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  1. Is it a lose observation or his Mia winning the attention at the moment?

    Is there an obstacle preventing the opposition party or Mia in this case leading the charge on behalf of the Clico policyholders pro bono?

    It would boost her political stock no end.

  2. Owen Arthur was very poor-rakey at the same meeting, all he is doing is begging for another chance – is like all Sobers can do is talk about his Hat Trick forever… Mottley on other hand is not saying this is problem but showing where and how to counter the challenges

  3. Not that I love the now Prime Minister less but it’s because I love my country more! Doesen’t anyone get it? It’s just a matter of time!Mottley has the passe par tout as she did when first was made a Senator.The P.M clearly has no band aids for these sores.There is none so blind as he who just WON’T see!!!!So then….loving my country more I hope and pray that Mia will save us from OURSELVES!!! Red Plastic Bag song ‘Heroes’ is interesting..and dem ain’t get a day!! Mia.. “Do de dog do!” The P.M is no match for you!

  4. @Someday Someone Gotta Say Enough | June 28, 2011 at 12:04 PM

    “Owen Arthur was very poor-rakey at the same meeting, all he is doing is begging for another chance – is like all Sobers can do is talk about his Hat Trick forever… Mottley on other hand is not saying this is problem but showing where and how to counter the challenges”
    SSGSE, It’s easy to come to your conclusion, if all you follow is CBC DLP TV Prime Time News coverage (non-exixtent) which is co-ordinated and vetted by that dyed-in-the-blood DLPite buffoon Reudon Eversley. Also, you will see very little, or nothing, reported in the DLP RAG The Advocate.
    And don’t cast aspersions on the name of our distinguished, only living National Hero.

    If you had actually attended the meeting, you would have heard Mr. Arthur address the DLP’s ludicrous charge that in 14 years, the BLP did absolutely nothing to re-structure the Barbados economy. That part of his address was covered by BARBADOS TODAY (ONLINE) at page 5, on June 27th.

    THE NATION on page 7, Monday June 27, covered the only “begging” (to quote you) that Mr.Arthur did, and that was to “beg” this incompassionate uncaring government, not to freeze the wages of the people at the bottom, the poor suffering people who are experiencing great difficulty in existing, as it presently stands.

    So Mr or Mrs. SSGSE, don’t rely on stupid propaganda from your DLP spies and malicious fabricators. Attend the BLP meetings with an attitude to be informed, and to learn, or at least read the reports that I have directed you to, and then tell me what you find “poor-rakey’ about what Arthur said.

  5. It may come as a surprise to David and some BU Readers, but the fact is, that the BLP manages to put together a good team with many good arguments. On the other hand, the DEMS on recent record manage to put together miscreants to good oratory and then self-bless them with purses that promise, promise, promise, despite delivery is far from ever forthcoming. I wish both Mia and the Leader of the Opposition well; however, I must say that while I am beginning to be impressed with one side of the political class, I am more than disappointed in the faction that currently governs. Barbadians expect and deserve more. Will PM Stuart call the elections and let us see if we can take a new guard? I suspect he may not heed my call this year, but I am sure that with the public becoming a bit more vocal and many more persons are cringing from the economic taxes and blows, and when added to the internal rumblings of the DLP, elections will most definitely be called at a specific time between the 2011 and 2012 DLP annual conference. PM Stuart, a man who appears rooted to a conservative and almost sedate form of politics, will not risk the 2012 DLP conference since his hand may likely be forced. Please, put Barbados first, let us start anew with a new team capable of effectively directing the regrowth of Barbados.

  6. @DAVID
    “Is it a lose observation or is Mia winning the attention at the moment?”
    Seems that the 2 top “DAVID’s” of the Barbados media, both bask in the glory of playing devil’s advocates. Yuh know, the other DAVID over at VOB’s BRASS TACKS, literally bubbles over with joy when playing this game too!

