The Jeff Cumberatch Column – Emergency Powers and Good Governance

Jeff Cumberbatch – Chairman of the FTC and Deputy Dean, Law Faculty, UWI, Cave Hill

‘Emergencies’ have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded. Friedrich August von Hayek

It seems unlikely that I should be personally affected by the operation of the proposed legislation. After all, I am essentially a homebody and scarcely to be found on the road at “ungodly” hours so as to be inconvenienced by a traditional curfew and it is at least doubtful that my neighbourhood would be subject to any police cordon as a designated area as is provided for in the Act. Yet, as a fairly liberal thinker so far as human rights are concerned, there are more things than a few that trouble me about the provisions of the proposed Police (Amendment) Act 2017. Too besides, I am a fan of Martin Niemöller’s celebrated poem. You know; “First they came for the socialists…”

Permit me to concede from the outset that the use of emergency powers by the modern state is and has been since time immemorial a widely accepted aspect of constitutional governance. In a brilliant article titled The Law of the exception: A typology of emergency powers published in 2004, Professors Frerejohn and Pasquino of New York University argue:

When the public safety is seriously threatened, there may be a need for quick and decisive action that cannot perhaps, wait for the deliberate pace of ordinary constitutional rule…

They posit further that this is a central dilemma of a liberal constitutional government in that the rights and protections it provides and preserves can prevent the government from responding efficiently and energetically to enemies that would destroy those rights and perhaps even the constitutional order itself. Indeed, as they note, this has been the case since Roman times, for in cases of emergency the Roman Senate could direct the consuls to appoint a dictator for a temporary period of up to six months. This dictator was authorized to suspend rights and legal processes and to marshal military and other forces in order to deal with the threat of insurrection or invasion.

Further, the mutual trust and confidence that ought to subsist between the citizen and the State should entail, whenever a substantial limitation of rights is proposed by the State, as full a briefing to the citizenry, as may be practicable without compromising state security, should be provided before the institution of such a regime.

Section 25 of our Constitution reflects this thesis to some extent though, of course, unlike the ancient Romans, the concept of a dictator is antithetical to our ethos of constitutional governance. The section provides for the circumstances when a state of emergency is deemed to exist; namely, when Barbados is engaged in warfare or where there is a proclamation by the Governor General, subject to certain stipulated conditions, that a state of public emergency exists or where there is in force a resolution of each House supported by the votes of not less than two-thirds of all the members of that House declaring that the democratic institutions in Barbados are threatened by subversion.

Moreover, where the state of emergency exists as a result of a gubernatorial proclamation, as in Roman times, there is a six month period to which this may be limited though it is subject to extension from time to time for further periods of six months by resolution of a majority of all the members of the House of Assembly.

It seems clear then that our system contemplates the legitimate erosion by the Executive, with Parliamentary approval, of certain fundamental rights in times of national emergency. The actuality is, however, that in our system, there is no concrete separation of power between the executive and the Parliament. It might be for this reason therefore, that the relevant section requires not merely an ordinary, but a special majority in both Houses for the effectiveness of any parliamentary resolution that democratic institutions in Barbados are threatened by subversion.

There is little doubt that the proposed legislation, even though not titled emergency powers legislation, approximates to this by enlarging the police power, with a concomitant loss of liberty on the part of an affected citizen. For instance, clause 19A (2) provides as follows:

The Commissioner may, with the written approval of the Minister impose either a curfew for a period not exceeding 2 days, or a special investigation period in a designated area in Barbados, in order to preserve and promote peace, public order or public safety and investigate where

(a) an incident of serious violence has occurred in any (sic) area in Barbados; or

(b) (b) an incident of serious violence may occur in any area in Barbados”

During this period of curfew, police powers are significantly enhanced. A member of the police force, under the supervision of an officer of the rank of Inspector or above, will be able to, inter alia, between 5 am and 8 pm (scarcely ungodly), search any premises in the designated area without warrant where that member of the force (the constable and not necessarily the supervising officer) has a reasonable suspicion that an offence has been committed, is being committed or is about to be committed on the premises; to stop and search any person walking or sitting in the designated area where that member of the Force has a reasonable suspicion that an offence has been committed, is being committed or about to be committed; and to search any item or anything being carried or held by that person for an offensive weapon, any illegal drugs or stolen property and to stop and search any vehicle in or any vehicle entering or exiting the designated area, its driver or passenger for an offensive weapon, an illegal drug or stolen property where that member of the force has a reasonable suspicion that an offence has been committed, is being committed or about to be committed.

