Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) Criticizes Barbados Labour Party Opposition Over Its Handling of the BNTCL SOLTransaction

The Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) has issued a highly critical statement about the lack of action by the Barbados Labour Party over its handling of the BNTCL issue.

On January 4th, 2017 it was announced that the DLP administration had signed a sale agreement on January 3rd, 2017 and would be selling our national asset and family pearl the Barbados National Terminal Company Limited(BNTCL) to the Simpson Oil Limited Group through its St. Lucia based company the Barbados National Terminal Company (St. Lucia) Limited.

The Leader of the Opposition Ms. Mia Mottley QC, MP hurriedly carried a press conference at the office of the Opposition with both Mr. Kerry Simmons MP and herself to address the danger of this potential sale.

Neil Holder took the decision as the leader of the Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) to first call in on Brass Tacks the Sunday morning following the announcement by the DLP administration regarding the proposed sale to express nationally that BIM will do all in its power to halt the sale since it would potentially hurt All Barbadians.

A BIM press conference would ensue during the following week to alert all Barbadians that BIM would be launching a Petition to have the general public engaged to help us to halt the sale of the BNTCL. A campaign ensued where BIM vigorously questioned the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) as to the process and procedures surrounding the sale.

It was at this point that BIM came to the realisation and the FTC conceded that the documentation provided for the public scrutiny was indeed prepared by the SOL Group and Not the FTC as mandated!

The outcome of the sale is now known to all of us!

However, our concern is the fact that this process has had no support from the Leader of the BLP Opposition Ms. Mia Motley to stand in solidarity to work alongside another entity seeking to save the nation of Barbados from what could have been potentially another unsavory transaction where the DLP administration would have uncaringly thrown the country to the wolves!

For what ever reason the leader of the Opposition Ms. Mia Mottley remained silent throughout what would be almost a year! Our question is, the BLP led by Ms. Mia Mottley is now before the country seeking a mandate to become the next government; why was there no opposition or participation in any tangible way to stop the sale of the BNTCL?

Why was Ms. Mia Mottley silent on this and many issues which would have required her vigorous intervention?

Was it because there was no publicity in staging a march of any sort so as to highlight the BLP team all in red?

The Opposition leader Ms. Mia Mottley has dropped the ball on this potentially detrimental national issue for reasons that may be best known only to herself!

For this reason, we say to Barbadians that neither the BLP nor the DLP administration can be considered for election to office during the upcoming constitutionally due general elections to be held later this year. They have both failed us as a country!

As such, BIM is once again calling on the leader of the opposition BLP Ms. Mia Mottley to join the leader of the BIM Mr. Neil Holder in a National debate to tell the people of Barbados what our plans will be to take Barbados forward!
It’s time for Real CHANGE Not Exchange!


Warm regards
Neil A. Holder



3 thoughts on “Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) Criticizes Barbados Labour Party Opposition Over Its Handling of the BNTCL SOLTransaction

  1. The BLP lacks the moral authority to be critical of the government regarding the BNTCL issue, in particular, and the operations of neo-liberal capitalism more generally..

    They have themselves done the same kinds of things. In fact, they started it in more recent times.

    There’s are no measureable differences

    They derive their resources from the same corporate sources

    This is standard practice.

  2. With regards to privitisation, if what Owen say about Mia is true, I dont think Mia would have acted with any urgency to stop the sale. This national asset turns a profit, government should seek to do away, or have joint ventures, with the ones that do not

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