A Ring a Ring o’ Roses: BLP DLP Same Party

Mia Mottley, Opposition Leader

Mia Mottley, Opposition Leader

Less than one year after the last general election and the sense in the BU household is that the country continues to be gripped in election mode. This is despite the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) having won the general election albeit by a narrow margin of two seats. The inability of the Stuart led government to bring Barbadians together and get on with improving the lot of the country has been a bane to many. To some the narrow result confirmed the disgust which the electorate has with the two main political parties.

Here is the flipside. BU is not convinced by  the alternative proposals which were championed by the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) during the last general election campaign. There was the privatization argument which backfired, however, the thrust of the BLP’s offering is centred on maintaining a service economy read tourism and international business. Not to forget the promise of a more aggressive offshore oil exploration program. The BLP faithful appear not to accept that the world has changed post-2008. Barbados ‘leveraged’ a global economic boom where there was easy money to be borrowed from capital markets. A significant percentage of the billions left in foreign reserves by the BLP represented borrowings which will have to be repaid. The adage that one has to earn your way in the world means that a borrowing strategy was not sustainable.

The BU gang has been harping for years that the Barbados downward spiral can be tracked to a lack of leadership. In case the BLP hacks have forgotten, the economic indicators started to flag during Owen Arthur’s third term. There is evidence that Arthur and the BLP struggled with the economic conditions which had become harsher.

We have been observing Mia Mottley very closely after she regained the leadership of the BLP in January. Immediately on her taking over we heard about a newbie member of parliament Edmund Hinkson clashing with veteran George Payne. This matter as ridiculous as it is made it all the way to the Barbados Courts. A routine expectation of any leader is that he or she must be able to keep charges in line. Although the traditional press reported recently that Hinkson has made overtures to Payne, up to the time of writing this blog the matter of Payne vs Hinkson remains unresolved.

Another issue which many have forgotten goes back to when Mottley was rejected by her parliamentary colleagues in 2010, the so-called gang of 5 affair. Although the motion was defeated BU recalls Mottley accused her party of not allowing all members to vote at the BLP Annual Conference and she eventually gave way to George Payne who continued uncontested as Chairman.

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The question therefore is: does Mottley intend to revisit this matter now that she is Opposition Leader? If she does not should the public regard her 2010 contribution as a rant? Or is she afraid of what some still regard as her tenuous position as Opposition Leader.

The final issue we have concerns about centres around that famous press conference when Tyrone Barker suggested the Arthur faction was dissatisfied about how BLP party money was managed during Mottley’s tenure as Opposition Leader her first time around.  As far as BU is aware Mottley has not responded to the veiled accusation of malfeasance.

In our view Mottley as Opposition Leader has not demonstrated strong leadership to close the issues mentioned and several others which we have not. BU has been focused on the DLP and government because this is where the buck stops. The BLP needs to step up. Why are Barbadians happy with Opposition parties winning governments by default?

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  1. Wait, let me put on my glasses and read this again.

    This article actually sounds “fair and balanced”.

    This is the old DAVID pulling no punches.

    Me Like!!!

  2. a Damascus moment! ac not one to crticise…..however MIA mottley leadership so far is a failure seems like she is contented to limp to the finish line. with Barbados in the grips of financial difficulties one would think that she would take advantage of a disadvantage opportunity that the DLP govt has been handed, however what I interpret from her behaviour is a leader who is afraid to confront hard issues , her voice on issues like CLICO has gone silent .could it be that what might have appeared to her as a quick and solvable issue in the first initial stages she might have had to reconsider her position resulting in a close mouthed approach from her present stance

  3. Another blight………………………………………………………..

    The island’s main seaport of entry is in major financial difficulty, forcing management to review all aspects of its operations, to ensure it remains viable.

    General manager of the Barbados Port Inc., David Jean Marie, also told Barbados TODAY this evening that he shut down the port half-day today to have a general staff meeting to apprise workers of the challenging situation being experienced, in light of the current economic downturn. Jean-Marie said the Port was in the process of restructuring its debt, including measures to reduce its substantial pension liabilities.

    The Port boss also said he was frank with the employees in telling them of the state of affairs, as well as the overdraft operating position.

    “Just like other companies, we are facing challenges. I spoke [to the staff] about our short and medium-term plans to procure the necessarily cargo handling equipment as well as the [proposed] Sugar Point Cruise Facility,” he added.

    “We are reviewing the way the organization is functioning and will be taking all steps required to ensure its viability. We are examining all aspects of the Port operations,” pointed out Jean-Marie.

