Congratulations to Ambassador David Comissiong!

Mottley has lead responsibility for the CARICOM Single Market and Economy and Reparations – Nation newspaper 05 July 2018

If the blogmaster had to chose a Barbados Man of the Year Ambassador David Comissiong would win in a no contest. His body of work makes him the ideal person to function in the role as Ambassador to Caricom – for sure compared to his predecessors Bobby Morris and Denis Kellman.

Prime Minister Mia Mottley this week at the HoGs in Montega Bay, Jamaica renewed Barbados’ commitment to the regional movement CARICOM. The blogmaster also heard the open challenge given to Prime Minister Mottley by Chairman Andrew Holness, Prime Minister of Jamaica in her role as lead  Prime Minister for CSME matters.

Many in this forum will debate the usefulness of CARICOM. What is clear to the blogmaster is  that to compete in today’s world, a level of cooperation between regions will have to occur. The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) sub region serves as a measure of success for what the region should aspire. Despite challenges the region (CARICOM) boast of several regional entities and frameworks that continue to serve us well.

The blogmaster is confident that David Comissiong is the ideal man to carry the baton on this league of the regional integration/functional cooperation journey. The blogmaster is equally proud that two citizen advocates who have seen the benefit of using this forum to promote tseir messages- the other Senator Caswell Franklyn- have been called to public service.

Again good luck and God speed!



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  1. re There are springs at Amity Lodge referred to in the Senn Report of 1946.





  2. So as the report states…
    This govt blast past govt for such usage but goes on to do the same
    Wasnt the mandate given to govt all about change
    This govt has used stealth quick fix methods and political PR propaganda filled with lies and deceit as a formula to fool the people

    Bees Be Gone


    ‘Wild’ bees
    Article by
    Emmanuel Joseph Published on
    July 6, 2018
    Outspoken trade unionist and Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn today lashed out at Prime Minister Mia Mottley over her appointments of non-national Charles Jong as Director of Communications, and social activist and attorney-at-law David Comissiong to a senior diplomatic post, saying Mottley had “gone wild with power”.

    Since confirming to Barbados TODAY this week that he was an advisor to Mottley on Caribbean Community (CARICOM) affairs, Comissiong has been announced as CARICOM ambassador, replacing retired trade unionist Robert Bobby Morris.

    On the other hand, Jong, whose nationality is unclear at present, but who was based in St Kitts for many years, from where he participated in election campaigns in a number of Caribbean countries, describes himself on his LinkedIn page as a marketing and communications strategist with the Barbados Labour Party (BLP).

    An upset Franklyn told Barbados TODAY there was a foul stench about the appointments, and questioned why Jong should be paid by taxpayers for a post that was unnecessary.

    “The consultants to the Barbados Labour Party . . . [should] not [be] paid from public funds. That is a bill for the Barbados Labour Party, not the Government. The Prime Minister is overstepping the crease. If his LinkedIn profile is correct, he is a consultant to the Barbados Labour Party . . . .Why is he being paid by the Government?” Franklyn asked.

    The controversial trade unionist suggested that the Barbados Government Information Service was equipped to carry out any function that Jong would likely perform for the state.

    He also called for clarity on the terms and conditions of employment, including the contractual agreement between Jong and the administration.

    “What is the Government Information Service for?,” Frankly asked.

    “When was this contract tendered? Since the two of them were so close, there must be arm’s-length transaction. She just can’t come and pick up the Government money and give it to him just like that,” he stressed, going on to accuse Mottley of employing her friends at taxpayers’ expense.

    “You cannot behave like that and use the Government funds as she pleases. We don’t have much. This lady has gone wild with power,” he stressed.

    Franklyn insisted there was no need for the post of director of communications, stressing that if Jong had been working for the BLP as a consultant in the general election, “and now she is transferring that liability to the Government, that smells like corruption to Caswell Franklyn. That is wrong”.

    The Opposition senator was no less forceful in his condemnation of Comissiong’s appointment, telling Barbados TODAY the decision had left him “at a loss for words”.

    Franklyn said it also left a bad taste because of the relentless battle Comissiong had fought against the Freundel Stuart administration over its decision to grant permission for the construction of a US$100 million Hyatt hotel on Bay Street, The City, without first requiring an environmental impact assessment (EIA).

    “Was he delaying and frustrating the Government to benefit the Barbados Labour Party? This is a reasonable question to ask,” he said.

    After Comissiong sought a legal review of the decision by Stuart in his capacity as Minister responsible for Planning, the then Prime Minister sued on the basis that the social activist did not have a legal leg on which to stand.

    The High Court dismissed Stuart’s case, ruling that Comissiong did have a right to challenge the decision. Stuart appealed the ruling, and the matter is still before the court.

    Following the BLP’s sweeping victory in the May 24 general election, Comissiong offered the new administration an olive branch by stating he was prepared to discuss a settlement if the Mottley administration drops the appeal and agrees to the EIA.

    With the matter yet unsettled, Franklyn charged that Comissiong’s appointment was inappropriate.

    “It looks bad, it smells bad. He cannot be fighting against the Government on a point of principle and then quickly afterwards become a CARICOM consultant. What is that? What are his duties? His duties are a big cheque when the month comes? That, too, smells bad. And Comissiong, who holds high principles, should be ashamed,” the trade unionist argued.

    Meantime, Franklyn also criticized Government’s decision to dismiss three senior officers of the National Housing Commission (NHC), including General Manager Lanette Napolean-Young.

    He argued that it was wrong when the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) acted in a similar manner after it took office in 2008, and it is wrong now.

    “If Lanette Napolean-Young had done something wrong, there is a disciplinary procedure set up by Government to deal with her. You could suspend her pending the outcome of the disciplinary hearing, but you cannot dismiss her legally,” he contended, adding that when Barbadians handed the BLP all 30 seats in Parliament, they did not expect “this nastiness”.

    “I certainly didn’t,” he declared.