  7. So P.M. Freundel Stuart believes that Adrian Clarke’s song, “Freundel, We Need An Answer’ has very good subject matter?

    Hear Mr. Silence himself, silent even when he speaks:

    “You don’t look for essentials and small topics to deal with; you look for the big ones. And he (Clarke) has chosen a big one. In fact he has chosen the biggest one. He is a sensible fellow,” Silence Stuart said with a hearty laugh.

    Reminds me again of staunch BU contributor, HAMILTON HILL, who like Silence Stuart, thinks that major issues in this country are matters for laughter!

    Stuart ought not to fool himself that Adrian Clarke, considered to be a supporter of his party, is singing this song simply to ensure that he has a big hit, and to win the crown. Clarke states that this song is a true reflection of what he hears from the people on the ground, and he is very serious about his portrayal of the issues. He is first and foremost, a dedicated social commentator!

    If Stuart’s response to Clarke’s portrayal of his (Silence’s) perormance can be so flippant and indeed irresponsible, I really would like to urgently hear his answers to the questions laid at his feet by Mia Mottley in relation to CLICO and his PAL LEROY PARRIS..

    We are not interested in your weird sarcasm, Mr. Prime Minister. Political leadership in Barbados as practiced by you, has indeed been transformed into a sad joke.

    • Mia asked in the video if the company paid Parris a gratuity in August if it would have acknowledged a debt owed.

      The removal of the Oversight committee and the demise of the MOU would have allowed it.

    • Mia in a no holds delivery stated emphatically she does not want to see a repeat of St. James North hence why she is running for Chair of the party.

      This is statement obviously puts her on a collision course with Arthur.

    • @Hants

      Maybe you are correct but BU’s assessment is that the cuts have now become too deep to heal in time but we shall see.

      The economy and a few other issues will hold the key.

  8. David.

    When people are desperate for power they have no limits. Owen and Mia will not allow any obstacles to get in their way.

    OwenMia will present a united front.

    Desperate situations call for desperate actions.

  9. A David

    What is your point? Did Freundel and David ever kiss and make up? Come on, I have no problems with an opinion, but let us be practical even if not wanting to be fair.

    Political parties exist to contest and try to win elections; not sit back and fight wars within so that those on the ringside can cheer or glare.

  10. @ David

    What is your point? Did Freundel and David ever kiss and make up? Come on, I have no problems with an opinion, but let us be practical even if not wanting to be fair.

    Political parties exist to contest and try to win elections; not sit back and fight wars within so that those on the ringside can cheer or glare.

  11. I attended the meeting and Owen reminded me of an athlete who can only replay his Glory Day over and over again, he did not offer any SOLUTIONS… Where do we get from this dire strait? Mottley is not only analysing problems and stating where the faults are… She is offering alternatives! I am no DEM nor Bee and right now, Barbados should go under Martial Law from a foreign power as far I am concerned if all we have is Owen or Freundel to choose from?

  12. i am wundering to know why mia did not pose those searching questions to her friend mr thompson concerning clico. although mr stuart did put his foot in his mouth in defence of his ‘friend’ mr parris, to be balanced, clico is mr thompson’s mess and not mr stuart’s. i am also wundering to know why clico’s law firm of vwhich mr thompson was a part did not contest mr parris claim against clico for the 10 million gratuity payment to which mr thompson was a party.

  13. Finally the Nation finished the story caused by the concern raised by one posted on Sunday.

    Keep the pressure in Barbadians.

    CLICO move

    By Tim Slinger | Wed, June 29, 2011 – 12:30 AM

    LAWYERS representing CLICO Holdings have appealed to the court for an extension of time to file a defence in the multimillion dollar lawsuit brought against the company by former executive chairman Leroy Parris.

    The application filed on Monday is now awaiting a date for hearing.

    In a statement yesterday, the law firm Lex Caribbean said the company (CLICO Holdings) had found no trace whatsoever of any contract guaranteeing Parris a $10 million gratuity payment.

