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The Mottley Saga – A Promise of Change but More of the Same

Submitted by Sunshine Sunny Shine (SSS) When the Mottley led BLP were in opposition, startling revelations by them suggested that the then DLP Stuart led government was corrupt, dishonest, and happily kept silent on important matters that should have engaged the public’s interest. Mottley, agitated by the sequence of disturbing events unfolding under Stuart and his team, fought to have

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The George Brathwaite Column – Anti-corruption Mix and Fix

“The worst disease in the world today is corruption. And there is a cure: transparency” – (Bono). Over the last two years, this writer has consistently made the point that sound public administration must embrace the ideals and mechanisms that facilitate good administrative and business practices. In recent years, increased allegations of corruption and maladministration were levelled against the Barbados

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Sandals MoU? Part II

The following entry by Citizen Advocate Afra Raymond should be of interest to civic minded Barbadians and in particular the BU family. He continues to prosecute the pillar issues which underpin the arrangement supporting the introduction of Butch Stewart’s Sandals to Trinidad and Tobago. In Barbados the models being used to promote the Hyatt and Hilton projects are not dissimilar.

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The George Brathwaite Column – Engagement Matters Now

“Today, no leader can afford to be indifferent to the challenge of engaging employees in the work of creating the future. Engagement may have been irrelevant in the industrial economy and optional in the knowledge economy, but [in today’s creative economy] it’s pretty much the whole game now.” – Professor Gary Hamel of the London Business School. Every day since

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Government Urged to Heed the Advice of Independent Senators on the Bill to Amend the Police Act

Submitted by David Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement The Parliament of Barbados is on the verge of enacting into Law an amended Police Act that will confer upon the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police enormous power to forcibly cordon off areas of Barbados; to impose curfews in our country; to confine people to their homes; to physically search

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Hypocrites and Parasites

One can argue that the state in post independent Barbados has never provided the environment to foster economic independence to the majority black population. Despite this a few black businessmen managed to gain economic independence but the majority of the black population has settled for becoming the employed and never the employers. On the other hand, the minority white population

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