Mia Mottley Government and the Goose

Submitted by The Mahogany Coconut Group

The Mahogany Coconut Group (MCG), joins with all Barbadians in wishing the newly elected Barbados Labour Party government, all the best as it takes over from the badly beaten Democratic Labour Party, whose ten years stay at the wicket, is best described as anemic and unsuccessful. The former prime minister, Mr. Freundel Stuart displayed not only poor leadership skills but bad manners by scarcely having any meaningful dialogue with the public. He chose mainly to address constituency branches of his party.

The public therefore gave Stuart and his miserable group the severe beating it deserved by giving the then opposition Barbados Labour Party under the leadership of Ms. Mia Mottley, all thirty parliamentary seats. The Democratic Labour Party will have to find a way to make itself once again relevant to the political process.

We also congratulate, Ms. Mia Mottley on becoming the first female prime minister of Barbados. We know Ms. Mottley as a seasoned politician. She has gone through the hottest fires and has emerged as one made of the finest steel; we will now await her performance as a leader

The MCG having closely followed the election of May 24th, 2018, must sadly conclude, that both parties have determined that the real cure of the country’s economic ailments are to be found in the IMF’s medicine chest. Hence as expected the country will be heading straight to the International Monetary Fund, for some very bitter medicine. Fifty years after Independence, and with literally thousands of University of the West Indies (UWI) graduates occupying our Caribbean landscape, we still cannot get our economies functioning at any progressive level.

Barbados, to all intents and purposes, is a one sector economy, depending almost exclusively on the tourism industry to keep its growth in any proper shape. Over the last ten years the government of the Democratic Labour Party failed to devise any sustainable economic policy.

Ms. Mottley has been given a warm welcome by all the major players, including the Social Partnership, which includes trade unions, business organizations and other interest groups. While we wish the new Barbados government all the best, we fear that once the IMF gets its predatory claws into the affairs of the country, escape may prove difficult, if not impossible.

Ms. Mottley has already delivered a mini-budget, which was nothing more than an instrument to raise taxes and deliver some promises made by her party during the elections. These included reinstating payment for university education and an increase to old age pensioners.

However, citizens are waiting to see what kind of restructuring program the country will enter under the IMF. Any underperformance of the tourism industry will be disastrous to the island’s economy. The great irony of Ms. Mottley’s mini budget, is the fact that it attempts to extract money from the very tourists, who it is inviting to assist with the country’s current predicament.

We can only hope that she does not kill the goose that lays the golden egg.


  • “No one can appreciate when the wealthy in ant (any) society is given a free pass by govt to avoid paying taxes especially in a hostile economic environment when others are asked to tighten their belts..”

    You political yard-fowls sickens me. You always come to mislead this forum with your political propaganda.

    You are implying that Mottley got up one morning and decided to write off taxes for the wealthy, when you know you are MANIPULATING the truth. In other words, you are a bloody liar….but, as a DLP yard-fowl, that’s the role you have to play in this forum.

    To be fair……and as I have mentioned on several occasions, the PM, acting on advice from the BRA, decided to write off taxes the BRA (NOT Mottley)deemed to be UNCOLLECTABLE.

    I hope you DID NOT appreciate when Thompson WAIVED $19M in taxes for the WEALTHY of the Barbados Turf Club, who were “given a free pass by govt to avoid paying taxes, especially in a hostile economic environment when others (were) asked to tighten their belts.”

    I hope you expressed similar sentiments when your inept DLP administration gave 40 years tax free concessions to Butch Stewart, while disadvantaging the other hoteliers. (I know what your respond will be. So, PLEASE PRESENT THE STATISTICS).

    You should also be APPALLED that tax free concessions were given to Hyatt, which has not been built as yet…….. and an individual is driving around Barbados in a $300,000 Mercedes Benz Coupe at the expense of the same poor you are hypocritically and deceitfully now trying to represent.


  • Theophilius Gazerts 250

    The problem with the Hydra is that as soon as one head was cut off, two more heads would emerge from the fresh wound.

    Hoping that Mia is blessed with folks who analyze the problem with Barbados in their totality and and comes up with realistic solutions.

    Having separate answers for each problem is not the solution.
    The fix of purging cases to reduce the load on the court is not a solution as it rewards those who created the logjam in the judicial system. Waiving debts reward those who refuse to pay their obligations.

    Indeed, we may be sending the message that if you manage to draw out processes and not pay r an extended period of time, then everything will be forgiven/forgotten. The cure is worse than the illness.