It is to be noted that the threshold of “reasonable suspicion” is perhaps the lowest form of justification for police action. It has been determined that it may arise from information that is different in quantity or content from and less reliable than that required to establish probable cause, a more favourable threshold to the accused. Furthermore, the existence of “reasonable suspicion” is to be determined after the impugned event and not at the time of or prior to the police action.

It seems clear that the local authorities are contemplating a period of substantial social disruption. Existence of the mutual trust that I referred to earlier would ordinarily require that the populace be taken into the confidence of the authorities, unless this may lead to a compromise of the strategic initiatives necessary to combat this imminent threat to the social order.

In the absence of such information, people are liable to ascribe all sorts of nefarious motives to the government on the enactment of the proposed legislation and worse, to become increasingly fearful of the impact on them and their families of whatever might ensue from the anticipated insurrection. Silence is clearly not golden here. There is a clamant need for conversation.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    More the reason for the majority Black population to close ranks against the disgusting minority racists on the island, they know how they think and have known for centuries, so stop enabling them in your own demise…

    .. stop enabling the minority racists to enrich themselves off you and your families existence generation after generation…

    ….call out VERY PUBLICLY, name and shame any house negros from parliament to the streets who continue to enable, pimp for, snitch to and take bribes from minority racists.

    Close ranks as African descended people and members of the majority population.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Only after BU and others came out to speak out against an unnecessary Bill tabled to ultimately violate human rights, only then does the Bar Association speak out.

    There should be outrage against government’s attempt to ignore and abuse the constitution.

    “Attorneys condemn proposal

    Opposition to the Police (Amendment) Bill 2017 is mounting.

    The Barbados Bar Association, along with two constitutional experts, yesterday added their voice to the growing criticism against the amendments, which seek, among other things, to give expanded powers to the Royal Barbados Police Force. They include authority to impose cordons and curfews, to stop and search people and vehicles, and to enter homes within the cordon – all without a warrant.

    When he piloted the amendment bill in the House of Assembly on January 23, Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite said the legislative powers were necessary to address the harder challenges police faced in fighting criminals.

    But the Bar, the professional body representing lawyers, implied the amendments were unconstitutional and unnecessary. It said no substantial reason had been given for the amendments, as the powers being sought were presently available to the police, but required special circumstances to be used for good reason.”


  • Theophilius Gazerts 263 February 6, 2018 at 7:16 PM #
    Jesus! John, if you get your way you will bring back slavery..

    The BIBLE frees us all from slavery ….. slavery to sin!!



    “An alleged post to the gossip platform Naked Departure landed a newly-wed in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court yesterday.”


  • Hants February 7, 2018 at 12:09 PM #

    There is a misbelief in this blog that anonymity somehow means one can ignore the law. I have been warning people for ages about this. A protection order is a non-criminal application, but there are more serious potential offences – and not all have to be brought in the Barbados jurisdiction. It would be a pity for a pensioner to lose his or her home and savings at this stage in their lives just for a silly statement on a blog.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    So you better watch ya tongue Ha, Ha Austin…, they know where to find you.


  • It seems as though being a pensioner is the qualifying prerequisite for contributing to BU.

    One cannot seriously compare “Naked Departure” with Barbados Underground. Whereas ND is used by many anonymous mischievous, malicious individuals and jilted lovers, to malign the characters and reputations of their “opponents” and former lovers…….

    …………..except for a few, majority of the anonymous contributors to BU do not post anything that is “menacing in character and intended to cause annoyance, inconvenience” to anyone.

    For example, I read in today’s Nation that Denis Lowe expressed outrage in Parliament at a social media post, which suggested his involvement in a recent criminal matter (and not surprisingly, he suggested the BLP was behind post). I was told he was referring to a story someone posted to Naked Departure……. and subsequently shown the article.