  4. In less than three weeks this govt has destroyed the integrity of barbados with a default on debt. Lies coming from the mouth of ministers about govt measures and having taxpayers to financially take up the debt to those that taxwriteoffs were given
    Last but certainly not least hiring unkown con artist who sits behind a computer without any form of transparency and handed to the people while the populace are asking “Who is this person call Jong”
    All roads lead to a corrupt govt who has only been in power for a month and whose mandate called for change

    ####Beees Be Gone

  5. Unless the government grants planning permission to the Hyatt without the EIA, Caswell’s objection is baseless. The truth is that Commissiong never hid his support for the Mia-led BLP, the man was part of the election platform. Furthermore, personalties aside, is there legitimacy to the need for an EIA? If there is, as I believe, then Commissiong’s actions were correct and therefore Caswell can file a JR in Court against the decision. I have noted that he has not questioned Commissiong’s competence for the role. On Jong, the fact that he was the BLP consultant while they were in Opposition does not preclude him from being in a similar role but for the government. It is necessary to make clear that information and communication are not the same, and the BLP will need a strong communication strategy similar to that employed in the election. This is a new era folks, and the BLP means business. Don’t forget the party was in St.John the first week of the electionn campaign.

    • The fragmented idiotic simplistic uninformed opposition comments being posted to social media clearly show the DLP supporters have not learned the lesson from the result at the last poll. Hopefully, for the country’s sake it will change soon.

  6. All this congratulations towards Commissiong turns out to be freshnmilk thrown over stale porridge that only dirty blp birds would want to eat

    ##::###nasty birds

    Bees Bee Gone

  7. John i asked you a question
    When the swamped is drained where would the go
    Just asking


    I answered, in the sea.

    Just as it would end up without being drained, albeit a bit slower!!

  8. And I agree 100% with the dismissal of Napoleon-Young, not because she was a political appointment (even though a square peg in a round hole); but her reported behaviour during the PAC investigation into the NHC. David Thompson and the DLP government dismissed and hounded people out of the UDC, NHC, NCC and RDC for nothing. The government lost all 6 cases brought against them–ALL! In the process providing legal work for Michael Yearwood, Stephen Lashley and Guyson Mayers. Tgey also made staff redundant and unfairly compensated those individuals. Time for the Forde woman at Transport Board and Derek Alleyne to go home.

    • @enuff

      The issue is not the firing, she was obviously a political stooge who presided over a NHC when financial rules were flouted as reported in the PAC report, it is the lack of transparency in the process that fired her by Payne.

  9. T Innis

    Caswell is a very shrewd observer, and he is making a lot of sense here, as he usually does
    There is really no need to employ someone-especially a foreigner -to do a job that GIS was created to do, and has done well over the years.

    • @enuff

      The board was appointed by Payne.

      It would have done little harm in a few words for him to address the matter. He is a senior lawyer and should be able to craft language to avoid legal issues. Someone should remind him that his legacy is still largely defined by his silence in the Lower House under an Arthur period. Again we agree that they do nuff crap at the NHC which resulted in a frustrated Ronald Bascombe packing it in.

  10. If Naepoleon is a political stooge pray tell who isJong the chopsuey outsider that the blp hired as a goct employee taxpayers money
    All you blp yardfowls better becareful how you pick low dlp hanging fruit because your tree is yet young and the fruit is already felt a bitter taste in the mouth
    As for George Payne what he needs to adress his is character being thrown around with allegations about land fraud attached to him all over social media
    Who de hell is. George Payne to hire or fire any one

  11. Marapoa or AC as Prodigal asked whatis your position on what is happening in George Street between your ex PM and prospective leader Mr Inniss.You speaking about all other things but staying away from this.Is Mr Stuart afraid Mr Inniss will launch an attack on,in my opinion his poor leadership which contributed to your party,s total wipeout.Interestingly,Mr Watts also seem to have a problem with the leadership of Mr Stuart.Therefore tell me Maraposa ,or T inniss,or Tick tock J/A Fractured what is your take on this matter,since you all know some much for Ms Mottley.This is Dems business so you Dems tell us,what is going on?

  12. Well Caricom is about to witness it’s last days !

    With Come – along now being part of the Caricom set up – we can reasonably expect Cuba 🇨🇺 & Venezuela 🇻🇪 will be holding sway !!!

  13. Lorenzo not interested in your distraction but prefer to deal with Mia potent disregard for taxpayers monies.
    Can you please tell who is this under cover chopsuey agent going by the name of Kong Jong and why did Mia unilaterally make him spokeperson for govt issues when govt already have the GIS at her disposal for everday use
    Isnt it a God dam shame that Mia instead of savings taxpayers money she has made decisión which would add to govt debt

  14. Fake George Payne is a disgrace holding titles for which he is not certified
    Persons all over social media detailing his alledged land dealings attributing them to fraud
    Yet he had the nerve to place his hand on the bible and duly swear to be the peoples guardián (but at what price) he should have been asked by Madam gov general
    Now Fake George gets to put his dirty paws on people land papers
    The arrogance of all these issues is that people are to “watch muh”

    crazy bees

  15. I would open it now and block it 5:30 am Sunday morning when he tide is at its lowest.
    Then I would hope and pray!!


    I revise that opinion.

    Open the sluice gate and leave it open so the rain, if we get a good bit, can purge the swamp.

    • Seems a sensible suggestion because the beach will be deserted. How long before the waste dissipates? That part has to be managed in the interest of public health safety.

  16. @ Enuff of Lorenzo duo

    The two of you seem to show constantly how slow of thought you are.

    Even the Honourable Blogmaster has sought to send you a hint that it has nothing to do with the authority to do it but the process.

    Senator Caswell Franklyn also has told you that there is a procedure to be followed

    But in your customary BLP style ON BARBADOS’ MOST READ BLOG you two, sargeants at arms in the Mottleyian regime come here and gloat at these witch hunts and personal outreaches

    But move ahead smartly with your practices and see how quickly 5 years will pass

  17. Rain cannot purge the damage that has done to the under ground soil which by all possibilties has already seeped toxins into neighbouring terrotories which includes lakes rivers and swamps and canals and back into the drinking water
    The damage has already been done oiutside a massive cleanup and closure of the plant all the technical short term solutions are simply band aids

  18. fwliw

    I agree almost totally with the views expressed by Caswell Franklyn in Barbados Today about the apparent hiring of the BLP’s communications expert as a Communications Officer and being paid from the Government’s purse. It seems to be a most egregious development from the standpoint that there now appears to be a strategic mixing of the roles of the GIS and the BLP communications operations. Several statements have been made by Ministers over the last month in their workday ministerial roles that would normally have been broadcasted by GIS in previous administrations (if they ever saw the light of day). Such statements are now being efficiently broadcasted under the BLP logo on Facebook and also on GIS. One good example of this was the statement that Minister Bradshaw made about the Common Entrance Results. The BLP were systematically denied exposure on GIS by the past Government and this might be seen as a new way to correct that wrong. But it appears to be a clear perversion of the functions of a Party Organ and setting up the GIS for failure to fulfill its expected role..

