Social Partnership Meeting | Come Together and Make it Work…

Mia Mottley and Freundel Stuart represent the duopoly

“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.” –

The headline in one of the newspapers blazed Eye to Eye on violence supported with a picture of Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley. The immediate thought by the BU blogmaster was that the leaders of the two main political parties had joined forces in the national interest to serve as a calming influence on the country days after the Kadooment Shootings. After perusing the opening paragraph of the newspaper article such a lofty expectation was dashed. It was the usual political palaver full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!

In 1978 the great Bob Marley staged the One Love Concert that will be etched in history when he called for Michael Manley and Edward Seaga who represented the two main political parties operating in a fractious political environment at the time to shake hands. One senses that the Barbados landscape has become fractious- not to the same degree as Jamaica but trending- and there is the opportunity for a signal act by relevant parties to send a message to the population that we are Bajans first and must come together to make it work.

The contentious meeting of the Social Partnership will be held within the next 24 hours to address the call by the unions and private sector for government to engage in greater dialogue. On the agenda is the request by the unions for government to implement a coping subsidy to soften the impact of the National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL) on public workers. The decision by the government to publicise the event (we wait to see if it happens) is a clear indication that there is distrust of the partnership by a key member. Many fear it will an opportunity for grandstanding by political participants with a few months to go until the next general election. BU is of the view there is the opportunity for the heads of the various stakeholders of the Social Partnership to publicly demonstrate to the country that despite the contentious issues on the agenda, it is ONE LOVE. Why not invite Mia Mottley and a couple leaders from the religious community to participate at tomorrow’s meeting, it would be unprecedented but viewed favorably as being in the national interest. Will NEVER happen!

Whether by accident or not, the Acting Governor of the Central bank Cleviston Haynes has scheduled a press briefing for Friday 11, 2017 at 11AM to review the performance of the Barbados economy for the first six months.  It promises to be an interesting 24 hours.

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  1. But Well Well……………did you not hear the PM say yesterday that he does not see this widespread poverty and suffering that the unions are talking about.

    The man lives in an alternate universe……….in a bubble. Oh betide him when he is no longer PM. The man is going to go nuts.

    I guess he looked at all of the young people out partying during Crop Over and thinks that is the reality of the majority. Even so there was fewer bands and fewer revellers. Many of them may have run up credit cards, depended on working parents or friends….who knows? But that partying life is not the reality of most people.

  2. Leave him Prodigal…as soon as Fruendel is kicked out, he will have to start budgeting, as things stand they have all been rolling around in free money for nearly 10 years.

    I want to see how many S-Class Mercedes he will be able to afford then.

    Freeness rarely last.

    • Froon is “clever,” he does not see poverty because he knows NOT TO LOOK!

  3. @Armando Rodriguez August 12, 2017 at 3:17 PM

    I agree with your comment.

    These morons think that they are the greatest political animals. I worked that out yesterday, hence the kicking of the ball down the road until September.

    The irony is that last year when the NSRL was first introduced, it was to help the QEH and to purchase garbage trucks. If the tax did so well and raked in so many millions and they did not buy a single garbage truck which were urgently needed…………..does anyone think the Stinkliar is not going to use this money to help plug the huge hole in the monthly requirements he has to deal with every month as he outlined?

    There is going to be no money to give public workers a coping subsidy far less any salary increases. If a pay increase was to be granted in October how are they going to pay for it in the ensuing months?

    I hope the unions are seeing through this idiot’s BS.

    In September I predict that the Stinkliar is going to make a huge claim that the NSRL has raked in more money than was anticipated, hence a raise for public officers……….a quick election with enough time to prevent the truth from coming out on the economy and then whaplax………..lay off 10,000 before Christmas.

  4. Angela U are the 2nd most stupid Angela on Earth. Moronic Angela Merkel part of a nose ahead. Hope the Corrupt Traitors in Govt PAYING U really well???????????/

    • Hal, Any “leader” that permits 1mn refugees to come in to their Nation in a short period of time, that are of a very different culture and that have not been properly vetted is a MORON! Germany and France will soon be at each others throats especially when ItalExit occurs!