    The executive would not be drawn into saying whether or not any of the anticipated steps included laying off workers.

    He however told Barbados TODAY the Port was experiencing declines in cargo, noting that when there was a downturn in the economy, such would be reflected in the operations of the facility.

    The general manager explained, though, that while his organization was facing major financial challenges, it was still able to pay wages and suppliers, and honour its statutory obligations.

    He said the one bright spot was an expected increase in cruise arrivals.

    “We are putting measures in place to facilitate that, including the use of Shed 3 as a temporary home porting facility,” asserted Jean-Marie.

    “The Port has invested substantially in its workers’ certification. We have extensive training to certify all port workers in port operations, as well as occupational health and safety,” boasted the administrator.

    The Port boss also referred to a “small” profit which it made in 2012……………………………………………………………….

    What next? The airport??????


  4. I have been following politics for a long time.

    I would admit that the DLP has succeeded in brainwashing most Barbadians and they would prefer to give the DLP a chance than to face facts that the DLP of the Barrow era is not the DLP that the dead king strung together to win an election. Whenever the DLP messes up, those who support the party, instead of calling them out we hear this constant refrain that the BLP and DLP are the same.

    Hell NO.

    What do we really want from the BLP? They lost the election, they could not match the money the DLP had to buy the election. If this was a fair election, the DLP could not have won. I heard a man said on Brasstacks that people went out and voted to prove Peter Wickham wrong. These people got money and did not care about the soul of Barbados.

    The BLP discussed issues, they dared to touch the issue of privitisation and the wicked Dems found a way to demonise the BLP and their supporters believed them. Mind you the worst minister of finance was in favour of privitisation until he got read the riot at by the party.

    Well, the Dems got what they wanted…………….and we are where we are today. Stop blaming the BLP.

    The DLP is no more unified than the BLP. We hear stories daily of those cabinet members do do not attend cabinet meetings when certain members are chairing the meeting, we hear of a certain member who would wait until all of them are gathered before he enters the room. The only thing that is keeping this DLP together is to get to their pensionable date, nothing else. So stop fooling people that the Dems are all of this together.

    The Dems won as they like to boast, if they cannot do the job, if they had any decency or care about Barbados, they would resign. Stop blaming Mia, she is not the problem and yes I agree that Hinkson was wrong, he only gave fodder to the critics!

    The Dems won, let then govern! They are know it alls, they dont want advice from anyone……goodness me!

    • @Prodigal Son

      There is no way the BLP should have loss the general election. It says a lot. Even as at today, many Barbadians are undecided if a general election were to be called. Your party needs to fix the problem.

  5. The Mahogany Coconut Group put forward that the very close election result, was a prime opportunity for these two parties to form a government of national reconstruction and immediately level with the citizens and move forward as a collective , to solve our island state’s problems. We were laughed at because the pathetic apologists of the BLP/ DLP did not grasp the magnitude of what was on the horizon. Once more we call for a government of national reconstruction .

  6. David

    Are you able to put out a call to Barbados Port Inc including its GM, David Jean Marie and its Chairman, David Harding as how many millions and millions of dollars they have paid to SMI and or Gline Bannister for consulting, designing and studies for the new Cruise Pier project, Sugar Point aka Honey Pot?

  7. So what exactly are you spaying prodigal?
    You still don’t get it?
    the port will slow down, the airport will slowdown,
    The banks will slowdown….
    Eventually, even Freundy will realize that there is not enough money to continue paying hoards of government employees just to be ’employed’….

    Every country is facing this problem. However many are having a easier time because:
    – they did not waste money during the better times
    – they did not put all their eggs in one fickle basket
    – they are currently taking SENSIBLE steps to address efficiency and productivity.
    – their citizens have NOT divided themselves into two opposing camps shouting shiite at each other…
    – their people are not brass bowls.

    No point in blaming the DLP only!
    That is like a beach bum blaming the present welfare system for his failure when he ignored years of opportunities at school to create success paths for himself….

    Why not let’s come up with a common bipartisan plan of action for the country…?
    …oh ! hell! THAT would be no fun would it?

  8. No point in blaming the DLP?

    So why you all keep blaming the BLP and not the DLP who has messed up this economy since 2008.

    The DLP has borrowed over 4 billion dollars since the came to government more than the BLP borrowed in 14 years. The DLP has to be blamed….they kept spending and spending and spending. They have a spending problem. You cannot earn $100 a week and spend $1000. Sheer madness from people who had not a clue how to govern!