    Barbados needs an overhaul.
    Civics, pride nationhood, honesty and patriotism need to be taught in the school,
    A day’s pay for a honest day of work need to be part of the national pledge.
    Cronyism, yardfowlism and constitutional amendment for a select few need to be taken off the playbook.
    Sunshine laws, where ALL government deals are brought to light after a fixed period of time (maximum ffive years)
    Transparency legislation
    Investigation of corrupt practices. This should be met with jail time for those who were corrupted or the investigators (if they cannot get the job done)

    Time for us to abandon the politics of throwing scratch grain into the system. Is this the start of a next ten-year cycle???

    2013 –> 2018
    2014 –>2019
    2028—->2030 30-0

    I called the 2028 elections in 2018… Record it somewhere.


  • Guest,
    You are right. Because the Barbados Revenue Authority says that a debt is ‘uncollectable’ does not mean it is uncollectable. The BRA makes a recommendation to the government, which can accept or decline the advice.
    Why is the debt uncollectable? There must be numerous answers to that simple question. A responsible revenue authority would pursue the debt as long as the person or corporate still has assets, no matter how old the individual may be.
    Unless the individual is dead and left no assets or heirs, or the corporation was bankrupt, then the debt can be recovered. Barbados is 166 sq miles, so the money is collectable through the courts. In the case of the deceased, pursue their heirs through the courts.
    In the case of corporations, the nonsense of a company being a body corporate was necessary at the beginning of the concept of the limited liability company when the legislation was formed over a century ago.
    This legal loophole is now used for corrupt directors (and their bent auditors) to launch phoenix companies in order to avoid their responsibilities. That is why we need a new companies Act which will follow directors for company liabilities if the corporate fails. They should also face long-term bans.


  • Now we have the BWU pretending as if they did the members a big favour in accepting the crumbs that fell off the masters table after fighting tooth and nail against govt 49 million proposal
    Added to that insult is Toni Moore finally having to take it fromvthe a.ss in accepting that heading towards the workers is a bullet lodge in chamber tagged unemployment for the civil servants
    Tomi Moore how is that good representation for your members
    The long and short being that when dogs lie with lions the dogs would be mauled .


  • NorthernObserver

    “with bids of 50 cents on the dollar”….you can bid whatever you want? Until one of the instruments sells at a heavily discounted price, all you have is fishers.


  • It is not the Bees and Dees at all because they always represent the government of the people. The buck stops with us who define civil society.


  • The entity CHARGED with the RESPONSIBILITY for the COLLECTION of TAXES in Barbados (i.e. Inland Revenue Department and subsequently the BRA), makes a DETERMINATION that taxes owed to the state by an individual or business…..is UNCOLLECTIBLE……..would have obviously made that determination based on their rules of collection.

    And a paper boy is suggesting that if the entity made that determination, it does not mean the debt is uncollectible……..without having information relative what methods were used to make the determination…..or knowing what is the BRA’s collection statute of limitation………

    ……….shiite……I’m lost for words.


  • We often like to refer to the USA….while prefer love the UK.

    The IRS’ statute of limitations period for collection of tax arrears is ten (10) years. After that period has expired, they are barred by law from continuing collection activities.


  • @Mariposa June 15, 2018 12:12 AM “Oh yeah miller byt when Lagarde look at that loopsided budget she certainly going to askbthe doctor at hand what kind a medicine she drinking The IMF not just going think of a cuh dear poor barbados.Laggarrde at its team going go over that budget with a fine tooth comb and surgically cut out all the exposed fat like free tuition.”

    There is no free tuition, there never has been. By the time my first child went to university I had alreadypaid more than 250,000 in income taxes, + VAT + property tax. Besides “free tuition” is about “capacity building”. It is about educating the next generation of teachers, doctors, scientists, etc. It is NOT about “freeness”


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Mariposa June 16, 2018 1:11 PM
    “The long and short being that when dogs lie with lions the dogs would be mauled.”

    Your analogy would have been most apt when the BWU was in the same cozy bed as the DLP.

    However, both the emaciated union dogs and the weakened politcal lions are now in the same boat of starvation and neither can either hunt for herbivores or maul each other over any kill.

    The snarling hyenas and soaring vultures called T Boone Pickens and friends are the only game in Bridgetown.

    Barbados is in a rather frighteningly challenging place as predicted over the past 5 years by the prophets of the miller’s doom and others gloom.

