The Grenville Phillips Column | Response to Mia Mottley – We Are Not Family

Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party

The leader of the BLP reportedly described Solutions Barbados as a nephew of and supported by the DLP.  She thinks that all parties are out to get her.  She is entirely wrong.

The BLP and DLP can be described as a family.  They share members and entertain us with their platform humour, but they are related.   They have defined themselves as a separate political class, and have played a game of sharing the government since our Independence.

They convinced us that they knew what they are doing, but the IMF reports of their performance reveal that both parties have failed Barbados, and brought us to the brink of economic ruin.  We now openly talk of devaluation and going through a severe IMF directed austerity.

Our Candidates have been invited to feed at their political trough.  To their credit, every one of our Candidates have rejected their approaches.  We have no fatted calf to slaughter, no political economy for supporters, and no berries for the party faithful.  Any Solutions Barbados candidate who gives a voter one cent will be expelled.

In a Solutions Barbados administration, there will only be one economy, the Barbados economy.  Everyone who participates can benefit, regardless of who they know or do not know.

Public workers will be promoted on merit alone.  Any public worker who approves, denies, or delays an application for partisan political reasons will be fired and lose their pension.  The public service will be depoliticised.

The political class structure will be dismantled.  The lifetime pension arrangement for politicians will be abolished, and they will receive a contribution to their pension funds like any other employee.

If Barbados’ political mess is not cleaned up, then we will all suffer.  The other parties are related to each-other and will never vote against their selfish family interests.  Solutions Barbados can clean up this mess because we are not a part of their family.  Make the right choice Barbados.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and the founder of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Do not give a darn what they think about you Grenville, I am liking what I am hearing.


  • By far the best article from SB to date. The real political family in our country is the identical twin, known as the Barbados Labour Party and Democratic Labour Party. They cannot be separated.
    Mottley should be the last to talk about who is family . Ask the following who is she family:
    Barrow Errol
    Lashley Hammie
    Mascoll Clyde

    Finally, SB has hit the nail on the head. Viv Richards going through the covers Suh! Straight to the boundary. Not a man move !!!


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    If only you can sell what you have written here to the general public. I hope you know that the two stinking political parties will seek to carry your name and your members down in the gutter where they tend to operate. I do not know what is your strategy for reaching those stupid people who are loyal to both political parties. It will be hard to win them when they souls are enslaved by the things political parties have done for them. However, truth needs no proof. Remain honest and true to the cause. Mottley is a two face serpent and knows what it means to operate to the fullest of double standards. All the jackasses that praising the BLP’s track record need to understand why Barbados is in the position that it is in today. If the BLP is so great why where their asses kicked out of power 8 years ago.


  • @Grenville,

    I am still waiting on your response to the question I posed in your last BU Submission about Liberating Our Youth

    Bajeabroad February 16, 2018 at 8:14 PM #

    I would leave it there for now GB but I challenge you to tell me why this somewhat simple FUNNEL would not unleash our young talent, create employment, support tourism, give some young people hope for the future and provide some additional FX.

    If you want my vote and my family’s vote, please offer us real, credible and specific solutions to the serious problems Barbados face, not sound bites, BLP / DLP sounding yardfowl rhetoric with no action, and ill-suited programs like ISO 9000.

    I will remind you that I am a trained Engineer who has worked in an ISO 9001:2000 registered manufacturing company for 5 years so I am very familiar with the pitfalls of that quality assurance program. One glaring problem that would cause it to fail in the Barbados Civil Service context, is that it does not address the underlying product or service being produced. It is quite possible to become ISO 9001 certified to make cement-filled life-vests. Not a practical product and will fail if used but ISO does not evaluate the product or service function. ONLY that you have properly documented your process for making the cement-filled life jackets as an example, and you have records clearly indicating that your staff is trained and is following the procedure to fill all life vests with cement as your procedures have stipulated. So, if the underlying process produces a poor product or service (sounds like any department you know?), ISO will not change this.

    Awaiting a great debate on real, credible SOLUTIONS for BARBADOS….pun intended. And not typical BLP / DLP rhetoric.

    My vote is winnable, show me your team is serious


  • millertheanunnaki

    @Sunshine Sunny Shine February 22, 2018 at 9:01 AM
    “All the jackasses that praising the BLP’s track record need to understand why Barbados is in the position that it is in today. If the BLP is so great why where their asses kicked out of power 8 years ago…”

    The same set of 6 is half dozen Tweedlebee and Tweedledem reasons they were kicked out in 1961; 1986; 2008 and the DLP were kicked out in 1976; 1994 and, ceteris paribus, most likely in 2018.

    Grenville can be considered an old man to the political arena. He is just preparing the ground for another SB young turk to tread on (buying a political book for some youngster to read). And that’s good since the longest journey must begin with the first step. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being the Founding Father of Solutions Barbados.

    He should have inveigled his way into the bosom of the DLP in 2013 and stage a philosophical coup in order to bring about the necessary changes he is trying to achieve in a democratic fashion. It’s rather difficult to ask so many old people to change their minds full circle in such a short space of time.

    Sorry but it looks like it would be either Tweedle-Dems or Bees, again even only for this last time around.


  • Bernard Codrington

    Bajeabroad at 9 : 36 AM

    Wuh Loss ! What a broad side.!


  • Bajeabroad February 22, 2018 at 9:36 AM #

    If you want my vote and my family’s vote, please offer us real, credible and specific solutions to the serious problems Barbados face, not sound bites, BLP / DLP sounding yardfowl rhetoric with no action, and ill-suited programs like ISO 9000.(Quote)

    ISO 9001 is just a basic management standard. To treat it as a manual of good management for the economy is silly. It is interesting, however, is the obstinacy and stubborn refusal to review any of the set piece proposals, (or allow any other member of the group to speak on economic affairs, of which they may b better informed, rather than just Googling the IMF).
    What is not clear is if ISO9001 will also be applied to the private sector, and what will happen if they decline the offer.
    We must remember that Hitler was also elected and any future prime minister, with no obvious formal training in management at an acceptable level, telling us that his ISO certificate is a mark of expertise has all the markings of a dictator.
    I have said before, and say again. The nation is sick and fed-up with the incompetence of the DLP government; but that is yet to translate in to a preference for any of the so-far declared rival parties.
    There is still a chance voters may decide that better the devil you know. If they do, it will be political suicide for the nation; if they do not, who knows?
    What we do know, however, is that at a time when the ship badly needs it brightest and best, there is non capable person on the bridge.


