The Prime Minister, Attorney General and Gollop the QC

A few years ago Minister Michael Lashley was the starboy of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). He was complimented for expanding the housing stock, exponentially. He ensured Barbadians erased Liz Thompson’s ‘bumblebee’ prototype from memory. Years later many of the houses built by Lashley with tax dollars are unoccupied or rotted. If we include the Coverley PPP it gets worse. A few years later Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley will be recorded in a political footnote as having presided during a period where the state of Barbados roads deteriorated to a level slightly above a cart road.

Of concern to the blogmaster though are observations arising from the waning LEC debate.

Some are of the view now that the LEC debate is behind us, more important issues will be have the space to fuel discussion. What they fail to acknowledge is that the political principals who waylaid Barbadians with the manufactured issue of Mia’s LEC are also responsible for informing and leading the country on the pressing issues of the day.

In his Sunday Column – The Jeff Cumberbatch Column–Non – litigious Resolution of Defamation LawsuitsJeff Cumberbatch shared his view on the LEC matter:

To the best of my knowledge and belief, Ms Mottley has been duly admitted to the local Bars, both Utter and Inner. Unless and until she is removed therefrom or otherwise disbarred by appropriate procedure she remains duly admitted. Omnia praesumuntur rite esse acta [Apologies for the Latin] It means that there is a presumption that acts done through the court are rightly and properly done.

The outcome of the recent court case Mia Mottley vs Barbados Today confirmed that Mia Mottley is qualified to practice law in the Courts of Barbados.

What Barbadians must reflect on is why did the Prime Minster of Barbados- a seasoned lawyer and former Attorney General- not have the knowledge of the law and procedure related the LEC issue. One must assume he did not know because he said nothing.

Although the Attorney General is a legal neophyte and light weight he had the resources of the Solicitor General’s office and other state resources to have been equipped to clarify the LEC matter in  less than 24 hours. Some should recall he promised on the floor of the House of Assembly to investigate the matter. A promise he failed to keep. One must assume he dis not know.

Then there is Hal Gollop, better known to the BU household as a school teacher and musician, who prosecuted the LEC matter recently at a DLP political meeting. What has his failed LEC argument done to injure his reputation as a lawyer? Clearly he was party to a political plot to ‘decapitate’ the leader of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) a few months from a general election. One must assume he misinterpreted the relevant laws and procedures related to the LEC issue.

The challenge Barbadians face is that we have an obsturate political directorate whose members are willing to crash the economy on the altar of political expediency. Why should intelligent Barbadians expect that this government is able to appreciate what rising oil prices will do to the economy? We are a country with a DEBT to GDP ratio of close to 150% and foreign reserves  cover of 8 weeks. Despite the current state of the economy this inept lot prefers to try to hoodwink Bajans by floating a silly debate anchored to Mia’s qualification to practice law in Barbados.

Imagine if Stuart, Brathwaite and Gollop were able to put heads together to promote a component of transparency legislation promised from day one? Wasn’t Gollop contracted to draft a roadmap to assist with moving Barbados to a Republic? Didn’t Stuart and Brathwaithe promise to examine existing to electoral laws to address what they admitted to irregularities that occurred last general election?


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Barbados need an anti corruption kit, just like Jamaica recently received, let’s see them tell the US they dont need it because there is no corruption and take their proof to the DPP…….

    Let’s see them try that ish….


  • GF SSS what happened to your boy friend Piece yuh de rock .


  • Artax before continuing your silly tirade about what the DLP owes CBC why dont you use your intelligence as a research tool in finding the facts which might lead you to a better understanding as to time frame and differing contractual agreements and varying individuals involved in the monies owed instead of frothing at the mouth like a blood thirsty blp hound dog
    While you are busy looking into every nook and cranny it also would be helpful if you inform the leader of the opposition that in the[last weeks and months her credibility has taken a beaten because of LEC gate and she should do the right thing and speak up about the suspicious allegations attached to the issue and more important should resist using the long arm of the court as a battering ram to silence individuals who question her accreditation to the bar.


  • Thophilius Gazerts 120

    Can we move beyond a two horses race?

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over an expecting change.

