Congratulations to Ambassador David Comissiong!

Mottley has lead responsibility for the CARICOM Single Market and Economy and Reparations – Nation newspaper 05 July 2018

If the blogmaster had to chose a Barbados Man of the Year Ambassador David Comissiong would win in a no contest. His body of work makes him the ideal person to function in the role as Ambassador to Caricom – for sure compared to his predecessors Bobby Morris and Denis Kellman.

Prime Minister Mia Mottley this week at the HoGs in Montega Bay, Jamaica renewed Barbados’ commitment to the regional movement CARICOM. The blogmaster also heard the open challenge given to Prime Minister Mottley by Chairman Andrew Holness, Prime Minister of Jamaica in her role as lead  Prime Minister for CSME matters.

Many in this forum will debate the usefulness of CARICOM. What is clear to the blogmaster is  that to compete in today’s world, a level of cooperation between regions will have to occur. The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) sub region serves as a measure of success for what the region should aspire. Despite challenges the region (CARICOM) boast of several regional entities and frameworks that continue to serve us well.

The blogmaster is confident that David Comissiong is the ideal man to carry the baton on this league of the regional integration/functional cooperation journey. The blogmaster is equally proud that two citizen advocates who have seen the benefit of using this forum to promote tseir messages- the other Senator Caswell Franklyn- have been called to public service.

Again good luck and God speed!




  • BREAKING NEWS : DLP to break up.
    News Reports are suggesting that the DLP is to disintegrate. All members and past members are asked to woodle


  • @ David,

    The DLP or any political party cannot expect to win ” by default “. They have to Rebuild restructure and modernize over the

    next few years or they will have no chance.

    They need a 5 year plan and a 10 year plan.

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    WHAT 10 YR PLAN ?-WHO THE ARSENIO HALL GOING TO VOTE FOR THEM. You all think that we care something about the DLP in truth though. The Game changed pardner. The DLP Stinks . All they were trying to do is Destroy Barbados from 1971, You think this is some kinda joke or what ? The party is a joke and yuh all so blasted blind , Blind as RH , Would not admit nothing. Yuh mean losing a seat that you all had from 1958 aint sent a message. If you all cant come to grips with that and still living in denial how the RH YOU ALL going to run a Country. . . Man go and park yuh old arse do


  • @Hants

    There is a suggestion the DLP will need to rebrand to NDLP – NEW Democratic Labour Party?


  • At present the blp is doing a good job availing itself for any one to beat them
    You David would be out of your friggin mind if you belive that Barbadians would spend the next years paying all them taxes plus vat and high food prices and give the blp anothet option of doing the same
    How many times must i remind you speckled fowl that barbadians voted for change
    Not the kind of change that is being hammered down their throats after the election but the change of a promise to put more money in their pockets
    Now David ask yourself honestly did Mia honour her promise to the people
    If Yes she wins hands down come next election
    If No she will be shown the door
    So why should the Dlp say anything

    Btw it looks like the taxes have blown Bush tea to smitherings
    I was expecting it would have been the trident at the garrison he cussed day and night


  • Now that Haiti streets are filled with blood guts and smoke
    It would be interesting to know if Mottley would follow the directives of IMF with more austerity plans
    I hope that she realizes what problems might lie ahead because of her unilateral decision to default on the loan . The pictures coming out of Haiti are chilling
    The IMF did not give two wuk ups about the people of Haiti. There only intentions were that of collecting a debt
    If good thought had been given to the socio enviroment of Haiti by the IMF a country where poverty runs amuck the violence that erupted would never have happened
    There are people in this society who belives that the IMF has the best interest of a country whose debt is unmanageable
    However the pictures coming out of Haiti says different
    I know those who hope and prayed for the IMF intervention in barbados most likely are on their hands and knees asking God to let what is shown on Haitan Tv not be a reflection of what could happen in barbados when the IMF intervens
    The stories of the IMF intervention in poor countries have all been negative
    Yet those elitist in Barbados prefer to bite the bullet and let the pieces blow up in the poor people faces
    Sad but true


  • Their was no need for barbados to make such a hasty decision to default on its debt.
    More serious thought should have been given to assets that were costing the govt more money to keep
    However Mottley desire to win an election was not going to stop her from winning by any means necessary even if it meant sabotaging govt plans to sell liabilities
    Now that the cat is out of the bag all can now see what part of the plot David Commisiong was assigned and why


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    The systemic rip off of taxpayers, where did the exgovernment find these 2 to help them ripoff the treasury.


  • Mariposa Rebranded as ( – )


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  • @ David the blogmaster,

    I read this in a free online newspaper “I have received hints”

    ” looking to approach the new administration with a view to brokering settlements”

    ” So we have decided as lawyers we will be writing to the new Government saying to them that we want you to take a fresh look at this matter.”

    Looks like some people will get justice under this BLP administration.


  • @Hants

    We have travelled this road before. We trod in hope.


  • Congratulations to our new ambassador to Johnson & Johnson. Our new man at Georgetown has once again shown that he lacks the discipline to stick to the script. Someone must (Dr Walcott?) tell him that as our ambassador to CARICOM he cannot continue firing off on every subject that tickles his fancy. The man is a liability who behaves like an unruly child, throwing tantrums when he feels like it.


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