Mara Thompson’s Porous Legacy

The idea to hatch a Thompson dynasty in the St. John constituency by the late prime minister David Thompson at the behest of his political advisor Hartley Henry ended in failure last week.   The last representative for the St. John riding Mara Thompson  announced her retirement from elective politics last week and took the opportunity to anoint George Pilgrim who was cherry-picked by the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) to contest the next general election.

Members of the BU family are keen observers of local politics and the decision by Mara bears a severe critique on several fronts .

She will be remembered for being an incompetent participant in the affairs of parliament whether on her feet or presiding in the Chair as deputy Speaker. Hansard will support. There is no need to be prolix on this matter. For anyone who wants to challenge please point the blogmaster to one seminal intervention she made in her role as a contributor in parliament. The only ‘significant’ contribution that comes to mind was her reference to ‘barren’ women.

The blogmaster admits erring in our support- as the BU archives will support- of the Thompsons. Subsequent events have unfolded to give credence to the view that to err is human.

Although her late husband grabbed the focus as it relates to the Clico Scandal. And revelations contained in the Deloitte Forensic Audit confirmed there is justification in the tainted legacy he has earned. The fact Mara Thompson operated as Office Manager at the defunct Thompson and Associates and MUST have been privy to decisions taken by her husband, not to mention via the pillar talk channel, will also besmirch her legacy and hang around her neck like a yoke rested on our favourite beast of burden  – and the children.  Citizens of the secular world will exact their pound of flesh in recompense, however, there is hope if she claims to be a ‘believer’ to seek repentance for her worldly sins.

The ‘infraction’ the blogmaster prefers to prosecute at this time given our core focus is one of the role of media holding public officials accountable.

It was on November 2017 the Nation newspaper published a story which advised that Mara Thompson:

…will be vacating had been held by her late husband, former Prime Minister David Thompson, from 1987 when he was elected following the death in office of Prime Minister Errol Barrow. Thompson’s death in office in 2010 led to the January 2011 by-election which his widow easily won. Thompson’s disclosure ended weeks of speculation about whether she would be facing the poll constitutionally due early in 2018 – Nation newspaper 15 November 2017

What was amusing is that the local media was forced to defend the story although its source was an interview- albeit a brief one- given by Mara Thompson. She subsequently denied the story. Clearly events have shown that she jumped the gun by making the announcement. We are left to speculate that it was the lack of readiness by the DLP to declare her replacement with a general election looming.

Mara Thompson’s reluctance to ‘lie’ about her premature announcement shows she is no different in moral fibre to the person she deputized for while sitting in the Speaker’s Chair (MICHEAL CARRINGTON). Whether as a member of parliament or Office Manager of Thompson and Associates the conclusion is the same. This is a person who is devoid of the qualities to engage in ethical behaviour if the need to be politically expedient is required. Sadly this is the prevailing quality that describes the local political class.

Why has the media given Mara Thompson a pass?

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  1. Local media has reported that since being elected to parliament in 2011 Mara Thompson listed the following as her achievements worthy of mention.

    1. David Health and Social Services Complex

    2. New Post Office at Four Roads

    3. Fixing roads at Haynesville

  2. For me,Mara was a reluctant MP who ‘distinguished’ herself by repeatedly being caught on camera sleeping in Parliament, by moving out of the riding when she could not cope with the demands of the constituency, and by the repeated stlories in the press highlighting the plight of the ne’er do well of the parish which showed a state of neglect unheard of in other constituencies.We recall the Carlton Padmore matter in particular and the poor white family whose house was in a very bad state.How can these people in St John put up with this crappy representation for the last 60 years is beyond human understanding.Good riddance Mara.You were clearly out of your depth.You have confirmed it by your use of the words….relief,stressful,strenuous,personal challenges.You were educated enough to know you could never be a politician yet you allowed greed to rule your head.

  3. I thought Dumbville was MP for Haynesville, should she not have been fixing those horrible roads in St. John

    what a waste of taxpayer’s money she was, openly and disrespectfully sleeping in parliament on TV..a total embarrassment.