    (What I found interesting were contributions written by a Pat Sudat that “sounded” like contributions written by a BU contributor).

    And although one or two contributors may often refer to stories on “Naked Departure,” believing them to be gospel, surely the type of “behaviour” synonymous with that social media site……….is not rampant on BU.

    I’m sure David BU is not naïve……I believe he is capable of exercising good judgment in determining the contributions that would ultimately jeopardize his reputation and that of Barbados Underground.


  • Thanks Artax, read the story and you are correct although it is not uncommon for BU to be included with the broad brush comments. The BU family self polices the blog as you know – those few times a submission or comment crosses the border the BU intelligentsia will sound off and the offending matter is always addressed by the BU household.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Dr. Artax…ya back, ya off ya meds again.

    So you run from blog to blog stalking and trying to connect contributors. …another clear sign of mental illness.

    Stalking commenters is a very well known lack of decorum….no one does that, no one who is sane anyway, I have never seen that on any blog before, be very careful who you are stalking, you may not like the outcome.

    You people go from counting posts to stalking contributors from blog to blog….do you stalk them on facebook too…

    ya can call up the governments about some I know….tell them I sent you…..

    if you can’t access those websites, oh well, just continue stalking the ones ya stalking now.

    Happy stalking…..

    Demasiado tonto para ser bueno

    Quand creuser un sapin grave quelqu’un, toujours creuser deux

    Niemand mag Verräter, weil Traitirs nicht vertraut werden kann

    C’è una ragione per cui così tanti si sono trovati legati a blocchi concreti


  • Hmmmmmmm…..

    It seems as though “guilt” is an uncomfortable feeling……. or is it symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia?


  • @Artax
    (What I found interesting were contributions written by a Pat Sudat that “sounded” like contributions written by a BU contributor).
    Come on, call some names (you can use “allege(d)”


  • @ Sarge

    Surely you jest!!!! You like yuh want dum to kill muh.

    I MENTIONED that I was SHOWN a “Naked Departure” post about Denis Lowe and also read the associated contributions, specifically one from a contributor that “sounded” like a BU contributor.

    And please note…….. I DID NOT mention a NAME or USED “allege(d),”………

    However, I was accused of being “insane, “too dumb to be good” and “stalking contributors from blog to blog”…………

    ………and told: “when digging a grave for someone, dig for two,” “nobody likes a traitor because traitors cannot be trusted” and “there is a reason why so many have found themselves tied to concrete blocks.”

    If I had actually “CALLED SOME NAMES” and “USED ALLEGE(D)”……..shiite, it would be thunder, fire & brimstone, “cat piss and pepper.”


  • Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service

    No Dr. Artax…no guilt involved here..

    its just that…

    we know who the cowards on the blog are…

    we know who the tattle tales are, at the first sign of trouble, they will run to the authorities and even the embassy to give up the name of every blogger, including the blogmaster…

    …Ha, Ha Austin already revealed himsef…

    today we found out you stalk blogs to connect bloggers, that came directly from you…..

    tell me after that….. that you actually expect sensible people to trust you…i wont, am a big city gal.

    we know who the snitches on the blog are…

    at least ya actually got something useful to do, you really went looking for foreign blogs to connect people to, really….lol

    at least you know i dont hate you or i would give you the web addresses, then ya would really have something to fear, wont want that on my coscience..


  • Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service

    …and dont let me forget we know who all the house negros on the blog are….the ones who still think that racists care for them….and will still run and carry news despite the well deserved kick they will get to their ass.


  • Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service

    cud dear


  • @Artax
    Were you counting to 50 or counting down from 50? 😊

    Where is AC these days? AC has been a stalwart on this blog, she must be recharging her batteries for the campaign.


  • Sarge

    Probably counting past 50………….Watch wuh gine happen next when I type 29.

    Sarge, duh got some fretful and paranoid schizophrenics pun BU.

    All yuh have to do is count or write something they believe is about them……and lo and behold… yuh gine get cuss. They need to separate their lives from BU.

    According to Georgie Porgie……..bare mock sport in de rum shop.

    Wuh loss.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Well well ( no pun intended ) after 24 hours of mind boggling ” wire tapping ” allegations, by the last BLP administration, the following is the current state of play :

    • Owen Arthur says ……he knows nothing about such dastardly acts !