    This had caused the delay in the firm’s presenting a defence, says head of the law firm, attorney Garth Patterson, QC, who noted that Parris’ legal representative, attorney Michael Yearwood, had given an undertaking to present the alleged agreement, but despite several promises it never received the document.

    “. . . The claim for gratuity is alleged based upon an agreement that is referred to in the statement of claim filed by Professional Financial Services Inc., a company controlled by Mr Parris. CLICO Holdings could not find in its records any copy of the alleged agreement, and in accordance with the rules of the Supreme Court requested that the claimant produce a copy,” the statement said.

    • @checkit-out

      Our comments crossed.

      It is also curious that Mia seems to be forcing the issue on the BLP side more than most. Is this a strategy to raise questions about others on the BLP side?

  14. See the Nation today at

    It gets curiouser and curiouser.

    Balance; Why would CLICO’s mess be only Mr. Thompson’s? IMHO It is mainly Mr. Thompson’s but Stuart and the DLP are almost equally culpable and Owen Arthur is also marginally culpable.

    Something is very rotten in Denmark and much of that rot lies with David Thompson, exaberated by the actions and inaction of the Stuart administration.

  15. David; We need an Afra raymond in Barbados on BU to simplify and explain what has and is happening with CLICO in Barbados. The story does not appear to be a pretty one. Donald Duck used to post some reasonable articles but he has been silent for sometime.

    Something is very very wrong!

  16. David, re. the other part of the question which you raised;

    Mia was addressing the CLICO issue head on from the time she was Opposition leader. Her recent address is probably merely a continuation of her fight in this regard, imho. However, I take your point. Her continuation with this “crusade” could show up the athers on her side and to that extent it might be a somewhat strategic move.

    The article today, reading between the lines, also suggest that my analysis in another stillborne topic on last week revelations might have been right and that both Barbados Today and the Nation got their conclusions wrong even though the seeds of the truth was in their respective articles.

  17. @David

    This is the more reason why members of the credit union should pay an inteterest who is tunning their crdedit union.

  18. @Someday Someone Gotta Say Enough | June 28, 2011 at 7:54 PM
    “I attended the meeting and Owen reminded me of an athlete who can only replay his Glory Day over and over again, he did not offer any SOLUTIONS…..”
    SSGSE, WOULD YOU LET ME KNOW, if you heard any of the following, when you were listening to Mr. Owen Arthur at the BLP St.James North Branch Meeting you claim to have attended on Sunday June 26, 2011?

    > > > > > > > > >
    Speaking to the St. James North branch of the Barbados Labour Party at the St. Albans Junior School on Sunday, June 26, MR. OWEN ARTHUR, the former Prime Minister and Minister of Finance for 14 years reminded the country of the economic restructuring that the BLP had undertaken while in office, and thanked DLP economist FRANK ALLEYNE for the wonderful consultancy and tremendous advice Alleyne had rendered as a consultant to Arthur.

    Opposition Leader Arthur stressed that because of the BLP’s policies, significant restructuring had taken place in the economic sector and included smashing the Cable and Wireless monopoly that had been given to it for 20 years by the DLP; getting rid of the Mobil refinery that had been guaranteed 15 per cent profit by the Dems; introducing an imaginative energy policy that gave a better price to diesel than gasoline and provided duty free concessions to businesses using diesel generators; reducing corporation tax to 25 per cent from the 40 per cent where the DLP had left it; and replacing 11 indirect taxes by the VAT at 15 per cent for 14 years and which the DLP had now raised to 17.5 per cent.

    Arthur pointed out that historically, Barbados had always operated in keeping with a vision of national development, a concept of which the DLP government clearly had no knowledge. David Thompson had made sure that he did not have the best minds to work with, choosing instead to work with the crudest of political operatives like Hartley Henry . Because of this hostility to people with ideas, Thompson had set the pattern of operations for his party by focusing on socialising, cutting deals and forming coalitions with the disaffected in society.