  4. Why has the media given Mara Thompson a pass? The simple, straightforward and accurate answer is that she is connected to one of the major political parties in the country, and the cap in hand syndrome where advertising dollars being dangled still buy silence, is still very much a staple of the fourth estate. Take for instance the much touted Brass tacks Sunday where we all looked forward to an honest and open discussion on the economy. THE DLP WAS A NO SHOW. Their absence altered the scope and focus of the program. Since there is no obligation to show respect after being disrespected, there could have been one reason only ( Mr blog master disagreed) why Minister Stephen Lashley could have called the program subsequently and be entertained and accommodated for better than two hours by Station Manager David Ellis. The election date has not been announced therefore the members of this disrespectful administration should be made to buy their advertising…..but such goes against the cap in hand syndrome.

  5. @David “The idea to hatch a Thompson dynasty in the St. John constituency by the late prime minister David Thompson at the behest of his political advisor Hartley Henry ended in failure last week.”

    i wouldn’t say failure. David and Mara’s children are yet young. With the youngest being only 16, even in George is elected, and serves for 25 years, the youngest Thompson will only be 41, a good age at which to enter elective politics.

    Don’t count out the Thompsons yet.

  6. Truth be told, this woman should never have allowed herself to be forced into elective politics. It was not her forte……..

    She did not have the personality for politics. She has no charisma at all. She comes over as being a very bitter woman as if she feels that the world has done her wrong.

    She allowed the stupid leadership of the DLP to use her to run for the St John seat talking about a Thompson dynasty. When she should have been given space and time to grieve and heal…….she went on a campaign trail and it came over as callous to have just lost a husband and out on a campaign trail. But the dems wanted a queen.

    Fare thee well, lady, you were never cut out for politics and you did nothing to disprove it. You were a poor representative by your own admission, you spewed insults like a school yard bully in your piss poor presentations in Parliament. You were rude and unfair to BLP MP’s and used the power of the DLP being in power to do so.

    Barbados is the richer for your leaving politics. You added nothing to Barbados’ development by being an MP.

  7. @ Prodigal
    You added nothing to Barbados’ development by being an MP.
    Stop picking on the woman do!!

    Why should she have been different to all the other DLP MPs?
    Indeed, in Bushie’s humble opinion, she possibly caused LESS destruction than the others…by her doing nothing.
    If Stinkliar had done similarly, we would probably only have had about six downgrades…
    If Froon had done less, perhaps he would not have signed the CAHILL documents ..or even read about Carrington’s thievery…

    In fact…
    By DLP standards, Mara probably deserve a gold star too ….if the shiitehound Lashley could get one….

  8. Bush Tea I expected to see you on here trying to defend Mrs Thompson,just like you did for David Thompson,whom you claimed was brilliant.,at what I asked you?Prodigal Son has described her to a T as she did very little,was very unimpressive as in her speeches and was often seen with her eyes closed on the back bench,.Tell me how is that picking on the lady?Are you related to the Thompsons,Bush Tea?This is the only conclusion I can draw from your constant defence of them.On another note heard the Trini Dem and her sidekick Ms Holder speaking where she is demanding Ms motley disclose her plans for for Barbados.As far as I know no Election has been called,and I do not know if she has forgetting how Mr Thompson said the Opposition does not have to give the Government no ideas,she as a Dem is a total hyprocrite and should be punishes with laughter.

  9. @ Lorenzo
    Ask someone to explain ‘irony’ to you…

    David Thompson was ‘brilliant’ by Bajan Brass Bowl standards. HE understood irony.
    He appointed a blind woman to ‘over see’ the upper house and to ‘keep an eye’ on his cabinet.
    He managed to out-manoeuvre Mascoll, Owen, you, and Mia to become PM -something that he wanted from childhood.
    He could speak intelligently on any topic – although he was known to avoid Bushie in debate…

    OK he was also a crook….
    and he sold his soul to the ‘CLICO devil’ in exchange for the PM-ship…
    but take an honest look at yourself (or any other) and tell us what you see…

    As Hants will attest….
    …again Bushie was right.
    ha ha ha

  10. So what will Pilgrim do any different in St. John to what was never done for the people of St. John by the clowns they have kept voting for ……..for 60 whole years.

    If ever a study should be done, is why post slavery, a people would deliberately keep themselves in poverty to keep voting for dead people….fantasies in their own minds put there by wicked politicians.

    There is no rational reason why this continues.

  11. All the ploy talk, Fruendolittle is in for the surprise of his life…lol..most often, quiet chaos backfires, unless implemented by a giant, Fruendolittle is no mental giant, no matter how much of someone else’s philosophy he studied..