      U maybe a Moronic Bajan but I know for certain that I am not. I did NOT Vote for DLP–pisspoor “leadership” and who was going to fill the critical post of M o F—a MOFO did.

  5. This world is all about evolving.

    ….the same way the european tribes were received with open arms by the native tribes of what is now known today as America and the rest is history.

    …..Angela is now fullfilling the destiny of the world by embracing the dispossesed tribes of the middle east and Africa.

    Mans dreams and wishes will always be subject to genetic construct involving continous dislocation by movement.

  6. Money Brain,
    Do you mean she is a moron, or the policy was wrong? I think the language of discourse used by many people on BU says a lot about them. Because someone disagrees with you does not mean they are morons.
    I think what was wrong was allowing too many of the wrong people in to the country. They will change Germany forever.

  7. @ Money Brain, August 12, 2017 at 4:11 PM
    Hal, Any “leader” that permits 1mn refugees to come in to their Nation in a short period of time, that are of a very different culture and that have not been properly vetted is a MORON! Germany and France will soon be at each others throats especially when ItalExit occurs!

    If only the native Americans (Amerindians) and native Australians (Aborigines) had heeded your advice what a wonderful world of no racism or apartheid we will be living in today!

    There would have been no Boers in South Africa to claim it as their ancestral homeland and Cecil Rhodes would have been a white hero character in a comic book like the Phantom and Tarzan.

    You, MB, should not continue to trick black people (over baked by the Sun) and those of deficient melanin hue into believing in your Western–doctored book of myths and tall tales where Adam & Eve and Noah and his three sons and their wives are the fathers and mothers of all mankind on mother Earth today but would still want to keep them out of the Garden of your Western Eden

    “Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
    With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
    Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
    A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
    Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
    Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
    Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
    The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
    “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
    With silent lips.

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

  8. @ Hal Austin August 12, 2017 at 5:22 PM

    There is a movie titled Shallow Hal in which the main male character cannot tell the difference between a dumb blond and a sexy manatee or sea cow.

    But come on, old scout, we don’t want you to play such a silly part while climbing your imaginary Sisyphus-ladder to intellectual apotheosis.

    We can see that you behave like a Pavlov-trained dog wanting to be transformed into a god (anagram of a dog) but to be so intoxicatingly addicted to the adulation of the miller as to misunderstood whom he was quoting is like being transmogrified into an incestuous clone of ac aka angela Skeete the perfect ass in the jungle of academia.

    But just remember Hal, He who wants to become a god must first pretend to be an ass.

    Now go back to Class 2 at St. Giles for a lesson in basic comprehension or to the Milk Room under the rigid supervision of Mrs Greenidge where your basic hands-on skills would be most appropriately deployed.

  9. He who wants to be a God must first have the people’s respect, deny himself and walk humbly!!!

  10. Annunaki,
    U mekking sport about Black people, I never trick anybody. Anyway, how would I be able to trick U? Some clever gents on here.

  11. Hal,
    U wrote that Bajans should not call anyone Morons. I disagreed and suggested that U could accept that Moniker if U wanted to but I was not.

  12. What conclusions have the BU intelligentsia come to, regarding the economic (or other) future of Barbados? To be honest the absence of ideas at the social partnership meeting has left me alarmed. Call it doom and gloom but unless some change occurs very soon, Barbados seems to be heading for failed state status. I don’t care who got us here, I just want to join with those who have a viable plan to get us out of the present mess. However all I keep getting are updates on the worsening economic and social situation and plenty of blame on whose fault it is.

  13. “Agree she got under his skin. He started his first intervention using mono tone. After Toni’s response he reverted to his usual rumshop brawling delivery style.”