    Despite the ‘solid political experience’ of the BDLP, our trajectory continues to be a downward death spiral. We need a more diverse range of options; we must broaden our minds and allow third parties to contribute.

    The BDLP conversation is using up all of the oxygen in the room? How do third parties make themselves an integral part of the conversation, and not draw just an occasional reference?

    Must Grenville and others point out that they do not have an LEC, to get the same level of mention as MAM? Obviously, remaining as silent as the ‘sleeping giant’ is not an option.


  • Thophilius Gazerts 120

    Can someone tell me if money change hands…
    I have a very simple meter for this LEC thingy. It is a meter imported from America..
    If money change hands and Mia was the recipient, then she wins. If no money change hands or Mia paid out, then she loses. In these circumstances the LEC chatter shoulld due.

    If no information is available, then the yardfowls of the BDLP should be fed.


  • Thophilius Gazerts 120



  • Thophilius Gazerts 120

    @Cut N paste
    Some seem to think that our problems will be resolved through US or British intervention. As long as our group of cowboys act within certain limits we will be saddled with them forever.

    One can only hope that they try to turn the old US navel facility into a Chinese naval facility, and that DK builds a Chinese air base in St. Lucy. Failing that, and to quote Bushie “our ass is grass”


  • There is an urgent need for a third party, but Grenville is not cutting it as the best person to LEAD such an initiative.

    Perhaps this is a role for Owen.

    What if Arthur were to seek out and invite a team of technically competent, professional, honest, and above board individuals – under an umbrella of National Reconstruction?

    Persons invited can be from multiple associations including the two shiite parties (although Bushie cannot think of any prospects there), the various ‘third parties (including Grenville, etc) and people like Charles Herbert, Walter Blackman, Caswell, Jeff etc. These could be invited to make a three-year commitment to national reconstruction via service in Owen’s parliament.

    Arthur has enough credibility to pull together such a plan, (compared to the other shiite options) AND WOULD WIN A COMING ELECTION.

    His ‘politics of inclusion’ suggests that such an approach is in line with his thinking…

    He OWES Barbados a debt for the shiite that happened under his watch with CSME, VECO, 3S etc

    Arthur has served his time and has no need to establish any long term power base, so he COULD be an ideal deal-broker in bringing together a pool of DECENT and competent people to change the course of our trajectory….
    He owes it to his grand daughters…

    What do you say Owen…?


  • He OWES Barbados a debt for the shiite that happened under his watch with CSME, VECO, 3S, MIA etc


    You missed out one, hope you don’t mind me inserting it for you.

    Sent from my iPad


  • Decide which name you’re going to use……….. Angela Cox or Angela Skeete….

    I don’t care anything about Mottley, her credibility or about the LEC issue………. that is of more concern to you and the DLP for political aggrandizement.

    “…….understanding as to time frame and differing contractual agreements and varying individuals involved in the monies owed…..” is rubbish!!!!!

    I have enough common sense and intelligence to know that if the DLP had contractual agreements with CBC relative to debt incurred for services rendered on credit……….. it would be for a specific time period, the invoice would state, for example, “Payment due in 30 days,” and that debt would be posted to “Accounts Receivable.”

    Since the amount of $109,609 has been REFERRED for COLLECTION, means there a was BREACH of those contractual agreements over a period of time and the ACCUMULATED DEBT has become “PAST DUE,” because it was not paid within the “time frame of the contractual agreements (by) varying individuals involved in the monies owed.”

    Therefore, the Democratic Labour party has become delinquent, hence the reason why the list was drawn up and reminders sent to the debtors.

    My friend, this is basic accounting at CXC.


  • Shut up Bush tea .. what are you talking about a spent force with an expired shelf life, fuh god sake the ole geezer had fourteen years to bring a new vision and development model to barbados
    BTW what happened to the rainy day savings he proposed wuh loss .
    Bush Tea it is too early for you to be dabbling in sh,it talk.


  • OK you did your research now instead of being a dufus for the blp take every thing you have written into its proper context.


  • The questions remain……………..