    We have been offering the DLP ideas since 2008 and they dont want to hear……… the CBB governor and the DLP said that their MTFS was the ONLY way and then came and told us it failed. Remember how the PM pooh pooh Clyde Mascoll and OSA’s ideas? Hard ears they wont hear, own way Bajans will now feel!

    What bipartisan talking what…..you would be wasting your breath again!


    Prodigal Son | October 14, 2013 at 10:20 PM | @ both are Crooks and we will say that for ever , If you need to vote 3rd party and see the 3rd party tell you who all the crooks are by names , For you all will not listen to Plantation Deeds , All you beat around the bush,
    David now seem like he sick of both parties but Violet Beckles and Beatrice Henry Know both BLP/DLP are massive crooks taking turn raping the people of BARBADOS,
    Why pay taxes in land when the land not yours and the GOVT have crook books and cooked the books and no one is eating ,
    The people know the truth and still hope not to pay rent , So now all will sink to to bottom of all hell. To many dam lies and this is the real deal ,
    You all seem to love lies better than truth , Lies and liars will just give you all more pain ,,, VOTE TRUTH NOT PARTY ,,,, VOTE THE C.U.P.

  10. Bi=partisan what,,,Bush TEA not even in heaven,,,reason why Gabriel was kicked out.. Control is the horse that drives the wagon,,and further more it is hard to teach old dogs new tricks,,added to that the opposition is so fractured in their approach as to who should be leader and can’t even see to agree ,on that one issue ,,just imagine having both sides under the same umbrella trying to agree on anything, ,,govt shut down if u ask ac,, kaboom,,, we all dead fuh sure…..

  11. I saw the PM on the CBC News this evening on the Myrie case. And HE is the leader of a nation? Why is it that this concept of “national security” is ever on the lips of this government? We had it with Garcia, now Myrie. Are these people simply puffed up? What are they REALLY afraid of? Is it a sign of their littleness and the poverty of their vision? Err….what vision?

  12. Mia Mottley and the BLP are a waste of time.

    The money Prodigal allowed to be dumped in St, Andrew is when he should been shouting from the rooftops.

  13. @ ac
    That is precisely why we are in this quagmire. Looking for cheap political gain at the expense of the people to satisfy crass party needs. Believe it or not right now we have a one party state ! These parties have been in business for a half century and yet they cannot claim to be nothing more than the pot calling the kettle black.While the Bs talk about good economic management they forget the $700,000.000 in over runs. While the Ds talk about a society and not an economy they end up with a $400,000.000 deficit ! A government of national re construction will be focus on Barbados and not Roebuck or George Street.
    Hamilton Lashley can jump from party to party without any problem. Clyde Mascoll. who brought a no-confidence motion against the BLP can end up as their Junior Minister of Finance; Delisle Bradshaw contested an election for the Ds then slipped back into the Bs. We can go on and on. That is possible because there really is no difference.
    In order to lift a country , leaders must first demonstrate an ability to lift themselves. The mess we are in is a problem for ALL of us and our children and grand children. Let us move away from petty party squabbles and do what’s right for our island state.

  14. What are the real issues impacting on the competitiveness of the Tourism & Hospitality sector? despite a weekly tourism column I am not sure we are really any closer to a real understanding of the issues.

    As a person outside the sector I see a tired product, a plant quality that does not match the price point and no energy or urgency among property owners to adjust their business models and operations to higher energy costs.

    Are more government subsidies in the form of lower taxes really the answer? That seems to be the solution preferred by the sector’s mai n lobby group.

    We need a revitalized tourism sector, what are the real issues and sustainable solutions?

    • @Observer

      Where is the rollout of the government’s White Paper? Don’t you think this would be a good framework to guid strategic planning in the private sector?

      Looks like MAM has issued the government with an ultimatum if you read todays’s the Nation headline

      BLP: Be warned
      Mia Mottley (FP)
      TUE, OCTOBER 15, 2013 – 12:12 AM
      THE BARBADOS LABOUR Party (BLP) has thrown down the gauntlet to Government: show how you will rescue Barbados, or it will.
      And the Freundel Stuart administration has until the end of the day to show its hand, or the Bees have promised unspecified action.
      This threat was made by Opposition Leader Mia Mottley during a Christ Church West Central constituency meeting on Sunday night at Deighton Griffith Secondary School in Kingsland, Christ Church.   “There are some matters that we will wait to hear on this week and if we don’t hear what we need to hear, and if we don’t see corrections in Parliament on Tuesday, then we will do what we have to do because this country is a law-abiding country,” she said.
      Please read the full story in today’s DAILY NATION, or in the eNATION edition.