    Christopher Sinckler is a disgraceful, BRAWLING, CANTANKEROUS, BOMBASTIC individual, who cannot help holding up his skirt to “block” and cuss people………..


    …………… ask June Fowler & Marla Dukharan.

    Dress a pig in a suit and place it in a “front house”……………. it does not change its characteristics….. it remains a pig.

  14. But Carson……Isn’t it amazing that these are the same descendants of slaveowners, you blighted and cursed slaves of parliament keep picking up the people’s contracts, pension money, taxpayer’s money and properties and giving them away to, over and over for the last 50 years…..

    …disenfranchisement by you and them…practiced over and over on the descendants of slaves by the slaves of parliament and the mangoste parasites for minorities who own them.

    Explain that.

  15. Artax August 12, 2017 at 11:28 PM #

    So much hate and anger spilling out of the craw of that BLP yardfowl ..Negro check yuh self fool

  16. @ Ping Pong …8.08PM
    Boss, yours is a concern that should have come to the fore 10 years ago….. and indeed it did – right here on BU.
    Back then, when we were steaming full ahead through the iceberg riddled sea, everyone was to busy at the deck parties- trying to imbibe as much of the ‘goodies’ as they could…. to pay Bushie any mind.


    Having struck the iceberg right after the small-minded, petty, buffoon and colossal idiot called Froon took over the helm – and after the equally moronic ‘Eager 11’ failed to kick his ass overboard …and send out an SOS … HMS Barbados-Titanic was doomed.

    Our last hope was for a well-intentioned and knowledgeable PIRATE to take over the ship and use strong-arm measures to save as many lives as possible….
    But Caswell REFUSED to BUP…

    …now it is every man for himself… and although Bushie and a few others have been shouting ‘MURDER’ at the top of our voices for a while now, the bunch of brass bowls on board are only concerned about when the next deck-party is scheduled, …and if the drinks will be free.

    Intellectuals such as yourself with big-ass brains SHOULD have been rushing to the bridge to provide proper guidance, …. but NO!!! …wunna putting wunna trust in illiterate, unmannerly, uncouth, morons who were not even able to pass the damn 11+ exam ….and up to today, who cannot understand decimals …. or multiple 200,000 by 10 successfully…..


    Boss….It is going to be BAD…. REAL BAD!!!
    …and it is now every man for himself….

    The Titanic provides all the imagery needed for you to conceptualise our future….

  17. @ Ping Pong,

    If you are looking at conclusions for the Barbados economy may i suggest that you read the book of Revelations – the King James version. Bush Tea comments at 7.31am are accurate. My advice to you would be to pack your suitcase and search for greener pastures!

    • Carson et al

      Herbert’s ancestors are who exactly? I know you don’t know. For all you know he is related to Wilberforce or some other Freedom activist. Do U know that my relative had the first win in a Court Case in the UK against Slavery. But many here dont care about that, U are far more interested in blaming ALL Whites.

      THe White Supremacists march yesterday in Charlottesville, VA. It was mostly white Antifa versus the WS. Whites vs Whites mainly showing that they support Fairness to AfroAms and all minorities. Yet simpletons pun here casting ALL whites as bad, racist. DumbAss lack of thinking. It makes sense to have broad support as yesterday shows in Char, VA. Will BLM et al show any appreciation??????????????????

      Some on here have family who committed heinous acts against other humans over the last many years, should those alive today be sent to prison for ancestors crimes?????????????

  18. Bush Tea and Talking Loud

    Sigh. The facts speak loudly that you are correct. Some tried to provide rational advice but the proportion of the ignorant and corrupt had reached a critical mass and the “cancer” had spread to all the vital organs of Barbados.

  19. The unions have enough ammunition to shut down the country and remove this corrupt government forthwith.

    The latest dirty secret of selling a hotel worth 17 million for the lowly amount of 5 million to government bribers while refusing an 11 million offer by another potential buyer which would help the economy…… more than enough reason.

