Mara Thompson’s Clandestine Exit from St. John

George Pilgrim, General Secretary, DLP

Dear Editor:

It has become quite apparent that the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), under the leadership of Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, is disillusioned. The DLP no longer has the moral compass to look itself in the mirror and project an image of progress and prosperity for the Barbados nation. Notwithstanding that the DLP has been churning from one crisis to another without the successful relief one would hope for, it is painful to grasp the numerous ways in which Barbadians are being taken for granted, ignored, and in a myriad of ways they are being disrespected.

Indeed, there must be an apology forthcoming to Gercine Carter of the Nation Newspaper. In addition, Leroy McClean, the St. John electorate, and Barbados as a nation ought to be given both explanation and apology regarding Mara Thompson’s clandestine exit from the political arena. While the ‘childless women’ across Barbados, and the thousands of disappointed constituents may find relief in having the opportunity to elect a parliamentary representative who understands the importance of service and putting the people first, it is regrettable that ‘Mara’ would depart from political life (though unimpressive) through the back door.

Equally disheartening is that the leadership of the DLP would remain silent while the General Secretary of this beleaguered party allows himself to be introduced as the likely successor although it became public knowledge that Dr. Leroy McClean wrote to the party machinery indicating his interest in carrying the banner for the DLP. Perhaps, Senator Andre Worrell must be wondering how many more ridiculous defences must he put to be considered in the eyes of the ‘Elders’ or whomsoever has the say within the DLP for undemocratically selecting candidates.

There must be a contradiction that the DLP would resort to perceived sneakiness and stealth, either to keep out Dr. McClean or Senator Worrell. Why introduce or endorse George Pilgrim, as opposed to allowing the democratic way to prevail?

Nonetheless, Charles Griffith of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) is homegrown (Edgecliff). Charles Griffith is selfless in his interactions with the youth and persons from all walks of life across St. John. Mr. Griffith will not refuse to defend the hardworking St. John People. Despite many constituents in St. John have over the years settled into the thinking that the DLP will no longer make them sacrificial lambs, the last eight years have cemented the idea that change is necessary. Charles Griffith will not depart from his humble moorings of working alongside the people of St. John. St. John needs a new light and a caring representative because the DLP has become darkened by perceptions of ruse and deception. Mara Thompson has decided to run for cover.

George C. Brathwaite (PhD)


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    You idiot..Mara cannot be Ambassador for any Africa, she can only be ambassador for one of the countries in Africa, anyway, it’s a moot point, her ass is out, just a reminder of things to come for all of you.


  • Any more nuisance comments will be deleted. We allow this JA to come to the blog and trivialize any issue.


  • Well well

    Your BLP lot are in big trouble !

    Who wants to become PM must deal with the labels of DESPOT & DEMONS ….,given to MAM by her former close colleagues !!

    You gine need AFRICA to solve that one for you !!!


  • NorthernObserver

    and he/she is very good at doing so.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Pure desperation.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Fractured BLP March 7, 2018 at 5:28 PM #
    “History has a very good way of repeating itself!”

    Quite true!

    So we can see a repeat of 1976 and 1994 when the Bajan electorate gave the DLP a much needed rest. 1998 was a very bad year for you guys. Don’t let it be so this time around.

    BTW, since you now know that Africa is a continent and not a country why not promote the ex-Queen Mara?

    Why not promote her as the peripatetic (roving) Ambassador to a bigger continent called the country of Asia where the Chinese money really is?
    Wouldn’t she then be the Empress of Beijing instead of a black widow queen to a dark continent?


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “So we can see a repeat of 1976 and 1994 when the Bajan electorate gave the DLP a much needed rest. ”

    They need a permanent rest this time, the party needd disbanding..

    …. they way things are going we may soon hear Bizzy ‘”give me”…got the 60 millions dollars and the BWA he has been coveting…all for free from this gang of retards and misfits in parliament.


  • @David – “Any more nuisance comments will be deleted. We allow this JA to come to the blog and trivialize any issue”.
    David, why has it taken you so long to delete the nuisance comments of that RH JA? Just do it. He/she/it has absolutely nothing of value to contribute to this blog. Just do it!