  • Bajeabroad February 22, 2018 at 9:36 AM #

    “If you want my vote and my family’s vote, please offer us real, credible and specific solutions to the serious problems Barbados face, not sound bites, BLP / DLP sounding yardfowl rhetoric with no action……”


    I have to agree with your above comments.

    As it relates to ISO 9001, I wrote in a previous contribution that “indigenous and organizational cultures” exist in the public sector, whereby opposition to change, lack of productivity and time management skills are endemic therein. Therefore, I believe before introducing ISO 9001 in the sector, a systematic approach must be taken to change these “cultures.”

    Anyone knowledgeable in the “intricacies” of system analysis and design would be aware that a methodical process is required leading to sucessfully implementing systems such as ISO 9001, since it is not as simplistic as installing a computer application program.


  • The resolutions planned to improve the civil service and re-introduce some much needed discipline to that institution along with the resolution to abolish politicians’ pensions are highly laudable and praiseworthy.SB might add abolition of MP’s monthly emoluments other than those who are required to manage full time a policy making political assignment i.e.Secretary of Labour or Education or Health etc.What other measures are planned SB?


  • Where is the proof that the BLP has ruined Barbados–the IMF saying that our debt is above their determined perecentage of GDP? The same IMF that GP/Solutions is portraying as the bogeyman? According to the Central Bank Report, the Barbados economy grew by 3.9% and 3.6% in 2006 and 2007 respectively, with about 7% unemployment. During this time some engineering firms also benefited from government contracts funded by borrowing–the projects are there for all to see. That does not sound like ruin; and if the DLP came to power, ironically with the strident support of some of the same Solutioners, and mismanaged the situation to apportion the blame to the BLP holds no basis. Structural inadequacies alone cannot justify this argument. Who in Barbados has spoken of a “severe austerity” programme with IMF? St.Kitts and Grenada haven’t, but they have entered into an IMF programme recently and both are recording growth far better than Barbados. Isn’t it disingenuous to keep harping back to Jamaica and Guayna’s experience with the IMF during the 1980s?

    “Any Solutions Barbados candidate who gives a voter one cent will be expelled.”

    What do you call the big tip you gave to the young man selling newspapers, while you engaged with him about politics?

    “The other parties are related to each-other and will never vote against their selfish family interests.”

    Will the three husband and wife teams on Solutions’ list of candidates vote against their selfish family interests, or will the church team vote against their selfish interests?

    What is “pellucidly clear” is that those on BU supporting Solutions are not genuinely interested in what’s best for Barbados, but strictly about selfish, personal agendas. I am dumbstruck at how people could support a party proposing a flat tax, the elimination of VAT, NSRL and import duties, and teaching young people to start a successful business in 5 weeks. Alice n Wonderland. The MPs pension and promotion in the civil service is all hot air, again I note that a party of so-called business people seems to think that the public service is the source of all ills in Barbados.


  • @Bajeabroad
    The same demand should’ve made of the other two parties.

    Why we should let SB know our expectations, we should not give the other two a pass.


  • Should be
    Should’ve been


  • @Enuff February 22, 2018 at 11:28 AM “I am dumbstruck at how people could support a party proposing a flat tax…”

    Me too.

    Flat tax=evil.

    Let us say that Mr./Ms. A’s gross income is $4,000 BDS per month, and the flat tax is 10% He/she will have to pay $400 per month in tax. After that he/she has $3,600 left to look after his household, which includes two dependent children.

    Let us say that the gross income of my Member of Parliament/Cabinet Minister is $18,000 per month. He/she pays 10% or $1,800 per month. After that he has $16,200 left to look after his household, which includes two dependent children.

    Remember that we all have to pay the same for food, electricity, water etc.

    Under the flat tax system it will be much harder for Mr./Ms. A to maintain their household.


  • @ TheGazer. February 22, 2018 at 12:10 PM #

    I have given up on the BLP / DLP establishment, and it would be a waste of time and energy to make the same request of those two.

    Grenville atleast appears interested in honestly moving the country forward even though we may disagree on some approaches


  • Bajeabroad

    Forget GP! His problem is that he believes he is the only one with the alphabet after his surname and that because he is the son of Dr. Grenville Phillips of Coopers Lybrand/PwC and local companies directorship fame, he knows everything. Only recently I was talking about ISO vs SCM and RP&CA as the solution to efficiency in the public sector, and he told me I was clueless. Mind you I know as a FACT, that one of the leading global consultancy firms just worked on a similar project for a multi-national company with more employees and revenue than the Barbados government could ever imagine.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Enuff, Bajans are as fed up with the political metooism as the Brits, Americans and Europeans are…. thus the desire to embrace the ‘freshness’ of Solutions is understood.

    The fact that Mr Philips offers plainly impractical solutions to several key issues is surely problematic but not a mortal stop to his party’s ability to gain a foothold.

    The simple fact of the matter is that we need to change this duopoly management stranglehold.

    The other simple fact is that none of the major initiatives planned by Solutions can be done without a super majority in Parliament: 1) He is unlikely to get that. At best a few seats; 2) Magically, if he did get such a majority then the message from Bajans woukd be clear….and you shouldn’t be afraid of that.


  • The 1974 Changes to the Constitution must be abolished if we want a more effective and non partisan public service.The Pensions and fees for Parliamentarians must be abolished.If you want to be of service to the society no problem but don’t look for pay for that.That way we rid ourselves of the corruptible.