    • Here is another example of poppycock. When has the PAC ever function in a decent manner?

      Prime Minister Freundel Stuart (FP)
      TUE, OCTOBER 15, 2013 – 12:10 AM
      CONVINCED THAT Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has been functioning like a “kangaroo court”, Government is moving to repeal legislation governing this watchdog body.
      Prime Minister Freundel Stuart made this disclosure on Sunday night during a meeting of the St Philip North branch of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) at Hilda Skeene Primary School.
      “Within the next few weeks a bill will be carried to Parliament to repeal it, get it out of the way and get the Public Accounts Committee back onto a platform of decency . . . ,” he said.
      Stuart spoke of the PAC “hounding” and “grilling” witnesses, and operating outside local traditions and jurisprudence. He also complained of the processes and committees of Parliament being “perverted”.
      Please read the full story in today’s DAILY NATION, or in the eNATION edition.

    • @George

      What is ‘sad’ is that many Barbadians feel helpless when looking at the options available BLP DLP.

    • @George

      Please address the issue of the quality of representation to which you referred. Do you have thoughts as to causal factors? Is it a case of general public withdrawing from public service because of perceived ‘issues’ at play? Perhaps the party machinery has become too ‘undemocratic’ and corrupt?

    • @David (not BU)

      The issue is not whether the electorate is forced to return to the BLP. The bigger issue is that it would have been done based on default.

  15. I really do not know what the article is intended to portray or whom it is intended to appease but for those of us who have had to endure a significant reduction in our standard of living since 2008 and with things expected to get ‘WORSER’ with the introduction of the municipal tax and with the inability of the hospital to access drugs readily for its patients and with the possibility of babies dying and with the rejection of our bond offer on the international market and with the prediction that we will be the only country expected to record no growth this year and the next and with a seemingly divided cabinet over the implementation and/or non-implementation of policies; am i to understand that we are duty bound to stick with incompetence. The country did not vote for the Barbados labour party to run its affairs but the Democratic labour party and Governments are thrown out of office when they do not perform not retained because of some non-descript notion that the opposition has not proven it can do better.
    In addition, to his credit Mr Arthur did warn that there were storm clouds hovering over the economy of Barbados and there was much work to be done and the promises made by the DLP were unattainable. Nevertheless, he was rejected and the DLP was given two terms to do better . Sadly they have been unable and the recession card has been played out and there are no more cards to play.

    • @balance

      As usual instead of stating your opinion on the issues raised, agree or disagree you go off on your soap box. Your response is symptomatic of what is wrong with Barbados.

  16. Barbados can be the leader in the region in making an industry out of marijuana and hemp its the way the world is going and we could be one of the first to tap into ah 300 billion dollar industry making products from the plant ,cause sugar dun dead ,until bajans face it ,the world is in ah shift and is changing either get wid it or get left behind remembering the old way and trying to maintain it

  17. @ David

    It matters not what the DLP does at this time, it is clear that Barbados is already tired of the deception, lies, and propaganda that has come from this once forward looking political party. Unfortunately, and given PM Stuart’s mouthings and doings, it is clear he is no decent man and his interests are not about bringing the best to Barbados, but achieving longevity for the DLP. It is shameful that after spouting talk of accountability and transparency, the DLP would seek to ‘cover up’ and hide the infelicities of the most incompetent Cabinet in the history f Barbados. Sad, sad, sad!

  18. @ David

    I can assure you that, for the most part, it would be reflected that by a significant proportion, the quality of MPs emerging out of the BLP have far surpassed those on the other side. Nonetheless, I believe that we should be calling for a higher standard of representation across the board. I am no fortune teller, and I do not know if a third or fourth party would appease the situation given that the resource pool remains the same despite that the BLP may attract more quality individuals.
    To put a long story short, it is sad that we are now accepting mediocre performances and endorsing incompetence by re-electing a failed government.

  19. George
    The primary and singular objective of a political party is to get elected and then institute change. The BLP was unable to get themselves elected in 2008 and again 2013, so which party really is the failure?
    Despite Mia’s mouthings everyone in Barbados including a lot of BLP supporters know that it’s virtually impossible to win a General Election with her as the prospective Prime Minister.

  20. “What is ‘sad’ is that many Barbadians feel helpless when looking at the options available BLP DLP.”

    really now David? Listening to the Bajan public i think you are wrong on that point but time will tell all.

    Today should be very interesting.

