Reparation Talk With Dr.Pedro Welch and David Comissiong

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Please see the attached video taped conversation on REPARATIONS between Dr. PEDRO  WELCH, the chairman of the Barbados National Task Force on Reparations, and DAVID  COMISSIONG in his role as host of the University of the West Indies REGION  TALK television programme.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right _ INRI

    I had a few moments today to watch to old picture called the Broken Arrow which tried in the style of Holiwood to chronicle the displacement of the Six Nations of the Iroquois

    The picture failed to speak to the agony that these native Americans experienced under the same white people that this blog herein chronicles and how whitey takes everything wherever he goes by various means be it beads or whisky.

    What you must understand by the vitriol that some might see in Bushie’s words or my own, is that some people, like angenla davis or Carson CANNOT BE REASONED WITH and only will be prepared to give easement when you respond in a blaze of gunfire.

    “High Wind know where old house is…” Honourable Blogmaster and when there were men like Hilary Beckles and Austin Clarke of Growing Up Stupid Under the UnionJack, Whitey knew who to fear but with Sir Hilary and the now deceased Lamb called Tom, whitey can do all that silliness.

    There are some things that are not going to come via any type of negotiations by words and once you understand that then it will not rankle you when Angela calls you a speckled fowl or COW calls me an ape.

    The white man from England used the Native Indian to displace white French man from Europe

    Whitey The colonist then went on to use the same indian to displace the white man from England, and then he used the Indian to destroy the indian.

    Does this sound familiar to us? with our own imminent displacement happening around us in 2017?

    But we ent learn a ting have we?

    So in addition to us fighting here on BU, my brothers (and sisters) killing one another while we are being invaded by the same enemy once again


  • White Scum

    John when a city more developed than London is invaded by colonialists it is destroyed

    Brits and French started the downward spiral to degrade African Culture

    There was no good will with bad minded racists from hell

    If you want people to reply to you you should stop being an asshole,
    no one wants to speak to smart ass argumentative racist scum trolls

    If White Scum in Slaver Governments don’t pat their dues for reparations then that is an exposure of their racist mindset today for the world to see.


  • There are some things that are not going to come via any type of negotiations by words and once you understand that then it will not rankle you when Angela calls you a speckled fowl or COW calls me an ape.

    Upset? More like impatient at the stratospheric hignorance by a human being.


  • There is one race, the human race, past imperfect!!

    This is what is overlooked.

    No way of righting past wrongs, perceived or actual.

    The assumption that somehow there are more than one leads like any flawed assumption, nowhere.

    There is nothing to be gained pursuing a flawed assumption, only to make yourself miserable with hatred.


  • Look Out For The Devil

    In all his rage

    You may see him today

    Watch out for the Devil

    He is out of his cage

    He will deceive you


  • “There is one race, the human race, past imperfect!!”


    It is time for White Scum Leaders in USA and UK Government and majority People to make good on those words and prove their remorse

    and time to make reparative remunerate remedy to for their murder and robbery of other races

    White Bitches Words are Worthless and insincere / Actions speak louder than words

    Racism must be smashed everyday


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right _ INRI

    By the way Honourable Blogmaster this page is not working when you click the link, iyou have to click 3 times to get the last blogged article


  • Dear John

    On the issue of race, one can be theoretical and argue the point that there is one race, let us agree so that we move forward. However, the issues at play as exposed in this debate can be found in the definition of race relations to be found in the

    The term “race relations” refers to those forms of behavior which arise from the contacts and resulting interaction of people with varied physical and cultural characteristics. As defined by Robert E. Park (1939), the concept refers to all relationships which are capable of producing race conflict and race consciousness and which determine the relative status of groups in the community.

    It should be noted that differences in physical and genetic traits are important in contributing to the observed ecological, economic, social, and political relationships which constitute the subject matter of race relations. However, since contacts among people of diverse racial origins have usually involved groups with markedly variant technologies, patterns of social organization, political systems, and religious beliefs and values, the biological aspect of race has usually been interpreted as reinforcing these other differences rather than as a primary, independent factor in the observed behavior. Expressed in other terms, the association of people belonging to different racial groups also involves the association of groups with different cultural characteristics.