    “N MY OPINION, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart should be credited for his ingenuity, particularly as it relates to political strategy. As a student of philosophy, Mr Stuart is aware of the spin-offs that often accompany the ancient practice that many philosophers refer to as “order in chaos”.

    Allow or create enough chaos in any system, political or otherwise, and as a consequence, you will create confusion, disillusionment, frustration, and ultimately, rejection.

    To my mind, Mr Stuart, unlike some of his comrades, is quite aware that Barbadians from all persuasions are unhappy with his leadership and with his Government. He knows that the odds are against him, but in his quest to give his Government a fighting chance at the upcoming election, he has, and I believe, will continue to allow certain things to fester that could frustrate the electorate to the extent that many of us may opt to withhold our franchise.

    Voter apathy

    With so many things seemingly going wrong in Barbados and with the advent of the “new” political parties and practitioners, many of whom appear to be in it for fun, we are now witnessing a steady increase in voter apathy and a concomitant breakdown in the imagery of our illustrious and well-respected political system.

    Bravo, Mr Stuart; it is a brilliant political strategy. Get us frustrated enough with our political system and our politicians that we opt to withhold our vote.

    Now while “order in chaos” could trigger a low voter turnout, which essentially gives the current administration a fighting chance at the upcoming election, time and causality, the universal constants, are the wild cards in this game of political poker.

    In less than 20 days many of our students will begin to write their CXC examinations, which are scheduled every day throughout the month of May, according to the 2018 CXC timetable.

    Our young ones will be sitting the Common Entrance, one of the most important examinations in their lives, on May 8.

    Given the importance we ascribe to our children’s education, Mr Stuart would do well to consider that if by his actions or inaction, our children are adversely distracted by political parties staging their respective spot meetings throughout the night at a time when the environment should be conducive for studying, history will indeed be made in Barbados.

    Political strategy is one thing, but playing Russian roulette with the lives of our nation’s children . . . . Any person who would seek to do so must bear the full weight of our collective reprimand.”

  12. Lorenzo

    I know the “Bush Man” is more than capable of defending himself……….but to be fair, you can’t identify any definitive remarks in his contribution that could be described as “defending” Mara Thompson.

    You have to admire Bushie’s wit and intelligence………I had to laugh when I read his “tongue in cheek” response to Prodigal’s comments.

    All Bushie is “saying” is that if the other inept MPs had performed similarly to Thompson (by not doing anything) we would not have a situation (and I will go further), where…….

    If Michael Lashley had done similarly……..the Transport Board would have more than 65 units in operation per day and there would be less “pot holes” in the roads…..

    ……..or David Estwick would have probably used some of the millions of dollars used to build the new BWA Headquarters, sewage may not be over-flowing in the street……

    ……..or Denis Kellman would have not been responsible for several houses NHC built houses remaining unoccupied and “rottening down”…….

    ……..or if Ronald Jones had done less and talked less…..there would have been less chaos at schools and an improvement in the education system…..

    ……..or Adriel Brathwaite…..…..well….although he could be similarly categorized with Mara Thompson for not doing anything……….he is a special case……….He is the worst Attorney General in the history of Barbados.

    Under Adriel Brathwaite’s tenure as Attorney General, Barbadian taxpayers were paying two Commissioners of Police…….junior police officers were promoted ahead of their supervising officers………the Commissioner’s lists of officers to be promoted were rejected by PSC and replaced by those officers selected by Guyson Mayers. Police promotions are always “marred” with law suits.

    Could you imagine, this idiot, according to reports, “officially opened the new Cane Garden Complex during a LAVISH CEREMONY on February 25,” (perhaps to get his name on the plaque)…… and as at April 16, 2018 the police has not been able to occupy the building because of a lack of furniture……and no official opening date has been announced as yet.

    When asked to comment on illegal immigrants squatting on lands in his constituency…….the idiot Adriel Brathwaite said he was aware of the situation…..…and has friends living there.

    So,…… if you judge Mara Thompson by DLP standards…….she is deserving of the Gold Crown of Merit.

  13. Lorenzo

    I took no offense to Bushie’s post. I quite understand Bushie’s tongue in cheek posts…….it is just his style to use wit to put his points across.

    Bushie was completely deceived by the deceitful David Thompson and since then he is therefore very skeptical of every politician.