  21. David apropos of Balance

    I see that I am not the only person to find himself the butt of your insults.
    “You are what is wrong with this country”, you know, might just mean slagging off those you don’t agree with and then talk and talk and talk, Everyone, but everyone, on here has their prepared positions, their prejudices, their superstitions….even, God forbid, YOU, the “old David” in CCC terms. Is the concept of ‘insult’ at the root of “strong leadership”?

    So far as I read him, Balance, is, for the purpose of the post, on the other side. So what? His language is moderate; his intent clearly honourable; his substance mindful; and, for the purposes of a blog, that is surely enough. It is pretty well as creative as it’s going to get. Or don’t you think so? In this so-called BU family, we really don’t all have to take your name do we? I can’t imagine you would really want that.

  22. @ David,

    Not running from your query or statement of representation as that is something best reflected upon based on political culture and customs in tandem with the relevant laws. Indeed, it would be interesting for persons on BU to indicate in a sentence what is their key thinking on representation.

  23. MIA go sit down do….. a lot of poppycock and huffing and puffing not gonna get we anywhere. FOR GOD SAKE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT SOLUTIONS not GIMMICKS or political grandstanding and performing for yardfowls. STOP WASTING TIME WITH OUTLANDISH THREATS. the DLP Has alreday shown there hands .HOW ABOUT OPENING UP YOURS FOR ALL TO SEE. STUESPSE..

  24. Barbados is at the crossroads economically and politically, Barbadians and the international community are fedup with both the BLP and the DLP. I’ve been calling for it for some time now, we NEED a GENUINE alternative administration to run this country. In the mean time, i don’t see the DLP being able to do anything to remedy the present situation, therefire, either both partieds put their heads together and listen to the advice of each either, or give the BLP a chance to show how they can get us out of this mess. In the mean time a new party with new ideas must emerge to put this country in a new direction of growth.

  25. YOU june boy gott to be kidding. THE leadership of THE BLP can.t even get the party to be unified. The members always squabbling about personnal differnces. Half the party want MIA for leader the other half want OSA and YOU up in here asking for Bajans to give the dysfunctional BLP another chance .YOU GOT TO BE F..nG NUTS NEGRO

  26. It is with great concern that I read the mouthings of this the worst Prime Minister EVER on the PAC. Is he for real?

    The Dems have been touting him as this honest man and a man of integrity. He cannot be. Why the hell he wants to change the PAC? Does he have something to hide?

    I have a friend who has always been saying that this DLP aint interested in Barbados only in getting rich and I am inclined to believe my friend. Imagine Freundel Stuart wants to trample on the rights of Barbadians to know what their government is doing.

    Instead of bringing the Integrity legislation, an issue on which they were elected in 2008, he want to shutdown any right Barbadians have to know what their government is doing.

    Bring the legislation, Freundel, I hope that this will be your downfall!

  27. David, the negative growth outlook is driven by the impact of the long overdue fiscal consolidation, but also the perceived lack of competitiveness in our key sectors tourism and international business, and the threats to rum as well. The challenges to these sectors are not primarily due to any mismanagement by any administration, there are global factors and management failures in the sectors themselves. We now need to find avenues for growth.

    Can cultural industries and renewables serve as catalysts for new sources of growth? Where are the new managers and entrepreneurs? Who is the Butch stewart of bim?

    • @Observer

      Have we ever had a Butch Stewart in Barbados even when the market was bullish?

      Many of our bright lights in business over the years have been in the distributive and retail sectors.

      Unlike some of our neighbours our entrepreneurial spirit is low.

      BU notes the Cultural Industries and Development bill introduced today in parliament.

  28. The headline of the above thread says: “A Ring a Ring o’ Roses: BLP DLP Same Party”

    While it is true that these two intellectually politically backward bankrupt parties are essentially the same, or similar, ideologically philosophically psychologically, etc there can be no gainsaying what the author of the headline is, et al, really telling many people on BU,

    1) that he believes that there ought to be – by him and a few others – no redundancy surrounding the two,

    2) that there must be a resort – by him and a few others – to a reductionism (to eliminate any confusion over preferences by some people over any diachronic synchronic differences) in support of his and their attempting to foist his and their own hidden agenda on others (that he and they really supports both these idiotic ramshackled factions at the same time), and

    3) that there ought to be – by him and the said few others – really an equalization, or a neutralization – to a great extent – especially of the gross corrupt unsavoury bahaviours of each of them against the other, especially when in government.

    Therefore, what the author is saying otherwise is that – in the main – and in an abstract sense – the existence of one ought validate the existence of the other.

    What rubbish!!

