Lawyers and Known Political Affiliation

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart is a member of the legal profession which continues to dominate the political landscape of Barbados

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart is a member of the legal profession which continues to dominate the political landscape of Barbados

A scan of the current Parliament shows that about 36% of members are lawyers. There is a view, and BU agrees, that the influence which the legal community exerts on the way we do business in Barbados is worthy of a deep discussion.

Please add to comments the names of lawyers (still active)  you know have served in a political capacity. The qualification extends to sitting on government boards quasi and otherwise. i.e. post their name and the position held.

The final number should be interesting if we consider that we have about 600 practicing lawyers in Barbados.

BU started the ball rolling:


No Name of lawyer Political Affiliation
1 Fruendel Stuart DLP
2 Henry Forde BLP
3 Mia Mottley BLP
4 Elliot Mottley BLP
5 Kerri Symmonds BLP
6 Ronald Toppin BLP
7 Dale Marshall BLP
8 George Payne BLP
9 Ralph Thorne BLP
10 Louis Tull BLP
11 Adriel Brathwaite DLP
12 Verla Depeiza DLP
13 Santia Bradshaw BLP
14 Rawle Eastmond BLP
15 Michael Lashley DLP
16 Michael Carrington DLP
17 Kenneth Best DLP
18 Stephen Lashley DLP
19 David Commisiong PEP
20 Lynette Eastmond BLP
21 Desmond Sands BLP
22 Edmund Hinkson BLP
23 Arthur Holder BLP
24 Wilfred Abrahams BLP
25 Francis Depeiza DLP
26 Gregory Nicholls BLP
27 Ian Bishop BLP
28 Vere Brathwaite DLP
29 Richard Byer DLP/NDP
30 Richard Cheltenham BLP
31 Hal Gollop DLP
32 Maurice King DLP
33 David Simmons BLP
34 Elizabeth Thompson BLP
35 Monique Taitt DLP
36 Adrian King DLP
37 Ezra Alleyne BLP
38 Fred Gollop BLP
39 Barry Gale BLP
40 Ramon Alleyne DLP


0 thoughts on “Lawyers and Known Political Affiliation

  1. Here in lies the problem…..these folks do not know the first thing about innovation, creating jobs and growing a business……only speaking latin and wearing wigs and old clothing while referring to history


    Seeing that you listen to me from time to time, here is another article that you could put up before Christmas. This by far the biggest Christmas gift that Barbados has received in recent years. Man gi’ de girl a headline. Maybe some of the others like COW and Jada and the Minister of Health himself could find a way to follow suit, after all it was the support of Barbadian tax payers and consumers that gave all a kick start (unlike Ri Ri)

  3. David

    I only meant that BU could use a feel good story before the 25 so that people could wish one another well for the season … you know how.

    Wha’ is the difference between a lawyer and a vulture?
    A lawyer could claim frequent flyer miles. HA HA HA

  4. I am a very cynical person and I believe 99% of people who become politicians do so for the POWER and in some cases the MONEY.

    I don’t buy into the b e about serving the masses.

  5. Hants

    For your sake and for your sake only, Political Parties exercise as business entities … BUSINESSES… and like every other BUSINESS they advertise (the legal term I believe is ‘treat to’) a product or service that one is encouraged to buy into. The goal of course is clear access to the BILLIONS of dollars that is the tax payers purse.

    Now what needs to happen is for committed voters and tax payers alike to understand this and demand that there is a Supervisory Body set up to regulate the operations of these entities (like the Supervisor of Insurance HA HA HA, or the Central Bank, moral suasion specialists, or even the BTA… failed) . Clearly the political parties are not going to be enthusiastic about initiating this. But why not. Look, with the Black run South African Government the competition side were still allowed free access to their accustomed booty … Free enterprise practitioners have proven time and time again that they are not manageable; not manageable by public opinion and even more so by a regulations (the legal term is law).