  • @Fearplay

    A characteristic of the political season is the cut and thrust of debate. Let us give them a chance to straighten and fly right.


  • Well Well

    You know for sure the DLP would never have allow a situation like this to happen had they been in opposition. We all know that the DLP treats politics as a blood sport.

    They would have been up and down Barbados every day raising hell. Yet not one of them see anything wrong with what Freundel Stuart is doing to this country……….and for them…… why we dont wait until Freundel call the election.

    Hiding behind the curtain that Freundel Stuart is breaking no laws is hogwash. Fumble has said that he is taking all the time the people gave him……..well Freundel, that time ended on February 21.

    Good God……just leave the place!


  • Mara waited until the last minute to say she is not running………..truth be told she should never have been there in the first place….dynasty what?

    She knew that she could only do this to the people of St John ……….if she had decided to withdraw on the morning of the nomination and whomever George Street rake up and send up there, they will vote for whomever.

    During the by-election, a group of us went to a meeting somewhere. We were going to park on a side road when a woman came out of her run down house……..”wunnah cant park there, dont park in front this house, we is dems”.

    I was tempted to respond but moved on knowing how ignorant St John dems are!


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    They keep hanging on in the belief that voters will change their minds, but I keep getting a real sinking feeling that whatever cockups they created and hid are so bad, that some of them will go to jail and they are all very worried and desperate at this stage…hence the delirious yardfowl.

    Every ministers knows that the game is up, let’s just hope that the next government uncovers every bad thing they have done and pursue prosecution, if anyone deserves it’s them.

    In this day and age with all the information and education available to everyone, we should have never seen this level of incompetence, neglect, secrets and deceit coming from government ministers.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    People in St. John keep voting for those who have been deceased for decades, let’s hope the younger folk are more savvy, less brainwashed, less self defeating and destructive, since many of the older more stubborn folk who spent their lives in poverty believing in useless politicians would have passed on in the last decade.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    When all is said and done FearPlay we are advised that voting for the widow of a dead prime minister was ill advised at best and deleterious to the country’s well being at worst.

    Imagine this as being an anecdote to bring some reasoning to the table.

    Chancellor Jones used to be a jockey of renown back in Time tunnel times both figuratively and literally.

    Imagine that Chanellor expires and the people at the turf club decide to give his wife his jockey job?

    That mek sense to you?

    Mara Thompson should never have been elected to that seat notwithstanding how meek she was or is.

    This is why Barbados is in the mess that we are experiencing because so called literate Bajans are ingrunt as badword and can be swayed by any jobby.

    The more substantive aspect of this submission lies in the credentials of the prospective candidates.

    Dr Leroy McClean wins that hands down but unfortunately he is running underneath the banner of the Demonic Lingering Parasites.

    In an ideal world he should get the seat because he is a competent candidate BUT GIVEN THE CIRCUMSTANCES THAT THE DLP HAS BRED not one of them should be allowed back into Broad Street barring the current lot who should be tarred and feathered BEFORE they are to LOCKED UP


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Mr Pieces, relatives taking the place of a deceased elected official may be foreign to Bajan politics but you know full well it’s a rather more acceptable practice in other places.

    I am now of an old age so I recall a spritely Chally Jones atop Kingsley Street and others from David Seale’s stables…I dont know about his wife’s skills but didnt he have a son who followed him in the saddle. Surely if that’s the case then THAT relative would be a suitable replacement, not so.

    We seem to get lost – strangely so – with Thompson’s legacy. As a young lad the man was a true star in the Bajan constellation. Up to the the time of his death that star yet shone brightly and there was a clear intent that his wife would continue to burnish that star and possibly pass on that safe seat to some other new star boy or girl in the fullness of time….

    But alas on those best laid plans of men and mice was bounced that $3.3 Mil scandal of corruption.

    There is no deference or sanctity to David Thompson’s legacy. We all accept he was generally a charming friendly guy to many; a caring devoted buddy to his group of close mates and had the charisma and intelligence to also endear himself to foes. That’s why he was such a star.

    But he was also a very ambitious, scheming man whose Machiavellian character hid a personality that also extolled graft, dishonesty and personal profit at the expense of the citizens he purported to be representing.

    One day maybe we will learn a more complete narrative but till then it is laughable to associate the word honourable with the man David Thompson as PM of Bdos. … insanely lauaghable!