    Worst, is that the author is framing such things on an entirely false assumption that – in the minds of especially those unsuspecting uncritical people of whom he directs his title – the BLP and the DLP are legitimate politically, when it is clear they are not – when close to 40 per cent of registered voters in the last elections did not vote for them or any body else.

    However, what we in the PDC are saying is that the time has come for the broad masses and middle classes of people to – as soon as possible – PERMANENTLY REMOVE the DLP and BLP from the political governmental landscape of this country, and to instead install a very disciplined, progressive, nationalist, developmentalist, coalition building, people centered regime to manage the affairs of this country at the highest and other levels of this country.


  29. Ac
    It is because of political yardfowls from both parties that this country has become sterile. We need to be more matured and call a spade a spade irrespestive of who call you a BLP or DLP, at the end of the day, this is our country and we have to leave it for our offspring, the decisions we make now would determine what we leave for them.


    Another CCJ Judgement.

    CCJ Corner: Perception vs reality

    Published on October 15, 2013

    By Shara Reid
    Norman Manley Law School

    Sandy Lane Hotel Co. Limited v Brigitte Laurayne [2013] CCJ 1 (AJ)

    In a case which Justice Hayton called “a sad case where emotional feelings have clouded rational judgment,” the CCJ gave judgment in favour of the Sandy Lane Hotel in a wrongful dismissal claim brought by a former employee, Brigitte Laurayne.

    Mrs Laurayne was employed as Director of Leisure and Spa. When the hotel sought to appoint an Assistant Director to perform the day-to-day running of the massage and beauty treatments, Mrs Laurayne began to feel that she was being squeezed out. She sued the hotel claiming that she had been constructively dismissed.

    The hotel argued that the new hiring was done to lighten Mrs Laurayne’s work load and improve the standards and quality level of their spa facilities. There was no written contract and so, the Court looked at the evolution of the position of Director of Leisure and Spa over the years to find out whether it could be said there was a constructive dismissal.

    After examining the evidence, the Court concluded that there had been no substantial change to Ms Laurayne’s position. Even after the appointment of the Assistant Director, Mrs Laurayne was still in charge of the management of the spa and the Assistant Director would report to her. Therefore despite Mrs Laurayne’s “odd perception of the situation” the Court could not find that she had been dismissed and judgment was given against her.

    This summary is intended to assist the Caribbean public in learning more about the work of the CCJ. It is not a formal document of the Court. The judgment of the Court is the only authoritative document and may be found at http://www.caribbeancourtofjustice.org/wp-content

  31. The BLP annual conference will be very interesting. Will OSA and his faction support MIA or will they sit on the sidelines patiently waiting for the opportune time to deal her another mortal blow?
    At least this time around we know its not going to be OSA’s hand on the handle of the sword, its more likey to be Kerry ‘Box Knife’ Symmonds who will politically decapitate MAM. This is looking very familiar a la 2011.

  32. George Brathwaite @ 7.01am
    All to do my friend is to challenge the PM in St Michael South in the next elections and give proper representation

  33. If tradition is anything to go by,when Barbados was led by lawyers,these lawyers were of formidable reputation.They were known to make earth shattering pronouncements in the courts of Barbados,so much so that certain Benchers were in fear and awe of their presence at the bar.
    Can anyone say what earth shattering pronouncements proceeded out of the mouth of this present ‘leader’ lawyer,so called,in his attempt at representation in our courts of law in Barbados,in the Region,or in the International arena?If the answer is none,why do we expect anything better from this low level functionary whose claim to fame is ‘jucking ‘e finga up ‘n de air all de time pun de DLP people tv’.

  34. Claptrap……BLP could neva be of the likes of the ” party of goats”…..Granny always says the sure proof is in the pudding….and boy is there plenty pudding……Is this meant to be another one of those sick jokes? the People of Bdos are in no mood for party jokes…esp silly ones in light of what we shall soon be reaping….I also hearing of a By- elections soon coming……

  35. Old onion bags

    You banking on a by-election and a no-confidence motion to install the BLP as the government? Laughable really.
    Wunna ass get lick in but 8 months ago sunshine. That’s the problem with opposition politics, in the absence of any really possibility you have to remain optimistic and ready.

  36. @ David and BU

    Lol, Chris Sinckler has found another excuse, another entity to blame. The USA! And actually says that even without the anticipated financing from the bond sale, that the measures of the 2013 budget would not be affected? Who is this man fooling?

    • He said government will be exploring alternative avenues of financing. What he did not say is the nature of the financing although he was able to confirm that government’s 2013 Budget programs will not be affected.