    Not true, Bushie??

  14. @ Artax

    Your post was right on point!

    Mara’s barren women statement would be forever the very worst thing a woman could have ever said about another woman in the Parliament. My sister never had children yet no one can find a better aunt to my children and they call her their second mother!

    I think another thing that may have pushed her out was the tongue lashing Ronald Toppin put into her in his contribution during the estimates debate in February. Straight to her face her told her of the $3.3 million CLICO cheque which was laundered through Thompson Associates…..something of which you was familiar with………she was sitting in the chair. BOOM!

    There is no way that she did not know of her husband’s nefarious dealings.

    Bye Mara……….dont let the door hit you on your way out!

  15. “Mara’s barren women statement would be forever the very worst thing a woman could have ever said about another woman in the Parliament.”


    Mara Thompson’s comments, as reported in yesterday’s Sunday Sun re: “In a brief interview after the proceedings, she said while she enjoyed representing the people of St. John as one of the few female MPs in Barbados, AS A MOTHER, she felt relieved………”

    …….….is a snide remark that could be reasonably associated with her “barren women statement.”

  16. Artax

    She is just living up to the meaning of her name………….BITTER! Have you ever seen that woman looking happy or smiling?

    There are many women who choose not to have children and that is their right but they go on to be godmothers and make good aunties.

    So I dont know what Mara is about. The hurtful thing is that not one man or woman in the DLP condemned her for spouting such spiteful venom.

  17. Interesting to note that for years we have heard that Mia is god MOTHER to one or two of Mara’s daughters….Mara’s backwardness is only upstaged by her laziness.

  18. Ah wonder what good will come of this, they have gone down that road many times without positive results.

    “The CARICOM heads of state and delegations were participating in the eight Summit of the Americas which is being hosted by the Organisation of the American States under the theme “Democratic Governance against Corruption”.

    World leaders from the Caribbean, Latina America, the US and Canada adopted the Lima Commitment in line with the theme and have pledged to do more to eradicate corruption in public officers.”

  19. @Artax April 16, 2018 9:53 AM

    “Could you imagine, this idiot, according to reports, “officially opened the new Cane Garden Complex during a LAVISH CEREMONY on February 25,” (perhaps to get his name on the plaque)…… and as at April 16, 2018 the police has not been able to occupy the building because of a lack of furniture……and no official opening date has been announced as yet”.

    History has a way of repeating itself whenever the DLP is in power.

    In the early 90″s during the similar situation as today in Sandi era, the dems built the Holetown Police Station opened it and without a chair or desk for the police.

    Business men from Holetown had to supply the furniture for the poor police to work in comfort!

    Dems are useless! Dont have a clue how to govern and manage an economy but they sure do know how to get what they want out of the bad economy!

    • The SSA is estimated to be ready in six weeks, one wonders if there is PR benefit to the government opening a new SSA building with five trucks servicing the country to collect garbage. Will Jepter get his name on the plaque with Denis Lowe incapacitated?

  20. During one of the tributes delivered at David Thompson’s funeral, it was said that one time DT called his home and one of his daughters asked if where he was calling from that he is always away.

    One would have thought that with the death of her husband she would have wanted to be there for them as much as she could and grieve in peace. Instead weeks after the state laid her husband to rest, she embarked on a political campaign to be anointed queen.

    No wonder when the people were seeking representation, she ran away………..

  21. Should the lame duck immoral government we have not tell the citizens of this country the true condition of Dennis Lowe?

    Strangely, it was announced on DLPTV tonight that Maxine McClean attended the summit in Peru and flew straight to London for this week.

    She sure will miss traveling around the world at our expense!

  22. Recall the Pickering Project starring Evelyn Greaves was opened by David Thompson when the man was so sick and frail, unable to cope but it was always about optics for these rotten wild boys.No substance whatever.Thompy did the honours and Greaves ran it into the ground,never to rise again.10 years of DLP and that project dead as a door nail.

    • Ground breaking at Pickering in St. Lucy: socio-cultural cost is likely to exceed the benefits of unfettered tourism and housing

  23. Well kudos to the business acumen of Leroy Parris – he kept the CLICO building in pristine condition so that it can be used now that the Supreme Court is closed .

    A brilliant leader – Leroy Parris.

