Government Urged to Heed the Advice of Independent Senators on the Bill to Amend the Police Act

Submitted by David Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement

The Parliament of Barbados is on the verge of enacting into Law an amended Police Act that will confer upon the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police enormous power to forcibly cordon off areas of Barbados; to impose curfews in our country; to confine people to their homes; to physically search persons; to carry out Police searches of homes and motor-vehicles; and to OBLIGE citizens of Barbados (in communities subjected to a curfew or a cordon) to subject themselves to interrogation by Police officers, AND  THE  VAST  MAJORITY  OF  THE  PEOPLE  OF  BARBADOS  HAVE  NO  IDEA  WHATSOEVER  THAT  SUCH  A  LAW  IS  ABOUT  TO  BE  MADE  AND  IMPOSED  ON  THEM!

Indeed, the people who brought this Bill to Parliament– Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite and the other members of the Democratic Labour Party administration — made no effort whatsoever to inform the BARBADIAN PEOPLE about this Bill nor to permit them any opportunity to consider and discuss it. In other words, there was no CONSULTATION with the people of Barbados!

So, once again, this Democratic Labour Party administration is using secrecy and stealth to impose new potentially draconian measures on the Barbadian people !

(The last time they attempted to do so was with the Immigration (Biometrics) Regulations. With absolutely no advance warning or consultation, the DLP government simply announced that they had enacted Regulations that obliged Barbadians to be fingerprinted every time they traveled from or returned to their own country. Thankfully, the Supreme Court of Barbados ruled that those Regulations were unconstitutional and struck them down !)

So far as this Bill to amend the Police Act is concerned, it should be noted that at the sitting of the Senate that was held on Wednesday 31st January 2018, a number of Independent and Opposition Senators decried the lack of public consultation and called upon the Freundel Stuart Administration NOT to proceed with the current effort to enact the Bill, and instead, to make arrangements to bring the Bill to the attention of the Barbadian people and to have a proper national consultation.

The Senators who made this very responsible and enlightened CALL included Sir Roy Trotman, Sir Henry Fraser, Senator John Watson, and Senator Wilfred Abraham.

The Clement Payne Movement hereby publicly endorses and supports the CALL made by the Independent and Opposition Senators of Barbados!

We also hereby publicly urge the PEOPLE  OF  BARBADOS and their various civil society organizations to raise their voices as well and insist upon a process of national consultation in relation to this extremely controversial Bill.

In particular, we CALL upon the Bar Association, the Trade Unions, the Churches, and the representative Youth organizations of Barbados to speak out loudly on this issue and to support the Senators’ CALL.


  • Gentlemen, thank you for your due diligence.


  • Here goes David Comissiong again, a lone ranger. One of 1000 Rh lawyers.


  • This is a wicked vicious piece of legislation.In addition to the points made in the preamble this bill gives totalitarian powers to policemen who would now be empowered to order your wife or daughter to undress and failure to do so would result in a heavy fine and 3 years in Dodds.This is madness.Only a madman would want to see this happen in law abiding bajan homes.This cannot be allowed to become law in Barbados.Dont tell me it can’t happen.Ask Myrie what happened to her.This is what this legislation allows.This opens the door to all kinds of violence by those who would never have given it a thought.Thousand of years ago the hebrews noted from their experiences of life that you should never trust anybody not even those society set on a pedestal above you and especially those very sick tormented human beings like Larry Nassar and the hundreds of paedophile Roman Catholic priests etc.whom the faithful never suspected of being abusive and criminal in their intent.


  • Does anyone know what was the litmus to fire concern to have an ordinarily lethargic AG and government amend the Police Act? Has the AG amended the domestic abuse act as promised all those e years ago?

    Jeff deals with this issue tomorrow in the only way a scholar can in his column tomorrow.