    The government has stubbornly refused to lower the wicked 10% tax that will cause starvation on their people, but are giving away the people’s properties for pocket change that can never cut down the deficit.

  20. “Herbert’s ancestors are who exactly? I know you don’t know. For all you know he is related to Wilberforce or some other Freedom activist.”

    MoneyB….for you and those who do not know, Wilberforce never fought for slavery to end in the Caribbean, he could not care less…his intent was to end slavery in UK, mostly because it was becoming unprofitable….do better research.

    It was the African dude prince Akino something who was kidnapped from Africa by white savages, who fought alongside Wilberforce and was really instrumental in fighting the british animals to stop their enslavement and kidnapping of Africans.

  21. MoneyB…that march yesterday was mostly about taking down any tributes to Robert Lee, the confederate general who fought to spread slavery among the areas that had not yet become states, the civil war was fought not to end slavery, but to prevent it from spreading to weak areas that had not yet become states….it was more of a show of power by that president of the day, I believe it was Lincoln…or another of them.

    Yesterdays march was to prevent idolizing demons like Lee who favored racism and slavery, like some of the presidents were….and was triggered by trump and his nasty racist views… more research.

  22. Carson

    I pity you and people of your mentality. All you have left to defend the DLP is the nasty racist rhetoric. The most offensive part of this racist rhetoric is your knowledge/hope that you can (again) manipulate the ‘average’ bajan voter, who, according to your belief, can be misled and programmed to reach as you want.


  23. I pity you blp yardfowls who would not open mouth and condemn one of your own namely Charles Herbert for using words of anger and hatred towards this country in an attempt to cause chaos

    No buddy too many ugly skeletons in wunna closet to be pointing fingers

  24. WW&C

    There is no proof only the prediction by Herbert, all of which is coming to pass. The worst taxes are those who’s origins are in governmental INCOMPETENCE.

  25. we been asking Angela Yardfow and Carson Yardfowl to show us the evidence against Herbert for the last 2 weeks.

    they obviously have no evidence..

    but so much evidence is piling up against government.

  26. The Proof and evidence goes as the following
    First i belive PM Stuart over the traitor Herbert
    Second Herbert has not issued a statement to refute what the PM has revealed
    Thirdly nor has Herbert taken any legal actions against govt revealed allegations which can do long term damage to his character and reputation
    Taking all the above into consideration there is no need for confirmation

    • Angela S,
      What are U talking about re Herbert?

      U tink we is DLP yardfowls that would believe U just so?

      Support your point your credibility,what lil there is, is dwindling quickly.

  27. yes there is because

    yardfowls lie..a lot

    Fruendel never showed any evidence that Herbert threatened any unrest, he just said he did, offhandedly in a newspaper article…even if yardfowls dont know any better, as an attorney Fruendel knows he should produce evidence, which Herbert cant refute…

    he knows he should have held a press conference, making the threat publlc, including notifying the police and security services..

    did Fruendel as PM do any of those things….no

    Fruendel lies…a lot

    only yardfowls who lie a lot would believe Fruendel….

    …remember the Cahill lies that slid so smoothly and believable from Fruendel`s tongue, which were proven to be lies, much later…

    show the letter, that is evidence..

  28. @ WW&C
    Why don’t you stop laughing at angela nuh?

    Bushie told you LONG ago that Herbert is a man among men…. and Bushie tends to be VERY frugal with praise….

    The very fact of the success of the BARBADIAN company that he runs …which goes against the grain of practically EVERY OTHER one… should speak for itself….

    But since Bajans do NOT go by such evidence, you can just look at the man and listen to his interventions, and it becomes clear that here is an intelligent, self-assured, GENTLEMAN.
    Herbert stands MILES above anything in the DLP in intellect. His field of study, like Walter B’s – requires a special kind of critical thinking – and he has the results to prove himself.
    He could easily retire to a corner and live in isolated luxury right now…

    He is the antithesis of Froon and his collection of incompetents – so it is only NATURAL that they find him offensive…. if he was a bushman they would likely crucify his donkey… 🙂

    That he pisses angela and Carson off is only gravy added…. This is FINAL confirmation that Herbert is a boss….