    In short .. we are f#cked …!

  6. 600 practicing lawyers in Barbados. ,,,,, @@@
    They need to STOP practicing and do Law, Stop the Fraud and delays for over priced gains,


    Dont for get the Undertakers like the L.E Smith family and daughter still doing it today 2012. Advantage because people wanted a good burial

  8. Guyana :Satyadeow Sawh Minister of Agriculture of Guyana Assassinated

    Grenada :Maurice Bishop Prime Minister Assassinated . In his final years of secondary education, Bishop decided he would study law .

    Assassination is at Barbados Government door step BLP or DLP

    We have some serious young people out they the government and public servants taking for a ride

  9. BU @ this heading is so Dam funny, is this to make us all smile for Xmas, We dont see this as a witch hunt , We just see this as a Hunt for they all Witches .
    If we can run them off the Island , that will be nice.
    Can we start a list of the dead Lawyers ?
    ,We see 29 and 30 made the list ,lololol

  10. I am so happy the masses are realizing that out of over 900 lawyers on the island there may be only 2-3 honest ones. there has been untold damage done by these demons, and to make it worse most of them make decisions in Bim that negatively affect lives, while not understanding anything about business and what actually fuels an economy. All they learned in school is to read and regurgitate alot of brain washed crap left over from british colonialism. we have learned to rue the day lawyers were allowed to enter politics. Errol Barrow was right, they cannot be trusted. Irony of ironies.

  11. @ David
    You need to dig deeper and leave no stone unturned in order to fight tentacles of corruption in power. A separate list of freemason, lawyers, judges, government officials will be needed to help deeds win his battle

  12. Appears the lodge movement has grown to gigantic propotions in Bim, nothing can be done without some lodge person knowing about or consenting to it, more corruption and dirty politics. Only a higher power can end this cycle of evil.

  13. @ Well Well

    Only a higher power can end the cycle of evilness in Barbados [massive land theft, corruption and dirty politics]. MENE MENE TEKEL PERES, [The] days are numbered. [The country] have been weighed and weigh not enough. [The] [country] will be taken (Old Testament/Daniel 5: 25- 26)

  14. re All they learned in school is to read and regurgitate alot of brain washed crap left over from british colonialism.

    This is too a large extent simply rubbish. A lot of us who went to school and learned to read are not regurgitators at all. Many of us are able to practically apply what we learned, as well as be innovators seeking to improve techniques, procedures protocols etc

    But is not easy to be”bright” or to try to change the status quo. We are told that ”it has always been done this way”. or ‘ it cant be done that way”. Or you have to contact A B OR C FIRST! I found this to be so in church and chapel, in school and also in the work place.

    The other thing is, if you excel as a thinker, you are ostracized, and relegated to the sidelines or simply fired. Some of us have learned to stay in your bubble, draw your pay in order to pay your bills and let the dummies around you get on at their level . After all, we do live in a world composed mostly of dummies— and I am not talking about not being highly educated here. .

  15. And Cecile Chase became a QC under the BLP so dah mus’ say somet’ing … and wunna don’ feel the Pat Cheltenham would be any different to his brother ..?

  16. And when Chris Birch and Randall (NDP) get appoint as magistrates under the BLP that too must say something… ANd what about Jeff and Burgess … surely the two a’ dems is Dems …

  17. Barbados banks are junk because of fact that Barbados is now in junk bond status, shit up a creek without a paddle; credit rating is less than pristine making it difficult to acquire capital. Foreign investors, therefore, will be looking into other countries ABOVE junk bond status. None of the above named lawyers can instantly correct this.

  18. Cecile Chase became a QC,,??? ,, She was on the BAR for Ralph Thorne, She even asked to be excused, Quick Crooks. If you did an Audit on the lawyers you will see there is now law in lawyers , JUNK JUNK and CROOK ass JUNK S&P and MOODYS for Lawyers JUNK JUNK junk

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