  • When will be paid for the work we have done

    we have worked this country for so long

    a woman cooked all your food and washed all your clothes

    we cut all your canes and laid the railway tracks

    worked our hands to the bones at your laundry mills

    so tell us when will be paid for the work we have done

    we fought in your wars in every land

    to make this country free for women children and man

    whenever we ask for pay or a loan

    that’s when everything seems to turn out wrong

    we’ve been beat up tormented shot down and stoned

    everything we do seems to turn out wrong

    so tell us when will be paid for the work we have done

    We have given our sweat and all of our tears

    stumbled through this life for more than 300 years

    We’ve been separated from the land which we knew

    Stripped from our culture

    People you know it is true

    So tell us when will be paid for the work we have done


  • @ Piece
    Boss … you just gone and mek Bushie into a movie star?… with your @ 3:45 AM post…

    If only the bushman was so refined as this character in your clip….
    …and BTW… the actual whacker is much bigger….. 🙂
    ha ha ha

    @ David
    To understand John, we would need to go back in time…. WAY BACK…

    When God was about ready to free ‘his symbolic people’ from 400 years of bondage in Egypt, he sent a bushman called ‘Moses’ with a big-ass stick to negotiate with Pharaoh.
    …wunna know the story …. Pharaoh ‘play that he dense’ and refused to ‘see’ the wickedness that Egypt had inflicted on God’s people. This all ended with a number of ‘plagues’ in Egypt’s donkey – ending with a devastating dissemination of their firstborn sons….

    Egypt paid ‘reparations’ for those 400 years of exploitation – and the payment was explained via a ‘victim’ of the slavery, who was highly educated BY THE VERY EGYPTIANS…… but who was then intercepted by BBE and given a big-ass stick.

    Fast forward to 2017… to the FINAL freeing of God’s ORIGINAL people…
    A bushman comes along – with nuff academic papers…this time given a big-ass whacker (now that technology has given us the internal combustion engine) and we have those who refuse to acknowledge the wicked exploitation of BBE’s original people…..

    John’s hard-headedness may be well beyond his ability to control… as it facilitates a level of discussion and EDUCATION that would otherwise be avoided by normal brass bowls in our compromised society. (Remember that ‘God hardened Pharaoh’s heart …FOR A PURPOSE)

    EVERYONE needs to understand the coming ‘reparations’…. and those Blacks (like those back then who liked the albino-centric life in slavery and wanted to go back to Egypt) who have been brainwashed into brassbowlery will join the unrepentant butchers in their reparations.

    Bushie could go on to explain the symbolism of having the blood of a lamb covering your family when the fateful day of reckoning comes too…
    …or we can all just wait a bit and see….


  • Barbados was a little slave plantation island and big slave port where it was easy to curtail cantankerous rebel slaves by shipping them off for sale further down the slave trade line.

    USA with Racist 65% European Americans (with Guns) giving Reparations for Slavery and Racism Crimes to 14% African American Victims (also with Guns) will be more ticklish


  • John

    Keep presenting the facts and hopefully some who come after us and read this post will understand the extent that some gullible Pelaus have ended up totally confused and ass backwards.

    We will never agree on interpretation when it deals with deities but I respect your research and look forward to more of same.

    Some on this post have been brainwashed from early especially by the latest religion that its disciple Bob Marley recanted before he died and others for various reasons but the underlying agenda is hatred of one tribe by others which is a self perpetuating corrosive exercise that will forever feed the killing gene that is in all of us.


  • “USA with Racist 65% European Americans (with Guns)”


    Disambiguation of above for the anal analyst’s analysis

    75% White Majority of which 65% are Racist Trash


  • Be You Yabby Yabby You

    Jesus Dread

    Lightning clap and a weak heart drop

    Natty play with the riddim rock with the riddim

    Natty Natty Congo

    Natty Natty Bongo


  • Vincent Anti-Christ

    See them there they favour sheep but them wolves

    See them they they favour Christ but them a anti-christ

    Bob Marley did a commendable service around the world promoting Black people as human

    His Spirit lives on


  • All the chanting repetition swearing cussing insulting won’t change the historical facts!!!