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @de pedantic Dribbler March 7, 2018 at 10:05 PM “l a spritely Chally Jones atop Kingsley Street and others from David Seale’s stables…I dont know about his wife’s skills but didnt he have a son who followed him in the saddle. Surely if that’s the case then THAT relative would be a suitable replacement, not so.”

    No. A son shares his father’s DNA, so a jockey father may well produce a jockey son. When I was just a youth the priest chastised a woman of the congregation for saying “my husband ain’t no family to me?” But even in the days before we knew about DNA this woman knew a profound truth. Most of us share no close DNA with our spouses. What if Chally had married a 250 pound woman, one of those women know in Barbados as a “heavy sweet” would she have become a jockey too?

    The DLP had no business shoe horning Mara into the safe St. John seat. And the DLP did it with such indecent haste. Whatever happened to letting a widow mourn for her beloved husband for a year or so?


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @NorthernObserver March 7, 2018 at 2:38 AM # “Another thing, a woman who has been widowed for 8 years should have a man.” Now I appreciate you have a few years on me….but…..this is an archaic view. ”

    Thanks for the correction. I should have said “free to have a partner if she wishes”

    I did not mean compelled to have a man.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Hal Austin March 7, 2018 at 3:49 AM “As to Clico, I say again: that was a fault of poor regulation, mainly an administrative problem. Allegations of political interference are silly. Ethical workers will tell politicians to bugger off, or, alternatively, resign.”

    Political interference does happen, especially in small countries. What does an ethical worker do when the boss says “the Prime Minister has told me that I can…” and tries to coerce the worker who has children to raise and bills to pay to do something that is contrary to regulations? Especially in a place as small as Barbados where job options are much scarcer than in the United Kingdom

    And when the ethical worker is fired for refusing the boss’ unethical instructions, or quits, I hope that you you understand that the unethical behaviour not only continues, but increases, and it is damn easy for an unethical boss to replace an ethical worker with an unethical one.

    Dear Hal: Surely you are not so naive as to believe that “allegations of political interference are silly”

    When our Rght Honourable Prime Minister said of Leroy Parris, “the man is not a leper, he is my friend” are you so naive as to believe that those words carry no weight?


  • System is Broken

    All of you David Thompson fans let me share this personal experience I had with him and you be the judge.

    During the time BLP was in power and David Thompson was Opposition Leader I met him at a house in St. John which was rented by a Canadian Drug Deportee and they were both smoking weed.

    I was told it was a regular occurrence with the two of them.

    I was invited to a Dub fete later that week on a Saturday night in the same Parish. The Dub fete organizer a young guy was later busted for cocaine importation via DHL about a year later and whose father owned a rum bar in Reed/Suttle Street.

    On the night of the Fete the ‘room’ where the party was I attended along with David Thompson and his Canadian Deportee friend and the whole ceiling of the room was covered with smoke from the amount of marijuana being smoked.

    David Thompson was at ease and at home in the party atmosphere I left after about an hour because of being a non smoker.

    The Canadian Deportee a few months later opened a Strip Club in Nelson Street and was involved in major drug dealing aided by local Police until he left the island with his wife and 5 children when things started getting hot and bankrupt for him.

    His nickname was Spoilt Child formerly attended Harrison College and close friend of David Thompson and both were regular weed smoking buddies.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @David March 7, 2018 at 3:58 AM

    Dear David and Hal: Did any ethical staff members of David Thompson’s law firm quit?


  • System is Broken

    @ Hal Parris

    This is my own first hand experience, not heresy.

    Many young men and a few women has been locked up because of weed locally.

    I witnessed one of the Key legislators even though in Opposition engaging in this and other activities at the time.

    I forgot to add David Thompson attended the Fete in the company of another female, she was not Mara Thompson.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Hal Austin March 7, 2018 at 10:22 AM “competent regulation and supervision…badly trained and ill-qualified public servants.”

    Was not the supervisor on insurance whose job it was to supervise and to enforce regulations sent on leave during this period?

    Is she still on leave?


    Who instructed that she be sent on leave?