  37. @ David

    Let us be realistic. In June the Prime Minister and the Governor of the Central Bank spoke about the urgency of fixing the Barbados economy. In August this was reiterated by the Minister with the buying back of the bonds at a higher rate considered way after midnight once the budget was done. Now our situation has in no way improved, in fact, one can say the climate has become even less certain and there are anxieties being expressed by local and international stakeholders. Would we not be affected? You can fool some of the people some of the times, but it is very unlikely that uou would fool all the people all of the time. The DLP’s mischief will be exposed sooner rather than later. I want Barbados to do well, many others want the same. It is for those reasons the shenanigan will come to light.

  38. George

    If Sinckler could not raise this money on the US market, where is he going next? Japan? China?

    Just last week a financial expert said that investors are finding Jamaica bonds attractive rather than Barbados’. Did this man heard this from Mia, Donville?

    Chris Sinckler is now top of the DLP TV news…….he looks a defeated man, out of his depth! Why did the advisers not advise him not to float the bond issue if conditions were not favourable? An embarrassment to Barbados

  39. @ C4
    I won’t bother to argue with you…..but I will proffer this with much surety….the slightest ANYTHING the people of Barbados get to relieve themselves…… and they will purge their bowels effortlessly..better believe it….


    robert ross | October 15, 2013 at 12:11 AM | What are they REALLY afraid of? 1st is truth 2nd Me , We have what they are hiding ,, Wait till the NEW come out , Keep looking ,, We will run them Bitches to the DOGS.
    All of them DLP /BLP same SCUM

  41. corr :
    @ C4

    I won’t bother to argue with you…..but I will proffer this with much surety….the next slightest ANYTHING (by-elections) the people of Barbados get to relieve themselves…. they will purge their bowels effortlessly of this inept administration..better believe it….

    • MAM and the BLP have promised as at midnight tonight,,,so what gives?


      That link requires sign on.

  42. Seems the PM is fast running out of options. The result, whether real or perceived, is that the people of Barbados appear to be forming the opinion that this Goverment is clumsy and amateurish. The issue is that the private sector and the financial markets have lost ALL confidence with Sinckler as Minister of Finance. Confidence cannot be encouraged or demand…………….like respect, it has the be earned. Confidence is NOT as starting point, it is an end result.

  43. Since 2010 the DLP government has been warned to stop taxing and drastically reduce current expenditure to equal current revenue.Thay have refused to do either hence:
    There are very wealthy owners of high value real estate in Barbados and these folk have influence in the metropolitan markets and they make decisions based on what their financial advisers tell them.Pornville Inniss can fool the gullible DLP supporters with his misplaced rhetoric that it’s the BLP that’s doing the mischief that’s making Barbados become a basket case economy.When it comes to ruining Barbados the DLP historically has no equal and under the current leader its worse than it has ever been.This is undoubtedly the worse Goverment in the history of Barbados and by far the worse cabinet ever.

  44. The Democratic Labour Party is the worst Political Party in the entire Universe . There is a political party on the planet Zonk that is the worst political party on that planet. It is 50 times better that the DLP

    Fumble Fakespeare is the worst Prime Minister in the entire history of the world. He makes Erskine Sandiford look like Sir Winston Churchill.

    Piss StinkLiar is the biggest Liar ever to be born of a woman. His tenure as Minister is a Benchmark for extreme -incompetence. He should be politically drawn and quartered .

    This Government could not even govern a back yard of Rabbits (cunts) . The Rabbits would cuss them and run from bout the place.
    This DLP Government should resign and the DLP disband as a political Party. –Let WPB =Womens Party of Barbados come to the fore as a viable alternative .


    Every time the DLP gets into Office they seek to destroy the people of Barbados. The DLP are lawbreakers Some of the people who like and voted for the DLP are some of the same supporters of the DLP who are committing Gun crimes and other crimes. They trying to destroy Barbados one way and the DLP Government doing it the other way. Both of them believe that they have the right


  45. I certainly can’t disagree with most of the comments made.
    However,my spin on this is that the election that was won,was simply won, based on the Dipper’s legacy, and I make no apologies for what I am saying here. As much as we would want to honor the “Dipper” we have to be realistic, and I am pretty certain that if it were possible Mr. Barrow must be turning over in his grave, wondering what the hell is going on with his beloved Barbados. And why are they spitting in his face?.

    How on one hand can you say these are all the great things that the founder of DLP and father of independence did, then turn around dishonor and destroy his legacy (free education,free health care, etc)

    Furthermore, what we as Barbadians have to recognize is that the world has changed in so many ways,and that the style of governance also,has to change.
    What worked back in Mr. Barrow’s day cant anymore!, and that’s,what these educated jackasses can’t seem to appreciate.