    Be cool!!


  • Reparations are due due to the facts

    Racist apologist shit stirrers “say be cool”

    Ignore White Noise
    Also called white sound. a steady, unvarying, unobtrusive sound, as an electronically produced drone or the sound of rain, used to mask or obliterate unwanted sounds.
    Physics. random noise with a uniform frequency spectrum over a wide range of frequencies.


  • Little minds need to use many words,songs,chants,swearing and cussing constantly in order to hide themselves from the truth.

    Very much like a small child clapping their hands over their ears,so as not to hear the unbearable realities of the real world we live in.

    Its a defense mechanism in order for them to continue to use the crutch of hatred which in turn justifies their existence…….without the corrosive bile they would simply waste away……no more purpose for living……….some humans are like that……their own worst enemy.

    Again this is written for posterity and for those who wish to learn.


  • Vincent

    You have been whinging about me for 4 weeks

    As a Black Bajan living in Britain you would know all about McPhearson Report
    published in 1999 which stated British Police were systemically Racist
    after the murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993.

    Blacks were saying they were racist for over 50 years.

    Point is you are the kind of black who is like a white who won’t recognise Racism until a white person tells you about it, then you will agree like a sycophant

    You will probably not reply again but will peep through door cracks like a women

    songs r not 4 u
    they are 4 posterity and black prosperity


  • From the outset of this post I stated that we are dealing with apples and oranges.

    I am a Caribbean Pelau and my interest and concern lies in the archipelago of my ancestors and my birth,no where else.

    I empathise with but have no real interest in the travails of minority groups living all over the world.

    The world has never and will never have a level playing field and the minorities will have to cut and contrive to suit their situations.

    I have never in my 40 odd years travelling to and living in the UK experienced any situation that could not be dealt with from the perspective of the ignorance of people as they abound all over the world,including Bim and come in all skin tones.

    I have never understood the desire by some people to live in a fair world,to be liked by others,to join others or to believe in things that cannot be proven.


  • I’m not to be understood. The things I do and say may confuse you. It’s not your job to figure out the concept behind an artist’s painting. We express ourselves externally for us not for you. We have something inside of us that is burning to come out. Give us the freedom of expression without judgement.

    It may have gone over your head but Little David may have been alluding to black people’s oral history of experiences of slavery and racism being expressed in black people’s music.

    If you listened to song lyrics of black music for black people revealed then you would understand the singers and players of instruments strong wise arguments for reparations revealed crushing your own nonsense pitiful witterings

    “I love to sing love songs
    But I have got a war on my hands and I have got to win it
    When I win the war,
    I will come back and sing you all love songs”
    ― Lee “Scratch” Perry

    Woman And Money, 10 Cent Skank


  • Factual history is a wonderfull tool to use as a reference for the actions of the human species.

    It tells us that we are made up of tribes and sub-tribes and shows us that tribal paramountcy was of a greater consideration than skintone,as a tribe can come in many degrees of melanin content.


  • Are human beings “naturally” violent? It’s a question that cuts to the heart of our species’ self-perception.
    Is Violence Embedded in Our DNA?
    Research suggests that throughout our evolution an innate tendency toward fighting shaped human anatomy.


  • Vincent

    Factual history of Britain’s Slave Trade Racism and Colonialism is plain to see.

    Britain shipped the equivalent of the population of England in African Slaves to Americas.

    If Britain needs an apologist troll to act as in their defence they can contact you.

    A Black Bajan token sell out could have some value in defence case against Caricom.


  • Wheel of Karma

    When David Cameron went to Jamaica he told them Slavery Reparations should not be given for their Crimes.

    He subsequently called a referendum to leave Brexit and lost his job and the result of which will be Britain will be as poor as Third World Countries that they robbed from and destroyed.

    What goes around comes around.