  • @SS
    you are usually astute on basic financial matters.
    The question you need to answer, is what are family A and the Cabinet Minister paying in tax today? That a household earning 4K vs 18K will have more difficulty making ends meet is obvious.
    The next question, and potentially the important one, because a government can levy any type of tax or fee, is how many individuals/corporations are actually PAYING that tax/fee today? Appreciate the current system while “progressive” also contains a myriad of deductions and loopholes. A potential key to SB is the “collectibility” of their proposed tax [simplicity]
    It would seem to me, that apart from a distaste for the concept of a ‘flat tax’, no accounting brain is considering whether such a tax system could actually raise an adequate level of revenue.


  • The new minted member of the PUP representing the good people of Ch Ch West,Dr Maria Agard has informed the parliament in her maiden address that she intends to pursue the legalizing of cannabis in Barbados both in its production and its consumption.Citizens should read the experiences chronicled by police officers of the liberal Dutch member of the European Union,the Netherlands, so that an informed decision might be made in the unlikely event the PUP turn the tables on the political hopes and aspirations of the traditionally better known mass based political parties of Barbados.


  • The question to Dr Maria Agard and the PUP is…..did you have the authority to go to the Parliament and put on the table a matter as serious as the legalizing of the growing and smoking of the illegal substance cannabis.Did you have a meeting with the constituency branch which consulted with the broader constituents to confirm their agreement to your raising this serious measure in the House.Is this how a member of parliament is supposed to function?Some might say your constituents have been hijacked by folk unknown but known.


  • De Ole Man would wish to speak to this “mulberry bush” runaround that has plagued Barbados for a number of years but more specifically comment on WHERE WE ARE AT 2018.

    The “Third Party ” has its place in any democracy of which Barbados is deem to be one such “democracy” in theory.

    The “Third Party experiment” does not have any such place, NOR SHOULD IT because we as a nation are in a most precarious place.

    Mr. Grenville Phillips MUST BE COMMENDED ON A FEW THINGS.

    The most prominent of this is that, even though rankled and scorned and told the most base of things here, and elsewhere, HE DOES NOT INVOLVE HIMSELF IN GUTTER SNIPING or so de ole man would suggest.

    So his reputation for being a gentleman etc seems to hold its own.

    De ole man ent hear dat he is a womanizer, or a buller or a teif or any of these customary accusations that the others are beseiged with.

    Having said that Let me comment on the more substantive and clear and present danger so to speak, THE ISSUE OF THE PERCEPTIONS OF THE ELECTORATE.

    The main issue and problem that one can say he has, is “the efficacy of his proposed solutions at this time of the Bajan timeline”


    While I am the first to believe that the tree of democracy needs a “refresh” at some time, de ole man things that experimenting at this time is not wisest.

    What our predicament boils down to is the views of the electorate on Mr. Phillips’ capabilities TO JUMPSTART THE BARBADOS ECONOMY after this free for all by the WORST GOVERNMENT THAT BARBADOS HAS EVER HAD.

    Many of his ISO proposals seem to be puerile mouthings, imcompletely thought through alternatives which, when put under a microscope, do not seem to have any place in managing the realities that we are faced with as a country.

    It would seem that Mr. Phillips is in fact using BU and other fora to refine his pre defined and infantile concepts of management as he progresses towards the Ballot Box.

    Change is THE ONLY CONSTANT if we seek to move forward but, given these antiquated mouthings, devoid of real meat that is required @ 2018 de ole man is inclined to thing that “Mr Phillips is well intentioned but unprepared for the challenges that face the country.


    Here we have a number of rag tag people who nobody ent know bout assembling to be counted among the persons to run the country.

    And yes, one MUST CONCEDE that rag tag qualification can be ascribed to all of the parties on the landscape but what this comes down to is leadership and the ability of a leader to demand specific performance ACROSS THE ENTIRE PRIVATE AND PUBLIC SECTOR.

    PM Mottley, notwithstanding any other issue which will be leveled against her, HAS WHAT IT TAKES TO BRING BARBADOS BACK FROM THESE DEPTHS.

    The one thing that ALL OF US MUST BE AWARE OF IS LEGACY.

    Miss Mia Amor Mottley is driven by the one thing that the others DO NOT HAVE and that is the desire to NOT ONLY SUCCEED (like the Boy King Thompson) BUT TO EXCEL!

    She wants to be known for being the BEST PM Barbados has ever had AND THAT IS WHAT IS GOING TO DRIVE HER TENURE.

    So the fellows and ladies who feel that they are going to act like remoras and ride along parasitically DEM GOTS A REAL RUDE AWAKENING COMING.


  • @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with a recent post


  • ” She thinks that all parties are out to get her. She is entirely wrong.”

    She is , with some of her supporters trying to twist it into a gender issue.


  • Bernard Codrington

    @ PUDRYR at 3 :44 PM

    Or should I say Perceptions Uh de Electorate Yeah Right,

    You are one voter I would not try to bribe. You would drink me out,eat me out and vote me out. LOL!!!


  • Suckabubby
    Have you heard the preachers and others who railed about “rat boxcie”, utter one single word about Sinckler comparingg Mottley to Hitler?


  • @ Mr. Bernard Codrington,

    Many here might polemicize the merits and demerits of the various parties, both mainstream and the aspirants.

    I do believe that there is a place for such talk shops, but, given our predicament, I DONT THINK THAT THE TIME FOR ENTERTAINING THESE DEBATORS IS NOW.

    You are a “man of letters”, erudite and well practiced in your occupation/discipline.

    When a feller comes here and talks ingrunce, should the content of his submission be of interest to you, you may choose to respond with sound counters.

    I put it to you that you fall among the elite category of Bajans that are well versed among the men and women, replete with wisdom to compliment your knowledge.

    I say elite because SUCH A GROUPING IS UNIQUE, few and far between like the teeth in that Lashes fellow head and the presence of working Transport Board buses on Bajan roads.

