DLP and BLP Challenged to National Debate

Submitted by Neil Holder, leader of the BIM

The Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) has issued a challenge to the leaders of the two established political parties Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and Opposition leader Mia Mottley to a national debate.


  • Mr. Holder before you make a fool of yourself, let the populace know how many candidates you expect to run in this election. Your only hope will only occur if it is a tie or a one seat majority where you might be able to to join the party with the one seat majority. But, you must first win your seat.


  • PoorPeacefulandPolitePensioner

    Won’t help the BIM for sure. The election date may be May 24th but the electorate has already voted. We can only hope that a suitably qualified team is chosen to serve in opposition.


  • Another time waster and deposit contributor to the GDP.


  • Somebody should tell him that no one should punch down.


  • Gabriel

    Did you see Dennis Lowe on DLPTV tonight?……….the man is a shell of himself walking with a cane.

    Miller will comment on his lips…… for sure!


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Just proves the point that you really should not say things like “over my dead body”.


  • Say what you will a national debate between the political parties should be standard leading into an election and even outside the period. Debates efficiently moderated by independent moderators agreed between the parties. If there is a message the respective parties should be willing to discuss and defend positions. Instead we have the parties cherry-picking when they want to interact with the public. Laughable!


  • Perhaps Mr. Holder may want to tell us why he does not want the UPP and Solutions Barbados involved in the debate.

    Based on his “mouthings,” Neil Holder & BIM’s real agenda does not have anything to do with governing the social and economic affairs of Barbados.


  • Prodigal
    See my 8.40pm comment at the #sewagerush@accra

    I share your view on how Lowe looks.A shadow of his former arrogant self.And Stuart looks a defeated man,there was no clip in his step and there was no jucking the fingers in the air.Noticeably absent was his Eminence (Stuart’s description of him)Christopher Sinckler.


  • We are at a loss how a knee operation is responsible for the current physical appearance of Lowe. If he is ailing he needs to go home and look after his health.

    On a related note, was Estwick spotted paying his deposit?


  • Georgie Porgie

    re We are at a loss how a knee operation is responsible for the current physical appearance of Lowe




  • Hats 🎩 off to George Payne as Chairman of the BLP !

    Imagine Mia Mottley telling Barbadians since December 2017 the BLP ready fuh General Elections

    All the candidates in place !

    All the constituencies have their candidates in place !

    Lo and behold on May 2 , 2018 …….Jeffrey Bostic picture appears on a billboard …….stating that he is the candidate for St. Michael South !

    But Kirk Murray is already the BLP declared candidate for St. Michael South constituency !

    So Mia Mottley has re introduced double – member constituencies in BARBADOS 🇧🇧 …..without Parliamentary approval !

    Since Parliament has already been dissolved !

    So this billboard blunder by Mia & the Bees

    Clearly shows that she is a law breaker !!

    Barbados deserves better !!

    Stay with the Dems , again


  • Didn’t Mara Thompson say she was not running and did an about turn. Obviously the foot soldiers on the ground made an error, the City and South constituencies but and bound. Why not defend the report issued by the Governor of the Central Bank or the shit running on the South Coast.


  • Jeff Cumberbatch

    Say what you will a national debate between the political parties should be standard leading into an election and even outside the period. Debates efficiently moderated by independent moderators agreed between the parties. If there is a message the respective parties should be willing to discuss and defend positions. Instead we have the parties cherry-picking when they want to interact with the public. Laughable!

    @ David, a most perceptive observation. But most prefer to base their vote on historical loyalties, hope of largesse, and circuses. The hard questions are never asked or answered…

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  • @Jeff

    All political parties have a base that support the parties no matter what hence the term yardfowl. In the case of Barbados given our level of education investment the base mentioned should be negligible. A case study for somebody?


  • Jeff Cumberbatch

    A case study for somebody?

    @ David, Perhaps our political scientists should do more than conjecture on the likely outcome of general elections and should analyze why our system is the way it is…


  • Agree with you Jeff, there is a dearth of Independent analysts and consequently analysis. This deficiency comingles with a weak fourth estate. Any plan to remediate our situation will call for civil society to support rebuild these important planks that must be the undergirding of a strong society. The politicians patrolling the corridors of BU please update your speaker notes.


  • Agree with Jeff and David.We need to ‘remake the wheel’ or as Frank Walcott would say you have to split the atom.


  • Fractured BLP



    Is this Bill Cosby in the picture attached to this story ?

    The person sure have a striking resemblance of him !

    If it is not Bill Cosby , then I sure hope the person has not committed the same transgressions !



    ” the country’s oldest political party exemplified togetherness in attracting all 30 candidates to

    simultaneously pay their $250 deposit into the Treasury Department for the upcoming May 24 general election.”


  • Government has accepted an offer for the sale of the Hilton Hotel.