    Someone needs to explain this apparent new policy and show how it benefits Barbados.

    Re. the Commisiong ambassadorship, I do not see any good reason for the hysteria being generated about this matter. It would appear that the main concerns that Mr. Commissiong had with the Hyatt erection was the number of stories and the lack of a recent EIA. If Government is willing to correct those areas there should be no a-priori claim that Mr Commissiong has exibited a “two-facedness” in that matter.

    In my view, Mr. Commissiong has the experience, attitude, skills, regional and international exposure, demonstrable love for Barbados and qualifications that should ensure that he will be more successful in his new job than any of his predecessors, especially at this time when our neighbour to the North is throwing as many spanners in the works as it can.

  19. GP @ 12:06

    I was on to that Jong appointment as soon as it was declared and was first out the block making that very point in another block.Sooooo glad Caswell is raising it in that other place because with the exception of a few – this was treated by a lot here as no big thing.

  20. “But move ahead smartly with your practices and see how quickly 5 years will pass”

    It will certainly shock them all and catch them off guard, we already know their two strongest weaknesses..

    1….their inability to calculate future events and see beyond the next yardfowl meeting AND short memories…

    2…15 second attention spans…lol

    Ah won’t tell Enuff wthat his buddy whom he is dancing and distancing himself away from will do to him, not everyone has short memories, that is why it is imperative that they are all consistently exposed at all times.

  21. BGIS’ Facebook account uses FB Live to broadcasts the Government’s Press Conferences and many other government events. Prior to May 24th, I don’t think one single event was FB Live. I repeat Communication is not the same as information. The appointment of a Consultant for government communication should not impinge on the duties of Government Information Service, it should be enhanced actually. Is Commissiong undermining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or Mascoll the Ministry of Finance in their consultancy roles?

  22. A Glimpse into BU History …

    • ac August 5, 2016 at 6:14 PM #

    Now back to Mr. Bait and switch Comissiong who have for the better part of his activism had been trying for years to gain political traction in barbados and a strategy to garner a substantial following

    Word on the street that this new modus operandi is way of operating in a more pleasing environment removing harden view which would soften and address his negative image which has categorized him as a Socialist and a friend of dictators like a Chavez and Castro and late Muammar Gaddfi positioning him to be a possible leader for a viable and relevant political party in this country.

    “ac August 5, 2016 at 6:25 AM #: NO bush sh..t Comissiong is not a Caswell for all the concerns that Caswell has I would be the FIRST TO SAY that his CONCERNS are GENUINE and are not liquefied with an ideology that are in alignment or closely tied to Socialist of Communist regimes….”

    wel well another bold faced desperate attempt by artax using a net to trap a crab. in a futile attempt to bypass and avoid the relevance and connections of comissiong political leaning to socialist or communist ideologies

    As far as i know and have observed Caswell brand of political brandishing is rooted in the Labour Movement and yes his opinions can be linked to political preference however removed from Socialist and communist ideologies

    i would not retract my comment based on the fact that what i previously stated about Caswell stems from Genuine Concerns or differences between labour and governance and and not formulated with intent to gain popular support or political advantages toward leadership of this country

  23. @ Enuff of Lorenzo DUO.

    You said and I quote “…Prior to May 24th, I don’t think one single event was FB Live. I repeat Communication is not the same as information…”

    Mia is going to have to stop you from coming on Barbados Underground and making these stupid comments.

    You are becoming a liability to her for IN ADDITION TO YOU AND LORENZO telling people to leave the Interpretation of the Integrity in Public Life HITLERIAN ACT to the people on the Commission here it is you ingrunt self telling people that the Face Pages of the BLP are not used to harvest the information of friends and their friends networks WITHOUT THE EXPRESS PERMISSION OF THE USER.

    This is one of the reasons that I have been asking the Honourable Blogmaster for his General Data Protection Policies which, WHEN I LOG ON USING AN IP ADDRESS IN THE EU, he should be giving me.

    But to the substantive point.

    The reason that wunna CANNOT USE THE BGIS FB interface is because your web app developers do not want to use, RATHER WOULD NOT BE WISE TO USE YOUR HARVESTING APIs while under the government’s chapeau.

    Now the fact exists that very few of the ignoramuses at the GIS know or understand this aspect of spying on people and getting information as to who is my facebook friend and the frequency of my interactions with various of my networks, BUT THAT IS A POSSIBILITY that wunna cant risk.

    Because AS OPPOSED TO SEEKING TO RUNNING THE GOVERNMENT OF BARBADOS with a fair hand wunna looking to mek Mottley Prime Minister for Life.

    Once again de ole man would encourage Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley to stop with these machinations of seeking to secure her tenure and pursue good governance so that people will see her by her works.


    But this is lost on all wunna heathens and pretend Christians like Sandra and Senator Williams bless wunna souls

  24. Enuff;

    Thanks for your 5:58 pm post.

    I could have sworn that I saw the BLP logo on the live telecasts of some of those events and on the later GIS news reports of the events. Grateful if you could confirm that It could not have been so and that I was mistaken.

    Grateful also if you or someone else could detail the differences between Communication and Information in the context of the job description of the Communications consultant. Indeed, it could clear up the confusion in my mind, and perhaps others, if GIS could provide Information to the general public on the role, functions and staffing of the Government’s (new?) Communication department vis-a-vis the role, functions and staffing of the GIS.

  25. @ Are We There Yet

    heheheheheheh, I love your style

    Let me answer those questions for you BEFORE THEY GET CALLIFLUXED and provided for you by MAM.


    You must not be watching those movies with the usual rivalry between FBI and the parochial country bumpkin police.