  24. It would interest me to know what is the difference between David Thompson’s ambition to become Prime Minister and Mia Mottley’s thirst for it. As we can see, Mottley is doing and has done, all that is needed to ensure that nothing or no one upsets her bid for this prestigious title, although one can say that the DLP lacks no show of folly and dumpsiness in hand delivering it to her in the next general election. Thompson did what he had to do to get there, and Mottley is doing the same. What Mottley has at her disposal, tho, tho, is a choice of f-ups to choose from all provided by the incompetent bunch of morons posing as public figures and statesmen in the Dumbsie Lying Party ( DLP). However, Thompson is dead, and whatever part his widow played as an accessory to his crooked Kingdom, or her failings as an MP, she is now history. No amount a-talk, criticism, conjecture, insults or facts is going to take away from the establish monetary benefits she (and her girls) will enjoy comfortably for the rest of her/their lives. In other words, dem all set fuh Ramgeorge life. What we must turn our attention to is the next crooked lot in waiting. Mia Mottley and the band of waiting Alibabas must be chained to legislation that will make it impossible for them not to be accountable. The history of this party (BLP) is not without spot, wrinkle or blemish. They are just as guilty as the DLP in introducing crappy policies, controversial project decisions, and their fair share of corruption claims. All those who want to be fooled into believing that eloquence and the ability to expound on any topic without script are the merits of leadership potential would do well to look to the same Thompson and Stuart. Talk may impress, but it is actions that speak louder than words.

    • @SSS

      Have no problem with your query, it is unfortunate the third parties have not gained the traction so far to be a tipping point in some constituencies i.e. win 3 or four seats to force the coalition factor into play. What we have in Barbados is poor candidates presenting themselves and a situation because of the duopoly where one party wins by default.

  25. Dumbass yardfowl…the supreme court building is SICK…it sits RIGHT NEXT TO the clico building which has been vacated for how many years…, try to connect the dots…use a pen or pencil, idiot.

  26. Come on now, David. …….after witnessing the roll out of these third, fourth, fifth and sixth parties how did you not come to the conclusion that there were not going to be a serious challenge in any election in 2018?

    The mere fact that everyone of them to a man and woman as they came out of their gates were only focusing on Mia Mottley caused people to question their agendas. The BLP is not the government which has destroyed this country yet every time they opened their mouths it was Mia, the BLP and the Opposition.

    Alex Mc Donald said that he had never seen anything like it…….people forming parties as a result of being dissatisfied with a government whose policies are destroying the country and yet they do not ttack the government……..they attack the Opposition. No wonder the people of Barbados are ignoring them!

  27. SSS
    Even Obama and the great Barrow had some bad policies and projects. The fact remains that we were better off during the period 1994-2008. Therefore no one believes Mia and the BLP are unblemished; they just believe that she/they are better than the rest. The problem is that you thought David Thompson was the 2nd coming and having been proved wrong, you now think it is Grenville and his prosperity gospel crew. 😂😂

  28. Enuff

    I call a spade a spade, not a Jack to be a King of Hearts. The BLP has a more impressive track record at managing the economy of Barbados, That is a fact. We know that both parties have not hide their nasty ways to do all that they must to do to never walk the path of struggle and hardship ever again. Now if you are telling me that because of the BLP’s impressive track record I must now accept them on that basis and ignore their involvement in pilfering schemes, then you need to reel and come again. This is 2018, and it is time for ministers to be called to account, expose for wrong doing, lock up if the burden of proof shows that they have not followed established financial protocols.

    As to your comment about David Thompson, let me be the first to admit that I thought David Thompson was what Barbados needed. I WAS WRONG, and still upset is shite at what he did and did not do. That still does not mean that Mia Mottley is going to do right by the people. And, by right I mean, introduce the type of policies that make it more difficult for ministers and their cohorts to fly the deal.

  29. It might be instructive to consider the situation in the USA in 2016 re. the Presidential election as perhaps providing some lessons as to how people with good intentions might end up costing a country dearly.

    Nobody expected Donald Trump to win in the USA, even Donald Trump. Jim Comey went out of his twisted way to heave some huge bricks at Clinton while giving the Donald Trump campaign a free pass as to not letting the country know that The Donald Trump campaign was under an existentially serious FBI investigation while he was full throatedly reopening a failed investigation of Hillary Clinton.

