The Grenville Phillips Column | Response to Mia Mottley – We Are Not Family

Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party

The leader of the BLP reportedly described Solutions Barbados as a nephew of and supported by the DLP.  She thinks that all parties are out to get her.  She is entirely wrong.

The BLP and DLP can be described as a family.  They share members and entertain us with their platform humour, but they are related.   They have defined themselves as a separate political class, and have played a game of sharing the government since our Independence.

They convinced us that they knew what they are doing, but the IMF reports of their performance reveal that both parties have failed Barbados, and brought us to the brink of economic ruin.  We now openly talk of devaluation and going through a severe IMF directed austerity.

Our Candidates have been invited to feed at their political trough.  To their credit, every one of our Candidates have rejected their approaches.  We have no fatted calf to slaughter, no political economy for supporters, and no berries for the party faithful.  Any Solutions Barbados candidate who gives a voter one cent will be expelled.

In a Solutions Barbados administration, there will only be one economy, the Barbados economy.  Everyone who participates can benefit, regardless of who they know or do not know.

Public workers will be promoted on merit alone.  Any public worker who approves, denies, or delays an application for partisan political reasons will be fired and lose their pension.  The public service will be depoliticised.

The political class structure will be dismantled.  The lifetime pension arrangement for politicians will be abolished, and they will receive a contribution to their pension funds like any other employee.

If Barbados’ political mess is not cleaned up, then we will all suffer.  The other parties are related to each-other and will never vote against their selfish family interests.  Solutions Barbados can clean up this mess because we are not a part of their family.  Make the right choice Barbados.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and the founder of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at


  • Well at least Mavis Beckles in the Saturday Sun of February 24, 2018 has officially started the General Elections 2018 campaign !

    Beckles wrote : Who ain’t getting my vote

    ” Those people who promoting same – sex marriages ”

    Mia Aman Mottley…….in real trouble then !!!!!


  • Miller & Well well

    Help rational thinking Bajans to understand wunna Rat Botsie logic !!

    Peter Wickham & wunnah argue…….. that the longer Dems wait to call General Elections…..the worst for the DLP

    Now here is the question – why winna can’t wait and reap the windfall ?????

    Blasted Rat Botsie BLP ……,jokers. !!!!

    Rational thinking Barbadians smarter than wunna think !!!!

    Go and read Mavis Beckles !!!


  • Finally the BU independent crowd is sending the apologists and blind party loyalists into a frenzy. For months now they have been writing pure junk; never giving any intelligent answer but engaging in diaper politics , not fit for any publication except those captured in the sewage on the south coast.
    All we have is the pot calling the kettle black. Wait until the last moment to produce a document covering five years. Within that document there is a heavy concentration on the ONE statutory board ! This is no different from de edda wun now running helter skelter trying to do in five weeks what they could not do in ten years.
    Go and ask the staff at parliament why they had to work up to ten and eleven clock at night trying to get the PAC out. Ask them how many of the PAC members ever attended meetings in the last five years. Go and ask them why Mottley now wait to cover a five year period. Ask them why she now want a report laid in the same parliament she said was a “waste of time”. Ask why a seventy page report was only revealed two days prior to the walkout. Parliament has about six more days before it HAS to end. So in six days we expect to now get a report covering five years.
    Where was the PAC for the last five years ?
    Ah was waiting in slips pun these miserable apologists to defend the two headed monster that has ruled our country for 63 years.
    Who in their right minds will put a thief to guard a thief ?


  • William Skinner
    What you wrote above makes no sense. None! It shows, however, that your incessant cry for transparency, and all its accoutrements, is far from sincere; but just a charade to mislead BU readers into believing that you’re this progressive, enlightened Bajan Yankee who cares about Barbados’ governance. Everyone in Bdos is familiar with why and when this “probe” started and the difficulties faced by PAC in conducting it. The bitterness is thick up in here. #youmadstaymad🤣🤣


  • Enuff

    You are the joker in this case !

    The PAC Act is clear . The report on any matter must be laid .. annually .

    Mia Mottley in this matter has shown that she is a Wicking Despotic Witch !

    Trying to use Parliamentary Privilege to smear people names through a ” bogus compiled ” PAC report .

    If she has any ” truth ” in her PAC report .. go public and get her arse sued for defamation !

    Silly Mia Aman Mottley !


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Fractured just confirmed that there are government criminal activities to keep hidden in that PAC report …from the electorate…how long has Mia been trying to table that report and government has been fighting it, a government only does that when it has corruption it does not want revealed and exposed.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Please. Please, Please, do not insult my intelligence. I do not give a rats ass what parliamentary protocols must adhere too before the public becomes privileged. The PAC under the political control is bare shite. Hence, we know that Mottley’s insistence with this report at this juncture is all political strategy intended to stirrup more red ants in the DLP camp so she can prove to Barbadians why they must now turn to her. Mottley would have anticipated this move by the DLP to block the report. Thus, when she walked out of parliament in protest, it would easily feed into the grid of upset bajans that the DLP are yet again showing that they have a lot to hide, while she is trying to do the work that she has not done in 8 years of PAC investigation. I can bet you that this report is never going to get into the domain of John Public unless it drops off a truck, or that the order is given by her to release those copies that conveniently ended up in the hands of certain people and news agency like Barbados Labour Party controlled Barbados Today online news feed.

    And yes, I have Solutionitis, you know why, because the BLP and DLP have systematically place Barbados along dangerous fault lines, and for that, change is the most significant weapon to combat a deceitful regime of orchestrated cover ups and carefully planned corruption.


  • SSS
    The more you talk, the more it becomes evident that you’re not interested in facts but instead have a penchant for fiction. Furthermore, you’re contradicting yourself. But I will remind you again that in 2008 David Thompson was your 2nd coming, now it seems Gabriel has visited you again. 🤣😂


  • Fractured
    So why did Donville attend meetings, and why did he not raise the issue of the need to lay PAC reports annually rather than object based on not reading it? Does the Act stipulate that an examination must be completed in a year? No, because such an approach would render the PAC even more toothless. Smear? Isn’t the report based on evidence/statements made by persons appearing before the PAC and supported with transcripts? Smearing would be telling Barbados who are the principal(s) of BJ Investments. More smoke and mirrors.


  • What is evident is that the PAC ought to be headed and managed by a full time staff given the many and varied contentious failures pointed out by a full time Auditor General and staff.That MAM is otherwise dependent on her professional skills to make a living and given the many objections and the complete disregard of their responsibilities to the taxpayers in accounting for their actions while policy making and executing like there is no tomorrow,the upshot of all this browbeating and chest thumping is all a farce and makes a fool of the process of accountability.I say our systems of governance are crying out for CHANGE.Next door in Trinidad see how a sub committee of Parliament is grilling the Chairperson of the Public Service Commission.Trinidad has made many changes to improve governance and provide the public with information to make politicians and senior public office holders accountable to the people on an ongoing basis.Barbados is once every 5 years and for Stuart,once every 63 months.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    I just read the report. And, it has been released in the public’s domain base on a directive. As to me not wanting to deal with the facts. Please tell me in my write up what you consider fiction.


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