    Ostensibly the Information and Communication functions are the same to the uninitiated eyes of we THE SHEEPLE but subcutaneously that which is being harvested and implemented deals with what your drive downloads to the pervasive specialized FB app of the BLP and what it persistently uploads to them on the 9000 ports of your machine thereafter

    Let me see how de ole man can help you with this

    I want you to go to this site and install this Netlimiter software

    What it will do for you is to show you what apps are seeking access to and those that are calling home, FROM YOUR COMPUTER.

    THis is what Long has been engaged to do and is being paid to do for the BLP UNDER THE GUISE AND COVER OF COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT OR WHATEVER HIS TITLE IS.

    THis is what I have been hinting to Senator Caswell Franklyn about for some time now but…

    De Grandson composing something fuh Long when he doing he Stoopid Cartoon “De Long Arm of De Law – MIAs LAWS”

    I ent sure that the Honourable Blogmaster going publish it though but we will see…heheheheh

  26. @ Senator Caswell Franklyn

    Maybe you should take a course with the Grandson so that when next you are speaking in the Senate you can rely on this type of information

    “…Jong first gained national attention in March 2014 when then MP for Marigot, Edison James, clashed with House Speaker, Alix Boyd-Knight when he (Jong) was seen manning a camera in parliament.

    “There is a stranger in the house, madam speaker, and I ask that the stranger be asked to withdraw,” James told the proceedings. “This stranger is manning the camera up there. I understand his name is Charlie Jong.”

    Later Boyd-Knights ruled that James’ request could not be entertained since Jong was not a stranger but was attached to the Government Information Service (GIS).

    When James asked for more information Boyd-Knights said her ruling was final.

    Later in March 2014, documents surfaced which showed that the government of Dominica was paying $96,000 for a one-year contract to Jong for ‘Public Relations and Information Management Services.’

    That is an excerpt that can be found at

    It just goes to show you that as Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mia Mottley has said that “you can hide and buy land but you cannot hide and wuk it”

    The imputation that is being ascribed here per this article’s commonality with the GIS in Dominica and that of the Government of Barbados while not so obvious to the eyes of SHEEPLE ARE PRETTY OBVIOUS TO THE OLE MAN.

    However if Senator Caswell Franklyn were as smart as I beleive him to be an enquiry of Edison James in Dominica would go a long way in giving some much needed background on the mysterious Mr Long of the Long arm of the Law – Mia’s Law’

    De ole man asks all of you to let Google be your friend

    ammmmmmm you should not use google though I suggest that you install and use on your machines since your searches are private and your ISP provider CANNOT share with Mia or this government or any subsequent government who has been searching for what…

  27. De Grandson sent this per this Mystery Man.


    You going got to do this pup differently cause it ent going wuk for some of us.

    There is a way to do this AND YOU ARE NOT DOING IT THAT WAY

    So here is what de ole man gine do.

    Till you start doing what YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE REINS TO DO me and de grandson gine help you along the Path of Righteousness…

    Bajans tired of all that shyte and effin you feel dat you got a golden spoon in you mouf and gine ffed de rest uh we shyte TINK AGAIN


  28. PUDRYR

    Hahahahaaa, you need to go take your meds. You trying to educate me about GDPR is one massive joke…lmao. Boss I watch live broadcasts via BGIS FB. By the way stop aligning me with the government and the leader, I support the party but I am not involved in its running or inner circle. My comments are based on my observations, experience, knowledge, expertise etc, not any insider information or knowledge, paid campaigning or the sorts. I constantly marvel at the sheer egofowlism of persons like yourself. Carry on smarlty….bout GDPR PIMRHP do!!

    I have seen the BLP logo too, but that’s the beauty of FB live.

    • The GIS cannot operate on the same level as Jong, the issue here is his remuneration coming from government coffers.

  29. @ Theo Gazerts

    I am in the departure lounge.

    Ask the Honourable Blogmaster, he knows that my “Bugle Call” is close just check his post on same.

    As do they all know of my Bugle Call” but “I shall not go quietly into the night”

    There is so much much to be done as it relates to Barbados and here they are frigging spiders and putting condoms on mosquitoes as their brilliant version of a national programme to eradicate the Aedes Aeygepti

    Truthfully a 1st and Second Eleven team of Waste Foops Theophilus.

    Cant be honest in dog shyte appointments and expect to engage the IMF and the World Bank and the IDB and all the international funding institutions in serious banter.


    Who does she think put her there at Llaro Court?

    Hartley Henry? or Charles Long?

    But here she got slime running stupid witch hunts and doing these sleight of hand appointments.

    If de man is so effing good hire his ass yourself and let him justify his appointment as a cuntsultant.

    Stop giving people reasons to fear your actions which are so patently dictatorial.

    We are not as much concerned with Locking up David Thompsons wife for the CLICO money.

    Dat is not going feed our collective scvunts we want an enabling environment where each bajan can wuk for a dollar and not have to suck Michael Lashes infected parts to get a pick at a ministry “cause de pokey sweet have some”.

    But then again this seems to be “a Bridge Too Far” even for you

    Keep on Smartly…

  30. @ Enuff of Lorenzo

    You are a Mia Pimp and there is nothing that you can say that does not make me relinquish my statement that you are part of her inner circle who she permits some latitude to continue making these statements to downplay the obvious PR fvckups that she is making.

    But you may have the last word on that RATHER SHE WILL GIVE YOU YOUR ORDERS SOON

    @ Senator Caswell Franklyn

    The article continues

    “…At the end of March 2014, the United Workers Party (UWP) called on the government to terminate the contract and threatened legal action if it was not done.

    According to the UWP Jong’s appointment as an “overtly political assignment” which should be paid by the Dominica Labor Party “and not be cleverly passed on to the State’s treasury under false pretenses.”


    What is the pattern that is being repeated here?

    I would tell you what long was doing in the Dominican Parliament but then again I shall leeave that till another time when wunna start seeing tings happening and wonde how de ef dat going on.

