Mara Thompson’s Clandestine Exit from St. John

George Pilgrim, General Secretary, DLP

Dear Editor:

It has become quite apparent that the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), under the leadership of Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, is disillusioned. The DLP no longer has the moral compass to look itself in the mirror and project an image of progress and prosperity for the Barbados nation. Notwithstanding that the DLP has been churning from one crisis to another without the successful relief one would hope for, it is painful to grasp the numerous ways in which Barbadians are being taken for granted, ignored, and in a myriad of ways they are being disrespected.

Indeed, there must be an apology forthcoming to Gercine Carter of the Nation Newspaper. In addition, Leroy McClean, the St. John electorate, and Barbados as a nation ought to be given both explanation and apology regarding Mara Thompson’s clandestine exit from the political arena. While the ‘childless women’ across Barbados, and the thousands of disappointed constituents may find relief in having the opportunity to elect a parliamentary representative who understands the importance of service and putting the people first, it is regrettable that ‘Mara’ would depart from political life (though unimpressive) through the back door.

Equally disheartening is that the leadership of the DLP would remain silent while the General Secretary of this beleaguered party allows himself to be introduced as the likely successor although it became public knowledge that Dr. Leroy McClean wrote to the party machinery indicating his interest in carrying the banner for the DLP. Perhaps, Senator Andre Worrell must be wondering how many more ridiculous defences must he put to be considered in the eyes of the ‘Elders’ or whomsoever has the say within the DLP for undemocratically selecting candidates.

There must be a contradiction that the DLP would resort to perceived sneakiness and stealth, either to keep out Dr. McClean or Senator Worrell. Why introduce or endorse George Pilgrim, as opposed to allowing the democratic way to prevail?

Nonetheless, Charles Griffith of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) is homegrown (Edgecliff). Charles Griffith is selfless in his interactions with the youth and persons from all walks of life across St. John. Mr. Griffith will not refuse to defend the hardworking St. John People. Despite many constituents in St. John have over the years settled into the thinking that the DLP will no longer make them sacrificial lambs, the last eight years have cemented the idea that change is necessary. Charles Griffith will not depart from his humble moorings of working alongside the people of St. John. St. John needs a new light and a caring representative because the DLP has become darkened by perceptions of ruse and deception. Mara Thompson has decided to run for cover.

George C. Brathwaite (PhD)


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Dr. Simple…I am waiting to hear the police arrested that pervert pedophile teacher.

    Quit?……..they dissolved the Thompson law firm to avoid more scrutiny of the Clico thefts…with Mara as office manager at the time.

    Lol…Hal (leper) Parris…love it…lol.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    As we have been voicing, the useless Mara Thompson continued the low class… corned beef and biscuits vote bribing in St. John……hopefully the young people…children and grandchildren of the older poorer folks who accepted this behavior from politicians and ministers who deliberately kept them poor for over 50 years….breaks that blighted DLP spell…and chase them out of St. John.

    “Donna Hinkson, 43, of the same neighbourhood, said she was happy when Thompson was elected [from the 2011 onwards after the death of her husband and for St John MP David Thompson], as it increased the number of women representatives in Parliament. She added Thompson used to visit her house from time to time.

    But her 23-year-old daughter interjected: “Do not mind my mother. Mara should have left long time. She did nothing for us . . . . My mother liked her because she brought tins of corned beef, packs of macaroni and bags of potatoes here.”


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service March 8, 2018 at 6:28 AM “Quit?”

    I know of one employee who quit because he could not stand working there. And contrary to Hal’s assertion that employees are “badly trained and ill-qualified” this man is a highly trained and highly qualified. A thoroughly decent man, smart, well educated etc. I know because I know him, his attitude. I have even seen his transcripts from universities both here and abroad.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    I know an employee who left CLICO also. At the time the employee had two children in universities outside of Barbados. Still the employee left.

    So yes there are ethical, employees in Barbados both in the private and public sector, but the Americans have a saying, ‘the shit floats to the top”.


  • Dr. Simple Simon March 7, 2018 at 11:54 PM #

    Was not the supervisor on insurance whose job it was to supervise and to enforce regulations sent on leave during this period?(Quote)

    Was the suspended supervisor invited to give evidence to the so-called judicial managerial review? If not why not? If so, what did she say?
    The paper the so-called judicial review was written on was only useful in a lavatory.


  • Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service

    Dr. Simple…the exception rather than the rule, most wont risk it for fear of not getting the same or better salary, but your well trained and well qualified friend would have been an asset and in demand both on the island and abroad at the time of the clico bust in 2008-2010.


  • Caswell Franklyn

    St. John


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Hal Austin March 8, 2018 at 11:22 AM “Was the suspended supervisor invited to give evidence to the so-called judicial managerial review? If not why not? If so, what did she say?”

    This question is better addressed to your friends in the political class, and at this time specifically of the DLP political class (not that I expect anything better from the B’s.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service March 8, 2018 at 11:25 AM “…the exception rather than the rule…”

    Perhaps not.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Well Well @ Cut and Paste but your well trained and well qualified friend would have been an asset and in demand.”

    Both the former Clico and Thompson employees are doing very well thanks. Doing better that where they were before. There are still companies and organizations in Barbados which value decent, hard working, ethical employees.

    If you are ever in a quandary and don’t know what to do, just do the right thing and be prepared to take the consequences.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Hal Austin March 8, 2018 at 11:22 AM The paper the so-called judicial review was written on was only useful in a lavatory.”

    Please don’t flush it down the lavatory, we are already having problems with the sewer system.


  • Take the John’s money and run


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