    This disclosure was made to the media hours ago by Chris Sinckler


  • @Hants

    Like the appointment of 600 plus public sector workers this sale at minimum must be described as an illegal and unethical act by a government operating without a ‘mandate’.


  • The money that will be sepnt by the two main political parties will force the third parties to be invisible.


  • Hants May 3, 2018 6:37 PM

    This cannot be real. The DLP should have postponed any such major decision after the general election had been called. This is gangster capitalism. Opposition arties should go to court to stop the sale and the buyer should be investigated.


  • Agree David and Hal………this dlp should not have been negotiating any deals after March 5th, 2018 on behalf of this country.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David Mr Blogmaster, re “… a national debate between the political parties should be standard leading into an election and even outside the period.”

    First up there are national debates every Budget period and also during other parliamentary sessions and invariably the hard questions still remain unanswered. And aren’t parties debating weekly on the radio stations.

    I have become ambivalent about candidate debates. The concept sounds good but at the end of the day it becomes a preening contest of who looks more photogenic and offers the most catchy phrase that can be molded into a sharp social media quote/meme.

    What really changed after the much hyped US Pres debates for example. The most telling moment in all the words said was for me a visual cue: the abject look of dread on Bill Clinton’s face when Trump pulled that stunt of parading Clinton’s pass accusers into the debate hall. That was pure funny theater.

    In our case too a debate will be among how many ? Two, Four or Five party leaders? Do fringe parties deserve the media time?

    Surely the party leaders can hold press availability sessions and allow extensive questioning – no holds barred – on the issues. Now that would be fun.. Remember how a young Harold Hoyte got his ‘comeuppance’ from a smartass leader way back then….or was that a debate they tried before a panel of journos…

    Either way it’s about hard questions on the issues… not about preening and who looks better than whom on TV.

    Nixon beat Kennedy on speaking and substance they said…but on radio. The debonair Kennedy was just too god looking and non-perspired on TV and wooed every viewer…so no wonder why Nixon was so obsessed to beat back all the sweet talkers later on when he won the WH 🙂


  • You are about maintaining the status quo then? You are happy to amplify the downside without giving consideration to the benefits?


  • @ David,

    Sinckler says “Government has accepted an offer for the sale of the Hilton Hotel.”

    Whose offer has been accepted ?

    I guess the public does not need to know.


  • Bobby Morris can share with BU what were his achievements as Caricom Ambassador.As fans as I know ….zilch,nothing.
    So David Thompson was proved right when he refused to extend Sir David’s tenure.Proved right Bobby?What you,an untruthful Dem do not want to say is that Thompson knew his shenanigans might surface and in all likelihood end up in the High Court as occurred and Sir David might be the final arbiter.You Dems are past masters in the art of treachery and subterfuge.May you never regain access to the reins of governance of this fair island ever again.Now be off humbug.


  • Gabriel

    One can also use Bobby Morris’ own words against him as well. He had a distinguished career as a unionist but has spoiled it these last few years with his extreme partisan rhetoric. With David Estwick seemingly gone in retirement from being the dlp’s pitbull, Morris seems to have taken over the mantle to be the dlp pitbull………

    David Thompson was being his usual nasty self when he refused to honour the tradition to extend the CJ’s contract.

    Look how well the new CJ is working out for Barbados.


  • “On two occasions previous to this one the third..”. Then we are surprised that all and sundry “running” and proclaiming to be a political leader. lmbao


  • @enuff

    You ready to call the seats for your side?


  • Waiiiitt……I thought BIM had a full slate of candidates…….with all the talk he got for Mia? I saw a picture of them paying in their deposits……..whole nine of them………….wth!

    No Neil, you cannot challenge Mia, you are not in Mia’s league………she has a full slate of candidates!


  • Two interesting developments on DLPTV tonight:

    ………Leroy Mc Clean is running in St John as an Independant

    …….at the top of the “news” Esther Byer Suckoo was shown with her receipt after paying her deposit with Jester Ince, Michael Lashley, the pitbull and George Pilgrim………….two items later there she is again with Dennis Kellman opening the door for the women of the DLP ……….she is now clad in a yellow shirt going to pay her deposit “again” with Kim Tudor, Verla Depeiza and my “favourite” DLP lady……Irene Sandiford Garner, the bandit chaser.

    My “favourite” girl, the bandit chaser declared that George Payne (she refused to call his name) is planning a big 70th celebration but she is going to show him who is going to be doing the big celebration.

    Irene should know that George still has the smelling salts for her from last time! LOL!!!!!!!!!


  • In the first instance…..Esther was clad in a blue shirt………I should have explained.

    Sad that they can monopolize CBC and the BLP MP’s could never get time.

    Change is on the way!


  • If Irene couldn’t win with a swing in 2008 what happens now when the swing will definitely be against the DEMS? What about orange hill box?