    You are entertaining these trojan horses and therefore need not wonder how your private conversations with your buddies, now ***, are making their way back to ***

    And do not say that you do not care what is exposed. You have to care because you are representing the interests of people and if they know what your strategies are, then you are de-neutered even before you fire a bullet

  31. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    There are two Issues

    Did his job, which is paid by government money go out to tender? If so when was that? (BTW me grandson could do wid some extra money you think Mia wud pay cud hire he under the mattress in the same way she hired Bim Pay-mi long?
    Then your observation which is that he is being paid by GoB money and does that not constitute a breach of some government rule somewhere, given that Long, a former BLP employee is now being paid unilaterally, using government money?

  32. Enuff;

    Thanks for your response of 8:52 pm.

    Seems like you are avoiding educating people like me (old fogies that don’t know anything about GDPR or PIMRHP) on easier subjects like Communications and Information and their interface as they are being practiced by the new Barbados administration.

    Seems to me that It might benefit the new government, somewhat, if it develops a proactive strategy for dealing with the information on Jong’s track record in Dominica and St Kitts and how that has no relationship with his current high profile posting here in Barbados, especially since a number of OECS countries, seem, from my imperfect memory, to have been rumoured as being involved in the early manifestations of Cambridge Analytica or SCL.

    It seems to me that transparency in this regard might be a strategy that could show dividends re. future questions on this topic before or after the BLP honeymoon period has ended.

  33. @ Senator Caswell Franklyn

    When next you go back to the Senate and continue your conversation about Mr Jong you might do well to bring up this information that is on the same website that the grandson sent you earlier

    “…“The Government agrees to pay the Consultant the total contract price of Eastern Caribbean dollars $96,000.00 payable in twelve (12) monthly payments in arrears at the rate of $8,000,” the document reads.

    The contract began in November 2013.

    But in a letter to cabinet secretary, Steve Ferrol, who signed the contract on the behalf of the government, opposition leader, Hector John, made it clear that the UWP is not pleased with the arrangement.

    He has called for a $40,000 refund to the state’s purse, which he said has been paid to Jong so far.

    “Failing this, the United Workers Party will exhaust every legal facility at its disposal to ensure that justice is done in the public interest,” the letter said.

    In his letter John described Jong’s appointment as an “overtly political assignment” which should be paid by the Dominica Labor Party “and not be cleverly passed on to the State’s treasury under false pretenses.”

    John gave the following reasons which, he said, made the arrangement “highly irregular”:

    • We are not aware that there is any shortage of public servants assigned to provide the services outlined in the Agreement;
    • We are not aware that there was any public advertisement inviting tenders for the provision of these services;
    • Mr. Charles Jong has been conspicuously engaged in blatant political campaign work for the Dominica Labour Party since the commencement of the contract and for its duration to date;
    • Mr. Charles Jong has openly violated the legal arrangements under which the proceedings of Parliament are broadcast live to the people of Dominica; and
    • Under the authority of this Agreement, Mr. Charles Jong threatened to be the worst nightmare of the Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament of Dominica.

    “Clearly, Mr. Jong is serving the Dominica Labour Party and not the Government of the State,” John wrote…”

  34. • Under the authority of this Agreement, Mr. Charles Jong threatened to be the worst nightmare of the Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament of Dominica.

    Wasn’t it Roosevelt Skerritt of Dominica who wanted the get rid of the opposition like Keith Mitchell in Grenada and now Mia Mottley in Barbados?

  35. While chopsuey Long and hypocrite Commisiong have been assured a hefty paycheck from govt
    The people are on social media complaining about the high taxes assured by the govt and the promise by this govt of lower food prices

    #::####a promise is a comfort for a fool

  36. David
    Hartley Henry was Principal Political Advisor to David Thompson. That seemed odd to me, as the post appeared to be a party rather than a government position. The same situation here. As you asked, should these posts be paid from the public coffers? We must accept that Prime Minister is a government and not a party post, even though there is obvious co-mingling, so any consultant to the PM ought to be paid by the public. However, this does not justify an unfettered avenue to simply appoint consultants. They should be a limit, whether in terms of the number of consultants allowed and or a budget, and maybe justification of the duties/roles. I noticed that the LOTO has a spiritual advisor. Is he being paid and if so by whom?

    • @enuff

      This discussion we are having about the appointment of consultants must be in the context of raising the standard of governance therefore citing precedent or what the LOTO has done is irrelevant. The follow up argument is that the government (BLP) if it wants to sustain its thrust at transparency must be able to offer a compelling explanation why the selection (s) of the consultants/ambassadors.

  37. As usual.

    Obfuscate the matter with non issues.

    First make an unsubstianted? Claim that it was done before

    Then continue by imputing that since David Thompson did it, so can Mia

    Then sidestep the queries that ask what de he’ll is his job description

    Further add a layer that Mia EVEN IN THE MIDDLE OF AUSTERITY MEASURES AND DEFAULTING ON SOVEREIGN DEBT can pay any advisor she likes

    And finally add the non issue that the same LoO that she hired has an advisor so so can Mia

    And ef you is not Mia PR officer sent to BU to deflate people’s observations of her duplicity and intent, de ole man will eat me Kangol Hat…

  38. Skerritt is right, despite what the Constitution says, there is no need in any country for an Opposition,particularly at taxpayer’s expense, it is a colossal waste of taxpayer’s money..

    just as there is no need for the electorate to keep any government beyond 5 years, it is detrimental to the future of the population and the people need to stop the emotional attachments they have to these fraudulent political parties…

    The ministers are employees of the people, each government is elected by the people and should never get anymore than 5 year mandates each time, rotate them, never let them settle in for more than 5 years and get comfortable to create corruption and steal from the treasuries with their friends and families…as they have all being doing now for decades in each island, pretending to be saviours of the people and are nothing more than common class thieves, keeping the people uneducated, unaware and in poverty.

  39. lol..Enuff should know he is wasting his time, he already got angry with me on here early in the game when they were still giddy with delight that the people massacred the defunct DLP, he was out of sorts because I don’t drink Koolaid, that shit is poisonous and carcinogenic.

    But now that reality is setting in and they have realized that it is not so easy to get everyone into bed and get them undressed…it is a conundrum…

    …..maybe Enuff and them should not have slept with Vivek and them and destroyed the Supreme Court…

    That one is going to haunt them throughout the 5 year term, I look forward to it.