  • I find this song spiritually uplifting
    but beware others find it a little bit spooky


  • Now are we going to accuse all of the melanin deficient tribes around the world for these idiots’ ignorant actions?

    It comes ahead of a much larger rally planned for Saturday – billed as the “largest hate-gathering of its kind in decades in the US”.
    White supremacists chant Nazi slogans at rally in Virginia


  • @ Vincent

    You do not seem to be very competent at joining the dots together in sequence to see the bigger picture.

    You should not be so quick to give white a free pass for a free ride

    65% of the 75% disgruntled white majority voted for racist Trump to succeed the half white half black black and they are getting the fascist white voice they deserve

    This kind of racism is the English speaking white supremacy colonial racism revival kind, don’t call it a come back as it has been here before


  • Protests are for the youths not the oldies

    UK had Riots in Notting Hill Carnival, Brixton, Toxteth fighting against racist Police during 80’s
    like BLM are still protesting against in USA in this time

    Youths In Service


  • 555 wrote,
    65% of the 75% disgruntled white majority voted for racist Trump to succeed the half white half black black and they are getting the fascist white voice they deserve.

    Trump faced Hitlary not Barry so it was not all about Racism. Yes he did appeal to Racists as he knew that Black Racists would vote blindly 90%+ for Racist Hitlary of 3 Strikes, Derogatory comments on black youth, build many prisons to “house’ them, eloquent praise for the GrandCylclops of the KKK when he died (her mentor) etc etc. Yes that HRC.

    Trump knew he had to appeal to anyone that he could persuade to vote him in for the BETTER good and MAGA. Sad that this was necessary BUT if more AfrAms were really thinking clearly it might not have been necessary.(AfroAms in the major Cities vote DEM nearly 100% even though their City has been DAMAGED by DEMs for many years, that is plain ignorant/ madness—doing the same crap over and over again expecting better results that never comes) However, the vast majority of people in the mid West who turned from the DEMs to Trump did so for 1 reason —JOBS. They had been neglected and SOLD OUT for years, they are/ were searching for HOPE.(received this from a leading DEM who was telling HillyBilly / Dems to change strategy in early 2016).

    Most people in the US should want real change NOT the Obama promised change that never came. Where were the JOBS???? 8 mn+ still out of work but not in the numbers since they have dropped out of the stats.

    Dumbasses say that Trump should just open the borders but the jobs that are and will be available are for highly educated people who the US needs right away to hit the road running, make a positive impact immediately. Besides they are already 12+ million illegals to take low paying Jobs from Americans who want to be on Welfare anyway. 54 countries speak English as 1 st language and many others as second. America wants people from Asia/ Europe or wherever who have top flight educations in Maths/ Science there are few vacancies for the uneducated masses eg retail jobs shrinking quickly thousands of stores closing and going bankrupt. Great strategy NOT Racist!


  • “Trump faced Hitlary not Barry so it was not all about Racism.”


    Trump proved his contempt for mixed race Obama and pushed out birther nonsense

    like the white Tea Party who were also up in arms screaming and going red

    he tapped into racist networks such as KKK the invisible Government who police negroes

    like you tap into alt-right hate with your Hitlary memes unoriginality with no power of thought

    I did not bother reading past that sentence above as white trash speaks numbs the brain

    To hang out and reason with small minded people like you after school days is madness with your nonsense banter and piss take


  • Money Brain,

    Until you understand “the Doctrine of Manifest Destiny” and relate it to the racism, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and the atrocities committed by the original refugees from Europe, you cannot understand the history of the white man in America. You cannot understand the atrocities committed by the white man when they landed on the shores of Barbados. You would not understand that there is no difference between the white slaves from Ireland and Scotland who were sold into slavery in the Caribbean, and the back slaves from Africa who were sold into slavery in the Caribbean and America. you would not understand the call for reparations for people of African descent, in the caribbean, and those in the United States. You nee a complete psychological makeover to understand anything about what the discussion is about.


  • ALVIN,
    No ONE alive today deserves to benefit from $$$$$$$$$$$$$ when they did NOT suffer personally. Anyway, if so, I have to put in a claim for my Irish /Scottish family, my Coal slave family, etc etc.
    I guarantee U that I understand it all and nuffty people just want CASH $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    Alvin–work on not backing LOSERS!