    The fact is that the electorate of Bim, FOR THE MOST PART, ent no polemicists, and, IRRESPECTIVE OF THE ONGOING LARGESSE OF THE Demonic Labour Party, DO NOT POSSESS THE NECESSARY BRAIN MATTER to differentiate between a Development Plan and a “wish list”

    So de ole man puts it to you that the “eat them out, drink them out and THEN VOTE THEM OUT” modus of which you speak is what WILL TRANSPIRE at the ballot boxes here in BIM.

    Now this is what the ole man is going to suggest AGAIN.


    But what they have conspired to do is to compromise the voting and the ballots.

    The first area of compromise will be the List of Eligible Voters and the list that are going to be disseminated on the Day of the Election.

    It would be in the interest of the Parties in Opposition to have the Lists Published PRIOR TO THE GENERAL ELECTION so that the DLP cannot mamaguy said lists in the face of a publicly available approved list.

    Leh de ole man explain.

    Today is February 2018 right?

    Leh we say dat elections is in May den it should be dat UNLESSING DERE IS AN EPIDEMIC AND NUFF PEEPLES DEAD OFF, the lists that is pre-election at today, should not be substantively different from that that will be authorized when the bell rings.

    I respectfully suggest that the BLP should request that list be made public and published in the Advocate and the Nation and be available to any and all political parties IN ELECTRONIC FORMAT.

    All the ommission and the objections should be being affirmed and contested ALL LIKE NOW unless Donville (Johnny’s Son) is suggesting otherwise.

    De ole man cant use nuhbody name here less dem get a DOJ request tuh locate me IP and ting heheheheheheh.

    The next thing that i am concerned about is the actual ballot and the process of verifying who votes and the identity of the voter.

    Leh de ole man explain furder.

    Say we got 100 peeple in we gap. I ent know what all hundred of the people look like though

    Dat is 100 names with 100 IDs right? Now traditionally 40 to 50 of them vote so we have 50 others who dont normally vote.

    So here is whu de ole man fear.

    Last minute swaps where

    (a)people on the electoral lists get switched to another polling district where


    (ii)IMPERSONATORS, WITH valid so called authentic IDs, which we dun know are falsified, by the PIMPS, are used to tip the voting results in the favour of the Demons.

    Mr Codrington, I KNOW THAT THE DLP GOING GET VOTE OUT but I also believe that they are going to try to TEIF DIS ELECTION BY ANY MEANS.


  • @ The Honourable Blogmaster,

    The upside of this Tor use is assured? anonymity but the downside is that it places my submissions in cyber limbo.

    My apologies to you for these requests to retrieve but de fellers ent too pleased bout de Stoopid Cartoons and dere circulation worldwide.

    A feller tell de ole man dat dem is hunting for reasons to arrest an ole man under dem concocted laws.


  • Enuff February 22, 2018 at 8:18 PM #

    What does that have to do with gender?Comparing anyone,male or female, to Hitler is a common practice of whom they believe are a despot.They call Stephen Lashley “Little Hitler”.


  • @NorthernObserver February 22, 2018 at 1:12 PM “because a government can levy any type of tax or fee, is how many individuals/corporations are actually PAYING that tax/fee today?”

    Ahhh, that is the million dollar question, or perhaps I should say the multi billion dollar question.

    But I would guess [knowing nothing at all about economics/accounting/finance etc.] but knowing perhaps too much about human behaviour that the correct answer is less than 100%?



    Not a bother.


  • @SuckaBubby

    Political parties are setup to win elections therefore they will craft whatever narrative suits their interest.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Piece…no matter what you say…lol

    I just saw a short clip of Fruendel telling Bajans…in NYC…that elections will be held by the first week of June, I bet he said nothing about that to bajans living in Barbados.

    Nevertheless, he says he intends to win and defend his…… FAILED (my words)….. record….

    He should be made to answer and defend why he presided over and never fired so many corrupt ministers.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service February 23, 2018 at 6:56 AM

    Anything that comes from the lips of any ‘senior’ representative of the deceitful lying party must be taken with a pound of salt.

    Is this the same man who told another overseas audience that ‘Privatization’ would have to take place over his dead body?

    But the man of magniloquence does have his way with words.

    Guess he sees the mellifluous term ‘Divestment’ not as a political doublespeak synonym but as the antonym of great antithesis to the electoral bogey man called ‘OSA equals Privatization’.


  • Gabriel

    What SB or any future administration should do is abolish the parliamentary secretary nonsense.

    Political parties seem to use that post to reward candidates, at tax payers expense, that lost at the polls.

    Jeptar Once, Harry Husbands, Irene Sandiford-Garner, Patrick Todd all lost and have been appointed PS.
    And what do they have to show for our tax dollars?

    Could someone tell me if after parliament has been dissolved, these people would still be paid?

    A waste of money


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Ya cant believe any of those liars Miller..

    Lying Lashley came out and made a big song and dance about tour buses for school kid to go to school, yet I saw on another forum where the bus operators said they never received any such communication as lying Lashley said they did and were concerned about their bus seats being ripped to shreds by indisciplined kids….ya cant believe anything any of them say.

    As Grenville says…they are not my family and if ya violating mine or my family’s rights….you should be exposed, this is what will happen next to these small island politicians and ministers who believe they have a right to do whatever they like to the people…because they are given mandates, titles and status by the peolle and because they have gotten away with it these human rights violations for over 50 years…

    The people have to know that they HAVE RECOURSE…

    “Amnesty International just officially declared Trump a human rights violator


    President Donald Trump’s policies mark “a new era of human rights regression,” the head of Amnesty International announced in Washington, D.C. this morning, where the non-profit group that tracks the state of human rights in the world released its annual report.

    Salil Sheety, who has been the group’s Secretary General since 2010, accused Trump of “hateful” politics and being a threat to human rights across the globe.

    “President Trump takes actions that violate human rights at home and abroad,” the group reports.