  40. @pieceuhderockyeahright

    ” Kangol Hat ” I have one that I wear to cover my bald head lol

    Based on the number of additional ” Minister in the Ministry ” and ambassadors. czars and consultants it suggest that by comparison the DLP was “understaffed “.

  41. Enuff…I am going to need a lot of convincing, especially with Comissiong on the loose in the Americas and his octogenarian sidekick of the idiot variety right next to him, I know their foolish mentalities only too well as it relates to the Latinix.

  42. Theophilius Gazerts 767 (last member of the Gazerts who can type #768 is on the way) on said:

    If I was Mia, one of the first thing I would do is silence Enuff.
    His explanations are very weak and usually raise more questions than answers.

  43. OSA warned all and sundry about Mia
    Mia unilateral decisions now convinces me OSA was correct bringing three words to mind as stated by OSA
    Entitlement! Despot !Megalomaniac
    He also describe her as the rear end of an animal but i would hold that thought for another time
    What really grips those who opposed to her actions is how she simply takes matters into her own hand and formulates conclusions as if to think the mandate gave her the right to govern by the stroke of a single pen without accountability or transparency
    It seems that Mia respect for parliamentarian rules lies only in her respect to be entitled

  44. David
    It can’t be irrelevant if it clearly provides evidence (basis) that the appointment of consultants/advisors by PMs is now the norm. Owen did, as well as Thompson. You can’t robustly assess a situation unless you acknowledge its history and how/why it emerged. My comment recognised that there is a trend (maybe even with the new LOTO) and therefore there needs to be an established framework/process for such appointments. This was the gist of my contribution and what you repeated. Furthermore, if the debate is about the spending of public funds why must the appointment of a spiritual advisor, IF BEING PAID, by the LOTO be absent from the discussion?

    • @enuff

      We get the trending to support continuation of the practice. The issue is whether it undermines agencies already being funded by taxpayers charged to do same and whether the systemic issue is for the government to fix the dysfunction in the system and not seek to workaround by recruiting consultants. Could it be that these consultants are given contracts as a pay off for support rendered to the political party in the campaign?

  45. Mariposa

    Well,well,well girl.You say a lot in that last post @ 8:49 a.m. and you’re making a lot of sense too.Interesting indeed.

  46. This is not an imagination it is a reality one which cannot be easily dismissed i am speaking about Mia unilateral decision to default on debt
    One would have thought out of decency and proper protocol within good goverence Mia would have convene a special meeting of urgency with all the parliamentarians to duscuss her plans to default on debt with a transparent discussion founded on the peoples right to know
    Say what any one like or hate of Freundel Stuart he did convene a meeting by way of television for all to see and have input on an issue much smaller when their was disagreement between govt and union
    The fact that Mia can all but shut out the public from serious economic matters and decision making that would eventually impact their livelihoods shows the level of mistrust she has for the people and her lack of respect due to the people when high level challenges tearing away at barbados social and economic enviroment ought to be tabled with in the sight of transparency and accountability

    • Freundel Stuart was rejected by the electorate in unprecedented manner, even his party members have turned on him. The fact you cite anything he has done to support your argument today shows you are firmly lodged to a flawed position, one that will not win you any support by the public.

  47. Theophilius Gazerts 767 (last member of the Gazerts who can type #768 is on the way) on said:

    You may made many thought provoking suggestion on this post.

    a) First, allow me to applaud you for reminding readers that posting on the INTERNET is more than typing and the hitting “post now”.

    Throughout the web, information is being harvested from these many submissions and some information may even lead to piercing the cloak of our anonymity. I who have nothing to hide, religiously clean my system of cookies, regularly delete my browsing history, and check my registry for ‘strange/new” entries. I have also explored the links you mentioned.

    I was going to reference Cambridge Analytica, when AWTY mentioned it. I was glad to see that he did so, but I want to ask you this “Apart from AWTY, how many Bajans understand the significance of Cambridge Analytica?

    And this brings me to my main point
    b) I am not a Luddite. We had a brief exchange on the use of technology in our courts. Your recent posts reinforces my opinion, that in our haste to modernize we must be aware that this is a double edge sword. Greater success may be obtained if we first exert strong controls on the main users of this system.

    Your posts highlight what can happen when these technological “weapons” are directed towards the “man on the street”. Aren’t we entering the modern court of public opinion and relying on ‘court officials’ to protect us?

    c )I am also seeing a common ploy employed in dictatorial nations. Where some are designated enemies of the Mugabes and then hints about their state of mind are continuously brought into the discussion

    Stay strong brother.

  48. David
    It could be; but it could also be that this method enhances the fuctioning of government. I have no problem with the appointment of persons on the basis of political support during a campaign, if they are competent and add value to the functioning and performance of government (just imagine if the campaign performance is replicated in government). What if the systemic change could very well stem from the success or failure of this approach? Isn’t the call for contracted Permanent Secretaries being bandied about? What would be useful, would be a comparative analysis of government’s performance with and without consultants. I sense, however, that the “non-national” status of Jong seems the bigger focus in other court-familiar quarters.🤣🤣

  49. Sir i am not a member of any party . i simply make observation on fact
    Sometimes out of respect and transparency and accountability it is necessary to give jack his jacket
    The message in my last comment is not about Freundel Stuart but a message pertaining to a lack of respect due to the people coming from this govt on matters of high level importance and economic matters
    Mia need to hire a PR experts tells how much she is prepared to control the volume high or low in dispensation to the masses
    Think on those things

  50. All ah wunna can come for me, I am not bothered 🤣🤣. Cut and paste experts, conspiracy theorists, crazies, strangers to the truth and reality, and 2008-2018 deniers. The persistent belief that I am an insider/PR, when I am far from (ask the Blogmaster) tells me a lot. I do enjoy ripping wunna part though, I must admit. The egofowl is the worst type of fowl.🤣🤣

    PUDRYR: I wouldnt like to be that Kangol you gotta nyam.🖐🏾

  51. lol..ya making yaself an easy target, emphasis on the easy, stay neutral.

    The new government is not as free and clear from analysis as they believe they are, they are very vulnerable because of their ministers, no free pass for them, not for 5 years.