    Long before he came on BU, Bushie tagged him as a national asset….
    …just as Bushie had tagged Caswell (before he ever came on BU)… and David (BU) as gems.

    Once you get your hands on a whacker such things become as clear as midday…
    Jeff is a good man too …. lacking only a Damascene moment to REALLY shine.

    ha ha ha

  29. An intelligent man goes to the PM and advises him that things are in such shape, that unless strong action is taken, there could be social unrest in the country.

    This is something that ALL intelligent people on BU have been saying for YEARS now…

    BUT the DLP possie is so asinine, that they interpret this bit of wise counsel as a THREAT….
    …and actually looked to respond against the messenger…..


    Lo and behold, shiite breaks loose in the place with unheard of marches, mass shootings, traffic accidents, shiite rivers flowing in the streets, water shutdowns….

    You would think that the jackasses would now apologise for their MISTAKEN response to the messenger ..and seek wise counsel ….
    but no…. they send angela and Carson to argue their idiotic case….
    All we need now is Alvin throwing in his two cents worth…..

    Bottom line….. as Bushie warned since NOVEMBER 2016…
    If wunna foolish enough to build a monument to Satan – complete with his pitch fork emerging from the Earth and pointing towards the Heavens …. DO NOT BE surprised that Hell is unleashed in the land….
    Herbert may be seeing the financial repercussions, but Bushie has given the SPIRITUAL CAUSE.

    • Agree with your comment, Bajans like to split hairs. PM Stuart and his minions can lie to us about electoral irregularities and not do anything as promised , promise not to charge for tertiary education, steal from pensioners and expect not to be held to account. How dear he hold up an honest and successful citizen to the kind of ridicule.


  30. Carson C. Cadogan and Angela Skeete have been gaining some success in controlling BU, because we often ignore discussing the real issues to comment on their political rhetoric (I am guilty as charged), which will not change, no matter how many times we prove their stupidity.

    Their specific agenda is to prevent BU from achieving its objectives.

    Rather than continuing to allow the two resident DLP yard-fowls to control the focus of BU, perhaps it’s about time we should ignore them and remain focused on the topic of discussion.

  31. lol…not those 2 repulsive, disgusting, nimbles infested yardfowls Angela and Carson though….

    stay clear of those two, eating them is not an option…MoneyB.

    Bushman…those two are too stupid to notice that i dont even allow anyone to lie on the US which i love to demonize for entertainment, its one thing to morally expose the transgressions of others based on principle, its a completely different animal to lie on people just to deceive a whole population.

    that is reprehensible.

  32. Oh btw WWW i thought you said a few days ago that you never read my comments but true to form both you and the other paling cock Artax cant help wunna self seems like wunna craw cant enough enough scratch grain

    Even a fool would find it strange that BU David has not engaged in his usual way of finding things that have fallen off the truck in reference to that nasty letter the scumbag Herbert wrote
    Strange! because one knows David has this penchant for full exposure when it comes to govt business
    However i would not say he has resisted the temptation by not disclosing any material associated with Herbert letter.but this i say it might just be his association with those who knows Herbert and as a favour resist the temptation of posting the letter
    Or it might be that the operatives within the blp camp who has in the past used illegal channels by way of acessing govt material thought it in the best interest of the blp not to share contents of the letter with David BU
    All in all there is some cause for suspicion as to why BU has not shared the letter with the bu audience
    Now yuh all blp yardfowls go ahead and cuss me.
    Have a nice day.

  33. Angela Yardfowl….the letter did not fall off any trucks, because it dont exist.

    Have you tried posting the letter in confudence to the Blogmaster.

    Anyway….that day ya were out of control and completely off ya rocker…I was not the only one had to stop reading ya rubbish, it was hurting everyone’s heads.