    He put Trump in the same group as the barbaric leaders of Egypt, the Philippines, Venezuela, Russia and China who Sheety said, “are callously undermining the rights of millions.”


  • @Gabriel February 22, 2018 at 2:03 PM #

    “The question to Dr Maria Agard and the PUP is…..did you have the authority to go to the Parliament and put on the table a matter as serious as the legalizing of the growing and smoking of the illegal substance cannabis.Did you have a meeting with the constituency branch which consulted with the broader constituents to confirm their agreement to your raising this serious measure in the House.”



    Let us forget this lady. She has just about two weeks left to be called an MP……..her arrogant ways left her as a woman without a home, so the PUP was her only choice…….the hate MAM party.

    She thinks that she can play to the constituents by pretending to champion this divisive topic. She knows that there are a lot of drug cells in that St Matthias area….she is just trying to get some votes.

    Only a massive defeat will show her how stupid she acted since winning that seat!


  • @ Well Well

    “I just saw a short clip of Fruendel telling Bajans…in NYC…that elections will be held by the first week of June, I bet he said nothing about that to bajans living in Barbados.”


    No problem……..he can run all he wants to hold on to power but he has to call the election.

    We can be sure that when those who drafted the Constitution, they never envisioned that a PM would use that 90 day emergency provision as an excuse to hold on to power after a full five years after being elected. The last election was somewhere around February 16 2013.

    All Fumble is doing is making it worse for his party. People are getting angrier and I can only think that he wants them all to lose their seats for what they did to him….the plot of the gang of 11. This would be the ultimate revenge and we all have heard that people who know the PM personally say that he is very spiteful.

    There has to be constitutional reforms!


  • David February 23, 2018 at 3:46 AM #

    I cannot dispute that as I suppose the wheat must grow with the tares.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Pridigal…good, they all deserve to lose their seats, including Fruendel, ah change must come for what they all did for decades.,


  • Suckabubby
    Where have I mentioned gender? It seems like you’re the one focusing on gender. My point was that whether rat boxcy or Hitler, it is par for the course. So just like everyone is quiet now, they should have been at the rat boxcy comment.

    A lotta of the policies on offer are weak, incoherent and responding to what parties feel will snare voters; rather than evidenced-base policy prescriptions with built in implementation and monitoring mechanisms that are practical, measurable and truly address our issues. Up to now, not a fella has addressed our fiscal The Covenant of Hope is a good basis for the BLP to craft policies, and if the party is able to embody the principles set out in its CoP across ALL its policies, they will blow UPP, Solutions and all comers out of the voting booth.


  • @Dr. Simple Simon February 23, 2018 at 12:05 AM

    But is it 95%, 90%, 80% or some other %?
    Plus, is family A better off or worse off under the SB proposals? or the CM family?
    Appreciate the key difference between the existing and the SB proposal, is the “timing of taxation”. Under the existing, tax is paid on NET income, under SB tax is paid on GROSS income.
    One must also ask [and seek to predict] the corporate response? How does a company with 3 businesses in Bim and 10 elsewhere adjust? What is the impact?

    The mere fact one isn’t seeing any in-depth analysis, suggests the ‘powers to be’ do not view SB as having any chance, other than taking some votes.


  • Thomas Lynley February 23, 2018 at 10:06 AM #

    A much better idea is that since Solutions Barbados has 30 candidates, it would be a good idea if we had other spokespeople than Grenville talking about party policy. In that way we may get greater clarity.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ NorthernObserver February 23, 2018 at 11:50 AM
    ” Appreciate the key difference between the existing and the SB proposal, is the “timing of taxation”. Under the existing, tax is paid on NET income, under SB tax is paid on GROSS income.
    One must also ask [and seek to predict] the corporate response? How does a company with 3 businesses in Bim and 10 elsewhere adjust? What is the impact?”

    One is left to wonder if SB is ‘ignorantly’ unaware that his tax proposals would have the inevitable results of eliminating the Income Tax Act along with its long list of regulations especially those relating to the tax treatment of capital cost allowances and investment incentives.

    Since his ‘simplistic’ overall tax regime would also involve the abolition of VAT, the legislation governing that indirect tax baby regime would also have to be thrown through the window with the Income Tax mother and both replaced with so straightforward a tax system that even a first-year bookkeeping student sitting behind a basic version of QuickBooks can manage.

    As the progeny of a professional who made a decent living from this side of business he ought to be aware of the serious repercussions on those ‘professionals’ who depend not only on the counting of beans but also in storing them in crevices where the tax effects are significantly minimized.


  • Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service

    the way Fruendel sounded on that video clip in NYC..he sure did not sound like in order to be reelected, he had to face the majority population IN Barbados….you know, the same population he refuses to speak to and is condescending and nasty the few times he does speak, keeps secrets from still, disrespects, lies to, is arrogant and withholds information from.

    he sounded like he already had all of that covered and he did not need anyone on the island to vote for him.


  • Solutions Barbados
    February 23, 2018 at 8:22 pm
    “The BLP is acting like a spoilt child that didn’t get it’s turn on the merry go round. Throwing a tantrum and walking out! What a shame. They should deduct pay from their pay cheques for every parliamentary day that each of them missed. They seem so desperate for an election, like they are chomping at the bit in anticipation. Parliament dissolves on March 5th, and I doubt the PM will dissolve it a day earlier. The constitutional deadline for elections is June 3rd which is a Sunday, so everyone better get used to the fact that we will not likely see an election before Friday June 1st.”