    Rather than instituting durable and far-reaching reform and restructuring, the DLP had chosen to indulge in such superficialities as free bus fares for school children, free summer camps and Constituency Councils to use public funds to try to buy cheap political power. So that the DLP was in a state of PERPETUAL INERTIA from which no major economic and social programmes have been forthcoming.

  19. How interesting that the said contract can’t be found at clico. Then again the former PS of finance did say may things could not be found. They really need a financial audit of the whole corporation from the holding company down..

  20. @Truthman

    Please come to the table with clean hands.

    The requirement of WTO and deregulation demanded that C&W had to be dealt with.

  21. Come off it! Stop making these silly comparisons of Mia and Owen. Owen is the leader. I don’t know if these are Dems wanting to cause problems or Mia people still griping ad nauseum. Get real!

  22. Wasn’t Mia, Parris and the dead King the three musketeers? Didn’t they look out for each other? Don’t know why she keeping so much noise for when Parris got her money out of CLICO when the KING put that $50m in there. Mia should really stop with that hypocritical behavior.

  23. Truthman Burton
    You are praising Owen Arthur and Owen Arthur is praising Frank Alleyne. That shows that you supporters are all hot air followers.
    Today on brass tacks Frank Alleyne showed that the government is on the right track. He went on to say had the government followed the counter cyclical approach suggested by economic guru Owen the country would be in the IMF hands today.
    He also said that Chris Sinckler has the best of Barbados economic brains to advise him and he listens.
    Now show me where the economy is being mismanaged and I would point you to the economic advisor who your leader paid such glowing compliments.
    Your leader really wants the economy to crash by advocating a pay increase for public workers. Dr.Frank Alleyne basically call that the wrong thing to do at this time

  24. @Clone

    Why are you wasting time with Truthman, i find his reasoning pathetic and he hasnt got a clue about economic and developmental issues. He, the Scout and Enuff dont want any progress to be made, but Barbados economy will come through this rough period and we are going to be stronger.

    I always respect professor’s Alleyne perspective, he is a world renowned economist, arthur is not.

  25. There was once a Motion of No Confidence in Hon D.J. Thompson brought by Hon M.A. Mottley for his handling of the CLICO collapse. During the debate The Hon Freundel Stuart said she should be punished with laughter.

    Well who is laughing now. Certainly not the depositors with CLICO.

  26. (1) Don’t just make generalisations J.O.S. & Clone. Exactly what did I say that lacks reason. Point it out to me, and I will get back to you.
    (2) Arthur thanked Alleyne for good consultancy, during his(Arthur’s) tenure as Minister of Finance. What is wrong with Arthur praising the man that you have such a deep respect for?
    (3) With respect to National Development, Arthur stated that Thompson seemingly preferred not to work with the best minds. Arthur said that Thompson chose to work with crude political operatives like Hartley Henry. Is not that true?
    (4) I may not be an economic guru like you two guys, but I would not be caught dead REPEATEDLY talking about “Physical Deficits” Your strictures against me would be more appropriately laid against that loud mouth moron you have sitting in the Senate, and working at the highest levels in the Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs…. JEPTER “PHYSICAL DEFICIT” INCE. I wonder what Dr. Alleyne thinks of him.
    (5) You sing the praises of Dr.Alleyne, yet you suggest that Arthur, in following Dr.Alleyne, is a “hot air follower” Your beloved Dr.Alleyne spouts hot air?
    What a bunch of confused dumb-heads.

  27. @JforJerome | June 29, 2011 at 7:23 PM |
    “There was once a Motion of No Confidence in Hon D.J. Thompson brought by Hon M.A. Mottley for his handling of the CLICO collapse…..”
    Jerome, this laughter thing appears to be endemic amongst the DEMS when it comes to very serious issues.

    Just last week, I placed some CLICO issues before one HAMILTON HILL, and he said there were LAUGHABLE!