    The unthinkable that few wanted therefore happened. Donald Trump won.

    In Barbados, everybody thinks that the DLP will lose badly. Meanwhile people who honestly do not want the DLP to retain power, given their abysmal record in Government, are excoriating both the DLP and the BLP. In addition, it seems that there is a concerted strategy by the now numerous Third parties to attack the Opposition BLP party and especially its leader, while barely mentioning the DLP government.

    Does anyone see a strategic move here by the DLP in this game plan? Are the people who are doing their utmost to denigrate Mia Mottley and who also proclaim that they do not want the DLP to win, really thinking straight? I think not.

    The DLP can win if we have a sizable number of voters who cannot think straight.

  30. “That still does not mean that Mia Mottley is going to do right by the people. And, by right I mean, introduce the type of policies that make it more difficult for ministers and their cohorts to fly the deal.”

    It does not mean that she will not either, or that Grenville or Lynette will.

  31. SSS

    How do you know “That still does not mean that Mia Mottley is going to do right by the people?”

    Can you present any proof to substantiate your claim? And I can argue that you cannot.

    You are a diehard supporter of the DLP who, after accusing the BLP of committing illegal and dishonest activities…….cannot face the fact that your DLP is equally as guilty…..…and perhaps more so……of perpetrating similar “crimes” during the past 10 years of their tenure in office.

    It would be only fair to judge Mia Mottley on her performance as PM…..rather than engage in speculation.

    But… are not calling a “spade a spade”……….you are just being a disgruntled DLP supporter that would prefer to hypocritically support the shiite policies Grenville Phillips II is bringing (and you have often admitted SB’s policies are nonsense),………rather than support the BLP, even if within your mind, the BEES policies may be much better tha what the DEMS are preseting.

    In other words……you are a typical disgruntled DLP supporter.

    But if someone other than Freundel Stuart……… and it is someone you support…….. were to lead the DLP into the 2018 elections………. I’m sure that a loyal DEMS you are, you would “ratify” that individual……..ahead of Grenville Phillips II and Solutions Barbados.

  32. I have a strong feeling that elections will be either on the 17th or 22nd of May 2018. Two significant dates to watch.

  33. Right now, I think most people dont give a rat’s arse when the moron calls the election, TMW. He has a few weeks to call him whether he likes it or not.

    I cannot believe that this man does not care about the nation’s children. To disrupt the nation’s children from sitting their CXC examinations in their familiar surroundings is appalling.

    No one can understand why this man is holding on to power, What sinister deals are they waiting on to be completed to collect whatever?

    Let the moron continue to make his history………Freundel Stuart is worse person ever to lead this country.

    • Aren’t there enough schools to be designated exam centers to not conflict with polling centers?

  34. Who would ever imagine that a slime ball like Ronald Jones could call the Nation wicked, spiteful and divisive.

    This is priceless coming from the worse minister of education EVER who grammar and diction leaves a lot to be desired.

    Every time this man opens his mouth he is attacking someone……..what could be more wicked, spiteful and divisive than when out of the blue and for no reason other than he being the jackass he is ……he said that the time will come when the police will have to crack heads and shoot some people.

    ……..or when he insulted school principals and told them in front of cheering students that the schools do not belong to them and when they leave on evenings leave the people keys behind.

    …….or when he insulted the Canadian High Commissioner and said that she wants kicking out of Barbados…….as usual he took the woman’s remarks out of context but there again he aint too bright.

    One of the yardfowls shouted they laying off people at the Nation and he said that they should clean the whole closet out.

    With his history he had to nerve to ask why are we descending into such nastiness in this country……wow! that was rich Jones.

    We the people think that we should clean the whole of you out. The point remains did the Nation not tell the truth? We certainly cannot say the same thing of you morons.

    What work are they actually doing? Do they go to work daily?

  35. “In addition, it seems that there is a concerted strategy by the now numerous Third parties to attack the Opposition BLP party and especially its leader, while barely mentioning the DLP government.”


    I have also noticed this strategy, which is undertaken more so by BIM and Solutions Barbados. I was appalled to read BIM’s criticism of the BLP “keeping noise” during Lent, but that party’s hierarchy remained silent when Trinidadian entertainers were slated to perform in Barbados during the Easter weekend……and at a time when those same entertainers keep the Lenten Season sacred in T&T by not performing and ending their carnival on Ash Wednesday.

