltd. The deal is subject to a Charge (Debenture) in favour of Clearwater Bay.

  18. @Bajan at NY

    “can the P.M. continue pass June 3?”

    If it’s a real EMERGENCY and agreed to by the Govenor General, Prime Minister can delay election past June 3rd. This is allowed in Barbados Constitution.

  19. @WWC&P

    I know you don’t care about much else but posting and protesting…..however, I am surprised that YOU of all people, haven’t noticed that Paradise 88 Ltd, had a new Director join in Dec 2014. (just prior to the Conveyance date) The love of your life, one P.V.Harris. All other Directors except Paterson having bailed. I suspect they needed TWO for legal reasons.

    While purely circumstantial to this point…..did you notice the purchaser was a PHARliciple?

    • @NO

      Read you the very first time you hinted at this but it might be a ‘wonderful’ coincidence.

  20. Those that have Read the Panama Papers, in any detail, will notice a number of Barbadian Law Firms, Barbadisn Lawyers and Barbadian Companies featured promiently in the documentation. Reference to Barbados in these papers are frequent for such a small country that claims not to shelter money laundering. Being identified in the Panama Papers is no doubt causing concerns for one of Barbados primier law firms, Clarke, Gittens & Farmer.

  21. @WC
    it is the PARADISE Papers, versus the Panama Papers or the Bahamas Leaks which includes much of the Barbados information.
    One gets the feeling it includes a CAIPO dump. I am yet to find a company incorporated in Barbados prior to mid 2015 which cannot be located.

  22. Northern…the first time I looked at the Conveyance was today and I only took one go around at the database, I know someone else would get there before me.

    Nice to be able to tie Vivek in with all the other minority criminals…..so that pressure can be put on Mia to cut him loose.

    CGIs address was listed in Panama Papers at least 4 times, so no surprise there….i would bet anything that he has a couple shell companies on standby for money laundering himself, just a matter of time before those too are exposed.

    Yeah…I noticed Paradise88 and all the princples were locked in together to form Pharliciple….

  23. Subsequently EVERY legal/other firm involved in corporate law gets mentioned many times. If not by name, then by address.

    • We know that you are aware that being listed in the Paradise database or elsewhere does not connote wrongdoing? In fact Paradise Issues a disclaimer on its website to this effect.

  24. Northern….serves them all right, they did not think they were being watched, they still dont think they are being monitored, they should all be in handcuffs….they have all gotten away with too much for far too long,

  25. “Northern…the first time I looked at the Conveyance was today” you cant be serious? You been on here spouting for many days. Demanding answers.

  26. Yep…been doing other research, cant be everywhere at once, so what is everyone else doing on BU…yall think ya on here for your pretty looks.

  27. Dem is some names, given the upcoming election, that you could have a field day on their business entities and directorships. Also WHO seems is associated with who. Takes time and skill and a lil luck never hurt.

  28. There is a novel by Alistair McClean called Fear is the Key that persons would do well to learn from.

    The key to managing these fiduciary irregularities does not really lie in creating fandangled laws.

    What the strategy for decreasing the rampant teifing and its support by snivel servants has to be is broadcasting and implementing a policy where “ANY, AND ALL, PARTIES that are part of the infelicities WILL BE CHARGED with the particular crime.

    So a new administration will, as the order of the day, research and determine the parties involves and then prosecute everybody.

    The mere fear induced but such a practice will mean that minions who are involved, being made aware that they too WILL BE PROSECUTED, will be presented with an environment of Abject Fear merely be association.

    At the very least such would create a state where each snivel servant will pursue a Cover My A** practice.

    One can see how that might be so much in practice that people will ensure that they get enough incriminating evidence about respective bosses, ministers and Permanent Secretaries to show who instructed them to advance the teifing

    If morality CANNNOT SEEM TO GUIDE BAJANS then it is time for FEAR TO RULE THE DAY


  29. I think it was Wily or someone else asking, LoopNews just shared info on the subject.

    “Parliament’s automatic dissolution on Monday, March 5, 2018, is a first for Barbados and many Barbadians are out to sea as to what it means.

    Even a Minister confessed to Loop News off the record today, “It’s strange.”

    So, what does the dissolution really mean?

    Well Loop went to the Constitution of Barbados and tried to seek some clarity for citizens.

    Bye-bye Senate and senators!

    CHAPTER V – PARLIAMENT, Part 1 – Composition of Parliament

    Section 39 – Tenure of seats of Senators. (1) a. The seat of a Senator shall become vacant upon the next dissolution of Parliament after he has been appointed;

    Toodles MPs!

    Related Article : General Elections in May 2018 for Barbados?

    Members of Parliament are gone with the wind too.

    Section 45 – Tenure of seats of members of Assembly. (1) The seat of a member of the House of Assembly shall become vacant upon the next dissolution of Parliament after he has been appointed.

    CHAPTER V – PARLIAMENT, Part 3 – Summoning, Prorogation and Dissolution

    This covers Section 60 – Sessions of Parliament; Section 61 – Prorogation and dissolution of Parliament; and Section 62 – General election and appointment of Senators.

    S.O.S Parliament

    Section 61 (5) If, between a dissolution of Parliament and the next ensuing general election of members to the House of Assembly, an emergency arises of such a nature that, in the opinion of the Prime Minister, it is necessary for the two Houses or either of them to be summoned before that general election can be held, the Governor-General, acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister, may summon the two Houses of the preceding Parliament, and that Parliament shall thereupon be deemed (except for the purposes of section 62) not to have been dissolved but shall be deemed (except as aforesaid) to be dissolved on the date on which the polls are held in the next ensuing general election.