    All Solutions can see in this episode is a party throwing a tantrum and anxious for an election? Boss the majority of Bajans want an election. Yet you deny your party is a nephew of the DLP…..only because you don’t grasp the definition of family in this context.🤣🤣


  • @Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service February 23, 2018 at 6:56 AM #

    At the town hall meeting last Sunday, Tony Best questioned P.M. Stuart on his reluctance to reshuffle his cabinet. The prime minister said he didn’t have to prove he is a man and show that he has the power to move people around. He said the late prime minister David Thompson took office in January 2008 and had a reshuffle around July of the that year and another one early in 2009. He emphasised much thought went into his selection of ministers and he is generally satisfied with their performances, but when anyone fall below the standard he expects, he called him/her aside and gives guidance in what he perceives to be his/her area(s) of weakness.
    In answering an earlier question, he expressed total satisfaction with Sinckler’s performance as minister of finance. He said Sinckler is extremely intelligent and very hard working, and he believes the biggest problem people have with him being minister of finance is where he went to school, which incidentally is the same problem many people have with him being prime minister he added.


  • Solutions Barbados February 23, 2018 at 8:22 pm

    “The BLP is acting like a spoilt child that didn’t get its turn on the merry go round. Throwing a tantrum and walking out! What a shame. They should deduct pay from their pay cheques for every parliamentary day that each of them missed. They seem so desperate for an election, like they are chomping at the bit in anticipation.”

    Seems as though SB is “pretending” not to know “walking out of parliament” is a political strategy used by opposition parties all over the world.

    It worked in 2007 when David Thompson and his other Opposition colleagues “walked out of parliament,” while challenging then PM Arthur to call the elections.

    The following excerpt was taken from an article on the BBC’ website, dated December 11, 2007:


    Opposition members of parliament in Barbados say they won’t be attending any sittings of the Lower House for the rest of the year.

    They staged a boycott this week, an action that further forced the postponement of debate on a motion of no confidence in a government minister, which began last week.

    The walkout was a result of government action that postponed the no-confidence motion debate.

    At a news conference, the Opposition Leader David Thompson said his members don’t believe they will get a fair and impartial hearing on the no confidence motion, with Speaker Ishmael Roett of the governing Barbados Labour Party presiding.

    Mr. Thompson said Opposition MPs expect an apology from the Speaker for his comments and conduct.

    He said they would in the meantime take their message to the people’s parliament, a reference to making it an election campaign issue.

    “All the sitting (opposition) members of parliament are going to inform their constituents by various methods, as to why they are not currently sitting in parliament.

    “We’re not hiding or dodging anything,” Mr Thompson said.

    Barbados is in election mode, with the prime minister hinting that he could call the general election soon.

    The opposition leader says it can’t come soon enough.

    I hope Grenville Phillips II and Solutions Barbados were equally annoyed when Thompson and his colleagues engaged in a similar activity.


  • @Prodigal Son February 23, 2018 at 10:54 AM “The last election was somewhere around February 16 2013.”

    CORRECTION: February 13, 2013


  • @Bajan in NY February 23, 2018 at 10:09 PM “He emphasised much thought went into his selection of ministers and he is generally satisfied with their performances, but when anyone fall below the standard he expects, he called him/her aside and gives guidance in what he perceives to be his/her area(s) of weakness.”




  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Yeah….the very same idiot.

    Bajan…that is the same jackass of a prime minister who said that an 80 year old archaic regressive law…… is perfectly suitable to use in 2018.


  • Does it not make sense for anybody in possession of the contentious PAC report to leak it to BU or another social media site? Barbados Today makes passing reference but will the full content resonate? If we want change the gatekeepers of the information need to go the whole hog.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    In the world called Stuart, Freundel the unfriendly clown, really believes that when he speaks his logic is sound and his reasoning astute. If only someone can tell the idiot that the more he speaks the more he convinces the Barbadian public that he is word smith nuffanarian who can only get recognition from loyal pooch lickers. Thus, there is really no reason to focus on this clown because he is doing a fairly could job of putting the final nails in the coffin that awaits his political demise. All attention needs to be paid to the other half of the corrupt dozen, who along with boldface sychophants like George Payne, Dale Marshall, Kerry Simmons, Glyne Murray et al, are trying to convince us that their past controversies will not come back toO marr their future tenure as our elected leaders. The BLP are ready and waiting to dish the same shite while pretending to fix something but keeping the more pertinent parts that assist the easy flow of money in their pockets intact and protected. Until Mottley show some gumption with respect to protecting the public purse, she is just another Stuart in waiting, whose shite will be established in time.



  • @SSS

    You are too funny.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Ain’t you tired of these two political parties? I am willing to embrace something new, even if some of the proposals are a bit farfetched and unrealistic. Be that as it may, Solutions article has struck to the heart of the establish money order that both parties have set up for themselves..


  • Tired of politics practiced these days period!


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    I am going to take that as a yes. Because it is two long serving political parties that are responsible low down gutter politics seeping out of their crack-corrupt heads.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    That’s the problem I have with the opposition, the minute Mara Thompson stopped that PAC report from being addressed in parliament, the opposition should have viewed that as a threat to the population, a cover up of crimes and corruption against taxpayers, voters, the citizens of the country…and made sure the report was made public…particularly the parts where crimes have been committed.

    When Mia does nothing, it convinces people that she is playing games, playing both sides and protecting her friends in parliament, against the middle, the voters and citizens who will ultimately.lose.

    Say what you want about the US…but their checks and balances are sound and there is no way a Fruendel government would get away with that time of cover up crap in US…without being politically slaughtered and fully exposed by the opposition to the world, you still have the play acting politician in Mia and that is a major worry,.


  • David & SSS
    Solutions is no different! All of a sudden a pro-business party (all the candidates are supposedly business persons) is attractive? Bajans so bright we like we igrunt.🤣🤣


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Let me do something that I hardly ever do; let us get logical (I prefer not to be at times). If the DLP and BLP have served in the best interest of Barbados, why are both parties faced with a disenchanted electorate who thinks only of them in terms of corrupt and untrustworthy? If Mia has the salt and pepper needed to spice up the economy then why has she stage a serious and significant protest beside a walkout. Why is she not tabling aspects of the report in her political campaigning to show Barbadians why the Freundel Stuart nitwit brigade has brought the economy of Barbados to its knees. Why does she not address the auditor General reports in a way that shows she is serious about dealing with the nonsense that makes up financial management of the economy. You know why she cannot do it; she is just like the rest.