  34. If the letter does not exist. How come scumbag Herbert has not denied or participate in any actions legally that would clear his name
    Only Blp yardfowls of your breeding would want to deny that one of your associates Charles Herbert is a traitor and the PM ratted him out
    Unless Herbert has the guts to defend himself against such allegations he would remained a dangerous traitor staking a claim against the better interest of Barbados
    The two alliances the BLP and Charles Herbert makes for interesting analysis maybe one day a scientific report would be drawn up as to why the BLP would be associated with a person of criminal intent hell bent on doing harm to this tiny island
    Such associations pointing to people in govt choosing to have links or ties to criminality with people intentions to creates civil unrest truly boggles the mind and is dangerously frightening


  35. Artax August 13, 2017 at 2:10 PM #

    In response

    isnt that walking missile Chrales Herbert a member of the Social partnership
    Or would you prefer for his name not to be mentioned (for the obvious) in regards to the issue at hand
    Btw i was told that all of Charles Herbert goons are reading BU
    If that is the case they need to defend him and not sit like silent partners and co- conspirators to his dastardly intents

  36. Cuh shiite!!!
    If the letter was sent to the idiot-in-chief … just get HIM to post it nuh?
    Has he not finished reading it yet…?
    Stop pestering David…

    …same way he posted the note about Mia that Arthur handed him in jest when the Eager !! had him by the ass…
    Wunna DLP shiitehounds are so OVERBEARING….. !!!!

  37. Bush Tea there is none more over bearing than you jac.a,ss
    do you know the difference between idle gossip which you spew as a daily occurrence on BU and official govt documents which can be comprised if received into the hands of the wrong people, BU has a history for such error
    Why would PM stuart be so foolish to post a document which by all probabilities can be tampered by way of technology which can be damaging with an intent of proving the PM as a liar
    Any other person/s outside the PM Herbert and the court ought not to have permission to the letter
    But this i say if the PM was vindictive he would have quickly handed the letter over to the proper authorities for further investigation of Charles Herbert

  38. On one hand, Freundel Stuart told the gullible party faithful at a luncheon of the DLP’s Christ Church West constituency branch, that Charles Herbert’s letter was a threat “of social unrest.”

    And on the other hand, he subsequently agreed in principle to a meeting of the social partnership.

    Did he succumbed to the threat?

    Is Stuart more “bark than bite”………… or “more froth than beer?”

    Is Stuart the “lamb” and Herbert the “lion?”

  39. Toni Moore lambaste the PM in an article in BT.

    The man is a blasted liar………a scumbag……waited until his wind up to repeat the lie that unions agreed to wait until September. Ms Moore said one of the members asked him as a query about waiting to see how the tax perform at the end of September and whether there would be discussions about a salary increase then.

    But it was never a position of the unions to wait until September.

    Ms Redman said it best…….why would they agree with the government to impose a burdensome tax on the workers for then to wait to see if they would get back some in the form of an increase in salary………does that make sense?

    Only to idiots like Freundel and Stinkliar.

  40. Stuart is a pompous idiot.

    I am waiting for the night he has to concede power. I would never forget election night in 2013…………….the man “won” and he was so NASTY.

  41. “How come scumbag Herbert has not denied or participate in any actions legally that would clear his name”

    Angela Yardfowl….why should he, it’s only you yardfowls on BU keep on and on about the damn letter, even Fruendel stopped mentioning it after it backfired on him…so why should Herbert be concerned about 2 yardfowls mentioning a letter on BU…..that is harmless.

    I wont either…particularly since none of you yardfowls can produce the letter, as evidence.