  • For the roots of these anti-democratic and oppressive policies just look at the Clinton and Blair administrations and the failure of the professional classes to lead the public debate on law and order.
    I suggest you read a book, Policing the Crisis, by the late Stuart Hall, the most outstanding social thinker ever produced by the English-speaking Caribbean.
    It is important at times such as this to remember and reinforce the separation of powers, which underpin our brand of liberal democracy. The police are there to investigate allegations of wrong doing; prosecutors are there to determine, after careful examination of the evidence, if charges are to be brought; juries are there to determine innocence or guilt; judges to pass sentences; and, if necessary, prisons are there to incarcerate those who pose a threat to society.
    All those branches of the criminal justice system are separate and (should not) do not influence each other. (The Separation of Powers).
    This latest corruption of Western criminal justice came out of the US in the 1970s with the bogus criminological sub-discipline of victimology. Victims have no central place in the process of criminal justice as individuals; but this truth is now taken as given. Just look at the mess Hollywood is in just because allegations are now interpreted as meaning guilt.
    In the case of attorney general Ariel Brathwaite, I think it is a lack of a proper understanding of socio-legal issues and how they impact on communities.
    His stop and search proposal is a policy to weaponise policing, having working class police officers terrorising working class people (mainly boys and men) in working class districts. It is meant to instil fear in the community.
    Instead of trade unions marching up and down for a ridiculous 23 per cent rise, they should be marching up and down, even puling the society down, to protect the human rights of ordinary working people – their members and potential members.
    But as a society, Barbados has long lost it moral moorings.


  • These amendments to the Police Act seek to trample on the right that free men had from the time of the Magna Carta. It takes away constitutional rights. But so far that has angle has been excluded from the debate. Could it be that this is one of those situations where the Opposition secretly supports the objects. After all, they fully expect to be in power within the next few months and would have this handy tool in their arsenal.

    I would never forget that the BLP Opposition promised to repeal the 1974 constitutional when they got into power. They got into power in 1976 and again in 1994 and those vile amendments are still in place.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Interestingly profound comment senor Franklyn. Goes directly to the oft repeated remark here of the connivance of our political B-D duopoly.

    @Hal, two points of interest (noted by many before admittedly).

    *1-“For the roots of these anti-democratic and oppressive policies just look at the Clinton and Blair administrations…”

    The two liberal minded, labour aligned administrations associated with draconian anti- democratic policies of strict judicial/incarceration policies (US certainly).

    And here in BIM it was another labour aligned administration that enacted that 1974 law and here now are on the move to enact more stringent regulations aimed squarely at the working class.

    When we strip away the political rhetoric it’s clear that politicians campaign to the masses but legislate often to suit their own social class needs.

    *2. Re: “This latest corruption of Western criminal justice came out of the US in the 1970s with the bogus criminological sub-discipline of victimology. Victims have no central place in the process of criminal justice as individuals…”

    WHY is that so? Why must the perspective of victims not be considered? Lovely sociology theses aside why can’t the impact of Dr Nasser victims be heard prior to his sentence and have a impact ; why should’t the victim stories of those who died unnecessarily at Grenfell be a part of any eventual court proceedings?

    That does not and should never be conflated with guilt simply by accusation. The two things have absolutely nothing in common.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Time to mobilize and organize to police ALL governments, a movement is taking shape…it is unfair to continue to place the burden of due diligence only on Comissiong or Pilgrim or a few other lawyers year after year, big cities are also mobilizing and organizing to protect themselves and each other against government abuse and tyranny….

    …..time for Bajans and Caribbean people as a whole join together and take responsibility for protecting themselves, their children and future generations.

    YOU have to organize to fight these demons in YOUR parliaments, senates and congress

    YOU cannot let them win..

    YOU pay their salaries..

    With powers given to them by the people, the leaders ALL carry the potential to be monsters, demons and sexual sadists who have no compunction about brutalizing the people for sexual gratification and self enrichment. ..they been doing it for decades, everywhere.

    “Well, that’s a good start, but there’s a VERY LONG way to go to rid ourselves of the virulent cancer that is now, and has been, prevalent in our political system.