    Alvin,If I have said anything remotely Racist it is because they are people on here that make statements like 100% or All White people are racist which is absolutely not the case.

    Alvin U really have to consider that your proclivity to back LOSERS is not helpful to the People of Bim or Canada.
    1 De Losing Party in Bim—U support.

    2 U back de Lessie Loser at Queens Park—the Provincial Libs

    3 U back Lil Justin who many are starting to comprehend is a Boss Loser.

    NONE of these people/ parties are of minimally acceptable calibre.

    Stop showing up yourself in this way afterall U claim to have conducted yourself admirably at Mt Sinai.


  • Chuckle……Alvin where you now come from.

    …this is about reparations not DEMS,unless of course your party wishes to get its hands on that money as well.

    The only manifest destiny of this world is the continous movement of tribes as history has shown us either by exploration and conquest or voluntary resettlement.


  • If your family was born in slavery or you live in poverty or in another land then you are a victim of slavery

    The beneficiaries of slavery built all their wealth from it, and it was operated at national level not a gang level

    Money scum think repeated mindless rebuttal arguments suffice hence no progress is made with the biased white race racists at heart


  • Visions Of Jah


  • Same Song Everyday


  • 555,
    Yes U have the same songs everyday


  • My Argument is My Conversation

    Only thing to say to Whites is Slavery Reparations

    [and look other way]

    [anything else is white noise]


  • Chuckle………A perfect example of how ignorance abounds around this world irregardless of pigment and lends credence to the view of many about the attempts to white wash history………….pun intended.

    Note the ignorance of some in one set of tribes does not justify the ignorance of some in another set of tribes.

    “What we’re seeing is a backlash against any attempt, whether from the world of scholarship or popular culture, to paint non-white people back into the British past. The fundamental question is why?”
    Black people have had a presence in our history for centuries. Get over it | David Olusoga
    Africans have lived in Britain since the Roman empire. When a leading historian confirmed this, she was vilified


  • Maybe Vincent Chuckles and/or Money Brain and/or the Other Moron

    Could collectively or independently explain the following conundrum


    Why has USA from it’s prehistory of British Colonies
    through independence
    and up to current date
    treated blacks as inferior and not equal stakeholders in the country


    The racist white trash protesting yesterday only gets half hearted condemnation
    their limited mindset represents common thinking in USA throughout it’s history


  • @MB
    This is just a flyby as it requires too much effort to get to the last post.

    I saw you contributing elsewhere.

    I thought you were too busy trying not pay ME 🙂 my reparations that you could not look elsewhere.


  • Gazer,
    When were U a Slave? U musseee 200yrs +++.
    U dont deserve anything. BUT—-

    I have decided to pay the Reparations, will endorse any cheque received from those elites that exploited my family in coal mines, during indentured servitude resulting from revolts like the Monmouth Rebellion leading to my family being Barbadosed by Judge Jeffries, any sums from the Nth African Barbary Pirates etc etc.

    May I suggest —DONT hold your breath! hahahahahaha


  • This world has never been fair and will never be……it has always been vi et armis.

    Over millenia all tribes at one time or the other held dominance of the known wn world.

    Stop looking for other people to like you,love you or treat you fair…….instead start liking and loving yourself.


  • Vincent you moron

    I am a reparations advocate

    I am not a slave descendant


  • I and I stand for the right and mash up the wrong


  • If you really intend to disassociate yourself from America’s Racist past then you should quit the Democratic Party.

    The Democratic Party was the engine behind all Racial injustices :

    1 Confederacy

    2 Jim Crow Laws

    3 Segregation

    4 Black Code Laws

    Furthermore J W Fulbright, bill Clinton’s mentor subscribed to the Southern Manifesto.

    Hillary’s mentor Robert Byrd, the Grand Cyclops of the KKK and major recruiter, filibustered the Civil Rights Act.

    So dont think that tearing down statues solves anything the Dems must go!


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