  42. PM Stuart told a TRUTH which cannot be refuted by CHARLIES HERBERT a chink in the armour of the BLP for what it is worth when the election bell Rings,
    HELLO MOTTLEY choose yuh friends carefully

    Charles Herbert Mottley connection is what poor rakey politicians are made of . Mottley puts on a face against violence but closed her mouth when PM stuart speaks the truth about one of her associates Charles Herbert bunch of hypocrites

    • U try very hard to propagandise this letter from Herbert. Unfortunately, for U and your associates CH is far too clever to put anything in writing that can be used against him in a Court of Law. He was merely emphasising that the social temperature in Bim was rising to boiling point and that solutions were urgently required. This gent is more statesman than any of you yahoos in the DLP, including Stuart.

      Evabuddy know that this DLP is an imposter and the Skippa Dippa will soon jump out the grave to severely reprimand wunna miscreants. SAAAAAADD!

      Errol and Cammie would be shame, shame, shame.

  43. Angela Yardfowl has no shame.

    She lies just for lying sake, even though she knows no one believes her, she lies anyway.

    That’s what yardfowls do, that is what makes them so repulsive.

  44. Money brain speak for yuhself you aint no Charles Herbert
    Under my watch Charles Herbert would have been lost away in Dodds

  45. @ angela
    Under your watch, we ALL would be lost away …in shiite….
    Oh wait … we are halfway there already – in Christ Church as least….

    It is a challenge – even for Bushie – to conceptualise how ANYONE could be as full of it as you clearly are….

    It is as though the DLP is allergic to intelligence….
    First you were threatening to ‘burn’ Bushie… no doubt you developed some personal issues in your life that encouraged you to stay away from the whacker….
    Now you want to ‘lost away’ Herbert in Dodds
    Lord knows what you would do to Artax

    Your donkey is possessed with the spirits now residing at the Garrison.
    Have you considered a bush bath?

  46. Lol……commenter on barbadostoday is telling the other yardfowl Carson, he sounds desperate, stop drinking so much coffee….

    Carson continues to lie even though the truth is about to push that corrupt government out of the people’s parliament..

    Yardfowls are wasting their time, people’s minds are made up.

  47. Bush Tea and furthermore under my watch Herbert would be consider a terriorist and all his present and past activities would be sent to the FBI for future references and as an indicator

  48. LOL @ angela Shiitee
    ….furthermore under my watch Herbert would be consider a terriorist
    What the hell is a ‘terriorist’? …yuh idiot!!
    …someone who puts fear in the hearts of a shiite prime minister?
    …someone who owns a small dog?
    …a man of the soil?

    Wunna people are something else…
    Can’t do decimals…
    Can’t multiple whole numbers…
    Can’t get wunna words even close to meaningful….

    Cuddear angela do us all a favour and change back to ac nuh….
    ac was as stupid as a rock – but at least she was not a death ‘angela’….

    Ever since the monument get build …Bushie note that you changed into a death angela….
    Tek care Bushie don’t come down by the Garrison and sprinkle some holy water on your donkey…
    ha ha ha

    • Devila, (aka Angela)
      U and your Political buds better trust that the FBI et al don’t ever conduct a full forensic audit of your activities.

  49. Bush tea but what interest is of yours as to how Charles Herbert is identified or villified
    Seems to me that you might be Charles Herbert or one of his close counter parts and just might be a co conspirator to his evilness
    Just a friendly reminder lying next to fleas the inevitable happens ole joker

  50. @ angela
    Bush tea but what interest is of yours ….
    Thanks for the ‘friendly reminder’… but what happened…?
    is it that wunna getting so much licks from Herbert that Bushie is now yuh friend…?
    ..or have you fallen for Charles now…? …cause you used to cuss Bushie bad too…when you was in love with de bushman… 🙂 wink wink…
    ..the udder man ever came back from Arizona…!!

    You done know that Bushie nosey already…and does push de whacker in all kinda corners – especially where crap starting to grow…

    …and crap seems to follow you around …so get used to de whacker…

  51. Lol….something else is going on, got the yardfowls on edge, but it will come out in the wash.

  52. David

    Could you post the “Wild Coot” article from todays Nation as it sums up all we have been saying and more rather nicely.

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