    Writs issued yet?

    Section 62. (1) After every dissolution of Parliament the Governor-General shall issue writs for a general election of members of appointment the House of Assembly returnable within ninety days from that dissolution.

    Ministers stay

    Ministers remain in their post until the bell rings.

    Did you know these facts already?”

  30. Just two serious questions that no one will answer for me. Isn’t this Bjerkham who is a director on our central bank who MALONLY is fronting for and who is one of the main partners who is now owners of our Paradise property?

  31. Good one Piece…that would certainly bring a tide of change from the norm.

  32. What was the proceeds of the US$65M bond financing from ANSA (guaranteed by GOB) used to for?

    If wunna study that carefully you might find out the truth. ANSA would need to say where they disbursed the funds and to whom, and when. COULD IT BE POSSIBLE THE $65M was stolen and the lands similarly so?

  33. ANSA was made whole by the payout under the sovereign guarantee, principle and interest returned to them thanks to the Treasury/Central Bank.

    WHERE DID THE US$65M provided by ANSA go?


  34. I look at things objectively and in practical terms, the police and office of DPP should be investigating these two thefts, because that is what they are.

    theft of citizens money
    theft of the property

    Fruendel could delay an election date all he wants thinking the whole country will forget as he knows happened many times before, but he will go down as the incompetent PM who presided over the theft of the peoples wealth, robbery of the treasury and pension fund….among his other long list of failures.

  35. @abajanhowe March 9, 2018 at 7:12 PM #

    Yes Bjerkhamn is a Director of the CBB.

    I can find no specific evidence of “fronting”. Both individuals BB and MM have many many links to a variety of entities. Sometimes they are BOTH directors of the same entity, sometimes there is no apparent link. Suggesting, it would appear they are sometimes business partners and sometimes they are not.

  36. Maloney fronts for both the Williams brothers and Berkjamn who have been business partners for many years and whom he has worked for, teamed with and the addition since then has been Tempro, they all tag team the ministers for access to taxpayers money and the pension fund….they are one entity…just using both governments individually as a revolving door to get what they all want..

    dont mind Northern with that rubbish about he cant find this and he dont know that, he is playing dumb.

  37. We keep hearing of $millions ALLEGEDLY not accounted for, missing, stolen, misappropriated, diverted, legally or illegally extorted, banked offshore, laundered or collected via bribes… et al…..

    It is becoming too staggering for moral comprehension for what one would think to be ethical behavior across the spectrum of “business”, and to think that might be nothing compared to that which has not yet surfaced or ” yet known”….

    Maybe to keep track, a LIST should be compiled in order see the extent of such allege activities, of any allegedly known sequestration, any allegedly known individual(s), entities, et al… to be ALLEGEDLY involved and any allegedly known destination of such malfeasance.

    How should this list be structured?

  38. @ Piece Uh De ROck Yeah who wrote, “So a new administration will, as the order of the day,

    research and determine the parties involves and then prosecute everybody.”

    How can they prosecute family members, extended family, outside women family, good friends, old school mates ?

    Too besides the BLP ministers will be too busy scraping the bones off the once fatted calf and trying to borrow more money to pay debt.

  39. Why should anyone be surprised by Peter Harris’ involvement in anything?

    Harris bought Tucker Motors and became the local agent for Honda. He renamed the business Platinum Motors and bought the building that once housed Motor Services for Platinum’s new headquarters.

    The government has rented a section of this building for the police CID.

    Money must circulate amongst certain people, no matter which party in power.

  40. Clarke, Gittens & Farmer plus the lawyer King are very dubious characters. I have dealt with both entities in the past on legal matters and know that they would sell their soul for $$$

  41. So the taxpayer funded buildings housing the police have no offices to house CID?

  42. Come guys you’ll getting slow in your old age.
    Who is only person with the money to buy 4Seasons(of Thiefing) and who is the only person with the DLP ‘connections’ to be able to get a contract to ‘buy it’ and who is the only person that could then wrangle it (politically and commercially) without actually having to pay anything for it, who?

    Once you have been able to work out the dirty little riddle above then it should be plain sailing to establishing the connection between Tempro/Bjerkhamn and than man, and before the SUN comes up in the morning.

  43. Gabriel…Northern has been on here pulling our chain and laughing at Bajans for a long time, he actually thought we did not know….but there always come a time when they reveal themselves subconsciously. …and dont ever notice it…he did so about a year ago, bet he can’t remember how.

    They are all involved in ripping off the majority population, always have, from Simpson back down to those two weasels Harris and Parris..they joined forces years ago…..Platinum Motors is a Parris/Harris mostly Parris scheme.

  44. Platinum Motors is a Parris/Harris mostly Parris scheme….and so is Bayview Hospital.

  45. Barbados suffers from #HiddenCorruption where money is diverted from taxpayers via Capital projects for the benefit of friends, family and themselves.

  46. Who was the 4 Season lawyer? De young people only acting out their hopelessness and frustrations

  47. We have the Dodds Prison, Grotto, Hilton, QEH, St Joseph Hospital, Greenland and ABC highway all scandals. All we asses contented with is f en big mout drinks and acting out yardfowlism.
    Sadly, mainstream media is compromised. Barbados is courting civil unrest and who will we be to blame?

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