    If only Stinkliar and musty Freundel had taken the advice of going to the IMF since 2014 the Bajan dollar would not be under so much pressure today.

    Now, Madame “ac”, should Madam PM Mottley go through with the sale of the BNTCL and the Hilton or should she lease the GAIA to a foreign entity and construct the Hyatt with local money arranged by Maloney & Co?


  • Nice manners Madam PM. Addressing the young journalist as “yes ma’am”.

    Class is class.

    I don’t recall previous PM’s addressing journalists as ma’am or sir?

    I recall journalists being chased away from a “private” meeting on a very public beach.


  • Miller..Too late for Mottley to consider sale of any entity. In any case that type of question should be asked by the media in respect to Mottley draconcian policies and aggressive approach to place barbados creditworthiness in default for many years.


  • These new conferences are begining to take on similarities of dictatorships where only one side is heard and fed to the populace as being correct


  • @David June 16, 2018 7:59 AM “You have focused on the symptom. In Barbados we have a situation where we are unable to hold managers accountable, the fact that same managers were unable to maintain the upkeep of two tanks.

    David I have to disagree with you and agree with sirfuzzy. Nasty attitudes from people from the bottom, up to the Ministers who feel that it is ok to get a job, to take taxpayers money, and not do the WORK. The tanks were dirty for years? We have not imported little green men from Mars, yet in a few days they are clean. Same BWA, same workers, same contractors? Perhaps is is helpful to have a Minister who insists that everybody, including the Minister himself that we HAVE to do the WORK the taxpayers PAY us to do.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Mariposa June 16, 2018 3:05 PM
    “Miller..Too late for Mottley to consider sale of any entity. In any case that type of question should be asked by the media in respect to Mottley draconcian policies and aggressive approach to place barbados creditworthiness in default for many years.”

    Barbados was placed in the inevitable credit default position from the time an ugly arrogant ‘powful-foolish’ jackass for a PM- who up to now still cannot figure out the difference between his own fiscal arse and his political elbow- and his ‘mal-functionally’ innumerate liar for a minister of finance were put in these important offices by Bajan brass-bowls to make the saying ‘square pegs in round holes’ have perfect meaning even to an accredited cretin like you, ac.

    Even the majority of yellow johnnies from your parish of residence, St. John, have seen the light emitting from the cleansing blue dawn of a new day of which you are so blindly unaware as you continue your RIP sleep bedraggled in your dirty old yard-fowl yellow and blue feathers.


  • Bees, Dees, pigs, men, all the same


  • “NorthernObserver June 16, 2018 1:41 PM /“with bids of 50 cents on the dollar”….you can bid whatever you want? Until one of the instruments sells at a heavily discounted price, all you have is fishers…”

    You may know that, but what about a pensioner that panics. The communication was inadequate.


  • Bees = Dees = Unions = Users of the masses for their personal objectives. The members of NUPW and BWU should consider joining UWU.


  • For those who are not aware, the only crimes not carrying STATUTES OF LIMITATIONS are murder, some places are adding rape, PARTICULARLY CHILD RAPE and one or two other criminal acts against state and people…which I can’t recall now because it is kinda convoluted……

    ….all other crimes carry a 7 – 10 year statute of limitations……including tax evasion, except maybe in the US…lol….when the criminals can no longer be pursued.


  • “1. There is an IRS statute of limitations on collecting taxes. The IRS is limited to 10 years to collect back taxes, after that, they are barred by law from continuing collection activities against you. 2.Dec 19, 2014”

    Actually…the 10 year statute of limitations on collecting taxes also applies to the US, so thinking anyone can collect taxes from 1968 is ludicrous..

    .amendments might have to be made to current local laws to collect taxes owed in the last 18 years…or just forego the whole episode and start seizing properties for non payment of taxes in last 9 years…no niceties necessary…


  • Carew, said it better


  • On another note..

    I tell ya..lol


    “I thought Theresa May would survive – now I’m not sure. Sajid Javid could be PM by the end of the year.”


  • NorthernObserver

    your take was a comment by the PM turned financial markets. My reply was nothing has yet turned.
    The market for GoB paper is dominated by large players. If a small holder is stupid enough to sell at 50% off, you know what they say, a fool and his money are easily separated. Wait until a seller’s asking price is 15% off.

    I noticed at the same BSE link, GEL has a special shareholder’s meeting without a currently provided agenda. What do they need shareholder approval for? Re-domiciling?


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