    Maybe, just maybe the public servants are not as badly trained and ill-qualified as they seem from your distance.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @pieceuhderockyeahright March 7, 2018 at 12:08 PM “De ole man remembers that Queens College i think had a girl who murdered a taxi man and is now incarcerated so does that make all QC students murderers or do they need to be similarly held to account for one of their fellow students?”

    It was a Lodge School girl and her boyfriend who murdered the taxiiman, not a QC girl.


  • piece uh de rock yeah right

    Thank you Dr Simple Simon,

    Well Well had pointed out that faux pas between the hallowed institutions as well and de ole man had apologized to QC for tarnishing its name as a nurturer of murderers as opposed to pederast teachers


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @piece uh de rock yeah right March 8, 2018 at 12:38 AM “pederast teachers”

    The fellas really need to stop sending pictures of their doggies all over the place, especially they should not be sending them to school children. A doggie ain’t nothing special. There are 4 billion or so of them knocking ’bout the world. And once you have seen one doggie you have seen all doggies.

    Trust me.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Dr. Simple…I am waiting to hear the police arrested that pervert pedophile teacher.

    Quit?……..they dissolved the Thompson law firm to avoid more scrutiny of the Clico thefts…with Mara as office manager at the time.

    Lol…Hal (leper) Parris…love it…lol.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    As we have been voicing, the useless Mara Thompson continued the low class… corned beef and biscuits vote bribing in St. John……hopefully the young people…children and grandchildren of the older poorer folks who accepted this behavior from politicians and ministers who deliberately kept them poor for over 50 years….breaks that blighted DLP spell…and chase them out of St. John.

    “Donna Hinkson, 43, of the same neighbourhood, said she was happy when Thompson was elected [from the 2011 onwards after the death of her husband and for St John MP David Thompson], as it increased the number of women representatives in Parliament. She added Thompson used to visit her house from time to time.

    But her 23-year-old daughter interjected: “Do not mind my mother. Mara should have left long time. She did nothing for us . . . . My mother liked her because she brought tins of corned beef, packs of macaroni and bags of potatoes here.”


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service March 8, 2018 at 6:28 AM “Quit?”

    I know of one employee who quit because he could not stand working there. And contrary to Hal’s assertion that employees are “badly trained and ill-qualified” this man is a highly trained and highly qualified. A thoroughly decent man, smart, well educated etc. I know because I know him, his attitude. I have even seen his transcripts from universities both here and abroad.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    I know an employee who left CLICO also. At the time the employee had two children in universities outside of Barbados. Still the employee left.

    So yes there are ethical, employees in Barbados both in the private and public sector, but the Americans have a saying, ‘the shit floats to the top”.


  • Dr. Simple Simon March 7, 2018 at 11:54 PM #

    Was not the supervisor on insurance whose job it was to supervise and to enforce regulations sent on leave during this period?(Quote)

    Was the suspended supervisor invited to give evidence to the so-called judicial managerial review? If not why not? If so, what did she say?
    The paper the so-called judicial review was written on was only useful in a lavatory.


  • Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service

    Dr. Simple…the exception rather than the rule, most wont risk it for fear of not getting the same or better salary, but your well trained and well qualified friend would have been an asset and in demand both on the island and abroad at the time of the clico bust in 2008-2010.


  • Caswell Franklyn

    St. John


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Hal Austin March 8, 2018 at 11:22 AM “Was the suspended supervisor invited to give evidence to the so-called judicial managerial review? If not why not? If so, what did she say?”

    This question is better addressed to your friends in the political class, and at this time specifically of the DLP political class (not that I expect anything better from the B’s.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service March 8, 2018 at 11:25 AM “…the exception rather than the rule…”

    Perhaps not.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Well Well @ Cut and Paste but your well trained and well qualified friend would have been an asset and in demand.”

    Both the former Clico and Thompson employees are doing very well thanks. Doing better that where they were before. There are still companies and organizations in Barbados which value decent, hard working, ethical employees.

    If you are ever in a quandary and don’t know what to do, just do the right thing and be prepared to take the consequences.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Hal Austin March 8, 2018 at 11:22 AM The paper the so-called judicial review was written on was only useful in a lavatory.”

    Please don’t flush it down the lavatory, we are already having problems with the sewer system.


  • Take the John’s money and run


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