  • @Prodigal Son

    How is what is happening now any different from when the Bees were in government and Mia sent all her people to the Pine?


  • David

    I don’t ever call seats. I do know,however, that most (if not all) of the alternative parties candidates’ will lose their deposits–Neil Holder included. Didn’t Thompson and the DLP get plenty airtime on CBC when in Opposition? After all CBC always had strong Dems in their ranks.


    But Suckoo spot meeting got 5 people. CBC should show that too. Bandit chaser is another clown. Her best chance was 2008, lost ground in 2013 and expects to do better with an economy in the doldrums as a result of her party’s stewardship. You simply can’t make this up.


  • Bandit Chaser also dissed the people in Whitehill left them stranded and spiting them since ’08.There was a caller in to Brasstacks that had all the facts as a resident of Whitehill and used to deal some body blows to Irene.


  • But David………..be honest, during 1994-2007……..do you remember the DLP never having access to CBC? As I recall leading up to the 2008 election, David Thompson and his gang of what we now know as wildboys were on CBC more than the BLP………one had to wonder who was the government.

    I am for equal time for both parties, they were all elected by the people and the people need to see their representatives working on their behalf……….report the news regardless of party, we the taxpayers pay for CBC.

    The dems have turned CBC into a cesspool just like George Street.


  • Who de hell wants to get into a shouting match with Mottley and furthermore when she cant have her way hell tails for the door like she always do in Parliament.


  • Prodigal
    We can’t even say if there was another TV station it would balance the news.Look how David Ellis balancing the Brasstacks call in show.The man blocking and arguing with callers who have an inclination to be critical of the Dems and David is hogging the show talking all the time and won’t allow opposition supporters to develop their points,deny Peter Wickham a microphone and allow people like Glyne Murray and Denis Kellman guaranteed access and a hearing.We might have to think of garnering support to picket Bizzy and other sponsors of the Brasstacks show,hit Ellis in his effing pocket.


  • “Who de hell wants to get into a shouting match with Mottley and furthermore when she cant have her way hell tails for the door like she always do in Parliament.”

    Some of the most dishonest, disingenuous, deceitful and hypocritical people are “political yard-fowls.” When their party engages in an activity, it’s okay for them………however, when their opponents engage in a similar activity, they conveniently develop amnesia.

    I recall David Thompson walking out of parliament on numerous occasions….when he can’t have his way. Prior to the 2008 general elections, Thompson and the other Opposition members “stormed” out of parliament vowing not to return until Arthur called the elections.

    I also recall immediately after Arthur announced the date of the 2008 general elections, the DLP erected billboards and other “election paraphernalia” across the length and breadth of Barbados. Owen Arthur accused the DLP of “breaking the law,” because the party

    Owen Arthur accused the DLP of “breaking the law,” because the party had not sought and acquired permission from the Town Planning Department and the owners of property where the billboards were located.

    Ironically, the DEMS are now accusing the BEES of “illegally” placing posters on electricity poles and erecting bill boards.

    Voters are considered to be mature individuals…………it is about time we move away from this childish, political “blame game” nonsense.


  • Arta
    We can go back even to the post ’76 era when Barrow,Sleepy etc all used to walk out of Parliament regularly reeling from the verbal body blows of the Great Combination.Its not a laughing matter but Tom used to set them up and they always fell for his bait.They would walk out and Tom would pass bills without debate,in particular Caribbean Aiirlines financial support bills.


  • This is no more than a hollow appeal, to vanity

    Begging the duopoly to give you a chance to defeat it on national TV and radio has the odour of desperation.

    This BIM has been given years of opportunities to challenge this two-party formation

    It has refused to develop a coherent political strategy.

    BIM has allowed all of these years of BLP/DLP failures to pass it by

    In those years, and if BIM, was to be a serious political force, it would have continually tested its support amongst the masses.

    Not merely wait for the final exam to be set by Stuart to then seek to cram years of political homework into a few weeks. Let alone being dependent on a single stone, like a DAVID, to kill the fictional Samson.

    We don’t know how this BIM could expect to capture popular imaginations and cannot get 100 people in the streets far less 20,000.

    There is already a tried and tested mechanism for the destruction of power monopolists which all third parties in Barbados continue to ignore at their peril.

    That any serious third party is so unaware relegates it to being the proverbial political gadfly they will always be!

    These empty challenges is not it!

    Now that you have had your minute’s of false braggadocio, be rightly consigned to political obscurity – BIM, pun intended!


  • Is it true or just terrible rumour that the Dems have brought in a container of Vaseline for everyone, to deal with the after election financial adjustments if they win?


  • UPP St Michael North launches mobile unit

    the St Michael North Candidate for the United Progressive Party (UPP) Maria Phillips has launched a mobile unit.



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