    Solutions might not be ready, but they can be tried.


  • @ Enuff
    Solutions is no different!
    True – they are same Bajan personalities.

    So why should we not give them a try?
    Who knows? … instead of failing like the other two have DEMONSTRATED, SB may actually achieve a measure of success – as they have already done in their private businesses.

    Seems that you are one of those who want Bajans to keep doing the same shiite over and over …and expecting different results.
    Clearly you think we mad…!!!



  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “You know why she cannot do it; she is just like the rest.”

    That is why people are very wary of Mia, she and Dumbville are the closet of bosom buddies, she is godmother to at least one of Mara’s children and who knows who she is related to by blood ir whatevervin that nest of vipers….they are all incestous and selfish….and will never put the people’s best interests before their friendships…they all consider themselves a separate and distinct class despite the idiocy of it…….bonded by their own self interests.

    all of them view the citizens as their enemies, until they need their votes.

    She just failed miserablyb when she did not immediately expose what Mara and Fruendel are covering up, but there is still time for here to redeem herself and fix that, Fruendel gave her 3 months…let’s see how much dumber he is..and how uncaring she is….ha.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    “Tired of politics practiced these days period”.

    Mr Blogmaster, the more we proceed the more fantabulous the debate becomes. Isn’t politics practiced EXACTLY as the voters desire!….Politicians are not aliens from Venus and Mars.

    In Italy a former four time PM who was drummed out of power after scandals of corruption, conflicts of interest governance misdeeds, wild sex parties with his elite friends and a conviction of tax fraud…has now been rehabilitated by his adoring public. He cant directly hold office for some years yet because of that conviction and his party is not a majority player but yet he is a serious player holding sway in the coming elections.

    Who coddles such tarnished political figures if not the voters.

    And what of Greece. A citizenry living high on the hog at the professional/business levels who found all ways to circumvent tax collection; a citizenry who want all the trappings of Euro marriage but seemingly without the tough compromises of any such partnrrship…so they elected over and over pols who practiced “give them what they want” verbiage. In the end the Greeks eventually elected a sorta Granville but even then Tsipras had to climb down from several of his most bombastic pronouncements.

    Granville has done astoundingly well (it seems) to have a 30 member slate but do Bajans see themselves in his bible living, morally exact template. If a majority do then the duopoly will be broken in a few months time.

    …or rather do we embrace the wild, no holds barred, free for all of a Berlusconi or our own clone of his style Ms Mia Mottley.

    There is little chance our graft fueled, Naked Departure style society can turn on a dime to elect a Solutions Party.


  • SSS
    How could she table aspects of a report, that was only laid in parliament yesterday, at her political meetings? The PAC Report will be made public. Why would they work all day Saturday as she said, then not release It?


  • And it has arrived.😜🤣🤣


  • @NorthernObserver February 23, 2018 at 11:50 AM “But is it 95%, 90%, 80% or some other %?
    “The mere fact one isn’t seeing any in-depth analysis”

    I honestly don’t know as I have no training nor experience in economics/finance etc. so perhaps guys like Bernard and Artax can weight in here. However I have done my own personal calculations and my under the 10% flat tax it seems as though my income tax due will more than double.

    While my inome will essentially remain FLAT.


    I am here laughing because I do not want to cry.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Everyone is fed up of dirty, lying corrupt politicians, some people are taking action worldwide.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    The report does not belong to the Democratic Labour Party, it belongs to the people of Barbados, who has a right to know the shite that goes on this country. The move by Democratic Labour Party is the reason why this secrecy shite needs to come to an abrupt end. Are we not already saddled with enough corruption allegations and confessions to know that we can no longer continue or condone the nonsense that these politicians seek to keep in the dark?Therefore, whether it was table yesterday or the day before, it should be up on a government website for all a sundry to see.

    Mottley needs to do more to convince those who cannot stomach her ass that she is serious about doing things differently in the name of good governance. Until that time she remains a rogue.



    Clearly this DESPOT……in the form of Mia Mottley is an ugly stain on the good people of Barbados 🇧🇧 .

    She as someone aspiring to lead this country does care about :

    • The Rule of Law !

    • The fact that the PAC report must be laid in the House of Assembly – annually !

    • The fact that she cannot lay the PAC report for the period 2013 – 2018 – in February 2018 all at once !

    But then again what can rational thinking Barbadians expect from a HYENA that has no scruples , Law Degree or LEC !

    Barbados 🇧🇧 deserves better !!!


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Fractured Yardfowl…ya sound half hearted and not so sure anymore.

    Is that reality I hear knocking at the loitering minister’s doors, yall are loitering in parliament..pack ya bundles and be gone.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Fractured BLP February 24, 2018 at 3:26 PM
    “She as someone aspiring to lead this country does care about :
    • The Rule of Law !
    • The fact that the PAC report must be laid in the House of Assembly – annually !”

    So to must the financial statements and annual reports for the 60 odd SOEs (including the NHC) the responsibility for which lies squarely in the lap of the executive arm of government mainly the ministers and their senior servants.

    BTW, Fcukuptured, have you and the gang of DLP cyber terrorists put an electronic muzzle of the overly talkative mad-wo(e)man ac aka angelaSkeete?

    The poor soul has been ‘MIA’ for awhile?
    Has she been taken out because of the heat or has she been dispatched to the South coast sewerage for much needed R&R?


  • SSS
    You’re not making any sense, seems like you are infected with solutionsitis. What documents emanating from parliament is made public before being laid in the house, and on what government website should it have been published and by whom? David Thompson fooled you in 2008 and now you are out for the world.🤣🤣


  • Well well

    Go and freshen up your frothy BLP mouth 👄 !

    It is you & your BLP who have egg on your faces !

    Running & putting up posters on January 1st 2018 !

    7 weeks later the faces on those posters are so weather beaten……the images on the posters now look 👀 like ……Cow Dung !