  52. So is you repetitive deluision state of mind David
    Trying to move the optics away from Mia is not working.. The peoples eyes are beginning to open there is still a blurriness in their vision
    However all would become clearer in due season
    Have a nice day

    • IS it because you are saying so? You should focus your energy on encouraging the DLP to get its act together. The country and the democracy needs a sensible dissenting voice. Not the partisan BS you spew daily on the blog. Opposing for its sake is not opposition.

  53. @Enuff
    Actually, I believe you are not a member of any party
    But you walk like a duck
    You quack like a duck
    You make duck droppings in the lobby
    And you have the heart of a duck
    To misquote “A rose by any other name is still a rose”

  54. Well. david If my sole voice was opposing the unilateral decisions made i would agree with your comment
    However i would not be persuaded to be distracted by your ulterior motives to move the ball in the direction of your perference

    • Interesting program on VOB featuring the youth. They have given a thumbs down to how the DLP governed the country and cited lack of communication as a big reason. One of the youth members on the panel welcome the 24/7 streaming of government events to nurture closer collaboration with the people.

  55. David anything which praises this govt you embrace
    David yuh yard fowl feathers are fkying all over de place
    Dont know why u so interested in the life or death of the dlp when the blp is the new manager of the country affairs

  56. And. Yuh know what. david you are going to have five years of worrying about the dlp
    Between worrying about Mia dictatorship and the dlp interest yuh gonna have nuff belly hurt

    Wish yuh a peace of mind. Not going to be easy doah

    • The worry of the BU household is to have the strength to continue to be a watchdog of our fragile democracy and governance framework. This requires a strong opposition. Unfortunately we do not have a strong parliamentary opposition at this time .

  57. I am so impressed that the dlp has been giving a rest stop from politics so much impressed that it gives sufficient time to watch this dictatorship blossom and become full bloom
    DlP keep doing what you doing with mouth closed that is a democratic right
    In the meanwhile David you can stare in the clouds and keep drinking your koolaid and by the time you awake out of your drunken stupid you might have the good dam commonsense to ask how did we get here

    ##:::####one flew over the cuckoo nest

  58. Hopefully someone will convince these Government departments of the need to maintain their websites with correct up to date information.

  59. “Mia unilateral decision to default on debt”
    This is a horse you need to dismount.
    When a doctor tells you somebody has stage 4 cancer, and their life expectancy is 4 weeks, do you expect them to live for a year? Or you display anger towards the doctor, because you felt he didn’t consult with others? You haven’t heard it from 5 doctors, and they told you some weeks before the ‘patient was doing better’. So wha happen?

    The continued decline in the Barbadian Sovereign Credit rating, told all of us in the financial world that a death was imminent. Junk status, is a polite term for saying, default is not official but imminent. The lower the junk rating, the more imminent the default. If you hold debt instruments, do not expect a full and timely settlement.
    While I am all for transparency, I am unsure what you wanted the GoB to ‘discuss with the people’? Skinning local bond holders (which may still happen), does not solve the Fx problem of repaying monies in Fx, when your Fx reserves are perilously low. Rather than an official default you can try negotiating with each party, it takes time and can create animosity (and legal recourse) if one debtor feels treatment has been unequal. Default places all of them into the same basket. And buys time, and lowers expectations.
    Default is a result of 13 consecutive years of accumulating Debt, and when the servicing costs exceed your ability to meet them.
    So what would you like the GoB to discuss? That they will sell the Hilton and BNTCL for rock bottom prices and use the funds to pay down foreign loans. That the GoB will actively seek buyers for the BWA and any other asset of value, which can be used to bolster the Fx account. For what? Foreign lenders are not lending us money, whether we meet current loan terms or not. Foreign lenders have no collateral claims.
    Defaulting was not a choice. The only choice was whether it happened now or at a later date. This way we get to keep (at least for now) the few meaningful public assets we have left. I can never ‘support a default’, but for the people of Barbados this was the “best” decision.

    The challenge is, you choose not to accept, the Barbados public financial condition was as bad as it is, because you felt all the less-than-positive comments were coming from people you labelled as ‘the enemy’. They were B supporters. Many were, not B as in BLP, but B as in Barbados. They saw the bandages, they heard the prescriptions, and each time the bandage got changed, the wound was worse than before.

  60. Refreshing to listen to Simon, dubbed the 31st DLP candidate

    Why would Peter and Paul and Mary want to listen to anything from anybody DLP anybody ?


    • He unabashedly admitted the DLP messed up and the party has to rebuild. Yet a few partisans on BU continue to be glued to the old narrative that was and continues to be rejected by Barbadisns.

  61. Spouting what comes out of rear ends is nothing new to Mariposa . The Sewage situation saw DEM spouting the Brown stuff all over the place. Past masters in spouting what comes out of rear ends

  62. The DLP is a blighted Party . Dem blight Barbados from 1971- 76 period when they went against the Church and God’s Servants. An exorcism of the DLP from the political landscape is the only atonement and every time foolish people vote for Dem the result is the same. The party is cursed and if you vote for Dem , you will be punished everytime. If Simon is too Blind to see that, it is a waste of time engaging him.. People in Barbados must wake up and get conscious. Look at the pattern from 1971 -2018 and see that the DLP is a blighted cursed party . whether you believe it ot not. The DLP is better left on the Dump Heap. St. John people have come of age ; all Barbados do likewise –and they did –30 LOVE


  63. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    You made two comments that have stunned me

    The first one was “…Could it be that these consultants are given contracts as a pay off for support rendered to the political party in the campaign?..”

    And the second one was

    “…Would love to see his job description Hants…”

    Both comments are quite controversial and lead fe ole man to believe that there are at least 3 people in the BORG.

    You, the real David, who comes to BU sometimes.

    And the other two who are much younger than you but who have more time to spend on the blog.

    As per both of these questions Enuff of Lorenzo will not respond to either.

    And then you speak about no opposition and I start to speculate about BU and the fact the you sometimes can throw some serious punches EVEN at Mia

  64. Piece

    Agree with you @ 3:53 p.m.

    There is one of the personality of David/BU that I find quite reasonable, likeable and more sound in SOME of their positions.

    Then there are some other posts which are just as gobble-gook as some of Mariposa’s posts.So often time its the BU pot calling the Mariposa’s kettle black.