    What are the implications of the ruling DLP administration owing CBC, a state-owned agency that falls under the jurisdiction of the PM’s Office, the amount of $109,609, under circumstances where the PM of Barbados and the President of the DLP is Freundel Stuart?

    What messages are being sent when CBC could refuse to broadcast information of the other political parties for which they are prepared to pay………………. and the DLP owing CBC $109,609 for obviously broadcasting DLP political propaganda on credit?

    How could your man, who was being run ‘bout de place by debt collectors and writing bounced cheques, can amass a significant amount of wealth to build a multi-million dollar mansion and drive ‘bout a ½ million dollar vehicle?

    Yuh know, this issue is just as important as the LEC.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Bush Tea November 12, 2017 at 9:05 AM
    “Arthur has enough credibility to pull together such a plan, (compared to the other shiite options) AND WOULD WIN A COMING ELECTION.”


    In the name of the BBE what an epiphany of hypocrisy when we are forced to witness the day when the adopted Almighty son of the Great BBE would be promoting the programme of “Privatization” so unsuccessfully championed by the ‘miraculous’ Owen Arthur the Lazarus of Bajan politics and so terminally played out in February 2013.

    Come off it, dear Bushie! OSA’s day in the Sun set since 2013. He himself has acknowledged that. Why can’t you?

    The programme of Privatization is now actively prosecuted by the same deceitful lying party under the Bajan god of liars called Stinkliar.

    Even your highly respected‘friend’ Jeff C is being now dubbed as the Devil in the delayed detail who threw the FTC monkey wrench in the BNTCL works of electoral kickbacks.

    Why not go for broke and back another electoral gelded horse like Grenville Mach 11 or even an OSA-bred political mule like UPP?


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Make sure this is the last, and when you see me make comment about your precious Mia Mottley, you two face hypocrite, do not bother responding. No high level crook is going to leave easy tracks to be used against them as evidence. They have covered their crimes well but not too well. Like I said, you got to be careful who you unfairing because you never know when they are going to spill the beans. Stay tune ya blind BLP bat.


  • Something is seriously wrong with Barbadian politics when people can talk about Owen Arthur as a national saviour. .The man has shown he has no idea of ..economic policy-making, he has failed as a prime minister who for 14 years led a party and government that watched as the nation declined and he walked out of his party and since then has done nothing but trying to undermine his successor. He is political history and should be writing his chapter in Barbadian political history. ….


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Thophilus….they already operated outside those limits, this particular crowd are greedy, not the brightest and have no boundaries. ..

    ……there is no policing agency in the Caribbean to rein them in, their is no accountability on the island…..

    ….as upsetting as it may be to some, the devils we already know, international police…are the only ones with the resources so rein in these small island corrupt sewer rats….calling themselves leaders who have worked diligently to steep themselves in corruption.


  • To see Bushie reaching for Owen Arthur as a political saviour means things really bad!


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    If you are referring to me, make sure you mention SSS in your comments. I remain true to myself. Not a fraud bone, and certainly no blasted liar.


  • @ David
    To see Bushie reaching for Owen Arthur as a political saviour means things really bad!
    Bad shiite!

    Things were ‘bad’ back in 2007.
    Our ass is grass. We just are to stupid and brass bowlic to recognise our predicament until the ACTUAL moment when we are unable to eat or to afford shelter.

    When someone like Hal Austin can even THINK that he has intelligent comment to offer..
    – that ALONE should indicate the depths to which we have fallen …..even if the downgrades were not on record.
    Hal has been spectacularly unimpressive since school days – and the trend only strengthened since he moved up to to the mudda cuntry…. sniffing behind albino pooches.

    The ACTUAL REALITY is that Owen – AT THIS MOMENT – could make a difference to the future of Barbados…. with all his warts, Owen is worth 10,000 Hals.

    Five years ago, Caswell COULD have ‘BUPPED’ and transformed our future too… but no!!!

    If you people had the ‘eyes to see’ such things, Barbados would have been a different place long ago…. so Bushie is NOT surprised at the skepticism.