    Barbados deserves better !


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Fractured BLP February 24, 2018 at 4:08 PM

    Come on Fcukuptured, those newly minted posters cannot be as “weather-beaten” as those put up to fool the people and marked: ‘No Layoffs, No Privatization under the Demonic Deceitful Lying Party’.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service Yardfowl as sticks and stones is haunting…yall chased her from BU, she just could not convince you.


  • Well at least Mavis Beckles in the Saturday Sun of February 24, 2018 has officially started the General Elections 2018 campaign !

    Beckles wrote : Who ain’t getting my vote

    ” Those people who promoting same – sex marriages ”

    Mia Aman Mottley…….in real trouble then !!!!!


  • Miller & Well well

    Help rational thinking Bajans to understand wunna Rat Botsie logic !!

    Peter Wickham & wunnah argue…….. that the longer Dems wait to call General Elections…..the worst for the DLP

    Now here is the question – why winna can’t wait and reap the windfall ?????

    Blasted Rat Botsie BLP ……,jokers. !!!!

    Rational thinking Barbadians smarter than wunna think !!!!

    Go and read Mavis Beckles !!!


  • Finally the BU independent crowd is sending the apologists and blind party loyalists into a frenzy. For months now they have been writing pure junk; never giving any intelligent answer but engaging in diaper politics , not fit for any publication except those captured in the sewage on the south coast.
    All we have is the pot calling the kettle black. Wait until the last moment to produce a document covering five years. Within that document there is a heavy concentration on the ONE statutory board ! This is no different from de edda wun now running helter skelter trying to do in five weeks what they could not do in ten years.
    Go and ask the staff at parliament why they had to work up to ten and eleven clock at night trying to get the PAC out. Ask them how many of the PAC members ever attended meetings in the last five years. Go and ask them why Mottley now wait to cover a five year period. Ask them why she now want a report laid in the same parliament she said was a “waste of time”. Ask why a seventy page report was only revealed two days prior to the walkout. Parliament has about six more days before it HAS to end. So in six days we expect to now get a report covering five years.
    Where was the PAC for the last five years ?
    Ah was waiting in slips pun these miserable apologists to defend the two headed monster that has ruled our country for 63 years.
    Who in their right minds will put a thief to guard a thief ?


  • William Skinner
    What you wrote above makes no sense. None! It shows, however, that your incessant cry for transparency, and all its accoutrements, is far from sincere; but just a charade to mislead BU readers into believing that you’re this progressive, enlightened Bajan Yankee who cares about Barbados’ governance. Everyone in Bdos is familiar with why and when this “probe” started and the difficulties faced by PAC in conducting it. The bitterness is thick up in here. #youmadstaymad🤣🤣


  • Enuff

    You are the joker in this case !

    The PAC Act is clear . The report on any matter must be laid .. annually .

    Mia Mottley in this matter has shown that she is a Wicking Despotic Witch !

    Trying to use Parliamentary Privilege to smear people names through a ” bogus compiled ” PAC report .

    If she has any ” truth ” in her PAC report .. go public and get her arse sued for defamation !

    Silly Mia Aman Mottley !


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Fractured just confirmed that there are government criminal activities to keep hidden in that PAC report …from the electorate…how long has Mia been trying to table that report and government has been fighting it, a government only does that when it has corruption it does not want revealed and exposed.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Please. Please, Please, do not insult my intelligence. I do not give a rats ass what parliamentary protocols must adhere too before the public becomes privileged. The PAC under the political control is bare shite. Hence, we know that Mottley’s insistence with this report at this juncture is all political strategy intended to stirrup more red ants in the DLP camp so she can prove to Barbadians why they must now turn to her. Mottley would have anticipated this move by the DLP to block the report. Thus, when she walked out of parliament in protest, it would easily feed into the grid of upset bajans that the DLP are yet again showing that they have a lot to hide, while she is trying to do the work that she has not done in 8 years of PAC investigation. I can bet you that this report is never going to get into the domain of John Public unless it drops off a truck, or that the order is given by her to release those copies that conveniently ended up in the hands of certain people and news agency like Barbados Labour Party controlled Barbados Today online news feed.

    And yes, I have Solutionitis, you know why, because the BLP and DLP have systematically place Barbados along dangerous fault lines, and for that, change is the most significant weapon to combat a deceitful regime of orchestrated cover ups and carefully planned corruption.


  • SSS
    The more you talk, the more it becomes evident that you’re not interested in facts but instead have a penchant for fiction. Furthermore, you’re contradicting yourself. But I will remind you again that in 2008 David Thompson was your 2nd coming, now it seems Gabriel has visited you again. 🤣😂


  • Fractured
    So why did Donville attend meetings, and why did he not raise the issue of the need to lay PAC reports annually rather than object based on not reading it? Does the Act stipulate that an examination must be completed in a year? No, because such an approach would render the PAC even more toothless. Smear? Isn’t the report based on evidence/statements made by persons appearing before the PAC and supported with transcripts? Smearing would be telling Barbados who are the principal(s) of BJ Investments. More smoke and mirrors.


  • What is evident is that the PAC ought to be headed and managed by a full time staff given the many and varied contentious failures pointed out by a full time Auditor General and staff.That MAM is otherwise dependent on her professional skills to make a living and given the many objections and the complete disregard of their responsibilities to the taxpayers in accounting for their actions while policy making and executing like there is no tomorrow,the upshot of all this browbeating and chest thumping is all a farce and makes a fool of the process of accountability.I say our systems of governance are crying out for CHANGE.Next door in Trinidad see how a sub committee of Parliament is grilling the Chairperson of the Public Service Commission.Trinidad has made many changes to improve governance and provide the public with information to make politicians and senior public office holders accountable to the people on an ongoing basis.Barbados is once every 5 years and for Stuart,once every 63 months.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    I just read the report. And, it has been released in the public’s domain base on a directive. As to me not wanting to deal with the facts. Please tell me in my write up what you consider fiction.


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