    I believe the majority of the elected ministers need to be put into barrels and rolled down a hill and over A cliff and if possible into the sea of forgetfulness.

    Give us the lesser of two evils, BLP,ALL THE WAY FORWARD!.


    Gabriel | October 15, 2013 at 9:31 PM |

    Since 2010 the DLP government has been warned to stop taxing and drastically reduce current expenditure to equal current revenue.Thay have refused to do either hence:
    There are very wealthy owners of high value real estate in Barbados and these folk have influence in the metropolitan markets and they make decisions based on what their financial advisers tell them.Pornville Inniss can fool the gullible DLP supporters with his misplaced rhetoric that it’s the BLP that’s doing the mischief that’s making Barbados become a basket case economy.When it comes to ruining Barbados the DLP historically has no equal and under the current leader its worse than it has ever been.This is undoubtedly the worse Goverment in the history of Barbados and by far the worse cabinet ever.@@@@

    You are now getting the picture, Violet Beckles died Aug 23rd 2010 , look at the crime and the time line , look at the time line of Beatrice Henry when she died Dec 13th 1985,,There is an adjustment made with the crooks 27 years and the down grade of Barbados,,,more thing you all will see bad until rock bottom is felt before we move back up,,


  47. Plantation…..it will get many times worse, look at what people are being educated to in the US, no one should have to pay taxes, these disgusting leeches have people born owing them for what?? so they can continue to pretend they are paper wealthy…………


  48. @ D Realist

    Your said and i quote “Give us the lesser of two evils, BLP,ALL THE WAY FORWARD!”

    This is an oxymoronic (emphasis on moron) if ever i saw one

    The “lesser of two evils” thereafter following by the shout and rally of seeming adulation for the BLP.

    You cant define, and correctly so, something as evil and in the same breath propose that it be used, it is simplistic reasoning to say the least and cretinous to assign it its correct placement on the scale of reasoned submission.

    That the DLP and the BLP are indeed the same party, which is the premise of this submission, goes without saying and that, post 1966, almost 50 years ago, our political landscape HAS NOT MATURED, goes without saying as well.

    If the now shamed pollster Wickham was to conduct a poll today enquiring of our so called literate population/electorate why they vote for DLP or BLP and more specifically for their representative, the resounding answer would be “the BLP/DLP is the better party”

    Now I want you to picture this allegory.

    Imagine that I am the head of the West Indies Cricket Board and being tasked to elect a team for 2014 i proceed to pick Sir Garfield Sobers because “he is the greatest cricketer that ever lived and the Infants B cricket team at Eden Lodge Primary!!

    My purile reasoning in team members is based on my fixation on a long dead past coupled with an obeah based belief that the now less spritely cricketing artisan, “6 balls, 6 sixes” cricketer par excellence, forever immortalized in the Annals of Cricketing History, can, at his current age, run between the wickets like he did 40+ years ago.

    But, and i pause here for emphasis, not only can this legend run as fast as he did half century ago, he has the legendary power of changing lead into gold, and is able to transform dolts and female rabbits (only the female rambits are cunts Just Asking) to competent members of parliament, senators and cabinet members.

    And herein lies the mystery of mysteries, the moment much like “he that was healed wist not who it was: for Jesus had conveyed himself away, a multitude being in that place” for 100K+ electorate, being presented these bunglers, because of a dead Barrow or Grantley Adams, no vote for dead memories, of a time that is lost forever and cry out when these “spirits of men” vapid shadows, incapable of one meaningful thought or deed, bungle the ministries that they are, like jackases, saddled with.

    Slow and slothful beast of burden, elected to run the affairs of 250K of us, and the resulting cries of Bajans and gnashing of teeth when the bunglers fail.

    And only to prove my point here comes Chris Sinckler “only the Prime Minister can appoint a minister and only bungling Fumble can disappoint or unappoint him”

    May the Good Lord have mercy on all of us, and may the earth open up and swallow this assassin of the English language.

    Disappoint/unappoint are not antonyms for appoint thou fool!!

    The word assign has nothing to do with, and is not the opposite of disappoint.

    And unappoint Buffalo Sinckler is not a word.

    This is what we Bajans are saddled with fools like the MoF, verbal assassins like Jones from the Ministry of Education and diviners like Sealy at the Ministry of Tourism, part of the 30 imps in the employ of the Devil, destroying the economy of our country.

    We vote every 5 years for these imbeciles for the same party and then writhe in pain in the interceding years as they expose their incompetencies.

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