    Surely BIM and Solutions Barbados, as “third parties” that have been that have been pushing a Christian agenda, should find these developments disturbing..….and comment on them accordingly.

    But…NO!!!…….these hypocrites prefer to focus on Mia Mottley and the BLP.

    Anyone reading these parties’ political diatribe and rhetoric would believe the BLP “was in power” during the past 10 years…….and the “pass” they continue to give the DLP makes it appear as though the DLP is the Opposition.

    I have noticed that, with an election “on the horizon,” the DLP is rather quiet……..but then again, they have the “third parties” canvassing on their behalf.

  36. *********Surely BIM and Solutions Barbados, as “third parties” that have been pushing a Christian agenda, should find these developments disturbing..….and comment on them accordingly.

  37. I was surprised to see a photo of the famous “Moontown” on Barbados Today……….Having heard so much of this place, I thought the place was upscale………looks very “pop” down in the pictures to me!

  38. I agree with you Prodigal.
    Heard much about it on FB. Had to go home and visited it. Much ado about nothing…..

  39. @Prodigal Son April 18, 2018 9:47 PM “I was surprised to see a photo of the famous “Moontown” on Barbados Today……….Having heard so much of this place, I thought the place was upscale………looks very “pop” down in the pictures to me!”

    Not a big fan of Dennis. But nobody prepares a fried snapper like the good folks at Moontown. Better that any of the upscale places, and i’ve had the pleasure of eating a nuff, nuff upscale places.

  40. Artax

    Getting back to your comment, you really think you are talking to a jackass, nah. Nonsense about I is a die hard DLP supporter. I have made that clear on here from the get go that I support the DLP, but no more. I made it clear that I care very little for the BLP and have criticised them for doing shite when they could have done more for the country during the three terms they enjoyed. Telling me that I am disgruntled is factual and accurate. I am disgruntled at the state that Barbados finds itself in. Disgruntled that the BLP also focus on a bunch of shite endeavours instead of dealing decisively with specific services that needed attending to like the state of health care across the board. Telling me that I am a disgruntle DLP can easily be interpreted along the lines that you will defend the BLP to whom you trust, support and have your well-being. Do I care? Not one shite wrong with that. To each their own. I do not give a rats ass who anyone support. But, if who you support shite that places the island in a precarious position all in the name of BLP and DLP loyalty because of personal goods or so calls good when the evidence points to something else, then how the ass can I be loyal to foolishness? I am loyal to what is right and proper, that is why the DLP will never get my vote unless the useless lot is replaced.

    So let me state my position, again. Will Mottley do right by the people where Stuart and his ministers have done so much wrong? I do not believe that she will, because previous things done under this administration tells me that the focus remains self first. And, as long as self is first it means that the pilfering will continue and they can be no real prosperity under pseudo integrity and no accountability. Where in her speeches has she reassured bajans that she would make sure the Auditor General has the power to keep ministries, ministers, heads of departments and crooked Permanent Secretaries under a set of accounting rules that can land them in court for breaches of the financial rules? All I am hearing is the same shite rhetoric to get votes. Mind you, something got to be said, but I am not hearing her on the issue of making the Auditor General the one person that can deal with the accounting problems with actions that will result in litigation. She has no proven track record, besides impressive articulations that I can put my finger on and say that Mottley had done that and done it well. Plus what are your proofs, Artax, to substantiate that Mottley will do well by the people? I can throw the same darn question right back at you and say emphatically that you cannot prove that she will.

    Mottley has been a person who is no stranger to controversy and rumours. This is her past, where it has been marred by her personal beliefs, seeking to establish a perversion not yet accepted by bajans, or her failings in the Eductech project. As intelligent as she may be, she is also prone to stoop to despicable low levels to propagate her specific interests and desires. I am not going to believe that all of sudden she found Jesus and likewise a whole set of integrity and morality.

    WIll not even answer the Solutions Party thingsiebobsie, you just want some shite to criticize. A gone!

  41. Tch, tch, tch………..your profane laced response says it all, my friend.(Quote)

    Times have changed. The end of vulgarity and foul-mouthed comments. There is hope for us yet.