    Without eyes, it is impossible to see light
    Without smell, it is not possible to detect aromas
    Without touch, no one can feel physical objects
    …..without the spiritual sense needed, it is IMPOSSIBLE to grasp the MOST IMPORTANT ASPECTS of life existence……

    When the bible speaks of having ‘eyes to see’ it parallels the lack of the spiritual sense needed to grasp spiritual matters – with the lack of sight that leads to blindness….


  • Bush Tea,
    Try to be serious for . once and spell out a afew of Owen’s original ideas on social and economic policy and explain why these were not implemented during his time in office. Also, explain the sale of BNB.


  • Dr. Simple Simon Phd

    @angela skeete November 12, 2017 at 9:15 AM “a spent force with an expired shelf life, the ole geezer”

    Please take your mouth offa my Owen.

    The smartest, sexiess PM Barbados has even had…and like a good wine getting better and better as he ages.


  • @ Hal Austin November 12, 2017 at 11:12 AM #
    To what end?

    No one has cussed Owen more than Bushie. He is OBVIOUSLY not perfect, and has made mistakes.
    Would you like Bushie to also reflect on your dismal performance back at school?

    Shiite, even the Bushman made mistakes in the past – for example Bushie could EASILY have been a billionaire, instead of just being a shiite millionaire, except for a bad decision in 1988….

    Warts and human frailties aside, Owen is worth 10,000 HALs, 200 MIAs, and 20,000 Froons.
    Having said that, he would still make a 30% good PM if he is associated with a good, NON political team of patriots.

    Before you ask, there is no point is comparing him with Bushie….
    One does not compare apples and oranges….
    Bushie has eyes to see……


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    So much confusion, apparently someone received a reply from British authorities re Mia’s status as an attorney, my question is, why is Adriel Brathwaite and the DPP (ag) not acting on it…..ah can’t take anymore after reading all of that, so here is the conclusion. …as copied…


    On the facts within my knowledge, Ms. Mia Amor Mottley is currently not, and was not at the material time of her admission to the Roll of Attorneys-at-Law in Barbados in 1987, legally qualified to be so admitted. Submitted by Anonymous”.


  • Thophilius Gazerts 120

    Want to say “Bushie is full of shiit”
    But he might take it as an attack and not understand that I am enjoying his wit/responses.
    So I will put it in its Bajan equivalent
    “Leave HaHa alone he’s no match for you”


  • Bush Tea November 12, 2017 at 11:30 AM #

    Your spectacular and appalling ignorance is amazing. You are trivial and, as someone has described you, risible. I could not care how much you ‘cussed’ Owen or the man from Mars, put a sensible .argument or shut up…


  • Thophilius Gazerts 120

    Going to get Grenville to the starting blocks. One of the known mice needs to claim Grenville has an LEC..

    Grenville sues for defamation of character stating “I’m not a Barbados lawyer, nor do I want to be”.

    Angela Skeete rushing around claiming that she has proof that he has an LEC. Grenville is a hot topic until election.

    Ladies and gentlemen “Have a great day”.

    If you see Theophilius Gazerts 121, that is not me 🙂


  • @ Thophillus G
    Your Instructions are heeded…
    Hal will remain untouched hence…

    …and yes, Bushie is full of it
    ha ha ha
    But …Vincent too…


  • Bushie

    Wuh yuh callin muh nem fuh…….ah tired cussin yuh……ah gine leh Hal and artax pelt de lix in yuh RH backside………ah gla yuh duz speek de trufe…….Bushie is full of it an yuh rite … too…..go tek yuh meds now or sum bush….lol.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Tax avoidance and cheating is not a victimless crime….

    “The economist Gabriel Zucman and his colleagues have spent years estimating how much wealth is stashed in low-tax havens and what that means for government coffers. He’s found that 63 percent of foreign profits made by American multinational corporations are stuffed in these subsidiaries and accounts, depriving the country of about $70 billion in tax revenue each year.

    We worry a lot about the cost of social programs in this country, saying we simply can’t afford many things that we know could bring big rewards. But that missing $70 billion from corporate offshore tax avoidance would go a long way. A mere $140 million could replace the lead water pipes poisoning children in Flint, Mich. It would cost just an estimated $22.5 billion to end homelessness by providing all needy families with rental assistance. President Barack Obama asked Congress for $75 billion for his initial universal preschool plan; universal preschool for all 3- and 4-year-olds would cost $98.4 billion over 10 years.