    Now that missing TEN MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT that PARRIS signed with CLICO. We can be certain that THOMPSON drafted it. Where do you think it is, and why is it so difficult to find? Patterson is begging for it relentlessly. Would it be far-fetched to think that the departed anointed one took it with him? Now THAT would be laughable!

  28. @CLONE | June 29, 2011 at 4:40 PM
    “Your leader really wants the economy to crash by advocating a pay increase for public workers. Dr.Frank Alleyne basically call that the wrong thing to do at this time”
    CLONE, DON’T WASH YOUR LYING FOUL-SMELLING MOUTH on Mr. Arthur. The former Prime Minister DID NOT ask for wage INCREASES for PUBLIC WORKERS across the board as you FALSELY CLAIM above. Missing “undercover” DLP Talk Show Mouth-Piece TONY MARSHALL would say, “You are MISLEADING THE PUBLIC.”

    What Arthur actually did was to “beg” (to use the expression of your fellow dum-head, SSGSE) this uncaring, incompassionate government NOT to freeze the wages of the poor Barbadian workers at the bottom of the salary scale, because their suffering was already too great!

    You may also have MISLED Dr. Alleyne, because he provided a false answer to a LYING question.

  29. @ Just Only Asking

    Even though I aint unpick my teet yuh still can’t keep my name outta yuh mout. Your opinion of me i.e. I “don’t want any progress to be made” comes as no surprise; and until you do more than just only ask, I expect nothing to change.

    If demanding a coherent policy framework from the government is deemed anti-development then I stand guilty as charged.

  30. Truthman
    I see myself as a rational thinker and therefore will not be getting involved in any more discussion that suggests the BLP could have the Barbados economy in a better position with 3% growth and full employment.
    Today the governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank gave a report of negative growth last year for the OECS. The citizens of Greece rioted because of the hardship and now the IMF. The UK is in a shutdown by the civil servants unions striking because their pensions were being cut. Your leader and co- leader take us for fools. Too much info on the WWW.
    I understand your position Truthman you are missing the sweets. Were you on a Board, had a contract, had a canteen or in some way miss the tax payers money that party insiders normally have a piece of.
    I am not in that boat and so do not care which party win the government. I will work hard under any government because by my sweat I will survive in my own humble way.

  31. i have just been perusing the international monetary fund report of september 2009 on barbados. the report recognises the difficulties faced by the barbados economy as a result of the global recession.it also notes that ‘the Authorities(government) are reluctant to tighten fiscal policy on the grounds this would deepen the recession and weaken confidence; they are confident that they can secure foreign financing to cover the budget shortfall and stabilize reserves’. the I.M.F Mission recommended early tightening of The Fiscal stance within a credible medim mid-term Fiscal consolidation framework. The Mission encouraged the Authorities to aim for a lower Fiscal deficit in financial year 2009/2010 by trimming the fat of such entities of the Transport board and the B.A.M.C among other things given the uncertainties about the strength of the global recovery. The mission supported the efforts of the GovT to intensify its engagement with multilateral institutions but noted that some uncertainty persists with respect to the financing of the Fiscal deficit next year. The Mission also noted that there was a risk that under current policies, public debt would gradually grow to unsustainable levels. ( i am wundering to know if the free bus fares, free summer camps, free constituency councils and free housing g units at a time according to minister lashley when the N.H.c was broke could have in some way contributed to our unsustainable present Fiscal deficit.) Page 14 of the report makes interesting reading. In looking at the Barbados Economic performance in a Regional context between 2004-2009, it notes’ like other Caribbean countries, Barbados has been buffeted by the Global crisis and tourism arrivals which experienced slow growth over the last 5 years has contracted sharply so far in 2009. Barbados’ position has deteriorated significantly even compared to its neighbours further exacerbating ann already dificult public debt situation, just to provide some balance to those mascoll detractors, Public spending rose by 9.1 % during the first quarter of 2009.

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