    However, the REAL problem is: In addition to just complaining, what do we actively and constructively DO about all this political corruption in our country?

    Obviously, we MUST GET OUT THE VOTE, BIG TIME, against them

    But, we need to get a concerted, viable plan to accomplish this. I think we need to start at the local levels in each of our respective cities, towns, suburban areas, etc.

    Many of us already possess valuable educational background and/or experience in organization, motivation and operation of people and causes.

    As we all acknowledge, the present corrupt government in our country has enormous financial and political power.

    However, we have enormous numbers of people to rally to our cause, which can certainly be a tremendous force to be reckoned with.

    We must take a lesson from France of the 1700’s and use our numbers and skills to overcome our own corrupt government.

    Now, let’s be perfectly clear. I’m absolutely NOT suggesting any type of violent overthrow of our government like that in the French Revolution.

    I merely use this to illustrate how people in a country having a corrupt government can ORGANIZE to overcome such corruption.

    Many political groups already exist here with their own goals to attempt much of what we need to accomplish. So, let’s put our heads together now and organize.

    Please give me any suggestions you may have.”


  • de pedantic Dribbler February 3, 2018 at 6:15 PM #

    Why must the perspective of victims not be considered? Lovely sociology theses aside why can’t the impact of Dr Nasser victims be heard prior to his sentence and have a impact ; why should’t the victim stories of those who died unnecessarily at Grenfell be a part of any eventual court proceedings? (Quote)

    It is tempting to be sentimental and allow so-called victim impact statements. How many do you expect to say the perpetrator was a good man or woman.
    The state must stand outside the emotions of taking sides. A criminal offence is against the social code, the social compact between citizen and state.
    As to Dr Nasser, I think the father who tried to assault him in court should have been charged with contempt and jailed as a warning to others. I think the judge erred.
    Grenfell was sad, but the authorities, including the management and local authority should be charged with corporate homicide or, at the very least, corporate manslaughter. There is still time, even if Scotland Yard is taking its time. The victims’ story would serve only as part of the prosecution narrative.
    Victimology is bogus; it was when it crept out of the US and contaminated British criminal justice like dengue fever and it still is. Victim impact statements should be banned.

    Liked by 1 person

  • When some of us were warning about this as it happened elsewhere we were called conspiracy analyst.

    That that the winds have been sown……….. now reap the whirlwind

    Does anybody really thinks this is happening now by mere happenstance


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Hal, you have an interesting mono-vision on social issues that appears to cut across every one of your roots. I highlighted you above as I address your strange perspectives.

    What is victim impact stories of modern criminology other than the victim rights of another era. Does it not equate to those who loudly proclaimed the victimology to support those victims of slavery, child labour, voter suppression etc etc.

    You see this modern expression as overindulgent and contemptuous. It is not.

    It merely embraces the greater awareness of citizens in the court process and accepts their role as a further appendage to the judges final decision.

    It can be argued that the accepted use of the jury system where your peers determine your guilt or innocence is absolutely a tenant of the victim’s voice being heard….

    …so what’s so contemptuous to accept further commentary from those who suffered at the hands of the convicted person at the last stage of the process.

    You are unkind and too rigid. How can anyone not understand the anger of a father who had three daughters molested by a man considered as a honorable doctor. Surely part of that pain and anger is based on a feeling of having failed your daughters.

    The judge acted as a sage adjudicator should have….I presume that’s why your ‘wisdom’ led you to be a scribe and not an adjudicator of others’ woes!

    I am not a lover of vigilantism either so I too do not encourage his act but I certainly would never charge the man for that attempt to bruise the molester.


  • It wasnt done by stealth nor secrecy. How many pieces of legislation in the past have been passed without consulting the public at large. 99.9 % probably.


  • @Kevin

    Please reread what you have written and apply some comprehension.