    • Glyne Clarke says ……she knows nothing about such dastardly acts !

    • Santia Bradshaw says……she knows nothing about such dastardly acts !

    So therefore, given these suite of disclaimers…… come near 48 hours later…..the voices of the last 2 Attorney Generals in the BLP administration……have NOT used their voices to DISCLAIM the same ????

    Something smells fishy in …….Roebuck Street !!

    Barbados 🇧🇧 deserves BETTER !!!


  • You mean silent like when the PM did not disclose he had signed the CAHILL Power Agreement?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    It is quite comical to voyage to these cyberspace hallways these many months later and see this article written by the venerable Mr. Jeffrey Cumberbatch

    De ole man some time back made the remark that there will come a time when the Democratic Labour Party would invoke the Emergency Powers Act and use it to disrupt the legislative process and to ensure that 5hey remain in power.

    The Honourable Blogmaster can confirm if such was posited by the ole fool.

    The content of the Act details what they are seeking to secure, which is to find and arrest the architects of their demise.

    But I will say this to Jeff and others of you here assembled.

    The only way that the DLP can get back into power is if the rig the ballot boxes OR declare a state of emergency that indefinitely protracts the calling of general elections.

    As I have said previously Prime Minister Mottley to be has to put a redundant system in place that will ensure that each ballot box is monitored from the time the box leaves the polling station until it is opened at the counting station.

    Even now she must be reaching out to the Commonwealth and the governments of the United States and the UK to seek independent monitors who will be on the ground WHEN THE VOTER RIGGING COMMENCES!

    De ole man would suggest that a three tier campaign be commenced that uses T-shirts to sensitize the public about what the DLP is planning.

    The message can be appropriately tailored to ensure that there is no libelous content, but what has to happen is that the DLP CANNOT TERRORIZE THE CITIZENRY AS IT HAS BEEN DOING AND AS IT INTENDS TO DO.

    THE second tier is to use the available ubiquitous toolsets and get people ALL BAJANS AWARE OF WHAT IS GOING ON.

    In this day and age noyone can stop SMSes and not a man jack can trace their source.

    Tier Three is already in play.

    As it relates to electronic information and accessing information on a computer or phone it is advisable that

    Mac Users firevault their Systems and create two users one of whom is a standard user without administrator rights
    PC users can use PGP or similar software to encrypt your hard drives and create similar users on your machines.

    Linux bad boys wunna dun hardened your Kali appropriately

    Install TOR from the torproject and use that to access your websites to provide certain internet security
    For the politically inclined or aspiring among you, Get a second phone with a SIM card that is purchased by a friend or family member whose surname is disimilar to your own and their relationship to you is unknown.

    ONLY USE THE SECOND phone to call denuded numbers. In layman’s talk, if you have a new “clean skin” phone, the new ones that are not known to the DLP, do not use that phone to call an old telephone number that is already in the known database of the phones that the DLP are monitoring via the Police

    Install Telegram or Signal (signal is preferred due to its current impregnatibility factor) and use a new list of clean skin numbers – SIM numbers that are unknown to make your calls or texts as needed ONLY ON THE SECOND PHONE

    PUT AN ALPHANUMERIC LOCK ON THE PHONE SO THAT A CODE MUST BE USED TO ACCESS THE PHONE and you should use *** to block all the forensic tools that can be used should that second phone be stolen

    This General election is going to be won by those people who understand the Internet of Things and who know how to influence people across the various spheres of interaction both physical and virtual

    Fumbles and Friends know that the only way they can win a third term is by stealing and this is what this Emergency Powers Abutment intends.

    They need access to the platform and they need access to the idiot posturers who have inadvertently been given information about its operations.

    Those that have eyes to see will understand what is happening.

    They seem to have a slight understanding of the fact that they will be beaten but they don’t know how and now they are frightened and seeking to pull the reigns in.

    Stinkliar is NOT A BRANIAC NEITHER IS FUMBLES and fortunately they do not have the ability to attract people who can help them to fight this one.