    The pettiness and the insults and the constant defence of Mia no matter what – I have begun to attribute to the other incarnations of David/BU.

    Nuff to give yuh whiplash – with the different directions they come from ha ha.

    • What you lot in Bellville need to agree on is what cause the shellacking at the polls on 24 May 2018. Dont worry your bald head what the blogmaster is up to.

  65. Piece I had decided not to respond any further to you but since you keep raising my name with Enuff who have firmly put you in your place as suffering from egofowlism,i will finally say to you.Keep putting up straw men with suppose this and that all will be knocked down with facts,therefore you will oppose for the sake of opposing for five years and 90 days,or more.Finally you need to put down the crack pipe,or what ever it is you smoking before you lose your senses all together in my opinion.I done with you,capice.

    • Try all you want to trivialize what the blogmaster does, you lot need to get your disorganize act together.

  66. The DLP should spend the next 2 years preparing a new slate of candidates.

    None of those who lost in the last election should face the electorate again.

    The organizational structure of the party can be used as a foundation.

    I am a legacy DLP supporter as I have stated a few times on this blog.

    • What was interesting about the discussion on radio this morning was the observation the BLP planned for the May election years in advance. The rubbing shoulders campaign, the communication strategy on social media, the configuration of the ministries etc. It has not happen by accident.

  67. JUST ASKING Predicted right here on BU that the DLP would lose 30- 0
    JUST ASKING advised that St. John could be taken when others poo paa the assertion
    JUST ASKING is saying that the DLP is a blight and should be exorcised from the political landscape of Barbados. Ignore JUST ASKING and you go Feel it.
    JUST ASKING noted the Strong winds that were blowing JUST before the Election and saw that as a sign
    When JUST ASKING saw the man fall of the Truck………and
    When JUST ASKING heard that eventual nasty meeting and heard and saw where the platform was set up. JUST ASKING saw them things as signs of the times
    If Donville had stopped Stuart , Stuart would not be able to stop he from lunchtime lecture or nothing so. Donville wanted to be leader of the Opposition and thought that he would have won his seat even if the Dems lost but if the Eager 11 had gone through with the plan , there was more of a chance that the Dems would have saved a seat . Donville know that the Dems were losing but he thought that the Opposition Leader salary was coming to him but if he had gone to the GG before the election and decalre that he had the majority support in the House he would have stand a better chance. Its Over ! Scatter the ashes of the Fatted Calf -It Done ! There comes a time

    Listen to JUST ASKING ; Listen and heed.

  68. BREAKING NEWS : DLP to break up.
    News Reports are suggesting that the DLP is to disintegrate. All members and past members are asked to woodle

  69. @ David,

    The DLP or any political party cannot expect to win ” by default “. They have to Rebuild restructure and modernize over the

    next few years or they will have no chance.

    They need a 5 year plan and a 10 year plan.

    • @Hants

      There is a suggestion the DLP will need to rebrand to NDLP – NEW Democratic Labour Party?

    WHAT 10 YR PLAN ?-WHO THE ARSENIO HALL GOING TO VOTE FOR THEM. You all think that we care something about the DLP in truth though. The Game changed pardner. The DLP Stinks . All they were trying to do is Destroy Barbados from 1971, You think this is some kinda joke or what ? The party is a joke and yuh all so blasted blind , Blind as RH , Would not admit nothing. Yuh mean losing a seat that you all had from 1958 aint sent a message. If you all cant come to grips with that and still living in denial how the RH YOU ALL going to run a Country. . . Man go and park yuh old arse do

  71. At present the blp is doing a good job availing itself for any one to beat them
    You David would be out of your friggin mind if you belive that Barbadians would spend the next years paying all them taxes plus vat and high food prices and give the blp anothet option of doing the same
    How many times must i remind you speckled fowl that barbadians voted for change
    Not the kind of change that is being hammered down their throats after the election but the change of a promise to put more money in their pockets
    Now David ask yourself honestly did Mia honour her promise to the people
    If Yes she wins hands down come next election
    If No she will be shown the door
    So why should the Dlp say anything

    Btw it looks like the taxes have blown Bush tea to smitherings
    I was expecting it would have been the trident at the garrison he cussed day and night

  72. Now that Haiti streets are filled with blood guts and smoke
    It would be interesting to know if Mottley would follow the directives of IMF with more austerity plans
    I hope that she realizes what problems might lie ahead because of her unilateral decision to default on the loan . The pictures coming out of Haiti are chilling
    The IMF did not give two wuk ups about the people of Haiti. There only intentions were that of collecting a debt
    If good thought had been given to the socio enviroment of Haiti by the IMF a country where poverty runs amuck the violence that erupted would never have happened
    There are people in this society who belives that the IMF has the best interest of a country whose debt is unmanageable
    However the pictures coming out of Haiti says different
    I know those who hope and prayed for the IMF intervention in barbados most likely are on their hands and knees asking God to let what is shown on Haitan Tv not be a reflection of what could happen in barbados when the IMF intervens
    The stories of the IMF intervention in poor countries have all been negative
    Yet those elitist in Barbados prefer to bite the bullet and let the pieces blow up in the poor people faces
    Sad but true

  73. Their was no need for barbados to make such a hasty decision to default on its debt.
    More serious thought should have been given to assets that were costing the govt more money to keep
    However Mottley desire to win an election was not going to stop her from winning by any means necessary even if it meant sabotaging govt plans to sell liabilities
    Now that the cat is out of the bag all can now see what part of the plot David Commisiong was assigned and why

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  75. @ David the blogmaster,

    I read this in a free online newspaper “I have received hints”

    ” looking to approach the new administration with a view to brokering settlements”

    ” So we have decided as lawyers we will be writing to the new Government saying to them that we want you to take a fresh look at this matter.”

    Looks like some people will get justice under this BLP administration.

  76. Congratulations to our new ambassador to Johnson & Johnson. Our new man at Georgetown has once again shown that he lacks the discipline to stick to the script. Someone must (Dr Walcott?) tell him that as our ambassador to CARICOM he cannot continue firing off on every subject that tickles his fancy. The man is a liability who behaves like an unruly child, throwing tantrums when he feels like it.

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