  • “As to Dr Nasser, I think the father who tried to assault him in court should have been charged with contempt and jailed as a warning to others. I think the judge erred.”
    To Hal Austin’s credit, he has always been a female rabbit – as best articulated by Rihanna.
    This level of ‘stupid’ CANNOT therefore be blamed on his 40 years in the cold mudda cuntry..


  • @Hal
    As to Dr Nasser, I think the father who tried to assault him in court should have been charged with contempt and jailed as a warning to others. I think the judge erred.


    Grenfell was sad, but the authorities, including the management and local authority should be charged with corporate homicide or, at the very least, corporate manslaughter.” Quote

    He was charged with contempt, he apologized to the Court and the judge said he acted inappropriately but elected to release him.

    How about some consistency? If you want to apply Hammurabi’s law in the second instance (whoever builds a shoddy house shall be put to death) why not another of his laws “an eye for an eye” in the first?


  • Dribbler
    I was musing upon the same.You forgot the 1970 Public Order Act.That Act,coupled with the 1974 changes to the Constitution,then the Sandy bitter medicine in 91 or 92 and now these guys amending the Police Act to take away peoples’ constitutional rights.In all these cases it has been a DLP administration,,that’s worth repeating.Everytime Bajans lose their enshrined freedoms it has come at the hands of the bloody Democratic Labour Party.Note however the BLP empowered the masses by Adult Suffrage legislation,a modern Seaport,a modern Airport,a modern General Hospital,an earth shattering Tenantries Act to empower the working class,an Act to establish Credit Unions,an Act to establish a Barbados National Bank and Incouod go on.The DLP is about taking away the citizens’ rights.The BLP is about empowering black people with modern far reaching legislation because they have the braniest Bajans in that party.The DLP may boast of Errol Barrow,Maurice King,Richie Haynes,Asquith Phillips and that’s it.The BLP can boast of greats like Grantley,Cox,Mapp,Tom,Bree,Henry,Louis,Johnny,Owen,Simmons,Miller,Mottley and middle weights like Mascoll and Symmonds waiting to show their heavyweight skills.


  • Oh , I didnt mean it like that, yes i’m sure there was consultation done.


  • This legislation seem intended to recreate Nazi Germany. Instead of religious persecution it will persecution based on class. The DEMS want to turn the low income neighborhoods into Warsaw ghettos where there will be no freedom of movement. Next they will be building concentration camps for the poor.


  • Heather

    They have already built concentration camps for the poor; they are called housing estates. The problem is that the poor wouldn’t stay in them. These amendments would now ensure that the police can cordon of these neighbourhoods and prevent people from leaving.

    These Dems must have really believe that the majority of Bajans are rat botsie idiots. They expect to pass this type of colonial oppressive legislation and expect to be re-elected in a few weeks or so. This is similar to apartheid legislation from a pre-President Mandela era. However, this type of apartheid would not be based on colour but instead on social class. I can expect to see places like the Pine cordoned off and the inhabitants mistreated.

    Sent from my iPad


  • LISTENING to that debate, one can determine the Globalists operatives at work, determining what’s best in the interest of the country while their train vocation is in anything other than policing or any other subject matter in debate . They speak at every juncture promoting their hidden globalist agendas. Why is this so?

    Why seek such extremes when our forces with their many departments can initiate any legal exercises deem necessary within the confines of the law. A “Police do not cross line” is respected by all…whether its an accident, murder, drug interdiction, fire, robbery et al..
    Curfew and cordons in any parlance is an “illegal incarceration to ones domain”, a violation of human rights and breaches constitutional rights. Disrupts normalcy, intimidates and threatens stability in every form. What about those who work shifts, late nights etc..

    Jamaica is now extending curfews in communities, and can do so indefinitely.
    Have this been truly thought out?

    For such a passive society as Barbados, this amendment is not necessary and will not find root. Those who seen to have a fear, feed on fear or intimidate using fear need do the right thing.

    What our GG/Senate need to do is to initiate an overhaul of the MANDATE of the Police Force, the Judicial system and Laws and set ethical rules of conduct for the “political class” and office.