    What is detailed above clearly explains (to both sides) how to arm oneself in the coming weeks but it also should let all be aware that “weaker links in the communications matrix, MUST BE SAFEGUARDED AGAINST”


  • David

    A very comparison / analogy of the two issues

    Alleged fraud ( wire tapping ) being compared with an allegation by an individual with a warped mind and a personal vendetta against PM Stuart over some fictional project called ( Cahill ) !

    David, surely you can do better !


  • ‘Criminal act’
    psc says there is irrefutable evidence of illegal wiretapping by ex police chief


  • Piece

    Your delusional diatribe above would be of immense value to the Robert Mueller investigation in the USA 🇺🇸 of alleged vote rigging by the Russia’s in the last Presidential elections in 2016 !

    Bajan voters are more discerning than you think !

    There is lot to distill before the campaign heat is turned up !

    So don’t you panic !!!

    What the BLP need to convince themselves and the public of – that the same Police Amendment Bill they now complain of – they will repeal IMMEDIATELY if they are voted into office.

    Let them – BLP – declare that !

    They will recall the Tom Adams – EMERGENCY POWERS Act

    Did you and the BLPites…..RAIL against that Act……too !!!!

    You and some other morons foolishly believe Bajans have short memories !!!!


  • Hants

    I see that you were doing some research given the link above !

    Help us further , who was the Attorney General of Barbados 🇧🇧 at the time ?

    Does not the Royal Barbados Police Force fall under the office of the Attorney General ?

    If you become overwhelmed in finding the answers……you can ask the following persons to assist you ;

    • Prodigirl
    • Miller
    • Artax
    • piece ah de rock
    • David BU
    • Lorenzo

    Over the past weeks they were on BU as the authority on all matters !!!


  • Fractured, help me

    How is it the MoF can proclaim a settlement in the arrears from the GoB to the NIS, and yet not know when, or the amounts involved? “expeditiously” is not a date? “a contribution of cash injections. . . and of course some Government paper”. Sounds like the NIS is being loaded up with a sh!tload more debt?? ‘injectionS’ = over a period of time?

    And James Paul, saying it is “scandalous” for employers to do exactly what the GoB did, NOT pay the NIS on a timely basis. Do as I say, not as we do??

    It is insulting to think Barbadians are that stupid?

    I don’t think any deal has been struck, or he [MoF] would know exactly HOW and WHEN the monies are to be repaid?


  • • Owen Arthur says ……he knows nothing about such dastardly acts !
    • Glyne Clarke says ……she knows nothing about such dastardly acts !
    • Santia Bradshaw says……she knows nothing about such dastardly acts !


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Fracture and tick, tock…time to concern yourself with what CDB is saying about Barbados, that is what should concern the government, every day that passes is a day less before yall are thrown out of parliament on ya tails… is quite obvious that it is too late for Fruendel and Sinckler to reverse the damage….so 0 for 0

    “The CDB is telling the government exactly how they feel…..which makes the likelihood of them being reelected to parliament…0 for 0…lol……

    ….even countries impacted by hurricanes last year are likely to do better than Barbados economically, yet none of that concerns the government, talk about misplaced priorities.

    “Barbados is in danger of having the region’s worst performing economy this year.

    Growth of 1.7 ‘not enough’
    Predicting that the Barbados economy would grow by no more than 0.7 per cent in 2018, Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) director of economics Dr Justin Ram yesterday advised Government to take urgent action to reverse the slide.

    He gave the island a five-point to-do list that included reducing debt and cutting spending. Ram also thinks current road and sewage problems suggested Government needed to reform how infrastructure was built and managed in Barbados.

    The economist gave the advice yesterday as he forecast that after growing by one per cent last year, Barbados’ predicted marginal growth this year would be the worst of the CDB’s 19 borrowing member countries. This included countries affected by hurricanes last year.””


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “Even now she must be reaching out to the Commonwealth and the governments of the United States and the UK to seek independent monitors who will be on the ground WHEN THE VOTER RIGGING COMMENCES!”

    Piece….a pleasure to have you back…and if Mia has not mobilized her contacts and resources and reached out to international bodies for assistance in policing this government during the election, she too remains part of the problem.

    We can all see where this is headed and no one should sit in fear and accept violations of all laws by a terrorist government, when the means are available to reach out, speak out and act..