    Senator Bernie Sanders’s College for All Act doesn’t even require the federal government to cover the entire $70 billion cost of public college tuition, but it could if this money were available to the government. Divvying up $70 billion a year to each parent in the country would be a huge step toward ending childhood poverty. And the available pot of money, were offshore tax avoidance not an option, would be even larger if rich individuals were taxed at the rates we all face here at home.”


  • Dr. Simple Simon Phd

    Transport Board workers are on strike this morning and management seems puzzled and thinks that the strike is strictly political.

    Here are some ways to make the TB better while not robbing the Bajan tax payers.

    FIRST: [BOTH parties] Appoint the Board by MERIT ONLY and not by friend, family, political or lodge buddy connection.

    SECOND: Stop [BOTH parties] granting licenses to your friends, relatives, political cronies, and lodge buddies to run yellow buses and ZR vans on the TB routes, so that the TB cannot compete because there are too many vehicles on the most lucrative routes.

    THIRD: Maintain and replace the buses as per the manufacturers instructions.

    FOURTH: [BOTH parties] Hire and retain staff by MERIT ONLY and not by friend, relative, lodge buddy or political connections.

    FIFTH: Send the high priced Trinidadian consultant back home and instead take advice from me. I actually take the buses. I am retired. I have time on my hands. I can give GOOD FREE advice. And no I don’t hate Trinidadians as most of my paternal first cousins are Trinidadians.

    SIXTH: Have some respect for the workers and their unions. You CANNOT run a public transport system without your workers. If you heard two weeks ago that the workers are unhappy that all overtime has been eliminated [even while paying a high priced Trinidadian is on board] for God’s sake act on that information and start having a conversation with the workers and their representatives.

    This simple free advice comes to you from a 100% Bajan, who actually takes the TB buses.


  • Again this is about a general lack of leadership and management in the country.



  • Dr. Simple Simon Phd November 13, 2017 at 7:02 AM #

    “Transport Board workers are on strike this morning and management seems puzzled and thinks that the strike is strictly political.”

    Dr. SS PhD

    Does it surprise you the Transport Board’s General Manager, Sandra Forde, said she received information which suggested the “strike is strictly political?”

    The political environment in Barbados indicates general elections are imminent and Forde is (was) a secretary of the DLP and is an operative of that party.

    Sandra Forde has been an abysmal failure as GM and TB has deteriorated significantly under her watch and that of the Minister, Michael Lashley.

    Lashley has failed to justify paying a Trinidadian consultant $22,000. He said a document submitted by Price Waterhouse Coopers found that initiatives of the consultant had saved the Transport Board millions of dollars………

    ……………. yet TB continues struggling to maintain 80 units in operation on a daily basis.

    Why has this PWC document not been made available for public perusal?


  • If Sandra Forde was in receipt of information, since last week, which suggested TB employees would go on strike today…………..

    …………… why did she not take the initiative, as GM, to do all in her power that was necessary to avert the strike?

    Another reason why I believe Forde was not only an extremely poor choice for the General Manager, but by her actions thus far, she has demonstrated that she is indeed a piss poor manager.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    The island is sinking fast….it will be interesting to hear the views of IMF when they review and make their current assessments public.

    Government cannot hide that report or stop IMF from making it public..

    What a mess.

    Simple…your advice makes too much sense, they hate to hear anything that makes sense.

    They highlight the word self destructive and elevate it to a whole new level.


  • As Bushie has been saying for some time now…

    Our ass is grass
    It is just that be are so clueless
    that in finding out
    WE will be last.


  • Dr. Simple Simon Phd

    @Artax November 13, 2017 at 7:53 AM “Lashley has failed to justify paying a Trinidadian consultant $22,000.”

    You sure he is only a consultant?

    You sure he int on staff?


  • Dr. Simple Simon Phd

    @David November 13, 2017 at 7:49 AM “Again this is about a general lack of leadership and management in the country.”

    But David If we paying people to manage and they aren’t managing why are we still paying them? I say “cut off their money”

    The sooner. The better.


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