    Like the Sexual Harassment Law now in place that curbs natural behavior of the human species…(though the law has already made provisions to deal with extremism) now subtly works as a separatist agenda….its Draco-nian.. and globalist by nature. Population reduction comes in many forms, and will act as a disenfranchisement mechanism against the working class. empowering especially women to have a legal right to manipulate and have controlling effect upon men.

    This agenda to amend only seek to (as seen in neighboring territories and the wider world) disrupt the social fabric wherever it is instituted… you can see the effects across social media.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    So what is a “rat botsie”…I am not familiar with the term.

    If it’s a rat’s ass, it is a low blow indeed, but completely applicable to Fruendel et al.


  • “So what is a rat botsie”….look in a mirror


  • This is an atrocious proposal, that only a despotic government could seek to pass.

    Barbados is swiftly going downhill.


  • Do you think people would be willing to give up some of their rights to ensure a safer island? the govt seems to think so, and if most of the populace agree they will get back in.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Agent Lawson, we now got your number on speed dial, so watch


  • lawson February 4, 2018 at 7:08 AM #

    Put down the Extra Old and go have a sleep.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Not going to happen Lawson…the government is only interested in protecting their own corrupt, criminal asses and the minorities who bribe them..

    … the majority voters know this…so they are shit outta luck.


  • lawson February 4, 2018 at 7:08 AM # ”

    Lol. Safer island? I have more comfort in knowing that a Police has to go to a legal officer to get a warrant, than being dragged out of bed at four in the morning, at the whim of an ossifer.

    I will call the Police when I hear someone rummaging in the bushes outside the window at two in the am.

    That is what they are for. Not to search homes on a whim.


  • @Well Well,

    Please leave Lawson alone. Cuh Dear, he gets comfort singing ‘Onward George Street warriors’ daily.

    Why deprive the fellow of a little joy?


  • Sorry crusoe off to work on new house, but singapore comes to mind as a place the people have opted for safety over rights. I like eldorado 15 year try it. WW please dont call that number my wife thinks I dont want my wife thinking I am fooling around with maxine watters.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Lol…Lawson is a russian agent, they are very dangerous you know Crusoe…drunk or not.


  • JA’s trivialising a very serious matter.Azzoles!


  • Agreed Gabriel and pushing narrow agendas.



  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    The seriousness I want to see is Bajans, the most vulnerable and least likely mentally, financially, or physically able to fight a brutal government, who we all know will be brutally put down by yardfowls now being put in place to do, to form human rights groups like is now being done in other jurisdictions to combat government corruption, government criminal activities and human right violations against against themselves.

    I have been calling for that for days, am seeing and hearing about movements in that regard in other jurisdications…but nothing so far in Barbados….WHY…??

    Talking on the blog is fine, but in two weeks, from my experience, most bloggers forget everything that was blogged, particularly the topics and issues that could negatively impact them the most.

    I always have to find myself reminding about issues, events and negative actions perpetrated against them by the criminal government and criminal minorities.

    So who will be the first to form a functioning human rights organization in Barbados. ..?.???.

    …..blogmaster is exempted for obvious reasons ..everyone else is eligible.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    I will even volunteer to give free advice to any human rights group thus created.

    Someone has to make that first move or you are going nowhere, you do not know what nefarious plans any new incoming government will have, ya gotta stay ahead of them all…

    Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.


  • Government needs this legislation in place ASAP so it can control populace when they decide not to call general election this spring, JUST SAYING.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    And to show just how serious and dangerously abusive and treacherous governments are…

    “Pentagon gave an epic reply to Trump’s war mongering towards North Korea. Accordig to the New York Times report, the Pentagon officials are refusing to release military plans for North Korea to White House.

    White House has demanded the Pentagon to draw up options for a military strike against the Korean regime. New York Times reports that the Pentagon officials are terrified of how Trump might use them..”

