Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) Issues Statement on Kadooment Day Shootings

7/08/2017 – 11:08PM 12 people reported to be shot and at least one dead others critical

8/08/2017 – 12:01AM QEH reports 20 people treated for gun shot injuries

8/08/2017 – confirmation  a 6 year old grazed by a bullet



  • Talking Loud,
    The reality is that Corruption has never worked for the man in the street. Sometimes people and countries need a good clean out or Purge in order to move forward. If they are not enough powerful and honest professionals internally to act on the corruption then it would have to come from outside. Bring in the Canadians to sort it out and maybe consider that the man in the street would be better off if we were a Province. The Politicians would be the losers so fugget about it, they care about themselves first and only.

    No country is perfect, it is who can help solve Bim’s problems quickly and comprehensively.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    “This month sees some significant anniversaries in the struggle against old-style colonialism. The trouble is that colonialism didn’t go away after countries in the developing world formally achieved their independence from Europe’s ‘Great Powers.’
    It was replaced by a new form which proved to be more destructive and immeasurably more dishonest than what went before.”

    That is the way it will remain as long as countries are dependant or targeted by the selfish, greedy and exploitative Europeans or North Americans etc of the world for their wealth and natural resources.

    MoneyB…you still insist on advocating for aid and handouts…which are equally destructive…

    … has it helped in the last 50 years, this aid and handouts from Europe, most of it was probably stolen and never reached the people it was meant for, just look where they are, hope you watched the live stream today, none of the titled idiots with their taxpayer funded miseducation, monthly salaries and perks know what to do…..or say.


  • ww,
    Seems to me one way of cutting the Corruption quickly. I did not support passing Aid etc through Corrupt Politicians hands, that would be gross stupidity. Purge the Corruption and Disarm the criminals, place the youth in a Military styled camp environment to learn Discipline of mind/ body. Educate / Train them according to their abilities and interests ie from Drs to garbage collection. It will work if conducted properly naturally it must be combined with Economic Reforms based on at least 5 industry/ Services and JOB creation. I know foreign owners who gave Bim a try and left disappointed because of poor Telecom service for example.
    In recent years Bajans have not been encouraged to think with the correct Success Attitude or to work hard.


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