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Besides…she has Liz Thompson on board with her UN connections, any complaints of human rights violations, abuses and requests for assistance and they will monitor elections. would be a good precedent to set for all potential human rights violating governments going forward….

    ….after these actions or lack of….then we will know which politicians really care for the people and which ones are only pretending to care to get their hands on free money and pensions…


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Fractured and fell flat…another nonevent…like LEC…lol…bring the proof…says the

    Yall set out to terrorize the population to win an election, but we will bring you to your knees.

    Bring the proof of phone tapping claims, police say

    “After Sinckler made the allegation, Arthur sought to make it clear that neither he nor his Cabinet had sanctioned any illegal wiretapping of telephones between 2000 and 2009.

    “This is a serious matter, but I can state categorically that no Cabinet I presided over in my 14 years in office sanctioned the tapping of any person’s telephones,” Arthur told Parliament.

    He said that as far as he was aware, from time to time the RBPF would undertake matters of public security, and he urged his parliamentary colleagues to examine the Police Act to see who would have been empowered to give police authority to carry out any activity.

    “Under Section 8 of the Police Act the Commissioner of Police is only answerable to the Governor General, not to any political leader. So any matter of this nature is between the Police Commissioner and the Governor General in office at the time. It is a policing matter, not a parliamentary one,” Arthur said.

    “Anyone who claims that phones were tapped for matters other than national security must bring proof. Bring the evidence because such statements have implications for the entire Cabinet,” he added.”


  • More Independent Senators come out against the amendment.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ David February 8, 2018 at 7:38 AM

    But the Bill has been passed by the government’s majority in the Upper Chamber and will be enacted ‘before the cat can lick his ears’ (unlike the 2012 Integrity Bill) to serve its very purpose for the upcoming electoral plans and the IMF and Devaluation hurricane-like impact.

    It’s truly paradoxically intriguing how a black-dominated government can introduce such draconian legislation against its own black people from among which almost all the current legislators sprung.

    What is so different between what this legislation is intended to curtail and control and what Britain did under Margaret Thatcher with the infamous ‘Sus’ laws aimed primarily at young black people?

    Britain has moved away from that racist approach to policing, why is Little England ‘reintroducing’ outdated and noxious laws to control a so-called educated people as if the governance of its people is trapped in Victorian times which viewed black people as animals to be corralled and trained, an attitude that gave rise to the 1937 riots?

    The white plantation massas and the brutalizing colonial governing administrators have really left a curse of a legacy to the modern house slaves called black legislators with their blonde wigs and all.

    It reminds us of the Biblical “Parable of the Unforgiving Servant”.
    (GP and BC, are you reading?).

    Britain gave Barbados its formal Independence in 1966 and 51 years on this sob black gov of a sh*thole country wants to take it back 100 years to a pre-1918 penal colony.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Disgusting, self hating, corrupt house negros….Miller


  • You should take Senator Worrell’s advice and take the matter to court. Of course when Comissiong obliges there is the different reaction.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    With over 1200 lawyers on the island….why is this Bill not being challenged in the supreme court…by at least half of them.

    ….if Comissiong and a few other lawyers dont challenge the government, each and every time…no one else does.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ David February 8, 2018 at 8:57 AM

    It was the fingerprinting botch job and now this crap to control the stupid sheeple.
    Similar arguments were made to justify the introduction of the fingerprinting of every person (except the well-connected) leaving or arriving in Barbados.

    Is this a conveniently contrived conversation piece to divert the chatterati away from the rumbling shit bomb about to explode like a volcano of faeces?

    So is Comissiong still being blamed for the Hyatt non-erection?

    The Guv of the CB has got his eagle eyes on that foreign direct investment.

    At least MM can strike a deal with David the same way he has bought himself into the good books of the DLP awarding contractor-in-chief.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    just imagine an extra load of poop from Hyatt on the about to explode sewage system, the government would have gone down with, not in, history.

    At this stage they will go down in history as being too incompetent.


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    Take a good look at this fascinating and contemporary documentary as it dovetails well with Jeff’s article and gives us an insight into the mindset of your David Comissiong’s of this world.


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