    Lawson knows well enough I was not joking with him and was as serious as a heart attack, because leaders can be very treacherous to their own country and people, when given the right opportunities. .


  • Wily Coyote February 4, 2018 at 10:27 AM #

    Do you see a connection between this amendment to the Police Act, proposals to fingerprint every travelling Barbadian, the continuing merger in the RSS of the military and civil policing and the growing introduction of so-called courses sponsored by the US and Canadians and what the School of the Americas did for Latin America?
    Link this now to Grenada (the birth of the Defence Force and RSS), the expansion of American offshore so-called universities and you begin to see modern versions of the Monroe Doctrine.


  • Hal
    I would add some young white American females I see in my neighbourhood late on evenings peddling a religious doctrine associated with a sect out of the western USA.I suspect these are more than what they appear to be.They know too the Plantation psyche of these islands and the mindset of the majority population


  • @Hal
    ” proposals to fingerprint every travelling Barbadian”

    Wily recalls that about 3 or 4 years ago he was fingerprinted both arriving and leaving Barbados, this apparently was on FRUNDEL the FART orders. International quires resulted in this process being stopped within a few days.

    I agree all these initiatives are connected, either by intention or otherwise. Courses sponsored by US, Canada, Uk etc. are being provided because Caribbean countries WANT TO SIGN UP, no coercion on the part of these countries. ” expansion of American offshore so-called universities”, these so-called “American Universities” are all headquartered in INDIA, they are using the American name for credibility and no connection to US, Canada, UK etc. has ever been produced.

    FAILED or FAILING Caribbean, Latin America Countries etc. are looking for someone or something to blame for their FAILED SOCIAL EXPERIMENT states and are eager to jump on any bandwagon for CYA(Cover Your Ass). It’s unfortunate that these Third World Countries have such a difficult time seeing the forest for the trees and are/will suffer the consequences of their leadership failures. As they say ‘the peak of the mountain has only room for a few’.


  • WW you know better that if you want to blind asians you dont let off a nuclear bomb you make them look through a windshield. Stop with the crap , take up yoga or heroin.


  • Wily Coyote February 4, 2018 at 10:27 AM #

    I fear that you are correct.

    But remember, each of them have to travel for various reasons at some point.

    And plenty of Bajans in Canada and US.


  • Wily Coyote February 4, 2018 at 10:27 AM #

    Add to that, plenty of Bajans in Toronto, even if a person does have an apartment there, for example.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “Courses sponsored by US, Canada, Uk etc. are being provided because Caribbean countries WANT TO SIGN UP, no coercion on the part of these countries.”

    Exactly…there are other courses in other jurisdictions they can sign up for, but dont, it’s all voluntary on their part….no coercion or blackmail from the known countries.

    ….the black governments are the weakest link,..between the people and whatever destruction befalls Caribbean populations……just like most of the African governments are, most of them think alike and follow the same histories and patterns of destruction, each and every time, each and every generation…..from Africa to Caribbean.

    I saw the facebook crowd light into the Uganda president yesterday for brown nosing trump, a treacherous pig currently openly betraying his people …..and the US population is fighting wuth everything they got to rid itself off, but this illiterate, arrogant African leader is fighting hard to put himself and his people in shackles and chains and in harms way again…so go figure.

    Lawson…4 words….. we found out everything….

    6 more words….something will be done about it.

    You mark my


  • ” proposals to fingerprint every travelling Barbadian”

    Note that every applicant for a CERTIFICATE OF CHARACTER must submit to fingerprinting.. building the gobal BIOMETRIC DATABASE…. Is this not illegal also?


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “Stuart called Carl Moore a troglodyte (meaning a cave man or chimpanzee).”

    So did Fruendel really call Carl Moore a troglodyte?

    Is that the same Carl Moore who was hellbent with his sidekick Ha, Ha Austin to unmask BU bloggers?

    What a thing….these violators of other people’s rights knows no bounds, not even when they have had their own rights violated.