  42. Oh, spare me the profane crap. I is me, and certainly no deceiver like some of you. And, Artax, I have been called worst then ignorant, stuuuupse. Ignorant, hahahaha

  43. Artax

    It does not matter to me one way or the other if you think me is ignorant or not. Tell me how you know Mottley will do right by the people to make me a believer. If the BLP was worth their weight in salt instead of portraying their arrogant tail holes as they went about getting themselves set for life, all like now they would be the government for five straight terms. I want to know besides the DLP dumbos making them look like roses, how all of a sudden we want to forget their dirty dealings and embrace them like the return prodigal son, to restore what is lost and forget what they had taken.

  44. Sunny Sunshine

    Do not waste your time with that FARTHOLE ……Artax !!

    Time ticking away for his leader MAM :

    • On the voter fraud allegation involving a photo of a ballot paper in 2013 !

    • The wire tapping allegations that she claims to know about in 2006 !

    • And of course why she did not pursue the LEC in Trinidad 🇹🇹 !

    • And why as Minister of Economic Development she ignored the Solicitor General advice when Barclays Bank was being taken over by CIBC – as it related to waiver fees !

    • And why 10 of the senior candidates – she now “LEADS ” into the 2018 General Elections..,,,,have all filed Affadavits in the Supreme Court calling her a THIEF !

    So let Artax go and rest his tormented 😩 SOUL.

  45. I glad as hell Mara fart in wanna face with the St.John seat. After you treated her like a ho..and cheap trinket, the black Willow plunge you Dem in real deeper ship than up the South Coast. Fractured you go dumb shit answers as usual, but we all here laughing and Froon asking for more time as he plays musical chairs…..

  46. • On the voter fraud allegation involving a photo of a ballot paper in 2013 !

    Fractured. If the voter did in fact show a senior minister the alleged ballot paper, why then action wasn’t taken since he is in charge with immense power to direct his AG to bring charges against the candidate. During the victory speech in 2013, the two most powerful candidates decry vote buying after seeing individuals personally involved in the said vote buying. They promised the country that investigations will commence to deal to with these people. But, as usual pure talk.
    Maybe, the person probably was trying to con the candidate who refuse to budge and the person tried to blackmail the candidate. Or maybe, the whole episode was an orchestrated lie.

  47. Tell me why

    Take it easy !

    In a few days time …..all your questions will be answered !

    Mia Mottley will be explained !!

    Instead of writing letters to the PM……she going be writing books while in Dodds !

    Take your time ……doan sweat 💦 !!!

  48. Artax I said on this blog that SSS is a disgruntle Dem,She lambasted me.However I am glad others see through her charade as here she is demanding things of Ms Mottley which she never demanded of MMr Thompson or Mr Stuart.My question is why not,both became Prime Ministers and both to her disappointment have been dismal failures,in my opinion.In Mr Thompson,s case full of pretty talk and no substance and in mr Stuart,s case,just,general indifference and laid back attitude.but these are given a free pass by SSS.Now she wants Ms Mottley whom she claims has no track record,and she needs to substantiate this claim,has to bring this legislation and that legislation which the current Government never did,can you believe this Dem?Utter nonsense,she sounds like the Trini Dem on Talk ya Talk with the Dem moderator Ms Holder,but all in good time.

  49. Loren zo

    Took your lap dog, pimping for the BLP self to respond. You are such loyal lap dog that if you read all of my posts, you will see that I have no interest in the DLP no more. But, you cannot see that, you are Mottley’s little poodle making sure that whatever is said about her, her knight in lap dog armour comes quickly running. I mean, tell me Lorenzo, are you patriotic to the island of your birth or are you just an ass kisser because if Mottley gets in, bittle for you? Mottley will have to prove me wrong that she intends to be a leader who wants to make a major difference in everything that paints ministers as self serving and corrupt. And, by major, I am talking bringing legislation to the forefront that says she wants full disclosure on everything done by the government, Thompson proved that he was a rat. Stuart is the biggest Johnny to ever be a leader in Barbados. They both have tarnished the DLP to the level of incompetent and crooked. However, lessons need to be learnt, and Mottley is also an articulate speaker who in her previous roles as minister and attorney general have nothing to show that one can say: that is the stamp of Mia Mottley. Therefore, going on previouses, I am inclined to believe that from Mottley, we will get nothing but the same, though her early enthusiasm to prove herself, might produce a few surprises. I will give her that much and no more until she lean to the other side of her being that makes her do a lot of shite.

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