  • So what exactly is it that Kerry called Stuart in St. Lucy on Saturday night?

    Was it something similar to troglodyte?

    Stuart and Carl is family then?


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Lol…something like “rat botsie”..whatever that is, sounds like an apt description for all the two legged diseases and bacteria in parliament.


  • @Hal Austin February 3, 2018 at 6:44 PM “Victimology is bogus.”

    However the harm that is caused to victimized, exploited people is very very real.


  • Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service February 4, 2018 at 9:49 PM “rat botsie”= rat ass.

    Same thing.

    Smelly and low down.


  • This bill is alarming and will no doubt directed at certain neighbourhoods. Deal with the real issues in these neighbourhoods. Disenchantment with the corrupt system, disenfranchisement, alienation and hopelessness. Politicians have been in the forefront of creating these problems. The gunslingers bring quick death but the politicians boiled us like frogs. Slow death but still death. I say we search the politicians, their cars and houses and their bank accounts. Their corruption has done more damage than any inhabitant of any housing area. Let us look to the origins of the crime problem and root them out!


  • Donna February 4, 2018 at 10:15 PM #

    Education, jobs, skills, decent housing, health care.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Thanks Dr. Simple….hopefully by the end of this week it would finally sink home to Bajans the ramifications and destructiveness that will be the end result of a vicious Bill against the population, that the useless attorney general and members of parliament are trying to push through to parliament to violate their rights.

    Every village in every parish has to close ranks and push back against government abuse of power…..and push every last one of those ministers out of the parliament doors…and out of the lives of the population.

    It is a calculating move by government to wreak havoc on the island…way into the future.

    The only reason Trinidad ever instituted emergency powers is when Abu Bakr in the 90s, overpowered the red house and held the then prime minister and others hostage, many people were killed, that is called just cause to institute state of emergency from time to time, there is a history of extreme violence on record…and every prime minister from then on, knows the signs to watch out for and immediately call for that state of emergency.

    Jamaica has always been a very violent society and states of emergency are the right call, they have a population of 2 million, but yet have more killings than NYC….a population of over 8 million people…….that is just cause for states of emergency..

    Barbados has no such history, the scattered violence, massive drugs and guns are a direct result of minorities who are importers and distributors of guns and drugs on the island, who bribe government ministers, politicians and police to not to have to worry about the consequences of their actions or go to prison for their crimes….and who are business partners of these same repulsive ministers who are tabling this abusive Bill…..there are relatives and friends of ministers and politicians also involved in these crimes and who will also be untouchable, even with this Bill.

    Speak up now and do not wait for your doors to be broken down by police because a minister or police dont like you, or you and your relatives are stopped in the streets and remanded for years without just cause and without any trial……shine an international spotlight on this destructive administration.


  • Comissiong has commanded front page in today’s Nation newspaper. Let us see where this important matter goes.


  • David Comissiong has been given some time by Sanka Price on today’s talk show to explain the ramification of the amendment to the police act.


    Having given the prerequisite for any curfew or cordon, should any matter exist in any GATED COMMUNITY, will these “additional powers” supersede the powers vested in the gated communities’ security?

    On another note,

    If the controversial amendment/approval to the Police Act exhibits to be menacing in character, intended to cause annoyance, inconvenience and distress, to be reckless as to whether it has caused annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety to a person(s)/ community/parish/island via ITS EXERCISE or via any telecommunication (electronic message. print or otherwise) to which it (the (intended) curfew or cordon) will be/has/had been executed to wit caused fear for heir lives, sustain body harm or injury or any such distress…… CAN THIS LEGISLATION OR ITS AUTHORS BE LITIGATED, and upon conviction be liable to the said $10 000 or 3 years or both on each count?

    If so, the numbers in a curfew or cordon area do have an equal leverage of power to redress any recklessness, annoyance, inconvenience and distress as long as it is done collectively and there is a fair and just balance within the Judicature.


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